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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 22, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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violent threat. what we know about the man who allegedly called to tell a bay area representative he was going to die. >> there's a new mayor and town 2 weeks after the election. we finally know who will lead oakland for the next 4 years. >> and thanksgiving, just days way. could we see a little rain? will high-pressure rains, sunshine on the bay area? we'll talk about that coming up. >> good evening. i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore, north bay. congressman john garamendi is said to have been the latest politician on someone's hit list. the michigan man allegedly behind a sinister plan has been arrested. his name is neil walters. he's accused of leaving threatening messages for garamendi as well as the former head of the fbi kron four's. alice ammonium is in our newsroom with reaction from there. many tonight, ella pam and ken, according to an affidavit, walter allegedly said in a november 3rd voice mail your going to die. john, that message is yet another threat against a lawmaker and law enforcement agencies have
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said >> that they've seen a significant rise in hate, filled messages directed at american politicians. we spoke with care mandate himself about it today. >> the rhetoric out there is so strong, so hateful and certainly the social media even more. so this is not the first time there was a fellow actually the east bay that threat and may as well as hakeem jeffries, who will become the new minority leader. the democratic caucus. that trial is now in jail. and having not only charge but convicted, but threatening a public official. >> and as we wasn't the only official allegedly targeted on november 19th, the suspect also is center posted comments on facebook next to a video of fbi director christopher wray threatening to kill him. the suspect's parents told investigators that their son has a history of mental illness and was not getting treatment. he's going to remain in custody until a hearing on december. first hand. ella, thank you. an army
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veteran who helped subdue a gunman who allegedly killed 5 people at a club in colorado springs is being credited for saving many lives tonight. >> 18 other people were hurt in that incident during the mass shooting at what's called club q late on saturday night. former army major richard was with his family watching a drag show when gunfire erupted. he said he first dive to avoid the incoming fire and then he said his combat training and instincts kicked in. i got into mode. >> and i needed to save my family. and that family was at that time. everybody in that roof. and that's i was trained to do. i saw when he got. and when i pulled him down, i i i i told them i was in i want to you guys. >> one of the shooting victims also speaking out about the incident at sanders says he was shot in the back and a
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leg. >> and happy to be alive. >> dogs to a major event in my life. >> came through it. that's part of who i am as a survivor. >> one of the owners of club q effect. several others have also said the arrow saved dozens of lives. the gunman was armed with a rifle and 2 handguns. the gunman is in the hospital being held without bail and faces a number of charges apparently agreeing to go. extremely was not enough to save some twitter employees from losing their jobs. >> according to the wall street journal, elon musk has laid off people who committed to the ceos. new version of the social media company. last week, musk sent out a company-wide e-mail demanding that employees commit to, quote long hours at high
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intensity or resigned from the company. the layoffs are the latest incident. what's been a chaotic tenure for musk heading up that company? >> kron 4 is your local election headquarters after extending her lead in the oakland mayor's race last night. >> progressive city council members sing tao has declared victory. found force justine waltman has been following the race and tonight has reaction from both candidates dusting. here we are with some final results and some >> concessions and some victory speeches today. the winner of oakland's mayoral race pulled ahead by only 650 votes. chang tao. >> has now declared victory. she pulled in 50.3% of the ranked choice voting announcing her when she says, quote, i have never felt more hopeful about oakland's future are more determined to lead the fight for it. i'm excited to get to work. building the safer more affordable. more just oakland, we know was possible in the months and years ahead. lauren taylor finishes with 49.7% of the
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vote. more people ranked taylor as their first choice for mayor. but because of the ranked choice voting system, he did not have the 50% majority needed to secure the win. >> this ranked choice system were to proceed. it needs to be retooled in a way that this does not occur. >> taylor conceded the race today and congratulated towel on her victory. he also said that he looks forward to working with her as a community advocate and seeing her vision of oakland take shape. tao says she is ready to get to work come january, saying that she will put together a public safety plan that involves doubling down on violence, prevention and addressing the root cause of crime by working to create more jobs and educational opportunities. she also wants to fill the vacancies in the police department with diverse officers. oakland's police chief leronne armstrong least a statement tonight congratulating tallon said that he looks forward to working with her. so taylor
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says that he will not lead a recount effort, but said that he would not stand in the way if someone wanted to pursue it. alameda county now has until december 8 to certify the votes and tao is expected to hold a news conference tomorrow. and that's when we will hear officially from the maynr elect of oakland. and you can watch that with us right here on kron. 4, pam. and ken, back to you. justine, thank you. >> but the faa says that today is the busiest travel day of the thanksgiving holiday season. here's a live picture from sfo where traffic has been building off and on all day long, u.s. airports handled more than 2.6 million passengers yesterday. that is. >> more than the number 3 years ago before the pandemic. tsa says because more people are working remotely, they're heading out to get a head start. air travel numbers will be heavier than usual through thursday, thanksgiving and then they peak again on sunday. so allow for a little extra time to get where you're going. let's check on the weather conditions. our chief
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meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with more yeah, a lot of folks have downed about and enjoy some family time and friends and well. the weather so far cooperating looking good out there. right now. we're seeing no delays at sfo. ya. 55 degrees. got some partly cloudy skies. winds out of the west at 10 miles per hour around the u.s. no problems either are looking good for a busy travel day. san jose. no delays there. 54 degrees getting chilly in chicago o'hare, 40 degrees. no delays, no delays in newark. and you're looking at 40 degrees too. but there are going to be some changes coming our way. we see some showers in the deep south. just beginning to see a cold front diving across the northern rockies. those 2 are going to combine in the next couple days to make some kind of storm. you'll see it right here. here's the forecast. molly. got that moisture coming up in the sourh and watch that cold air begin to drop in right across the rockies and all them things get ugly as we head into thanksgiving afternoon. very stormy weather with the possibility of flooding
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eastern parts of texas continue in louisiana. and that is going to go right through the weekend to is we're going to see some very stormy weather all along the eastern seaboard through friday and next weekend. my message and my final message may be the final message i give you from this >> is that for your own safety for that of your family? get your updated covid-19 shot as soon as you're eligible to protect yourself, your family and your community. >> it is the end of an era. doctor anthony fauci made one last plea today as he delivered his last covid briefing from the white house. fauci announced earlier this year that he'll be retiring in december today drove home the same messages he's delivered over the course of the pandemic. the vaccines are safe and effective and they offer the best protection against severe illness caused by covid-19 and its variants. meantime, winter viruses which usually peak in december and
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january are surging now. and it's a problem that stretch and capacity at bay area hospital front forced to flee to call. talk to doctors who are echoing doctor fauci and stressing. >> the importance of getting vaccinated. >> the number of people hospitalized with the respiratory viral illness in contra costa county now exceeds the number of patients treated during the peak of the covid-19 variant omicron surge. we've seen all the metrics in the hospitals. >> inching up whether we're looking at number of people with covid overall bets%that are full icu beds are that are full respite, their respirators that are in use. all of those numbers are inching up, particularly our pediatric courts are are we're concerned about. but even the other stuff, you know, it all has it at dawn stream and cascading effect. alarmingly county public health director doctor tzvieli says pediatric rsv cases are already at seasonal peak. usually we see peaks number respiratory illnesses.
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>> december january, february, so >> we're concerned about the wintertime, ucsf benioff children's hospital in san francisco has set up a tent in the parking lot to treat patients with less urgent illnesses and injuries to keep beds available. for those who need emergency care. >> kaiser permanente says its hospital capacity is manageable right now. >> but that could change if the trend of rising viral case rates continues. we're always concerned about capacity and making sure that we have enough space and staff to manage these things. >> but at this time sufficient. still, kaiser permanente. northern california's lead on vaccines. doctor garvin smith. >> says flu cases have been consistently rising for 6 weeks. and right now, case rates are higher than they have been during that stretch. he recommends getting a flu and covid-19 shot together. if you haven't already. >> philippe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> coming up tonight on kron 4
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news today. we are remembering the life of kevin. the she to the security guard shot and killed while protecting one of
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arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting at least 10 students. police say the teacher sexually assaulting young girls at at a loan to a dual language academy in san jose. and he was arrested at his home in morgan hill yesterday as kron four's rob nesbitt reports. the detective say an arrest could have come sooner if the school had moved faster to report the incidents. >> all right. we'll try to get back to that story a little bit later on. meantime, an update now to a story we first told you about last night,
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police say they arrested a former fleming's steakhouse employee for allegedly firing shots into the steakhouse of the stanford shopping center. police say this man, 32 year-old zachary ginsburg of san jose is an ex employee of fleming's steakhouse who had recently been sending threatening text messages to his former supervisor as a result of some kind of conflict. this morning, detectives say they obtained a warrant for his arrest for attempted murder and shooting at an occupied building. the shooting happened yesterday around 04:30pm, in the afternoon. the restaurant was open with customers inside, but nobody was injured. >> 2 years into the pandemic, the business and san francisco's union square is still falling behind 2019 level and the city's mayor and union square alliance have come up with a new strategic plan which aims to revive the city's prime shopping district. the 2 main objectives of the strategic plan are to make the district is clean and safe as possible and to broaden its economic
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base by allowing more flexibility in terms of what types of uses are allowed. there. >> but more importantly. >> you can come here for almost anything. downtown is not just the place to shop. it's a place to it's a place to hang out is the place to just look now at the magic in the beauty of what you see and it's a place to really, truly in july. >> the city says it has beefed up security at garages and transit stations as well as improved trash collection and pressure washing. >> take a live look now outside at san francisco from swell. now we're looking at the golden gate bridge from sutro tower looking down at the lights on the bay. if you're planning a light up to fire pit on thanksgiving, the bay area air quality management, strict district is asking you to reconsider that. yeah. wood burning is allowed during the holiday weekend, but it is also discouraged because extensive burning could cause the air quality to
8:17 pm
become unhealthy, especially in the inland valleys. >> air district officials are predicting moderately healthy air on thanksgiving day for chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with the latest on the weather. yeah, guys, get a little ridge of high pressure overhead and of course, that tends to be in. you get a little less mixing of the atmosphere star season that haze. >> building up, it doesn't look like it's going to be a advisory level. but something to watch out for still outside tonight. we've notice some changes coming our way. you can see all the colors here on our latest air quality of the green along the coastline. of course, get that ice fresh air little cb stretching. we're right through the golden gate bridge in the berkeley in parts of oakland. as you head for the south and the southeast are to see some of loan. so the yellow building up inland. so some air suffering a little bit there, but not too bad. i think for tomorrow is going to be very, very similar as we're going to see high pressure overhead, not a whole lot of wind. so good air quality, i think continuing along the coastline elsewhere, you can see a little haze in your skies the next couple days. we've got a high pressure ridge building in. you've got a cold front moving to the north. so we are
8:18 pm
going to see some high clouds drifting overhead from time to time. i think tomorrow me was beautiful day start to warm things up actually outside some 70's going to be popping up around parts of the bay area by tomorrow afternoon. scan your skies with the doppler radar. all looking clear around the state that we did have couple scattered light showers moving in far northern california say, but that moved on out. you see that front kind of sliding on by high pressure, sneaking on in just for the holiday. and that is going to make for some fantastic weather outside tomorrow. going to see those temperatures moving up in the 70's in many spots inland. so here we go going to be a beautiful day tomorrow. we've got some 60's coast side. you're looking about 71 in santa rosa about 70 in the bottle. 71 in livermore the next couple days, including your whole day, probably the warmest day of the week on thanksgiving. good day to get out there and walk around a little bit before you enjoy the nice turkey dinner and then we'll start to cool things down over the weekend. looks like much cooler weather on the way. i think next week. the pattern kind of really opens up. we've got a series of very cold storms dropping
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in going bring that snow level way down. rain returning the bexar. so enjoy that sunshine while we have. all right. thank you, >> the city of san francisco has reached a grim milestone, surpassing 500 overdose deaths this year. more than 70% of those overdoses involving opioid drug fentanyl, a synthetic opiate estimated to be 30 to 50 times stronger than heroin. methamphetamine and cocaine were also factors in the overdose deaths in 2021. more than 600 people died from overdoses involving opioids, cocaine or methamphetamine and 11% drop from 2020. but still 41% above pre pandemic. 28, 19 levels. a traffic stop him. placer county led to a major drug bust. canine deputy ruger search the vehicle and the dog alerted his handler to the passenger side of the car. inside was a duffel bag containing 60,000 blue
8:20 pm
fentanyl pills. each pill considered to be a potentially lethal dose of fentanyl. both suspects in the car were arrested for possession and transportation of a controlled substance. >> as holiday shopping season kicks off, bart officials are celebrating the completion of the powell street station modernization project. the renovation includes remodeling and reopening a public restrooms led lighting throughout the station and selling artwork by a sab francisco based artist. the new features are meant to improve writers experiences and their sense of safety how station is known for connecting riders to the heart of the city's shopping and hotel district. >> now we want to go back to our reporter rob nesbitt story. his report on the san jose teacher who has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a number of scenes. >> there are some serious charges in this case, multiple counts of assault, an annoying or molesting a child under the age of 12. police in the school have differing
8:21 pm
statements in terms of timing adelante. a dual language academy is a quiet campus this week while staff and students are on thanksgiving break. one music teacher who will not be returning after the holiday is israel. santiago was behind bars tonight charged with inappropriately touching at least 10 female students in the school's music and band room. they've identified more than one victim associated to the suspect. >> these incidents were taking place at the school. we do believe there could be additional victims based on this suspects position as a person of trust. sergeant christian camarillo announced the charges tuesday and for the san jose police department. >> his department became aware of the allegations against santiago, november 7th by the department of children and family services or dcfs. according to sergeant camarillo, the adelante school first reported the case to dcfs back in october. there is a delay. >> when we get notified, this delay can lead to more children being victimized. it could lead to the destruction
8:22 pm
of evidence because the suspects. >> we are aware that they are now on the radar for inappropriate behavior. superintendent doctor hill area bauer says the district notified police as soon as they were aware of the allegations sending a letter to parents and staff last night that read in part, quote, this individual has not been present on any district property since november. 1st and they were directed by the district not to have any contact with students. faculty are other district employees. so as not to interfere with the ongoing sjpd investigation. sergeant camarillo says this is not the first time the santiago has had a run-in with the law. there was an incident reported to the police in 2014. there's some questions, perhaps a more appropriate for the school district. and for us, however. this teacher was move to the school. now we have 10 more victims after bauer says she's unaware of any incidents involving the music teacher prior to this year saying all district employees who have contact with students undergo a thorough background check
8:23 pm
and that anyone with a proven record of criminal or abusive behavior do not get hired. detectives have reason to believe that there are more victims that they know of right now encouraging anyone with information to contact the san jose police department reporting in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> coming up, know crab on the thanksgiving table and there may not be any serve that christmas either. the latest delay to the dungeness crab season.
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covered california, this way to health insurance. commercial crab season is delayed for the 4th year in a row. now. >> the department of fish and wildlife says humpback whales have been spotted off the coast of california where the crabs usually caught. they are trying to protect the whales from being caught in the ropes, which are connected to heavy commercial traps. the whales can drag those huge traps around for months. leaving them injured, starved or so tired that they drown and die. some sports fisherman are still allowed to catch crab, but they are limited to just 10 each and their nets are considerably smaller to lessen the chances of hurting the whales. >> we're deploying these they're basically who brings and we put them out. we wait a couple hours and we pull right back up. so generally speaking, we don't put them in areas where we see whales, you know, just because of risk of entanglement.
8:27 pm
>> fish and wildlife says the department will revisit the issue on december 7th if conditions improve commercial crabbing could be permitted by december. 16th. >> coming up next tonight on kron, 4 news at 8 a year later and the investigation continues. oakland's chief of police shares the latest on his department's efforts to try to arrest a 3rd suspect involved in the shooting death of kron. 4 security guard kevin nishita. plus another change in the ongoing battle for student loan forgiveness. president biden's latest step puts payments on pause at least for a little while longer. and a warning from police in the north bay after a string of afternoon home burglaries. their advice to keep your home safe during the you run a small business, u need the most from ery investment. at's why comcast business ves you more.
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skip the rinse with finish quantum. its activelift technology provides an unbeatable clean on 24 hour dried-on stains. skip the rinse with finish to save our water. >> a very said time is coming for us here at kron. 4 the day before thanksgiving last year. our friend kevin nishita was shot and killed while providing security for one of our reporters in oakland, 2 of the 3 men charged with his murder are in custody. >> the search for the 3rd suspect continues tonight. kron four's dan kerman. talk to us, kevin, to shoot his wife about this past year and now she's focused on getting justice for her husband. >> it's been one year. it's been sad. it's been an emptiness. it has just we miss him. we really miss in
8:31 pm
virginia. is talking about life without her husband. kevin. >> last year on the day before thanksgiving, kevin nishita was shot and killed during an attempted robbery while providing security for a kron. 4 reporter in oakland. i was expecting him to be here. you know, during this time and he's not. so i had to make my new steps. make the steps on my own. now. and it's. it's very sad. shuttle hyun, michel and herschel hale are now in custody and awaiting trial on murder charges. a 3rd suspect has also been charged and remains on the run. a $40,000 reward has been offered for information leading to his arrest. i am hopeful that the that somebody will speak up. you know, this crime happened and that justice needs to be done for kevin before retiring in working security. kevin nishita was a veteran police officer working for the oakland housing authority and
8:32 pm
the san jose hayward and coma police departments, kevin's passion to always protect. whether it be in the community. his family, you know, friends, you know, he was such a loyal person. you had to. to work and to it. like i said, family and friends not working. kevin was a husband, a brother, a father, and a devoted grandfather of 3. they're going to school now. and he always wanted to walk them. and that's the reason why he retired, you know, because he wanted to walk them to school now they're attending school now and he's not here. so it's it's always a sad thing. when i see them leaving for school. kevin nishita was also inseparable from his dog cali who sadly passed away this month at the age of 14. virginia nishita says this year of loss has not been easy, but she make sure to keep going and make every day count because kevin would want
8:33 pm
me to. so i know there's the word come on and it's a japanese word we you know, perseverance and are difficult time. so. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> and as dan mentioned, 3 people have been charged issued his murder and early into the investigation. authorities pledged to seek justice in the case. kron four's theresa talk to oakland's police chief about crime fighting efforts in the past year. now the department is working to prevent more senseless killings. >> i reflect on how traumatic it was for our entire community. this is a person's part of the law enforcement community that i'm a part so it really, you know, is it's something that that, you know, that weighs on me and and continues, you to motivate me to continue to address. i was in the city and see if we can something to make it safer. oakland police chief leronne armstrong looking back one year later, remembering the
8:34 pm
call. >> no cop ever wants to hear a former officer. kevin, the shooter was down shot in the stomach at close range with a semi automatic, although rushed to the hospital and emergency surgery. he died of his injuries 3 days later when this happened. we knew. >> that this was going to be a difficult case for us to solve. and initially we didn't have very many lead. >> the chief says the recalls talking with initiatives, widow at his funeral. and i told her from the beginning that we would find the people responsible due to the help of the community. >> bringing forth information, we were able make 2 key arrest in this case. and we're going to at some point make a 3rd of i believe. >> the chief says that nishita's death hit hard, but so does facing reality in his hometown. oakland is a city suffering enormous losses. the murder rate has surpassed 100 lives lost this year, 1300 guns have been taken off the streets. but senseless murders
8:35 pm
of innocent people continue to rip families apart. the chief says new programs and community engagement is their primary focus to help combat crime. >> we really increase enforcement effort to make sure that we are clear with people that they're not going to get away with committing these acts of violence in the city of oakland. and we're going to follow up and hopefully bring them to justice. the chief ads as we honor the memory of kevin nishita. >> it is also time to focus on the future and try and do better for all victims of violence. >> every time that we can do that our jobs to address gun violence and remove a weapon from our community and prevent one of these crimes from happening. it is preventing trauma from come into somebody else's so really is our effort every day to try to stop the pain that's happening in our community. >> to recess stasio kron, 4 news. as you just heard, police are still searching for
8:36 pm
the 3rd suspect connected to the shooting that killed kevin ishida. anyone with information about that person's whereabouts is asked to contact the oakland police department. >> starting tomorrow night, the highway patrol would be boosting its efforts to a restaurant drivers. officers will be in maximum enforcement vote for thanksgiving weekend. it all starts at 06:00pm and ends sunday night at midnight. the agency is reminding drivers to wear their seat bills, follow the speed limit and always designate a sober driver during last year's thanksgiving weekend. the chp made more than 1000 a dui arrests. >> and 42 people were killed and freeway crashes according to triple a nearly 49 million americans will travel by car for thanksgiving. but, lawrence, the good news is the roads should be dry. yeah, should be dry and not having to worry about and just about as good as you can get. be careful out there on the roads anyway. but still it looks like the weather. >> going to cooperate. the here's your get away forecast.
8:37 pm
you headed there. some cool numbers. coast side of the 50's and the 60's here in the mid 60's in carmel valley and also into the sleeve this area. but >> southern california enjoying sunshine. how about some 70's mid 70's in los angeles? 76 degrees in pasadena and the high country headed up for thanksgiving. you're looking at some cool temperatures. highs only in the 40's. lot of the snow cap mountain showing up rightly up there. but a couple clouds likely to float overhead. but hey, here's what you can see if you're going to the next week or so as we're going to see changes coming our way right through thanksgiving, we're looking good skies. nice and clear looking good. no problems on the roadways up there either as we get the weekend, not bad. so if you're staying up through sunday couple passing clouds but looking good. if you and a look at that, what a different story is that cold storm system rolls in and here comes that snow rolling in across the sierra nevada. this could be a very cold storm moving in may be another cold right behind the show. you that in just a second. alright, long-range forecast for your high pressure building in overhead right now we have a
8:38 pm
weak cold front. we're in for some spectacular weather around the bay. are temperatures soaring in the 70's even as early as tomorrow? a weak system slides along the coastline, kind of a cutoff low. they're going to spin by on saturday, maybe throw in a few clouds. but then the rain comes in. you've seen the snow in the sierra rain here in the bay area. then behind that another very cold system dropping in the system is very, very cold. next week, going to be a whole different story. so enjoy those 70's tomorrow. and on thanksgiving day, as we're going to see some much cooler weather headed our way, temperatures are going to be warming up to thursday. cooling down slightly on friday. much cooler getting cold and wet next week. orange still ahead tonight, a day no beer at the world cup could eventually mean. >> free beer for america. we'll explain. >> but first, where is your inflation relief check. the state announces the dates for the final payments will have the final payments will have those after the break. - this van just hit me outta .
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>> president biden is extending the pause on federal student loan payments. administration says it will extend the payment pause on federal loans until june 30th while its debt forgiveness plan makes its way through the courts, student loan bills are set to resume in january. it's the 8th time the department of education has extended the pandemic era relief policy. the move is in response to a federal appeals court ruling last week then imposed a nationwide injunction on the president's debt relief plan.
8:42 pm
the education department said it would be unfair to resume the payments while the lawsuit remains unresolved. >> if you still have not received a california inflation relief check, it could be coming soon. the franchise tax board has released the days of the remaining payment schedule. the state has been slowly dispersing the 18 million payments which range from 200 to $1000. the agency says direct deposits should hit bank accounts 3 days after that payment date. you can get more details on our website. kron 4 dot com. coming up next. in sports, the forty-niners are on a roll as they notched their 3rd straight win. sports director jason dumas has reaction from kyle shanahan after their
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>> the central marin police authority has some tips on how to keep your home safe during the holiday season after an increase in afternoon home burglaries. if you're leaving your home for a short period of time, you should do this. walk all of your doors and windows and the side gate close all of your blinds and curtains. keep a light on somewhere. possible. use a timer or smart device to turn your lights on and off throughout the day and night. try to avoid having your packages delivered while you're away if possible. install and monitors smart doorbells and motion activated cameras. and if you're heading out of town, there are a few additional steps you should
8:46 pm
take. put a hold on all of your deliveries and mail as someone to keep an eye on your house while you're out of town and notify the police of the dates, your house will be vacant. >> california's last operating nuclear power plant just got a key boost that could keep it open through the end of the decade. kron four's capitol bureau tell wallace explains the significance of the new money for the diablo canyon facility. >> we're talking more than 1 billion dollars coming from the federal government in a move. state leaders and the governor himself say will help keep the lights on. it's one of california's most significant suppliers of power. and now amid recent uncertainty about its future, we've learned the diablo canyon nuclear facility in san luis obispo county is expected to stay open for at least much or all of this decade. thanks in part to a major lifeline. money that just came in from the federal government. specifically the biden administration and department of energy announced a grant
8:47 pm
worth 1.1 billion dollars to go to pg and e to help the utility continue operating the plant. i couldn't be more thrilled. republican assembly member jordan cunningham of san luis obispo has long led the fight to keep the plant open, at least for the near future. the facility was originally scheduled to close in 2025, but with the governor's backing a bipartisan support, the legislature approved a plan over the summer to keep blow open until his latest 2030 with supporters arguing it provides clean energy and supplies about 9% of the state's power without it. we've got not just rolling brownouts. we're talking massive numbers of blackout, which is bad for people's health. >> that the rate payers bad for the economy and it's just bad all around. opponents have expressed concerns over seismic safety and have argued the plant is just too costly. but backers say at least a limited extension is vital a sentiment the governor echoed during our one-on-one interview in september just after the state went through a record heat wave. what do you think could have happened if
8:48 pm
we did not have diablo canyon, we would have absolutely triggered into what we call load reduction otherwise referred to as black question. >> we didn't have to have a period full stop. the international brotherhood of electrical workers union maintains keeping the plant will save thousands of jobs. >> high wage high benefit jobs. i think it's a resource that we can reasonably rely on not forever, but for some time into the future. >> and blow still needs to go to environmental reviews from several state agencies and commissions before its life extension can formally be approved. reporting here outside the state capitol eytan wallace kron. 4 news. >> a major loss for former president trump today after a 3 year legal fight. the u.s. supreme court has cleared the way for a house committee to receive his tax returns. the court refused trump's request to block the release in the final weeks of democratic control of the house. the order was unsigned and did not note any dissent. the decision
8:49 pm
means the treasury department, the irs is likely to soon turn over trump's financial documents to the house which has been seeking them since at least 2019, trump is currently facing multiple investigations. u.s. senate panel will hold a hearing after last week's ticketmaster fiasco involving the sale of taylor swift concert tickets. senator amy klobuchar, the chair of the antitrust panel says. >> they want to look into the lack of competition in the ticketing industry. ticketmaster also owns live nation entertainment and klobuchar are 2 other lawmakers argue the events ticketing giants should be broken up. ticketmaster denies any anti competitive practices and blames the unprecedented demand for to swift's first tour ic 5 years as well as its efforts to keep out butts run by ticket scalpers. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the mvp was in the city today. the san francisco giants hosted. >> that guy, aaron judge in
8:50 pm
their quest to sign in linden, california, native judge, a free agent won the american league mvp last week he hit 62 home runs last season and broke. roger maris is national league home run record or should i say american league home run record judge would undoubtedly be one of the biggest free agent signings in franchise history. what he would provide on the field is rather obvious. but the life he bring to an organization that he has been pretty lifeless would be invaluable judges, box office, must-see tv and whether giants fans want to admit it or not. there's not a single box office player on the roster. now, i'm not saying that it's a bad team without some talented players. i'm saying there's no one on the team was dragging people to the ballpark to watch baseball on a 50 degree windy night on the bay is just not happening in proof has been in the pudding. but that could all change with one stroke of the pet. now the niners stay put the league on
8:51 pm
notice. yesterday they are as dangerous as team as any team in the nfl. some talk. they haven't shown it at all this year, but they've come on strong as of late san francisco have won 3 straight and seem to be in a groove. they have talent all over the field and on both sides of the ball. and jimmy garoppo is playing some of the best football e has played in a while. but wknow the nfl also stands for not for long. so neif the niners don't keep the pedal to the metal, this latest hot stretch will have all been for nothing. i feel like we're playing better football each week that is the goal. > you want to get better r the season i feel like we're doing that right now. i know when you come down and have a big win like this, especially with this atmosphere and how exciting it you know, some of the biggest challenge gets its drains people the next week. and that's what we've got to be careful for. i mean, we've got a real tough tetete coming xt week. it could be a short week. we'll have a little bit of fun, but not too much
8:52 pm
cause. it's i mean, you have good ones like is but if you don't you want and then they don't matter. >> let's go to kansas city, missouri, usf wichita state hall of fame classic championship game 1st, half don's up 10 kiro roberts now knock down the triple 13 7 for robert. the 13 poioioi game 2nd half 7 point game, josh kuhn co 2 from downtown lucky lefty. it's for 3 of the game 0 is 10 point game there. 2 minutes to go o o a three-poin game. tune in for 3 aides. another one, he was a perfect 5 f f f 5 from beyond e the arc he's a fun ayplayer 15 point us win. 67 63 65 friday. they'll go down to dadson in play fighting steph curry's world cup action. argentina taking on saudi arabia. look good early for argentina. this was not supposed to be close. lionel messi's make it one up. argentina's strikes first. but
8:53 pm
>> in the 48thinute, this is in why play the game. salais starry beautiful move. beautiful. finish. and just like that, saudi arabia ties the game. 5 minutes later, check out thihihishot from salem. off. sorry. per right corner. saudi arabia kes the lead. let's take another look at that. shot right there. based on argentina. 2 to one history their world cup champs. france otook on australia. it was a good ol fashioned behind d d withtht. >> 32nd minute high game. nice. little 2 man game for ance. adrian hits oliver joe root. >> france takes the 2, 1, lead. now 71st minute france up tth the perfect header. his second goa the game will take another look at that. autiful. france wins.
8:54 pm
41 usa. they're back in aion on friday at 11:00am they're takingn. >> england. that should be a good one. all right. that's
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
>> that's going to do it for kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock. but catherine and grant are here now with a look ahead to what's on kron. 4 news at 9. hello. thank you, pam. thank you. lot going on kron. 4 news at 9. just >> secured an interview with
8:57 pm
oakland councilman councilwoman carol fife. that's coming up. we also are talking about you have maybe cyber security vulnerabilities at twitter. that's one thing. but what about experts and what they're saying about how elon musk's firings enforce cts twitter's overall capabilities. going to talk again about the alarming accusations. what a man is accused of doing to local congressman john garamendi and the head of the fbi. >> keep it here.
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> and now at 9 o'clock, the many questions and concerns tonight about new changes twitter under the leadership of elon musk. hello, everybody. thank you for joining us. i'm catherine heenan and i'm grant lotus. the company obviously going through a lot of changes recently. >> from banned accounts like former president trump's 2, you know, being reinstated on the platform to thousands of layoffs worldwide are justin campbell has more on where the company could be going from here. >> a week ago, elon musk told his twitter staff to work long hours at high intensity or leave the company to me. engineers who left twitter either through attrition or being fired. melissa ingle, a former data scientist at twitter says only one-third of the engineers are left at the company


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