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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 28, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10, an initiative to keep holiday shopping safe in san francisco off to a rough start after store gets robbed during the busiest shopping weekend of the holiday season. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm grant lotus in for pam tonight. that robbery was camera shop right near union square. >> crawford's amanda hari has an update on what's happening with that store. now and how leaders are working to try to make shopping in the city safer. >> in the middle of a busy holiday shopping season. a camera store in san francisco's union square is closed. a sign on the window reading due to unfortunate circumstances like a store, san francisco will be temporarily closed until further notice like a camera
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store on bush street was robbed during business hours on saturday. san francisco police saying about one 15 in the afternoon. the suspects entered the store. the weapons stole thousands of dollars with a product and too off in a car. the district supervisor ahsha safa e says he's tired of seeing these types of crimes frustrated. i felt for the safety of the employees. >> thought about the customers. it's not about the reputation of the city and how we need to be doing better. after a night rampant retail crime in union square about a year ago, city leaders have been trying to ensure deaths don't escalate to that level. mayor london breed launched the safe shopping initiatives to deploy more officers to reduce crime in the area. we have to ensure the safety of the workforce. >> we have to ensure trust of the people that are coming into the city supervisors off. it says there are also requiring all vendors to have a permit. >> and are allowing law enforcement access to private camera. it's hoping a year from now with all the efforts
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that we're working on the group that i'm leading organized, retail crime, working group that will have a significant impact. >> over the weekend police officers were stationed throughout union square. david sligh fairly lives in the city and said he was happy to see the officers out and looked really great. felt safe. >> you know, there's a noticeable police presence around on the street and you know, great too. so >> the safe shopping initiative will also limit points of entry to union square and close some streets to car traffic. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> in the south bay, san jose police at 3 men in custody who they've nicknamed the odyssey burglary crew. the group is accused of dozens of commercial burglaries between march and july in the willow glen neighborhood. police say in some burglaries they would smash the stores with their honda odyssey minivans and steal merchandise cassian sometimes atms. >> charges have been move forward. the district
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attorney's office over 31 cases have been submitted to the district attorney's office as we speak. and we're reaching out today to see if there are perhaps other cases that have not been reported in commercial burglaries throughout the bay area. but specifically obviously in san jose. >> investigators are now asking if any business owners believe they may have been targeted by these men to contact that. in the east bay, the oakland police chief announced he's extending the department's current crime plan through the end of the year focusing holiday safety strategy. chief leronne armstrong says people will see a higher percentage of officers. oakland police say since the start of the crime plan at the end of september homicides and shootings have continued to decline in 2022, the total number of homicide, sir, down 13% compared to last year. shootings are down. 25% compared to last year. >> we are less than 2 hours away from the end of this year. cyber monday. it's traditionally one of the best days to get a good deal
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online. but with inflation squeezing so many economists say this cyber monday may be very different than in years past and that could mean fewer presents around the tree. kron four's theresa takes a closer look at how holiday shopping is shaping up. >> it is that time of year again, whether it's in stores or online shoppers are checking off their holiday gift but economists say that list may be shorter than usual this year because of soaring inflation seen. that's part of the foot traffic in our malls in a lot of our retail spaces during the normal black friday slash. >> cyber monday weekend was relatively low. we normally think about this first weekend as a real gauge. robert iler is an economist sonoma state university. >> he says hi, everyday prices like for food and gas are forcing many people to prioritize are spending consumer sunday. we are so much more educated. >> then we used to obviously
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we have the ability to do in, especially when we're dealing about says bill substantial purchases. benny bovina is an adjunct professor in the business school at san jose state university. >> he says although people may have less money to spend due to inflation online deals like cyber monday allow shoppers to shop around for the best value for their buck and with retailers admitting they are flush with merchandise. that could mean some bigger deals on the horizon. so if your smart consumer, you do, you worry you do your search. >> you are likely to find very good deals as we get into probably mid december. >> no matter the deals, one rule is usually a good one to follow this time a year to spend what you can afford. you know, i it's one of the classic issues of financial planning is you should put spend just and you can say you spent you need to be thinking. can you really meant afford that? that expenditure thinking not now, but 12 months from now or you're going to need that money and can you balance between? yes,
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i want to get a gift. >> but it does need to be extravagant. and can you do a little bit more hunting for a relatively lower price to re says stasio kron. 4 news, the so many packages expected to be delivered to doors following cyber monday. the sunnyvale department of public safety. >> is launching a task force dedicated to stopping porch. pirates. police are also urging people to do their part by scheduling package deliveries when they're at home or having them delivered where someone such as a neighbor or relative can receive it. you can also have it held at your local post office for pickup or to the store at amazon hub location. >> a big story we've been following. parents of katie meier are now suing stanford university for their daughter's death. the 21 year-old soccer player was found dead inside her dorm room last march. the coroner ruled her death a suicide, but parents say meyer took her own life after stressing about facing discipline action from the school for an incident that happened the previous
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year. kron four's justin campbell explains a wrongful death lawsuit that's been filed against stanford. >> in a 72 page complaint, lawyers representing katie myers family led stanford use star soccer player katie meyer in advertisements to represent the school's athletic teams but then failed to support her mental well-being. it is that and just then and then deichmann as stanford's disciplinary system and how they basically. >> just last, katie, along defense attorney paula canny says the lawsuit gives examples that stanford violated the ncaa guidelines and has a long history of not dealing with mental health of students. it sure sounds like they did do something from this complaint. a coroner ruled myers death a suicide after she was found dead in her dorm room back on march. first of this year, the night before on february. 28, she received it distressing email from stanford's office of
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community standards. >> informing meyer that she was facing a formal charge. according to the lawsuit, the charge stemmed from an incident in which meyer poured coffee on a football player after he kissed one of myra soccer teammates without consent. in the lawsuit, myers parents claim stanford's after hours disciplinary charge and the reckless nature and manner of submission caused their daughter to suffer in acute stress reaction that impulsively led to her suicide. also writing the actions that led to the death of katie meyer began and ended with stanford university. stanford says this is inaccurate the university initially reported the claim and did not move forward with investigation because the criteria was not met. stanford says multiple allegations in the filing are foles and they strongly disagree. they should be held responsible for her death art, because is there causation? did stanford? >> you know,
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>> it is stand for the proximate legal cause. katie suicide. candy says myers parents most likely are not after money, but to vindicate their daughter's death. >> reporting in san jose, justin campbell kron. 4 news. the man charged with assaulting house speaker nancy pelosi's husband. paul is due back in federal court wednesday. >> david dip at faces federal charges of assaulting a family member of a u.s. official and attempting to kidnap a u.s. official. he also faces several state charges, including attempted murder and elder abuse. we learned today the public defender representing tip app will not contest the judge in the state case. there were concerns there might be a conflict of interest as the judge previously worked with pelosi's daughter. a former warden of a federal women's prison in alameda county appeared in court today facing several charges of assault ray garcia who retired after the fbi found new pictures of
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inmates on his government issued phone is among 5 workers charged with abusing inmates at the dublin prison. prosecutors say garcia's abuse began with compliments and escalated to encounters. he has pleaded not guilty. if convicted, he faces up to 15 years in prison. the midterm elections are now well behind us. but voters in san jose may have to head to the polls again. >> 2 council seats will the open come january? they can either be filled through appointments, special election or interim appointees unti a special election can be held. but there's a call tonight for a special election in san jose's mayor elect matt mahan is leading that call his councilmember c district 10 is one of the 2 that will be open once he takes his new job as the city's mayor. the other is in district 8. it is councilmember sylvia arenas who's elected as a santa clara county supervisor. today,
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mahan joined other elected officials and community leaders to call for that special election to fill the seat. he called it common sets. >> the people should choose their elected officials, not the politicians. this is how we have always fill vacant seats in san jose. it's what we do with the state level as well. we choose our representatives with a vote of the people. we just went through an election in which our president talked about how was on the ballot and asked us to stand up for our democratic institutions. now we have an example of a handful of special interests that want to deny us all right to vote. there's no greater election denial and simply refusing to hold an election. >> and also claimed a special election is a cheaper option,
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saying one bad appointment by politicians will cost 10 times more. whomever is selected for the council seats will face reelection in 2024. >> now to our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look at san francisco tonight. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here with a look ahead. recent. yeah, it's going to be a very chilly night where we could actually see frost form in our coolest inland valleys in the north bay and east bay. freezing temperatures are expected tonight, but no frost advisories are in effect, but that could change tomorrow night through. >> your wednesday morning because we're tracking even cooler overnight lows. so just brace yourselves upcoming nights. temperatures out there right now already in the mid 40's for our coolest inland valleys in the north bay, napa and allay 44 degrees. 45 for livermore and fremont out in the east bay. but a little bit milder around the bay area. shoreline with oakland and even half moon bay in the low 50's. but just barely. so
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we're tracking clear skies. calmer winds speeds out there tonight and because of those 2 factors we're going to see overnight lows dip to below freezing for santa rosa, 30 degrees near freezing for nap at 34 degrees with livermore. not that behind at 35 degrees a little bit milder right along the bay area, shoreline with downtown san francisco. cooling down to 42 degrees. but still going to be a chilly night nonetheless. so don't let your guard down radar for. we are tracking dry conditions out there for now. but there is a storm out in the pacific northwest. that is going to bring us a weak atmospheric river. widespread rain expected for the bay area starting as early as wednesday night through friday. tracking this storm hour by hour and your full 10 that 10 outlook coming up in just a few minutes. grand and ken, back to you. thank breeze elon musk says twitter is about to publicly post its files on free speech. >> since he initially announced his intentions to buy the site. musk cited free
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speech and censorship as his primary concerns on the app. now he says he'll make the company's past decisions, more transparent since taking over the company, the billionaire as rollback on restrictions that allowed back banned users, including former president donald trump. today in an exclusive interview with news nation, trump's vice president mike pence shared his thoughts on twitter whether he thinks it's a force for good or evil. >> i think both i i think it's i remember >> early on having a sense the twitter was an information form and then oftentimes it became a rhetorical combat for but if it does become a part of our national conversation for my part, i'm always so hope that its new we'll keep the public square opened all viewpoints, especially conservative viewpoints that have been suppressed by many
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platforms in recent years, but also hope that they're able to create a level of standard of discourse on twitter. that doesn't that doesn't course in our culture. >> for more from the former vice president, you can head over to our website kron 4 dot com. the university of california strike entered its 3rd week today with little progress on a new contract. 48,000, you see workers demanding higher wages to help with cost of living increases and better benefits and working conditions. both sides have made some progress after more than 50 bargaining session since last spring. but union workers say the university is stalling. the ongoing strike is raising concerns about grading disruptions with finals starting in the coming weeks. for one of my classes. we haven't done anything. we stop learning basically. so we've been reviewing hopefully for the final. >> that's going to happen. at's caused us to have been progressing. just no
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discussion sections. wish kind of because we don't get like your feedback. >> that not a lot of teaching, not a lot of grading happening from from our parts. this puts, you know, a lot more pressure on on the professors and then on the because, you know, students are here to learn and they also are really supportive of our strike. >> that members also say they fear there could be cutbacks. retiring graduate say that could affect vital research. >> president biden is calling on congress to pass legislation to block a railroad strike. biden says the tentative agreement approved in september to provide a pay raise for workers, health care benefits better leave policies in jeopardy for rail unions rejected the deal to avoid the strike. the biden administration has until december knife to come up with the deal that all unions will accept. >> warehouse tonight, a new report shows 94% of americans have been infected with covid-19, at least once.
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that's according to researchers from harvard from 2021 to this year, about 116 million infections were reported and there was around 209 million re infections. researchers warned that even with a steady increase in covid protections. virus mutations are still putting people at risk of illness and they have the covid is still a leading cause of death in the u.s. and -s covid cases are back on the rise, it's hitting at the same time as the flu and rsv ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says covid hospitalizations are up and nationally there continues to be about 300 covid deaths a day 90% of those are people 65 years of age and older. >> the fact that 23% of seniors have gotten booster is really a tragedy of the largest because these deaths are preventable. >> and while doctor chin-hong says covid infections overall
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may not be as serious as they were last winter, we still must take whatever preventive steps to keep others from getting sick. in china. protesters have been taking to the streets over that country's 0 covid policy, an apartment building fire that killed 10 people. >> appears fuel the anger video seems to show the strict lockdown measures preventing firefighters from reaching the victims of the fire, the city where that fire happened has been under a lockdown for more than 100 days from shanghai to beijing. protesters are saying the covid lockdowns are too strict and they're demanding china's president xi jingping resign. >> the biden administration is easing some oil sanctions on venezuela in an effort to boost negotiations between the country's government. the u.s. is allowing chevron to resume limited energy production in the south american country. after years of sanctions, millions of people have left. venezuela recently where many are living on less than $2 a day. chevron says the new
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policy means it can be a constructive presence in that country, supporting social investment programs to provide humanitarian relief. in the light of recent mass shootings. president biden is again calling for a federal assault weapons ban. biden made the case that semi automatic assault weapons make mass shootings, even deadlier and shouldn't be sold. democrats in congress say differing state laws are part of the problem. lawmakers have not been in washington due to the thanksgiving break, but we cut senator dianne feinstein on our way back to the nation's capital today. she says she has work to do in washington. >> you know, one of the tragedies of us as we become a nation of guns. it's easy for virtually anybody to get a weapon. and we see the carnage this taking place. and i think the shooting. many people. it's such a shock to the american that i'm really hopeful. that there will be a
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movement to begin to reduce the number of fire in this country. >> senator feinstein introduced an assault weapons ban back in 2021, she says after last week's shootings she'll continue to fight for this. the window for democrats to pass any additional gun legislation is very small as republicans are saying, set to take control of the u.s. house come january. new at 10 tonight, the lafayette city council unanimously passed an ordinance tonight requiring city gun owners to keep their firearms in a locked container or use a safety lock. the council plans to make it official at the next council meeting with a second reading of that new ordinance. lafayette joins several other bay area cities, including antioch, oakland, san francisco and san jose in requiring gun owners to keep their firearms locked up. the ordinance will not apply when people are legally carrying firearms or when it's in their immediate possession or control.
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>> a record number of wo en will be in congress next year. 149 women will serve in the u.s. house of representatives and the senate women of color will also break a record for representation next year with 58 expected to serve 27 of which identify as black. 19 identify as latino or hispanic. and taking a look at the party's 107 democratic women are poised to serve in congress next year compared to 42 republican women. a documentary on house speaker nancy pelosi is life and political career will debut on hbo next month. pelosi's daughter alexandra shot and edited the film titled pelosi in the house. the film will weave behind the scenes moments at home and work. it will include footage taken during the january 6 that act. the documentary will chart pelosi is rise in politics following her election to congress in 1987, it premieres december 13th. a reminder kron
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4 celebrating the bay area's remarkable women. if you know someone making a difference in there, community, let us know we'd love to hear from you. you can nominate that person for woman of the year. you can enter your nomination by scanning the code there on your screen or go to kron 4 dot com. >> a catfish killer. how police say a former virginia state trooper tricked a california teenager before kidnapping her and killing her family. >> 3 robbers break into the home of a single mom in a wheelchair. we talk to the state woman whose terrified out of state are hold. plus, cut your own christmas tree in a forest where in california will be allowed to do that?
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>> take a look at this. a plane crashes into a power transmission tower in maryland. this happened yesterday in the city of cases berg. that's just 20 miles outside of washington, d.c., the pilot and a passenger in the plane were rescued. officials say the victims were hurt but they were stuck up there for 2 hours, 100 feet in the air next to those power lines, at least 120,000, maryland customers lost power after that plane crash. investigators are looking into what caused that crash. the world's largest active volcano is erupting for the first time
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in almost 40 years on hawaii's big island. manolo as lava flows are contained in the summit area. and right now they're not threatening any nearby communities. well, there's no threat to life in this eruption right now. there is an ash fall advisory in affecting air traffic into hilo airport. still ahead tonight, what a judge just decided that could free and accused cannibal back into the public. >> plus, california is losing farmland. how it's affecting our state's economy. also, 3 robbers break into a home in that east bay. and they still think but we're not talking about high-end luxury end. hello. should it take you to make microwavable mac and cheese? why woman says more than 3 minutes is too long and she's suing the mac and cheese makers for 5 million dollars. >> and tracking dry and chilly nights until a week. atmospheric river brings us some much needed rain to the
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bay area tracking that storm hour by hour. my full forecast in just a few minutes. dove 0% is different. we left aluminum out
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>> new at 10, a new report from uc davis uc merced said and the public policy institute of california is revealing just how damaging california's prolonged drought is on the state's economy and how it could get even worse. they say the state's farmland was reduced by about 750,000
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acres. that's a 10% decrease in land from 2019 to 2022. as a result, california crop revenues fell by more than one and a half billion dollars during that time. the state also lost more than 19,000 jobs because of the decline in crops. but there is some good news. the national weather service says we're slightly better off this season when it comes to fighting the drought. they say at the same time last year, a couple early storms had california snowpack looking pretty healthy, but that was followed by a long, dry period that put us well back below normal. that hopefully will change this season with more rain heading the state in just a couple of days. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joins us now with details on that recent. yeah, let's take a look at the latest drought monitor map. the good news is from a year ago today. we are looking better this year. thanks to the recent storms that we've gotten during this wet season. >> but what we need is the consistency. a lot of storms
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within this wet season. not what we've been seeing the last couple of years will get a few little storms and then go months without seeing any wet weather. so we are tracking an atmospheric river, though. that is going to bring us some much needed rain to the bay area. upwards of 3 inches for north bay valleys and coastal mountains. most of the bay area could see one to 2 inches of rain. we could see some gusty winds as well, mainly in the 30 to 40 miles per hour range. so that's below wind advisory level. but we could see gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour throughout the day on thursday. that's going to be the peak of this week atmospheric river with another storm set to arrive by this weekend. so let's track it all hour by hour with radar for very dry, calm and clear. but future cast for going to reopen that storm doors early as wednesday night for the bay area, especially along the coast in the north bay. but we are going to see some light bands of rain thursday morning for the north bay starting to
10:32 pm
make its track to the south and east with the bulk of the heaviest rain arriving thursday afternoon. and it is going to be a fairly quick moving storm once it finally arrives by thursday. shortly before midnight, we are going to notice drier conditions in the north bay, lingering showers for the rest of the bay area. but then by friday morning, that's what we're going to dry out. so friday is going to be a transitional day. and if you do have any outdoor plans saturday morning and saturday afternoon appear to be dry as well. so take advantage of that because as you could see, we are tracking with the second round of wet weather. our next storm set to arrive by early saturday night. and that's going to peak in intensity saturday night through sunday morning. and then it's going to break apart, becoming more scattered in nature for the rest of your sunday. and then by monday, drying out and clearing out. but impressive rain totals with this latest model run at least half an inch to three-quarters of an inch of rain, even for our driest inland valleys. high temperatures today, though,
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certainly on the cool side for downtown san francisco. 57 degrees when we should be in the low 60's, dry and clear conditions and calmer winds speeds allowing for temperatures to cool down tonight. fairfax and petaluma. 43 degrees still in the low 50's for san jose oakland and downtown san francisco. but just barely with overnight lows below freezing for santa rosa. tomorrow is going to be slightly cooler than today with widespread mid to upper 50's seasonal temperatures for santa rosa. and even those of you in novato. but as we take a look ahead at the extended outlook after this week, we're going to get back to a dry pattern, hopefully of short-lived, but i'm really excited for this upcoming weekend atmospheric river cause. it's been a while since we've had one of those. it's good good start. it's great. yeah, thanks, guys. >> we could soon start seeing more electric big-rig trucks and freeways. the state of california says proved a billion dollars electrification charging
10:34 pm
projects. most of that money will go to building more charging infrastructure for midsize and heavy duty electric trucks. californians will also be able to apply for rebates if they put in their own charging stations. the program starts in 2025 and will run for 4 years. bay area air quality officials are offering $1200 to drivers who turn in their old cars. vehicles made before 1999. it's an effort to improve air quality, older model cars and trucks, lack modern and mission control technology and generate more pollution. then newer models. vehicles must be 1998. model year or older has to be currently registered and operable must be drivable. the car must have been registered in the bay area for the past. 24 months. vehicles within 60 days of required smog. check must take and pass said smog check. we have more info on this program. the fear interested on our website kron 4 dot com.
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>> happening tomorrow, livermore police are hosting a catalytic converter etching event. the free event will be held at las piscinas college in partnership with subaru and toyota happens from 08:00am to 04:00pm. organizers say look for them behind building 800 kron. 4 news is your local election headquarters. governor gavin newsom is sharing what's in store for him as we approach the 2024 presidential campaign season. our 8 on wallace explains that. despite widespread speculation, the governor says >> 2024 will not include a newsom candidacy for the white house. less than 2 years out until the presidential election. california governor gavin newsom says he will not run for the white house in 2024. >> the reporting coming from politico confirming what newsom pledged during his gubernatorial campaign earlier this fall. you're asking voters for 4 more years. do you commit to serving off or yes for political informs the white house last summer of his decision not to run in 2024.
10:36 pm
in a later phone call, the governor reportedly told president biden to expect newsom's full support behind a biden reelection telling the president, quote, i'm all in put me in coach, we have your back. does this surprise you? no, it doesn't surprise me. loyola law school professor jessica levinson says while newsom 2024 decision is not a surprise that could always change depending on whether biden himself says yes or no to a 2024 run. >> the question, of course, is if president biden doesn't run. and at that point, i do think it's strange common sense to say that governor newsom has no interest in running. he's created a national platform for himself. he has in some ways acted like the face of the younger generation of the democratic party. previous california governors have tried to unseat incumbent presidents from their own party. then governor ronald reagan unsuccessfully ran against president gerald ford in the 1976 gop primary. and 4 years later, then governor jerry brown did so against president jimmy carter
10:37 pm
in the democratic primary. >> levinson says do not expect the same of newsom. it is unusual for someone within the president's party to really mount a successful challenge in the primary. it does divide the party. you need an enormous. >> sound ation of fundraising of supporters in order to try and mount a successful primary challenge to a sitting president. still, she says even of 2024 is a quiet year for newsom. do not count him out in future years. does he have an eye on national aspirations? i think the answer is yes, he does doesn't mean that he absolutely will run the moment that he can. no, it doesn't. >> and that was a tome wallace reporting for us. for now, the governor says he's focused on the state capitol where the legislature is set to reconvene next week. >> in the south bay, tiny homes might soon be coming to to train stations in san jose. it's part of the city's push build more temporary housing for the homeless city council is looking at converting some of its property. it's a
10:38 pm
ceremony in kabul, vta stations into temporary tiny home communities. san jose is already committed to building hundreds of temporary homes by the end of this year. and if these 2 vta sites are approved, san jose will have more than 900 homes under construction or in development. in the east bay up, an old woman has been reunited with her dog after it was stolen from her home while she was there. and this woman is confined to a wheelchair and she was actually in bed as these. >> thieves robbed her at gunpoint. kron four's rob nesbitt went to the home where the robbery happened in. spoke to the woman. the victim's name is monica and she's been living in fear since 3 people showed up at her home, armed and ready to steal a ring camera captured the moment the 3 feet showed up to this pinole apartment. one of them ripping the camera the front door and then going inside for >> the a one year-old french bulldog named chanel. her owner, monica afraid to show her face on camera or use her
10:39 pm
last name. but talk with me about the robbery that happened at her home on november. 17th one came in the and held a gun on me. >> why the other ones ransacked my 15 yo sunroom. take in shoes and his playstation. >> and my dog, according to the ngo police, the 3 suspects fled the scene in a stolen dodge charger and eventually crash here on interstate 80 near university, ave during a search of the area. officers found and arrested a man 18 year-old assim sammy of oakland and to women, 18 year-old key only branch of oakland and 19 year-old cierra smith of richmond also recovered from the scene was a rifle, 2 pistols, the stolen items, but no chanel. that's all i was worried about. if you get hit by a car for days later, monica got a call from a veterinarian letting her know that a passerby found the one year-old frenchie the pair now reunited. monica says she's afraid for her safety and her family started a gofundme to help with the move. i haven't stayed here since it happened. >> so i've families houses in.
10:40 pm
it's just the hardship. this is not the first time the single mom has been the victim of a crime. in 2009, i was a victim of gun violence in richmond. that's why she's quadriplegic and living each day in a wheelchair. monica's dogs are more than pets. there are support animals. she's relieved to have chanel back and that no one was hurt during armed robbery. thankful for those who have donated to help with her move. i sees people out there that have heart. according to ngo police. the 3 suspects arrested admitted to detectives of their involvement. they were transported to the martinez detention facility on weapons charges and robbery reporting in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> a man has been rescued after going overboard on a cruise. this is between new orleans and mexico. it's sister reported him missing thanksgiving day. crew members searched the boat, but no sign of him. eventually crews launched a massive search by air and by sea. even the cruise ship turned around to help. the coast guard says the
10:41 pm
area they were searching was about the size of massachusetts as the crew was scanning the water. they spotted him treading water. they believe he was in the gulf for about 15 hours. >> what i want to test this, too, is a simply his to live, you know, to be those conditions and 70 degree water, 3 to 5 foot seas with when shop for, you know, 12, 15 in the middle of the night in the gulf of mexico is just it's incredible. >> a strong authorities say the man is now under evaluation at a hospital said to be in stable condition. >> coming up in sports, another w for the dubs on the road. they beat the timberwolves yesterday in minnesota. >> and they got another big road game. coming up, sports director jason dumas has the details next.
10:42 pm
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>> time for sports. >> the niners picked up a big win yesterday was their 4th win in a row. they are officially one of the hottest teams in the nfl. but they did not get out of their matchup with the saints unscathed. second-year running back elijah mitchell sprained his mcl and he will be out the next 6 to 8 weeks. it happened on this play. let's take a look. see, he takes the carry. he gets the twisted up and
10:45 pm
this defender falls on his left. knee looks extremely painful. now, mitchell just got off injured reserve a few weeks ago after sustaining a knee injury in the week, one loss to the chicago bears and he's played really well in the 3 games since he returned. that was that injury against the bears? you see he just got his right knee hit really this you can't catch a break. obviously not only is this a tough blow for the niners. it's also a tough blow to mitchell himself and his psyche pretty >> you know, everyone knows how good allies has been, how hard he worked to get back from his last one. how good he's been playing since he came back to kind of be right back. there is a i know he's rolled down on it's unfortunate for him. that the real bad luck see that? that happened on a getting a rolled up on. and i was just about position for to so the good thing that he's proven you
10:46 pm
know, i told him was and you know what's ahead of them? this stuff doesn't end up he's ended up being recovered great. every time he comes back, he's always exact. same is going to have, you know, you know, about 6 weeks of stuff of frustration, but hopefully we can do our job here. so when he comes back, or so quiet. >> 6 weeks from now as wild card weekend. now don't look now, but the warriors, they have won 5 of their last 6 games and their win on the road against the timberwolves may just have been their most complete performance of the season. the dup scored 47 points in the 1st quarter. a lot of easy ones like right there from it was a comfortable win. and when you look at the stat sheet after the game, there were contributions up and down the roster. the warriors have struggled this season when going to their second unit. but with a few tweaks, it looks like that unit is starting to find its groove. both draymond green and andrew
10:47 pm
wiggins have played more time with that second unit and jordan poole who is viewed as the leader of that unit has been playing better. it's a process that steve kerr says has come with some time. the warriors back in action tuesday night against the dallas mavericks. that's a rematch of last year's western conference finals. all right. that's your look at sports. >> in florida man accused of killing a couple in their garage 6 years ago. and then chewing on the face of one of the victims may become a free man. today, a judge ruled that 25 year-old austin high growth is not guilty by reason of insanity in the 2016 killings. how roof will now be sent to a mental hospital and he could be released if he's deemed no longer a threat to the public. developing news out of southern california, authorities say a former virginia state trooper catfish to riverside teenager before driving across the country and killing her family. yeah, it's
10:48 pm
a wild tale. reporter sloane glass tells us what investigators are learning about the alleged killer. >> police say this man, 28 year-old austin lee edwards, a virginia, is the suspect who murdered 3 members of the winnick family and their riverside home on friday and then set a fire in the house to cover it up. detectives say that edwards had be friended, brooke. one x teenage daughter online and catfish. the teen catfishing is actually, you know, it's a it's a form of and very common form of online deception is basically. >> where you are pretending to be someone meeting and engaging with people. i'm usually for exploitation or fraud. in this case, we do believe or have reason to believe that was for exploitation of a minor. edwards drove the approximately 2500 miles from virginia, 2 riverside, california, parked his car in a neighbor's driveway and
10:49 pm
waited hours before walking over to the win home. police say at some point he murdered the girl's mother, brooke. >> and the girls grandparents mark and sherry winnick. he then set the fire as he dragged the struggling team to his car. this is just a tragic reminder of >> the dangers of, you know, online activity and social media with, you know, our children. neighbors notice that commotion and called police. >> by the time they arrived, the home was burning and ed worked was already on the road. then about 2 hours after the murders, police spotted edwards red car on a state highway in california. swat units were called it and a pursuit began as the car chase ensued, edwards began shooting at the swac heart. his car ran off the road and the teenage girl was able to escape. edwards was killed in a gun battle with deputies.
10:50 pm
>> that was sloane glass reporting tonight. 2 weeks after he suffered serious burns, jay leno returned to a comedy club in los angeles. unfortunately, he got into a minor accident with a police car. take a look at that. >> whew. we hit the cop car. >> it was right. leno against graze the police car's tire on his way into the club, then talk to them about it and performed in front of a sold out crowd at the comedy club. the 72 year-old underwent. >> 2 surgical procedures to treat his injuries after suffering pretty bad burns to his hands and faces. he was under one of his cars working on it. we'll continue to. get a letter will continue to get follow-up care but is eventually expected to make a full recovery. >> other news tonight, you can
10:51 pm
now cut down your own christmas tree inside a california national forest. it's all part of a new state holiday program. officials are offering tree cutting permits for areas in the national forest. the permit is available on the recreation dot gov website which includes a map of where the tree cutting is allowed. officials say the trees are free, but there is a $2.50 service fee to apply. the permits are available to the end of the year. >> there are lots of places to explore in california as we know, a new study ranks the coziest towns in the state. carmel took the top spot and was also ranked in the top 100 cities in the country. yes of calistoga mendocino, moderate among others on that list. the study analyzed 170 well-known small towns across the country focusing on 3 factors. one making the list weather, food and activities. food maker,
10:52 pm
kraft heinz is facing a 5 million dollar lawsuit over microwavable meals. so woman claims those velveeta mac and cheese cups take too long to make. can't make this up. bellevue to advertise is that it takes 3 and a half minutes to cook, too. cheesy perfection. but a woman in florida argues that's just not true. she admits it might take 3 minutes to microwave, but the preparation, including peeling off the lid and pouring in cheese powder. well, that just adds a lot of time. she argues that she would never have bought the velveeta if she had known it would take so long to make. the woman is now accusing craft a false advertising and is seeking 5 million dollars in damages on a technicality. >> a new global survey says international travel has reached its highest point since the start of the pandemic. the world travel and tourism council released its global consumer survey of more
10:53 pm
than 26,000 people across 25 different countries. 63% of the respondents say they are planning at least one trip within the next year. and another quarter say they plan and taking out these 3 trips over the same period. according to the survey destination spots such as indonesia, india and thailand are the most popular among international tourists. they're beautiful and they're very inexpensive. we'll be right back.
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national university. the castro district all decked out in holiday cheer. city leaders joined members of san francisco's lgbtq+ community tonight for the annual tree lighting ceremony. the ceremony was led by business owners from the looks like they have a good time. yeah. and it feels like. >> christmas and winter out there tonight, yeah, especially with those cool chilly temperatures today. we actually cool down to below average. but if the chilly overnight lows. >> that could actually bring us some frost for our coolest inland valleys in the north and east widespread low to mid 50's with santa rosa below freezing cooling down to 30 degrees. knapp and livermore. not that far behind in the mid 30's as well. daytime highs tomorrow. we should be averaging low 60's for most of the bay area. but we're going to be a few degrees below
10:57 pm
average with mid to upper 50's in the forecast. nevado 61 degrees of santa rosa in the low 60's. exactly where you should be for this time of year. but then we're going to see that storm door reopen as early as wednesday night through friday morning as a weak atmospheric river brings us widespread rain on thursday with scattered showers even continuing through the weekend. so very grateful for this forecast. yeah. >> and a week atmosphere rivers way better than no atmosphere all take. and it is on the skin besides little make out. thanks to recent we'll see you tomorrow night.
10:58 pm
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