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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  November 29, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> well, good tuesday morning and thank you for waking up with us bright and early for the kron. 4 morning news here on tuesday, november 20th. i'm reyna harvey. many of you already starting to go back to work. we got a look at that forecast for you. jot. it has been a pretty chilly one. say the you know, last week for thanksgiving, it was so nice and warm. but yesterday we made a little adjustment getting back to our seasonal averages. >> good to be keeping with those seasonable temperatures again today and a cold start this morning colder than we were yesterday where we're sitting right now. clear skies
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across the bay area. you can see there's no fog out there whatsoever to start this morning. redwood city fremont's, dublin livermore among our spots. well, down in the 30's, san francisco, one of her more mild areas along with alameda at forty-seven degrees. much of the north bay also falling into the 30's nap and just above freezing right now at 33 degrees. now, these numbers are cooler than they were yesterday. santa rosa's down 13 degrees from 24 hours ago conquered and san francisco down 6 degrees from the same point yesterday, skies are clear conditions pretty calm. we saw the winds pick up late afternoon yesterday having come down overnight, though 50's upper 50's for your daytime highs today. not seeing as many 60's on the map is what we had for the day yesterday. i'm going to be breaking down. everything you need to know for today. and tomorrow's dry weather in the arrival of rain on thursday. still to come back over to rain. all right, john, looking forward to it. just a little rain in the forecast potentially. >> head into the city this
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morning. you have about 7 minutes to make it from the maze to that fremont street exit, the san mateo bridge, a 80 to 1, 1, a 12 minute ride heading across towards the peninsula. richmond, sandra fell bridge tolls to 101 about 9 minutes and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 21 minute right? well, a pretty big story we're following this morning. parents of katie meyer are suing stanford university for their daughter's death. the 21 year-old soccer player was found dead inside her dorm room back in march. a coroner ruling her death, a suicide. now the lawsuit claims the school did not do enough to support miers mental well-being. kron four's justin campbell explains a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the school. >> in a 72 page complaint, lawyers representing katie myers family led stanford use star soccer player katie meyer in advertisements to represent the school's athletic teams but then failed to support her
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mental well-being. it is that and just then and then deichmann as stanford's disciplinary system and how they basically. >> just last, katie, along defense attorney paula canny says the lawsuit gives examples that stanford violated the ncaa guidelines and has a long history of not dealing with mental health of students. it sure sounds like they did do something from this complaint. a coroner ruled myers death a suicide after she was found dead in her dorm room back on march. first of this year, the night before on february. 28, she received it distressing email from stanford's office of community standards. >> informing meyer that she was facing a formal charge. according to the lawsuit, the charge stemmed from an incident in which meyer poured coffee on a football player after he kissed one of myra soccer teammates without consent. in the lawsuit, myers parents claim stanford's after hours disciplinary charge and
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the reckless nature and manner of submission caused their daughter to suffer in acute stress reaction that impulsively led to her suicide. also writing the actions that led to the death of katie meyer began and ended with stanford university. stanford says this is inaccurate the university initially reported the claim and did not move forward with investigation because the criteria was not met. stanford says multiple allegations in the filing are foles and they strongly disagree. they should be held responsible for her death art, because is there causation? did stanford? >> you know, >> it is stand for the proximate legal cause. katie suicide. candy says myers parents most likely are not after money, but to vindicate their daughter's death. >> reporting in san jose, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> well, happening tomorrow,
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the man charged with assaulting house speaker nancy pelosi's husband. it's got to be back in federal court. david to pop faces charges of assaulting a family member. a u.s. official and attempting to kidnap a u.s. official as well. he also faces several state charges, including attempted murder, as well as elder abuse. well, judge steven murphy will take over the state case after learning concerns that might be a conflict of interest as the previous judge work with pelosi's daughter. evidence in the state charges will be presented at a preliminary hearing that's going to be on december 14th. well over the east bay, a former warden of a federal women's prison in alameda county appear in court for several federal charges for an alleged inmate abuse. ray garcia is among 5 workers charged with abusing inmates at the dublin present. he retired after the fbi found nude photos of inmates on his government-issued phone. prosecutors say garcia abuse again with compliments and then it escalated to
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encounters. he's charged with abusing 3 inmates between december 2019 and july of 2021. he's pleaded not guilty. and if convicted, he faces up to 15 years in prison of the 4 other dublin workers charged with abusing inmates. they they've pleaded guilty. 3 of them pleaded guilty and one is scheduled to stand trial next year. well, a burglary suspect has been arrested after homeowners catch him in the act through their surveillance cameras. here's an image from the surveillance video. police say they found 36 year-old augustine martinez. he's hiding right outside of their home with thousands of dollars in stolen jewelry. martinez is booked in jail on suspicion of burglary, possession of stolen property as well as violating his probation. well, a camera store was robbed in broad daylight in san francisco's union square. the owners as close to $180,000 or to items were stolen. proffers amanda harry has an update on what's
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happening with that store. now and how leaders are working to make shopping in the city safe. >> in the middle of a busy holiday shopping season. a camera store in san francisco's union square is closed. a sign on the window reading due to unfortunate circumstances like a store, san francisco will be temporarily closed until further notice like a camera store on bush street was robbed during business hours on saturday. san francisco police saying about one 15 in the afternoon. the suspects entered the store. the weapons stole thousands of dollars with a product and took off in a car. the district supervisor ahsha safa e says he's tired of seeing these types of crimes frustrated. i felt for the safety of the employees. >> thought about the customers. it's not about the reputation of the city and how we need to be doing better. after a night rampant retail crime in union square about a year ago, city leaders have been trying to ensure deaths don't escalate to that level. mayor london breed launched
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the safe shopping initiatives to deploy more officers to reduce crime in the area. we have to ensure the safety of the workforce. >> we have to ensure trust of the people that are coming into the city supervisors off. it says there are also requiring all vendors to have a permit. >> and are allowing law enforcement access to private camera. it's hoping a year from now >> with all the efforts that we're working on the group that i'm leading organized, retail crime, working group that will have a significant impact. >> over the weekend police officers were stationed throughout union square. david sligh fairly lives in the city and said he was happy to see the officers out and looked really great. felt safe. >> you know, there's a noticeable police presence around on the street and you know, great too. so >> to the safe shopping initiative will also limit points of entry to union square and close some streets to car traffic. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> well, friends, police chief announced he is extending the department's current crime plan through the end of the year focusing on a holiday
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safety strategy. chief leronne armstrong says people will see a higher presence of officers. oakland police say since the start of the crime plan in september, homicides and shootings have continued to go down in 2021, the total number of homicides were down 13%. shootings are also down. 25% from last year. well, the lafayette city council has unanimously passed an ordinance requiring city gun owners to keep their firearms locked away. it will require gun owners to safely put locks and a lot container or to attach a safety lock on that. the council plans to make it offioial at the next council meeting on december 6 with a second reading of that new ordinance. the ordinance would apply when legally carrying firearms or when it's in there, immediate possession or control. lafayette joins other bay area cities including aniak oakland, san francisco and san jose and having stricter gun control laws. in the south bay. 3 men have been
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arrested after police say they burglarized local businesses in san jose. san jose police have 3 men in custody who may have nicknamed the honesty, burglary crew because police say the group is responsible for dozens of commercial burglaries between march and july and the willow glen neighborhood, the burglars with smash the stores with their odyssey minivans and steal merchandise. cash, sometimes even atms. all are facing charges for several counts of commercial burglary. >> charges have been move forward. the district attorney's office over 31 cases have been submitted to the district attorney's office as we speak. and we're reaching out today to see if there are perhaps other cases that have not been reported in commercial burglaries throughout the bay area. but specifically obviously in san jose. >> investigators are now asking if any business owners believe they've been burglarized to the by these men to contact them immediately. king. bay area air quality officials are offering $1200 to drivers who turn in their vehicles that were made before 1999. it's all in an effort to improve
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air quality. you have older model cars and trucks that lack modern a mission control technology and generate more pollution. the newer models to participate vehicles have to be 1998 model year or older. it has to be currently registered is operable and must be drivable. the car must registered in the bay area for the past. 24 months, vehicles within 60 days of a quiet, small checked. let's take the all checked. we have more information on this program over on our website at kron 4 dot com. well, happening today, livermore police, they're hosting a catalytic converter at chain event. the department says people can come and get there. then number on to their catalytic converters. they say this is going to help identify the owner. if that catalytic converter is ever stole it, the free event is going to be held a loss. the seats as college in partnership with subaru and toyota from 08:00am to 4 organizers say they're going to be on the building 800, they say is first come
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first serve and no registration is needed. you just need to show up. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. >> stockings might not be his stuff this year. how the ongoing fight against inflation is impacting out. people shop this holiday season. plus, why governor gavin newsom says he will not be running for president in 2024. plus, the senate is set to vote on a bill to protect same marriage today. why some senators say the bill is unnecessary. why some are pushing for more protections will be right back after th
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>> welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news topping out 04:14am, on this tuesday morning. a lot happening in the forecast as we job, we might even see some rain. can't believe it. yeah. got the rainfall just around the know which is so great to be seeing today. tomorrow will stay dry ahead of that rain later on, which says like clockwork, arriving on december first. so we're rounding out your last 2 days of november with skies like this. nice and clear out there. >> we do have a dip in the jet stream which is already is all to get a nice cool down for us. most of that snow that wintry weather estate to the north up in the pacific northwest and then on out to the rockies where it's resulting in some heavy snow out towards colorado this morning here in the bay area. we've been quiet. just cool yesterday. got a little bit breezy there for a bit. but we are going to be seeing a calm morning. i'll be a cold morning today. for the afternoon ahead of us, lots of
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sunshine out there. no worries today nor tomorrow about any sort of travel is you have going on now late tomorrow, really well after the sun goes down, you'll start to see a few showers up towards northern sonoma county. this is tomorrow night at 10:15pm, northern sonoma county up in mendocino county. starting to see some rainfall. this drifts further south into the rest of the bay area. after that pre-dawn hours of thursday morning starting to see rain in the north bay pushing into the rest of the bay area. and it does look to be a wet morning commute on thursday. so be mindful of that. got the return of winter in full force just around the corner today, we're just getting the cool will save the rain for later 50's for your daytime highs for almost everyone in the bay today. burlingame at 59 degrees for your high saying carlos in foster city, it will be barely hitting 60 degrees today. san jose at 58 degrees for your high free might union city and hayward as well as over into the tri valley on 57
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oakland, 58 walnut creek as well. sonoma, a couple of those spots that will barely hit 60 degrees along with pedal back to center fell. tomorrow's temperatures around the same as today's will further cool down after this, though. and our best chances of rain will be on thursday and then again on saturday and sunday, friday could bring a few light showers. but for the most part that rainfall concentrated on those 3 days evening lows, staying cold and daytime highs. staying cool, right? all right, john, thank you for right. so we just wait to wash our cars as that means. >> 7 minutes traveling into the city this morning maze that fremont street exit. you're taking the san mateo bridge 80 to 101, about 13 minutes heading across towards the peninsula. the richmond sandra fell bridge push at about 7 minutes as you head out of richmond and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 19 minutes. well, this week, bart officials are expected to spell out the agency's fiscal needs after they say federal funds have been exhausted.
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transit system. officials will meet thursday to talk about the drops in ridership since the pandemic and plan a new funding model to rebound from the financial losses that they've been saying. the president joe biden calling congress to pass legislation to block a railroad strike yesterday. biden says a tentative agreement approved in september, providing a pay raise for workers, health care benefits and a better leave policy for real unions rejected that idea to avoid a strike. the biden administration has until december night to come up with a deal that all unions will except. nearly a week after a mass shooting killed 6 people and injured others 100 stood side by side at a chesapeake city park to honor and mourn those who were killed. michelle wolf has that story. we will our candles together as one community, a community leaning on each other during a time of immense grief. we are facing. >> a sense of anger, a sense
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of fear, a sense of immense loss, a sense of deep. the grief. >> hundreds from chesapeake shoulder to shoulder. >> illuminated by candlelight. we have. >> a mental health behavioral health crisis in the united states and in virginia singing >> praying for just got up all that. we paul's grieving for the 6 lives lost in a senseless act of violence at the battlefield boulevard. walmart last tuesday night on the lorenzo gamble. >> father of 2 a man of few words and a string who loved and worked hard for his family. fernando chavez-barron just 16 years old son, a brother student, was eager to work to learn to grow. randall blevins devoted time friend's father and a dedicated employee. kellie pyle. mother
4:20 am
grandmother, beyonce described by those of you are as a generous and kind person. yrian pendleton, an outgoing friend, a loving son and a hardworking and loyal employee who arrived early for work nearly every day. >> and johnson daughter, student, a friend described as a light and a room. >> the night's final message, one of unity. we will be there with you and we will do this together. >> happening today, there is a bill to protect same and interracial marriages being one step closer to passage after multiple bumps in the road and concerns about religious protections. the bill cleared one hurdle yesterday and faces more votes today. washington correspondent alexandra limon joining us with an update. good morning. >> right now, good morning. and, you know, senators actually thought they had already reached a bipartisan agreement earlier this month
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to protect both same marriage and religious institution institutions. but now some republican senators say they have concerns that those religious protections don't go far enough. >> if you don't like marriage. >> oregon senator ron wyden has long been a champion for protecting the rights of same couples. i'm always going to go to the mask. to defend the right to privacy in america. now, senator wyden is urging the senate to pass the respect for marriage act. our country is indisputable a stronger when everyone's rights are protected. tuesday afternoon, the senate is expected to vote on the bill which would protect same and interracial marriages in the united states. to be clear. >> that is already the law of the land. >> texas republican senator john cornyn says the respect for marriage act is unnecessary because the supreme court decision already
4:22 am
protects the rights of same couples. but democrats say congress should learn from the supreme court decision that recently overturned federal abortion productions. the senate cannot take any modern legal precedent for granted. republicans also worry about how the respect for marriage act will impact religious liberty and religious institutions. this legislation expressly empowers private litigants. >> to sue religious institutions, faith-basee organizations and private parties who oppose. for sincerely held religious beliefs, same marriage. >> now this afternoon, the senate is scheduled to take a series of votes to try to add some more religious productions to this legislation. and after that, the expectation is that the respect for marriage act will pass in the senate live in washington. alexandra limon. all right, alexandra, thanks for that update. still to come
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on the kron, 4 morning news, we're talking about twitter ceo elon musk. >> was making a decision to publicly post cloud free speech. well, former vice president has to say on the direction of
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4:26 am
he will make the company's past decisions, more transparent. the billionaire as rollback on restrictions and allow dan hughes is back on that platform and an exclusive interview with news nation. former vice president mike pence shared his thoughts on twitter. whether or not he thinks it is a force for good or for evil. take a listen. >> i think both i i think it's i remember early on having a sense the twitter was an information form and then oftentimes it became a rhetorical combat for but if it does become a part of our national conversation for my part, i'm always so hope that its new we'll keep the public square opened all viewpoints, especially conservative viewpoints that have been suppressed by many platforms in recent years, but also hope that they're able to create a
4:27 am
level of standard of discourse on twitter. that doesn't thlt doesn't course in our culture. >> for more from the former vice president, you can head over to our website at kron 4 dot com. we have the full interview over there. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a woman is reunited with her dog after being robbed at her dog after being robbed at gunpoint. [children arguing] with downy infusions, let the scent set the mood. [calming music] ♪ feel the difference with downy.
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>> all right. well, welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news. we are inching all 4.30,
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here on tuesday. and we've got a lot happening in the forecast to sup 18. some sprinkles on thursday. right. getting some rain is going to be more than a sprinkle or 2, which is awesome to see. absolutely love to be getting the rainfall around the corner. solid way to be starting december 2 is like clockwork. thursday december gets here. >> and bam, we look at some rain here in the bay and some snow in the sierra really, really need it. as for today, though, staying dry today, tomorrow, your last 2 days of november are going to be nice. easy going on the roads this morning that that hold you up out there. we are seeing a cold morning, though. so don't forget your jackets. redwood city in fremont at 37 degrees. each dublin at 36, some 30's as well for petaluma. see alina kelsey bill and napa below freezing at 31. there's berkeley, san francisco alameda hanging out on the warmer side of things in the mid to upper 40's where we're sitting right now. temperatures almost all of us are actually below where we were yesterday. santa rosa, 13 d


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