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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  November 27, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> now at 6, thanksgiving has come and gone. and now travelers are returning home. >> after spending the holiday with loved ones, this was what looked like just before sunset over san francisco. the golden gate bridge. i-680, in walnut creek and of course, where we know lots of people have been today. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 6. i'm noelle bellow today. some 140,000 people were expected to make their way in and out of sfo today. kron four's gayle ong joining us live now they're after spending the day checking in with travelers.
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gail, i'm curious about those going to pick people up. >> is traffic ok, getting into the airport right now? >> you can see just based on this here. it was a busy actually just a moment ago, but it is start traffic is starting to build up here at the departure side of the airport. but overall, things have been running smoothly. we haven't heard of any major delays or cancellations. just a lot of goodbyes. >> the departures drop-off at san francisco international airport full of farewells and hug sunday as travelers head back home after the thanksgiving holiday or heading back to minnesota. it was wonderful. >> family in love and food in. we >> it was good. i got to see some family up in oregon. we have to action, just across the border. like that's right. college also going back to college brianne martin who
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visited family in foster city, who's really nice seeing family because since i'm so far away. >> mike, from la to hear, i can't really drive-in file the time. so it's nice seeing everyone. this man waited until his father passed. the security line guy just came 10 days ago. yeah, it was great. >> well, the tsa wait time for midday flights render 10 minutes. the mornings have been a different story with long lines and crowds. airport officials are anticipating 5 million people passing through sfo this holiday season. that's about 85% of the prepandemic volume was like really fun traveling. and i have really been a lot of places since covid-19. so it's really nice to get back out there on the airplane. again. >> and thanksgiving holiday is the start of the holiday travel season, especially here at bay area. airports. travelers are advised to get here early at least 2 hours. if you're flying domestic 3 hours for international flights, reporting from sfo, thank you. you may have found gas to be a cheaper tonight. if you're filling up state average still above $5.5
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dollars and $0.5. but >> that's $2 cheaper than it was a week ago around the bay that is coming in with the most expensive gas at $5.24. san francisco gas hovering right around $5.15 for a gallon of regular that's of santa rosa right behind them. 5 $1 and $0.14 a gallon. meanwhile, san jose oakland center fell all hovering around the $5 mark, which is just at the state average. meanwhile, the late fairfield reporting prices well below that $4 and $0.89 a gallon to fill up there. >> if you are driving tonight, chp has maximum enforcement period is in place until midnight. the agency has increased a number of officers on the roads keeping an eye out for travelers driving irresponsibly. they say their biggest concern, of course, is impaired driving. they are encouraging all drivers on the road to end the weekend safely. a mountain biker was
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rescued from a trail on mount tam this weekend. this is video of the rescue. it happened yesterday by chp golden gate helicopter. it was on the hukou iqoo trail. the chopper landed near the injured rider. the crew was able to transport him to john muir medical center in walnut creek. officials do say that right or they rescued suffered some major injuries. meanwhile, further north near the mouth of tamales bay, 2 children and 2 adults. kayakers were rescued from rough waters. officials and received help from sonoma county sheriff's helicopter for this rescue after a sort short search for those kayakers. they were found stranded on the west shore of tamala spay crews were able to load up the group, as you can see into the helicopter where they were flown to safety. you want to get your check of your forecast. taking a live look now tonight at sfo where we just saw gayle was she said not too much traffic at this point, but they will pick back up. we the activities supposed to be between like this hour,
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the next couple of hours where folks are landing and it's going to sell activity. yeah, yeah. the good thing is that we have flight tracker so make sure to check it for you throughout the day and your conditions as well because it is kind of foggy. so that's an alert for you. so. >> a lot to talk about as you plan your day or evening. and as you wake up tomorrow, it's going to be foggy. actually, it's kind of foggy. all right. now, as you speak as we peak out and take a look at your conditions are going to see some fog tonight. our lows are going to be the 30's upper 40's tomorrow. foggy start for some. i'm going to track that out for you. cooler temperatures for the big story is going to be a drop in temperatures later this week in the potential for rain and snow in the mountains. let's talk about visibility cause again tonight. we're going to see a foggy conditions, especially in san jose as we creep into the early morning. temperatures right now to the north santa rosa. 53 right there in the coast, half moon bay. 49 down to the south. we're looking at 55 paula, otto, 52 and even livermore. 52. so temperatures are on the cooler side. taking a look at that wake-up planner, a san
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francisco to sunny and breezy oakland, 60, mostly sunny and san jose. we're looking at mostly sunny at 60. so right there at average. but changes are headed this way below freezing temperatures are a possibility for our lows. we'll give you all the details coming up next. britney, thank you. we're following some developing news out of solano county tonight where sheriff's deputies were involved in a deadly shooting. >> in fairfield, the solano county sheriff's office reports they were called to a robbery on central way and pittman road around 3 o'clock this morning. the suspect shot at officers before sheriff's deputies returned fire, killing the suspect on scene. we will have a full report on this coming up on kron. 4 news in prime time in santa rosa. a family is safe after their home caught fire early this morning. santa rosa firefighters receiving the call just before 04:00am when they arrived. the home on wild bill and blacksmith way. >> they found the 2 story home engulfed in smoke and flames. as you can see here in this
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video, all 5 people were able to get out safely. thanks to smoke detectors, alerting them. officials say the fire started on the side of the home close to the garage and the garbage bins. but the cause is still unclear at this point. the damage that home is estimated to be around. $75,000. red cross is set to be helping family tonight. coming up today marks 44 years since the assassination of 2 san francisco leaders. remember harvey milk. >> and coney later on in the show. plus, as we head into the risky winter months, the white house kicking off a six-week covid booster campaign for the most vulnerable. and soccer fans know where to go to catch all the action report from san francisco's world cup village next.
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>> welcome back. soccer fans gathered in san francisco today at the world cup village in union square to watch countries go head-to-head on the big screen kron four's camila barco was at the center of the festivities to check out how things are looking. >> took center stage at union square sunday morning. all eyes were on the big screen as germany took on spain for world emotions ran high at the watch party hosted by a
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nonprofit street soccer usa. it's a change of scenery for some fans. been watching the games for years from abroad. i grew up in so it's you know, it's a little interesting for me to see the soccer being like very popular over it's good to see is strange used to look games with my family, with my friends. the crowd watched nervously hoping their countries could hold on to make it to the knockout round. >> but for many half the excitement of the tournament is watching it with others who share the same passion for the sport to be able trade with people from the other national team. it's great i think it's a way to meet new people get more game. if you win, it's sunday's match marked the 5th time. both nations met at the fifa world cup. >> spain took the lead, but a goal from germany tied the
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game really like a fun to everyone i like the world cup. so it's really fun to come the watch. parties continue at 11:00am at the crossing on november. 29th. >> when usa takes on iran, you can catch the quarter-finals on december 9th and 10th at 09:00am at the civic center plaza. the semifinals is going to be played on a big screen at the crossing on the 13th and 14th at 11:00am. and the final game of the world cup takes place on the 18th and that viewing party starts at 6.55. in the morning at golden gate park. if you are attending these watch parties, be sure to bring maybe a chair or a blanket to sit on. they are free to in san francisco. camila barco kron. 4 news. >> coming up after the break, local leaders remembering the lives of harvey milk and george mosconi. details on the vigil set for tonight in the city.
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>> welcome back. 6.15, on this sunday night. and today marks 44 years since san francisco mayor george moscone e and san francisco supervisor harvey milk were shot and killed inside san francisco city hall tonight. the friends of harvey milk plaza will hold a memorial event for the 2 leaders in the castro district milk was california's first openly elected official. he was gunned down in his office by former san francisco supervisor dan white on november. 27th 1978 white also killed that mayor george moscone eat that day. tony was
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considered the people's mayor for opening up city hall to reflect the diversity of san francisco, appointing people of diverse backgrounds to city possessions. now state senator scott wiener took to twitter today in remembrance of the 2 saying they were assassinated by dan white who hated the inclusive approach. the leaders brought to san francisco. he continued today. we still face a political backlash to inclusion and we still face political violence. we must commit to ending this poison. tonight's vigil will take place at harvey milk plaza at 07:00pm. so just about 45 minutes, we'll have a live report coming up tonight in prime time. well, he served for well over 3 decades as the nation's top infectious disease expert. but come the end of the year. doctor anthony fauci, new york's very own will leave his post. he gave his final covid briefing this week urging americans to get the updated covid boosters and flu shots ahead of the winter. basil. john reports from washington.
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>> with the holiday season and family gatherings just around the corner. we are obviously now entering a higher risk part of the year. white house covid response coordinator, doctor ashish jha announced the biden administration's latest effort to get vaccines in arms is a six-week campaign to reach seniors and communities hit hard by covid-19. we're doing everything we can in the next 6 weeks to help families get the updated covid shots by the end of the year. the white house says only about 11% of americans have received the updated booster. and what happens next in the pandemic may depend on getting that number higher. we did have with, you know, where with all to mitigate anything that during what was possibly his last time at the white house podium before his december retirement chief medical advisor, doctor anthony fauci urged americans to take every step necessary masking vaccine boosting testing. all of that is part of the spectrum of protecting yourself and your family and both john fauci
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emphasized americans can rely on the science behind the vaccine. want to make good decisions really based on facts, evidence and data you can decide to trust america's physicians or you can try some random dude on twitter. the white house will call on congress to provide 10 billion dollars in supplemental funding. >> as part of the next government funding bill reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> taking a live look outside tonight at downtown san francisco. absolutely beautiful. no fog really creeping in just yet there downtown. but i know we are in for quite a bit of change over the next several hours here. hey, britney. yes, that is a true change is the theme earlier this week we're at 70's. yeah, that's really going to change. thanks to this future cast for you can see we have a system coming from the north dropping down those temperatures with the potential of rain >> later this week, definitely a dip from 70 east down to the 50's and you can see that's already slowly started. temperature change are ready.
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cooler compared to yesterday. the big picture showing you those lows will be in the 30's. you can see up to the north santa rosa all the way down to san jose. 38 right there. half moon bay. 41 in livermore will be and 34 the top story for us as we plan your day tomorrow as you get ready for work, some places will be foggy, not all places, but some places, especially during rush hours to 6.15. you can see places like oakland livermore, hayward mountain view in san jose. you're going to be off to a foggy start to make sure to wake up with us to get all the details because it's going to be foggy until around 8.45. places like mountain view in san jose. that fog is going to linger on for a little bit longer. >> high temperatures for you can see it's a big change. morgan hill so is going to cooler. it's going continue to get cooler. morgan hill, 55 to the north santa rosa, 60. >> right there on the coast. half moon bay. 57 livermore. 59, even antioch 62. but this is where it gets interesting. we're watching again for the potential you can see right here monday. 59. there's a
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slight potential for rain. i don't think that's going to happen. but monday into tuesday, that's when we're going to those cold temperatures. we're looking at 29 degrees and then the potential for rain. thursday's models looking good for that. and then saturday and sunday, another potential for rate. so everything in there not to mention the mountains could get a half an inch of snow this week. nice mid got back bad about it. she was running up. >> well, the forty-niners and the saints have 2 of the best defenses in the nfl today. they came to play next in sports. jason's going to tell us whose dean played just a little better to secure that victory.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the niners came into today's matchup with the saints as one of the hottest teams in the nfl. the offense has been doing its part while the defense has been the best defensive unit in football. they look to keep the momentum going this afternoon at levi stadium, san francisco looking for their 4th straight win. nice day out today down at levi's final seconds of the half. niners up 3 to nothing. jimmy garoppolo. it passes. bad. it might tyron matthew but heads up play by jennings. 49 ers extend that lead 10 just before the 4th quarter. that long drive by saints
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alvin kamara's looking to get in the end zone. but to fund a come in and knocks it live scrum for the ball. san francisco would get. that was kamara's second fumble of the game. now just moments later, the saints last ditch effort fourth-down backs bosa. he gets the sack might have got away with an offside. but hey, we'll take it. forty-niners shut out the saints 13, nothing. san francisco now 7, 4, on the season. >> first place in the nfc west. now let's head out to levi stadium was head back out over there to west. why we're find our kron. 4 sports reporter kate rooney. now kate, this niners defense has been special. they haven't allowed a point in the 2nd half all month. has it been as impressive in person as it has for me watching on tv? >> yeah, jason, it's absolutely like witnessing
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greatness in action. defensive coordinator demeco ryans has a motto. it's swarm that stance for special work ethic and relentless mindset. and that is exactly what you're seeing from this defense on the field. relentless. he likes them to swarm the ball on every single play. and that's what we're seeing today. fred warner flying all over the field. nick bosa his inevitable sack dre greenlaw talanoa hufanga making plays the unsung to sean gibson. jimmie ward chart various word in the secondary wherever you look, there's the forty-niners player in coverage. an opposing offense is better. watch out. now, of course, the saints made a couple plays. chris sullivan made a couple plays on income made a couple plays. but overall not a good day for them. the forty-niners held them to just 260 yards. and after the game, fred warner talked about why things are going so well. >> it feels great. you know, this. that's our goal. every week is to is to show them our eyes. it's easier said than done. this one was was really special cause the way we had to get it, though. you know, they it's not like they were just behind the 50 yard line
6:26 pm
all game like they were right there. sniffing the goal line multiple times and for guys stand alike. time kind of slows down in those moments where you're looking at teammates in the eyes of my saying like we've got to, we've got to pull this off, you know, and you know, these are the ones remember forever. >> not as much of a balanced attack today. the offense didn't come out swinging the way they did in mexico city. but hey, defense wins championships, right? jason at levi stadium, kate rooney kron 4 sports. >> look, i know kate has a high bar with jimmy g after the game for her postgame fit a ill right. let's head out to the minneapolis warriors had a little matinee as the t wolves and it does wasted no time first play of the game. draymond green up top to andrew wiggins. 20 point lead after one in the second. this is how you drive on the shot-blocker. jordan poole finishes over rudy gobare dubs up 20 at the end of the half. now great defense and this would be the nail in the coffin. rudy gobare turns it over. klay thompson. give me
6:27 pm
all 3 of those. that part of a 9, oh, run. the warriors win one. 37 1.14. they've now won 2 games on the road. good win for them. so great win for the warriors. great win for the forty-niners. yeah. even raiders one bay area fans. >> they should be happy today. actually watch forty-niners game 2 and all those holes. was like dang. they're really out there playing stick with us. we'll be back for kron. 4 news at 8, 9.10.
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