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tv   Mornings on Fox 11  FOX  February 23, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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brewing company. we'll tell you about it and the hundreds who have participated the votes all coming up next. thank you. plus, a car chase sends troopers from carson city all the way north to reno. where the chase ends and who authorities are still trying to you're watching warnings on 11. connecting northern nevada. good morning and thank you joining us here on mornings on fox 11. right now at 7:00. day. it's going to be a busy one political wise for a lot of people. in nevada. all eyes on nevada really. a recent poll shows donald trump in front, but voters have the tonight. we'll have to see if those projected numbers ring, true. now.
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months and months of preparation for this. after today, we will fade into obscurity on the political election. remember? >> that's right. >> you were the focal. . and we got folding coverage for. we'll check in with alex kaneda was luz ryan kern. but first we take a look at your forecast on this tuesday. with a pretty quiet forecast, we talk about things like sunrise and sunset times. hours getting longer and longer now spring. just a little while ago, sunset will be at 5:45 later today. that's a little over 11 hours of daylight. by the first of march, which is not far away, we are looking at 11
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then by the 13th of next month, daylight savings kicks in, so sunset and almost 12 hours of daylight. definitely starting to see more and more daylight especially in the evening hours. a lot of folks happy about that. 54 in town later today. 53 in carson city, 36 l cold. quiet weather, light winds, not too much to talk about. very close average, but that number is much warmer for tomorrow and beyond. we'll talk about that coming up. back to you. all eyes on nevada as republicans caucus for the presidential candidate of their choice. live with a look at which candidates are in northern nevada and what you need to know before tonight. >> reporter: good morning. we are in the rose ballroom at the nugget. in a few hours on this stage you saw behind me, donald trump is going to be here. like you said, the gop caucus
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trump is looking for the third straight win. it tells us he has a double- digit lead over his competitors ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich, and then carson. aside from trumps appearance here in sparks happening at noon today, ted cruz also making his rounds. then carson also will make a carson city later today. talking about the gop caucus, there are 28 different precinct sites. if you're not sure where to go, head to our website. just put your address into a database and it tells you where to go and also tonight, arrive between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. at your location with your government issued photo id. unlike democrats, republicans use a paper ballot. officials urge you to stick around and talk about the candidates you support and why to try to get other voters to support the same person. >> at 6:00 to go to the precinct
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if they'd like to vote and leave, they may, or they can stay, and i am encouraging people to stay to see the process of a precinct meeting because ty elect their delegates to the convention and nominate members to the central committee. >> unlike the democratic caucus, for the gop caucus tonight, there's an end time. it will wrap up around 8:0 0 tonight. as soon as we get final results for who nevada pics, we'll have the information in our later shows -- excuse me, on our sister station on news 4. alex kaneda, back to you. >> we've been talking a lot about donald trump. he told attendees at last night's rally in las vegas that he wanted to punch a protester. it was unclear the man and what he was protesting. listen to what trump said after
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>> here's a guy throwing punches, screaming at everything else when we are talking. the guards are very gentle with him. he's walking around smiling and laughing. i'd like to punch him in the face. >> there you go. trump also said the man tried to punch security officers. trump has urged supporters not to hurt them and at other times he suggested that protesters should be handled a little more roughly. as the political spotlight hits the silver state again today, a well-known local company brewing a different kind of caucus. great basin brewing company official coming votes on their own. ryan kern joins us live with more on the final day of the great dear caucus. >> reporter: good morning, sam. this is all about celebrating the origin of american politics.
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this is not a formal location to vote on a gop candidate. it is a fun thing that has been going on for about a week. again, celebrating the history of american politics. american history developed in breweries and taverns. taverns and breweries were essentially used for political decisions and discussions and even young says a lot of what happened with the declaration of independence and the constitution to what happened in philadelphia taverns back in the day. so he is trying to re-create that, getting some political spirit happening at reno. of course, that being great basin brewing company. essentially, the concept is you buy a beer and vote for you get a ballot and vote on your presidential selection for the year, whether it's democrat or republican. the democrat one finished on sunday and now the democratic one wrapping up today.
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happened so far. a lot of people coming through and wanting to put their own input in in this nice twist on american history. so more than 700 votes have happened so far in the last five days or six days. coming up, we'll tell you exactly what the votes are right now for the great dear caucus happening behind us. we'll see you in a half-hour. looking back at this weekends democratic caucus, there were a few twists and turns we need to mention ray one of those is the turnout for democrats. an estimated 80,000 democrats showed up to caucus statewide. that's down from the all-time high back in 2008. back then some 120,000 registered democrats turned out to caucus. another twist is the latino vote. some experts say that segment of the population showed up in far fewer numbers than expected. >> anything for 2016, it may
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that you bring, we may not see a high level of participation even on november 8th. >> the numbers show sanders did do well in the rural areas. he also had a strong showing in northern nevada. with around 70 percent of registered democrats statewide in clark county, that helped to give the wind to hillary clinton. in crimewatch, the nevada highway patrol searches for a suspect involved in a police chase that extended from carson city to reno last night. the chase began about 5:00 p.m. after report of an apparent larceny. it all came to an end of the grand sierra resort where one suspect was taken into custody by state troopers. however, they are trying to find a second suspect that ran from the car. officials believe he went into the gsr. if you have information, contact secret witness. in more crime news, a school vandalized over the weekend. police say the suspects broke a window to get inside the building, destroying some of the property. paint was splattered all over the walls and hallways and in the offices. some murals painted in the school are destroyed because of the
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now parents are worried about how secure the school is. >> it is frustrating that there is in a little bit more security. makes you feel like there should be more with a lot of events that have gone on in our country. it does leave a little -- leaves me unsettled a little bit. >> school police are currently investigating the situation. call secret witness if you have information. 322-4900. the owner of a local brewery faces theft charges after being arrested in carson city. the owner of lake tahoe brewing company. according to shares officials, he advertised beer canning equipment for sale on the brewing industry website. they say someone in canada agreed to purchase the equipment and made more than $45,000 in payments, but officials say he never sent the equipment and never made any
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to be shipped via he was arrested and booked yesterday. he is facing charges of theft of property with a value of $3500 or more. carson city sheriff's officials actually discovered possible additional theft or fraud victims through the investigation. anyone with information can call detective sam hatley. 283-7852. a nevada man sentenced to eight months in prison after pleading guilty to felony human trafficking charges. the 19-year-old carson city native accused of running a 16-year- old girl to north dakota for prostitution. now to an update on the search for a woman who went missing out of zephyr cove. now we are learning more about the case. officials say they found a car overlooking emerald bay. several agencies are still working
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15th. they are using search dogs, but recent snowfall is slowing down the search process. up next, a body discovered
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welcome back. 7:15. 30 degrees and reno. accuse michigan mass shooter faces 16 charges in saturday's gun rampage, including six counts of murder and eight firearm charges. >> he's being held without bail as police comb through the evidence in a horrific series of attacks. >> reporter: prosecutor geoffrey getting on the continuing investigation into saturday's shooting rampage in michigan. >> one of the pieces of evidence that was seized was his phone. >> other key evidence, the handgun police say they found. the pistol consistent with shell casings from all three crime scenes. perhaps even more disturbing, the heavy-duty jacket capable of concealing a pistol but more than three hours before the attack. a total of 11 rifles found at his home. this is one injured victim still
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another clings to life in the hospital. >> she is alive and fighting for her life. >> the 14-year-old in critical condition, the only survivor in the third and final attack. her mother breaking down as they spoke about their little girl, showing sympathy for the suspect loved ones even. >> our thoughts are with the dalton family. we want his family to know that we don't hold anything against the family members. >> please look into what led to a the weekend. investigators called to the morning after the body of kelly medina-brown was found inside a laundry chute. metro says they are calling it a homicide investigation. they are not calling it that.
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incident but officials say they are cooperating with authorities. apple ceo e-mailed his staff yesterday thanking them for their support. tim cook is referring to the case involving the iphone of terrorist. he shot and killed 14 people last september in san bernardino. the fbi demands apple help break into his phone. the ceo e-mailed his staff saying the case is about more than just a phone. he went on to say, it does not feel right to be on the opposite side of the government in the case centered on the freedoms and liberties that government is meant to protect. now, the fbi's director said sunday that the agencies demand is about giving the victims justice, providing a thorough investigation into the shooting. apple has until friday to respond to the court order. in international news, more than 70 cases of zika virus have been reported in panama, including one case in the nation's capital.
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$10 million to combat that carry the zika virus. firefighters in melbourne, australia were able to bring a construction site fire under control today but this is some amazing video. it was not before the blaze caused a massive crane to collapse. cameras were rolling as crews battled the fire. the flames spread and the giant arm came crashing to the ground. no one was hurt, amazingly. officials believe the incident was the result of an electrical fire that started in the crane's motor. good morning. a quiet forecast today. and for the next several days. a mix of sun and clouds and light winds as well and your average highs for the day today but we'll go above average starting tomorrow well into the 60s. 30 degrees in town. mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies reported from the airport right now. wins are at 3 miles per hour and 59 percent humidity. teens and 20s for most of us. yesterday degrees in reno as
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mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. you see the clouds filling in from west to east right now, and we continue to see clouds mixing with sunshine. otherwise, things are staying dry today and for much of the 7-day period near average highs. by tomorrow, well above average and we stay that way most of the rest of the 7-day forecast. mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies across eastern nevada. highs in the 30s and 40s. not much as far as winds are concerned. low 50s for western nevada. up and around the lake, highs in the upper 40s to lower 50s. western nevada, once again, into the 50s today. again, close to average for this time of year. average high for reno-sparks is
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we'll be at about 54. 54 in reno-sparks, only 1 degree above average, but watch what happens when we roll out that 7- day forecast. well above average tomorrow. up to 64 by your wednesday and still well into the 60s for thursday and friday. rain chances are out there for friday, saturday, and sunday. but they are low. only at about 10 percent. still in mostly dry forecast. 54 today, only 1 degree above the average high for 53. by tomorrow up to 65 and well into the 60s for your thursday and friday. over to you. school districts throughout california warning parents of students personal information that could be accessed. we'll tell you about that
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in trending. welcome back. 7:24. right now it's 30 degrees in reno. trending on social media this morning. days before the oscars, a new study shining a harsh light on the lack of diversity in hollywood. researchers from the university of southern california started -- study 414 films. the report found out of more than 11,000 speaking roles, 66.5 percent were male. 33.5 percent were female and 71.7 percent were white, 12.2 percent were black and only 2 percent were gay, lesbian, or bisexual characters. when the group looked behind the
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and minorities were also underrepresented. turning to its trending on her facebook page this morning. school districts throughout south carolina warning parents that students personal information could be accessed as part of the federal court case involving special education services and a lot of people are furious. to nonprofit organizations are suing the state department of education because they say the state is in providing a free and appropriate public education for children with disabilities. now social security members, mental health records, and home addresses are all being made available as part of the investigation. school districts started notifying parents that the data would be provided but us emily woman lorena garst dollars -- gonzales said they don't need the information. it is unclear whether it will stop students data from being
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asking you on facebook, do you think this is the right way to go about the information asking for all of this background? or should we keep it on a general basis? you got the stats about those kids and use the information. let us know on facebook. the gop caucus taking place in nevada today. we are live telling you what you need to know before you cast your
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presidential hopefuls making the rounds across northern nevada as they gear up for tonight's gop caucus. what's in store for the day ahead coming up in just a few minutes. plus, the burke great beer caucus happening locally combining the history of american politics with today's voting. we'll tell you about what's happening coming up. and after hillary clinton's
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nevada to see who comes out on top in today's republican caucuses. how the front runners are trying to gain an edge. you're watching mornings on fox with bill frankmore, samantha boatman, melissa carlson, and whether with meteorologist tim studebaker. this is mornings on fox. good tuesday morning, everyone. 7:30 on your tuesday. of course, the day a lot of people have been waiting for. the gop caucus happening today. a lot of candidates in town as well trying to sway the last voters their way. it'll be interesting to see what happens tonight. once again, donald trump does not disappoint. last night he said, listen, i'd like to smack one of those protesters that was piping up that one of the events. some people are saying that's exactly why we like trump. others are saying that's why this could be an issue. goes both ways.
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check for yourself. also, what does this have to do with beer? besides a drunken protester who was in there. i'm just trying to get into this. ryan kern is going to explain why he is that great basin brewery. they've got a little play on the caucus there and letting you vote at the same time. >> of course. one week away from super tuesday as well area that is when we will kind of get a good idea of what candidates will be heading toward. for now, let's send 10 -- send things to tim. pretty quiet weather. today is last time we are near the average high for a little while. today's average is 53. going for 54. by tomorrow up to 65 for the high in reno-sparks and well into the 60s thursday and friday and into the school weekend -- into the weekend. it's a pretty warm next several
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to the average for this time of year. 53 carson city. 51 in southlake and 36 in elko. light winds across much of the area and mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. those clouds filling in in far western nevada as well as into the sierra. a mix of sun as well as clouds today. starting seasonably cool. teens, 20s, and 30s. 28 in carson city and 22 in smith valley. later today into the 50s for lower elevations. air quality is moderate. the burn code is green. the 7-day forecast coming up with not only warm temperatures but some very small precept chances to talk about. i'll let you know when those come around. democrats caucused over the weekend for the first time in the west and today is the republicans turn. alex cannito is live with a look at
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>> reporter: good morning, guys. we are at the rose ballroom inside the nugget. in a few hours donald trump will be taking to the stage to talk to voters about tonight's caucus and hopefully win over there vote. trump is looking for his third straight win in recent polling data telling us he has a double- digit lead over his competitors. the last time he was here in northern nevada we didn't see people lining up until about 7:30 in the morning. not the case today. we've been out here since 4:45 and saw people in the lobby dressed in their gear. people coming in and out throughout the morning asking where they go to line up. they are expecting thousands to come out here, so if you want to see donald trump speak today, i encourage you to come early as doors open at 10:00 you trump is not the only person in northern nevada today. ted cruz stopping in friendly, minden, carson city.
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there are 28 different precinct sites. if you're not sure where to go, head to our website. we have a database. you can put in your address and it will tell you where you need to head for the caucusing location tonight. officials say arrive between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. to get into your location and make sure you have the government issued photo id so you can participate. republicans use paper ballots. well you don't get into groups, they're still a chance to talk about the candidate you support come and officials in. you to stick around and do so. >> they may discuss the candidates and because it's not an election, there will be representatives from the campaigns there. the people can wear their shirts, their buttons, because it's not a regular election. this is a party function. >> unlike the democratic caucus, there's an end time for tonight's caucus. it will wrap up around 8:00. as soon as we get those results,
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make sure you stay tuned for the very latest. back to you. as the gop caucus it's nevada, one local company looks to bring american politics back to its roots. wrapping up the great beer caucus today business. is all about. melissa. essentially, the history of american politics according to officials. it goes back to taverns, bars, and beers that were gathered and discussed throughout philadelphia. so many different political ideas happening inside a bar setting. that's kind of what officials at the great basin brewing company are trying to replicate. essentially, you buy a beer and make a vote. this has been happening for about a week now.
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before we get to the republican numbers, let's talk about the democrats. it didn't exactly go as it went in the actual voting polls. bernie sanders absolutely one. 208 votes to hillary clinton's 126. of course, that's what the people here decided. it didn't go that way, so they'll see if it goes the way of the republican votes as well. right now donald trump leads the polls 172 to ted cruz's 41, and the numbers go down from there. jeb bush no longer the race with only 17 votes at the bottom of the list. so that actually adds up. if trump wins today, and at least one of the two of the nevada beer caucuses is happening near the great basin brewing company coming to fruition. it's that simple. see if trump is the winner. it goes against what the
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vote is a bernie sanders. >> maybe not as official but still a vote, nonetheless. all eyes on the entire state of nevada this morning as it prepares for today's caucus. >> we are in las vegas to get a preview of what we can expect today. >> reporter: we are here nevada , a state where altercation and faded into just about everything. certainly, they're improving for the remaining five candidates as they go into tuesday night's caucus. that after jeb bush dropped out. there were here two months ago for the republican debate and there was still 14 in the race. it could dwindle even more after tonight's results. there are 30 delegates up for grabs, and it's been a wild couple days just getting to this point. first off, we had ted cruz forcefully asking for the resignation of his communications director after he sent out some social media that this represented marco rubio and his position on the bible. you also have john kasich semi-apologizing for some
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the previous election and how women left their kitchens to vote for him, and then donald trump casting doubt over marco rubio's citizenship and his eligibility to become president, even though he was born in the united states. meanwhile, donald trump is just about up in every major poll here in nevada. double digits in just about all of them. in one of them up 26 points, but this is a caucus. just as we saw in iowa, sometimes the caucus and the polls don't match up. we'll have results and analysis throughout the day and late into the night. now back to you. >> we will have continuing coverage on our sister station, news 4, as well. back in the area, 12 news solar power trash compactors in downtown. the mayor thought out strategic spots for the trash compactors. this is part of the plan to a
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these trash bins will be more difficult compared to regular trash cans. also, big bins will require fewer pickup days for garbage trucks. some exciting event coming up. we'll be talking about them with amanda horne right after the break.
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>> [ music ] in on of david bowie who passed away earlier this month under pressure. one of the best duets of all kinds and all rock history.
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we have her good friend amanda horne. she is back in, back from mexico. welcome back. >> thanks. >> you guys collaborate with a lot of folks. you do on education, teaching our kids to be creative and to appreciate it. what's going on this week customer. >> this week we are collaborating to present the state the finals for poetry out loud. this is a popular national event. it's a really awesome time. it's this thursday evening. come on out and listen to these states semi finals of these amazing kids shouting poetry. >> are these high school kids? >> yeah. so this is going to be an awesome time and it's open to the public. check it out and support these kids in honor of creativity. >> you also have the opportunity to meet someone this week. who are we meeting? >> this week on friday we have an artist who has an exhibition in the
7:44 am
it's called a residency on earth. she does a lot of folkloric, a lot of mythology that she reads into her work. she has done some really amazing expeditions, so you can listen to her talk about that and meet her. it's funny, because she has some where she has a woman being suspended by her hair. come check it out. >> you know, it's very popular, the first thursdays coming up. >> i can't believe it's almost march. it's going to be the first thursday of march. we have a very famous local band, so that's going to be a good time for everyone to come out. it is free for members and included with the price of admission. >> it is crazy. >> you come in and there's a
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playing in the atrium. when the summer months come, we throw it on the roof. in the atrium, the galleries are open. you can grab a drink, and just lining the stairs with people looking down onto the band playing and going into the galleries, it's buzzing. it's a good time. >> you got a big exhibition coming as well. >> real quick on saturday, march 5th, we have the horse opens. it's the horse and horses in the american west, two concurrent exhibitions that celebrate the bond between horses and humanity. lots of opening event on the weekend of march 5th, including a showing of the black stallion. it would be saturday at 3:00 p.m. it's included with the price of admission. so come check it out and bring the whole family to celebrate. >> awesome stuff as usual. thank you for coming in. tim, over to you. pretty quiet stuff weatherwise the next couple days. a mix of sun and clouds today. we are having some of those in the truckee meadows.
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throughout the day. light winds for today and near advertise as well. the average is 53. 54 in reno-sparks, and near average elsewhere as well. warmer stuff on the way on the 7-day forecast. 30 degrees in town right now. partly cloudy skies at the moment. three mile-per-hour winds and 59 percent humidity. teens and 20s for a lot of us across the area. again, a few clouds have started to fill-in. a mix of sun and clouds for western nevada. still a lot of sunshine in central and eastern parts of the state continue to see the mix of sun and clouds today. temperatures close to the averages for this time of year. 36 for your high. 47 in mcdermott. western nevada topping out in the low 50s for a lot of us. upper 40s in winnemucca today.
7:47 am
mountain. light winds and mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. into the 40s around tahoe. a couple spots in the low 50s. back toward western nevada, again, into the 50s today. 53 in dayton, 54 in minden and gardnerville, and 54 the high in silver springs. toward the north, low 50s for today. mid 50s at 54 degrees in reno-sparks. today's average high is. we warm up even more headed toward tomorrow and beyond. 50s for today for most of us. some 40s on the maps for today as well. a lot of us in the mid-60s range, including carson city at 64, well into the 60s by the time we get to the end of this work week, and that includes upper 60s for thursday and friday. 69 for thursday and friday, and then shower chances pick up. they are not very impressive at
7:48 am
us will stay dry. back to you. trending. school districts warning that students personal information federal court case involving a this. to nonprofit organizations are suing the state department of education because they say the and appropriate public education to children with disabilities. now social security numbers, health records, and home addresses are all being made available as part of the investigation. notifying parents this week the data would be provided but the assembly a woman says we don't need the information to do the investigation. parents can object, but it is unclear whether objecting is putting a stop to students information from being released.
7:49 am
do you think this information should be available to help in the case? if it is part of the evidence, should it be made public to everyone? we are talking mental health records and home addresses. is there a certain line where you say, listen, the public needs to know information but specifics as per those types of information really shouldn't be made public or it should? what do you think? >> i agree with you. the specific information down to social security numbers and address, those it should be anonymous. the nonprofit, when they sue, they said they can receive fake names and the information is fake. they don't need a specific name . >> glenn, do you think this is the right way to go about it? there are those who are saying
7:50 am
are, basically, punishing us. what do you think about it? been settled by law and in court, so you have a right to privacy in this case and they have to get your be a what people don't realize is this is a two-way street. if you want to keep that information personal, you can present your school or whoever is involved here with a little piece of paper signed saying, we don't turn out this information, see get permission to do so. therefore, it's keeping your information private. all of this has been settled in court. your information should be private unless you want to turn it out. it's a slamdunk. >> until you get to the court day, we are talking about investigating, talking about looking at information that could be pertinent to this case. do you think the child's personal information should be kept off the record? >> absolutely 100 percent agree with that.
7:51 am
the point this morning that we've got a situation here where we see almost on a regular basis where groups like anonymous are hacking companies for information that put billions of dollars in the security. what kind of security can the parents association offer? >> now you got the information out there. would love to hear what you have to say. post your comments on her facebook and google plus page. sam? would you improve your health routine if it meant more cash in
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wellness p wellness programs have become a common way for companies to make employers healthier. andrea spencer explains today in your health minute. >> reporter: employers want healthier employees. workplace wellness programs are hot. according to a study published, more than 80 percent of big companies offer some form of financial incentive to get their workers to participate. looking at such programs can be more effective. researchers gave nearly trend of people a 7000 step goal to keep up during a 13 week challenge. the study participants were broken into groups. $1.40 for each day they hit the 7000 step goal, the second groups participants entered into a
7:56 am
they could only win if they met their goal the day before. the third receive $40 upfront, and with the caveat that participants lost $1.40 for each day, they
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so what did researc republican caucus day here in the silver state. much anticipated just days after the democrats have their turn. hillary clinton won on that side. we'll donald trump's big project lead really taken there? we will have a report on the republican caucus coming up. an apparent larceny turns into a high-speed chase. where it ended and who police are
8:00 am
and police investigate what they call the work of vandals at a local elementary school. we'll show you the damage. you're watching warnings on fox 11. connecting northern nevada. good morning and thank you for joining us here on mornings on fox 11. 8:00. the second hour of the show. a busy day political life. got a lot to get to and to where to go to the gop caucus if you're interested, who is in town, times to be there. also very important today, national toast day. i love it. maybe it was a week ago. time is flying by. i posted this on my facebook. it was one through 15 on how you like toast cooked. we got so many comments about it, whether it's burnt, whether it is light, if you like the edges burnt a little bit.
8:01 am
people reposted. apparently, it's got its own national day. >> don't we joke about toast all the time? i'd rather eat dry toast. now it has its own name. >> i know they say if you smell burnt toast, it's a sign you're having a stroke. >> who knew. i need to investigate this more. >> or you just left it in the toaster too long. >> we will be feeling like we're kind of in a toaster. >> look at that segue. let's toss it to meteorologist tim studebaker. >> that was a great transition, you guys. warmer temperatures on the way. starting tomorrow near average, but into the 60s tomorrow and beyond. also, we're noticing daylight hours getting longer and longer out there.
8:02 am
by march 1st, sunset goes to 5:52. 11 hours 21 minutes. not only do winter daylight saving time, but also because of that our sunset goes all the way to 7:05 p.m. for just under 12 hours of daylight. i posted this on my social media pages, both facebook and twitter, and i want to know what you'll do with the extra daylight over the coming months as those hours get longer and longer. i am curious what people do in the evening hours. 54 in reno-sparks, 53 carson city, 51 south lake, and 36. mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies for the day, and head over to my social media page to let me know what you're doing with the extra daylight. back to you guys. a big day for gop candidates and voters here in nevada. ryan kern joins us live with what you need to know before heading to
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>> reporter: good morning, bill. really heading into tonight's caucus votes for the republican side of the 2016 presidential election, donald trump has a double-digit lead based on recent nevada. necessarily reflect what the poll numbers show, but regardless, that's what they are saying right now. trump in a double-digit lead up really the two primary candidates running against him. we are standing here at the republican headquarters, as you said. ted cruz is actually in the area. then carson appropriately going to carson city as well, but the big ticket so far right now is donald trump at the nugget this morning before the sun even came up. alex cannito was live seeing people lined up. thousands expected to get to the
8:04 am
donald trump speak. there is 28 different places you can go to vote if you want to see a full list of where you can go. it all depends on where you can live. type in your address and have a nice reminder as to where you go. once the voting begins, it happens at 5:00 and goes until 6:00 at that location. pretty simple. all you need is a government issued id. we'll see if donald trump actually can reflect the project in numbers that we are seeing so far. double-digit lead. certainly, ted cruz and marco rubio putting up a good fight to break up the numbers and get a little closer. we'll send it back to you. the nevada highway patrol searching for suspect after a police chase that spanned from carson city to reno yesterday. the chase began after reports of a parent larceny. it came to an end at the grand sierra resort where one suspect was taken into custody by troopers. however, they are still trying
8:05 am
ran from the car. officials think that person went inside the gsr. anyone with information can reach out to secret witness. meanwhile, police have identified a woman who died in a car crash last friday evening. according to authorities, 55-year-old melanie marty lawson was driving southbound on by the 80 when she drifted onto the left shoulder. police say she then overcorrected and spun across the lanes before hitting a concrete wall. according to nevada highway patrol, she was taken to a local reno hospital where she later passed away. and investigation underway after winnemucca elementary school was vandalized over the weekend. officials say the suspects broke a window and snuck in destroying some
8:06 am
some of the damage that was done officials say might not be able to be fixed. school police are currently investigating the situation. if you know information, please contact secret witness. in education news, no child left behind became law back into that someone, but after 15 years, educators and lawmakers knew it was time for a change. >> in december president obama signed the every student succeeds bipartisan law. >> reporter: when it kicks into full gear, the every student succeeds act is going to be given every state a lot more decision-making power when it comes to elementary and secondary education. >> it's characterized as largely providing more state control. >> interim state superintendent says the act gives districts and the state the opportunity to craft education standards specific to the silver state's needs.
8:07 am
taken by the governor to cope our teacher shortage. >> the governor signed emergency regulations, which allow us to now offer provisional licenses to teachers who would've otherwise had to wait. >> there will still be a five- star ranking system for schools, but how traditional and alternative schools are measured with their success is a little different. >> the state wants to take a more holistic look when it comes to measuring success, including student surveys. >> take a look at our star rating system. we can add other measures with just academic success. soft skills, if you will, that contribute to student success. example. >> kristin macneil says she's excited about the possibilities with every student succeeds. >> we know our communities the type of curriculum, the accountability with
8:08 am
going to be as well. >> when students are schools are underperforming instead of federal consequences being handed down, more proactive steps will be taken to boost those roots. >> supports are put into place and the districts and at the state will be working together so that we can match those programs to what actually fits with our students needs and our families needs. >> some parts of no child left behind are not being left behind. >> we still have the assessments. we still have teacher evaluations and principal evaluations. measures. we have the graduation rates. within the every student succeeds act, it's just a different way of carrying those out and not and in punitive measure. >> this process to transition away from the no child left behind act will take a few years. the existing plan expires in august 2016, a transition year be the 2016-17 school year when the state will submit all its
8:09 am
plans for the federal government approval. and by the 2017-18 school year, every student succeeds should be in full effect. interim superintendent believes recent education reform by state lawmakers is going to make this new program powerful. >> i think families want to know our position well. with the recent investments in the accountability reform in 15, i think we are really teed up nicely in order to put all of that together. >> this friday, february 26th, the public education foundation is hosting a conference on the impact and opportunities when it comes to every student succeeds. >> there will be educational experts from around the west for the event. be sure to cover this for you. to hear more about the direction, check into our website -- or our
8:10 am
students at you and are have another center. they bring cutest services scattered across six different buildings. it features of writing center, math center, tutoring center, alliance for veterans and military, and much more. >> the building also offers evening hours. to find out more on the new building, just visit our sister station's website. president obama has a plan to shut down guantanamo bay. white house officials will submit the outline to congress later today. obama has long vowed to close the prison facility saying it's used as a recruiting tool by terrorists and is simply too costly to maintain. congress had opposed previous plans to shut this down. the current proposal involves transferring most of the detainees to other countries. those deemed too dangerous for
8:11 am
facility here in the u.s. morgan freeman soon able to help you get to your destination.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
welcome back, everyone.
8:15 am
currently sitting at 32 degrees in reno. we have something exciting to tell you this morning. the father-daughter date coming up saturday. joining us to tell us about it, just and boston warning from liquid blue events. thank you for coming on. we will start with you. >> this is our second year doing it. we've rented a limo. it's a whole day up there. you get lunch, get your all- time photo taken, fudge, hot chocolate, it is a whole experience in downtown virginia city caps off with a fashion style daughter dance. >> i love it. how cool is it that you spend the whole day with dad? >> it's really fun. i don't know. i just really like that it never ends. >> you get this on the whole day just the two of you, no distractions.
8:16 am
kind of event together? >> we do a lot of events in virginia city, but i guess it came about just thinking about the tours when i was in school here. i always want to take my daughter up there. experience the great food, the great desert, everything they have up there is good. >> and just the memories that you can make together. just on a date designated to you. we were talking in commercial break, you get something special as well. we're talking about a new dress. how exciting is that? >> well, i personally love going shopping. i just spend like at least three hours picking out address. >> i was telling her that, get used to that because you'll have homecoming, prom, weddings, and baby showers. just fun. people are watching this.
8:17 am
>> you can buy tickets to the whole day experience or just the dance itself. >> fantastic. so this is an all-day thing from 11:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m. the dance happening at the dell the casino if i am not mistaken. >> fantastic. such a great day to spend. i love it, guys. thank you so much. it sounds like the weather will be perfect. for more on that, we send things to meteorologist tim studebaker. a very quiet work week ahead of us. still pretty quiet. very low shower chances friday, saturday, and sunday. the rest of the 7-day is completely dry and even the 10 percent mostly. mix of sun and clouds. light winds across most of the area and advertised for the day today. average in reno-sparks is 53. we are going for 54 later today.
8:18 am
cloudy skies reported from the airport. we'll the breaks of sun as well as times of clouds. calm winds right now also. 20s and 30s across much of the area. 28 in fallon, 25 in 28 in fallon, 25 in we've had some clouds for far western nevada. we continue to see clouds moving west to east. they will break at times for sunshine as well and temperatures near the average highs today for this time of year. into tomorrow, things start to warm up across the area. for today, 30s and 40s. 46 battle mountain, 37 in eureka. western nevada topping into the 50s today. xd six in bishop and 54 in bridgeport. again, near average. upper 40s for most of lake tahoe and into the low for these. light winds and mostly sunny skies
8:19 am
with clouds right now. we'll see some cloudiness at times today, so will call it mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies today. lower 50s for the lower elevations. that includes the northern zones. 53 in spanish springs. 54 in reno-sparks for the high. 7-day forecast, we've got warmer temperatures on the way starting tomorrow into the late week. we do have shower chances picking up for friday, saturday, and sunday but they are very low at only about 10 percent. generally dry across the area for the entire 7-day. a little unsettled ready, saturday, and sunday. a few showers pop up but for the most part it is dry going from mid-fifties today in reno- sparks all the way to the mid and upper 60s over the next several days. in today's hollywood minute, a game show border dispute.
8:20 am
this morning. >> london has fallen costar morgan freeman almost as well-known for narrating movies as he is for starring in them. now he can narrate your commute. freeman in character as vice president trouble is the newest voice option on the navigation app so the oscar winner can guide you to work, home, or your local theater. leon is working it. her latest single work has hit the top of the billboard top 100. her 14th number 1 on that chart. that puts her in third place all-time for hot 100 liters behind the beatles and mariah carey. jeopardy host alex trebek is from ontario, but it appears his countrymen are welcome on his game show. jeopardy rules rule out canadians from trying out. in an e-mail, he said canadian online privacy laws that though it is unclear which laws would keep
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
i'm david daniel in hollywood. time right now is 8:25. right now it's 32 degrees in reno. trending on social media, in his role as president, frank underwood in house of cards will go on display at the smithsonian national portrait gallery. house of cards is a popular netflix drama dealing with the dark side of politics in washington dc. it was the first original series produced by the streaming service and season four premieres next
8:25 am
her facebook page. a yelp employee fired after publishing an open letter to the ceo. this is hitting so many feeds today. in the letter, she berates her employer saying the company should cut back on snacks and drinks stopped at the office and instead simply pay employees more. saying, i mean, i could handle losing out on pistachio nuts if i was getting paid enough to afford groceries. two hours after posting the letter, she was fired. they deny a connection between her let her and her firing, but jane says her own manager wasn't even aware of her firing and says this can directly from the ceo. we are asking all of you on facebook what you think. should she have been fired? is this a case of insubordination or a case of her standing up for herself and saying what you're paying me at $8 roughly is what she
8:26 am
eight dollars per hour for the bay area is simply not a living wage. if you cut back on the perks, if you will, you might actually be able to sustain living in the bay area. post your comments on her facebook page.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
sam, over to you. first the democrats, now the republicans. the day is finally here for the republican caucus in nevada for 2016. trump has a big projected lead. we'll tell you exactly what the candidates are doing in nevada today heading into tonight's vote. also taking selfie's is a common thing these days especially for bill frankmore. now but major credit card
8:30 am
wants to use them to help with security. we will explain how. and reports surfaced saying tiger woods is nowhere ready to be golfing again, but his agent was quick to dispute those claims. what he is saying about tigers health. you're watching warnings on fox with bill frankmore, samantha boatman, and melissa carlson, and whether with meteorologist tim studebaker. this is mornings on fox. and good tuesday morning, everyone. 8:31. last half-hour of the show. the clock is ticking until the gop caucus this evening. it'll be interesting to see who wins projected numbers, especially putting donald trump in front, but you never know until people caucus. >> until then, three visits yesterday.
8:31 am
popping is? i feel like it's me. >> it's your hair. just don't move. >> don't move and don't talk and we'll be perfect. >> holding our breath for some snow and we might die before we get any. >> it's a little while. i don't know how long you can hold your breath, but we've got a pretty quiet 7-day forecast. average high this time of year is 53 degrees. we'll be very close to that for today, but by tomorrow and beyond, very warm temperatures on the way well into the 60s for much of the rest of the 7-day forecast after today. today in the mid-fifties. that's close to average this time of year. 54 reno-sparks, 53-are high in carson city. light winds for most of us today. a mix of sun and clouds. we have a good model car cover right now. if you watch the satellite loop, last hour or so clouds have started to fill in the bill break apart from time to time as well giving us a mix of sun and clouds today. temperatures close to the
8:32 am
early part of the day. teens, 20s, and 30s across the maps for western nevada and going for the 50s and 40s later today depending on your location and elevation. air quality is good, the burn code is green. 7-day forecast, very warm temperatures and very small shower chances they will talk about that coming up in a bit. over to you. a big day for gop candidates. >> ryan kern joins us live from the washoe county republican headquarters with what you need to know before voting in today's caucus. >> reporter: good morning, sam and melissa. we are standing in front of the republican party headquarters where we expect it to be a lot busier than it is right now. we expect officials to come through in a little bit. we're talking about republican votes for the caucus here in nevada. the fourth state this is happening so far. donald trump comes in with a big projected double-digit lead.
8:33 am
rubio and cruz are two people trailing behind. ben carson is still in along with ohio governor john kasich. we'll see how this pulls together. essentially, donald trump looking for his third win in a row after losing the first caucus in iowa. ted cruz one that 1 by 4 percent over donald trump. but trump has taken new hampshire and south carolina as well. looking to take that projected lead into a win tonight. voting happening between 5:00 and 6:00. if you need to find a location, this 28 different spots around the area. so typing your address. are website -- our website has that information. donald trump is at the nugget where people have been lining up to
8:34 am
-- since before the sun has come up. nugget officials expect thousands to be trying to get in when the doors open at 10:00. he'll be speaking at the nugget. that's where donald trump's plan is for today. he has a double-digit projected lead be a very important to say projection. we'll see what happens tonight. result expected around 8:00. we'll have full coverage on the sister station. back to you. >> thank you for that. a selfie is pretty much part of everyday life for a lot of people. we take them in the studio a time or two. but now mastercard wants to use them to prevent fraud. mary maloney has details in today's consumer watch. >> reporter: forget a password. mastercard is launching new technologies to use a selfie to prove online purchases. the company says fingerprint scans and a selfie are safer than typed passwords especially since many passwords are easy for scammers to guess.
8:35 am
it has to take a selfie each time you buy something online. your face or fingerprint will be scanned to prove it is you spending the money and not a scammer. you won't be able to use the same picture over and over. mastercard makes you going to show that you are taking picture as you shop. the fingerprint scan is easier, especially if you have an iphone with the technology built in but it's not just mastercard looking for new ways to prevent fraud. if you have an account, you'll soon be able to use your fingerprint and voice to access money, and mastercard is researching ways to use your heart beat and scans of your eyes to authenticate purchases. i'm mary maloney for consumer watch. >> that part about the picture makes me a little worried. i think there's a way -- the the seems a little strange. >> seems like you could hack that
8:36 am
we'll have to see. in other consumer news, free shipping just got a lot harder to come by. amazon just raised the minimum amount, so now you have to shell out $49 before an order is shipped for free. >> that's actually a 40 percent increase from the previous minimum of $35. it is not clear when amazon made the change. amazon prime membership will cost $99 per year and those folks will not be affected. as of monday, starbucks overhauling its rewards program. the goal is to speed up service at the checkout. under the old program, members that one star per visit which caused a slowdown in the checkout process. >> the new program is based on how much a customer spends not on the amount of transactions. the coffee giant expects customer payouts will stay about the same under the new program. starbucks has more than 11
8:37 am
active reward members area. legal troubles heating up over popcorn. three major popcorn makers forced to drop their chicago mix flavor after a trademark lawsuit. a small minnesota chain started the label more than 20 years ago. >> they trademarked the name chicago mix but that didn't stop other makers from using the name on their own products. brenda lamm said they were forced to take legal action by bringing three of the biggest trademark violators to court. it's a mixed bag of three different popcorn flavors. >> i love that mix. and a local not to mention. 12 solar powered -- why did they have me read this? were you trying to tell me something? strategic spots for the trash compactors.
8:38 am
a cleaner, vibrant city. with the trash bins, they are more difficult to go through compared to regular trash cans. >> i feel like a big trashcan. >> we have a look at sports today. today the western conference leading winner. this is great for the kids. students from northern nevada bussed to the reno events center for a day of education, fitness, and they'll even get to watch the big horns take on that your ebay hawks. doors open at 10:00 this morning for an 11:00 a.m. tipoff. the bagel company will provide bagels with cream cheese as well as bagel sandwiches in the vip lounge. tickets as low as $4. former cleveland cavalier finalizes deal with the golden state warriors. like they need any help.
8:39 am
was assigned to -- he was signed for the remainder of the season. the vet originally traded to portland prior to the trade deadline, but the warriors had to cut the forward jason thompson to make room for the 33-year-old. he wasn't active for monday night's game at golden state faced the atlanta hawks on the road. the hawks make a comeback. dennis schroeder for three. golden state only up one. and it's still a close game seth curry. lightning speed and he turns and shimmies. the move must have got to atlanta. the warriors end up taking the game 102-92. reports that tiger woods ailing back may keep them out indefinitely
8:40 am
remember mark twain's quote? following a tweet that said woods condition had worsened. his agent released a statement saying the golfers tweet about health are ridiculous and false. woods continues to work on his rehab and an update would come at the appropriate time. the former number 1 golfer in the world has not won a tournament since 2013 due in part to his ongoing back problems. ladies? coming up, leonardo dicaprio may still be searching for his first oscar win, but it looks like
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
for his identical welcome back. 32 degrees as we check in now at 8:44. tim has the final forecast in just a few, but first let's talk hollywood. leonardo dicaprio -- i can't even say his name this morning. leonardo dicaprio has a plus size twin with his own reality show. you were hoping i would say plus size twin mattress. >> i wasn't going to say a word. more on if you think this guy looks like leo. lille. security guard is living large as leonardo dicaprio. he's definitely a more portly version, nothing mini me about him.
8:45 am
his heart belongs to leo. the resemblance exploded on social media last month. his looks described as friday night saturday morning. while his twin replies, i see it. now the channel moscow 24 has given him a show called romance to with dicaprio. >> his tv show is sort of a modified makeover. his look like takes things like voice lessons and consult with a dietitian. he hit the treadmill and undergoes cosmetic procedures to look more like dicaprio. and just as the real leo crawled his way through the revenant, and his twin is crawling his way to fame. the producers even built a mock
8:46 am
young women took turns posing, though they didn't get quite a select away is in the movie. for those of you who don't think the two bear much of a resemblance, take this. leonardo's twin did every creation scene with an alternate ending. oscar statue. people. does he find it unbearable to have his likeness mauled by an imposter? cnn, new york. >> that scene still boggles my mind. have you seen the movie customer. >> i have not seen it yet but i keep hearing about it. >> i like it. >> and i've often said, and i will post and repost the picture on my facebook page just after the show. if he had a sister look-alike, i've got a great picture of him and amy
8:47 am
other. identical's. >> i'll post it. you can see. >> very good. i'm flattered. >> i'm on my way to your social media right after this just to see that. sun and clouds today. we have dry conditions in place across much of the area. light winds as well and your average height. quiet stuff weatherwise today. advertise meaning low to mid 50s today in reno-sparks and near average for other towns across the area as well. our high as 54. average 53. right now at 32 degrees with calm winds and 59 percent humidity. 20s and 30s across the area. can you tell it's the end of the morning show? we have a mix of sun and clouds. more clouds and sun for western nevada, parts of the sierra as well. they filled in over the last hour or two. now we kind of see clouds mixing in with the sunshine for the rest of the day today. light winds and a mix of sun
8:48 am
breaks of sunshine. 30s and 40s for the northeastern part of the state. pretty quiet weatherwise. low 50s for the lower elevations. temperatures pretty close to average this time of year. upper 40s for much of the lake and even low 50s. 53 for dayton, 53 for carson city, and 54 for the high end minden and gardnerville. northern zones into the 50s. 53 portola, and 51. look for 54 in reno-sparks today. average high for today's date is 53. only 1 degree above the average, but come tomorrow we are warming things up. back to the 60s for the lower elevations by your wednesday and staying to the upper 60s toward the end of the week. shower chances out there for friday, saturday, and sunday but they are very low. there maybe a couple isolated showers that pop up.
8:49 am
cloud cover by then and warm temperatures on the way. today's near average, tamara well above average and staying above average for the rest of the 7- day. let's look at what's trending this morning. a yelp employee fired friday after publishing an open letter to the ceo. in the letter she berates her employer saying the company should cut back on snacks, and actually pay their employees more saying, i mean, i could handle losing out on pistachio nuts if i was getting paid enough to afford groceries. two hours after posting the letter, jane misfired. they deny a connection between jane's letter and her firing, but jane says that her own manager wasn't even aware of her firing and says this came directly from the ceo. ask your google clusters what you think. should she have been fired? in her article, she lives in the bay area. she says after taxes and everything taken out, she gets paid about $8
8:50 am
starting with glenn. what do you think about this? do you think this is insubordination or saying enough is enough? >> i wouldn't have fired her, but i would have explained it to her. you get paid based on what you produce. her job was to answer phones and take messages. that's not producing a whole lot. so she gets a very low wage for that. if she figured out how to become more valuable to her company or any company and produce something worth more money, she would get paid more money. she graduated college and never learned that. >> i don't know if i agree with that. what do you think? >> the way i see it, she aspired to work in the media department, but the rating your employers isn't a way to do it. also, asking for money afterward
8:51 am
being fired, i can't see her being hired by another company. >> on the other side, there are those posting on social media saying, that's her generation. you always want something for nothing and you are going online and going, i'm going to get upset about it and post online. do you agree? >> she is so lucky she is in the bay area. it's not even her real name. she wants privacy so she calls out the head of the corporation who worked to build his company. first of all, there are social media policies and every corporation. you don't bad mouth. i'm surprised it took them two hours to fire her. i would have fired her a lot sooner. again, i've done that kind of work in the past. you are the representative for that company, good, bad, or otherwise. you don't say anything publicly. she's gotten everything she deserves. it is the generation today a college degree doesn't mean
8:52 am
i'm still in school. you get what you pay for. you get what you put into it. it's a generation of whiners. she's gotten a lot of a lot of flack online, which was good to see. i hope it keeps up.
8:54 am
8:55 am
to dry across much of the 7- day
8:56 am
light shower chances friday, saturday, and sunday. check out the temperatures. today's near average is mid 50s. tomorrow and beyond, look at those 60s. >> hello almost 70s on friday. i love it.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
we hope to see you back firefighters try to free two kids stuck. >> between a rock and a hard place. >> see what it takes to finally unwedge him. tourists spot a momma leopard with her catch of the day. how she takes dinner to go to her hungry cubs. a goi has a big surprise for his girlfriend. >> the only thing she has to do is find him. >> what happens when that's
9:00 am
plus the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini. and feats of strength and other impressive skills. >> we're doing good here. >> why we are and we're not. these kids in china find themselves between a rock and a hard place. quite literally. they believe these two children were out playing, stepped into the gap to hide and got stuck. you see firefighters working tirelessly to try to get them out. you see them start to take the wall apart brick by brick. it's pretty intense. >> i'm glad they didn't fall into this gap from a height. it looks like they were just trying to scoot and play hide and seek. >> but still a scary situation for these kids to be in. they pick them up and pull them out. relieved and still shaken up by all of this. >> what i'm shocked at is that


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