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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  November 29, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a tuesday. i'm darya and i'm james. we've got a nice start to this. >> tuesday morning. enjoy. i know it's cold, but it's at least dry for yeah, it looks like we're going to get a couple more sunny days and then the rain moves in which we could use john. yes, we absolutely do need that rainfall. so oe are going to appreciate it. but that means today and tomorrow before the rain gets here, the you've got to get outside and low yourself to enjoy some sunshine while we have it because that's plenty of it this morning. you can see outside at the embarcadero, nothing but sunshine out there. our temperatures this morning are really chilly. it's 30's 40's to get this morning started a dublin at 33 degrees right n city 34 petaluma 32 in fairfield sitting in the upper 20's at 29 degrees. so don't be fooled by that. sunshine still as that cold field temps this afternoon, upper 50's to
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low 60's won't feel so bad under clear skies. it's colder than it was yesterday morning fairfield, the full 12 degrees cooler that's taking you into the upper 20's currently. well conquered in santa rosa down 10 degrees from yesterday and half moon bay, a full 14 degrees cooler. i'm talking about what this afternoon is going to look like how to enjoy today and tomorrow before the rain gets here, all still to come reyna. john, thanks for that. well, we've been talking about a major bar delay on the millbrae line. >> because of some equipment issues, this isn't the antioch, sfo and richmond directions. so be mindful of that. if you're traveling, maybe you need to catch a flight today. you won't want to take that line. they are providing each way but still definitely don't want to be caught in those delays heading into the city. 21 minutes mace that fremont street exit. thankfully, no accidents. there. 18 minute drive a 80 to 101 traveling across towards the peninsula. richmond, sandra fell bridge. it's going to take about 15 minutes tolls to 1, 1, there and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 40 minutes darya. james,
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back to you. thank you. rae nato won in new this morning. redwood city needs more time. so they are extending their temporary ban on new gun stores. yeah, the controversial move was actually met with overwhelming support during last night's city council meeting. >> proper sarah stinson has been following the story for us. joining us now live from redwood city morning. sarah. >> good morning. i mean, there's no gun retailers in redwood city right now in this debate really started when a few gun retailers applied to open up shop in, for example, this strip mall roosevelt plaza. and that is when people became concerned because this is about a block away from a school community center. and that's when the discussion came about where should these gun shops go? so what they did was put a temporary ban on them. in the meantime, while they figure that out originally as a 45 day ban, 45 days expired in last night's city council, they unanimously approved a 10 and a half month
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extension on that temporary ban of gun shops. council members made it clear last night saying this is not a ban on guns or them trying to infringe on the second amendment rights of people. council members and the mayor want to make sure people know that they're just trying to see how and where gunshots can operate safely. they want to make sure they're put in an inappropriate areas, for example, at this strip mall where a mother is also an ice cream shop where kids frequent. so that's a concern as well. city council plans to spend the next 4 months doing extensive research and they'll be discussing ideas with each other and with the public. the mayor explained why this is so important. >> redwood city has adopted a strategic plan that the needs of youth as a top 3 priority. so we would be remiss in our duties to the community to not take the the moment to study. safety impacts the research.
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that overwhelm only shows there is significant risk to health and safety. >> last night, the debate on gun shops kept being compared to the debate on shops that they've had in previous years. now, some ideas that popped up and it will continue to discuss is having gun shops be at least 1000 square feet away from a school, a park community center church. that's just one idea. and they'll be discussing more in the coming months now. well, last night there was nothing but majority of people saying their favor of this. we have heard some people concerned with. >> oh, we just lost your signal, sarah. we'll try to reconnect with her coming up a little bit. but you get the just the just they need more time to consider the ramifications of issuing more gun store permits. all right. now let's go to the east bay lafitte city effects. similar news. the city council there has unanimously passed an ordinance requiring city gun owners to keep their firearms locked away. now, this
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ordinance would require gun owners to safely put guns in a locked container or attach a safety lock. if it's not in there, immediate possession. the council plans to make it official at the next council meeting on december 6 when they have a second reading of the ordinance. now, this ordinance won't apply when you are legally carrying your firearm or when it's in your immediate possession or controls just when it's out of your control or away from, you need to have it stored % properly. lafayette joining other bay area cities now including antioch, oakland, san francisco and san jose with similar strict gun control laws. it's 805. and today san francisco's board of supervisors is going to decide whether to allow the police to use heavy duty robots. >> for lethal force, the draft policy states that the robots will only be used as deadly force when there's a life-threatening situation risk to the public or to police and the robot only be assigned operators have completed required training to use them in these situations. the department has 17 of these robots right now. there is of
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some concern. the policy is prompting an outcry from civil liberties groups and they say that robots could be armed with a nonlethal gas instead of using deadly force. there continues. >> meanwhile, we are following another big story as well. the parents of katie meier are now suing stanford university for their daughter's death. the 21 year-old soccer player was found dead near her dorm or inside her dorm room back in march, the coroner ruled it a suicide and the lawsuit claims that the school didn't do enough to support her mental well-being. kron four's justin campbell has more. >> in a 72 page complaint, lawyers representing katie myers family led stanford use star soccer player katie meyer in advertisements to represent the school's athletic teams but then failed to support her mental well-being. it is that and just then and then deichmann as stanford's disciplinary system and how they basically.
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>> just last, katie, along defense attorney paula canny says the lawsuit gives examples that stanford violated the ncaa guidelines and has a long history of not dealing with mental health of students. it sure sounds like they did do something from this complaint. a coroner ruled myers death a suicide after she was found dead in her dorm room back on march. first of this year, the night before on february. 28, she received it distressing email from stanford's office of community standards. >> informing meyer that she was facing a formal charge. according to the lawsuin, the charge stems from an incident in which meyer poured coffee on a football player after he kissed one of myra soccer teammates without consent. in the lawsuit, myers parents claim stanford's after hours disciplinary charge and the reckless nature and manner of submission caused their daughter to suffer in acute stress reaction that impulsively led to her
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suicide. also writing the actions that led to the death of katie meyer began and ended with stanford university. stanford says this is inaccurate. the university initially reported the claim and did not move forward with investigation because the criteria was not met. stanford says multiple allegations in the filing are foles and they strongly disagree. they should be held responsible for her death part because is there causation? did stanford? >> you know, >> it is stand for the proximate legal cause. katie suicide. candy says myers parents most likely are not after money, but to vindicate their daughter's death. >> reporting in san jose, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> what 808, holiday shopping is in full swing. as we know, mayor london breed is pushing the safe shopping initiative to prevent retail crime. despite that, a camera store
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near union square was in fact, the target of robbery early saturday afternoon during business hours. the victims told police the suspects came into the store with weapons, stole thousands of dollars with a product and then took off in a waiting car district supervisor ahsha suffice as that efforts like the safe shopping initiative are needed because it will deploy more officers to reduce crime in the area. >> we have to ensure the safety of the workforce. we have to ensure trust of the people that are coming into the hoping a year from now with all the efforts that we're working on the group that i'm leading organized, retail crime, working group that will have a significant impact. >> well, he also says they are going to be requiring all vendors to have a permit and they're allowing law enforcement access to private cameras their investigations. the safe shopping initiative will also limit points of entry to union square. in fact, the close some streets off the car traffic. >> and the south bay, 3 men have been arrested for burglarizing local businesses in san jose and the san jose
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police nicknamed the group, the odyssey burglary crew. that's because they say they would use an odyssey van to ram commercial businesses between march and july. and willow, glen neighborhood and then take stuff. so they smashed the front with the van, as you can see here and then steal merchandise, cash and sometimes atms. all now face charges on several counts of commercial burglary. >> charges have been move forward. the district attorney's office over 31 cases have been submitted to the district attorney's office commercial burgers throughout the bay area. but specifically obviously in san jose. >> and now investigators are asking any other businesses if they think they were burglarized because of this group to contact the police. >> well, police have arrested a burglary suspect after homeowners catch him in the act on their security cameras. and this is an image from the video. police say they found 36 year-old augustine martinez hiding outside of the home with thousands of dollars worth of stolen jewelry.
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martinez is now facing charges of burglary, possession of stolen property and violating his probation. oakland's police chief, meanwhile, is announcing that he is extending the department's current crime plan through the end of the year, focusing on the holiday safety strategy that they've laid out. chief armstrong says that people will see a higher presence of officers. opd says that since the start of the crime plan in september, they've actually seen homicides and shootings decline in 2022, the total number of homicides down 13% shootings are also down about 25% when compared to last year. >> it's 8.11 and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the man accused of attacking paul pelosi is due back in court this week. what we can expect. >> from the federal charges. and the senate is set to vote on a bill to protect same marriage today. we'll see why some senators say it's unnecessary.
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>> and today he's set to be a really nice one, especially this afternoon. i keep the light jackets with yet, but upper 50's a bat tomorrow stays nice before rain arrives on thursday. your forecast ahead and we still have a major bar delay on the millbrae line and the s a full an antioch direction. >> we're also tracking those drive times
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ho. ho. ho. it's santa. we got a problem. ♪ ho! ho! ho! >> 14 right now. and wow, you know, tis the season. we at
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the white house lights. yup. i brought my lights. and james, help me with the batteries and can figure out open. impressive return are really this is one, of course. i mean, this is fantastic, right? all like those around what everyone so and i do have a solar but i notice when the days are sunny, like so if i'm not going thursday that we get, yeah, i won't get to see my lights. well, there's going to be a problem for people that are going to be using this week to put out there outside decorations, maybe maybe hold off till next week as monday. look, baby, does this rain like mess with some people? you to make sure they're outdoors. yeah. yeah. you know what? if you want to get out there, do anything outside today. tomorrow is the day to do it. if you want to worry about after the rainfall, maybe wait until monday of next week because thursday and then saturday, sunday, it's all looking a little wet now. >> it's definitely taken a turn this week last week with 70's sunshine. we've still got the sunshine, but we've already said goodbye to the really warm stuff. we're right back to where we should be for late november with some really
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cold temps this morning. and then smiled. but cool conditions later on today that dip in the jet stream affecting the west coast now and resulting in snowfall across the pacific northwest. already all the way out to the rockies. that snow is something that the sierra we'll tap into come thursday rainfall for the bay area. also ahead of us this thursday, timing it all out today, consistently drive through the afternoon on into the evening tonight. tomorrow is also going to stay dry. that is until after you've already gone to bed tomorrow night showers will start to drift into the north bay towards midnight into the early morning hours of thursday. rainfall moves into the rest of us and we're going to be seeing a really wet commute thursday morning. pockets of heavy rain, especially for the north bay. this is going to make conditions pretty slick for your thursday start so anticipate that here in just a couple days 50's for your highs for most of the bay area, not just at the coast, but also on the bayshore inland. only a few spots like foster city and san carlos actually holding on to 60 degrees south bay temps, san
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jose at 58. 57 along the east bay shoreline as well as most of the inland east bay, oakland, 58, what walnut creek, sonoma, then spots like nevado petaluma in sandra fell among our spots, barely hanging on to 60 degrees. tomorrow's temperatures around % the same as today. skies clear during the day. but tomorrow night is when the rainfall begins waking up to a thursday morning and more of it around the corner into saturday and sunday rain. all right, john, thank you for that. hit the roads this morning. things are getting busy along our highways. >> 30 minutes of crockett down towards the maze. that's a long 5, 18, 80 right now. if you take an 24 wanna creek down to 5.80, it'll take under 16 minutes. 22 minute drive may show that fremont street exit traffic building there at the toll plaza to 1, 0, one, 18 minutes heading across towards the peninsula. well, in the south bay 1, 0, one, 60 minutes. that's from 85 up in the park might want to hop on to a t traffic is moving pretty light in comparison to
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what we're seeing along 101, 80 silly answer down towards milpitas about 56 minutes. you can see a long 5.80, as well into 38 as you're traveling through hayward, you are seeing some delays there let's check on highway 4 traveling from antioch in to conquer. it's going to take you about 26 minutes. tarrio. james, back to you. thanks. a lot rain. 8.18, right now and let's talk elections. governor newsom is sharing what's in store for him. >> as we approach the 2024 presidential election despite widespread speculation that he might run for president, he says that's not. >> in his plans, 8 on wallace explains. less than 2 years out until the presidential election. california governor gavin newsom says he will not run for the white house in 2024. >> the reporting coming from politico confirming what newsom pledged during his gubernatorial campaign earlier this fall. you're asking voters for 4 more years. do you commit to serving off or yes for political informs the white house last summer of his decision not to run in 2024.
8:19 am
in a later phone call, the governor reportedly told president biden to expect newsom's full support behind a biden reelection telling the president, quote, i'm all in put me in coach, we have your back. does this surprise you? no, it doesn't surprise me. loyola law school professor jessica levinson says while newsom 2024 decision is not a surprise that could always change depending on whether biden himself says yes or no to a 2024 run. >> the question, of course, is if president biden doesn't run. and at that point, i do think it's strange common sense to say that governor newsom has no interest in running. he's created a national platform for himself. he has in some ways acted like the face of the younger generation of the democratic party. previous california governors have tried to unseat incumbent presidents from their own party. then governor ronald reagan unsuccessfully ran against president gerald ford in the 1976 gop primary. and 4 years later, then governor jerry brown did so
8:20 am
against president jimmy carter in the democratic primary. >> levinson says do not expect the same of newsom. it is unusual for someone within the president's party to really mount a successful challenge in the primary. it does divide the party. you need an enormous. >> sound ation of fundraising of supporters in order to try and mount a successful primary challenge to a sitting president. still, she says even of 2024 is a quiet year for newsom. do not count him out in future years. does he have an eye on national aspirations? i think the answer is yes, he does doesn't mean that he absolutely will run the moment that he can. no, it doesn't. >> that was a town wallace reporting for now. the governor says that he's focused on the state capitol where the legislature is set to reconvene next week. time now is a 20 and today a bill to protect same and interracial marriages is one step closer to passing. yes, it's faced a number of bumps in the road so far. there are still a few more votes down the way that is getting closer
8:21 am
and closer, hopefully to passage. we've got our washington correspondent alexandra limon with the latest. >> good morning. earlier this month, senators thought they had reached an agreement to protect both same marriage and religious institutions. but now some republicans say they're worried those religious protections don't go far enough. >> if you don't like marriage. >> oregon senator ron wyden has long been a champion for protecting the rights of same couples. i'm always going to go to the mask. to defend the right to privacy in america. now, senator wyden is urging the senate to pass the respect for marriage act. our country is indisputable a stronger when everyone's rights are protected. tuesday afternoon, the senate is expected to vote on the bill which would protect same and interracial marriages in the united states. to be clear.
8:22 am
>> that is already the law of the land. >> texas republican senator john cornyn says the respect for marriage act is unnecessary because the supreme court decision already protects the rights of same couples. but democrats say congress should learn from the supreme court decision that recently overturned federal abortion productions. the senate cannot take any modern legal precedent for granted. republicans also worry about how the respect for marriage act will impact religious liberty and religious institutions. this legislation expressly empowers private litigants. >> to sue religious institutions, faith-based organizations and private parties who oppose. for sincerely held religious beliefs, same marriage. >> this afternoon, the senate is expected to hold a series of votes to add religious protections to this legislation. and after that,
8:23 am
the expectation is that the respect for marriage act will pass later today in the senate in washington. alexandra limon. >> thank you, alex. a 22. the time coming up after the break. a new development now the investigation into the death of chun. well up, robinson, we'll tell you how mexican authorities are involved and the fbi as well.
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>> 25 is the time. and mexican prosecutors now are seeking an
8:26 am
extradition order against an american woman. they want to question her in the death of a north carolina woman who died while she was in their country to quell robinson died while staying at luxury rental in cabo. she was there with 6 friends last month. now the fbi is investigating after a viral video has come come up online showing another american woman part of that group of friends beating robinson. someone off camera was heard. robinson to defend herself now after her death, her 6 friends return to united states and told chuck well as mother that she died of alcohol poisoning. but according to the corner, that's not what it was. she had a basically dislocated neck and a fractured spine. they say that now has sparked some suspicion with the group that she was there with investigators, not publicly identifying who it is, that this suspect that they want to question and extradite to mexico will keep you updated.
8:27 am
>> it is giving tuesday and it's a day to spend money like you did yesterday on cyber monday, but spend it on giving back to the community. i'm at a food bank in santa rosa and we will tell you how you can help those you have yet to meet in a live.
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that's definitely him. dude. that's just a guy, taking a little break with a peppermint frosty... i gotta ask him... -hello. -hi. mind if i sit? okay... when it's frosty time... choose wisely. choose wendy's new peppermint frosty >> 8.29 is the time and thanks for tuning in on a tuesday. i think it's going to be kind of nice like yesterday was i
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think so. by the way, real id thing just to let you know, i did that. we told yesterday was about an hour. i had a point that put it do a lot for about an hour at the dmv. even if it's, you know, that's just of the getaway. 3rd, it was pleasant. quite pleasant will get order. lee. all right. so if you do those plans, maybe do it when it's not raining, according to job, will be any time other than what thursday for the weekend. yet thursday, the weekend. those are the times to maybe taking it easy or inside. thank goodness for cell phones at the dmv and for on these rainy days, too. >> keeping the occupied. if you want to get outside today today and tomorrow, great days to be venturing out under the sunshine. just overall, enjoying views like this one, your east bay hills view all the way into the bay. no cloud cover out there whatsoever. it is a clear morning, but it's also a cold morning. so get out there with the jackets ready, dublin, 34 redwood city at 36 degrees. oakland in the low 40's, we had a couple of upper 20's in the north bay this morning. those are gone now that the sunshine is out and starting to warm us up a
8:31 am
little bit anyways. we're colder than we were yesterday morning. so if your chilly yesterday morning, you're really going to be cold this morning. novato down a full 14 degrees from this exact time. 24 hours ago now we will be breaking down the arrival of thursday's rainfall. expected around. how much will be seeing all still to come, something to look forward to. and i know you're looking for to the mountain snow that comes along with that. yes. >> and the rays not bad. either means it watering the plants as they deal k for me, things are turning red out there across our highways, which means they're busy. 48 minutes along 8.80, that san leandro down towards milpitas. if you're traveling there, also low 5.80, you can see traveling to livermore, certainly seeing some pockets of slowing heading into the city 20 minutes. mace to that fremont street exit. thankfully, no accidents or hazards. there. a richmond, sandra fell bridge. put you in about 13 minutes traveling at a richmond heading across towards sandra fell. we had earlier hot spot down in the south bay. that's clear. now. but 57 minutes, if you are taking 1, 0, 1, 85 into menlo
8:32 am
park. crockett down towards the maze. about 27 minutes for you to make that drive. so i guess because of the rain, that means we wait to get our cars for heat. that until spring oak. and then because every time it was like heart rate and actually save your money, that's how i saw the drought. i just keep washing my car in. the rain keeps coming in. good job. think you're in a 32 right now. and a panel woman has her dog back now. >> but what a night when people broke into her home held her at gunpoint, took the dog terrifying experience. she is confined to a wheelchair. she was actually laying in bed at the time that these 3 thieves broke into her house. her ring camera captured them coming in. police say the 3 suspects then left in a stolen dodge charger. eventually crashing on interstate 80 near university avenue. now they made off with her one year-old french bulldog. but when police got to the accident scene, they couldn't find it. but now monica, so he's afraid to show face on camera. so
8:33 am
we're just using her first name, says that she is glad to have the dog back, but she's clearly very yeah. how it when is she got a call from a veterinarian that a passerby found the dog and so they're reunited now, though, because james, like you said, she's free to go back to her apartment. so she started a gofundme to help with move. >> i haven't stayed here since it happened. so i've families houses in. it's just the hardship. one came in the and held a gun on me. why the other ones ransacked my 15 yo sunroom. >> according to the panel, police the 3 who were arrested admitted to thieves there that they in their involvement in this theft and they were taken to the martinez detention facility. >> well, a former warden of the federal women's prison in alameda county has appeared now in court for several federal charges for alleged inmate abuse. ray garcia is among 5 workers charged with
8:34 am
abusing inmates there at the dublin prison. he retired after the fbi found naked pictures of inmates on his government-issued phone. prosecutors say garcia's abuse began with simple compliments and then it escalated to encounters. he's now charged with abusing 3 inmates between 2019 2021. he has pleaded not guilty to those charges, but if he is convicted, he could face upwards of 15 years in prison of the 4 other dublin workers charged with abusing inmates. 3 have pleaded guilty. one is scheduled to stand trial next year. >> happening tomorrow, the man charged with assaulting housel speaker nancy pelosi's husband is due back in federal court. david, to pap faces federal charges of assaulting a family member of a u.s. official and attempting to kidnap a u.s. official. and then he also faces several state charges, including attempted murder and elder abuse. judge stephen murphy is going to take over the case after there were concerns about a possible conflict of interest because the previous judge had worked with pelosi's daughter
8:35 am
evidence in the state charges will be presented at the preliminary hearing for that, which is on december 14th. >> well, as covid cases are back on the rise, it's sitting at the same time the flu is striking and rsv cases are climbing as well. ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says that covid hospitalizations have been climbing steadily nationally. about 300 people die of covid every day. 90% of those are people 65 and older. fact, doctor peter chin-hong says only 23% of seniors have had their covid booster and that is something they says has to change. >> the fact that 23% of seniors have gotten booster is really a tragedy of the largest because these deaths preventable. >> and while doctor chin-hong says that covid infections overall, maybe not as serious as they were last winter, we still have to do whatever we can to keep ourselves and others for getting sick. >> 8.35 right now. and today
8:36 am
is not just tuesday. it's called giving tuesday, which is the day after cyber monday. that's right. organizations around the bay doing his best they can to help those in need, including a food bank. >> in the north bay and that's where we find kron four's will tran for us live in santa rosa. they will. >> james, don't put your credit card away on speaking to james and all of our viewers. don't put your credit card away. i'm sure it got a lot use yesterday for cyber monday, giving tuesday is also spending money. >> but for those who really needed not just family and friends, but for the community, we are inside the redwood empire food bank in santa rosa. >> look at all the food right behind me and believe me, it will be shipped out if not today in the days ahead because the need is always problem. and there's no season for hunger. it's every day meal to meal. here's david goodman with a redwood empire. thank you for staying with us
8:37 am
all morning. what do you need? we were just talking about the cost. you're not immune to having to pay more as well. correct. last year we're spending a dollar for a dozen eggs. now it's $4. >> her feeding 100,000 people throughout the year. now is the time to step forward and meet our matching grant that we have a tremendous opportunity. i know it's the holiday season. people feel guilty even if they don't have money to spend on gifts, even if it's a little this helps out so they can maybe make little john or tim feel better with a minimal get sure. no, no reason to feel guilty of little bit of something for everybody is all we ask. you're saying that the face of hunger is not what people think it could be. you me or anybody. sure. one of the things we've encountered through the pandemic and to the fire to the experiences that people are just living on. the margin is living on the edge and it takes just one event life and they come to the redwood empire food bank. okay. so you have a cool thing working with the tribe here. explain that. and what's being matched? yeah. the tribal
8:38 am
council of the great rancheria have offered $50,000 match and it's urgent. hunger is urgent. so for every dollar people contribute today, only today up to $50,000, they'll match it. okay. thank you so much for that. and we will put their website on our website. i promise you i'm going to go to it and donate. i grew up before we went to food banks. so it's very personal to me as well. hopefully is very personal to you. and they will take their money and they know what to do with it. a lot better than we do. so go to our website. kron 4 dot com help those you have yet to meet. back to you. >> all right. thanks. a lot very cool. are a 38 is the time. we'll take a quick break. but when we come back here on the kron, 4 morning news. >> hawaiian residents seeking shelter this morning or at least preparing to evacuate after the world's largest volcano is getting more and more active as a deer up to 38 years. but it looks like it might be getting close. also after the break, the u.s. is facing air on in the world cup later today. but the big matches being overshadowed by
8:39 am
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you go by lots of titles. veteran, dad, hair stylist. so adding a student title might feel daunting. national university is here to support all your titles. national university. supporting the whole you. >> a 41. and today livermore police host a catalytic converter at ching event where you can come and get your vin number etched onto your catalytic converter. so that nobody else deal. and if they do, it'll be some helping with identify catalytic converter thefts and to deter them this
8:42 am
free event is going to be held at the last to see this college in partnership with subaru and toyota. it started just at 8 o'clock this morning. so it's just gotten underway until 4 o'clock this afternoon. if you go over to that location, you'll notice them behind building 800. it's first come first serve. you don't need to register. just show up 8.42. and we'll be right back.
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nurtec odt is the only medication that can treat my migraine right when it strikes and prevent my next attack. don't take if allergic to nurtec. most common side effects, in less than 3%, were nausea, indigestion/stomach pain. treat & prevent - all in one.
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were nausea, indigestion/stomach pain. back. >> taking a look at nasa's orion spacecraft breaking records still the capsule which was launched into space on that historic one mission. the space capsule has now hit the midpoint of its mission around the moon, which is nearly 270,000 miles away. the goal of the artemis one mission is to test the limits of the right capsule in hopes that eventually will send human beings themselves to the moon. so this is just an update. you just want to let us know. it's it's halfway through its mission. is there some sort of thing and you do to sign a contract? what and put in that you're good that you get a certain number of space, all tories for show what's going on your lap understanding? absolutely right. it's pretty fun. i mean, >> it's phenomenal. and by the end of the month, we should see it splash down. i was watching. i will anticipate looking forward to that story will update you every time every time. autumn a sneeze is
8:46 am
we've is it's a record every time it does something. yeah, on good morning. it is definitely a cool thing to watch. you know, maybe there will be a person up there someday sooner. that would be awesome to see too. what we got this morning as far as weather goes is a little bit of a calm start to the morning. common cold is the way we've been so far come cold and clear. really? >> not a cloud in the sky above san francisco right now. conditions out there are going to stay dry today and tomorrow we've already tempted to the cool air from this dip in the jet stream across the west coast. looking at the pacific northwest. look at that. seattle getting some snowfall and especially seeing that up in the cascades that cooler and wetter weather is heading our direction later on this week today. tomorrow could days to get outside. get some stuff done before things do get wet. we'll time it out for you today. nice and crystal clear tonight, we stay dry as well as will also see during the day tomorrow. now after you've got to sleep tomorrow towards midnight is when we'll start to see some showers in the north bay then drifted into the rest of the bay area. before you get up thursday
8:47 am
morning, this is going make for a wet drive to work on thursday morning, specially heavy rainfall in the north bay during pre-dawn hours. but that line of showers pushes further southward and he's going to make for summary the slick conditions getting out there to start thursday. so anticipate that a couple of days in advance now 50's for daytime highs for the most part of the ways a couple of us holding on to the low 60's. a few of those spots, including foster city and carlos, right at 60 degrees. well, san jose at 58, 57 from the east bay shoreline into the tri valley while the creek, one of our 60 degrees spots. you can add sonoma to that list. well, the way home antioch at 58 degrees in santa rosa. 59 today. looking ahead at thursday, rainfall, especially heavy during morning hours, but likely to stay with us for much of the day, even lingering into friday morning friday afternoon. a break from the rain before even more of it into saturday and sunday. now 20's and 30's for evening lows are going make for some cold evenings in cooler daytime
8:48 am
highs only in the low 50's from thursday. onward, right. john, thank you that will if you are take in 24 right now, wannacry down to 5.80. >> about 90 minutes to make that drive. so things are busy out there. if you're traveling, you might want to leave little earlier heading into the city down from 22 minutes to 17. so still double digits as you're hitting the road this morning, san mateo bridge 80 to 1, 0, want 15 minute drive. that's down from 18 minutes. so things are improving traveling across towards the peninsula. 70 minute drive antioch, into congress to 42. if you're taking 6.80, doubling down to fremont about 30 minutes to make that drive cracking down towards the maze about 25 minutes darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of rain. a 48 look at this. glow is scaring some people in hawaii and now officials are saying that. >> if you're on the big island and you're near this volcano, they need to be ready for a worst-case scenario. we're talking about mauna loa, the world's largest volcano hasn't erupted in 38 years, but it sure is belching up a storm.
8:49 am
>> and getting close enough to erupting that the call is going out for people to be ready to evacuate, find the shelters. they want to go to now so that they're not caught off guard. kristy tamashiro has details. >> for the family from south kona. it was a split-second decision they made overnight. and when i ran out the house, i looked up in the sky has rented right now like the comeaux kuz, many other family sought shelter at kona airport. jim. basically we've got out here mover on >> 5.40, ish and there was lines of cars just outside of these gates. for me for staying with us. everybody packed clothes. let's start packing up rations and getting everything. secure it. try to pull all necessities that we really need. the red cross says the shelters remain open to anyone who is concerned. we're providing cut. so there is no food. >> there are bathrooms there. showers. if you're coming to the shelter bring toiletries, bring a blanket, bring a pillow. we're providing you
8:50 am
with a caught in a safe place to be. >> for families seeking shelter. they say they're in it for the long haul and we'll keep up to on the low as activity before returning home. >> and it is very unpredictable. so i wouldn't want to misjudged the direction of >> scary stuff. all right. today is exciting stuff. and just 2 hours, it's going to be a team usa versus iran and the big soccer match in this is a must-win for us. yes, pretty pivotal. although there is some drama now that's kind of overshadowing that match between the u.s. and the iranian government. we've got great clark. >> with the story. >> u.s. men's soccer coach gregg berhalter showing the iranian team respect as the 2 teams prepare to face off later today at the world cup encounter. the u.s. team under enormous pressure with the win. the team advances. if they draw or lose, they're going home because we know exactly what iran is going to bring. well coached team very committed team at a news
8:51 am
conference monday bar halter and team captain tyler adams kept their cool as iranian reporters accuse the men of disrespecting their country for us. it's just focus. you know, we're not looking backwards where there's no talk about, you know, the performance against wales or england. now it's really focused on adams apologize for them is pronunciation. iranian officials also asking the u.s. be ben from competition. >> after the u.s. soccer federation tweeted but later deleted an image of the iranian flag without the islamic republic emblem. it was reportedly done to show solidarity with the people of iran. >> who have been protesting since the death of 22 year-old mahsa amini in september while in police custody. i mean, he was arrested for allegedly violating iran's dress code for women. berhalter's says the tweet was not a team decision. all we can do on our behalf is apologize on behalf of the players and the staff. still the criticism continued.
8:52 am
are you okay to be representing a country that's has so much discrimination against black people and he's gone. >> ford is in the u.s. where we're continuing to make every single day. >> that was dray clark reporting. the iranian team has also staged own protest. you may have noticed in a sign of solidarity with protesters back home when they refused to sing the country's national anthem at the opening of the world cup. the teams will face off at 11 o'clock this morning. it's 8.52 right now on twitter ceo elon musk's of firing shots now at apple. >> accusing apple of suppressing free speech and cheating customers with secret taxes on their app store purchases. this criticism comes as musk reveals. apple has basically stopped advertising on twitter since he took over and other major companies from gm to vw, general mills. they've either cut their spending on twitter or stopped entirely since musk took over as well.
8:53 am
>> 52 is the right now.
8:54 am
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>> is that couple with his nose. yeah, this is a good at it, joy, because games are there. they're testing a prototype right now. the companies running them on a custom. what they call a
8:56 am
saliva, resist untouched. so the canines can use their snouts to tap the screen and not get it all slime. and why would they not just want to do this in the real world? like why are they doing this anyway? what's the point was to do the real world you want to all they run around and i mean touch that with a nice boost. well, but running around easy for them to do. this is challenging their cognitive basically, the idea is to see if they can, you know, keep the dog smart and cognitively active evening to get into like their declining when they're home. we out for you. you know, to me, i just feel bad all day. they've got nothing to do. they could play this and it dispenses treats every time they get it right. so that positive reinforcement works every time. >> 8.56 is the time. and as we head to the break, a reminder, kron 4 is celebrating the bay area's remarkable women. so if you know somebody who's making a difference in her community, you can nominate her for woman of the year and will we hope to meet her and maybe do highlight peace and let everybody know about the good work he's doing. just scan
8:57 am
this qr code will take it spot on kron 4 dot com. all right. we'll take a quick break at 8.56. coming up in the next hour. redwood city is extending its ban on gun stores, at least new ones. why some city leaders say they need more time to think about it before they authorize any more. >> and a camera store in san francisco was robbed in broad daylight as people shop for the holidays. we'll have a the holidays. we'll have a full story. ♪ ♪all the snow just melts away♪ ♪when i'm with you.♪ ♪oh baby baby♪ ♪will you please give me a clue♪ ♪because today is the day♪ ♪i get to see what santa left♪ this holiday, shop sparkling gift sets from pandora jewelry at a special price.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at know, and the fun continues at 9 o'clock. thanks for joining in. i'm darya and i'm james. want to kick off the hour with a check of the weather. here is we're seeing conditions outside, getting brighter and brighter, hopefully warmer and warmer. absolutely. we could use it was started this morning. so cold, it's been colder than yesterday morning was and yesterday morning was already chilly. >> we're under some sunshine and that is still hurting to help us out a little bit. but you're still in the 30's out there for a whole lot of the bay area today. tomorrow, the last of our dry days before december, first on thursday comes along with the rain and snow up in the sierra, the golden gate bridge. nice and clear as is the rest of the bay. i mentioned those 30's. you're still there for redwood city in dublin as well as parts of the north bay, like saint helene and fairfield, san francisco at 46 right now, oakland hayward in pittsburgh at 47. and brooke, what are for spot at 50 degrees has been a colder


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