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tv   Mornings on Fox 11  FOX  February 2, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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we'll have the numbers for you. plus, a new building implemented in preschools. the time to teach our youngest students healthy habits. you're watching warnings on fox 11. connecting northern nevada. the tuesday morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on fox 11. 7:00. start to the day. if you are concerned about driving this morning, i'm sure there's a few spots here and there, but i have to give a big huge props to those who are cleaning the streets and have worked all yesterday. it started almost overnight sunday. the roads are incredible. they did an amazing job. so great job to the men and women out there cleaning those street. even mount rose highway where i expected to have some, clean as a whistle. amazing. >> she doesn't hassall
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very often. it is groundhogs day. guess what? this dude did not see his shadow this morning, meaning spring is right around the corner. that is according to the fork will -- the fork low. -- the folklore. >> while the u.s. and below average temperatures in the february temps went above average in march, and the great news is this time the groundhog didn't bite the year off -- >> remember? he's like, let me hear what you've to say.
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>> when you think to get him -- think to not put a groundhog up to your ear? we got meteorologist tim studebaker. good morning. a lot of time it's east coast centric, so keep in mind when we have a warm up on the east coast, that often leads to a cooldown on the west coast. if he's right on the east coast, we'll see what happens in the west. 34 degrees for the high in reno-sparks. probably not very high impact. in nature. better chance tomorrow. 19 degrees in town right now. partly cloudy skies. call winds and 74 percent humidity. air quality in a moment in the moderate category. no restrictions on burning here in
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we'll keep an eye on air quality. a man dead after his car slid into a light post yesterday afternoon. the crash happened on 395 southbound. troopers tell us the car involved was a silver honda civic registered in california. the vehicle was occupied by an adult male that his identity not yet released. it didn't appear to be too i see when they arrived on scene and an investigation is still ongoing at this point. if you've been in downtown reno as of late, you probably noticed significant progress on the virginia street bridge project. crews are one step closer to completing it. set to open in may. project managers say the road is in the final stages of completion. video right now, this is a time lapse from the city of reno. basically, a snapshot of what the old bridge looked like about eight months ago until now.
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bridge roadway portions and sidewalk concrete portions poured so now overhead utilities will be a main focus this month. >> that's a very important activity because in order to keep the project going, we've got to remove those polls to finish the concrete sidewalks and the railings. >> the main reason for the project is to improve flood control in downtown reno. after the big storm this past weekend, significant river flows could've been an issue for the river. luckily, crews were prepared for the wet weather. if you want an update on what's happening each week, you can go to the city of reno's website. they've got full-time lapse video. it's pretty neat to watch. you can also check out the
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and news around the city. according to the daily free press, about 60 percent of residents voted in favor of nevada's medical marijuana initiative. councilman john patrick-bryce says the city is priding itself of revenue and keeping service from residents. we'll have the numbers for you with ryan kern in just a bit. it has a downside for drivers. the icy roads make for treacherous driving conditions if you're dealing with the aftermath of a car crash. do you know your rights in getting your vehicle repaired? nevada has laws designed to protect you. for example, if aftermarket parts are used, nevada law requires your insurance company and the body shop to tell you what's going on. the body shop also need your consent. you also have other rights to be
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>> typically, one thing customers don't realize is they have the choice to go over what they'd like to have repaired. >> for more on bodyshop repairs and your rights, visit our website. we've got all these websites. fox a new bill recently passed into keeping preschoolers across the state healthy. nevada lawmakers decided to take action. the solution is to help preschoolers create healthier habits. the new bill starting to be implemented in daycare is in preschools, but one preschool has already been on board with these proposed changes. the bill requires daycare facilities to provide active
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officials at sunflower preschool set aside to a half hours of recess time per day as well as provide two healthy snacks for students. the school's director says it's important they teach habits now so they can be more successful mentally and physically later in life. >> if we grow our own foods in the backyard as well, we have the children bring in tomato plants and vegetables for them to understand how the process and the natural foods help their bodies be strong. >> we pack their lunch but the teachers here monitor what they are eating as far as their grow foods go first. for example, if i put chips in her lunch, she gets those last. >> coming up, we take a closer look at how sunflower preschool is helping their students create healthy habits at a young age. back to you. thank you. not too early to think about spring planting. today the university of nevada
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certified master gardeners are hoping you get the most out of your garden. they are offering the latest in their series. tonight's class is called selecting and caring for fruit trees. michael janik here in northern nevada will give tips on fruit trees election as well as planting, maintenance, soil, and test management. the class is free and runs from 6:00 to 8:00 this evening. turning to politics. a presidential campaign that brought many surprises come delivered a few more last night in the iowa caucuses. republican ted cruz scored an unexpected win over donald trump who came in second. marco rubio also all performed the polls. he came in a close third. >> and hillary clinton beating bernie sanders by a razor thin margin in a nailbiter that had politicos guessing into the early morning hours. now the focus turns to new hampshire where the nation's first primary takes place next week. >> courageous conservative
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>> reporter: ted cruz celebrating his big win in the iowa caucuses, but if you thought it sounded like a victory speech, think again. this was a stump speech. crews looking ahead and more than a thousand miles to the east where new hampshire will hold the nation's first primary in just one week. >> the sun rises tomorrow. this campaign will take the next step, return to the great state of new hampshire. >> marco rubio came in third in iowa but exceeded expectations hampshire primary. >> this is the moment they said would never happen. foremost they told us we had no chance. >> other top contenders also putting iowa in the rearview in hightailing to the granite state. some arriving in the dark of night. rick santorum forgoing the new
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third-place be there in 2012 will help them during tuesday's primary later this month. meanwhile, chris christie was even in iowa monday, instead kicking off his new hampshire bus tour. this as mike huckabee and martin o'malley met lowell returns with decisions to drop out of the presidential race entirely. well, lawmakers in one state trying to raise the legal smoking age. we tell you where this is happening
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you can light and welcome back. time is 7:14. right now it's 19 degrees in renal. lawmakers in washington state attempting to raise the legal smoking age. >> reporter: not the first attempt i state lawmakers to raise the legal smoking age to 21. this time there's a bipartisan movement to do it. >> it doesn't matter what political party you belong to or where in the state you live.
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this bill to pass. >> the use flavorful juices. advocates claim they've been can provide 18 to 21-year-old to tobacco and effective road to wean them off nicotine. >> it's very likely it would become >> it's also those 18 to health say are buying them for kids. >> the reason we're doing this bill is because 90 percent of adults who give minors tobacco are under the age of 21. the house committee but neither would cover military bases where the smoking age limit is 18 for sales reservations. >> unfortunately, it's complicated. >> why is the only state that has
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limit is 21. >> cosby says the encounter with ex-temple university employee andrea can't stand was consensual. pet issues, a problem with cause these made a decade ago with the former district attorney in montgomery county stating that if cosby testified fully in a deposition in the 2005 civil suit, it would never be used against him. again here, keyword civil versus criminal. an ongoing story has reached a happy conclusion. a retired police officer in marietta, ohio will be able to keep his k-9 partner after all. matthew hickey developed a close bond over three years of working together.
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police force after 30 years of service, it couldn't just buy him and taken home. under ohio law, he was considered city property and had to be sold at auction. go fund me page raised more than $60,000 to help him by the dog. far more than he actually needed. health authorities in nicaragua launched a program to fumigate homes and neighborhoods to kill mosquitoes that led to the zika seven people confirmed infected with the virus in the country. is scheduled to hold an emergency meeting in geneva today -- yesterday, rather, on the rapidly spreading zika virus. it will look at ways to combat the disease and look into a possible birth the virus is caused by mosquitoes
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vaccine right now. who estimates 3 million to 4 million people will be infected this year. tim, over to you. good morning to you. a pretty good winter so far. to date at the airport in reno, we talked about the snow in the mountains quite a bit. let's talk about renal real quick. to date so far at the airport in reno, the averages 14.1, so that's a. 8 above average year to date so far. season to date that is. so far water year-to-date means since october 1st 5.65 inches of precept at the airport.
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reno. 19 degrees in town. winds are calm and 74 percent humidity. temperatures now in the single digits in the teens for most of us. we drive tonight for many of us across the area. headed into tomorrow, another chance for additional scattered snow showers, once again. watching for those. after that, the 7-day goes completely quiet for us for the rest of the 7-day and temperatures actually will be pretty mild by the time we get to the weekend. northern zones topping into the 30s for the highs today, generally light winds across the area.
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the question. western nevada topping out into the 30s today with 35 in lovelock, 25 in round mountain. into the 20s to near 30 degrees for most of the lake today. that's one of the areas there's a higher chance for snow showers. about a 30 percent chance for the tahoe area as well as the sierra. 20 percent chance for far western nevada. snow showers is any will be a very isolated in nature. heading toward wednesday, a little more scattered, especially up the mountains for a much better chance for snow showers. 60 percent tomorrow and into the sierra in general. as i mentioned before, after that the 7-day forecast goes very quiet. partly cloudy skies to mostly sunny skies. perhaps patty freezing fog in the morning hours. that's something to keep an eye
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much milder temperatures into the weekend. we're back to the 50s by saturday in reno-sparks. >> thank you for that. still ahead, dramatic video of a surfer falling from a huge wave in hawaii. what he says happened with
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this 7:24. right now 19 degrees in reno. turning this morning, the recent el nio has made things tough for surfers in hawaii. this video posted of a professional surfer. now, this is what happened. he fell about 40 feet well trying to ride a giant wave in maui. he told a surfer it felt like being hit by a car. he also said he was blinded for a
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sea spray before falling. with that. he's still okay. turning to a standing on her face the page. a mom in oregon is suing the school district after a teacher allegedly threatened to push her son down the stairs. sean is the mom of an openly gay and disabled student in oregon's hillsboro school district. the lawsuit claims during an assembly her son was discussing a student he thought was cute with a friend. after hearing this, the teacher allegedly turned around, told him to shut up, and threatened to kill them and throw them down the stairs. school officials put the teacher on administrative leave after the students complained. some other students have supported the teacher saying that he is a sarcastic teacher who was just joking. they even started a hash tag. it's now launched on facebook and organizers say they'll be putting
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we are asking all of you on facebook what you think about it. is it okay for a teacher to talk that way to students? even if it is just sarcastic. we'd love to hear if to say. postercomments on her facebook page. up next, local businesses suffering due to a growing problem in northern nevada.
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we'll tell the annual washoe county school district state of education address happened last night. what the district managed to achieve during the last school year. day cares across the state saying goodbye to video games and hello to a healthier lifestyle. how the younger students are learning healthy habits coming up
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the river a little higher. the science? we'll tell you about the latest snow survey and how it could be good news for this year. fox with bill frankmore, samantha boatman, melissa carlson, and whether with meteorologist tim studebaker. this is morning's on fox. good tuesday morning, everyone. 7:30 on your tuesday. kind of the column after the storm in more ways than one. not only the storms out over the the weekend but also the caucus in iowa officially in the books. ted cruz coming out on top for the republican side in a nailbiter between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> a lot of people talking about how close it was and what happens next. here we go to new hampshire. people are saying it is bernie's state so it would be
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see what happens. >> the last time someone one in iowa on the republican side and actually became president was george w. bush, so it's been 16 years. so the donald trump campaign may be looking at it that way to stay positive. also, marco rubio had pretty impressive the numbers. >> coming in third. >> it's also officially over for martin o'malley. he's done. he said, i tried my best. he really did, but hard to go up against hillary and bernie. some good numbers on the way with ryan kern when it comes to snow pack. i think it was that final day of january. final day of january. that. dot sunday really put us over the top.
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probably not a big chance to add to the numbers over the next few days. 30 percent chance tomorrow for some very isolated to scattered snow showers. anything out there will be few and far between, probably pretty low impact. a few flakes from time to time. outside of that, the 7-day forecast goes very dry honest and very quiet and even quite warm by the weekend. 34 in town for the high leader today. that's not one but it will be one this time of year once we get to the weekend. light winds for today. 19 degrees at the moment here in reno-sparks the calm winds and partly to mostly cloudy skies. air quality at last check is moderate. the burn coated screen. no, no, restrictions on burning in the truckee meadows or reno- sparks area. clouds increasing as well as a few snow showers. southwest we have some showers pushing through right now. we'll continue to have this shower
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warm temps on the way by the weekend. water officials say snow levels are looking good for this time of year. the latest snowpack survey happened yesterday off mount rose highway. ryan kern joins us live with the details. >> reporter: good morning. we are standing behind truckee river. usually this time of year at least over the last several years you have seen this water frozen and not moving. the reason it froze is because of falling like this. check this out. that's where we are looking this morning. the numbers are pretty good so far. doesn't take a scientist to know that if you have lived in the area. we are seeing higher levels than previous years. from the measurements we saw yesterday, they are pretty good.
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104 inches of snow. what that means is we are at 124 percent of the average that we would see at this time of year through out the history of data collecting as far as water and snow is concerned. that's a good thing. let's compare to where we are right now. somewhere at the end of april right now just for the sake of this conversation. 78 percent of what we would want to see. still have a couple months to get to that 100 percent mark or even better. some state officials who did the snow survey tell us we thought the exact numbers back in 2013 this time of year and then we saw a very hot spring so the snow melted off and it didn't pack up like they would've wanted to, so they are staying optimistic but aware that this doesn't necessarily mean it's a non-drought year. certainly, it looks great. one sign, the snow that we got in the last storm over the weekend
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9 percent of what we see as far as the snowpack goes. we'll talk about what that means and what that has done for a local ski resort and a number they have not seen in the past four years of drought. until then, back to you. looking good. thank you so much. counterfeit money is a growing problem and local businesses are suffering major losses because of it. the issue has become so prevalent in our area, the united states secret service is partnering with secret witness to track down these criminals. the resident secret service agent in reno says all of these counterfeit reports were filed in just the last two weeks. it's a frustrating reality for people trying to run a successful business. >> the rule is the last person holding it gets stuck with it, so the retailers are taking it in, the bank is catching it, and then losing that money. >> a recent example, on january 7th an unidentified man pass a fake
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bill at the grand sierra resort. investigators say six other fraudulent $50 bills were used as the peppermill on different days in december. all of bills had similar characteristics leading investigators to believe that they are from the same printer. several counterfeit money investigations underway in reno , carson city, and across washoe county. if you know anything, you are asked to call secret witness. there is a cash reward for information. a detailed list of other suspects involved, visit fox reno. education news on this tuesday morning. the annual washoe county school district state of education address took place last night. the superintendent tracy davis highlighted the districts achievements as past school years. a 75 percent graduation rate.
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9 percent in 2012. she also addressed shortcomings and special education and when it comes to the biggest challenges facing the district, davis didn't sugarcoat the situation. she says overcrowding will force schools to go into double session within five years if no new schools are built. >> so we'll have it's going to a bus stop at 5:00 in the morning, getting out of school at 12:00, then the next shift at 1:00 and have an impact the sports and band. >> also a big amount spent. a grant of $1 million per year for 13 years for transforming youth recovery to create it protector program that addresses substance abuse, mental health, and other gaps to prevent students from academic success. the superintendent also announced a new goal to reach a 90 percent graduation rate by 2020. what -- in other education news this morning, greater nevada credit
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its annual academic scholarship program. the plan to give away 20 scholarships for $2000 each. anyone living or working in nevada is eligible to apply. applications for the 2016-2017 school year are being accepted now through march 31st. they are awarded based on financial need, academic performance, community involvement, and educational goals. pick up an application at northern nevada high schools and colleges and also at any greater nevada branch. apply online at gmc a new line requiring state day care facilities to allow more time for students to exercise. alex can you joins us in the studio with a look at how area schools are already implementing the new rules. >> reporter: good morning. after looking at the numbers, lawmakers decided obesity rates for kids in nevada were too high. a simple way to change the
7:32 am
lifestyle habit at a young age. >> reporter: studies show nearly a third of four and five-year- olds are overweight. decided it was time to make a change. >> the balance of a good diet and exercise are building blocks to the future. so it's important that we incorporate the exercise time for the children as well. >> a new bill requires day care facilities to provide more active playtime and limit unhealthy foods. one renal preschool is already on board to help make sure their students are creating healthy habits. >> if we grow our own foods will we have the children bring in tomato plants and vegetables and for em to understand how the process goes of the natural foods to help their bodies be strong. >> this preschool, the kids get nearly to a half hours of playtime
7:33 am
>> it's really nice that i can rest assure and go to work and know that she's being taken care of and they're not just letting her eat to eat. she is getting nutrition first. >> it's important these children create these habits now to be more successful mentally and physically later in life. >> we want parents to understand the more they exercise, their brains are going to develop better. they are more attentive in classes. the nutrition is important as well as the exercise. >> and it was fun to see the kids having fun while learning about the importance of staying healthy. to learn more about the bill and how it's implemented across the state, just visit our website. coming up, a retired police officer celebrates with an elevator dance and an on-duty cop gets
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that's coming up. welcome back. 7:44 is the time on your tuesday morning. a chilly one out there. downright freezing. 19 degrees in reno. >> not a lot of melting going on at this hour for sure. a retiring cop does some fancy footwork. a young cop schools of for speeding, and a server free files. >> jeremy ross has today's take a look at this. >> reporter: video of a retiring sheriff's deputy has gone viral. and why would it? the deputy retiring after 29 years of service, so he celebrated with the moves in the elevator. officer come on. let the man dance. there we go. if 29 years of community service doesn't deserve an awkward dance party, i don't know what does.
7:35 am
little fancy footwork when a civilian a role reversal caught on camera. speeding, so she gave chase. followed until he pulled over. investigate and take the appropriate action. file this under extreme. watch this server bail out and freefall from a monster 40-foot wave in hawaii. the surfer is okay but they wipe out video has been dubbed by the world surfing league as one of the craziest they've ever seen. take look at this. i'm jeremy roth. >> i would've bailed to. >> how about the cop dancing?
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>> kind of looks like you. better roads for us as we head out and about today. slick spots on the roads as well so possible so be careful for that. most of the roads of dried out quite a bit. we still have isolated snow showers in the forecast for today so just keep an eye out for that. 19 degrees in town. partly to mostly cloudy skies. calm winds and 74 percent humidity. temperatures chilly to start the day. shingle -- single digits in many spots. 20s in southlake and incline village this morning. clouds filling in. a couple snow showers have arrived in far western nevada. mostly near and just south and southwest of pure midlake. places like the north valley and spanish springs could s see shower activity. few and far between snow showers today. most of us stay mostly dry for many hours today. better chance tomorrow but still pretty scattered in nature as we head into tomorrow. not too much going on as far snow
7:37 am
wat fchor a few more on your wednesday and then that's it. done after that. i dry pattern setting in. five to 10-mile-per-hour winds for winds for the northeastern side of the state. western nevada topping into the 30s today with 33 in winnemucca. up around tahoe, highs into the 30-degree range for most folks. partly to mostly cloudy skies. slight chance that so showers and a better chance in the mountains today. a much better chance tomorrow in the mountains with a slightly better chance in the valleys for snow showers. nothing like what we saw over the weekend but we could see some of that late snow shower activity from time to time. highs in the 30s for the northern zones and down toward the truckee meadows about 34 degrees for the high today. 7-day forecast today and tomorrow, slight chances for scattered snow shower activity. chance is gone headed into thursday and beyond. also a much warmer pattern on
7:38 am
way. back into the upper 40s to lower 50s by the weekend, so get ready for warmer temperatures and watch for apache, freezing fog. over to you. let's take a look at was turning. a mom in oregon suing the school district after a teacher allegedly threatened to push her son downstairs. the mom of an openly gay and disabled student in oregon's hillsboro school district. the lawsuit claims during an assembly, her son was discussing the student he thought was cute with a friend. after hearing this, the teacher allegedly turned around, pulled them both to shut up, and then threatened to kill them and throw them down the steelers. school officials put the teacher on administrative leave after the students complain, but some students have supported the teacher saying that he was, basically, just being sarcastic. he was joking. they even started a hash tag,
7:39 am
organizing a walkout. ask your google clusters what you think about it. is it okay if he was being sarcastic to talk that way, or is this the right move? could he be looking at legal action here? starring first with kempton. things have gotten a lot more casual at school than they have when i was in school. do you think it's okay to talk to students this way? >> casual is one thing, but threatening, especially a disabled student, pushing him down the stairs, it's a bit too much. i think there are many states where this thing could grow into a bigger and bigger snowball, like the teacher could've not said that. that's one thing, and then the students creating facebook page and have stayed. basically, believe the students.
7:40 am
threaten a lawsuit, which everything is going to make it worse for the openly gay and disabled son. so this is all not working out well. >> a couple different levels it's not working out. glenn customer. >> anyone who doesn't understand sarcasm should be shot. you see what i did there? it's an art. you've got to learn how to use it. if the teacher has said, if you don't stop, i'm going to throw you both out of an airplane, everyone would laugh because it's over-the-top ridiculous. who would believe it? when the teacher says, also viewed on the stairs, that's believable. so they don't know whether you are serious or not. that's when it's not funny anymore. >> would love to hear if to say on this one. post your comments on our facebook page. thank you. living with ra is a challenge, but
7:41 am
we w welcome back. living with rheumatoid i pray this is a challenge. one woman is making best of her situation. >> reporter: at first glance with her infectious smile and positive energy, she appears to have it all. but looks can be deceiving. she is in pain on a daily basis. it started years ago with her
7:42 am
>> i thought maybe i twisted it were unbeknownst me somehow myself and i was bartending at the time, so working on it all night made me aggravate this unknown injury and it got worse. >> soon after, her other knee the most of the joints in her body. she went to the doctor and was given a shocking diagnosis. she had really toward arthritis. just a joint disease, but it's not. it's actually a systemic disease which means it can affect all parts of the body. >> before a woman just getting started in life, she had to make a decision. >> this is the hand i've been dealt, and i'm not going to sit down and let it defeat me. i'm going to persevere. i'm just going with the flow and making the most of the fact that i have a disease. it isn't going to stop me from enjoying life. >> the good message here is that patients with rheumatoid
7:43 am
can lead normal lives.
7:44 am
holly for for. your dreams evolve, and with committed support, they thrive.
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snow on the ground. could be a non-drought year. could be too early to tell. we'll give the numbers from the recent survey. look at the water flowing. it looks good. thank you. significant progress made on a virginia street bridge project in downtown. when it is expected to be
7:46 am
iowa caucus. we'll tell you the results as well as give you an inside look of the voting process. you're watching mornings on fox 11. connecting northern nevada. good morning and thank you for joining us here on mornings on fox 11. right now 8:00. if you're headed out this morning, i hope that you are going to be a little more comfortable. cruz did an amazing job clearing the roads. what a difference. a lot smoother override. and smoother weatherwise as well. >> all the schools, business as usual today. kids didn't get to sleep in, unfortunately for them, but mom and dad are probably smiling about that. they didn't have to make different plans for the morning. >> it sounds like there'll be
7:47 am
pretty dry. not anything all that impactful as compared to what we saw over the weekend. so far today pretty good on the numbers. 22.9 inches of snow recorded at the airport so far. that's a. 8 above average for this time of year, which sits at 14.1. last year at this time only 2.2 inches of snow had been recorded at the airport so far, so doing a lot better than just last year. ryan kern will tell you about some of the numbers from the snowpack survey yesterday in the mountains. 34 and reno-sparks for the high. 20 percent shower chance means isolated to scattered snow showers. a few flakes to some of the floor locations as well. 20 degrees so far in town. cloudy skies reported from the airport in reno.
7:48 am
some warmer temperatures on the way. how warm coming up. back to you. snow levels throughout the sierra above average for this time of year. ryan kern joins us by to show us how this winter is impacting both the mountains and the valley floor. >> reporter: good morning. check out the water levels we are seeing right now. this is flowing down here. normally, this time of year we see this kind of frozen because it is at a standstill and it's cold enough. certainly, not the case in the last storm we got over the weekend. accumulated for 9 percent of the total snow we have throughout the sierra from the entire season. 9 percent. where we are right now is 78 percent of what water officials and hydrologists would like to see come april, so still a pretty good opportunity to hit 100 percent on the year for this snow which would be very good, considering we have been in drought for so long. seeing the snow here, so much of it so far this year.
7:49 am
what we see now. it got hot, so the snow kind of melted off. so it still ended up being a drought year. let's talk about what that means financially. talk about the snow industry. ski resorts up at northstar california yesterday, and at northstar, they got 307 inches total thanks to this last weekend's snow. that's not just from the storm but throughout the entire season but this is why it is significant. that's more than they got any of the last three seasons. in the last three seasons, they weren't able to get 200 inches. it's only january. technically, the storm ended in january and that snow came into 300 plus inches at that point. so it is, certainly, a good year for the ski resorts. northstar being part of the 300 club as are a lot of people.
7:50 am
have a drought year because this is what we saw back in 2013, and it didn't necessarily continue on. officials are optimistic in expecting this to keep going. we'll see what happens. back to you. great news. thank you. if you've been in downtown reno lately, you've probably noticed significant progress on the virginia street bridge set to open in may. the project manager says the road is in the final stage of completion. the video you are looking at is time lapse from the city of reno. basically, a quick snapshot of what the old bridge look like at the beginning of the project to about eight months ago. last month they were able to get road with portions and sidewalk concrete portions poured so no overhead utilities are the main focus this month. the main reason for the project is to improve flood control in downtown reno. all the snow we have been seeing recently as terrific news for the snowpack. actually, it has a downside for drivers dealing with wintry conditions.
7:51 am
for fender bender's. what we need to know about our coverage. >> repr: the nevada division of insurance acts somewhat like a consumer protection division. that means you have a resource if you have been in one of these and can't come to terms on getting your car fixed. the chief of the property and casualty section says if you're not injured, hopefully, you pulled to a safe place and called law enforcement, and then your insurance agent. chance is the next thing that would be helpful is documenting the damage. >> make sure they have responsible videos. >> once your claim is in the works, under nevada law, the clock starts ticking. >> they have of the requirement to reach out to you and make a liability within 30 days. beyond that, the law also allows insurance companies to ask questions or request information .
7:52 am
>> the co-owner for coach craft bodyshop. one thing customers don't realize, they have the choice to go over what they would like and have it repaired. >> a common sticking. is whether aftermarket parts, not the original parts made by the manufacturer, we'll be used. >> under the nevada law, insurance companies have to disclose in writing if they propose to use aftermarket parts. >> body shops are also bound to disclose this and get permission. check your policy if your adamant about using parts from the original manufacturer. it might cost you more. >> the customer typically has to pay the difference from aftermarket to the oem. >> one of the more common things or disagreements on the amount of damage. this is typically worked out through discussions between consumer, insurance adjuster, and the bodyshop, but there are time when the division gets involved. >> there's an actual dispute with
7:53 am
saying these repairs are necessary. consumers have the right to file a complaint with the division. >> the division also put out this annual guide to auto insurance. for more information on that, visit our website. back to you. switching to political news. iowa uses the caucus system instead of a primary election. as usual, they get plenty of attention for being the first state to take part in the election process. >> cnn spoke to people all over the capital of des moines and found
7:54 am
political process of electing a >> the most of her votes in in iowa gop caucus. plenty of advice on the streets
7:55 am
time right now is a 14:00. it is 20 degrees in reno. turning to consumer news. we take a look at top consumer buys for february. going to consumer reports, this is one of the best signs of the year to buy indoor furniture and retailers discount the current lines to make ways for newer models coming this spring. also a good february purchase, mattresses. watch for deals around the holiday it is set deep savings for winter close. discounts could be as deep as
7:56 am
70 percent. 200 drivers staged a noisy protest. you could call it a bit of a honk in. they traveled together over to counties with horns honking and hazard lights flashing. server say that they are for the trip has dropped to an unsustainable level. drivers in new york city also protested price cuts. an uber manager acknowledges we have cut prices in the city about 10 percent. they began lowering fares in select cities last month. the company says it's a way to increase demand for the service. winter boots can protect you from the snow but no amount of rubber tread can prevent you from slipping on ice. >> consumer reports tested devices that flip over your shoes and claim to grip the ice to prevent those slips and falls. >> reporter: suffering a traumatic brain injury, she still
7:57 am
vision problems for nearly a year now. >> i never thought a couple inches of ice would change my life that they and that i'd be where i am nine months later. >> consumer reports tested for products designed to give you better traction on ice. prices range from $8 to $34. barney made his own personal ice skating rink and tried each pair on a flat surface and at various angles. then he went to a real rink to see how well each grips the iso- outstanding, walking, and even running. >> all of these devices will improve your grip, but there were big differences in performance. >> the cleats for $18 perform the worst at the rink. despite the metal coils in the bottom, he slid all over the ice. the $8 outer star has things on the bottom, but you can still slip fairly easily. the $27 ice trackers gave more traction on the slippery surface
7:58 am
the best by far was the stabilizers meant that cost about $34. walking, running, and even standing on ice at any angle didn't allow slipping. >> the stabilizers are available in several sizes from outdoor stores and online as well including amazon. prices can vary by size. >> and you think, maybe i don't need those, but with the recent storms we have been having and seeing everyone on the ice. >> really easy to put on as well. we have appear at home. they are super easy to slip on and keep going. it's worth a couple seconds it takes. >> tim, over to you. the morning. it sounds silly, but the biggest thing i've learned with the ice is just not to be in a rush. take your time getting where you are going. we've been talking this morning about isolated snow showers. we have some now on radar to talk
7:59 am
through about the fallon area. not too long from now along highway 95 as well. just east of reno and probably into sparks and spanish springs right now. a couple isolated snow showers push through. they will be pretty quick to move through and every once in a while we could see some more flakes flying. by the way, more into the sierra. mostly west of tahoe. still some isolated snow showers. so we're going to see some isolated snow showers for the day today. other than that, in general, roads are a lot better today than yesterday morning. some slick spots still possible with isolated snow showers across parts of the area. three mile-per-hour winds and 78 percent humidity. you don't have to look too far to the east to see some of the snow. that's kind of explaining the cloudiness right now.
8:00 am
and five in smith valley. again, a couple snow showers through. skies. parts of continue showers a little more in the way of snow wednesday. wednesday, scattered side as opposed to isolated. things dry out for us. right around 30-degree mark for the tahoe area today. generally light winds, scattered snow showers, isolated snow in western nevada and partly cloudy skies otherwise with highs in the 30s. not much in the way of wins for today. a few more scattered snow showers chances for your wednesday and then mayor don heading into thursday and beyond. partly cloudy skies to mostly sunny skies and temperatures warming by the time we get to the weekend. watch for apache and freezing fog in the morning. over to you. a star wars themed painting taken from an ohio pizza shop has been returned.
8:01 am
has workers scratching their heads. >> reporter: you only see the mystery man on surveillance from behind. >> he has on like a full motorcycle leather outfit and a storm trooper helmet. >> he quickly vanished like the portrait did two weeks ago. the artwork caper turning more bizarre by the second. >> we all saw this guy right up on a motorcycle. >> the employee at the time thought a coworker was stopping by but when the helmet didn't come off, he feared they were about to get robbed. >> i walked up, started going toward the alarm, and by that time he came in, set it on the thing and was already walking out. >> the painting wrapped in a black trash bag with a no from the big
8:02 am
>> we weren't sure what was going on. i think sometimes you get nervous in those situations. >> staff did not expect a swift return even after its tongue-in-cheek social media plea to get the painting back. but they believe it had something to do with it, now keeping a close eye on a favorite in their collection. >> i think will frame the note next to it. it will make for a fun story. >> fox 28 news. >> so i guess it is still a mystery if he is the one who took it in the first place. >> those storm troopers, you never know with them. >> melissa come over to you. a high school coach lost her job after allegedly tripping a cheerleader from a rival team. we will explain coming up in
8:03 am
trending and welcome back. time is a 25:00. 20 degrees in reno. turning to its trending on her facebook page. a high school coach lost her job after allegedly tripping a teenager from a rival team during a basketball game. surveillance video shows the cheerleader tumbling across the court, then it shows the former coach approaching the team and sticking her leg out to stop her. but cheerleaders and parents say the fan wasn't trying to trip the team. they say she was alerting the team she was on the wrong side of the court and needed to get back to the opposite side for the opposing team. she says she was on her and she's not holding a grudge, but after the incident she was suspended from teaching for three days without pay and fired from being the chair coach. asking you on facebook what you think.
8:04 am
been fired? good idea or bad idea? doesn't surveillance video show enough? post your comments on her facebook page. coming up next, what does a british singer have to do with american elections? we will explain coming up in
8:05 am
stay with us. a well-known local chef competes on the national stage and comes home to the wind. more coming up. also still to come, camdenton showed up to super bowl wearing
8:06 am
so have that for you coming up. also, plenty of people who are more interested in the super bowl commercials than the game itself. i am sitting next to two of them right now. we'll give you a sneak peak of some others when we return. you are watching warnings on fox. bill frankmore, samantha boatman, melissa carlson, and whether with meteorologist tim studebaker. this is morning's on fox. good tuesday morning, everyone. the last half-hour of the show. i'm so excited to see just a bit of some of the commercials we have to look forward to for the super bowl. of course, the teams are not in it this year so i will be talking during the super bowl. >> who are your teens? >> the arizona cardinals. and then the 49ers. >> all right. >> i was in love with steve young when i was little. he's always had my heart. >> it's a great part.
8:07 am
bowl. if you're not there to watch the football itself, you have spurts of some great marshals to check out. i love that. >> as we mentioned earlier, during the game and commercials, they, on and it's like the quiet. >> they won't even take a bite of a chip during the commercials. >> you have a no talk zone. it's a chilly one out there. we do is so showers. stretching down toward the reno sparks area, we actually have a batch working its way in toward reno from the west and also to the east along i-80. seeing snow shower activity and down into year intent. also all around the summit area approaching truckee and west of tahoe within the sierra. west of the crest of this year we
8:08 am
isolated snow showers for today. many areas will still say driver right now looking at snow shower activity far western nevada as well as the sierra. 34 degrees for the high later today. more snow showers possible for tomorrow otherwise late wins for today. cloudy skies reporting from the airport in reno. 20 degrees at the current time for the temperature and three mile-per-hour winds, 78 percent humidity. air quality is moderate. on the 7-day forecast, today and tomorrow we have some snow shower dry up with warmer temperatures. temperatures over to you. only ones weighing in on politics this week. >> a popular singer is not too happy with the recent campaign ads involving her music. david daniel explains. >> reporter: iowa voters are
8:09 am
the only ones weighing in on politics. adele remind politicians that she's not given permission for campaigns to use her music. donald trump has used rolling in the deep. other candidates have used her tunes as well though the statement did not mention specific campaigns. pulp stances movie star. his holiness will make his acting debut playing himself in beyond the sun, a family adventure based on the gospels. it will be the first time a pontiff has appeared in a feature film. and a touching tribute to alan rickman, the actor who mesmerizes in the harry potter movies died last month. so when universal orlando held a celebration, hundreds of fans held their wants a loft in a silent salute to the man who will be there potions master.
8:10 am
in other hollywood news, david bowie left most of his estate, about $100 million, to his family. according to the new york times come he also set aside money for his other loved ones as well. he left $2 million to his personal assistant, his sons one time nanny, and half of the estate goes to the supermodel he married back in 1992. >> the other half divided evenly between his 44-year-old son and his 15-year-old daughter. her share will be held in trust until she turns 25 cindy crawford plans to retire when she celebrates her 50th birthday on february 20th. i didn't know she was still working. she rose to fame back in the so beautiful still. she's worked with the industries top photographers and famously
8:11 am
diet pepsi. her 14-year-old daughter is following in her famous mother's footsteps. >> they look so much alike it is incredible. let's toss it over to build a look at sports. 50 years old. that goes to show how old i am. i remember having the hots for her when i was 18 or 19. super bowl media day now in prime time. rename super bowl opening night. one of the players introduced was know that other than brandon marshall. he came out with a fresh cut and flashed a quick smile before soaking the moment. marshall will represent nevada along with virgil green and kyle roberts insuperable 50 when they face the panthers at levi stadium on sunday. this crash happened yesterday on the 101 yesterday. the crash was minor and no one was hurt.
8:12 am
section of the front windshield. players were back at the hotel. not clear how the crash happened. the california highway patrol is still investigating. super bowl 50 just a few days away now. we will look at a few of the at. >> possibly see on sunday. >> [ music ] in the ad, a group of wiener dogs are shown running across the field to reach a family of condiments. >> beautiful, beautiful. part of a new heinz campaign
8:13 am
meet the ketchups. mountain dew getting back into the super bowl advertising game, but what they plan to do could cause many viewers to scratch their heads. this one is flat-out weird. kind of like the taste of mountain dew itself. >> i disagree. they tweeted brief videos of the commercials start, a creature that looks like a mix of a baby, a monkey, a horse, and a space alien. one video shows the creature acting like a human baby by sitting in a high chair. so what about? mountain dew says they are not saying commercial will be quite expensive. cbs is charging $5 million for the ads to air during super bowl 50. this is mountain dew's first super bowl ad in 16 years. >> bid to save up their cash.
8:14 am
the super bowl spirit with an ad that may have some viewers a little confused as well. >> that's right. a teaser shows what appears to be hollywood icon marilyn monroe serenading the super bowl on its 50th birthday. take a look. >> i want to know who thinks that's marilyn monroe. things don't go as expected. the ad will feature a funny surprise that still satisfy fans hungry for a laugh. $5 million for a spot in this year's super bowl. and for the big game, all eyes going to be on the quarterbacks peyton manning.
8:15 am
doubt about that. we still don't know if it is his last game or not. we'll have to wait and see. the other, he's in his prime. >> reporter: should cam newton get penalized for those pants? he's arriving for the super bowl in zebra pants. >> it's ugly. >> a little too loud for my taste. >> they are first thought she and sell for around $850 if they were sold out, though they may have been sold up for the carolina panthers quarterback for them. he posed for his teammate. actually, the flamboyant quarterback was restrained. at least he didn't wear the matching shirt. one guy on twitter compared him
8:16 am
a retired wrestler. >> i wouldn't be caught dead in those. >> would you wear them? >> i think i would. he's totally rocking them. >> it's good. >> note the matching loafers. but what is a panther doing wearing zebra? after all, in africa a panther has spots. it's called a leopard, and preys on young zebras. meteorologist joked that his pants were apparently from a relative of the giraffe with striped legs like a zebra. but most guys were ready for zebra pants. no tighter than his uniform. besides, no one complains that the skies wearing his tight.
8:17 am
cnn, new york. >> as much as i love my boy peyton manning, i'll say cam newton wore those pants better. >> she's like, what are you talking about? >> i'm surprised you're giving so much attention to their rump roast, but i appreciate it because i am. >> some things you can ignore. a local chef returns from competing in the chopped
8:18 am
impossible challenge in new to the used car buyer who's worried about getting taken for a ride... don't worry. the only rides you'll get taken on at carmax are the ones you take yourself. but just in case that absolutely 100 percent perfect choice... ...turns out to be... less than perfect... we give you five days to change your mind.
8:19 am
welcome back. a 45:00. currently 20 degrees. first of all, we've got him back on the show.
8:20 am
chopped, restaurant impossible. much more difficult. tell us what it was like to do it on the big stage. >> it was very cool. the coolest thing i was voted in by reno and beyond, so it made me feel really good to get out and kind of represent reno and show what the culinary scene is about here. what i did was a smaller format, shorter format of the full on episode. still, the pressure was on. the timer started going and going and four of us in a small space, it was a ton of fun. >> what were your ingredients? >> pork, turnips, a north african spice blend, and cherry pie filling. >> and what did you may question reich. >> i ground the pork and made pork kebabs. >> when you ground, i was like, everyone is going to go ahead and make the pork.
8:21 am
hash with a cheery over that. came out nice. >> congratulations on that. so what happens next? they put you on potentially for another show or do you have to do the process over again question reich. >> we have to do the whole process to go to chopped again but i feel like i might have a leg up now that i've arty one. but what's next is just to kind of show off myself and reno a bit more any chance i can. >> congratulations. real quickly, anyone looking for this weekend. >> talking super bowl. casual, fun parties. it's quick and tasty. it's not healthy at all. super simple. crumble it, throw some onions in their. david is the easiest way to go to use whole cheese or sharp
8:22 am
one trick to keep it creamy is sodium citrate, which is an emulsifying salt. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for serving reno so well. keep us updated. we'll toss it over to tim with a look at the forecast. good morning. snow falling in some parts of the area now from pyramid lake through the fallon area and toward lovelock. some of it may not reach the ground but some of it may. don't be surprised if you see a few snowflakes on the morning commute. most of the snow showers in this year are west of tahoe, west of the crest of the sierra. we continue to see isolated snow showers in the forecast today. net it -- scattered snow showers tomorrow otherwise that arose this morning compared to yesterday. they were slick yesterday with the
8:23 am
not so much for today. a lot of the roads dried out yesterday and melted down a lot as well. there could still be some slick spots, of course. 20 degrees and reno with wins and cloudy skies reporter from the airport. we do have snow on radar so that's explaining some of the cloudiness. fry's degrees smith valley and eight in carrington. again, isolated snow showers pushing through right now. we'll have a chance for isolated snow showers today. a few more possible for tomorrow. you'll see that here on future cast as we head toward your wednesday. a bit more in the way of snow shower activity and then, basically, we're done going forward into thursday and beyond. things are much quieter for us and much drier and temperatures warmed by the weekend. right around 30 degrees for most of the tahoe area today and into the mid-30s for the lower elevations
8:24 am
at times a few snow showers are possible. today and tomorrow we have those chances there. about 20 and 30 for the lower elevations. 30 percent today in the upper with 60 percent for tomorrow. so you can tell it's a bit more of a mountain snow shower activity tomorrow. headed into thursday evian, much quieter. mostly sunny by the beginning of next week, and temperatures reaching the low 50s in reno fire saturday. warm up on the way. over to you. surveillance shows a cheerleader across the court, and then it shows the former coach approaching the teen and sticking her leg out to supper. the cheerleader fan is accused of tripping says she was unharmed and isn't holding a grudge but after the incident, she was suspended from teaching for three days without pay and then fired as her
8:25 am
so we are asking, do you think she should have been fired? glenn, let's start with you. >> cheerleading is one of the most athletic sports that you'll find in high school. when someone is right in the middle of doing some really, let's call it very dangerous maneuvers, you are going to stick your foot out. i don't care if you're trying to help them or trying to hurt them. seriously, bad judgment call. let's get someone else in there with the ladies that has better judgment. >> i have to agree. what else you think will happen if you stick your leg out? do you think a tap on the back or maybe, you're going the wrong way, that would've been more efficient. reducing she should've been fired question reich. >> i don't think she should be fired.
8:26 am
she has her hand out also trying to stop the girl. to me i don't think she's trying to trip her. but if she did just stick her leg out and leaned back, then she was. in this case, the cheerleader's father was there. father said it was okay. he didn't feel like his daughter was running the risk of being trapped. i think this is overblown a little bit. >> we'd love to hear what you have to say about this. maybe it was just a misunderstanding. if you'd like to weigh them,
8:27 am
stay with welcome back. you may have seen this on facebook. but at 14 months, she's learning to shred on a snowboard. her parents started her off in their backyard friday. she hit the slopes. her parents say she loves it. look at that. >> 14 months. i didn't even know they made them that small. >> if you start them off early, they probably never know the they just learn to balance and
8:28 am
>> we put our two and a half-year-old on skis and he did pretty good. not that good. but that's incredible. >> a real quick look at the forecast. >> snow falling in some parts,
8:29 am
isolated snow showers today and tourists come across a wildebeest in a lion's jaws. >> he's fighting for his life and fight he will. >> see the great escape that left a lion hungry. >> that dinner was a little too hard to get. how about you guys? new video of a purse-snatching in progress as the victim -- >> runs after the thief. screaming and yelling. >> what the parking lot showdown
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