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tv   10PM News  FOX  February 6, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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performers draw big crowds.>> this is the matchup we wanted. >> celebrities, players and fan's fired up for the big game. the 10:00 news on ktvu fox two starts now. good evening, i am heather holmes. >> i am ken wayne. much of the bay area is in party mode with the focus on some sponsors featuring some of music's biggest stars. john sasaki is live. we have been waiting for one of those stars to take the stage at market street.>> reporter: can -- ken, i didn't hear your question.
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market at run street. we just got out of the alicia keys concert half an hour ago. it has been kind of crazy. a lot of people, i tell you what, we are going to toss it back to you. these guys are getting kind of crazy.>> people of every color need to come together to end racism. [ music ] >> amazing, actually. see. the broncos in the panthers, surprising all the niners fan. i am happy. everybody is happy around here.>> house alicia keys doing?>> amazing.
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great out here. there. these people have her on tv. they are fantastic.>> when anyone throws a party, what's the biggest thing they worry about? i hope people come. they came. stage, oh, my god. while. i'm going to say we have a place for you at levi stadium for 68,000 people.>> john sasaki was there is super bowl city at the foot of market street. some of the fans raven may be a little bit too much fun. it's all part of the super bowl -- of the super bowl festivities. [ music ]
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bowl city, metallica performing to a sold-out crowd at at&t park. the band took to the stage at 8:30 tonight. they debuted a brand-new stage design that lars ulrich described as over the top and out of control. it certainly looks like it in those pictures.>> it was a beautiful night for concerts in the city. yours a live look at san francisco where many of those festivities have been held throughout the week. tomorrow, as we know, the focus will shift to santa clara. let's check in with mark tamayo are your game day forecast. the warming trend will continue as we head into sunday. it will feel like springtime around here. allots -- a lot of 70s on the map. we have a few high clouds and parts of the state. the main storm track is heading up to our north. a big ridge of high pressure setting up. with that, warming weather pattern that will stick around.
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a few high clouds with partly cloudy skies. our focus will be down toward santa clara tomorrow. here is our live camera looking towards levi stadium saturday night, the eve of the super bowl. we will look at the forecast and show you current conditions. 54 degrees, winds calm. about a week ago, we were concerned about significant rainfall. that will not be the case. mostly clear sky, look at kickoff. a temperature around 74. the entire bay area will warm- up towards leave the stadium -- towards levi stadium. we'll take a closer look at your forecast highs in your neighborhood. some pretty impressive numbers as we look at sunday. practices all over now. all this left is to play the game.
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the panthers face the broncos tomorrow, posing for team picture day today. huey lewis and the news joined in tonight on the super bowl festivities, performing at a community celebration in the south bay. before the concert, entertainers teamed up with nfl star for a friendly game of flag football. ann rubin takes us inside the celebration at santa clara university.>> reporter: the stands were full. the teams full of anticipation. it was their chance to take the field in santa clara. not for the big game but perhaps for the next best thing.>> the kids in the stands, even the guys plan are having a blast.>> reporter: it's called celebrity sweat which has entertainers like ludicrous and players squaring off.
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wounded warrior new year's -- warriors. >> i am glad that everybody came out. it's a good cause.>> i feel blessed to be out here, to be recognized.>> these guys are our heroes.>> reporter: the daylong party featured food and games to get out-of-towners and regulars into the super bowl spirit. >> this is a way to connect to the excitement of the historic event.>> reporter: santa clara residents say it is a chance to show that the small-town can handle a big party.>> the super bowl is happening here. this is a great event. this is really where the super bowl is.>> reporter: thousands
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news took the stage. this is really a warm-up to big celebrations tomorrow. in santa clara, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2news. one was injured late this afternoon, an accident inside super bowl city. a service vehicle ran into one of the food vendors around five this afternoon. at least one him was taken away by paramedics. it's unclear how many were injured or what led up to the accident. on the eve of the big game, celebrities turned out to check out the red-hot warriors. some of the big names included beyonci and jay-z. >> beyonci is performing with coldplay and bruno mars at the halftime show tomorrow. joe fonzi was at the warrior games. it turned into quite a
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the warriors have had these hurdles along the way. people wondered how they would do against the spurs in cleveland. it was another one. oklahoma city in town the night before the super bowl. the media director for the warriors says they had double the request to the game. they are still tearing down on a big night tonight. lots of big names here, everyone wanted to go to the game. one of them, jim harbaugh. he has been around a lot, convincing a lot of local high school kids that the university of michigan is good place to play. also, terrell almonds, the former 49er receiver -- receiver who found out he will not be in the hall of fame. beyonci and jay-z will be part of the halftime ceremonies. the warriors playing okc.
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lead. they won by that final score. the numbers are staggering for wins. they are three away from the record held by the bulls, a it. they are zeroing at -- zeroing in on that record. they have played 50 games this year and have won 46. they are 46-4. lots more coming up from the coliseum later in sports. until then, joe fonzi reporting live. back to you guys in the studio on a big sportsnite on what will be at -- on the eve of a gigantic sports day. >> beyonci is exciting, but that came tops that.>> we know where you're coming from, then. >> beyonci something to look at. there might be more celebrities in the bay area than in los angeles. many have been attending all
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>> all week long, we've been asking some movie stars and entertainers or their predictions. we're going to give you some of those tonight. cuba gooding junior is first. he picks the panthers.>> cam newton. he is the real deal. is the modern-day warrior. in the wake of the deadly shooting, officials taking action. what bart officials won't on every train. an event for charity taking place as we speak. a live look into the taste of the nfl which is taking place
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a former 49er delivers a managers for a special home for children are asking for help finding a teenager. george, 15, has been missing since friday. it was last seen on conklin street in san francisco. 105. the edgewood center for children and family says george has a serious medical condition and is at risk. to contact police. antioch please arrested a man for allegedly shooting and killing someone that he claimed
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leo lopez was sitting inside a van allegedly in a parking lot on 18th st. when a man suddenly jumped in and tried to rob him. police say lopez got out, pulled his own son -- gun, and fired at the van. the robber drove off. the van crashed a short distance away. police found the body of the 27- year-old man inside.'s identity i --'s identity has not been released. he was booked on murder truck -- murder charges. of alejo investigating into a shooting there. a 911 call came in before 11:30 this morning reporting gunshots at springs road. officers arrived to find a car with a man and a woman inside, both wounded. both were hospitalized and were told -- we're told the man died. police of not released identities or motive for the shooting. concord police announced the arrest of a man and his girlfriend wanted in connection with armed robberies. the man has robbed eight businesses since january 15 and
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officers say he used the gun or knife, telling clerks and over money. robberies happened at four fast food restaurants, cleaner, a pool supply store and is one shot. the woman was wanted in connection with a robbery at a subway sandwich shop. officers to them in the custody but have not released their names yet. bart is installing real working security cameras inside its train cars. they became a hot button issue last month following the deadly shooting at the west oakland station. it was later revealed that many of the cameras are decoys. the cost of the project is $1.42 million. bart says it will use funds back from its operating budget to pay for those cameras. oakland airport is seeing a surgeon travelers. more than 11 is seeing a surgeon travelers. more than 11 million passengers boarded lights in oakland, 1 million more than last year. officials say oakland international is the fastest-
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the growth is attributed to nine additional nonstop destinations that were added to the airports rat -- route last year. they include, dallas, washington, d.c., and tijuana. the coast guard ended its search for survivors of the mid- it -- midair collision in los angeles. authorities say one plane was a beechcraft with -- bonanza with two man on board. the other aircraft at a woman on board. crews spotted debris from the bonanza but not the other aircraft. sheriff's department will use divers and sonar to recover the racket -- wreckage. ignoring warnings from the international community, korea launched a long-range missile. it's last such long she -- launch was in 2012. is claimed that the missile carried a satellite in orbit.
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the nation from these actions. the united states, japan, and south korea have asked for an emergency meeting to discuss the matter tomorrow. republicans square off days ahead of the new hampshire primary. this time, donald trump took part and is making headlines.>> eminent domain is an absolute necessity for a country. a few high clouds moving to parts of northern california. most of the bay area is clear
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stadium. the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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with three days to the new hampshire primary, the republican candidates face-off
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err the candidates took the stage for the final debate before the first in the nation primary. ted cruz took on the hot button issue of immigration. we will put in place a strong verify system so you can't get a job without proving you are here legally. we will put in place of biometric exit entry system because 40% of illegal immigration comes not over the visas. we will and sanctuary cities by cutting off taxpayer dollars to any jurisdiction that by -- defies federal immigration laws. we will end welfare benefits for those here late -- illegal a -- illegally. donald trump made his presence known. he received money of boom after accusing the audience of being donors to jeb bush.
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they are not loving me as i don't want their money. i will do the right thing for the american public. i don't want their money, i don't need their money.>> the sparring between the two rival came when each candidate was asked about eminent domain. trump called it an absolute necessity.>> the difference between eminent domain for public purpose, as donald said, roads and infrastructure pipelines and all that, that's for public purpose. what trump did was use it to try to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city. that is not public service.>> there did not seem to be a clear winner tonight, but bowles show -- polls show trump is leading in new hampshire. candidates have high stakes in the granite state. chris christie and jeb bush have spent a substantial amount of time there.>> bernie sanders
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lead over clinton in new hampshire. >> reporter: it is the final weekend for the candidates to get their message out before the new hampshire primary tuesday. sanders leads clinton by a large margin in the state.>> if we can bring in a decent boat, i am confident we will win.>> reporter: the clinton campaign may know her shot is slim. at a rally in concordes, she defended criticism from the sanders campaign that she has received fees from banks since leaving the state department and denied the money cost her to change her position on anything.>> i have no doubt that i have the best experience and the best ideas to take on the abuses from the financial sector, to stand up to wall street. why would they be running $6 million of ads against me?>> reporter: donald trump holds a
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the billionaire didn't hold any rallies today ahead of the debate, but jeb bush did. he needs a strong showing in new hampshire to jumpstart his campaign to emerge as an alternative. >> for sen. cruz's edification, we have precise weapons now. we don't have to carpet bomb. we don't have to kill innocent people. [ applause ] >> is that a serious thought. chris christie needs to have a strong showing. most polls have him in single- digits. the governors asking everyone to listen carefully to what he has to say.>> on the stage, you'll see a difference.
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between those who are prepared and those who are not. >> reporter: john roberts, fox news. the super surprise that had former tight end vernon davis fighting back tears.>> i'm appreciated to have this experience and share it with these guys. who are you rooting for?>> carolina panthers. jared allen is playing for them. he is a good friend of mine.>> i like the panthers. i don't know by what. i like the panthers.
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final game. one of the events taking place in the bay area surrounding super bowl l, the taste of the nfl. they are just wrapping up. the charity event fights hunger and is held every year on super bowl eve. cristina rendon is live to tell us more about this event.>> reporter: heather, they are finishing up there one him our set. they are the headliners. the event is celebrating its 25th year of giving back to local food banks.
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chefs and nfl stars of the raising awareness against hunger. celebrity guests alyssa milano, nick lashay, and andrew zimmern are passionate.>> it's hungry. >> there are hungry children in america. that's not an empty statistic.>> a lot of people don't realize it is an issue.>> i do want to feed you.>> reporter: larry the cable guy brought the last and a check for $125,000.>> -- the taste of the nfl features a sports memorabilia auction, a tape reveal, and chefs from all 32 nfl cities, light david
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is beef and cheese. it has tangerine and pecans.>> reporter: this is a party with a purpose with proceeds benefiting food banks and all nfl cities.>> we take a little time to think about people not as fortunate as us. we're going to raise a lot of money for them.>> it is spent in the local community. >> we want to bring back a lot of good things for the local community in the nfl cities out there.>> reporter: there is no tonight. since its inception in 1992, taste of the nfl has donated in excess of $42 million. amount. thank you, christina. it is easy to get lost in the super bowl hype one him of the game's biggest stars showed there is
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he made a heartfelt business -- visit to a hospital. alex walter had a dream come true. he got a visit from current bronco vernon davis. walter has endured nine heart surgeries including a heart transplant and is now undergoing cancer treatment at lucile packard children's hospital stanford. on saturday got the surprise of a lifetime.>> this is for you. >> reporter: the meeting caught the attention of levi stadium officials and today davis went back to the hospital's a surprise the montana teen with two tickets to tomorrow's super bowl game. in the spirit of given, alex's mom gave up her ticket to someone else.>> i'm going to send a friend at the ronald mcdonald house. he is a big ball and, college football player. him and alex had been friends, so alex will take into the game.>> reporter: the meeting
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davis.>> for a guy to go through what he is going through, should be able to give him these tickets. it means a lot to me, and to know that you really appreciates it. >> reporter: allen told his mom he is very excited about the game. err is going to the super bowl. [ cheering and applause ]>> don't you have a lot more respect for vernon davis after didn't. guy. to see him cry and get so emotional by making this boys dream come true, hats off to you, vernon.>> a big tough guy with a big soft heart.>> have fun tomorrow at the game. two football legends now in the nfl hall of fame. coming up later in sports wrap, we'll break down the entire class of 2016, including that
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low as well as kenny stabler.
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super weather some breaking news in san francisco. an investigation is underway into a deadly crash that happened before 9:30. it happened near knights inn brandon. the california highway patrol has confirmed that three people are dead. investigators say they spotted a vehicle doing doughnuts in the street and that they tried to pull the driver over, but the driver refused to stop. the car eventually slammed into
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killing three people. we have a crew at the scene and we'll bring you any more developments on this crash as we get them. again, a deadly accident happening in san francisco's south market neighborhood. a reckless driver slammed into a taxi, killing three. we will up date you on twitter and facebook survivor still missing after a powerful earthquake in twyann at taiwan. it struck just before dawn. more than 100 are unaccounted for and 14 are confirmed dead. the earthquake caused a high- rise residential building to collapse. witnesses say the 17 floor structure folded like an accordion onto inside after the quake struck. a warning tonight for beachgoers. the weather service has issued a beach hazard advisory through tomorrow afternoon. a combination of things is contributing, including rip currents and large waves.
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caution near the coast. we want to check in with mark tamayo. we were talking about the super bowl weather. good news except for the high surf. the players will not be affected by that.>> lots of high temperatures in the bay area. that is good news for the coast. people need to be outside at the shoreline. the swells are backing off a little bit into the second half of the weekend. here is our live camera looking out towards san francisco. in the clear. clear conditions, temperatures trending up over the past couple of days. that trend will continue into sunday. there is san francisco. the south bay looking towards levi stadium, we have mostly clear skies. super bowl l will be taking place as we head into sunday afternoon. temperatures from this afternoon range from the 60s to right around 70 towards oakland.
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santa rosa in the upper 60s. you can't see the main storm track on the satellite. it's heading north. with original place, they are conditions in warm conditions as well. a close look at the satellite, a few high clouds raising our skies this afternoon. still a few high clouds right now. temperatures somewhat on the cool side. some 40s showing up in santa rosa and fairfield. san jose, 54. san francisco checking in it 56 degrees. winds could be a factor tomorrow above 1000 feet. we could have winds approaching 10-15. winds not too much of a factor right now. the stronger wind maybe towards hayward at 5 miles an hour. no significant winds out there. they will ramp up into your sunday. overnight lows tomorrow morning, los 40s in the forecast. a few plot -- spots could start out the day in the upper 30s. mostly clear and cool for
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breaking heat as well. the forecast high 72 in san rafael. san francisco, 41. looks like we will breakout record in oakland. sin -- san jose will be close with san jose, the record to be there, 76 degrees. an area of high pressure developing and strengthening. it will warm us up. winds pick up in the northeast, 10-15 miles an hour. the warmest they will be monday as high pressure peaks. the offshore flow strengthens monday. it cools things off a little bit by midweek. with our forecast model, possibly partly cloudy skies in the shoreline. more sunshine for sunday, monday, and tuesday. a slight chance of a shower on wednesday. the latest forecasts backing off on that chance. we will keep an eye on that. no major storms in the immediate five day forecast. locks 70s for your sunday afternoon. it will feel springlike.
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san francisco, 71. half-moon bay, 70. a look ahead, your five day forecast, the warmest they will be monday. some minor cooling with a slight chance for a shower wednesday. no significant rain clouds and that five day forecast. heather and can on facebook asked me if her husband was cleared for shorts tomorrow. i said i clearly endorse the shorts.>> throw in the flip- flops. >> your personal forecast for mark tamayo. the big game is tomorrow, but there was a pretty big game happening tonight.>> it was a really big game.
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in front fox two nissan sports wrap starts now. how's it going? i am mark ibanez. can you believe a calendar year has gone by since the warriors lost at home we remark ability factors continues. they don't rise to the occasion, they levitate like no other team in nba history. 41 straight at oracle, that's the second-longest home winning streak in history, just behind the bulls. super bowl eve, big timers in town, the super bowl, beyonci, jay-z, dave chapelle, jim harbaugh, trying to steal more athletes. tony dorsett along and down five early. stephen curry did not have is outside game working, but look at the handle there. he is fouled.
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the warriors hanging tough with okc down five early. great ball movement brings the first lead. barbosa leandro, a nice overlook right there. on the defense, beautiful steal right there. the passing that always follows. barbosa in the corner alone for three. they are loving it on the bench. watch this. nice work there, andre iguodala, eight points off the bench. golden state up 15. no buckets will be the shot clock here. shot clock is winding down. he pops with the quarter and the warriors led by as many as 20 points in this game. on the fourth, they are only up seven.
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drains a three right there. creeping up on the warriors, up one him. curry, shape can bake, beats westbrook to the bucket. the warriors up the lead. here, up three -- up three, watch the pass from staff. open man. the warriors and controlled by six. the okc will not go away. here is a loose ball, the rebound. three okc people there, thunder. watch the past. a good dollop pretty much puts the game away. raise the roof, the oracle goes bonkers. look at again. this is the one, the steal. yet another victory for the golden state warriors. look at durrant, rumored to they are pretty good.
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the warriors are unbeaten. you take a close look at how they of racked up that record, they have beaten the best in the nba other than themselves. joe fonzi, just another luminary in the crowd on hand to take in this showstopper. the preliminary to the big bash tomorrow. joe, what is cooking?>> mark, you said it. is the personality of this team from top to bottom. every time there is a hurdle, the christmas game against cleveland, they and have never played the spurs. they blow them out. oklahoma city. every time you put a hurdle in front of them, they have cleared it. tonight, the names you mentioned, the guys coming off the bench, stephon clay only had one him three pointer each. staff with the assisted play. he had 10 assists on the night. a big rebounding night for him. contributions off the bench is what makes the team tick.
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after the game.>> we are not a one trick pony. we have guys that can have goodnites and we need that to keep us going. like you said, everybody has an impact. we rely on that. we play that way. that just happens. that's how we play. we have fun doing it. it allows us to be a more consistent team night after night. >> it seems like time is on our steps up. if staff is not making shots like we're accustomed to, everyone is ready to pick up the slack and keep him in his rhythm. you saw the last-minute, he closed out and made some big shots.>> we've said this before when this team is clicking on stopped. another example of that tonight. joe fonzi, back to you. hard
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they still get it done. changing the subject, sometimes you think of an nfl owner, you conjure up an image of a guy in a luxury box surrounded by yes- men. eddie to barlow is not that guy. warm, generous, extremely does. finally, a hall of famer. the word coming out this afternoon that the man known as ned is going to canton, ohio to join the other titans of the sport. he has always worn his heart on his sleeve. that's how he was again today. we talked about how the nfl notifies recipients of the honor.>> i really don't know that. i don't know what they did last year, but they give you a key. it's almost like what is this, a hit? >> we were so nervous all day. nikki and i were crying every two it -- minutes this morning.
10:41 pm
email and we would say we need to stop crying. we are so thrilled for my dad. no one deserves it more than he.>> forget about the super bowl's or what he is done for the super bowl -- 49ers. you change the relationship between the owners and players in the league. he broke the walls down. because of that partnership, owners and players are now partners. look at the success of the nfl. the dramatic success is thanks to the bordeleau breaking down barriers.>> i have it from the highest authority.>> i'm not surprised. this is the perfect opportunity, super bowl l. he made everyone feel like family and he knew everyone on the team. i don't think there is an owner in the league that knows
10:42 pm
but he wanted to build a relationship with everybody, and i think that's why he had the players that would run throw wall for him. they wanted to win for to barlow.>> you look back on your career and everything that transpired with players, with the fans, with the city, with family and you just say, it just can't get any better. >> much-deserved. that's great, but sometimes the nfl seemed a little slow on the uptake. kenny stabler should've been in the hall of fame a long time ago. sadly he passed away last july not able to enjoy the selection today. he won a super bowl, exuded joy for the game, wild and woolly, southern swagger. he loved his teammates, they loved him back.
10:43 pm
>> it was a swashbuckling. he led the parade. it was an amazing group of people. he got them on sundays. they went to work. that's what it was all about.>> he had one of the great nicknames in sports. kids would emulate him growing up. even though i was right-handed, i called myself the snake playing quarterback. i'm looking forward to it.>> mark s. allen there. here is the rest of the 2016 class. brett favre cop marvin harrison, and kevin greene, linebacker with the 49ers. orlando pace, tony dungey and former usf player, nfl player dick's dansville. terrell owens was a finalist but did not make it in. he did make it to the warrior game tonight. this is the night the nfl takes care of all their family business, the who's who list, amazing in san francisco tonight.
10:44 pm
the best of the best with the league's top individual awards, kind of like the nfl oscar night. red carpet included cam newton. he is not only the mvp but the offensive player of the year. you know he wasn't there to get the award. he had to get that beautyrest before the super bowl tomorrow night. he has come along way. ron rivera could bring in a super bowl victory tomorrow at carolina. tonight he will settle for his second coach of the year award in the last three years. the panthers losing only one game so far sunday. rivera could join that rare group that won a super bowl as a player and a coach. very few awards for 49ers, but antoine molding, reels in a very big one. he is the man of the year. the honor goes to the player who best represents the organization the nfl with his charitable activities and
10:45 pm
golden represented the players who are capable of giving their best on and off the field. he is a winner. the cal stanford driver he does continue.
10:46 pm
praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. a practical and successful legislator, bernie sanders passed more roll-call amendments in a republican congress than any other member, primary care access for millions of americans, protected social security, cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders -- a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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with the way they played lately, i didn't see this coming. the sharks lost everything. they gave up the pickup truck and the dog. pavel ski of the sharks taking on the predators. james neal, beats martin jones. that's his 19th goal of the year. one-zero, now down 2-0, sharks play. this shot, the 200th career
10:48 pm
power-play situation. the predators take control, shorthanded goal by arvind sood. the second goal of the game. the predators score 3 in the third period. the sharks lose their share of games, but usually not that lopsided lead. you might call it bay area's basketball, this afternoon it's the cal stanford matinee. the bears prevail on their home court as they usually do, atoning for their earlier loss. bob melvin and reds manager brian price. cal taking control of the first half. matthew down three. 18 for him off the bench. second half, burning down the house. the bears had five guys in double figures. stanford trying to make it happen. roscoe alan with a steal.
10:49 pm
s. allen in the open court. then it is the final play. matthew to jaylen brown. terry gou. cal is victorious. that evens their series one-one him. i want to mention st. mary's is a winner.
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