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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  November 26, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> now at 6, a gas station clerk is dead tonight after an attempted armed robbery in antioch. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 6. i'm noelle bellow and i'm dan thorn antioch. police say this happened early this morning. a gas station worker called 9-1-1 reporting. someone had been shot when officers arrived on scene, they found the victim on the floor with a gunshot wound to the head. kron four's gayle ong joining us live in the newsroom tonight with more kale. dan, do well. >> police say despite life saving efforts, the victim succumbed to his injuries at the scene.
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>> a woman overcome with grief outside as chevron gas station on contra loma boulevard in antioch, where police responded to a shooting just after 02:00am saturday. arrived on scene. >> they located a male that has been shot officer ashley crandall with the antioch police department says the victim was held at gunpoint investigation. we determined that it was a robbery that occurred here and in the commission of robbery. >> the 36 year-old male, was shot and killed. officer randall says about 15 minutes after this call, police responded to a shooting just 4 blocks away from the gas station. there was another shooting call in the 2800 block of seville circle here in antioch. and at this time, we cannot confirm that these 2 are related. there was someone shot there. he is in stable condition at a local hospital. back at the chevron investigators combing the scene looking for clues. there
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was evidence markers that were marking shell casings. they're all could also marking clothing items that we look in the parking lot. >> and there are also marking blood stains that were in the park. >> and police say there is surveillance video that captured 2 male suspects fleeing the scene in the newsroom. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> gayle, thank you. new at 6 san francisco police are investigating a homicide in the tenderloin district. police say officers assigned to the area actually saw the shooting happened just after 10 o'clock this morning on the 100 block of leavenworth street despite a quick response from officers and lifesaving efforts from emergency responders, the man died from his injuries. a%yone with information is asked to contact sfpd >> now to a developing story out of san francisco. wild video showing a stolen muni bus speeding, smashing cars and blowing through stop signs last night in the mission district. this is video of an emergency sign there as that many bus was stopped. police
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say a suspect attacked the bus driver before stealing the bus, hitting at least 10 cars. this happened along 19th in guerrero streets. police eventually stopped the carjacker and arrested them. as you can see here. we'll have more on this video tonight at 8 o'clock. >> also in the city, one person is dead after being struck by a caltrain this morning. officials say just before 9 that the 2.21 train heading north collided with a person on the tracks. they believe the person was trespassing on the tracks. emergency crews did respond. the structure put on hold, going in both directions. there were 178 passengers on board the train at the time of the crash. none of them were injured. but this is cal trans 10th fatality of 2022. >> reminder for you this holiday weekend. the chp has maximum enforcement period is now in place until the end of tomorrow. the agency increasing the number of officers on the roads, keeping an eye out for travelers driving irresponsibly. chp says their biggest concern is
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impaired driving. 42 people were killed in freeway crashes last thanksgiving weekend statewide. chp made more than 1000 dui related arrests at the time. >> speaking of driving, want to get you a check of your forecast. taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it was kind of pact just a minutes ago and now things seem to be clearing up some of our roads, though, are worse. so your after noon? yeah, yeah. delt with traffic. they're going to get ville and fairfield and of course edge, of course, for veterans pretty badly she's got details on what you can expect for your forecast. brittany, you're absolutely during the commercial break, that camera was stacked. i think we're getting a break. we'll continue to update you on weather and traffic throughout the evening. >> happening that's not bad. today was another warm day, but a big change is headed our way tomorrow will be looking for some foggy start for some of you, not everybody, but the big story for us is going to be a big dip in temperatures headed our way later this
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week. so those temperatures right now really are nice. and francisco. 56, san jose. 59 even santa rosa. we're at 54 taking a look at future cast winds. thankfully it's not too breezy except for the coast. you can see places like san francisco, half moon bay. we're still dealing with those breezy conditions. but again, when our story will really be now that we've got past the hot days and the hazy days is that dip in temperatures. so as you plan your day tomorrow, take a look at your screen is going to be fog. if you wake up in san francisco at 06:00am it's going to stay that way as we fast for that clock. so 9 o'clock, we're also going to see some fog near half moon bay as we plan for tomorrow. for you, a mostly sunny san francisco can raise that to temperatures. 58 oakland, 63 mostly sunny san jose. 67 and sunny. a change headed to our forecast. upper cut down. coming up next. >> britney, thank you. check this out. a raccoon rescued this morning after it got stuck between 2 fences, sunnyvale police say a resident called after seeing the little fur ball in the
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unfortunate situation. police posted this photo on their twitter saying after they did some rec could us on. so they were able to get the wreck out safely. and apparently she seemed pretty thankful. so that's awesome. because death always good to have nice animal rescue story. tom. >> all right. still ahead here at 6 o'clock and small business saturday, holiday deals offered by some bay area mom and pops. plus shoppers in full swing this weekend. but porch pirates are out in full force as well after the break. >> we're telling you which cities rated. the most in terms of package theft. >> and we're going to be taking a look at some action that's being taken inside shows the new ordinance that's now in effect in the north bay.
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>> in the north bay, a new ordinance in effect. now we'll find anyone who promotes or participates in sideshows. the santa rosa police department will begin placing fines up to $1000 for those who promote or participate in a sideshow. cars can be impounded for up to 30 days, which could cost around $4,000. this, of course, following other cities who are taking action as well. and oakland, a similar ordinance allowing police to go after sideshow promoters and participants was presented to the public safety commission. porch pirates are once again out in force this
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holiday season. a new report by safewise, which is a home security website found the bay area has the most package theft compared to other metro areas in the nation of the top 10 cities experiencing the most package. that's 4 of them are right here in california outside of the bay area, outside of the bay area, sacramento, los angeles an fresno are also on this list. the report found 3 out of 4 americans have had a package of their stolen, the theft of packages did go up. 23% over the last 12 months. >> the fda is advising people to avoid eating certain raw oysters from south korea. this after an illness is reported from a restaurant in las vegas. at least one person was confirmed to have what's called virus illness with 9 others showing similar symptoms. the fda advisory applies to consumers and sellers and 13 states, including right here in california. anyone in any of
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the states who may have eaten raw oysters and have food poisoning like symptoms, we are told to seek immediate medical care. still to come here at 6 o'clock, we'll take you to a tree farm run by 2 college students who say they're just getting started. but first, it is small business saturday. we're taking a trip to pacifica as
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the holiday shopping season begins. store owners across
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the bay area are hoping that people come out. >> and by local today was the day to do it. it small business saturday. shop owners in pacifica came together to offer special deals and events from force. camila barco has the story. >> i think small business saturday, just 2 minds. people that were here as people opened their wallets on black friday at big chain stores. goodman yells hopes customers will do the same for mom and pop shops. this holiday shopping season for small business saturday. she partnered with about 20 other local business owners in downtown pacifica offering deals and hosting small events at their stores to bring in more customers. the better you do the better of deal says because we're tracking more people to come this knows who is the owner of 7.31. designs, the gallery finds the shopping experience at a local shot to be more personal. everything here. i know every single maker art is kelly pork owns the royal be company. he says
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the dollar spent at a small shop goes back to the community is keeping your tax dollars in your area. supporting teachers. firemen, business owners have struggled in the last few years to stay afloat because of the pandemic reporting. at one point thought about closing for shots that people helped keep the doors open. the community was there to support me in ways. i know ideas are. and they would order yarn and i would delivered to their doorstep. and we survived since the pandemic began, many business owners have noticed how it's changed the way people shop. think people began to really appreciate. >> the value of local businesses within their community getting brookshire the owner of table wine. >> is grateful to remain open. she feels people are now making a conscious effort to support small businesses like hers. some people that used to say like, hey, shop, small
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shop local >> and then when. >> now actually do brookshire is hopeful. this momentum keeps going for years to come in pacifica, camila barco kron. 4 news >> time now to get you a check of your forecast. taking a live look at the transamerica pyramid and downtown san francisco. it's a little chilly outside now at point where the night were you expecting like a significant drop off the next week? but hey, what's happening up in the sierra britain? and that's what we're watching right now for those driving conditions as some folks head home or maybe even head out. you can see right now all lanes are open. you do not need chains >> while watching the potential maybe for a snowflake or 2, this is maybe would be monday night, but it wouldn't be anything too crazy. we're going to stay in upper 40's on sunday when a drop down to the 30's. and then tuesday, we're looking at 39. so the small potential for snow. but overall, it's looking a little dicey. >> futurecast showing. yeah, it has been warm the past couple of days. we have this high pressure system going us warmer temperatures bringing us hazy conditions as well.
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>> but that big change in the forecast as we fast-forward futurecast showing you that dip in temperatures, it's going to change will go over that quickly. when we get to the 7 day forecast. still kind of warm at 06:16pm, in the evening. santa rosa, we're looking at 54 down to the south san jose or at 53 livermore. 54 and right there on the coast, some breezy conditions near half moon bay, san francisco at 56 for average right about now. we should be in the 60's temperatures tomorrow are going to dip down just a little bit compared to today. so morgan hill are suddenly just a tick above average. 67 right there on the coast, half moon bay. we're looking at 56. san francisco 56. we're going to see a dip in temperatures, especially compared the past couple of days as it continue to go down. santa rosa. we're at 68 for tomorrow. temps where for us as you wake up in the morning, make sure to wake up with us. we'll see some foggy conditions starting at 6.55. right there san francisco and half moon bay. it's going to linger around till 9.15, and then things will clear. but again, the big
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story for us is going to tonight is going to we have warmer temperatures, but you can see it's right there. that story with the potential for rain may be on thursday. we go from 70 to 55 and that is a roller coaster ride for we're used to your eyes. i feel like we've been sitting kind of pretty, though, the last like week or 2. so we were due for a little. >> cool down. i guess that is the justice going to break out your winner your winter gear. i just got a new san francisco doing what i can do that again. thanks, brittany. well, while many college students are back home on break this weekend, 2 young men in new jersey are going to be busy. >> running their christmas tree business. the 2 college students and former high school classmates are >> quickly becoming students of the game. jim vassell has their story. >> one just came in for tonight. '02. >> the smell the fresh finds it gets you right into the season. these 2 are in the
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business of christmas. i was born in december. some a christmas person, college students, joe rubino and selling bruno love christmas. so much. they decided last year to start a christmas tree business. elizabeth called natalie knows what's the worst that could happen. this try. you never know until you try no pandemic nor tree shortage would deter them. but they did have to go to great lengths to get their slay off the ground. we took a trip to north carolina and we met the goals in person because >> calling them on the phone is almost a definite no. >> joe, a student at fairfield university and salad fordham university enjoyed success last year and are getting ready for this year's tree. rushed at their lot in the 200 block of west grant street. but it seemed crazy for us to be able to. >> i think that we're you know, we're going to able to commute back and forth from school and they'll manage employees here. but we were able to make it happen. you know, doing all this was a really fun learning experience. i they don't teach us stuff in school. they say
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they have customers from new york city and the jersey shore and even as they graduate and pursue other interests, they hope to keep natalie nose alive for many more christmases to come. >> there's always going to be those doubters out there. so i think it's really important to like really focus on your why. and strive toward your goal. no matter what. >> that was. jim bass reporting for us. still ahead, astronauts could go to mars sooner than we >> hear about nasa's plan. when we come back.
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>> welcome back. it has been 50 years, but the united states has taken one giant leap towards putting people back on the moon. nasa releasing some dramatic new pictures from its a moon flyby. yeah, this is just the beginning of a major plan that could lead. >> astronauts on mars. take a look. >> nasa's orion capsule has reached the move with epic shots of the lunar surface and even more impressive. breathtaking looks back at the earth. >> ryan looking back at earth as it travels toward the moon, 57,000 miles away from the place we call home. >> this marks the first time capsule is visited the moon since nasa's apollo missions 50 years ago. unlike those manned missions, the crew inside a ryan r 3 dummies. it's all a test run for a planned lunar landing in 2025. that will make history with the first woman and person of color walking on the moon.
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>> as it emerges from behind the moon and earth rise of our pale blue dot. and it's 8 billion human inhabitants now coming into view. what have you it is. but why go back and do something we did 50 years ago. again, why are going back because our call is we're going out to explore the heavens. these are just the first steps of an ambitious plan to establish a long-term presence on the moon and then use what we learned there to make the next giant leap sending the first astronauts to mars. 3. >> 2, what boosters? and it just. and liftoff of artemis one mars won't happen till sometime in the 2030's for now, nasa's trying to successfully navigate this 26 day mission. ryan completed a slingshot around the moon to pick up enough speed to enter the lunar orbit. just 81 miles above the moon's surface this weekend, or ryan is poised to smash nasa's distance record
6:25 pm
of a spacecraft designed for astronauts of nearly 250,000 miles from earth. >> and take a look at this beautiful image of the blazing sun. suddenly photo mark photo bombed by our moon. the sun observing goes satellite captured this cosmic show while studying the sun's outer atmosphere or corona, they call it that word. i know a lot of people. kind of corona, what the was, a solar eclipse that was only visible in space. it lasted for hours. this video was sped up, though, so that we could actually view it it was posted sn twitter where one user said, quote, the moon looks like it is taking a bite out of this. yeah. just li%e that, like wolf or larry sideswiping in or something that looks like that's smoke likely is that. smoke very cool. it's something well, like you said, we're we're trying explore the heavens or the hand me a
6:26 pm
little bit. we can do taking a live look here at the bucky ball there on the embarcadero. all lit up tonight. not too many people walking around this evening gown. pretty it is not all day. yeah. people living their best lives. maybe they're just an tonight. 7 money, right for the holiday season. there you go. that's taking a look right now near the airport. you can see conditions are very clear. that's the good news. i just checked because i know it's still very busy. holiday travel weekend. >> thankfully, no major delays at the airport. current temperatures right now as we speak, really not bad. and we're still dealing again with that warm temperatures. santa rosa, 54 down to the south. >> san jose, 53 half moon bay. 49 and even livermore. 54, i say that's good. because later this week the highs will be in 50. so we'll take it as you wake up tomorrow. we'll be watching for foggy conditions in san francisco in half moon bay toll around 9.30. so keep that in mind as you travel again, your 7 day forecast shows you. yeah, it was warm today, but take a look. by thursday. we could hit 55 of the potential rain. we're going to update you guys
6:27 pm
throughout the day. that's a big story for us. potential. >> we'll continue to track that later on tonight. during kron 4 news in prime time. that's all the time we've got for companies and 6, though. so thanks for joining us. we'll see in a couple hours.
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