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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  November 30, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> good morning. 08:00am on this wednesday, november 30th and james fletcher. and i'm reyna harvey. we're talking about dry conditions today, but that's going to change. it yeah, tomorrow as we welcome the month of december, john, it certainly turns wintery real quick. yeah, yeah. december gets here in look at some new snowfall up in the sierra and some new rain. >> here in the bay area today, we're finishing off november with one that you can be productive on just what the jackets on because it is cold out be a dry, your view outside at pier 15 and sam the bay bridge currently is showing you those clear skies and a little bit of a breeze out there, 30's 40's for most of our current temps, alameda. 44, one of our warmer spots. well, redwood city down to 32 degrees. san jose in the 30's, dublin below freezing right at 30 degrees. not to mention fairfield in the mid 20's at 25 much of the north bay like novato santa rosa in petaluma also below freezing in the upper 20's to low 30's colder
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than even yesterday morning was nevado in santa rosa. 7 degrees. cooler than what was already a chilly start for your tuesday morning. now tomorrow is when the rain gets here and it's going to come a long before you can get up tomorrow morning talking all about it in your forecast, john, thank you for that. right. hitting the roads this morning. traveling into the city about 23 minutes. mace that fremont street exit. >> the san mateo bridge. 21 it 80 to 101 has long. it's going to take you to make it across towards the peninsula. well, richmond center fell bridge social. and what about 13 minutes there? and if you're hopping on the golden gate, rich, 37 to the tolls about 35 minutes. >> 801 on the clock. and happening today, the man charged with assaulting house speaker nancy pelosi's husband. paul is due in federal court. yeah, he is charged with 2 federal charges and multiple state charges as well. kron four's camila barco live in san francisco with what we can actually camilla. >> yeah, well, rayna james, today's hearing involves lawyers from both sides updating the judge on their
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progress in preparing for the trial. david, to eap is scheduled to appear in federal court in san francisco this morning after pleading not guilty to those federal charges. he has been charged with one count of attempted kidnapping of a u.s. official which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prince in prison. he has also been charged with one count of assault on an immediate family member of the u.s. official with intend to retaliate against the official on account of their performance of official duties. that charge carries a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison. >> was indicted after breaking into the home of nancy pelosi and her husband, paul pelosi, senior in october, officers responded to their home and found impact. >> and paul pelosi fighting over a hammer and officer ordered a path to drop the hammer but ended up swinging it at paul leaving him with a fractured skull. he underwent surgery and has been recovering since then. police
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say pap told them he wanted to attack the house speaker. plus other political leaders and rayna james to pap has also pleaded not guilty to state charges. but this morning he is scheduled to appear in federal court for those federal charges. he's scheduled to be in court at 9 o'clock this morning. i'll send it back to you. >> all right. thanks for that update. camila. well, the san francisco board of supervisors has voted to allow the police department now to use robots in emergency situations. so the supervisor spent hours debating this issue last night. police have had these robots as a tool for years. they've been used primarily in the execution of search warrants or to de-escalate certain situations. some supervisors say the city, though, needs to be prepared for whatever may happen. and these robots may be a part of doing that. police say they don't have any plan to arm these robots, although they could be a quip, they say, with explosive charges for certain limited situations. police say the robots will save lives, although some supervisors were skeptical.
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>> these are not autonomous robots. no one's tapping in. these are these are train police officers that would utilize a robot that instead of a police officer or other members of this public being injured or killed by this individual. we would send the robot in and we would use force that way and we would save lives and doing that. there are so many arguments against this robot simply will not be able to do. >> to make these judgment calls in the same way. with full situational awareness that a police officer with people be able to make. >> well before being passed, the ordinance was amended to say that officers can only use these robots after all other options have been exhausted. >> one man is dead after a fire at a 2 story building and opened. it started just after 6 o'clock last night on foothill boulevard just east of interstate 80. that's right. near garfield elementary school crews arrived found that man dead at the scene. the cause of that
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fire still being investigated. also in the east bay and oakland woman now facing several charges after being accused stealing from elderly people. she care berkeley assisted living. now authorities are asking for the public's help to find other potential victims. kron four's terisa stasio has that story. >> 29 illegal purchases from amazon totaling $2000, 109 fraudulent charges using doordash spending nearly $4,000. and then there is the cash withdrawn close to $5,000. berkeley police say that that's just some of the crimes committed by this woman identified as 44 year-old oakland resident, kai issue carter, this investigation started back in september. >> when the family were came to us the notice that's a loved one who is staying at the facility and they're they're a call listening. byron white with the berkeley police department says that
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the case cracked open after being alerted by a relative of a resident living here. >> at chi, a communique air, a skilled nursing facility where carter worked as a certified nursing assistant. >> made a number of charges. if thousands of dollars of of purchases online and in some cases cap cash withdrawal while investigating the first case. police say they were contacted by a second victim's family claiming. >> carter used the victim's checkbook the car to steal nearly $700 in court documents. police say carter admitted to caring for both victims and stealing from both. police say that carter had worked for the nursing home for nearly 2 decades. >> it's my understanding that the facility is going to other love. the people who are saying there are other family members of the people are staying there. >> the care facility sent kron 4 news. this statement late tuesday evening. quote, we are appalled and disappointed
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about this situation. we are continuing to investigate the specifics on this matter. officer white says unfortunately, this case is a reminder for many with vulnerable loved ones. a tough, sobering reminder that just can't be too careful if you find yourself are up. >> a loved one. it's in a facility. i would say definitely take those extra steps of checking on credit report. live preps going to join with a loved one theory says stasio kron. 4 news. >> 807, is the time. and police in oakley are looking for the driver involved in a hit and run. it happened just after 7 o'clock last night at the intersection of main street and norcross lane. it's actually just a few blocks away from oakley elementary school. police do have pictures of the car they're looking for. and here's an example of it. they described as a silver suv, police say was traveling eastbound on main street when it hit a woman that woman was taken to the hospital with head and arm injuries. anybody with information that may help
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solve this case is asked to call oakland police. well, the numbers are out from the chp about their maximum enforcement period. they sent out a tweet that indicated more than 1000 arrests were made for impaired driving during the thanksgiving holiday weekend. the maximum enforcement period began thursday evening. it last through the end of sunday. >> well, new this morning, a major policy changes now under way at twitter. yeah, the platform is ending its covid-19 misinformation policy which was in place to try to prevent the spread of iran is information, conspiracy theories, things that might pose a health threat to people. if they took that as legitimate medical advice. kron 4 sarah stinson is live in san francisco with the impacts of this. good morning, sara. ning. this has health experts across the country and right here in san francisco. very concerned. now that twitter won't be enforcing misinformation and false claims about covid something that was put in place during the peak of the
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pandemic. at many social media apps just to make sure that this wasn't happening because it became a big problem now it now it's happening yet again. twitter, though, and a lot of other social media apps. they started verifying post related to covid. they started putting out informational warnings. >> and now that he's no longer at twitter, twitter users are already testing out the hands-off approach. this happening as we head into the holiday season, covid tends to spread more and we have that triple threat covid rsv and the flu nationwide. we're seeing an average of 38,000 new cases a day according to johns hopkins university, far lower than last year. but people are also testing and reporting cases lest some doctors are even saying they are telling people to get off twitter that this is a dangerous situation for those who make their health decisions based of what they learn in an online. now, i just caught up with doctor peter chin. hong at ucsf. he
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explained to me how this is a major concern. >> more than can frightening for multiple reasons. the first is that misinformation. this information actually kills. people is not just about freedom of when you think about a pandemic, that's a pandemic. but taking some age not getting a vaccine indirectly kills if there our reading and believing misinformation that spread around them. >> also talked with doctor peter chin-hong about how it feels as a health professional. he's seeing people actually in the hospital and there, you know, telling them, you know, i don't want that medicine or i didn't get vaccinated because i read this online and he said it's very disheartening. and it's it's just a huge issue that they have faced during the pandemic. >> a big tip from health experts is if you're going to get your information online,
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make sure your fact checking it. make sure you're getting in. >> from a source that is trusted and the best source really is going to your local health professional and the local health department's website, of course, at kron 4 dot com. we have extensive information about covid trusted information from doctors. >> for now, i'm sara stinson reporting live in san francisco. back to you. >> all right, sara, thanks for breaking it down for us this morning. we will take a break here at 11. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a tentative agreement he's been reached now between uc leaders and a couple of the groups of academic workers that have been on strike. not everybody is happy about this proposed deal will explain. >> plus, congress has until the end of the year to take on current legislators on the legislation's that are on the mind of lawmakers before the hour. congress is divided up. we're going to talk about the key issues that they're talking about right now. well, hi there, i'm will tran and santa clara warming center you
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to warm and lose your mind like i am. >> doing a jigsaw puzzle will tell you all about warming centers available today. and tomorrow when the couple by just. >> it's not a morning like this morning where we are looking at the chilly temps. it's dry for now. but rain and snow is on its way come tomorrow. temps this morning of falling into the upper 20's for parts of the north bay. later today, staying comfortably cool. i've got your forecast.
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>> we are back 8.14, on the clock. and let's talk about the cold temperatures and the fact that we now have to have warming centers opening up to help people in the overnight hours that may need a warm place. certainly has been a chilly one. but kron four's will tran for some reason and santa clara counties. but >> avoiding all of that chill. every live shot will looks warmer and warmer on year in what you're doing now. >> warming centers are now open in some centers actually open in the overnight hours on that, that santa clara senior center and you, too, can come down here and have a jigsaw puzzle in front of you and you, too, can lose your mind. just like i am right now. you have all day as they're open for hours. all the way into 3 o'clock tonight or this afternoon, i should say now there are other places in santa clara county that you can also go to if you're not near this location. this is off of fremont street, but there are other locations that you can check out because one
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you might be out and about and you need a place to get warmer. you just your power bill. simply too expensive. and it costs a lot of money to heat up your place. you know, it's better. then power, free power and you can get free power at central park library. mission branch library, northside branch library, community recreation center, santa clara senior center, my current location and check out the top of your screen. it actually opened yesterday and will remain open all the way through december 2nd. and that is important because for the next couple of days, especially tomorrow we're talking wet, wild and windy weather. so what's worse than being cold being very wet and cold come on down. they have jim. they have coffee. they have snacks. plenty of books. plenty of jigsaw puzzles. you know what? i'm going to continue working on dot. you
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can come on down, get war. they are ready for you. no questions asked, just come on, take off the jacket, sit down and enjoy a nice jigsaw puzzle doing like me, just pretend you did it. but don't back to you. it's the right a man of little he's got the right thing, figured out how to stay warm. yeah. >> and mainly it's to stay inside if you can just basically a tomorrow that exactly all of us. think all of us are going to be just want to find. a fireplace has my bed and get under i waited blanket. suffice hey, you know what today? a dry one ahead of tomorrow's rain. which >> does get here before we even get up tomorrow morning. there's no beating it and just got to get through it where we're sitting this morning. you can definitely get ahead of the curve by getting some of those chores out of the way today. you can take it a little easier tomorrow. the
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east bay looking down into the bay. nothing but sunshine right now. love to see such a clear view. we are cold this morning. so get those jackets ready to go this afternoon. i keep the light jacket on hand. there's the rain and the snow is still sitting to our north. it's been a very snowy past few days for the cascades. the rockies. and now it's about to make its way to the sierra with rainfall on its way to the bay area. like i mentioned, there's no beating it tomorrow. rain gets here before you even get up in the morning. roadways are going to be wet. there's that line of showers dropping through around 06:30am. that's around the time. that will start to see our heaviest of rainfall pushing through a lot of rain coming down in a short period of time could result in some puddles, some ponding of water on roadways increases your risk of hydroplaning slick conditions generally. so just leave for work a little bit earlier than you usually do. rainfall begins to die down, at least the most widespread stuff right around the time. your commutes dying down midday, you'll peaks a into some sunshine, but don't be surprised when the spotty showers pop up into tomorrow afternoon between those peaks of sunshine friday should be a
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dry one consistently before saturday and sunday. bring more rain to us. now, as far as the rainfall totals expected tomorrow, most of us will be right around an inch of rain could see 2 inches of it up towards the santa cruz mountains, especially around ben lomond. now, as far as the sierra nevada goes, winter storm warnings take effect tonight at 10:00pm last year. 10:00am on friday, one to 3 feet of snowfall up their elevations as low as 4500 feet seeing the potential of snowfall. and today, ahead of all of it, going to be a nice, dry and calm. want to be wrapping up the month seems pretty familiar out there because yesterday upper 50's to low 60's were highs in today. we're right back there. so enjoy a nother pleasantly cool. one light jackets on all day long. fremont hayward on up to oakland at 58 near 60 for walnut creek and concord and mid 50's for spots like youngsville napa. santa rosa in mill valley. tomorrow's highs dip into the mid 50's and that's where we're going to stay at omr warmest the rest of the forecast rainiest
8:20 am
of days will be tomorrow, especially tomorrow morning. then again on saturday and sunday. best travel days are today friday and then into early next week rain. all right, john, good travel days today. so let's look at those drive times. 24 minutes heading into the city. >> so that fremont street exit the san mateo bridge, but she had about 26 81 on one heading across towards the peninsula. richmond center fell bridge just under 13 minutes tolls to 101. there and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 35 minutes. >> now to some national news this morning. the senate, as we know, voted to pass legislation to protect same marriages in the country. so they checked that box checked it off. but there are more issues congress is going to look at and address as we near the end of the year. yeah, we've got our dc correspondent alexander limon with a look at what they still have ahead. >> good morning. democrats are trying to pass as much legislation as possible in the next month before they lose
8:21 am
the majority in the u.s. house and control of congress is divided tuesday. the u.s. senate passed a historic bill requiring the federal government and states to recognize same marriages. their marriages are and will in the future continue to be valid. democrats pushed for passage of the bill for fear. the supreme court could overturn current same marriage protections in response to concerns over religious liberty. >> this already narrow bill has been significantly amended in the senate to include robust religious liberty protections. 11 republicans supported the measure in the senate. the bill heads back to the house for another vote before heading to the president's desk. >> next step, congress will take up a bill that could force freight rail unions to agree to a new labor contract and avoid a strike that could impact the delivery of cool lumber and feel this winter cold. the has to act to prevent. >> call that you do.
8:22 am
>> a majority of the rail unions support the contract that the biden administration helped negotiate. but for oppose it following the attack on the u.s. capitol, congress is also looking at passing the electoral count act. the legislation would raise the threshold for objecting to election results and clarify the vice president's the measure has bipartisan support, including from republican senate leader mitch mcconnell. but congress is running out of time. finally, democrats also hope to pass a long-term government funding bill instead of the short term funding measures that the government has been operating under. >> and they have to get all of that done before the end of the year in washington. alexandra limon. >> thank you, alex. it is 8.22. coming up after the break on the kron 4 morning news. have you gotten your inflation relief payment yet if not be careful. we've got word of a scam going around trying to get that money from him. tell you what you need to know. we'll be right back.
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>> well, if have not received your inflation relief payment, state officials want you to be aware. scammers are targeting your refund. so one of the tricks includes an offer to speed up delivery of the money. they asked for your personal information in order to do that. some 5 billion dollars in payments already gone out and either direct deposit or in the form of a debit card. the franchise tax board says if you've not
8:26 am
received yours yet, it's going to be coming by mid-january. so, look out for that, ok? well, speaking of protecting your money, banks in the u.s. plan to start reimbursing customers who were victims of zelle scams. 7 banks -pcollectively own cell. >> the new york times reports the beginning next year the government will require those banks to compensate zelle users who fall prey to scammers. the announcement comes nearly 2 months after a senate report found that these large banks were reluctant many times to reimburse victims of zell fraud. so under the new rules, the bank on the receiving end, we'll have to be the one who reimburses fraud victims. >> the founder of the embattled crypto from ft x will have to testify to a texas state security board. texas alleges ftx violates its securities act during that hearing that sam bateman, fred, who will address the option for a cease and desist order fines as well as refunds at its height. ftx was the third-largest cryptocurrency exchange. but earlier this month they began chapter 11
8:27 am
bankruptcy proceedings. that hearing is scheduled for february. >> 8.26. the time. we'll take a break. but coming up next, the oakland police department is expanding its plan to combat crime will tell you what they're looking to do to keep you safe during the holiday shopping season. when we make decisions to better ourselves, we can better the forest too. like using products made from paper. so whether you're journaling,
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>> all right. we're back 8.30, is the time we've got a beautiful, dry shot behind
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completely different tomorrow. and little chilly today. dry but cold 5 drive a cold again tomorrow, i guess cold and went john. yeah, i'll take my dry cold, but we need the wet cold. so i guess we just got to get through tomorrow and do so spending as little time during the morning outside as possible. >> this morning, you'll be fine. as long as you layer up, we've got an easy drive to work, at least as far as what mother nature is offering us up because as you can see outside skies are clear. we do have fog and we certainly don't have any rain yet. that's still well to the north of us. what we do have some temps below freezing dublin. you're right at freezing at 30 to san jose. fremont at 39 redwood city. 34 or there's a few 20's in the north bay fairfield at 29 in petaluma bad. 28 degrees crew. the now these numbers even colder than a lot of us were yesterday, which is already chilly fairfield nevado in santa rosa beach, 7 degrees down from 24 hours ago. now the rain will hold on that off on that for the next 24 hours. but i've got you covered on what to expect for tomorrow morning.
8:31 am
still ahead, rain. all right, john, thanks for that traffic. let's check on it. heading into the city right now. 19 minutes. >> mason at fremont street exit will have all the san mateo bridge 80 to 1, 0, 1, 26 minutes. heading across towards the peninsula. richmond center fell bridge tolls to want to want a 12 minute ride and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 33 minutes and now back to the headlines here at 8.31. and the developing news this morning as the 2 >> of the 4 bargaining units that were on the picket lines at uc campuses across the state. they've apparently reached a tentative contract settlement. this is an agreement between the university and the academic researchers and postdocs callers. and it comes about 15 days after they first started walking the line. yeah, but the strike is far from over. there are still groups of workers who didn't make a deal yet conference. dan kerman has the latest on that. >> it's been 2 weeks since postdoc scholars, academic and grad student researchers. >> and teaching assistants and tutors walked out of classrooms and research labs
8:32 am
and on to the picket lines at ucsf and uc campuses across the state to demand a contract that pays a livable wage, a wage that covers more than just rent. a lot of us are making many sacrifices to be here and the pursuit of science for public. good progressing societal benefit and >> do >> a lot of our been put in the back seat for a long, long time. and now it's at the point where we can actually a demand. what is what we are needs in order to survive in this, you know, damage here in and san francisco tuesday, the university reached a tentative agreement. >> with postdoc scholars and academic researchers which comprise 2 of the 4 bargaining units which will see salaries increase anywhere from 20% to 57%. i think it makes affordability a lot better here for po stocks, especially those of families. we also were able to negotiate some winds with child care. >> but the picket lines remain up because the university has so far not been able to reach
8:33 am
a settlement with grad student researchers and student tea's readers and tutors. >> but word that an agreement had been reached with some groups has led to renewed optimism on the picket line are hoping not. >> you see says gives us a great proposal and that we can return back to our side to the work that we love. the groups who have reached a tentative settlement will remain on the picket lines until they get a chance to vote in the contract. as for the other groups, they remain on the picket line indefinitely until they can reach an agreement at ucsf. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> 8.33 is the time in the east bay. a man is shot and killed in oakland on the very same day that the city's police department was boasting about having a week without a deadly incident. so the shooting happened monday night on san pablo avenue, right near 35th street and interstate 5.80, paramedics rushed the victim to the hospital, but unfortunately, they died 2 hours later. police say they do not at this point, know who the victim was or what led up to that shooting. >> well, police in south san
8:34 am
francisco are investigating an armed bank robbery happened monday morning right at the chase bank on cleveland avenue. police say the suspect pointed a black semiautomatic handgun at the bank teller demanding money. he got away on foot with an undisclosed amount of cash. and the man accused of hijacking a muni bus and crashing into multiple cars in san francisco was arrested and booked into jail. police arrested 36 year-old ricky dancy as the suspect officers say dancy attacked immunity driver last friday night on courtland avenue and then hijacked the bus hit several cars as he evaded police. police were able to arrest him after he got out of the bus while it was still moving. the muni bus driver was treated at the scene and dancy was taken to the hospital as a precaution. he now faces several charges, including charges for harding. 2 officers while resisting arrest and felony battery on a muni operator. >> oakland's police chief leronne armstrong is extending the department's current crime plan through the end of the year. he says that extension
8:35 am
will focus on keeping everybody safe this holiday that his plan was chief armstrong's answer to the rising violence, a crime we've been seeing. he insists still that it's working. yeah. in fact, kron four's lcec omonia takes a closer look at that. >> after having one of the worst. months we have all year when it comes to violence in the month of september, 17 homicides had to put forth a new crime plan to really focus our attention on those individuals that new crime plan called for an all hands on deck approach to public safety. >> since then, more officers have been patrolling the city on foot in cars and on motorcycles paying extra attention to busy corridors like uptown and little saigon. >> driving violence really focusing on those individuals that are carrying guns. it really increasing the number of stops that we were making, a vehicles that may be in possession of firearms. and over the last 60 days, we've seen a tremendous success in this operation. chief armstrong says the strategy has been helping homicides are down 50%.
8:36 am
>> and shootings are down 30%. 50 new officers have joined the force since may, which will hopefully help ease the workload. and while he made the call to extend the program through the rest of the year, he admits that the department's overtime hours can cause some burnout. and officers are definitely feeling fatigued. but we know that this is not something that we want to do forever because it an impact on our officers and their time with their families. but they also recognize the surge in violence that we had in the month of september was something that was unacceptable for all of us. >> well, that was ella sogomonian reporting and the oakland police department will continue to grow. it was given more than 1.8 million dollars to hire 15 additional officers to programs with the department of justice. >> in the east bay, dozens of drivers woke up without their cars in front of their houses and allow have to pay a fine after police told dozens of them. this happened late last month. police tallied up all the cars that they say were
8:37 am
causing problems 50 in all that they confiscated and towed video here shows officers checking out what they say was in a mandate abandoned car in north hayward. they say the cars parked on the street have been a community concern. so they decided to crack down and remove them. >> we'll take a break here at 8.37. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. look at that. first major snowstorm of the winter season expected to hit tahoe starting tomorrow. we'll have details on what you can expect after that. everybody excited, john. we love to see it. we need to and have some fun on right now that snow is up in the cascades and the rockies. it's going to work. it's where direction tomorrow, along with rainfall for the bay area. in the meantime, today is set to be a dry, wants to take full advantage of that. i've got your forecast. 2 new streaming devices, one from apple, another from amazon. so what's new in which upgrade might be right for you? i'm rich demuro. that's coming up. >> in tech smart.
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8:41 am
the visitation valley neighborhood of the city. police say a 20 year-old man was killed. a 62 year-old woman was injured and they've now arrested a man and woman in their 20's for that shooting. both were arrested last week at a hotel in daly city and taken to the county jail on homicide and attempted homicide charges. >> well, an employee who survived the recent mass shooting at a virginia walmart filed a 50 million dollar lawsuit against the company. donya prioleau says she was in the break room when the gunman came in and shot several co-workers killing 6 people before taking his own life. she says she narrowly avoided being shot and is suffering from physical and emotional distress. the lawsuit says walmart was negligent by keeping the gunman employed there and the shooter was known, have, quote, propensities for violence, threats as well as strange behavior. we're going to be right back after the break.
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8:44 am
>> all 44 is the time as we take a live look here up in tahoe. this is 89 up near a fair way. and you can see at the moment. >> nice and clear is chilly morning as we're looking at. but snow is going to come in and it is could be covered. it could be a johnston talking about a snow warning coming in you can tonight we've got dennis shanahan with a look.
8:45 am
when you have enough snow for ski areas to be open in november, it's hard to complaints. think what i've been waiting for all summer, like. >> i've already i come up here. every chance i get like i can't. i came straight from school up here. every skier and snowboarder. we spoke with the boreal is thrilled to be on the mountain, but they all admit that conditions could be better. i'm really excited for. >> it's no more because right now it's not the best. it's not like really like soft. the snow is pretty hard packed right now and a little thin. all the more reason to be excited about what is coming later in the week. i'm super psyched. i love powder days. it just feels amazing. it feels like you're gliding. it's just better. i've and powdery boost for snow. sports is a welcome bonus. but what's important for all of us is the impact to our water supply. the storms of early november barely made a dent in that. this is what shasta lake looked like in september. the water level at 34% of capacity today. it's lower than this at 31%. and shasta is the state's
8:46 am
largest reservoir meeting. water needs throughout the central valley in a monday news release, the bureau of reclamation told its water customers to prepare for the possibility of another dry season. part of the statement reads conservative planning efforts will help better manage the limited water resources in the event. conditions remain dry and we move into a 4th consecutive drought year. we need all the all the snow we get. >> on the water down to the valley. >> the forecast this week is great news for the mountains and the valley promising measurable rain and sierra snow. >> well, a 46. let's talk then about that. whether you can we've got yeah, tahoe looking great up there with the snow. slow so far. nice and i yeah, 24 hours makes i did about that. my dad has been trying to get us up there long as so. >> might be a good time to do that. even is pretty much you talk about snow arriving. maybe even tonight. warm about so tune in tonight in the sierra nevada starts to kick up that winter storm warning
8:47 am
officially goes into effect at 10:00pm this evening. as of right now, you're obviously good out there. we've got clear skies up above nothing on the roads. you still have all that snow from our last. no storms still piled up on the sides of the roads. otherwise we're good and dry out there from the bay to the sierra nevada. nothing but sunshine right now. snow has been falling pretty heavy up in the northern rockies and the pacific northwest up in the cascades that is going to work its way down our direction tomorrow for the most part early tomorrow morning is what it's going to start to pile up. and that's also the timing for when we see our heaviest of rainfall here in the bay area, that line of showers pushes through the heaviest of it right around 07:00am tomorrow. after that, we start to see spotty showers for the rest of the day. the most widespread during the morning and then don't be fooled by some sunshine will see during the afternoon because we're still going to see pockets of it popping up at points. friday does look to be consistently dried a better day to head to the sierra for just to get out and about here in the bay area. as for tomorrow's rainfall totals could see upwards of an inch of rainfall
8:48 am
for really most of the bay area. santa cruz mountains could see up to 2 inches or above winter. storm warnings do take effect at 10:00pm in the sierra. it's one to 3 feet of snowfall compound that with 40 mile per hour winds and low snow and the snow is low in elevation is 4500 feet and you are talking pretty bad travel conditions on up into this year. tomorrow. as for temperatures today, it's 50's upper 50's for most of us, although a good share of low 60's on the map, too. burlingame at 60 degrees, redwood city at 16 while the south bay looking at upper 50's to low 60's and the east bay sticking pretty consistently with those upper 50's today. oakland at 58 degrees. well, sonoma, 57 and santa rosa at 56. here's a look ahead. tomorrow we start a trend of low to mid 50's. that's the warmest we're getting for the rest of the forecast after today. stay cool. and our wettest of days being thursday and then saturday and sunday right now.
8:49 am
i'm john. thanks for that. ok, let's check on your traffic this morning. >> heading into the city 18 minutes may so that fremont street exit. that's a long it's going to take you right now. the san mateo bridge 80 to 101, a 17 minute ride heading across towards the peninsula. 10 minutes richmond center fell bridge the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tulsa. 31 minutes. we are dry today. james yes, not a lot going on out there hope the roads still stay >> all right. let's talk tech news. we've got both amazon and apple releasing some new streaming devices, apple tv has some new features are working in amazon's new fire cube. you can control your entire entertainment center apparently with just your voice. the future is here real has more. in today's tech smart. apple tv and amazon fire tv are 2 popular streaming platforms. and recently their top of the line streaming devices got a refreshed. here's a look at what's new. >> apple tv, 4 k and amazon's fire tv cube our premium
8:50 am
streaming devices with price >> i found the both accomplish the same thing but in very different ways, the apple tv 4 k comes in 2 models. a $129 base version. but it's probably better to spend the extra $20 for the wi-fi plus ethernet model, which doubles your storage and gives you a wired internet port and support for an up and coming smart home standard called matter. built on thread. this system is a bit smaller than last model. since there's no longer a fan in sight. the remote now uses usb-c to charge instead of lightning in my testing apps opened just a few seconds faster over the previous version. this offer is sim le, smooth and clean. seinfeld on netflix >> you know, this is all you know, i meanwhile, the 3rd generation fire tv cube can
8:51 am
control all of the devices in your home entertainment center, including your tv cable box and soundbar thanks to built-in ir blasters. i grew to love how you can control everything with your voice. alexa, tune to the disney channel on youtube tv. need to looks like the remote is full-featured. if you decide to use it. the fire tv cube doubles as a speaker. there's even a full-size usb port on the back. you can plug in a web cam and zoomed from your tv. i'm really impressed with the fire tv cube, especially the hands free operation. i just wish amazon software had less ads and clutter. it costs $139. both boxes will stream endless entertainment. which one you choose likely depends on your ecosystem. apple or alexa. one morning feature about the fire tv cube. there's an input on the back. she can plug in your cable box. it will display everything over your cable tv feed.
8:52 am
>> that means when you want to stream something, you don't have to change inputs. want to learn more. you can go to my website. it is rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. yes, we are. thank you. rich. 8.52, that i will be right back. (vo) it's a fact! two out of three americans who qualify for medicare do not receive all the benefits they deserve. you could be missing out! now anthem blue cross introduces a free medicare plan checkup to make sure you receive all the benefits you qualify for in 2023. call 1-866-336-3448 today and receive extra benefits for a zero dollar monthly premium.
8:53 am
benefits like dental, vision, hearing and prescription drugs! and to help you stay healthy at home, you can have free prescription drug delivery, online doctor visits twenty-four seven, and free exercise classes. you can even receive money towards over-the-counter health items. call 1-866-336-3448 today and feel confident you have all the benefits you deserve for 2023. you can receive extra benefits for a zero dollar monthly premium, like dental, vision, hearing and prescription drugs. call 1-866-336-3448 and make sure you're not missing out.
8:54 am
>> well, nancy pelosi lift the
8:55 am
u.s. capitol christmas tree on the west lawn for the last time as house speaker. the tree lighting is a tradition that dates back to 1964. this year's decorated tree or its first name ruby is stands nearly 80 feet dog comes from the national forest, the honorary tree lot. it was catchy mikko tiger. i love that excellent name. 4th grader from cherokee, north carolina. so the glorious one certainly to be a lot of you already started decorating your street. we've not the tree. we've got some of the traffic is up around. the house are waiting our son to come back from altogether. it will be fun. yeah, so it should be should be happening here in the next week and a half festivities. it is ok, well, as we head to break, as we've been talking about okay. yeah. let's remind everybody we've got a remarkable women series starting up again and we're looking for nominations. so if you know someone making a difference in their community, >> that you want to nominate. go ahead. do so. just scan that qr code. it will take you
8:56 am
to the online submission form or you can just simply go to the address at the bottom of the screen. kron 4 dot com slash remarkable women help us celebrate that special person. maybe just maybe the wind woman of the year. well, still to come in the next hour, elon musk is making more changes to twitter. >> this time ending its covid-19 misinformation policy plus, and is a police will now be able to use robots in emergency situations. why the department and some city officials believe, well, bots are necessary and safe. plus, david schedule back in federal court this morning. we're going to tell you what to expect in a live report. we'll be right back.
8:57 am
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and for the gift that keeps on giving, there's our never ending first course. only at olive garden. there's our never ending first course. news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> good morning. on this wednesday, november 30th, the final day of november. i'm james fletcher. let's find out from john. before we get to the headlines, we've got to talk about the traffic and the weather. most importantly, cold out there. but we do have stormy weather inbound. and so let's find out the timing on that. john, i know today closing out november on a nice clear, dry note. it is chilly out there, which is the most important thing to note for today. >> tomorrow rain gets here to kick off december on a wet and
9:00 am
cold know and for the sierra release, know, you know, appropriate to start december where we're at right now, the golden gate bridge, a few low clouds, but skies are definitely clear. we're holding off on the rain today. so just throwing those winter jackets, dublin in redwood city in the 30's, san jose and oakland, you were there this morning. now you're back in the mid 40's. we had some 20's in the north bay. only one of those left will add 2 of those. maybe 3, actually this keep popping up. fairfield, fairfax and say, oh, you must look in the upper 20's currently we are seeing temperatures on the rise, but we're still a little colder than we were at the same point yesterday. novato you are 11 degrees down from where we were 24 hours ago. at the same point. so i want to stress this. don't forget the winter jackets. it's chilly out there now tomorrow, it's all about the rain and i've got what you can expect in your full forecast. as for bridges, you know, it's a dry day. so things could definitely be worse. but it is also a commute day. so that means you've got those backups, including this one at the bay bridge where it's still going to


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