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tv   News 4 Today  FOX  February 10, 2016 6:30am-7:00am PST

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a recent grant allows you to keep track of your blood pressure, at home. what the medical center is doing to make sure you are in good health, coming up. investigations are under way after a police chase that led to lockdown that local schools. will have details on what took place. a lot more coming up for your wednesday, february 10, 2016. you are watching news 4 today on your side in high definition. the middle of your work week and the last half-hour of news 4 today in the first half- hour of news on fox 11.
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's neck i'm bill frank or. this is ash wednesday and thanks for getting up with us. the "today show" at 7:00 will have interviews with john kasich, and a surprising second- place victory in new hampshire yesterday. we will hear from donald trump and bernie sanders, the man of the hour on the democratic side with an omer what -- overwhelming victory. >> the three-way tied -- tie between ted cruz, marco rubio and jeb bush. >> a lot of people say that this is proof that the antiestablishment is starting to set in. the ideology that is going on, right now, especially with the loss by hillary clinton. >> expected bernie to win, of course -- >> a lot of people consider the clintons, the career politicians, so to speak. much more coming up on our show and the "today show."
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story out of stead. reno police in washington share of step investigators suspect they believe is involved in a number of recent crimes in the town. last night, they attempted to serve a search warrant at his home. rylin wolf -- sheriff's deputies said no one was home at the home on mount baldy street. it's stems from an incident yesterday afternoon when walt allegedly took officers on a heist the chase in a stolen vehicle along stead boulevard. three schools were put on a cold yellow precautionary lockdown because of the chase. they say wolf is considered armed and dangerous. check out our website at mynews4 for more details. overcrowded classrooms and needed school repairs are in focus. there before the washoe county school board. the former washoe city manager is looking at putting $718 million for a bond issue on the ballot. the new oversight committee was
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it would oversee how tax revenue is spent if approved. it's a different process for the school oversight committee and the broad-based panel would provide inputs before decisions are made. >> it addresses criticism they may have been getting. they may have chosen to seek more input on future construction decisions so we can get the best of limited tax dollars we have received. >> they adopted a process to replace outgoing board member barbara michael lowry. that large trust he will step down in march, due to health reasons. head to our website at to learn more. brian sandoval announce interim state superintendent of nevada schools will take the job on a permanent basis. steve canavero worked as a teacher and principal before becoming the first director of nevada state public charter school authorities. he became a deputy state superintendent and took over as chief over the summer, when the
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job in the governor's office. canavero lives in reno with his wife and two daughters. it is now 6:33 on your wednesday morning. february is heart awareness month. to make sure you are in good health, you may visit the doctor. alex cannito joins us with what a look at what a statewide medical center is doing to keep your blood pressure levels low. >>reporter: study shows seven of 10 people who have a heart attack or living with high blood pressure. these numbers are high but you track. i stopped by to see how they work to keep you healthy. >> improving blood pressure of our patients, we know that we can decrease the risks of heart attacks and stroke that can lead to death. >>reporter: nevada health centers was recently awarded a grant by the state to buy pieces of new equipment that could save lives. >> they are able to provide
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pressure, to monitor their blood pressure at home. we also have someone to instruct patients how to do that and documented that and if there are questions, they can talk to them. >>reporter: high blood pressure may not seem like a severe issue. when plaque builds up in blood vessels, they narrow and can lead to other failures. >> these blood pressures are causing risk of heart attack. people are at increased risk of stroke. they provide blood to kidney systems and they are at risk of kidney disease, leading to dialysis. high blood pressure causes very bad things. >>reporter: the doctor said these monitors should not replace the annual visit to the doctor, but play a role to make sure you stay healthy. >> studies show when patients monitor their blood pressure at home, in addition to the doctor visits, they can get the blood
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smoking and eating a lot of salt are things that can lead to high blood pressure. to learn more, visit our website, back to you. >> thanks for that. you are wearing red for heart health month. very good. the results are in from the new hampshire primary. we will tell you what is next for the presidential race.
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we will be right back. welcome back, everyone. officials have issued several warnings to carson city residents caught feeding deer this winter. they urge them to stop officials say it can draw
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lions to the neighborhood and increases the number of crashes on city roads. people who intentionally feed here are issued a warning for the first offense and face a $250 fine for second offense and up to $500 for a third offense. let's take a peek outside. it is 6:39 and we've had beautiful weather the past couple of days, if you like sunshine and blue skies. we are lacking moisture for the month of february. we ended the final day of january on a very positive note. >> very positive. we were above average most of the winter and are still doing okay, right now. we have been drive for a good stretch that will continue for the entire 7 day forecast. it makes people nervous when this happens. hopefully, we will see a return of winter after the 7 day forecast. sometime, we may see this.
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some precip. on the other hand, if you are a warm weather person, this is your stretch. 16 degrees in reno-sparks, 10 degrees above average and only 9 degrees away from a record. closer and closer, we will work through the rest of this week. today's forecast high of 65 is 5 degrees away from the record and 15 degrees above average for this time of year. dixie 64 thursday would be 2 degrees away -- 64 on thursday would be 2 degrees away from that record. it would tie the record at 67. we will watch for that. 65 later today and warm. 15 degrees above average for this time of year and 61 in carson city, 35 in elko. the eastern side is generally cooler and that is the case later today. moderate air quality and a green burn code. the smog has not been bad and we will keep you up--date if that changes.
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let's see how the morning commute is with trooper duncan dauber from nhc. how are we looking? >>reporter: good wednesday morning. all the local highways are looking smooth in crash and incidents. traveling at normal speeds. be aware of slow down from the bowl and north mccarran highway intersections. you hear me warning about cell phones. let me inform you of a statistic. even if you are using a hands- free bluetooth device, if you are actively involved in a conversation while driving, studies completed show you have reaction times of someone with the equivalent but alcohol of. 08, the legal limit in nevada. that is a reason to stay of the phone while driving. save the phone call for when you are out of the car. keep your seat belts on and cell phones off. be safe and take care. back to you.
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we will take a look at the
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we have an announc [applause] [bells ringing] you are looking at the opening bell on wall street. dow jones is up 34 points and nasdaq up 11. a big day. we have janet yellen, the fed policies. what she said, steady as she goes account of said policy intensifying risk. she said there are good reasons to believe that the u.s. will growth to allow the fed to pursue gradual adjustments to monetary policy. the shares are down and over the past three years a decline
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so much and investing in yourself. the group includes 20 -- 229 companies. dimer is recalling 840,000 vehicles in the u.s. they have potentially defective driver side airbags made by the takata corporation. it affects cars from 2005 to 2014 model years. 24million vehicles have been recalled in the u.s. because of the airbag problems. let's toss it over to tim studebaker. no problems weatherwise. things are quiet on the 7 day forecast with temperatures well above average and starting to approach some records near the end of this week. a mix of sun and clouds. the inversion is still out there and the haze has not been bad. the smog is not building up within the inversion and that is great news 4 air quality. we will keep you up to date.
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green burn code, so far. today, the high temperature in reno-sparks is forecast to be 15 degrees above the normal high , the average high for today, which is 50 degrees. 31 for the temperature and seasonably cool start for the day. clear skies and relatively light wind. single digits and 11 degrees to the eastern part of the state. the high is 30-40. in western nevada, 20s and 30s, now and 50s and 60s later today. high clouds were streaming yesterday and you can see this on the satellite. will see another batch move in. a mix of sun and clouds. generally, a bright day and a warm one. a be less so for the eastern side with highs in the 30s and 40s. western nevada topping out in the 50s and 60s for many
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are very warm. the upper 60s for glenbrook and salt lake and mid-50s for kings beach. light winds and the air quality, but still hasn't been bad. well into the 60s for towns in the lower elevations. 58 in susanville and truckee meadows, 65. 15 degrees above average for today's date in reno. carson city on the warm side and we are warm for the next few days. the entire 7 day forecast as well above average for this time of year of year. the entire 7 day forecast in reno-sparks is well into the 60s. back over to you. the polls proved correct in new hampshire's primary. there was once a prize. report from manchester shows the results and what is next in the presidential race. >>reporter: donald trump and bernie sanders are winners in new hampshire. both of them came off losses in iowa last week.
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hillary clinton i the slimmest of margins. he led the polls coming into tuesday's voting and said the win by a large margin makes a statement. >> it is just too late for the same old, same old, establishment politics and establishment economics. the people want real change! [cheers and applause] >>reporter: meanwhile, hillary clinton in her concession remarks, acknowledges young voters that buoyed sanders to his win. >> i know i have some work to do, particularly with young people. i will repeat what i said this week. [cheers and applause] even if they are not supporting me, now, i support them. >>reporter: in the gop race, a contrast between the campaigns of first and second place finishers. donald trump turned poll numbers into his first victory
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running an upbeat and confident campaign. >> it is time when changes in the area. may be, may be, we are turning the page. a dark part of american politics. tonight, the light overcame the darkness of negative campaigning. [cheers and applause] >> we are going to make america so great again! may be, greater than ever before. i love you all. thank you, new hampshire! thank you! [cheers and applause] we are going, now, to south carolina. we are going to win in south carolina. >> south carolina is the next contest for the republican candidates on february 20. hinton and sanders compete in nevada on the same day. karen kfox in manchester, new hampshire. president obama will walk down political memory lane. he will address the legislature in bring filled, illinois, to mark the anniversary of his
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there. the president is expected to urge the nation to move beyond the partisan divide that has marked his time in the oval office. is expected to acknowledge his share of responsibility for the gridlock in washington. his speech comes during a massive partisan budget stalemate in illinois. we have barely any airline delays to report and not a lot of weather. check with your airlines if you are flying and
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last look at your seven day. we will send this to the "today show" and a minute. first, a preview of what is coming up on mornings fox 11. a weekly appearance for what is going on in town that you might want to enjoy. a big weekend coming up. michael from yelp will be here for different ideas for valentine's day. ryan kern gives a look at cars that drive themselves and the future they might have in the silver state. all that and more coming up in
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let's see what the weather will be like. we are looking dry across a 7 temperatures. the temperature later will be for the day and 15 degrees above the average for this time of year. we're going warmer for thursday and friday. 67 on friday would tie the record for that date. 66 on thursday is 2 degrees away from the record. cooler into the weekend.
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