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tv   News 4 Today  FOX  February 4, 2016 6:30am-7:00am PST

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we have delicious food to get ready for one of the biggest sports events. we are talking about the super bowl and will give you some delicious game day recipes in a couple of minutes. still to come on news 4 today, interstate 580 northbound a shut down overnight due to a multi-car crash. the details are coming up. you're watching news 4 today. on your side in high definition. good thursday morning. welcome to the last half-hour of news 4 today. the first half-hour on mornings fox 11. we are seeing sunshine and a little sun on tim's full forecast, which is a bit of a
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>> if you have been wanting to go over the past not able to because of the storms, this may be the weekend to do so. >> it certainly will be. interstate 580 northbound is open after a roll-over crash happened overnight before 12:30 on the interstate near the galena creek bridge. officials tell us that the female driver of a black subaru hit a chevy cavalier on the left side, causing it to roll over onto the roof. they shut down the highway so care flight could land and take the female driver of the vehicle that rolled over to the hospital. traffic was backed up northbound for a couple of hours and no word on the condition of those two people. there a big changes for burning man tickets. event organizers announced last night that they will price tickets differently after a 9% live entertainment tax was enacted last year.
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department of taxation saying the event does not fall under the live entertainment category. the issue has not been resolved. we are told the festival will go on. the permit puts a cap on ticket sales and a top-tier category of tickets will cost $1200. regular prices will be kept the same in each ticket will be taxed 9% under the live entertainment tax, an additional $34 for regular $390 ticket. to learn more about how the process works, there's a detailed article on our website at speaking of events, it is 6:32 on your thursday morning. if you are preparing for a super bowl party, plan what you will cook up. alex cannito was live from the kitchen with a look at some delicious dishes to make at home. yes. >>reporter: we've been talking about delicious sausage recipes
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here's a healthy alternative. listen up for people that may be gluten intolerant. >> this is a great alternative and healthy for the super bowl. it is a kale salad. we used chicken jalapeno or cheddar bratwurst sliced and grilled. there's corn, black beans, avocados, tortilla strips and a spicy chipotle dressing. >>reporter: a lot of times, to make a salad, it can be treacherous and tiring. how simple is this? >> simple. it probably took me 15 minutes and you can serve it in a big platter for all of your guests. >> where can people find this recipe and all the other recipes? >> it will be on flocchini >> if you enjoy a recipe that you saw this morning, they are having a big sausage give away. go to the flocchini facebook page by 3:00 this afternoon.
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you can enter to win. this sausage has a kick to a? >> it is space. i have a spicy chipotle dressing that i put on top and i served this. you can toss this up or leave as is. >> the sausage was delicious. >>reporter: more recipes coming up on "mornings on fox 11", our sister station. alex cannito, back to you. coming up, we may get a break from winter snowstorms this week. what the effects are on the roads.
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potholes in reno.
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potholes are on the rise in we know as winter weather hits our area. officials are asking residents to call reno direct at 334 info to report these potholes. . they say repairs will be made within one week, depending on the weather and the public works employees began repairing potholes on major roadways in january. they will continue to do so throughout the winter season. the bridge over interstate 580 and washoe valley is closed. the bridge will be seismically retrofitted to be more stable during potential earthquakes. other improvements at the bellevue bridge are planned. the overpass and ramp will be closed for three months, in total. traffic wishing to take the bridge will be detoured. sunshine is starting to come up on this thursday and we are seeing son in the forecast. >> yes. track today is partly cloudy but improving into the weekend and next week temperatures are on the way up. partly to mostly cloudy and we
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the snow is over and there is no precip chances on the 7 day forecast. hopefully, they will come back because we would like to continue winter. we are getting an extended break on the seven day. temperatures are cool, 43 for the high in reno-sparks. partly to mostly cloudy and we will see that for the day today. 37 and carson city and 40 in salt lake. 30 in elko with light winds and no precip chances, at this point. snow showers are mostly north of reno sparks -- reno sparks and pyramid lake and winnemucca. they are gone, with the exceptions of the ruby mountains in elko county. everyone else's dried up. watch for the potential for morning fog. that would be freezing fog, too. partly cloudy with 3 miles per hour wins. temperatures are in the teens and 20s across western nevada and the sierra.
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city and 21 in silver springs. a chilly start to the day and a relatively cool afternoon. warmer temperatures are on the way and the snow has ended for almost everyone, accept the upslope snow on the ruby mountains in elko. we will see how warm the temperatures get on the seven- day, coming up. let's see how the thursday morning commute is we will talk with trooper duncan dauber from nhp. good thursday morning. currently and wrote to a property damage crass and pyramid highway north of the parkway. a disabled vehicle is on 580 northbound needle offramp. other than that, all highways are at normal speed. slow down for the cone zone. any work that nevada dot, the city of reno or sparks contractors are doing on the
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being done for us. give them a break and give them a lane by moving over if one is safely available. have a good day. keep the seat else on and the cell phones off. take care. coming up, a look at how
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what is topping your [bells ringing] you are looking and hearing at the opening bell on wall street. here's how things are looking. dow jones is down .3% on your morning. we will see if it picks up or not. some financial news making headlines. president obama's applauding the signing of an ambitious free-trade agreement among 12 countries that he said would support jobs in the u.s. the signing of the transpacific partnership agreement is an
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lengthy ratification process. majority leader mitch mcconnell recommends that congress waits to vote on the agreement until after the current presidential election and campaign cycle. the white house has called for quicker action and president obama said u.s. trade representative, michael roman is sent to new zealand to sign the pact. the u.s. has stopped accepting electronic without tax returns because of problems with computer systems. the outage could affect refunds. the irs does not anticipate major disruptions in the process. let's toss things to tim studebaker to see how the weather is shaping up on this thursday morning. patchy fog potential out there in a few spots this morning and most of the spots know who they are. laces like truckee, north central and northeastern nevada.
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travels this morning and it is cold enough to be freezing fog and that means ice on the road. a quiet pattern into the 7 day forecast with a lot of sunshine into next week and cool temperatures much more mild this weekend and even warm near the 60-degree mark in some wednesday. 28 in town and a chilly start. temperatures are in the teens and 20s for most of is across the area. 25 in bishop and into the satellite and radar we have snow overnight last night that was mostly northern zones, north of i-80 around pyramid lake. it went to the east and is now in utah, with the exception of upslope snow in the ruby mountains in elko county. it looks like that is giving way, at this point. a dry our forecast with partly cloudy skies and watch for patchy freezing fog -- freezing fog.
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the next thing we will watch is the air-quality as a result of quiet weather in the wintertime and that will set up the inversion. into the 30s and near 40 for the lower elevations and around tahoe, 35 at kings beach and 40 in salt lake. light winds and partly to mostly cloudy. on the skycam, we continue to see cloud cover for today. that will break apart as we go to the weekend. the return of sunshine and the return of milder temperatures for today. not all that warm, quite yet. check out the 7 day forecast. in the lower elevation locations, near 50 and salt lake at 49 on saturday. a return to mostly sunny skies by the weekend. the potential is there for patchy and freezing fog in the morning and things a quiet with no precipitation chances. a returned to the 60-degree
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tuesday and wednesday. at least, and some lower elevation locations. with iowa caucuses in the rearview and new hampshire primaries around the corner, it only two presidential campaign contenders remain. bernie sanders and hillary clinton had a cnn townhall. >> the granite state is sanders territory for the voters and it is proximity to his home state of vermont. with him ahead in the polls, the stakes are high for hillary clinton. >> i have an uphill climb and i will climb as high and hard as i can pick a want to make a case for the people of new hampshire. >>reporter: on the heels of a razor thin victory in iowa, hillary clinton is casting herself as the underdog and new hampshire. bernie sanders insists he is battling the tough odds. new hampshire may be the senators back yard, but he said it is clinton stopping grown. >> the quaternary clinton ran
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her husband ran here several times before that. this is her fourth campaign in new hampshire. >>reporter: the town hall was a clash of the titles as political rivals fought for and important credential in the historically liberal state. >> i am a progressive who gets results. >> secretary clinton said, i'm paraphrasing, some people call me a moderate and i probably say i am a moderate. i love moderates. you can't be a moderate and a progressive. they are different. >>reporter: new hampshire holds the first presidential primary in less than one week. it remains to see whether clinton will win over the granite state. recent poll shows sanders with a double-digit lead. ammon bundy was indicted by a federal grand jury yesterday in portland. the indictment was against bundy and 10 others who joined the occupation of an oregon wildlife refuge.
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the charges. the indictment will be sealed for 24 hours. authorities arrested 11 people last week on a criminal complaint charging them with felony conspiracy. they were accused of using intimidation to prevent federal officers from doing their job in southeast oregon. united airlines and delta airline officials say they will allow staff members who are pregnant or might become pregnant to opt out of flights going to areas where the zika virus is a concern. the carriers say pilots and flight attendants flying to latin america or the caribbean can switch wrote with no repercussions. the world health organization is declaring a global health emergency because of the mosquito borne virus. the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention now recommends that pregnant women avoid locations where this virus is currently prevalent or existing. zika has been linked to neurological problems in babies being born with small skulls.
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no one is claimed responsibility for the apparent bombing beppu a big hole in a commercial airliner over somalia. the pilot reportedly blamed otera books lesion. the plane made an emergency landing in mogadishu, where it took off. witnesses say one passenger, on fire, was sucked out at 14,000 feet. the airline is now investigated. the wikileaks founder may surrender to british police tomorrow if the united nations panel on arbitrary detention rose against him. the u.n. has been investigating whether julian assange has been illegally detained. he has been living in the ecuadorian -- the embassy in london since june 2012, when he was granted asylum. julian assange is wanted for questioning about the alleged sexual assault in sweden and said the charges are an attempt to extradite him to the u.s. because his group published
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a tweet sent out on the wiki links twitter account early this morning said he would leave the ecuadorian embassy and, quote, accept arrest by british police if the u.n. panel did not rule in his favor. assigned to added that if the group did rule in his favor, he expected his passport to be returned and efforts to arrest him to cease. this morning, australian media said that passengers on a cruise ship docking in sydney are suffering from gastrointestinal issues. the outbreak was reportedly affecting 158 passengers and happened on a diamond princess cruise ship that returned from a 12 day trip to new zealand. some passengers said that cruise operators took measures to contain the outbreak of those affected were confined to
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if you are traveling, still to come on "mornings on fox 11", reno is hosting the u.s. open taikwondo championship. alex cannito will have a live report. >> steve schroeder will stop by to show us how to make spaghetti in $11.
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epic shot in the control room. it. the control room can be a >> for sure. let's take a look. we are looking relatively quiet on the 7 day forecast. patchy freezing fog this morning, especially sierra valley and north center nevada, as well. mostly cloudy for today and partly cloudy by tomorrow. sunshine toward the weekend. it looks like mostly sunny skies into the weekend. low 50s and, eventually, low
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