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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  November 24, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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first time since the pandemic. our kron four's camila barco reports from the start. >> and the finish lines of the race. >> i did start to thanksgiving day for 18,000 people as they participated in the largest apturkey trot in the world. turkey trotters to the streets of san jose as they ran the 5 or 10 k just before devouring some some people saying the run has turned into thanksgiving day tradition and a family out my children, my and my and now the whole family from berkley also came all around the area this year is the first time organizers have been able to host the in-person brunson's some people have been participating a sense it started. well, it marks a first for others like fernando de brito. well, it's good. i have some issues in my heart to most. i'm doing this like to get better and for it. you know, there were a few
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festive runners, justin, up to cajun taking part in the best costume contest. so i've actually won was at every every year for the last 10 years doing and today >> running as a poultry in free-range turkey, organizers are thankful for the donations it collected more than 10 million dollars since you 8 years runners also shared what they're thankful for this year. if i can brutally on is the real and why are so thankful that my uncle and your own brilliant had such successful surgery yesterday in san jose camila barco kron. 4 news. >> and oakland also host is turkey truck today on her twitter mayor schaff shared this video from this morning. this was oakland's 6 annual turkey trot. and it was a beautiful day for a turkey this check our 4 zone forecast as we move through this
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holiday week. this is a live look outside looking out over bright sparkly, san francisco alarms joining us and yeah, talking >> you're you're turkey basting. yeah. so much i haven't gone to the turkey jaw. get waiting till after we get off tonight and you i was cooking the turkey. i can take all of the credit for about that. that came got some great weather ahead. of we had a nice day today. a record breaking day temperatures soaring up this evening. beautiful out on the golden gate bridge. you can see a lot of traveling out there right now. no weather problems last night. we had a lot of fog out there along the coastline. so far mostly clear skies. temperatures will be a bit chilly tonight tomorrow we'll start to notice some changes. >> you're going to see a mix of sunshine and some high clouds drifting across the sky. still the temperatures we may actually break a couple more records tomorrow. we'll have to wait and see. and then this weekend, much cooler temperatures on the way. and then late sunday night and in
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the monday, there's a chance we could see a few showers coming our way. temperatures out the door on this thanksgiving. 52 degrees in half moon bay. 57 in fremont 61 degrees now made a 55 in concord. your cool off now to fairfax of 49 degrees and 54 degrees in petaluma. high pressure overhead. you see the jet stream sending any chance of rain. well to north all the way up in the canada, really. and so it's going to be a little bit before this ridge breaks down. but it looks like it's going to do so right now. nice and dry out there. if you got some travel plans tonight, you head out the door but look bad at all. but then after that, things begin to change. high pressure, going to start to sag to the south. and then that front's going to get a little bit closer. so, yeah, we're going to see some more hazy, warm conditions by tomorrow afternoon. in fact, very comfortable day around the bay area. after a chilly start to the day, temperatures again soaring in the mid 70's. the warmest spots inland. 74 conquered 74 in san jose about 60 degrees in downtown oakland, about 60 degrees in hayward. next couple days. a change for the weekend. the temperatures start to cool
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down a bit. then on monday, there's a chance of showers, much colder. temperatures headed our way. maybe record cold next week. thank you, lawrence. >> in national news tonight in idaho, police are working through the thanksgiving holiday on the investigation into the mysterious murders of 4 university of idaho students 11 days ago. authorities are reviewing forensic evidence and asking the public for more tips. >> so far 1000 tips have been gathered. one suggested the one of the victims had a stock or but police haven't identified one yet. still no word on any suspects or murder weapons. investigators say they are looking for a knife they believe was used in the killings. former president donald trump is being sued by a woman who accused him of rape. but writer e jean carroll's legal team filed a lawsuit this morning after new york's adult survivors act took effect carroll wrote in her 2019 book that trump raped her in a luxury department store dressing room in 1995. or 19 96 trump denied the
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allegation that trump attorney says he has known this lawsuit was coming for months. now, though he's not decided who is representing him in it. >> sportswear company, adidas says it is investigating allegations of misconduct and or murray involving former partner ye who is also known as kanye west employees say the rapper would routinely show and watch during work meetings. they say the environment was toxic for women west, they said would allegedly fire workers rehire them to rate them in front of colleagues. adidas terminated its partnership with kanye west last month after the rapper made a string of anti semitic comments. >> las vegas police department is found across the way to help raise awareness of crosswalk safety. more on that. still to come. plus, 2 movies produced by a bay area native just in time for the holiday season will take a sneak peek next.
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>> is that time of year when holiday movie start flooding our televisions and bay area viewers will get to see one of their home towns featured in 2 of them this year. kind of the movies were produced by a petaluma native and they're airing on hbo. max right now, kron four's ken wayne has the story.
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>> this year marks the one 100th anniversary of our town finding the balance. >> the first movie is called christmas mystery about 2 children who go about solving theft of some magical bells and fell from santa's sleigh. somebody breaks into the musee steals and and it's up these little kids, young kids to find the bells so they can that get their friend's father. and that was training for this. you don't seriously think you can this case to why not? for starters, you still say that the stuffed animal. >> the second movie is called holiday permanent, but the singer is heading to a big music competition in los angeles and gets in a crash. how much is this going to cost? >> bucks can afford to and so she agrees to help the local school while waiting for repairs. >> i think you need a new music i think you are all mistake she started teaching these kids to perform for
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person's gala. that the end of the but, you know, she does leave the town to go faller jeans at the end to get to but then realized, you know, it wasn't quite what that to be. welcome to harmony springs, the movie also features brooke shields over the years. ali afshar ares filmed almost 20 movies in and around head aluma. >> one of allie's earlier movies, california christmas was the most watched film on netflix for 2 weeks. he's hoping these holiday films do well to if you you great ensure alaska's tonight, which we love to do. and we love to really back up to northern california. and my san francisco city, like is the dominant news. if you're just good for >> over napa, sonoma, nevada, santa rosa. so we like to take a take that that whole area is like our back lot.
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>> still >> ahead, the nfl always has a full slate of turkey day football and today was no different next in sports, kate rooney will have all the highlights. you can handle. >> and temperatures staying rather warm around the bay area record-breaking but now much colder weather, maybe some rain heading our way. taking a closer look when we taking a closer look when we come back. i'm karen. i'm living with hiv and i'm on cabenuva. for adults who are undetectable, cabenuva is the only complete, long-acting hiv treatment you can get every other month. it's two injections from a healthcare provider. i really like the flexibility. and for me, it's one less thing to think about while traveling. don't receive cabenuva if you're allergic to its ingredients or if you taking certain medicines, which may interact with cabenuva. serious side effects include allergic reactions post-injection reactions, liver problems, and depression. if you have a rash and other allergic reaction symptoms, stop cabenuva and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have liver problems
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>> police departments across the las vegas area are using people dressed up as turkeys to help raise awareness of crosswalk. safety. >> it is an annual event to remind drivers to be patient, especially during the holiday travel rush and to make eye contact with the person who is trying to cross the event also encourages pedestrians to keep their heads up and look both ways to make sure it is clear and safe to cross. the irs says your refund for the 2022 tax year may be smaller than in years past as because of several recently passed changes to the tax code. the irs announced taxpayers who take the standard deduction instead of itemizing their taxes will no longer be able to deduct their charitable contributions. also, twenty-twenty was american rescue plan act lowered the reporting threshold for third-party networks, which process payments for those who are doing business struggling, californians are getting little help from the state to help pay their overdue utility
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bills. governor newsom announced yesterday. >> the state will spend nearly 650 million dollars to help more than 1.4 million households have the money is supposed to provide economic relief to families who are hit hardest by the pandemic. utility companies apply for the funds on behalf of the household residents should check their energy bill statements to see if the credit was applied within the next 2 months. and that our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look now at the san mateo bridge. lot of traffic on it. just check in with lawrence as we head into the weekend, you know, we may have been cranking up the ac to cool off. today. we had record breaking temperatures around the bay area next week. >> you're going to be cranking up the heat just to keep warm. i think we're looking at a major change in the weather pattern outside. so not a bad thanksgiving around the bay area. beautiful weather all the way. the coastline, lots of sunshine all day long. even some temperatures creeping closer to 70 degrees near the coast. but watch this. this
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long range forecast. malia, see as we get the weekend, there's a cold front approaching the bay area. black friday looks okay. get out there and enjoy all your shopping. it will be nice and dry. and then over the weekend looks dry, too. but then late on sunday night into monday, the storm systems come wandering down the coastline. the navajo lot of moisture with it. so just call for a chance of some scattered showers, but much colder temperatures, maybe 20 degrees cooler as we head in toward a monday afternoon. another cold front drops in with some very cold air late wednesday into thursday to bring another round of showers. and then another storm system lining up behind that. so things look like they're getting kind of active out there in the long range forecast tonight. yeah, it's going to be a cold night spots, 30's and 40's for overnight lows tomorrow by day to see those temperatures soaring in the 60's and the san francisco. some cooler numbers along the coastline. the sea breeze kicking in as we head throughout the day out toward the beaches, temperatures running in the 60's and 70's work your way down the peninsula. warm in the south. a lot of 70's there, some mid 70's, the warmest places well inland. so looking like a gorgeous friday
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out there around the bay area. again, just slightly cooler, especially late in the day with that sea breeze kicking in. and then the next couple days, temperatures cooling off over the weekend. much cooler chance of showers on and off next week. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> thanksgiving, a day of food, family, friends and of course, football. now, traditionally, these games are often does. but we've got some really good ones today the cowboys hosted the giants in the nfc east game that could top playoff implications down the road. we'll pick it up in the 2nd quarter. giants down 7, 3, 0nd goal for sycuan. partly he plowed through the cowboys line for the score. giants take a 10, 7 lead. >> 3rd quarter action. now. cowboys trailed 13, 7 0rd and goal from the 15 dak prescott back to pass finds tight end. dalton schultz in the zone. nice leaping catch by schultz. cowboys. take the lead.
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>> 14, 13, they go up. 21 to 13 in the 4th and out on some trickery by dallas jet sweep to tight end. peyton hendershot goes in untouched for the touchdown and check this out. it's tradition. everyone goes into the salvation army kettle. zeke elliott first did it in 2016, storied tradition. now just how there. >> cowboys win it. 28 to to 8, 3, the giants fall to 7 or 8. they're playing. meanwhile, the lions traditional thanksgiving host today, the wealth that detroit fan base welcome the bills lines held their own against the bills in the fort former cal star jared goff. it's dj chalk on a 3rd and goal for a 2 yard score. they added a 2 point conversion and lead 20 to 19. back come the bill's second gold in the 5. josh allen hits stefon diggs on the slant into the end zone. they missed the 2 point conversion and lead. 25 to 22 the lions tied it at 25 with a field goal. but 7
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seconds left health kicker. tyler bass. he's the football through the uprights for the field. goal. hills survived thanksgiving in detroit's 28 to 25. let's move it over to cutter now for what the rest of the world calls football world cup action. we're not going portable facing ghana. no score in the 65th minute rinaldo set for a penalty kick. all eyes on the legend. and coms. we're not became the first man to score 5 different world cups. >> one nil, portugal got a managed to tie it. >> a few minutes later. but in the 76th minute hold the lakes, going to the ball and knocked in to retake the lead. so portugal wins it 3 to 2. not too much drama in the brazil, serbia match up this morning, brazil already up one nil when richarlison got to see this nails, the
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spectacular. >> bicycle kick in the box. his second goal of the day. ridiculous. you need to look at this replaced. >> the body control. how can you even do that? puts the ball right in the debt. absolutely amazing. brazil wins it to note. >> it happened. stanford miss and the espn events invitational in florida this morning in sanford, down 4 with one week to go. harrison ingram. he buries the jumper time shots and from within to ingram led the cardinal with 24 points. freshman omari abram is good, too. down. 3 pointer with 27.2 seconds left and it's game over abram. let everyone 26 ole miss wins. it. 72 to 68. and they win it. >> all right. you're probably stopped at this point, maybe on the second or even 3rd helping of pie. guess what?
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that's no different from the forty-niners. when we spoke to the players in the locker room yesterday, they were all pretty excited for today's grow up. >> be in. today's really good. i'm looking forward and also the apple pie with look at addressing my favorite with karen current results. >> it's good. just going to get done this year been fine with. but i think >> i can cook just cause a problem using, you know, i love it. when was yeah, it's going to begin at least i'm i'm more of deep fried turkey. got. and if that's an option, pretty much just solely at the dessert table. i love dressing a mac and cheese the and kenny and like with the marshmallows in the sugar. i think i like apple pie as well that i love
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the leftover turkey sandwich. >> but and corona, which >> i want know who funded to invite me over some for some tonkin that sounds interesting. all right. that's all we got. happy thanksgiving from the kron. 4 sports team.
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>> well, california dot has been named the world's oldest dog. imply the guinness world records me, gino. 22 year-old chihuahua from la. he was born september 24th 2000 looking pretty good. hollywood, was adopted by his current owner when he was just 2 years old while he was studying in colorado, he and his owner moved back to southern california. not too long afterwards, geno's owner credit a healthy diet for gino's longevity. but to says that to the dog himself deserves all the credit goji know. the accident on thanksgiving invite that went viral 6 years ago. still going strong tomorrow from 10 posted on instagram that he and won the dench will meet up. again this year, the 7th year in a row. this is a really amazing story. >> here to family, there you go. >> and there you go. okay.
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haha. this really is an amazing story. back in 2016, wanda dench sent a to jamal hinton thinking that it was her grandson after exchanging photographs, hinton told dense that he was not her grandson. but yes, if he could come in anyway. >> and he yes. and since then, the pair have shared thanksgiving together in arizona, along with 2 miles girlfriend and want us late husband, lonnie, who passed away in 2020, but they become like extended family, won. the says that she feels fate stepped in when she sent that text mistakenly years ago in a spirit of thanksgiving. friendship. that's right. the story. >> that's it for kron. 4 news tonight at 6. we're going to see you again tonight at 8, 9, on your bay area's local news station here. have a nice evening. happy thanksgiving.
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