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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  November 23, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> well, good morning and thank you for waking up with us bright and early for the kron. 4 morning news here on wednesday. november 23rd. i'm reyna harvey. the day before thanksgiving. hey, if you are trying to figure out, you know what the weather was going to have in store. hopefully you've been tuning in. but if you have it, it's ok, john travel, has you covered john thanksgiving tomorrow as the weather look like, you know what rain? we've got some good weather for nice weather today to be getting outside for your travels ahead of thanksgiving. >> all of it is smooth sailing. what we're at got out there this morning is cold conditions. but you see those
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clear skies at the golden gate bridge. that's something that we're going to be holding on to all day long today. we do have a couple of foggy patches down in the santa clara valley. you know how it is down there. sometimes the spots of fog trying to form down in the south bay that shouldn't last for long. and it is very spotty. so most of us won't even be seeing as for radar skies will remain dry today into tomorrow from the sea air, the bay area into southern california, seeing pretty much all good to go. as far as your travels go here locally in california, 40's 50's in san francisco and then yes, back into the 30's for a lot of us. redwood city, dublin livermore in the upper 30's petaluma and santa rosa at 36 in fairfield are closest spot to freezing. not quite as chilly as it was monday and tuesday mornings but still cold enough to throw on those extra layers of the getting to the rest of your forecast. still to come, john, thank you for that. let's get a look at your traffic this morning heading into the city right now. 7 minutes may so that free, much street exit.
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>> san mateo bridge, 81 a one a 13 minute ride heading across towards the peninsula. the richmond, sandra fell bridge about 8 minutes and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 21 minutes. breaking news. 6 people are dead, many injured after a mass shooting at a virginia walmart last night. it happened at chesapeake, virginia just after 10 eastern time, authorities confirm the suspected shooter in this case is dan. it's still unclear how the shooting happened in the first place. police briefly set what responding officers found there at the scene. >> i was just the fire department able to put rescue and tactical teams together to go inside too. provide lifesaving measures rapidly and quickly. and through the course of the investigation, we believe was a single shooter. and we believe that shooter is deceased at this time. like i said before, there's multiple fatalities and multiple injuries. >> 5 of those injured are being treated at the hospital. no word yet on their condition. the motive behind the attack is still unknown.
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well, police are expected to give an update on the investigation this morning. this comes 3 days after a mass shooting at an lgbtq nightclub in colorado springs where 5 people were killed and dozens were injured. we're talking more about that. the suspect in that colorado springs, lgbtq nightclub shooting. it's now in the el paso county jail and set to face a judge virtually today. anderson lee aldrich surrender to police on sunday. well, he's accused of opening fire at club q saturday night, killing 5 people and injuring more than a dozen others. according to court records and interviews, alder tenant, chaotic upbringing. he was raised by his grandmother and at times as his mother struggled with her own criminal matters and mental health issues. colorado state attorney general says he will likely face charges for every single person who was inside the club at the time. even those who were not hurt. well, as we continue to focus on the victims and the survivors of the tragedy at
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club q one victim is speaking out for the first time after he was injured in the gunfire. arenas has that story. one of the people who was shot at club q in colorado springs was rolled into a conference room. it's in turin, penrose hospital. >> and described the harrowing moments before he was hit by shrapnel several times. i just went up. >> on the way when i was hiding, i heard nothing. it was all quiet panic. fear. i was. i'm trying to pay attention to anything going around me. just trying to focus on the anthony was able to get out of the club and was then taken to penrose where he is now in stable condition. he lost 2 dear friends in the shooting and what he considered a safe space. >> at club q that is always been one of my. >> biggest worries and concerns is going out and being. and not having somewhere to go. anthony tells
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us everyone was having fun. >> and then he heard gunshots and people screaming. this is what he would say to the shooter. why don't you meet somebody? and get to know their true heart? before passing judgment. anthony's partner, jeremy says the shooting changes everything for the couple and their sense of security. now that is completely shift that aspect. even going from the hospital to the gas station. what in your car's looking buildings stopping in a gas station changes your perspective? anthony is now hoping to be home for thanksgiving grieving for friends but grateful to be alive. >> well, back here at home, a man has been arrested for allegedly leaving threatening messages to north bay. congressman john kerry monday as well as the head of the fbi. according to an affidavit near walter allegedly said in a november 3rd voice mail, quote, you're going to die. john, end quote. that message is yet another threat against
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a lawmaker and law enforcement there's been a significant rise in hate filled messages directed at american politicians. well, we spoke with garamendi who cautions people to be careful how they express opinion so that they don't stoke violence. >> now we're going into thanksgiving now and we're going to be meeting with our families. i think all of us need to be very, very aware that the children are listening that are young and older. friends and family are listening to what is being said. and if we're talking violence, if we're talking hate people will be less than and will be taking action on that as has happened in this case? >> well, as we mentioned, garamendi wasn't the only official allegedly targeted on november 19th. the suspect allegedly posted comments on facebook next to a video. fbi director christopher wray threatening to kill him. palo alto. police say they arrested a former fleming's employee in connection to last night. a
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drive-by shooting at the stanford shopping center. police say the suspect 32 year-old zachary ginsburg from san jose recently sent threatening text messages to his former supervisor at fleming's. he's accused of shooting at the restaurant located at the stanford shopping center on monday. a bullet shattered a glass at the entrance to that restaurant. fleming says open with customers inside at the time. thankfully no one was injured. well in the south bay, san jose teacher was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting at least 10 students. israel, santiago, todd at the adelante, a language academy. he was arrested monday at his home in morgan hill. but investigators believe they could have arrested him much sooner if the school have acted faster. kron four's rob nesbitt has more on that. >> there are some serious charges in this case. multiple counts of assault, an annoying or molesting a child under the age of 12. police in the school have differing statements in terms of timing
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adelante. a dual las a uaiet ca week while staff and students a% are on thanksgiving break. one music teacher who will not be returning after the holiday is israel. santiago was behind bars, charged with inappropriately touching at least 10 female students in the school's music and band room. they've identified more than one victim associated to the suspect. >> these incidents were taking place at the school. we do believe there could be additional victims based on this suspects position as a person of trust. sergeant christian camarillo announced the charges tuesday and for the san jose police department. >> his department became aware of the allegations against santiago, november 7th by the department of children and family services or dcfs. according to sergeant camarillo, the adelante school first reported the case to dcfs back in october. there is a delay. >> when we get notified, this delay can lead to more children being victimized. it could lead to the destruction of evidence because the
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suspects. >> we are aware that they are now on the radar for inappropriate behavior. superintendent doctor hill area bauer says the district notified police as soon as they were aware of the allegations sending a letter to parents and staff that read in part, quote, this individual has not been present on any district property since november. 1st and they were directed by the district not to have any contact with students. faculty are other district employees. so as not to interfere with the ongoing sjpd investigation. sergeant camarillo says this is not the first time the santiago has had a run-in with the law. there was an incident reported to the police in 2014. there's some questions, perhaps a more appropriate for the school district. and for us, however. this teacher was move to the school. now we have 10 more victims after bauer says she's unaware of any incidents involving the music teacher prior to this year saying all district employees who have contact with students undergo a thorough background check and that anyone with a proven record of criminal or abusive
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behavior do not get hired. detectives have reason to believe that there are more victims that they know of right now encouraging anyone with information to contact the san jose police department reporting in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> kron 4 is your local election headquarters and council member shane towel, cc libby schaff as mayor of oakland january. she declared victory monday night after the latest ballot counts show her in the lead with nearly 700 more votes in lower taylor, the count of the final ballot show tell a 50.3% of the right choice vote. taylor with 49.7%. taylor officially conceded yesterday surrounded by family, friends supporters. taylor said he's overwhelmed and emotional, noting the open is deeply personal to him. while he said he will not be requesting a recount. he encouraged his supporters to do so if they choose. >> well, it hurts to admit it. i do not see a viable path to making out. the 600 82 votes
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needed to alter the outcome of this election. many have questions as to how we will proceed, whether it will be. it i will not be leading a recount. everett. but i do understand that others are slowing this option. and any registered voter in the open can ask for a recount and fund it. >> well, tell also revealing origin of for january. she said she will put together a public safety plan that involves doubling down on violence prevention and addressing the root causes of crime by working to create more jobs and educational opportunities. she also wants to fill the vacancies in the police department with diverse officers and they opened the most proactive city on housing and homelessness. well, the alameda county register will certify the results december 8. what sworn in town will become the first woman to serve as oakland's mayor? well, that can't be right because we just sat mayor
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libby shaft. we'll tell is expected to hold a news conference coming up. well, still ahead of the kron, 4 morning news concerns about twitter's new normal. >> continue servicing as elon musk makes more changes, why some feel the platform security? is that a risk after recent layoffs? and plus, we have some good news for student loan borrowers. the biden administration has extended the payment pause on federal student loans. we will be right back after the break.
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>> all right. well, welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news. the day before thanksgiving. we are excited in terms of the forecasts can eat indoors or can you go outside? john has the answer to those questions. good morning, john. you can do both. it's the one to get outside, though. it's nice to have that option. >> and we are looking at a good day for tomorrow. just chooses hours between one to 03:00pm when it is going to be at its most comfortable out there, you might be a little extra hungry waiting that long, but it might be worth it. your view outside of the east bay hills looking so nice and clear, we do have in the fog out to the coastline. a couple spots of it, though, forming in the southern edge of the bay itself. now zooming out across the region. we do have that storm system that had been in the pacific northwest yesterday now dumping some snowfall from the northern rockies portions of utah. if you're flying into salt lake today, it's going to be a slick one for your landing. there travels on the west coast, though, are pretty
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favorable. that system is going to move out into the great plains and the southern rockies. and as it does so they're going to see some snowfall out that way for travelers. interstate travelers today here in the bay area. it's just a mild forecast ahead of us. we've got these clear skies continuing. and that's something that continues into tomorrow, too, which is actually expected to be the very warmest day of the forecast. nicely time mother nature giving us that warm weather on thanksgiving itself. now, also nice timing that mother nature is holding off on the return of rainfall for us until monday of next week's your travels back home this weekend are also looking really good 60's for your highs in sf at the coastline today today as opposed to yesterday when all of a state in the sixties today we're actually going to see a couple low 70's on the map. woodside, our first one south bay temps holding on to the upper 60's in the east bay. uber also in the upper 60's today, dublin at 68 degrees. while the creek, one of those spots up to 70 and a few more of those in the north bay. napa,
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fairfield vacaville as well as youngsville each at 71 petaluma santa rosa nevado and center fell also in that comfortable range of numbers tomorrow and friday will be just a touch warmer for a few of us taking more of us into the low 70's evening. lows will stay cold, though. don't be fooled. we still got those chilly evening temps in the 30's saturday and sunday. a few clouds and a little bit cooler. but staying dry, we won't see showers until monday of next week. all right, john, thanks for that. let's get a look at your bridges this morning. heading into the city right now. 7 minutes. >> may's to that fremont street exit, the san mateo bridge, a 80 to 1, 0, 1, 13 minutes heading across towards the peninsula. richmond center fell bridge totals to 1, 0, 1, 8, minute right there. and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 21 minutes now. california's last operating nuclear power plant just got a key bows that could keep it open to the end of the decade. kron four's capitol correspondent 8 on wallace
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explains the significance of the new money for the diablo canyon facility. take a look. >> we're talking more than 1 billion dollars coming from the federal government in a move. state leaders and the governor himself say will help keep the lights on. it's one of california's most significant suppliers of power. and now amid recent uncertainty about its future, we've learned the diablo canyon nuclear facility in san luis obispo county is expected to stay open for at least much or all of this decade. thanks in part to a major lifeline. money that just came in from the federal government. specifically the biden administration and department of energy announced a grant worth 1.1 billion dollars to go to pg and e to help the utility continue operating the plant. i couldn't be more thrilled. republican assembly member jordan cunningham of san luis obispo has long led the fight to keep the plant open, at least for the near future. the facility was originally scheduled to close in 2025. but with the governor's backing, a
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bipartisan support, the legislature approved a plan over the summer to keep blow open until his latest 2030 with supporters arguing it provides clean energy and supplies about 9% of the state's power without it. we've got not just rolling brownouts. we're talking massive numbers of blackout, which is bad for people's health. >> that rate payers bad for the economy and it's just bad all around. opponents have expressed concerns over seismic safety and have argued the plan is just too costly. but backers say at least a limited extension is vital a sentiment the governor echoed during our one-on-one interview in september just after the state went through a record heat wave. what do you think could have happened if we did not have diablo canyon, we would have absolutely triggered into. >> what we call mode reduction otherwise referred to as black question. we didn't have to have a period full stop. the international brotherhood of electrical workers union maintains keeping the plant will save thousands of jobs. >> high wage high benefit jobs. i think it's a resource
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that we can reasonably rely on not forever, but for some time into the future. >> and blow still needs to go through environmental reviews from several state agencies and commissions before its life extension can formally the approved reporting here outside the state capitol. eytan wallace kron 4 news. well, in national news, the biden administration says it will extend the payment pause. >> a federal student loans to june 30th. this all comes as president biden plans to forgive portions of student debt. it's currently blocked by a federal court. washington correspondent reshad hudson joining us with the latest. good morning. reshad. >> hey, we're in a good morning. this is welcome news for millions of student loan borrowers. many of them were already hoping to have at least portions of their loans canceled already. now, the white house says this will buy the more time to save their plan in court. >> we're not going to back down or fight to get families grieving around. the white house posted a video on twitter announcing it is
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extending a pause on federal student loan payments while the biden administration fights a legal battle to save its plan to cancel portions of the debt. this comes as conservative groups are pushing back on the loan forgiveness program, calling it an overreach of executive authority, republican special interest and elected officials soon to divide us really even for their own constituents. more than 26 million people have already applied for the relief. and the white house is calling on the supreme court to hear the case, which is currently blocked by a lower court. if the lawsuit has not been resolved by june, 30th payments would resume 60 days after that. but it is unfair. >> that's tens of millions of borrowers eligible for relief. 3 zoom their student debt payments while the court considered the lawsuit. >> now the white house says if the supreme court reinstates their student loan forgiveness program, those repayments
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could be due before june. 30th. >> reyna alright was shot. thanks for that update. now a u.s. senate panel will hold a hearing after last week's ticketmaster fiasco involving the selah taylor swift concert tickets. senator amy klobuchar are chair of the antitrust panel says they want to look into the lack of competition in the ticketing industry. we'll take a master. also owns live nation entertainment, klobuchar and 2 other lawmakers argue the events taking giant should be broken up. ticketmaster denies any competitive anti practices and blame the unprecedented demand for swift's first tour in 5 years as well as an effort to keep out. but it's run by ticket scalpers. coming up next to the kron, 4 morning news as weak. >> near thanksgiving, one south bay community service is giving thousands of holiday meals to families in need. we're going to be right back after the break. happening
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today, sacred heart community services in san jose will give away. >> holiday meals from 09:00am to noon sacred. heart kicked off its 58th holiday giveaway yesterday by giving out holiday boxes to families in need each box included turkey shake in durham, along with vegetables, fruit and grant. overall, the organization plans to give away 7200 holiday meals for thanksgiving.
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>> a lot of folks are coming to us in greater level of need right now because their their savings were exhausted. they have a lot of stability and actually seen increases because of because of inflation have really been biting at people's pocketbooks are actually seeing a lot more folks coming to us much more often. >> we'll have to thanksgiving. volunteers will start prepping for christmas. the charity says they're still in need of turkey's toys. volunteers to make the progress a success. now that's why dozens of teens are stepping in students at presentation. i school delivered a truckload of turkeys to sacred heart yesterday. look at them. the all-girls catholic school in san jose collects turkeys every year ahead of thanksgiving. how? well, still ahead on the kron 4 morning news this week marks one year since our friend. >> kevin issue that was shot and killed while providing security. one of our reporters in oakland, the kron, 4 family is paying tribute as authorities continue. their fight for justice will be
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right back after the break.
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>> all right. welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news. here we are the day before thanksgiving preparing him prepping for the next few days is going to be a nice one in terms of whether john i mean, you can't ask for much better than this, this is pretty picture. perfect. great here. we've got some upper 60's to low 70's. all the sunshine for
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you. >> even maybe a thanksgiving meal outside which i know has been toying with the past couple of days talking about the option of taking that thanksgiving outside. but tomorrow with some low 70's, ahead and do it. if you want to golden gate bridge looks beautiful. crystal clear this morning. no cloud cover the fog we are talking about is pretty limited to the south bay this morning where we are seeing at the watch out for it really only being seen in a few patches of points that will keep you updated on how it lifts some burns off a bit later on radar shows you are otherwise dry conditions from the bay, the sierra down into southern california travel into these areas will be a okay. it's the rockies that's looking at some snowfall today. as for us in the bay area, it is cold this morning again, redwood city, dublin livermore down in the upper 30's, some low 30's in the north bay for fairfield, you're at 33. well, alameda and san francisco more mild spots, egypt, 50 degrees later today. a little bit warmer than yesterday was in tomorrow, looking just as nice


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