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tv   News 4 Today  FOX  February 18, 2016 6:30am-7:00am PST

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3 >> winter weather is causing slick roa this morning, we say goodbye to warm sunshine and hello to cold snow. we tell you how it could impact your morning commute. slick roads this morning. improvements are in store for your afternoon. we have a breakdown of the tail end of this storm system, coming up and we have more weather coverage throughout this morning on this thursday, february 18, 2016. you are watching "news4 today" on your side in high definition. good thursday morning and welcome to the last half-hour of "news4 today." the first half hour is "mornings on fox 11" and i'm samantha boatman. >> i'm bill frankmore. first and foremost while storey county schools are under one hour delay.
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hour delay and all other schools have business as usual. the buses are running on time and that is the latest we've gotten. we have you covered east to west for the road conditions with alex cannito in sparks and ryan kern on interstate 80, west of town and west of rough drive-by golden ranch on the state line. interstate 80 was closed. >> it was, it was closed in both directions. it reopened around 5:00 this morning for commuters going over the hill. the snow is coming down. be careful on the morning commute if you travel in higher elevations. you can see that we still have what looks to be flurries closing and on the camera shot. and it is tough to get them to show up on camera. it is snowing in several spots this morning and we are looking at snow showers and western nevada and the sierra.
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snow is falling. the main push from last night, the heavy rain that came to the airport last night into midnight, that has arrived in eastern nevada as heavier snow, at this point and we are looking at snow shower coverage in the western part of the state, as well is into the sierra. slick roads this morning and morning snow showers should taper into the afternoon. 47 and reno sparks and 44 in carson city and 39 in elko with breezy conditions and probably not quite as windy as yesterday. 20-25, gusting up to 45 for some valley locations. ridge gusts could be as high as 90 at the top of the sierra. two different batches of snow. the one that came through last night has made its way out and steady snow is falling between battle mountain, elko and to the wendover area a long i-80.
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northern elko county. the other batches along the western side, right up through truckee into the sierra and over toward reno sparks with snow falling through washoe valley and carson city. it breaks apart for the southern sierra and not much going on for bridgeport, may be north and west of town. if you are in bridgeport, the snow showers will start to taper and we will see breezy conditions and decreasing snow showers and improving roads by the afternoon. more to come in for weather. the beautiful weather we saw earlier this week has moved out and winter weather is back. alex cannito was live on what this means before you go out the door this morning. alex? >>reporter: good morning. mother nature took away our beautiful weather we saw earlier this week, and she is not on our side today. she is very finicky. we started at vista boulevard
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we see snow disappearing and it started to snow and we went back in the car and it looked like the snow stopped and we are seeing some snow. good news on the roadways, no ice, very slick and wet. take it slow and you can spin out. make sure everyone is safe for the morning commute. it depends on where you are at, how much snow. if you do see any snow, take it easy. we are at the california border with ryan kern. live, alex cannito, back to you. >> thank you. we will check with trooper duncan dauber for the road conditions, as well. police are investigating a shooting that left one man dead and reno around 7:00 last night at the ponderosa trailer park on kietzke lane. reno police said when they got to the scene, they found a man on the ground with a gunshot wound.
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he died on the scene and there are no suspect descriptions available. the lieutenant shaw with rpd said it is too soon to determine if the shooting is gang-related. after five years in jail, cody wallace was in the courtroom yesterday, charged in the death of a two-year-old silver springs boy. just before the trial began, the judge issued a gag order, meaning no one involved is allowed to speak with the media. there were not a -- the word development yesterday. the mother of the little boy spent several hours on the witness stand and broke down in tears several times. tabitha reid testified she was at work in november 2010 when her boyfriend, cody wallace, called her to say that her son had fallen and hurt himself. tabitha admitted that she lied doctors, telling them that he she was home.
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nothing has been clear-cut with this case since it started and in yesterday's development, it may have muddied the waters even more. we will keep you posted. the snow and wind factors on i-80, on the california/nevada border, the
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conditions, coming up. welcome back, everyone. 6:38 on your thursday morning. let's check in with ryan kern for the current road conditions. >>reporter: good morning.
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is very loud and the winds are blowing the snow in my face. we are standing at the california nevada borderline in the road was shut down until 5:00 this morning. chain controls are implemented and these are department of transportation workers standing in the middle of i-80 directing traffic in the left and right lanes, to make sure that you have chains with you or you are a for will carr drive with snow trier -- with snow tires. the troopers tell us that multiple crashes are seen throughout the morning. trooper duncan will join us to tell us about that. chain controls through the rim of lake tahoe and every wrote to get from lake tahoe from salt lake on the nevada side along with northstar alpine and squaw meadows. stay safe out there. back to you in the studio. let's see how your morning
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how are we looking? >>reporter: good morning. we have slow downs around the highways and chain requirements in higher elevations. also on 385 south from gardenville into california north of rito, as well. we have chain or snow tire requirements. we have a disabled vehicle and two property damage grasses a northbound in the area of panther valley. we have a disabled vehicle and slide out at boomtown and another property damage crash on 580 southbound in the southbound side and multiple slide offs and property damage crashes on u.s. 50 and lake tahoe in the area of the golf club. when it comes to traveling on the roadways, distance equals time. the more time you leave between you and the vehicle in front if you could be the difference between getting in a crash and being able to stare out of the way. keep your seat else on and cell
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still to come, one of the areas that i've been particularly interested in is the area of children.erybody in this room and every child in this state is somebody. no matter where they're born, no matter to whom they are born. i want to make sure that every child has a chance to live up to his or her god-given potential. i've spent my life fighting for children,
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i'm hillary clinton,
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[bells ringing] time to keep the winning streak rolling on wall street. another big yesterday. -- another big day yesterday. the dow jones is up eight points. stories making financial headlines, japan said the trade balance returned to deficits in january. shortfall is close to $6 billion as exports fell 16% from the same month a year before. shipments to china tumbled 18%. customs data released on thursday show exports up to $46 billion and imported plunged 18% to $52 billion. chinese shipping companies say they are buying u.s.
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for roughly $6 billion. the deal amounts to about $39 per share, and they distribute information technology products and services. the company set on wednesday that ingram will remain in irvine color california and the ceo will remain in that post extract we have a busy day, weatherwise. up to 2 feet of snow in the mountains? between 16-24 inches of snow reported from some ski resorts and we see snow shower activity well. wet and slick roads across much of the area, this morning. take it easy on the roads. ice and snow covered in some spots and some areas are wet roads. take it easy and give yourself extra time. morning snow showers should taper off into the afternoon
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afternoon and evening. not looking for much more on the rest of the seven day forecast. we will show you that and a minute. 34 in town and partly cloudy skies. 100% relative humidity as a result of this snow. the partly cloudy skies, it is snowing in many parts of town. keep that in mind as you go out and about. the airport reports that the cloudy skies, but it is snowing in most parts of the town. 30s in town and snow is spilling into far western nevada. snow shower activity continues for the cra and far western nevada. not as much and west central, places like fallon and lavergne not seeing snow. the main push for reno sparks, it traversed the state and now it is on the eastern side as snail -- as snow falls in elko and eureka counties. we will watch snow showers tapering off today and mainly dry tomorrow with the exception tomorrow night, weak system brushes off to the north and may provide snow showers or
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impact by tomorrow night. it is a drier trend starting this afternoon. there are a lot of weather alert. winter storm warnings remain in place for snow tapering all around tahoe and through the afternoon and noon hour. that is in pink on your screen. the warning expires at noon. it also expires at noon for mono county and much of the sierra. the winter weather advisory in northeastern california, also expires at the noon hour, including susanville and we are also looking at a quieter 7 day forecast, after today. it is still a breezy day with the morning snow showers and another weak system brushes by quiet into next week, back to monday. president barack obama tweeted the official now
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trip to cuba. , quote, next month, i will travel to cuba and advance our efforts to improve the lives of cuban people. 14 months ago, i announced we would normalize relations with cuba and we've made significant process. two days until the south carolina republican primary and gop presidential contenders are making last-minute pitches to voters with back-to-back townhouse hosted by cnn. >> democrats are making a final push in nevada, which holds the democratic caucuses the same day, this saturday. a new polling indicates a tight race between sanders and clinton. here is more. >>reporter: in a state known for making the odds, the numbers ahead of saturday's nevada democratic caucuses are too close to call. bernie sanders hopes to build momentum following his win in last week's new hampshire primary. >> everything and my political gut tells me we have the
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>> yes. >>reporter: hillary clinton said the smart money is on her for the silver state when. >> we are going out to convince people to caucus on saturday and then we go to south carolina! >>reporter: a new poll suggests that clinton and sanders are in a dead heat with 40% of likely caucus coursing weighs about clinton and 47% backing sanders. clinton has an edge on a range of top issues. the poll results suggest that divided opinions are responsible for the tight race. another factor, the nominating contest will shift to iowa and new hampshire to states with more diverse electorates. sanders get support from the daughter of eric garner, killed in a confrontation with new york police in 2014. >> we need to believe in bernie sanders. >> the african-american community knows that on any given day, some innocent person like sandra bland can get into a car and three days later she could end up dead in jail.
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invokes sandra bland, clinton got the backing of sandra bland's own mother. >> i have been blessed to be able to introduce this fantastic lady to my right. >>reporter: read pinion reporting. we will have much more on the race coming up today on the "today show" in about 10 minutes. retired supreme court justice sandra day o'connor disagrees with fellow republicans and urges president obama to fill the newly vacant seat on the supreme court quickly. in an interview, o'connor said the president should name a nominee as soon as possible despite threats from congressional republicans determined to block any nominee the president chooses. the justice to replace antonin scalia will replace him and o'connor called the partisan chatter over the nomination, unnecessary and said the president should get on with a
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there is an investigation to a car bomb attack in turkey. authorities cleared the scene of remaining vehicles in the explosion and officials said the bomb went off in the turkish capital on wednesday and vehicles were carrying military personnel. 20 people were killed and 61 injured. no immediate claim of responsibility was given. the prime minister of turkey pledged that authorities would find those behind the bombing. authorities imposed a news blackout barring the media showing images of dead or injured or reporting details of the ongoing investigation. we have light delays in san francisco this morning and everyone else seems to be doing okay. local weather could cause
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we're back after this. good thursday morning. we will send it to the "today show." first, here's a preview of what is coming on morning fox on 11. we will keep you updated on the road conditions. there is a flurry of winter weather hitting our area. the local artists are getting plenty of recognition. it is not the type you might find at the museum. that might change. we will rejoined live and the nevada caucuses are days away. we will update you on the latest with the leading
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that, and a lot more coming up in less than five minutes. thank you, melissa. first, we have a nasty commute out there, unfortunately, depending on where we are coming from. >> wet roads for some and snow and ice covered roads for others. into the afternoon, we see a lot of improvements on the area roadways. snow shower at tivoli out there, this morning, will taper for western nevada and the sierra toward the afternoon. another weak system might brush us on friday and that might not be the thing we saw if you showers are possible friday night and really quiet into the weekend in the beginning of next week, back to 60 degrees in reno sparks, may be by monday. >> all right. a nice little warm up after the dumping of snow.
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thanks i-80 here. to my left, your right. this is the westbound lane you're looking at. cal trance issues officials making sure everyone taking it safe. we'll tell you where that needs to happen throughout our region. police are investigating a shooting that left one man dead in r,no. where it happened, what we know about it coming up. >> there are new developments in the lion county murder case against cody wallace. we've got the latest from the trial right here on


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