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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  November 28, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PST

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4.29 on this monday morning. let's get another look outside. >> it is back to work back to your teens today after maybe a few days off last week for thanksgiving and even a little black friday shopping on friday. good news for those of you getting back into the routine is we're looking at it easy monday morning for it. temperatures out there are cool, but skies are clear. golden gate bridge looks absolutely gorgeous. as we kick things off this monday last monday of november radar shows you those clear skies. we're in the midst of we will see a few passing clouds today. but conditions are expected to remain dry. current temperatures range anywhere from the 30's to the 50's redwood city, dublin livermore, each at 38 degrees right now, san francisco and san mateo in the upper 40's. well, nevado pittsburgh and santa rosa. among our spots still holding on to those low 50's right now. later on today, daytime highs really only in the upper 50's to low 60's. this is a notable cool down from the mid 70's that our warmest around thursday of
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last week as you're eating those thanksgiving dinners. so quite the drop in temps and getting even cooler for the rest of the week, which i've got more about still to come. as for our bridges bay bridge, you don't have any traffic just yet. you know, it's going to pick up later on this morning as so many more of us are getting out there. as for the san mateo bridge, also free of any backups you rolling at the limit there. the richmond center fell also looking at just a couple of cars making your crossing this early morning and the golden gate bridge, especially empty. no fog and no traffic just yet. for 31 now, wild video shows a stolen muni bus speeding, smashing cars and blowing through stop signs in the mission district. police say a suspect is in custody. kron four's amanda hari has the details. >> scary video of a suspect driving a muni bus after he assaulted the driver and hijacked the vehicle in this video, the muni crashes into a car. well, making a right turn. police say there were no
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passengers in the bus when it was stolen friday near courtland and mission streets. >> the suspect drove the bus approximately a mile and a half before being stopped on guerrero and 19th. the owner of the market and deli nearby says she heard it crashed jumped out to and then ran up towards 19 ground. >> so that's where they ended up getting him. police came from all directions. the market owner did not want to show her face on camera. she says it was concerning and rushed down the street to see what happened. >> crazy whole bunch of police cars are coming. we're all the police are coming and everything like, oh, so we just locked up and went up happening. all someone just stole the muni bus when it crashed down there after seeing all this go down. the woman says it's unfortunate. it's sad. >> but we're just used to it should be better. and i'm hoping it gets better. but doesn't surprise me. >> san francisco police arrested a man they believe is connected to the homicide. in
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a 10, the tenderloin district police say officers saw the shooting happened just after 10, 20 saturday morning on the 100 block of leavenworth street. the man died from his injuries at the hospital. witnesses helped officers locate and arrest a possible suspect on turk street. also in the city, one person is dead after being struck by caltrain caltrain. officials say it happened before 09:00am on saturday morning. they believe the victim was trespassing on the tracks. emergency crews responded and trains were on hold going both directions. more than 170 passengers were on board the train at the time. it happened. no one on board was injured. this is the 10th person killed in a caltrain incident since the start of the year. in the east bay. 2 separate fire sparked in concord spreading fire, spend sending fire crews racing to get them under control. the first happened at an rv that caught fire as it was being
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towed near concord avenue and state route to 42. a few minutes later, crews from contra costa county responded to a 3 alarm fire at a structure on babel. wayne close to kimball way. the blaze was contained. 2 outbuildings, no homes have been affected. a mountain biker rescued on a trail in mount tam over the weekend. this is video of the rescue by chp golden gate helicopter on the hukou each who trail the injured rider was transported to john muir medical center in walnut creek with major injuries. well, the numbers are in and black friday sales ranked raked in a record breaking 9 billion dollars from online shoppers this year. that's up about 2 and a half percent compared to 2021, the hottest items on the wish list electronics, mainly gaming consuls drones and apple mac books. other top
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categories included toys and exercise equipment. black friday continues to be the biggest shopping day of the holiday season. with about 220% more sales that on average shopping today. shoppers in san francisco were met with a larger police presence in union square this weekend. our cameras saw several patrol cars and officers walking the streets is large groups of shoppers made their way in and out of stores. last week, mayor breed kicked off the safe shopper initiative deploying additional community ambassadors to the area for the holiday shopping season. folks we spoke with say they noticed the increased police presence. >> i makes people feel safer and and that it keeps order and guests looked really great. felt safe. >> you know, there's a noticeable police presence around on the street and you know, great too. so. >> yeah, but safe. >> thus, a shopper initiative was put in place last year for he tourist areas following a rise in brazen theft and other
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crimes this holiday season as fpd implemented street closures to car traffic in union square and patrols are increased at parking garages in the area. come the end of the year. doctor fauci will leave his post as the nation's top infectious disease expert. he gave his final covid briefing last week urging americans to get the updated covid boosters and flu shots ahead of the winter. basil, john reports from washington. >> with the holiday season and family gatherings just around the corner. we are obviously now entering a higher risk part of the year. white house covid response coordinator, doctor ashish jha announced the biden administration's latest effort to get vaccines in arms is a six-week campaign to reach seniors and communities hit hard by covid-19. we're doing everything we can in the next 6 weeks to help families get the updated covid shots by the end of the year. >> the white house says only about 11% of americans have received the updated booster.
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and what happens next in the pandemic may depend on getting that number higher. we did have with, you know, where with all to mitigate anything that during what was possibly his last time at the white house podium before his december retirement chief medical advisor, doctor anthony fauci urged americans to take every step necessary masking vaccine boosting testing. all of that is part of the spectrum of protecting yourself and your family and both john fauci emphasized americans can rely on the science behind the vaccine. want to make good decisions really based on facts, evidence and data you can decide to trust america's physicians or you can try some random dude on twitter. the white house will call on congress to provide 10 billion dollars in supplemental funding. >> as part of the next government funding bill reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> for your health, the holidays can shake up your kids schedule. so pediatricians and sleep experts say it's important to make sure they're still
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getting enough. rest diminish leave can become a big issue, especially in young children. health officials say parents should be aware of the recommended amount of sleep for kids and try to follow it as best they can. 50% of middle and high schoolers don't get the recommended amount of sleep. this could have a massive impact on their respond differently to sleep deprivation than adults. >> doctors say one major sleep steeler is too much screen time, which is associated with the delay. bedtime. they recommend shutting down electronics at least 2 hours before going to sleep. california. health officials are urging students and staff to get tested of covid before returning from any holiday vacations. while home testing
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is not required. officials stress it is a critical safety measure to reduce the possibility of an early 2023 surge. the department of public health says it will be distributing tests for students before the start of winter break. thanksgiving may have come and gone and now travelers are returning home after spending the holidays with loved ones kron four's gayle ong spent the day checking with travelers and has the details. >> the departures drop-off at san francisco international airport full of farewells and hugs sunday as travelers head back home after the thanksgiving holiday or heading back to minnesota. it was wonderful. >> family and love and food in. we >> it was good. i got to see some family up in orient. we have to action, just across the border. like that's where i go college. also going back to college, brianne martin who visited family in foster city, who's really nice seeing family because since i'm so
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far away. >> live from la here. i can't really drive in while the time. so it's nice seeing everyone. this man waited until his father passed the security line. i just came like 10 days ago yeah, it was great. well, the tsa wait time for midday flights render 10 minutes. the mornings have been a different story with long lines and crowds. airport officials are anticipating 5 million people passing through sfo this holiday season. that's about 85% of the prepandemic volume was like really fun traveling. and i have really been a lot of places since covid-19. so it's really nice to get back out there on the airplane. again. >> and thanksgiving holiday is the start of the holiday travel season, especially here at bay area. airports. travelers are advised to get here early at least 2 hours. if you're flying domestic 3 hours for international flights, reporting from sfo, gayle ong kron, 4 news. >> and with millions expected to fly through sfo through the new year, the airport has a unique program for anxious fliers, therapy, pig or rabbit. and several dogs make up the wag brigade. sometimes
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in a 2, 2, it looks like each animal works. a 2 hour shift a week in travelers can find them these animals wandering through various terminals. a few could look at that little guy. they'll be wearing pet the vest. so you don't miss your chance to decompress pet an animal and yeah, hopefully can get their couple minutes to enjoy that for a second foods is taking lobster off the menu. the grocery store will stop selling the export from maine at hundreds of stores across america. officials say this decision is due to lobster fishing no longer being sustainable due to declining populations. whole foods says it is committed to working with suppliers, fisheries and add this advocacy groups going forward. >> coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news, nasa made history with its latest mission to the moon. how this is getting a step closer to exploring bars. and as we head to the break, a reminder that kron 4 is celebrating the bay area's remarkable women. if
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you know someone making a difference in the community, you can nominate or woman of the year. you can enter your nomination by scanning the code on your screen or go to kron 4 dot com and send your nomination and there will be right back.
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>> 4.44 disney has a new animated movie in theaters. we
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spoke to the stars of the film strange world which focuses on family. lawrence area has all the details in today's entertainment report. >> there's a brand new movie out there that you can take the entire family to see. it's disney's animated strange world starring jake gyllenhaal and dennis quaid, our olivia de bartoli chatted with them all about it. >> what is the president doing in our front yard? world is in grave danger. i want you to come with me on an expedition. >> i'm not my father. it's about 3 generations of a family. i'm the patriarch of the the world's greatest explore, according to myself, trying to save our by getting to the other side of the mountains. and i have the sun. who why? course, to pass a legacy along. but he wants to be that fiber farmer.
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>> hello, you probably don't understand a word. i'm saying that cars. i understand you. >> a animators are are really extraordinary. people with something that the animators kind of picked up about. your mannerisms about you that after backyard. i didn't know i did that. that interest me almost everything by the end truly like. >> over a year and a half, they were we were kind of in the booth every month or so. according sections of the movie and they record us in our face, our facial expressions. and after about 8 months, they play some things back and i realized the head slowly shape the characters in to us. the wide like to think that i don't do this. >> so i started to realize that this is.
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>> i that was a sad discovery. yeah, there has been made completely on this. yeah. oh, that's cool. yeah. oh, yeah. all those candid >> and everything us that there was poor. yeah. like that. yeah. i didn't see that coming. >> strange world is out in theaters now. that's your entertainment report in hollywood. i'm lauren terry. and you know, it's like a fun one. maybe got to see that already this weekend with the family and the a couple of days off by hope. you had a chance to enjoy. >> if not, you get plenty of chances this week because weather is cooling down and >> that means better movie watching whether i think now last week it was all about or above average daytime highs with temperatures haven't climbed into the 70's for thanksgiving. we're back to some cool stuff this morning and we're going to be a staying fairly cool this afternoon. but some clear skies in the midst of it, as you can see from the east bay hills. we have chances of snow
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fall right along the oregon border and that snow pretty evident from the northern rockies into the pacific northwest. what's not happening is it's drifting our direction. in fact, we're going to stay dry from the sierra to the bay area over the next couple of days here. the system going to be passing well too far to the north of us to be seeing any activity back here at home. as for future cast, you can see a couple of offshore sprinkles today, but that's about all we've really got aside from that. we're smooth sailing today. that's working in your favor as you are getting back into your team this monday against last thing you want to worry about is having to leave a little extra early. but you are good to go. no fog. just a little cool out there. we're going to save rain chances for thursday this week. and once we get there, it's going to be even cooler and wetter. so enjoy a couple of dry days before we see that much needed rain and snow making its return upper 50's to low 60's for your daytime highs today. vallejo oakland in antioch at 61 for your high temperatures. well, fremont livermore at 59
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san jose hayward and san francisco. you'll stick right at 60 degrees for your highs today. temps after today actually getting even cooler. believe it or not, today's the warmest day of the rest of the forecast. that's a sure sign of this cooling trend tomorrow morning. going to be especially cold with some of our evening lows falling into the upper 20's. expect a few frost advisories to start the day tomorrow. best chances of rainfall. this forecast will be thursday and then again on saturday and sunday. as for your bridges, it's still early. so you don't have much of a commute out there just yet, but definitely seeing a lot more action than we were on friday telling me a lot more of us are heading into the office today. monday at the bay bridge and at the same. bridge starting to see a few more cars out there. but you're still at the limit. as for the richmond center fell just a couple of cars making that crossing just now and the golden gate bridge. also nice and clear. here's a look outside at the let's take a look at 4.49 right now. the biden administration easing some oil sanctions on
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venezuela for an effort to boost negotiations between the country's government during a complex political and humanitarian crisis. the u.s. is allowing chevron to resume limited energy production in the south american country. after years of sanctions, millions of people have left venezuela recently with many of those in the country living on less than $2 a day. chevron says the new policy means it can be a constructive presence in the country and support social investment programs that provide humanitarian relief. the u.s. took a giant leap forward towards putting people back onto the moon. nasa releasing dramatic new pictures from its moon fly by. this is just the start of a major plan that could lead to astronauts on mars. john muller has the story. >> nasa's orion capsule has reached the move with epic shots of the lunar surface and even more impressive. breathtaking looks back at the earth. >> ryan looking back at earth
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as it travels toward the moon 57,000 miles away from the place we call home. >> this marks the first time capsule is visited the moon since nasa's apollo missions 50 years ago. unlike those manned missions, the crew inside a ryan r 3 dummies. it's all a test run for a planned lunar landing in 2025. that will make history with the first woman and person of color walking on the moon. >> as it emerges from behind the moon and earth rise of our pale blue dot. and it's 8 billion human inhabitants now coming into view. what have you it is. but why go back and do something we did 50 years ago. again, why are going back because our call is we're going out to explore the heavens. these are just the first steps of an ambitious plan to establish a long-term presence on the moon and then use what we learned there to make the next giant leap sending the first astronauts to mars. 3. >> 2, what boosters and and
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liftoff of artemis. one mars won't happen till sometime in the 2030's for now, nasa's trying to successfully navigate this 26 day mission. ryan completed a slingshot around the moon to pick up enough speed to enter the lunar orbit. just 81 miles above the moon's surface, ryan is poised to smash nasa's distance record of a spacecraft designed for astronauts of nearly 250,000 miles from earth. that was john mueller reporting. we'll take a look at beautiful image of the blazing sun appearing to be photobombed by our moon. >> this photo was taken of the solar eclipse, only visible in space. >> and it lasted for hours. what you're watching now is a video that's just been sped up. obviously not lasting hours here. it was posted on twitter where one user said the moon looks like it is taking bite out of the sun. the satellite goes capture. the cosmic show. well studying
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the sun's outer atmosphere. how cool is that? probably the first lunar eclipse we've ever witnessed from space itself. it's kind of cool to see. stay with us. we've got more still to come. take a
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look at this. might be harder to spot bears at the oakland zoo in the coming days.
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>> the zoo says the bears have greatly reduce their activity levels as they enter tore poor just as i have as well. that's the period of winter sleep similar to hibernation. i feel the bears during this time the bears have lower body temperatures slow or breathing at the heart rate and a slower metabolism. those still wake we'll only have a brief bouts of play time. torpor will last until spring. sounds like a plan to me. a cat living in the uk just bought into the guinness world book of world records as the world's current living. all this cat be flossing. we introduce you to her last week. she's about a month away from her 27th birthday. now, flossie has a ways to go. she wants to beat the world's oldest cat, though that's ever lived. currently that cream puff holding the title. he lived to be 38 years old, but of sense has a coming up in the next hour. airports across the country are going
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to be busy as travelers head home from their thanksgiving vacations. >> and you see academic workers are hitting the picket lines for their 3rd week as students get ready for finals. plus, police make an arrest after san francisco muni bus was assault. the driver was assaulted and the bus stolen in the mission district. we've got that and more in the next got that and more in the next hour. dove 0% is different. we left aluminum out and put unbeatable 48 hours freshness and 1 quarter moisturizers... in. dove 0% aluminum deodorant. instantly dry feel and kind on skin. why do dermatologists choose dove? the dove beauty bar, is gentle. it not only cleans, it hydrates my skin. as a dermatologist, i want what's best for our skin. with 1/4 moisturizing cream, dove is the #1 bar dermatologists use at home.
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station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news far. oh, my god. i'm so excited to be back. welcome back. day. you know, i hope you had a great thanksgiving. we've already got up and we should welcome everybody. lot of people took the thanksgiving holiday off, probably back to work. and this is why are up at 5 in the morning. why else? so i'm darya and james. >> we've got john rain actually has the day off. so we're going to be all doing double duty covering traffic. yes, extending her i think it's going to be a pretty busy day is not tons of news but stuff that you need to know is yeah. get back to work. oh my god. it's cyber monday, 2. it's going to be bigger than the fact. i think we're hitting records for online black friday shopping. talk more about that. but john, with our forecast on a week, john, i guess we'll see some changes yet. returning to the world after the break and were returning the winter after a little bit of a break from it, too. some definite changes this week. we are in the 70's last week for thanksgiving. black friday. sure made that shopping easy and hanging out with the friends and family


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