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tv   News 4 Today  FOX  February 16, 2016 6:30am-7:00am PST

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definition. good tuesday morning. welcome to the last half-hour of "news4 today." i'm samantha boatman. i'm bill boatman. we will get you going. thanks for getting going with us this morning. politics will be front and center for a while, basically all the way leading up to this we will talk about the controversy surrounding the appointment of a replacement for fallen chief justice, antonin scalia. he passed away over the weekend and republicans don't want president obama to be the one nominating his replacement. much more throughout the week. we begin with political news. it was a packed day of campaigning and nevada for hillary clinton. she started off in elko and later stopped at the university
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participated in a roundtable discussion on women's health issues. later, she held a rally at truckee meadows community college and used a backdrop to talk about making college affordable. she spelled out why she is different from bernie sanders and clinton called his plan on healthcare "not practical." she got -- she said she is giving voters the upfront cost of her proposal and one support new taxes on the middle class. she took the opportunity to attack republicans. >> 20% of american women have gone to planned parenthood. republicans are trying to kill it every way they can and we will not let that happen. secondly, i will defend marriage equality and discrimination against the lgbt community. [cheers and applause] >> we did have a one-on-one interview with hillary clinton and you can watch the center website at or we will be covering the democratic caucus this saturday. the gop caucuses set for
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tomorrow, heidi cruz will be in town stumping for her husband, ted cruz and will speak at the washer republican women's luncheon. this is the event carly fiorina was originally slated to speak at before she dropped out of the race. it as a -- it is at 11:00 a.m. at the atlantis casino and stay close. the transplant games of a car right around the corner. citizens are getting involved and alex cannito is alive -- has a live look of how you can get involved and perhaps save a life. >>reporter: we are at the dmv talking about an event that will be leading up to those games and we are joined by monica and joanne. let's talk about the event that will happen this morning. >> if you are at the dmv at 10:00 this morning, we will be competing with the transplant games of america and the athletes will be here to sign
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country. it is in reno today and we are congratulating them and having them sign the flag and sending them on their competition and wishing them well. we hope it will inspire others to register while they are at the dmv. >>reporter: we will have the information online on our website. joanne, you are a living donor. tell us why you wanted to do this and what your experience was like, so far. >> i donated a kidney to a coworker about eight years ago and we have done walks to promote organ donation. during one of the walks i met another athlete that has done the transplant games and i thought it would be a great way to show how healthy and happy after transplant. i went on the website and she said, you can go as a living donor. that emphasizes that living donors can live a normal and happy life. >>reporter: it is amazing what
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it is simple to sign up and the information on our website alex cannito, reporting live. high levels of lead are being detected in flint, michigan in the water supply.
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when we return. all right. the time is 6:37 and we have beautiful tuesday on tap. temperatures close to 70 degrees. enjoy it. good morning. a very warm day with a good amount of sunshine and some clouds mixing in. very much the same as the last several days, but even warmer.
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things will change by tomorrow and thursday. we will track the next winter storm. in the sierra, ridge gust will increase and for the lower elevations within the mountains, not just the ridges, but down toward places like tahoe and truckee, south winds a 20-30, gusting up to 55 for wednesday. it starts wednesday afternoon above 7000 feet with rain below that level and changing to snow as the snow level jobs. on wednesday and thursday, the winds increase on wednesday was south winds gusting up to 60 and wind prone areas gusting up to 70 or so miles per hour. rain showers should arrive in western nevada valleys by wednesday and into the nighttime hours. by thursday morning, the snow levels drop and it will be down in the valley floor by thursday morning. that could affect some of the commute. we are not looking for much accumulation.
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elevations. lower hills, 1-3 and 0-1 and mostly rain in the valleys. let's see how your tuesday morning commute is. we will have trooper duncan dauber. good tuesday morning. we are currently working a property damage accident at north mccarran and pyramid highway. it is not blocking any travel lanes. be aware that emergency personnel will be in the area for a little while. other than that, the other highways are at normal speeds. the usual slowdown in the bowl and add mccarran and pyramid highway. if you must answer a text, please pull over. if that call is that important, we want to have you take the time to pull over and safely park your car and take care of that call or text. have a great day and keep those seat belts on and cell phones
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still to come, we look at how the market is opening up and why the housing market is
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we will be right back. [bells ringing] return to business and big smiles on wall street. the day was often for the president's holiday and the dow jones is seeing a nice bump to start out this tuesday. currently up 155 points. here are some financial headlines. president obama and the leaders of the southeast asian nations are meeting for two days of talks on economic and security
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they are forging deeper ties amid the assertive presence of china in the region. this is the first u.s. gathering for the 10 members of the association of southeast asian nations. china is not a member. they have territorial claims over disputed waters that raised international concerns. roughly one third of oil producers are at high risk of slipping into bankruptcy this year due to low commodity prices blocking access to cash and the ability to cut their debt. this is according to a study by an auditing and customer firm, deloitte. there are record short supplies of housing. president's day is traditionally the start of the housing market. according to the latest numbers from the association of realtors, inventory at the end of december was down nearly 4% from a year ago and the supply of homes for sale was the lowest since the start of 2005.
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a mix of sun and clouds for the day. the last quiet day before the arrival of the winter storm. it will arrive for wednesday and thursday with warm conditions later today. high-end upper 60s in reno- sparks, a few degrees away from the record which is 73 in reno. quiet and not much in the way of wins or cloud cover and no precipitation chances. it will be mostly sunny today with 32 degrees in town and partly cloudy of the airport. five mile-per-hour winds and 82% humidity starting in the 20s and 30s. much of the same over the last several days and things change tomorrow. for now, a good amount of cloud cover and the southern half is clear skies at the moment. we will see a mix of sun and clouds for the day. on futurecast, things are quiet. clouds may fill in from time to time and by tomorrow, the winds
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of the storm system or the approach of the system and by the afternoon, rain will fall below 7000 feet with snow above 7000 in the sierra. we will see the spillover through the evening and then the snow level will start to drop. by thursday morning, the snow level is down to the valley floor and we don't expect much accumulation for the valley. a little more in the foothills and most in the mountains. we have weather alerts to talk about. there is a winter storm watch and this year and of late wind advisory for pyramid lake and wind advisory in northeastern california. a high wind warning in western nevada. this time, we will focus on the winter storm watch. the details will be on the sister station and one half hour or so. wednesday, until 12:00 p.m., the noon hour, and tahoe, winter watch advisory is in place.
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up to 50 miles per hour. with the storm watch, above 6000 feet, 4-10 above 7000 feet and 10-20 inches of snow between wednesday evening and thursday morning, ending at noon on thursday. the winds may gust up to 55 out of the south. the seven day forecast, wednesday and thursday, it will be quiet and warm until then and then it is quite and warm again into the weekend. this is a blip on the radar and it will cause travel troubles into the sierra or even thursday mornings commute in some of the valley locations. we will keep you updated. four americans including a journalist were arrested in bahrain and charged with participating in an illegal gathering with the aim of committing crimes and disrupting public security. they were released from custody today and the matter is being investigated.
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of michigan said high levels of lead are still detected in tapwater in some flint area homes. more than 250 test were done this month and they show lead levels above the federal limit including dozens of test conducted last week. >> the country's top doctor is in the city and the leader of the naacp threatens protesting if action doesn't come soon. we get the latest from kim hutchinson and flint. >>reporter: u.s. surgeon general is spending a second day in flint, michigan on tuesday. the doctors meeting with citizens, health officials, faith groups and advocacy organizations. >> these issues can have a profound impact on health. >> it was first reported with elevated levels of lead in the blood of flint's children.
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on monday if governor rick snyder doesn't take action within 30 days. the president, cornell brooks, threatens -- >> we will send bodies to flint to engage in a mass campaign of direct action, civil disobedience in flint, michigan. >>reporter: the water crisis is attracting the attention of democrats on the campaign trail. bernie sanders met with families impacted by the crisis before rally on monday. >> i really did not know how ugly and how horrible and how terrible what is going on in that community. it is beyond my comprehension that in the year 2016, in the united states of america, we are poisoning our children. >>reporter: hillary clinton has been talking about the water crisis in debates and stump speeches and met with the mayor karen weaver and sent top campaign aides to meet with her. flint will be the site of a democratic debate on march the -- mark six. faith leaders and flint endorsed clinton on sunday and three prominent ministers said
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because she has, quote, kept the spotlight on the situation in the city. the white house said president obama will make his first visit to vietnam in may. the announcement came after he met with vietnam's prime minister at a summit with southeast asia leaders in california. the president's vietnam visit will be a sidetrip well in the region for the seven group summit in japan. it he will become the third straight president to visit this nation. bill clinton was there and so was george bush. they hope to strengthen relations with vietnam as they worry over china's aggressiveness in the south china sea. top u.s. officials will travel to nevada to sign an aviation packed for scheduled u.s. and cuba for the first time in more than 50 years. the signing brings in 12 affect an arrangement that was agreed
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u.s. airlines have to apply for permission from u.s. regulators to fly specific routes before selling tickets to cuba. it will increase tourism and business on the island and the department expects to decide in the summer which airlines will fly from which cities to havana. the arrangement allows only 20 round trip flights per day between the u.s. and cuba. two suspects pled not guilty today to carrying out the deadly bombing of a bangkok landmark last year. the suspects made the first appearance in a -- since november in a military court when they were read the charges against them. they face charges related to the bombing at the shrine and central bangkok, including conspiracy to explode bombs and commit premeditated murder. 20 people, including 14 foreign tourists were killed and more than 120 were injured in the august attack, one of the deadliest attacks of violence in bangkok and decades. pope francis is in mexico
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southern state. it is one of mexico's most impoverished states and hundreds of the faithful lined the roads leading to the
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the pontiff as he drove good morning. we will send it to the "today show" in a minute. here's a preview of "mornings on fox 11". in response to recent high winds that overturned semi trucks, there will be a new wind warning system. ryan kern will have a live report. the best wine bar in the state of nevada, we will hear from them coming up. we will recap the big show last night. did you watch the grammys? we will talk about that and a lot more in less than five minutes. with tim. it is quiet for today, the forecast before the winter it will be mostly in the evening and into thursday morning, as well. we will break down more details on "mornings on fox 11" if you haven't joined us.
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today, upper 60s in reno-sparks cloudy skies with wind, rain into thursday. we will talk about that on thanks for joining us,
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news 4. her and spoke out on number of topics during her visit to reno on monday. what she told fox 11 about defending president obama and power situation here. one man in the hospital following a structure fire.
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are saying about the cause. driving through washoe valley, sometimes a little dangerous depending on the weather we see locally. hopefully, that will improve a bit. not the weather but the way we know about the dangerous driving conditions. i'll tell you all about it coming up. and the transplant of nevada around the corner. we tell you all about it coming up in just a couple minutes. you're watching warnings on fox 11. connecting northern nevada. good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on fox 11 three at 7:00. hope you're having a great start to the day. this week is national pay it forward week. so it's asking everyone to just do something a little nice for everyone every day of this week if


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