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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 27, 2022 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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come and gone. travelers returning home tonight after spending the holiday with their loved ones at a live look there at sfo tonight. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 10. i'm noelle bellow today. some 140,000 people were expected to make their way in and out of sfo today. kron four's gayle ong spent it checking with travelers. >> things have been going smoothly here at sfo. we haven't heard about any major cancellations or delays. just a lot of goodbyes. the departures drop-off at san francisco international airport full of farewells and hug sunday. >> as travelers head back home after the thanksgiving holiday or heading back to minnesota. it was wonderful. >> family in love and food in. we >> it was good. i got to see some family up in oregon. we have to action, just across the border. like that's right. college also going back to college brianne martin who
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visited family in foster city, who's really nice seeing family because since i'm so far away. >> live from la to hear. i can't really drive-in file the time. so it's nice seeing everyone. this man waited until his father passed the security line. i just came like 10 days ago yeah, it was great. >> well, the tsa wait time for midday flights render 10 minutes. the mornings have been a different story with long lines and crowds. airport officials are anticipating 5 million people passing through sfo this holiday season. that's about 85% of the prepandemic volume was like really fun traveling. and i have really been a lot of places since covid-19. so it's really nice to get back out there on the airplane. again. >> and thanksgiving holiday is the start of the holiday travel season, especially here at bay area. airports. travelers are advised to get here early at least 2 hours. if you're flying domestic 3 hours for international flights, reporting from sfo, gayle ong kron, 4 news. >> now with millions expected to fly through sfo through the neck through the new year. the airport does have a unique program for any anxious
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fliers. take a look at this. a therapy pig with the 2, 2, on a rabbit and several dogs make up the wag brigade. each animal works a 2 hour shift a week at sfo and travelers can find them wandering through various terminals throughout the airport. they'll all be wearing what you see here, those up at me vests. i think just that golden retriever has the cool shades, doubles your chance. you could the pet the pig, the bunny, the dog help you decompress. well, you may have found gas to be a little cheaper. tonight's state average still above $5 at 505, but it is $2 cheaper than it was a week ago around the bay. napa's coming in with the most expensive gas, $5 and $0.24. san francisco, a gallon of regular hovering right around $5.15 a gallon. santa rosa right behind them. $5.14 a gallon. san jose oakland samara fell all hovering around the $5 mark. the state
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average there. meanwhile, delay fairfield reporting prices well below that at $4. and $0.89 a gallon. >> chp has maximum enforcement period is about to come to a close. it will end at midnight tonight. the agency has an increased number of officers on the roads. they've been keeping an eye out for travelers driving irresponsibly ever since wednesday evening. their biggest concern, of course, is impaired driving. they are encouraging all drivers to end the weekend safely. a mountain biker was rescued from a trail on mount tam this weekend. this is video of that rescue yesterday by chp golden gate helicopter on the who qu eacute trail. the chopper landed near the injured rider and the crew was able to transport him to john muir medical center in walnut creek. officials say that man did suffer major injuries and further north near the mouth of tamales bay, 2 children and
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2 adults. kayakers were rescued from rough waters. officials in moran received help from sonoma county sheriff's helicopter for the rescue after a short search, the kayakers were found stranded on the west shore of tamala spay. crews were able to load that group and the helicopters you can see here where they were able to be flown to safety. we do want to get you now a check of your 4 zone forecast taking a live look at downtown san francisco tonight. that fog hasn't necessarily moved in just yet. i don't think. brittany begley standing by, she says we're going to get pretty chilly tonight and it's keep getting colder. yeah, we're going to see chile has some fog and i saw a lot of brake lights and that camera. >> happening now at 10. 0, yeah. it was warned this week we're in the 70's and now this week we're going to look at the 50's from lows as freezing temperatures. so tonight. >> again, our lows will be in the 30's upper 40's tomorrow. the real story freeze going to be a foggy commute for some cooler temperatures compared to last week when we had the 70's. but overall we're going to drop in temperatures,
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possible rain and even snow in the mountains. so a lot to talk about. let's talk about visibility. that's our main story for you. as you wake up tomorrow as we plan your day start to see some of that fog roll in tonight, right about now and places like hayward, even san jose. fast for the clock to what i'm really watching is going morning commute, seeing foggy conditions. hayward livermore mountain view, san jose. that's going hold steady. probably until the 8.30 is like mountain view in san jose. so again, you want to leave early and plan for the day. those high temperatures for tomorrow as we plan for your workday. santa rosa, 60 right there on the coast happen bay, 57 san francisco, 56% 50's for the coast upper 60's. you can see santa rose up and north. you can see nevado 60 even concord. 61. so in the 50's 60's. but really what we're watching is is its future cast for. so we're going to those dip in temperatures. i am watching tuesday. we have those lows. we could see the 29 degrees. but in a corner of your screen or watching chance for rain. so here's how i'm thinking. it's going to be very cold
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monday into tuesday, tuesday into wednesday and then with the potential for rain on thursday. and that's going to roll into this weekend as well. we'll break it all down for you coming up with seven-day forecast. >> britney, thank you. as those temperatures get colder tomorrow, a south bay church is going to be providing shelter for women and families. 30 free beds will be available starting monday out of the los united methodist church. it's located at the corner of hope and mercy streets. a shelter opens at 3 o'clock in the afternoon tomorrow until 9 o'clock in the morning. the next day, this shelter will remain open through march. in addition to the beds being offered, the shelter will also provide dinner and breakfast access to bathrooms and showers as well as connections to case managers for the homeless. happening tomorrow, david, the pap the man charged with attacking house speaker nancy pelosi's husband, paul is set to appear in front of a superior court judge for multiple state charges. then on wednesday, he'll face another judge in federal court after pleading not guilty to
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the federal charges that he's facing. one of them as the assault of an immediate family member of the u.s. official which carries a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison. he is also charged with the attempted kidnapping of a u.s. official which could add another 20 years. people gathered at harvey milk plaza tonight to mourn the anniversary of the assassination of harvey milk. and mayor george moscone e kron four's amanda hari was there. one of the biggest teams spoken about at memorial was that love is stronger than hate. >> and to overcome hate, you have to do it together. >> that was the voice of harvey milk. the recording was played a memorial marking the 44th anniversary of his assassination. mayor george moscone ii was also killed that day. milk went on to say the recording that he understood that as a activist, he could become the victim of an assassination at any
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moment. vice president of the harvey milk, lgbtq democratic club. jeffrey wong says they continue to try and bring milks vision for san francisco to life. >> even after his death city, that's welcoming to all peoples and especially the we want to make sure that the city remains hospitable to the lgbtq community. people at the event say the same type of hatred in gun violence is still rampant in 2022. >> as it was in 1978 just a little more than a week ago. there was a mass shooting at club q in colorado springs. it took 5 lives. former supervisor carol reax over who served harvey milk, says people still need to fight for full acceptance and freedom for lgbtq+, people with it is it's a tragic day. >> to have to come in san francisco not only to mourn assassinations. 44 years ago.
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feel sorry to to mourn. a set of killings in colorado, the organization, the friends of harvey milk plaza organize the event. they say they will continue remember the life of harvey milk. >> for years to come in san francisco amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> the mosconi center, of course, named for the late leader was very busy this weekend. a pop culture fan expo was held for the first time in san francisco during the three-day event expo goers were able to enjoy celebrity panels, cost play red carpets and industry workshops, vendors and artists from all over the world were there with unique merchandise memorabilia, comic books and collectibles. well, fire is now under investigation and contain that they buchanan ymca near geary and the japantown neighborhood. >> video from a citizen app,
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the one alarm fire broke out shortly after 1 o'clock this afternoon. san francisco fire was able to contain it in just minutes. no injuries were reported. meanwhile, up in the north bay, santa rosa family safe after their home caught fire early this morning. santa rosa fire fighters receiving the call just before 04:00am when they arrived to the home on wild bill and blacksmith way, they found the 2 story home in smoke and flames. all 5 people were able to get out safely. thanks to smoke detectors, alerting them. officials say that fire started on the side of the home close to the garage and garbage bins. cause is still unclear here. damage to the home estimated to be about $75,000. red cross is helping the family tonight. >> we're following developing news out of solano county sheriff's deputies. there were involved in a deadly shooting in fairfield today. the county sheriff's office reporting they were called to a robbery on central way and pittman road around 03:00am the suspect shot at officers
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before sheriff's deputies say they returned fire, killing the suspect on scene. still ahead on kron, 4 news at 10 children injured in the war in ukraine. getting a surprise visit from a former nasa astronaut. >> what he gave one patient from his time in space. plus, san francisco's union square. pretty busy this weekend. what shoppers had to say about how safe they felt and soccer fans know where to go. catch all the action report from san francisco's world cup village next. you run a small business, u need the most from ery investment. at's why comcast business ves you more. re innovation... th our new gig-speed wi-fi, us unlimited data. re speed... from the largest, stest, reliable network... d more savavgs- to 60% a year th comcast business mobile.
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>> well, the world cup continues in soccer fcns in san francisco gathered in union square to watch countries go head-to-head on the big screen today. kron four's camila barco was at the center of the festivities. >> took center stage at union square sunday morning. >> all eyes were on the big screen as germany took on spain for world >> emotions ran high at the watch party hosted by a nonprofit street soccer usa. it's a change of scenery for some fans. >> been watching the games for years from abroad. i grew up in so it's you know, it's a little interesting for me to see soccer being like very popular over it's good to see
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is trains just what a games with my family with my friends. the crowd watched nervously hoping their countries could hold on to make it to the knockout round. >> but for many half the excitement of the tournament is watching it with others who share the same passion for the sport to be able to trade with people from the other national team. it's great i think it's a way to meet new people get more game. if you win, it's sunday's match marked the 5th time. both nations met at the fifa world cup. >> spain, he took the lead, but a goal from germany tied the game really like a fun to everyone like the world cup. so it's really fun to come the watch. parties continue at 11:00am at the crossing on november. 29th. >> when usa takes on iran, you can catch the quarter-finals on december 9th and 10th at 09:00am at the civic center
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plaza. the semifinals is going to be played on a big screen at the crossing on the 13th and 14th at 11:00am. and the final game of the world cup takes place on the 18th and that viewing party starts at 6.55. in the morning at golden gate park. if you are attending these watch parties, be sure to bring maybe a chair or a blanket to sit on. they are free to in san francisco. camila barco kron. 4 news a lot going on in union square this weekend. shoppers there were met with a larger police presence this weekend. our cameras saw several patrol cars. >> and officers walking the streets as large groups of shoppers made their way in and out of stores today. last week, mayor breed kicked off the safe shop or initiative deploying additional police and community ambassadors to the area for this holiday shopping season. folks we spoke to say they did notice that increased police presence.
10:17 pm
>> i lament makes people feel safer and that it keeps order and guests looked really great. felt safe. >> you know, there's a noticeable police presence around on the street and you know, great too. so, yeah, but safe. >> safe shopper initiative was put in place last year for key tourist areas in the city following a rise of brazen theft and other crimes this holiday season sfpd has implemented street closures to car traffic in union square and patrols are also increased at parking garages in the area. more americans are likely using plastic to pay for their holiday shopping this year. the federal reserve says u.s. consumer credit card balances are growing at their fastest pace in more than 20 years during the pandemic, the majority of consumers actually stopped using their credit lines or they paid off their balances. but now with inflation biting into the cost of living, this trend has reversed. most americans now using almost 22% of their credit card limits. that's the
10:18 pm
highest rate since the 1st quarter of 2020 credit card companies believe that number will increase yet again by the time those holiday shopping bills arrive. according to the wall street journal, the average credit card interest rate has soared to more than 18 percent. and the numbers are in from black friday. those sales raking in a record breaking 9 billion dollars from online shoppers this year alone. just on line 9 billion dollars. that's up about 2 and a half percent compared to 2021, the hottest items on wish lists were electronics like gaining console's drones and apple mac books. other top categories included toys and exercise equipment. black friday continues to be the biggest shopping day of the holiday season. about 220% more sales than on any average day. laugh. golden gate bridge. karl. the fog has come
10:19 pm
to where i love that wells up for he was like from below. >> cars can still see. but that that fog is hanging up pretty. i that fog is they're going to actually track it out for you hour by hour. it's going to be foggy on your way into work that, yeah, we have some action at 10, 18 in the evening. >> so again, watching right there. you can see that we're looking at those foggy conditions as we fast for the clock, san jose in mountain view, hayward, even livermore as you wake up at 6.30, you can see the possibility for a foggy commute. that's really going to hold steady again till 8.45, especially in places like san jose in mountain view. so again, you and make sure to leave early. use your low beams. a wake up with a stick and your traffic details because it might be stressful for you. want to try to make it easy for you. current temperatures right now as we speak, san francisco, we just showed you those foggy conditions. 51 oakland, 48 san jose. 52 and even santa rosa. 42, our lows are going to stay in the 30's. you can see that upper 30's and 40's for the most part. but really it's is futurecast as we fast for the clock to thursday. that's when
10:20 pm
i think we're going to see all the action with the potential for rain on thursday. and then as we fast forward to the weekend, we could again see some rain. so very active week for us ahead. last week were in the 70's. now we're looking at rain dropping down. those temperatures, maybe even lows in the 20. so a change thanks to 2 different cold front headed our way. temperatures tomorrow, morgan hill, 55 on the coast. we're going to be the upper 50's to the north santa rosa 60's going to stay in the 60's for the most part for most of the region. hayward and fremont will say at 55. but quickly, it's our 7 day forecast that we all want to talk about. so again, those temperatures dropping for us tomorrow. as we look at tuesday and do you can see our lows are going to be 28 degrees. so that's what we're watching. that rain on thursday. a slight break on friday and saturday and sunday again with that potential for so a lot going on in this forecast for sure. so much going on. but all you really need to know to make sure you've got a jacket. yeah, and sure you've got some boots beanie. yes. and the hot
10:21 pm
chocolate next cuts for those lows in the 20's. not fun. if you don't have a good all of >> a former nasa astronaut visited a ukrainian children's hospital to pay respects to families who have been victimized by. >> russia's invasion during his visit in ukraine, former astronaut scott kelly showing his support for the ukrainian people even gave the patient a nasa pen he wore in space. >> you know, i support you and the there's a lot of people in the u.s. and around the world that support him they this invasion is it's a moral it's illegal restaurant says he will focus on raising money for ambulances and power generation for ukraine. >> nasa says kelly spent over 520 days and space and he currently holds the record for time in orbit by a u.s. astronaut. at least one person is dead. several others are missing following landslides
10:22 pm
that devastated an italian island today. rescuers arriving by ferry to the southern island of ischia working to rescue those in the mud and wreckage buildings collapsed and the streets were blocked off in the wake of the disaster. at least 100 people have been reported stranded without electricity or water. officials say this was the heaviest rainfall to hit this island 20 years. >> still ahead on kron, 4 news at 10, why it might be harder to spot bears at the oakland zoo in the coming days. plus. >> meet flossie, the world's oldest living. just how old is she? might be rude to ask, but we'll tell you in just a moment.
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covered california, this way to health insurance. recognition technology is often associated with surveillance and verifying human face as but scientists believe they've actually found a new use for it. team at colgate university has developed a database of seal faces. they created it by taking pictures of dozens of harbor seals in maine's casco bay. scientists found the accuracy in identifying the marine mammals by their faces is actually close to 100%. that's no small accomplishment. the ecosystem is home to thousands of seals cataloging their faces. can
10:26 pm
help researchers get a better idea of where in the ocean they're located. whole foods is taking lobster off the menu. the grocery store will stop selling the export from maine at hundreds of stores across america. officials say the decisions due to lobster fishing no longer being sustainable due to declining populations. whole foods says it's committed to working with suppliers, fisheries and advocacy groups going forward. hey, it might be harder to spot. there's at the oakland zoo in the coming days. they'll be snooze an the zoo says the bears have greatly reduced their activity levels as they enter torpor, which is the period of winter sleep similar to hibernation. during this time, the bears have lower body temperature, slower, breathing and heart rate and a lower metabolism. so they'll still wake up in the stretch, their legs and staff. but they'll only have brief bouts of play time. this sleepy season lasts until spring. so just let him rest, maybe try and catch him. another time about 9 will talk
10:27 pm
about 9 lives here. a feline living in the uk just clawed her way into the guinness book of world records as the world's oldest living cat. this is flossie. she's about a month away from her 27th birthday. and despite her age she does not have a lot of gray hair. she does, however, have bad eyesight. and she has gone deaf. but other than that, she's in good health. her owner says she still very playful and curious. flossie has a ways to go. if she wants to beat the world's oldest cap that ever lived. that little one named cream puff that held that title. he lived to be 38 years old. so floss he's got some time on her that's all the time we have for kron. 4 news at 10. stick with u.s.. sports night live is coming up next.
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cube say today was a good day. that track is a little before my time. but it's a classic not on the left and bay area. sports fans got to have that feeling today. niners win warriors win raiders. when i know i can't tell you all nothing right now. we break it all down and more over the next 30 minutes. thanks for tapping in on sports night live. i'm your host jason dumas. the niners came into today's matchup with the saints, has one of the hottest teams in the nfl. the offense has been doing its part while the defense has been the best
10:31 pm
defensive unit in football and they say the good teams know how to win ugly. the niners showed us they can do just that today. san francisco looking for their 4th straight win rate is go to the 1st quarter. no score. this was the type of day it was for out of income era. usually steady hand. but fred warner gets in there, punches the ball away. the forty-niners recover it. recovery defense sending a message early now. final seconds of the half. niners up 3, nothing. jimmy g drop fact. kyra. matthew, he gets his hand on it. but you want gettings. she cleans up the trash. great play 10. nothing at the half. we go to the 3rd quarter 13, nothing. andy dalton in trouble. one second of 4. he gets it to rubble. colin oahu fungal lights him up. forty-niners defense flies around that ball and makes you feel every single hit. now
10:32 pm
hufanga was not done there. thia kid just makes plays again. i go line come era, like i said, one of those days to fund a gets in knocks it away. forty-niners recover. he had 9 tackles on the day quarter, last ditch effort for the forty-niners bosa might have jumped all sides. you don't care. he gets the sacks the rest don't call it so we will take it all sides. not here. not today. forty-niners shut out the saints 13, nothing san francisco's defense continues to move its dominance. their 4th straight game getting a shut out in the 2nd half after the game. we heard from kron 4 sports reporter kate rooney. >> if defense indeed still wins championships than the forty-niners just might be in pretty good shape for the 4th game in a row. demeco ryans defense didn't allow a single point in the 2nd half of this
10:33 pm
game in the usual suspects did their thing. fred warner was flying all over the field. the secondary to sean gibson, jimmie ward charvarius ward, all making a lot of tackles today. dre greenlaw and hufanga doing their job as well and the inevitable. nick bosa sack in the 2nd half of this 1, one of the turning points of the game was when the forty-niners kept the saints out of the end zone yet again, forcing a fumble at the goal line. and after the game, dre greenlaw talked about that moment. >> i just and 41, i know he spent on the ball so you know, he was is fighting hard. try to get back. get in zone a you know it's taking, ok, am i flex? anderson? he was defiant man as soon it was actually thinking that my teammates manages is it for a man just came in? i think it was tough to actually made a tackle. but this came in and put the ball and so looking 30 feet here ocean at lie. i mean, i'm
10:34 pm
trying to get the ball and i see one of the guys like catch the ball as i'm trying to read to go get it and then he dropped it. and then it's just like is like christmas right there, man who right there. so i had to grab it. yeah, it was just crazy, crazy place. that's our goal. every week is to is to show them our eyes. it's easier said than done. >> this one was was really special cause the way we had to get it, though. you know, they it's not like they were just behind the 50 yard line all game like they were right there. sniffing the goal line multiple times and for guys stand alike. time kind of slows down in those moments where you're looking at in the eyes of my saying like we've got to, we've got to pull this off, you know, and you know, these are the ones remember forever. >> that forty-niners defense held the saints to just 260 yards on the day. the forty-niners now improved to 7, 4, they're still in first place in the nfc west and the seahawks lost today. so that's more good news for the forty-niners. another interesting tough test coming up next week as former offensive coordinator mike
10:35 pm
mcdaniel now head coach of the miami dolphins comes to town with his squad. so it's going santa clara next week as well at levi stadium. kate rooney, sports night live. >> now, as kate just said next week, the dolphins head into levi's stadium. that means mike mcdaniel where he most feared and jeff wilson junior will make their return to levi stadium. all of them had some great moments in the red and gold. so it should be a good reception, think? well, where he most or had some interesting words for his own team this week. in an article for go long, td dot com for him said we have way better talent here. we have a quarterback who can actually slinging the rock. interesting now most are did the classic backtrack. he said in a tweet after that article was released, what clickbait not once did i dog jimmy g in my
10:36 pm
interview. did i praise our quarterback? one? yeah, i did. but i also throughout compliments to my former quarterback. but hey, let's leave that part out. i don't know expected. i mean, the proof was pretty much into putting with those he's been in the nfl long enough to know those quotes are going to make headlines. so we'll see what type of reception he gets next week as he comes into levi's stadium with jeff wilson junior and mike yeah, the dolphins really good this year. so should be a fun matchup. now let's switch gears once the raiders left the bay for las vegas. a lot of fans said this organization is dead to me, which is fair. but a lot of those raiders fans still remain here in the bay faithful as ever. and when you add in the fact that the raiders took on the niners division-rival today, i think it's safe to say most of the bay area was locked in on this raiders seahawks matchup this
10:37 pm
afternoon. and we had a whole lot of offense in seattle today. really fun game 5. 47 left in the game. geno smith dumps it to trevor homer and look at that yak and that it. >> and just like that. takes the lead. but the raiders, they get their get back on the next drive. derek carr finds his guy davante adams. are you kidding me? with that catch? let's take one more look at that. tied up with his left. gets it with his right. that's all pro receiver right there. i said the raiders got their get back. here goes. boston bureau gets open in the back corner of the endzone. derek carr finds him. we go into overtime baby and over time. and that was a funny session of the mall. josh jacobs takes the carry. no one's going to catch him. 86 yards for the house call the los vegas raiders win their second game
10:38 pm
in a row 40 to 34 229 rushing yards, 2 touchdowns and 303 total yards for jake ups. >> it was lady city in the locker room after the game. >> where is jj? >> this morning, i didn't know if he's going to you >> see him get through. >> it's really him in the safety. and if you beat him, it's big play. and, you know, i think no going back and looking at the double team looking at yough up in you know, play like that you know, i'm sure, josh, why didn't just read it. but he that last guy messed 1000. to see him
10:39 pm
finish like that. i know it has been dealing with. i know how hard he works. it's really cool to see that. >> good stuff. now the bay area lost one of its most tenured coaches this weekend last night after a loss to byu. stanford head coach david shaw stepped down from said position. he won 96 games in 12 seasons as the head coach and is the winningest coach in program history. but so last few years have been disappointing on the farm to say the least. the cardinal are 14. and 28 over the last 4 seasons in just 3.16 in pac. 12 play over those last seasons. his final record. 96 54 as a coach. joel, most importantly be remembered for the way he treated people. he is a class at human before anything, but he simply said it was time for him to move hold. >> grew up in the nfl really before it came to college. the
10:40 pm
house in the nfl 2 years out of college and a 9 years in the nfl. the one thing about the nfl is that when the season's over the season's over. the life and i would talk like sometimes i would just get to say, okay, you got time. i would just sleep. sleep for days. you know, just days. and then she say here saying that i get. couple days later. you back on sale backs, listings for you to do. all right. because we had all season. some such thing as an offseason in college football. college coaches. and thankfully there's some common sense it last. you know, 6 months put a dead period after this last week. to the west coach to be on the road tomorrow. as it is right now, on on the road on friday. you know, super some. it's friday. it's on the road comeback bowl game. get a couple days off back on the road again. come
10:41 pm
back. every spring football. an expert to get a spring break. so 16 years the from the program, 6 years be responsible for everything and everybody. catches up to you. i'm not burned out a stretch of the imagination. healthy and feel good. but at the same time, 16 years, so long time, you know, 12 as head coach, 16 here. so proud of our accomplishments. so proud of our student athletes. so proud of the guys have gone out done other things in the nfl and outside of the nfl and different walks of life. but like i said, that the phrase just kept coming back to me. gave me peace, which was. >> i just say no plans on coaching anywhere else. hats off to an amazing career. after the break. and in the
10:42 pm
midwest warriors looking for their second road win of the season. we're in. minneapolis will see if they're quick start propelled them. one other win away from chase center and we'll have more forty-niners paul. kate rooney chatted with brad graham after the game. niners insider always come in with heat. all that and more after that. 2 minute break.
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>> the warriors have definitely had their issues this season. the bench play in struggles on the road have stood out above the rest. but the one constant that we can point to for optimism is that starting unit that 5 man unit is a cumulative plus one. 25 in 230 minutes this season. no other nba lineup is better than plus 66. so in other words, those dude's are still those today they look to pick up their 5th win in their last 6 games. nice and they start to record minneapolis and this would not be a good highlight for rudy gobare. >> first play of the game. dream on goes up top to wigs. over gobare weeks had 17 points against his former team. second play of the game is another easy staff to drag it down 1911 for draymond. now gets in on the


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