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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  November 29, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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>> now at noon, it's do or die for team usa as they face off against iran in a politically charged world cup match. we're live in san francisco as fans gather to watch the must win match. plus one bay area police department taking preventative action against a prominent crime. how you can help protect your catalytic converter. and our top story, the largest academic strike in u.s. history could be coming to a close the tentative agreement between the uc system. and it's researchers. >> from the bay station, you're watching kron. and news.
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>> thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at noon. i'm noelle bellow. that top story this afternoon. you see academic workers and researchers have spent the past 3 weeks on the picket lines comes at a time when undergraduate students are wrapping up classes just before final exams next week. but today there's a sign those demonstrations could come to an end soon. union president neil sweeney says they've reached an agreement late last night that addresses some of the biggest concerns including wage increases to better reflect the cost of living in california and better family friendly benefits. uc officials still have to reach a separate agreement with student employees and researchers who do remain on strike. >> we're calling on the university to seriously come to the table, make serious proposals to the academic student employees and student researchers are still burning to make so they can reach agreements to recognize the contributions that colleagues make.
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>> the agreement expected to be ratified sometime next week. the uc system has not publicly responded to this announced agreement. happening right now, the u.s. men's soccer team is playing iran in the world cup. it's a game the u.s. has to win. >> or they're headed home. kron four's rob nesbitt joining us live from san francisco with a look. i know they are winning right now. at least that's what it looks like before i left to come to the desk. rob, how's it going? >> they are now. well, there's a lot of cheers that just happened a few minutes ago. they score that goal about 20 minutes ago. and there's a second goal that was scored, but a flag went up so it didn't count. now it's half times. all the fans here at high tops in the castro refilling their drinks. very excited for this game. as you said, 1, 0, right now going to halftime. want to show you some video. some of the fans here watching this game earlier this game getting a lot of attention. not just because us is playing but because of the politics involving the people. world
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cup. the game is played. he played guitar, which has several anti lgbt law was disbarred in the castro. high tops happens to be a bar. teams also are banned from wearing their one love armbands, which represents rights and equality. iran. also in the news after a woman was arrested and killed while in police custody back in september for not wearing his perfect job correctly. just yesterday, a protester ran across the field of the game holding a pride flag and wearing a shirt that read respect for rainy and windy in our iranian women. on the back. i talked with a bartender here at high dominic's oviedo about the significance of today's game and how important it is for them to create a safe space here. >> i would like say we're a bar before worth. 45, right? 4th power out of work by and i think that really important that people understand that like the difference kind of. it's super important to have safe spaces because i are targeted all the time that we just had a shooting in colorado springs out. like 2 weeks ago and here we are, you
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know, like maybe feels that kind of thing here. >> so everyone here, they're getting ready for the next half hoping that us does when there's more u.s. fans here, obviously. and this is a must-win game. so the u.s. they need to win if they tie or lose their out of the fifa world cup. so a lot of pressure running on this game today and well. >> definitely a lot of pressure. but as i said before, looks like we are it. you know, we're in the lead right now. hopefully they can extend that. rob, thank you for that live report. he meant touched on some of the controversy, but there's other controversy to off the field. iranian officials recently demanding the united states be ejected from the world cup after the u.s. soccer federation tweeted. but then later deleted an image of the iranian flag without the emblem of the islamic republic. the u.s. men's soccer coach spoke at a press conference just yesterday. he said the that post has nothing to do with the team and his focus is on the field.
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>> all we can do on our behalf is apologize on behalf of the players and the staff process just focus. you know, we're not looking backwards where there's no talk about, you know, the performance against wales or england. now it's really focused on iran. >> the post was reportedly made as a show of solidarity with the people of iran. as rob mentioned, those people have been protesting the death of 22 year-old mahsa amini while in custody of the country's morality. police. back here at home, president joe biden calling on congress to pass legislation to force a deal over america's railroads for rail unions rejected a deal offered in september. it would have granted some concessions for rail workers. now the biden administration says it's doing everything possible to keep freight shipping lines running. >> from the beginning, the president has been very clear shut down is unacceptable because of the impact it would have on jobs and families and farms and businesses and communities just across. >> the country, the president
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is directly involved in the process and has been engage with his team and also has had a conversation with members of congress on this particular issue. >> meantime, at some point this hour, same and interracial marriages could pass a major hurdle to become protected by federal law. the bill faced several bumps in the road, but it looks like senate legislature's could reach an agreement across party lines. the bill would eventually have to pass the house to reach president biden's desk. but that get done by the end of this year's session as democrats still have control of the house senate voting process is expected to start around 12. 45 our time? we're going to be following that story all day. here in the bay area. the livermore police department is working to keep people from becoming victims of catalytic converter thefts. there's a free that's going on today. our kron four's charles
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clifford is joining us live from livermore. he's got a look at the process there. hey, charles. >> hey there yet. as we all kelly, to convert that to become a big problem here, livermore today, the police department is doing what they can to help people protect their property. on tuesday morning, the livermore police department and most college teamed up to offer free catalytic converter etching. >> each car is pulled into the school's automotive shop, lifted up and then the converter is marked with a unique code and a symbol that represents the livermore police department. if the converter is stolen and then later found it can be identified. the hope is to make it harder for thieves to sell their stolen goods. if somebody does still walk out, the murder of one of the vehicles has participated in these events, we can track it. so that's an investigative tool. it's also a deterrent and demand for the converter at ching is high. tuesday morning. drivers were lined up early waiting for their turn.
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maryland cheney read about it in the newspaper. she's frustrated with criminals targeting people's cars. we need to take care of getting rid of these guys that are stealing the. >> catalytic converters. this is the livermore police department's first edging event. but based on the strong turnout, they're already considering having another one. >> we've got a line stacked up and looks like it's going to be well-received. hopefully we'll be able to do more in the future. >> all right, back live now to today's event runs until 4 o'clock or lows procedures college. if you can make it down and get you might be able to get in and just another reason that edging has become very popular california recently passed new laws to try to track a crackdown on catalytic converter thefts that includes requiring metal recyclers to keep accurate records of where they get their converters from. if converter comes in, it's got an edge mark on it that shows it stolen that a metal recycler may be less likely to buy that stolen items. but for now in the east bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news looks like it's going to have a lot of people. charles, thank you.
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>> redwood city extending its temporary ban on gun stores. the controversial move received overwhelming support during last night's council meeting. kron 4 sarah stinson has the latest. >> the debate continues as to where gunshots should be located in redwood city. there are none right now and this debate sparked after gun retailers applied to open up shop at plazas like this one roosevelt plaza. we're all very upset. >> we've raised our kids here. it's been a great neighborhood and a gun shop really is inappropriate in a residential area. but the school right, basically across the street. >> redwood city residents like carol, are relieved to hear that last night's city council unanimously approved a 10 and a half month extension of a temporary ban on gun shops. it's already been in effect for the last 45 days. the manager of roosevelt plaza says this is a major overreach of government. you ban something for. >> over a year. it's not really regulating is basically using your political agenda
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and using your position in the government to implement you don't political positions. and that's the problem government do redwood city council members made it clear this is not a ban on guns or them trying to infringe on people's second amendment rights council members and the mayor want to make sure gun shops operate safely and are in appropriate areas. this is >> fairly standard. it's a very common tool. it's a tool that we use in redwood city before urgency ordinance is to give a staff that time to research city council plans to spend the next 4 months doing tpextensive research and they'l be discussing ideas with the public as well. we have to look at what other jurisdictions are doing. i mentioned that just in our county, there are 10 that have a variety of policies. >> we have to review materials from interested groups already heard from a number advocacy groups. >> really both sides of the issue have information to share. >> city council members plan to have this figured out well before the 10 and-a-half month
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ban expires. but we'll have to see what they decide in terms of zoning for these gun shops. i'm sarah stinson reporting in redwood city. back to you. >> in the east bay, the lafayette city council unanimously passed an ordinance requiring city gun owners to keep their firearms locked away. it would require gun owners to safely put guns in a locked container or to attach a safety lock. the council plans to make it official at the next council meeting on december 6th with a second reading of the new ordinance. that ordinance won't apply when legally carrying firearms or when it's in their immediate possession or control. lafayette joins other bay area cities including antioch, oakland, san francisco and san jose and having those stricter gun control laws. coming up here on kron, 4 news at noon, california. energy watchdog is holding a hearing on the soaring gas prices. >> we've been seeing some key players, though, won't be in the room. plus, a new study finds just about everyone in
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the u.s. has had covid at some point over the last couple of years. we're taking a look at some post holiday numbers as well. and elon musk now says twitter won't enforce the platform's standing covid misinformation rules expert opinion on what happens next. a live interview we come back.
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get you a check of your forecast. taking a live look at downtown san francisco. things looking nice and pretty
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today. it was definitely chilly, though, this morning. and i know we're going to stay kind of cold. >> over the next several days, kyla grogan here with your forecast to kyla. hey, there is no. well, good morning and good afternoon to everybody as we are here at the noon hour an hour. we have to wake up right? >> we started off a little chilly today. we have some 20's out there in the north bay. but right now you can see pretty nice. 53 in san francisco about 55 in napa. and 55 in palo alto, beautiful as well. we've got lots of blue skies out there. the clear skies kind of came in after that front passed us by. and that's what you get when a frontal passage happens. you get cooler temperatures and you get those kind of clear, beautiful skies. so here's where we're going today. 50's for the most part, we'll see a few spots at the 60 degree mark. but that's about it. so could be a little chilly. so essentially the weather pattern here as we have that one low pressure system that rolled past us now that spring. so the 4 corners, we have another one that's up in the pacific northwest today. we're going to stay cool and quiet. but then as we get into 2 other wednesday night, thursday time frame, the first system is going to drop it. and then the second one coming in saturday into sunday. so
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what does that mean? he's got some rain on the way, everybody. so that for system looks like it's going live or between a half an inch to three-quarters of an inch kind of bay area wide looking good right now. let me take you through this. i can show you kind of the timing of it are tuesdays looking great. we have some high clouds out there by wednesday night. here comes some of the thicker clouds and then i think we're good until about 09:00pm. and then the north bay should start to see some of those showers rolling in that 11 o'clock. and then here we go. he's ready for a shower of thursday morning. it's going to be a little bit of a rough one. there's those showers kind of roll through the bay. so north bay think after 09:00pm on wednesday, then thursday, we're kind of all in it, unfortunately, bay area wide. but it's good. we're getting rain and then more rain expected saturday into sunday. let's put it all together in your standard forecast and show you. we've got cool, beautiful skies today. and tomorrow. rain coming in overnight on wednesday into thursday. kind of trickles, i think will end up a little early on friday. we ship some nice sunshine there, too. and then here comes the next shot saturday into sunday. get the rain gear wet, ready and keep the jacket with you. this week is it's a little chilly folks. tyler,
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thank you. it's been nearly one full month of elon musk at the helm of twitter. his tenure has been riddled with drama. the latest of which has the billionaire attacking apple seen editor ensure. joining us now for a little twitter talk this you and thank you for joining us. >> tweet tweet. how are you doing? tweet this sounds to me a little risky for elan to be attacking apple in this way. i know it stems from apple cutting advertising on these social media site. elon accusing the company of hating free speech for doing so at this point app has apple responded? >> they have not. and it's worth noting all of this has to have allegedly in front of it because elon musk is not actually provided any details or evidence of everything he's saying. and unfortunately, we have found numerous experiences and times that we've written about on see that where he wasn't telling the or it was a slice of the truth. so you want to be
12:18 pm
careful kind of taking him at his word at this moment. but it is worth noting that he is taking this stance against apple. and look, he's the world's richest man. apple is the world's most highly valued company. feels like wwe. g match, right? starting to come up together against each other. and look, i i don't know how it's all going to play out, but i imagine that apple is going to end up fighting this the way they have with everyone else which is saying, it's our it's our court. you've got to play by our rules. and if you don't, you get off our court. and that's basically what the courts have said. they're allowed to do. >> well, and if you do end up getting in such a tiff with. >> apple where? >> what? almost a million. if not more than a million users of twitter actually are accessing twitter from an apple >> i mean, you don't expect apple to pull twitter from its app store anything like that right? >> it's hard to tell. part of what's been interesting is that apple and google represent a very interesting kind of a gate keeper within
12:19 pm
the tech industry. they don't use that power very often. but those app stores that they have are incredibly influential rented for a lot of people. that is the doorway into a lot of these services and apple could choose and they they have, for example, done this to other social networks, smaller ones, more popular among the extremists. they said, look, you're moderation isn't good enough. we're not going to allow you to run on our story and potentially have child abuse imagery or you know it. using your networking are apps to be able to recruit people and all sorts of other stuff. so in reality, as you want, musk has been cutting staff friday cut by half within his first week and then he basically chased out another group of it's really good question about whether or not they actually happen of moderation to meet apple standards. and it's it's really possible. apple could say no, this is not good and kick them out. >> i guess we'll have to wait and see. i know. of course this all stems kuzma. stu has
12:20 pm
vowed to take a much more relaxed approach towards speech on twitter. another nation of that is the ending of the platform's covid misinformation policy. functionally, what will that look like for users? >> a good number of people are going to be showing back up on twitter and this is something that he has talked about since before about the company. you know, he said that he want to bring buyback credit for president trump. he since actually done that. he brought back marjorie taylor greene, the the georgia republican congresswoman who was kicked off of twitter earlier this year because of covid misinformation. she's been allowed back in and he's basically said, look, i'm going to allow amnesty for a lot of people who were kicked out for various reasons one way or another. he won't allow them to come back if they were spamming and if they were breaking the law. while though, if you if you go by breaking the law that allows a lot of behavior that we didn't allow otherwise, including like terrorists recruiting and whatnot. so i'm really curious to see what's going to come of all this, but at least for the time being, you can expect a
12:21 pm
lot of the very outspoken, a very, you know, anti fauci characters that we had in the mainstream discourse. unfortunately a year ago are probably going to come back. >> going to come back and then things that they'd tweet will not necessarily have a banner saying, you know, this may be misinformation, which is the way that they were doing. things of the last couple of years. >> yeah, i mean, you musk has said that he wants to encourage the community notes feature, which for those of you who don't use twitter and i, i really ynvy you on some level. what it is is it's a thing that puts kind of a note at the bottom of tweets that other people write pointing to the actual information. so if it's something as counter to what the cdc says, the community writes up a little now, this is actually here's the information. cdc web site right there. so that is something he's wanted to encourage. but we have seen time and again over the last month or so. he is interacting awash with people who are considered to be extremists, particularly on the right wing. and it makes a real
12:22 pm
sense that, you know, there's this feeling that he is trying to push twitter over toward being much more allowing of extremist behavior that before just wasn't go out. >> well, yeah, when you said un be some people who who aren't on twitter sometimes i'm like, do i unfollow him? do i keep telling him some of the pictures that he posts are a little weird. so, you know, but you have to keep up to date and will continue to do that. and thank you so much for joining us. absolutely. thanks for having me. happening right now, the california energy commission is holding a hearing on the record gas prices we've been experiencing. but the state's major oil refineries are not participating in this chevron valero marathon phillips. 66 and pbf energy all refused invitations officials with the western states petroleum association are representing those companies. instead, state lawmakers want to know the reason for the record high profits by oil companies at
12:23 pm
their peak gas prices in california, average $6 and $0.43. that's about 2 and a half dollars more than the national average was at the time. still ahead here, the parents of college soccer player katie meyer filing a lawsuit in her death. what we know so far. >> plus, officials calling it the deadliest animal health disaster in history. the staggering death toll from this year's bird flu epidemic.
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more than 50 million birds have been wiped out by a record-breaking bird flu outbreak. the department of agriculture says it's the deadliest animal health disaster in u.s. history. >> the usda says more than 52 million birds have been killed across 46 states just in the last year. this year's outbreak surpassing 20 fifteens record spread the world organization for animal health blames international berge trading farming and migrating wild birds. the cdc says the avian flu can spread through the air, but it's very unlikely for humans to catch it. so far, the cdc says only one person has gotten the virus this year. also for your health here, a new report shows 94% of americans have been infected with covid-19, at least once. that's according to researchers from harvard from 2021 to this year, about 116 million infections were reported and
12:27 pm
there were around 209 million re infections. researchers warn even with a steady increase in covid protections. virus mutations are still putting people at risk of illness. they add covid is still a leading cause of death here in the united states as covid cases are back on the rise. it's hitting at the same time as the flu and rsv ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin. hong says covid hospitalizations are up and nationally there continues to be about 300 covid deaths a day. 90% of those are in people who are 65 and older. coming up next at noon, a cross-country catfishing scheme ends in tragedy. what we're learning about the grisly crime spree in southern california. >> plus, a missing texas girl found more than 50 years later. how she and her family are doing now. and the parents of college soccer star katie meyer demanding justice and a new lawsuit over her death.
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top story this half-hour, the parents of katie meier are suing stanford university over their daughter's death. >> the 21 year-old soccer player was found dead inside her dorm room back in march, a coroner ruled her death a suicide, but her parents say meyer took her own life after stressing about facing a disciplinary action from the school kron four's. justin
12:31 pm
campbell explains. >> in a 72 page complaint, lawyers representing katie myers family led stanford use star soccer player katie meyer in advertisements to represent the school's athletic teams but then failed to support her mental well-being. it is that and just then and then deichmann as stanford's disciplinary system and how they basically. >> just last, katie, along defense attorney paula canny says the lawsuit gives examples that stanford violated the ncaa guidelines and has a long history of not dealing with mental health of students. it sure sounds like they did do something from this complaint. a coroner ruled myers death a suicide after she was found dead in her dorm room back on march. first of this year, the night before on february. 28, she received it distressing email from stanford's office of community standards. >> informing meyer that she
12:32 pm
was facing a formal charge. according to the lawsuit, the charge stems from an incident in which meyer poured coffee on a football player after he kissed one of myra soccer teammates without consent. in the lawsuit, myers parents claim stanford's after hours disciplinary charge and the reckless nature and manner of submission caused their daughter to suffer in acute stress reaction that impulsively led to her suicide. also writing the actions that led to the death of katie meyer began and ended with stanford university. stanford says this is inaccurate the university initially reported the claim and did not move forward with investigation because the criteria was not met. stanford says multiple allegations in the filing are foles and they strongly disagree. they should be held responsible for her death art, because is there causation? did stanford? >> you know,
12:33 pm
>> it is stand for the proximate legal cause. katie suicide. candy says myers parents most likely are not after money, but to vindicate their daughter's death. >> reporting in san jose, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> mexican prosecutors are seeking to extradite an american woman for questioning in the death of a north carolina woman in kuala robinson died while staying at a luxury rental in san jose del cabo with 6 others last month. the fbi is invpstigating after a viral video appeared to show an american woman beating robinson as someone else recorded the assault after robinson's death. her 6 friends, she had been traveling with returned to the united states, claiming she had died of alcohol poisoning. but according to the death certificate, robinson died of severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation which is instability or excessive movement and the uppermost neck vertebrae. the death was classified as accidental or
12:34 pm
violent. investigators are not publicly naming the suspect. they want to question at this time. police have provided new information about the man who kidnapped a riverside teen after 3 members of her family were found dead inside a burning home. investigators now say the suspect worked for virginia state police and used a form of deception known as catfishing to develop an online relationship with the young girl reporter saito has the story. >> the online entrapment of a minor ends in the deadly outcome leaving this riverside neighborhood. grief stricken. >> has brought? all this need have to bus for this. >> authorities say 28 year-old austin lee, edwards calf ish or deceived an unidentified teen girl online making her think he was someone else. >> basically he was portraying to be someone younger and probably someone different and developed a a an online relationship with her. >> edwards got the teams address and is said to have traveled cross-country from
12:35 pm
virginia where he worked in law enforcement as a state trooper. and most recently, a sheriff's deputy edwards arrived to the riverside home on price court friday morning where he allegedly killed 3 members of the one next family. the teen's mom, brooke, and grand parents, mark and sherry authorities say he then set their home on fire to cover up the slate. edwards forced the girl into his car. one neighbor heard the commotion and called police what eventually spotted them on the freeway, triggering a pursuit that ended with the teen escaping unharmed. and edwards dying in a shootout with san bernardino deputies in kelso. over the weekend, neighbors held vigil outside the home and like that's like. >> personal because it's right across the street and it could have been anyone. >> melissa county own says she saw the teen sister at the vigil and offered her support. >> well, that was soft. the family and it because. i want
12:36 pm
them. i wanted i told to relive on this to see if she ever needed anything. and i want her to know like. >> we'll be there. authorities say this incident while tragic should serve as a reminder to teens and parents. >> there are predators out there who are preying on our kids. and that's how this relationship began. you know, you have a vulnerable victim here and you have a suspect who's taking an advantage on that. >> that was carlos saucedo reporting for us. other news this afternoon. we have some new video. some stunning new video of the massive lava flows coming from hawaii's mauna loa volcano. the coast guard sharing the footage of the fiery magma as it makes its way down mauna loa roared back to life yesterday after 38 years of beine dormant, the eruption of the world's largest active volcano sent waves of orange, glowing lava
12:37 pm
and smokey ash up into the sky. authorities say the lava is not a threat to communities there, though. i do know some folks are headed to shelter just in case the faa is monitoring the eruption and will issue air traffic advisories once the size of the ash cloud is determined. pretty incredible. mother nature is want to get your check of your local forecast here. taking a live look at the north bay golden gate bridge. there are things looking pretty nice. >> i know we're in for some rain. we're in for some cold nights. and i see that you're looking at tahoe, their investments. no, that's right. a lot of snow, in looks like we're going look out for one to 3 feet of snow or take a live look here at diamond peak. and you can see some of that snow cap mountain. they're quite beautiful. speaking of chile, things, how about the temperatures this morning? everybody nap and had a limited to 28 degrees overnight last night. snow with 30 33 in rohnert park, redwood city 34 and same story in livermore is a chilly and you can see all those cool temperatures that cool air that russian behind this is tricky right now. it's just sitting at 32 degrees. 64 in
12:38 pm
la at about 55 in reading. beautiful outside that we've got a lot of blue skies. those clear skies allowed us to kind of get very chilly but also beautiful sunshine today. temperatures right now pretty comfortably in the 50's, although today will be a mostly below average day for us, in fact, are already off to a cooler start here. as you can see, temperatures running in oakland about 7 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. 8 degrees cooler in napa. you get the idea. it's a little chilly up there and that cold air that rushes in with these already bringing some snow right now into parts of washington and oregon. but we're getting the clear skies today. wind is also com. we've got a bit breezy yesterday. so we've seen that kind of calm down and at highs today will be at or below normal. so san francisco, just 56. 57 for oakland. you can see about 60 for san jose when it should be about 62. right? so a couple of degrees below normal across the board. santa rosa also looking out for 60 but livermore concord, upper 50's for you. and then there's this. we've got snow on the way. i'll have details on that when i come back in just a bit for now, said to the desk. kayla, thank you. it is giving
12:39 pm
tuesday. several organizations are continuing their efforts to give back to people in need here in the bay area. and that includes a food bank in the north bay that could use your help. kron four's will tran has more from redwood empire food bank in santa rosa where the community is helping out families in need. don't put your credit card away. i'm sure it got a lot use yesterday for cyber monday. giving tuesday is also spending money. >> but for those who really need it, not just family and friends, but for the community, we are inside the redwood empire food bank in santa rosa. look at all the food right behind me and believe me, it will be shipped out if not today. >> in the days ahead because the need is always probable and there's no season for hunger. it's every day meal to meal. here's david goodman with a redwood empire. thank you for staying with us all morning. what do you need? we were just talking about the cost. you're not immune to
12:40 pm
having to pay more as well. correct. last year we're spending a dollar for a dozen eggs. now it's $4. >> her feeding 100,000 people throughout the year. now is the time to step forward and meet our matching grant that we have a tremendous opportunity. i know it's the holiday season. people feel guilty even if they don't have money to spend on gifts, even if it's a little this helps out so they can maybe make little john or tim feel better with a minimal get sure. no, no reason to feel guilty. a little bit of something for everybody is all we ask. you're saying that the face of hunger is not what people think it could be. you me or anybody. sure. one of the things we've encountered through the pandemic and to the fire to the experiences that people are just living on. the margin is living on the edge and it takes just one event life and they come to the redwood empire food bank. okay. so you have a cool thing working with the tribe here. explain that. and what's being matched? yeah. the tribal council of the great rancheria have offered $50,000 match and
12:41 pm
it's urgent. hunger is urgent. so for every dollar people contribute today, only today up to $50,000, they'll match it. okay. thank you so much for that. and we will put their website on our website. i promise you i'm going to go to it and donate. i grew up before we went to food banks. so it's very personal to me as well. hopefully is very personal to you. and they will take their money and they know what to do with it. a lot better than we do. so go to our website. kron 4 dot com help those you have yet to meet. back to you. >> still to come this afternoon, a winter storm looms this week impact it could have on businesses and california's i'm trevor shirley at the white house decorations are up for the holiday season and there's a unique group of people who helped bring the white house to life for the holidays. >> tell you more about that coming up just ahead. >> and she was kidnapped as a baby back in 1971. 5 decades. her family prayed they would find her alive. now after a
12:42 pm
stunning twist of fate, those prayers have been answered.
12:43 pm
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>> well, it is a holiday miracle. a woman who was kidnapped as a baby has finally been reunited with her family more than 50 years later. the family says they never gave up hope of someday finding her. and as markie martin reports she was just a few miles away the whole time.
12:45 pm
>> that looks just like your mother for the first time in more than 50 years. the highsmith's are all together this holiday season. melissa highsmith is making up for lost time with her dad and brother today. family. she never knew she was supposed to have. it >> still her right. >> in 1971, at just 22 months old, melissa was abducted from her fort worth home by a babysitter. the family had never met. a woman who had answered a help wanted ad in the paper. the mother asked the roommate she was living with at the time to give melissa to the baby sitter. they handed her off to just never brought her and so launched a 5 decades long search for the little girl whose photo was plastered in all the places that become every parent's worst nightmare and very angry about
12:46 pm
>> she was kidnapped and the kidnapper taking 51 years of my joy. >> away from me. jeffrey highsmith never stopped looking for his daughter. melissa story resurfacing in the headlines this fall when an anonymous tipster said that a woman she spotted in south carolina resembled the age progression photo released by the national center for missing and exploited children. melissa's brother jeff joining news nation in september to talk about the case. how did you receive this information? this tip of a possible sighting? you must be overwhelmed. >> a little overwhelmed. it wasn't melissa. but the tip did encourage her dad to use a dna kit from 23 and me. and it came back as her children. >> my grandchildren. and i just started and crying and my daughter to work. i'm she's alive. she's alive by 5. >> me and my son durant has my 2 daughters center for a
12:47 pm
crest. and i've been looking for my daughter for 51 years and hole my children's known. and then that's what pat toomey out is like. >> you know, michael took me melissa, who have gone on to be named melanie by her abductor, had lived most of her life. 10 minutes down the road from where she'd been taken. i could have probably seen my picture of the dps and i'm book, too. aside from scene on the family and law enforcement now figuring out how to move forward. for me, it's a lifelong dream come true. if i >> could ask i for anything that i would need. 2 guys are to give me everything ever wanted and never go about how you know, i didn't think. nobody was there looking for me, but they never go about how. >> incredible story that was markie martin reporting for us. other news this afternoon. the national weather service says we are slightly better off this season when it comes to fighting the drought. they say the same time last year. a
12:48 pm
couple early storms had california's snowpack looking healthy, but that followed with a long, dry period. putting us back well below normal. that could change this season, though, with more rain hitting the state in just a couple of days after a promising start the month of november has mostly been dry, but it is about to change a wet weather pattern promising to bring measurable rain and snow to the sierra dennis shanahan reports from lake tahoe where people are anxiously awaiting that change in weather. >> when you have enough snow for ski areas to be open in november, it's hard to complaints. think what i've been waiting for all summer, like. >> i've already i come up here. every chance i get like i can't. i came straight from school up here. every skier and snowboarder. we spoke with the boreal is thrilled to be on the mountain, but they all admit that conditions could be better. i'm really excited for. >> it's no more because right now it's not the best. it's not like really like soft. the snow is pretty hard packed right now and a little thin.
12:49 pm
all the more reason to be excited about what is coming later in the week. i'm super psyched. i love powder days. it just feels amazing. it feels like a gliding. it's just better to arrive and powdery boost for snow. sports is a welcome bonus. but what's important for all of us is the impact to our water supply. the storms of early november barely made a dent in that. this is what shasta lake looked like in september. the water level at 34% of capacity today. it's lower than this at 31%. and shasta is the state's largest reservoir meeting. water needs throughout the central valley in a monday news release, the bureau of reclamation told its water customers to prepare for the possibility of another dry season. part of the statement reads conservative planning efforts will help better manage the limited water resources in the event. conditions remain dry and we move into a 4th consecutive drought year. we need all the all the snow we get. >> on the water down to the ballot. >> the forecast this week is great news for the mountains and the valley promising measurable rain in sierra snow.
12:50 pm
>> that was dennis shanahan reporting for a new report shows just how damaging california's prolonged drought is on the state's economy. how it could get worse to the report states. california's farm land dropped by about 750,000 acres. that's a 10% decrease in land from years. 2019 to 2022. as a result, california crop revenues fell by more than one and a half billion dollars during that time. the state also lost more than 19,000 jobs because of the decline in crops. so any and all rain and snow is definitely i feel like i was just doing a little snow dance on there. you guys can see here. but i this is a live look at the transamerica pyramid today in downtown san francisco. sun is shining bright. >> but as we've been telling you, that's going to change in a few days. hey, kiley, it is. and there always the upside to kind of the downsides of these things. one of the things that i noticed this morning when i came in is part of the sierra snow that's coming has
12:51 pm
promoted. >> has started to make them unfortunately watch. and you can see this. this kicks in thursday morning through friday morning in and around the lake tahoe area because expecting very heavy mountain snow on top of kind of a weak snowpack that is there. so as you can see, the system that we had yesterday is now tracked, often leaving some snow in the 4 corners. we have the second system right now that's going to be dropping towards us pretty soon. that's up in the pacific northwest. let's time this out and show you how this works out. but take you into wednesday evening later in the evening, we start to see this roll in from north to south notice. there's the sierra snow as well. that's your thursday. we clear out on friday and then saturday we have the second wave of rain and snow that's going to coming in saturday morning into sunday there sunday at 7.15, and then finally starts clearing out as we get into our monday. how much are we talking about? well, pretty impressive. rain totals first. it looks like between a half and 3 quarters of an inch. and then we add to that as we get into the weekend, those totals will be so we have all of these winter
12:52 pm
storm warnings in the red that are up advisories in the purple and winter storm watches for this year that kicks in wednesday in the evening. nt goes through friday morning. heavy snow expected 10 to 16 inches. snow levels look to be about 2 to 3,000 feet above 7,000 that we could see above 2 feet, hazardous travel, wind gusting to 45 miles per hour and up at the peaks. we could even see upwards of 100 miles per hour. meanwhile, the bay today, it's gorgeous out there. we started chilly. we're in the 50's, as you can see right across the board. and that's pretty much where we're going to stay today. a few spots will get up to 60 degrees, but that's about it. we stay cool as we work our way through the entire week. looking out for that rain again, wednesday into thursday and then saturday into sunday. back to you. kyla. thank you. all of this kind of colder weather puts you in the holiday season and spirit and that holiday spirit also on full display at the white house. volunteers from across the country put the finishing touches on decorations this week. >> washington correspondent trevor shirley reporting from the white house on the ecial group of americans who helped make it happen. >> well, this all came together in just under the
12:53 pm
past week, more than 150 volunteers from all 50 states helping to bring the white house to life for the holiday season. >> from a wintry east wing hallway to the east rooms, presidential pets unwrapped inside the white house. the holidays are here, real we represent. what brings us together during the holidays and throughout the year. first lady doctor jill biden welcomed service members, first responders and teachers, all volunteer decorators working here since thanksgiving weekend. all of this would not be possible without your hard work there. 77 christmas trees, 10's of thousands of ornaments and the white house in gingerbread weighing morehan 200 pounds. you have a job and that's what you need to do. and we just did it. i think everybody had the same idea that. >> we want to make this is beautiful as possss le. not only for the first family, but for all the people who get to walk through here and see and fallen tear aaron bone as a government and history teacher
12:54 pm
from indianapolis. she brought her mom, debbie perkins, a retired teacher to help. it's overwhelming. >> to think that we are in this place where so much has happened and then to see so many people working together. also hear families whose loved ones died, protecting america. >> jane horton's husband was killed in afghanistan in 2011. it's one of the greatest honors of my life. the white house is the epitome of everything. my husband and died for. it's the people's house which just so beautiful about the theme this year. we the people that theme on display everywhere showing just how much americans actually have in common. what we share is so much greater. >> things that pull us apart, something not lost on those here to help. so to be here with my people of this country that are all different was a such an honor. and white house officials say they expect to see around 50,000 visitors pass through the white house to see these decorations over the next few weeks reporting at the white house. i'm trevor shirley.
12:55 pm
>> definitely a sight to see. coming up next, a toy for the gamers in your life. if you're talking about your four-legged family members, that how they made a video game for dogs.
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
>> apparently you can teach old dogs. new tricks, even in the form of video games. take a look. this is a prototype
12:58 pm
that comes from joy paw games. the company is running the video games on e custom saliva resistance touch screen console because the canine competitors play with their snouts is just saw. there you go. researchers say the project could actually help with dogs brains as they get older games include a whack, a mole challenge and a test to see if the doggie gamer can pick which side of an image contains more bubbles. here's the best part your furry friend succeeds the machine actually dispenses a treat. the creator says the most difficult part of testing is getting the dogs to play the game without peanut butter, the screens definitely might get a little messy there. if that's what you gotta do. olivia horton is standing by for live in the bay. olivia, i know you've got dogs. i'm sorry. i don't know where you can get this joy pa games, though, is created it. so i feel like do you think your
12:59 pm
dogs could? >> could do it? i you know, it's funny. i really do think so. only because great danes are really very smart breed. but what i like most about that its saliva resistant to you. how much great slobber noel. it's crazy. i don't know. and i don't think i want to that you probably want to know. i mean, you know, maybe one day you'll be able to meet my little fur babies. yeah, i'm sure you need figure out a segment. maybe we need to get with joy pa games and see if they can come brcng it in and you can bring your dogs and you can see how they do. that would be a nice little. that's last talks. we're always and its ideas. people just need to it take them utley. olivia, what else are you working on today? coming up today on live in the bay. are you to buy or sell your home? we have the expert tips from lux realty on how you can take advantage of the current housing market. >> then nothing says the holidays like some good music. we have the details on what the san francisco philharmonic will take the stage with journey. >> chase winter wonderland.
1:00 pm
>> plus, one of the newest trends for dating during the holidays. we have expert matchmakers kelly, new mayor studio with tips to look out for and how to navigate this season of romance. and it's giving tuesday, everyone how you can catch a christmas, carol, by the food bank's players and get back in a big way. >> there's so much happening today on live in the bay. welcome to live in the bay and happy tuesday. everyone. boy, it's a great day to hang out with us over here at live in the bay. so thanks for tuning in. i'm olivia horton. now we can't start the show without getting you all caught up. so let's head to our segment in case you missed it. >> now today officially marks a giving tuesday, which is a day that follows 2 of the biggest shopping days of the year in black friday


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