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tv   Mornings on Fox 11  FOX  February 24, 2016 7:00am-8:59am PST

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we are not talking a major . you're watching mornings on fox 11.
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good morning thank you for joining us for here on mornings on fox 11, it is 7:00. >> we made it through the gop caucus that happened yesterday, donald trump coming out on top, he was projected to win but a very close race when it came to second and third. yeah, trump rubio and cruz about a 20 point spread there with trump having a huge commanding lead and if you talked to anybody, went to the republican caucus last night there was a pretty good turn out. we don't have the final numbers sounded like a lot of the places were busy, people waiting a couple hours to put in their votes. we're getting some excitability on the republican side of things for here for sure and a huge train following donald trump. i know we're saying it over and over again, the facts don't lie he is making points. we're now 6 days away from super tuesday, we'll be checking in with alex on that for now let's send things over to tim studebaker to look at your forecast.
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next several days mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies, by the way yesterday was near average, we're going well above those averages. the average today in reno sparks is 54. 65 instead. carson city. south lake and 47, light winds still mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. the warming trend is going to continue over the next several days here as well. check out the temperature trend average high of 54. going for 65 today even warmer tomorrow and into your friday. degrees. so that's a little cooler than the next few days but still well above that average of 54. satellite and radar, pretty quiet, it is a quiet day as far as presip and as far as cloud cover, mostly sunny with partly cloudy conditions for part of the day as well. temperatures are starting off
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for the 50s and 60s depending upon your elevation we'll talk more in full weather over to you. it was a big night for the silver state as republican voters caucus for the candidate of their choice, as expected donald trump trumped everyone else. we have a recab of last night's event. the big news is that donald trump won the gop caucus last night. across the state 1,784 precincts let's break down the numbers in washoe county. trump dominated with 46 people, that comes for more than 2300. marco rubio at 27%. and all in all, more than 75,000 people caucused yesterday right here in nevada. to talk about campaigning data
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$490,000 in nevada while rubio's team spent $920,000, and cruz spent $790,000. all that campaigning must have worked as it is trump's third straight win and ready for this week's upcoming debate. >> we're going to do very well in ohio, we're beating the governor, that's good always nice to be beating the governor and michigan, the whole thing. it is going to be an amazing two months. we might not even need the two months to be honest. now the next step for the republican candidates is that debate happening in texas, going to be held tomorrow at the university of houston, it will air on cnn of course you can find full coverage on fox 11 as well as our sister station. the republican national committee is concerned over some reports of voting problems in southern nevada, an r and c spokesperson there were reports
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ballots at a high school side in vegas there were reports of people being turned away and directed to another location, the double voting problem appears to be limited to one part of the caucus side where different precincts were combine. they compare a number of paper ballots to the sign-in sheet to clear things out. donald trump and the other candidates weren't the only ones in the national spotlight, of course nevada's gop process caucus was also been watched. terry henry fills us in. >> the site open to a crowd in the long line at a 5:00 start. folks came early saying they were excited to vote. man. he is a new yorker, i'm a new yorker, we understand each other and he is right in. the line moved quickly with some saying during the peak it took just 15 to 20 minutes to get checked in and get their ballot to vote. the only hiccup happened to handful of folks like kevin.
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and says he registered to vote with the dmv but his name was not on the list. >> i did register already, there is a lot of glitches in the system a lot of people are going through trying to find whether or not on the list if it is a dmv error or something. there were no provisional ballots on site and waiting for more than an hour for someone to bring those ballots here. in addition to vogt there were also precinct meetings where neighbors could talk candidates issues and party platform. we had a small business owner she was really concerned about paying her employees insurance and keeping people employed at her company. >> everyone came with a pretty strong opinion, they were very, very interested in what's going on. >> the counting happened after the caucus closed at 8:30. >> trump, trump, cruz. for the most part despite a
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didn't match, an error that was quickly resolved the voting count seemed to go smoothly. that was terry henry voting, says the counting was a lot different when it took three days to verify the votes statewide. looking ahead the republicans have another debate following last night's caucus here in nevada. it is happening tomorrow at the university of houston in texas. air on cnn and tellemundo. as always news 4 will be covering the debate and bringing you the latest developments here and on our sister station. turning to the democrat party, the next primary is this saturday in south carolina stay with us everybody we'll track all this information following that on super tuesday, a big number of delegates up for grabs, vermont, texas, colorado
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and we are working hard just another reminder on the campaign trail here remember you can find all the latest information on our sister station's website sparks police on the scene of a crash that sent one person to the hospital, happened around 10 p.m. at the intersection of sparks boulevard and the i-80 eastbound off ramp. an early investigation shows that a minivan was going southbound on sparks boulevard when a car on the off ramp ran a red light and hit the minivan. sparks fire actually had to cut the driver from the small car, she was then taken to renowned for we don't know the condition or names involved or if alcohol was a factor in the crash. on your crime watch carson city sheriff's officials are asking for the public's help in identifying burglary suspects at the thrift store earlier this month, deputies say money was taken all though they
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here is a picture of the suspect's vehicle. an oldsmobile ale rx ero. between 1999 and 2004. anyone with information is asked to call the carson city sheriff's office. in more crime news, we know the identity of one of the men involved in a high speed car chase monday night. it began about 5:00 after a report of an apparent larceny all came to an end at the grand sierra resort where gonzalez was taken into custody by troopers, hour they are trying to find the second suspect. he got away in a maroon passenger vehicle with silver rims, said to be a white male adult last seen wearing a shirt and bluejeans. a child fell eight feet from a piece of play equipment.
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knocked unconscious after falling from a climbing maze at wild island's coconut bowl. her son is still recovering from cuts and bruises, she says the boy slid through a mesh panel after the zip tie broke. he says the equipment is maintained according to instructions and the zip ties are used at attractions like this. we may get a little earlier as the seasons transition, lake tahoe goes from a community north shore officials want to make sure everybody gets in on the action. we are joined with more on a new program helping everybody explore the beautiful lake tahoe. hey there, ryan. good morning. we obviously know lake tahoe obviously very beautiful. we all come here during the summer and winter obviously you look behind me, still very much in a snow-type of community. we're talking about a map we want to show you right now. we'll pull up this video show
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put together to get you to understand and know your area. we'll talk about with diamond peek, pretty much highlights from tahoe vista kings, crystal bay, we are highlighting food places, spas, art studios, shopping, lake tahoe is what we're talking about. my highlight also featured on this map is exactly where we are right now. diamond peek. 8,500 feet elevation, 6 chair lifts 30 runs not only is this a nice winter, as we transition into the summer season that's exactly what diamond peek is hoping to do very soon putting in requests with north tahoe officials to turn this into a 12 month year round resort with hiking, biking we see other places do this. heavenly has ropes and zip lines that's what diamond
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as far as incline village degrees, according to the touch lake tahoe website. this is one of the hidden gems of course coming up in a half hour we'll head over to crystal bay and tell you about some of the hidden gems according to the website there. coming up, earth sea levels are on the rise. what scientists believe is to
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in your world news. . welcome back everybody, 7:15 here on this wednesday morning, well a neighbor, trying to get the temperature here for you, a neighbor of one of the survivors in the michigan gun rampage acted to protect her children. >> tina was gunned down in front of her children in an apartment complex one of her neighbors told cnn what happened just before she told the kids to run for safety. >> the car had drove by, asked us if they knew missy, misty, and they said. it had circled around again. and i don't know if it was her mother instinct, she just knew something was wrong, told them to run. >> so she was a hero. >> could have been the kid that were shot. >> could have been kids. i really think if any kids were
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>> the neighbor says she believes the shooting was random and that the driver mentioned specific names as an excuse to drive around the complex. carothers is expected to make a full recovery. officials arrested several top leaders of warren jeff in utah. 11 people arrested with the fundamental church of ladder day saints with food stamp fraud and money laundering. lyle jeffs and seth jeffs brothers of imprison leader warren jeffs, they are expected to appear in federal court on wednesday. in indian a deal appears to have been forged. schools now reopen across new deli. the riots cutoff a major water supply to the city. hundreds of tankers are now bringing water, drinking water to new deli residents while a
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of people are still without water. the wreckage of a small plane that went missing with 21 people on board has been found. several bodies have been found and authorities fear all 18 passengers and three crew members were on board are dead.
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deployed by a group of 10 climate scientists from universities around the world, published monday in the u.s. proceedings of the national academy of sciences. tim? all right well good morning to you from climate over to weather now, yesterday in reno sparks 54 for the high, the 53. so we were very close to the averages today we'll go right passed those averages. sun and clouds along with light winds and warm temperatures too well above average by 10 or so degrees above those averages we'll see those on the map coming up. mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies, 3 miles per hour winds and 70% humidity, temperatures in the teens, 20s and 30s across the maps once again fairly seasonably chilly well above the averages for the highs.
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nothing is really happening for us across much of the area mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies, really nothing happens for today and tomorrow by the time we get to your friday, though, well that's when we have a little built of moisture starting to approach the west coast. that may touch off just a couple showers, it is going to be unsettled friday, saturday and sunday into monday. really nothing major, though, so we are just talking minor chances for some shower activity. 10 to 20% during that time frame. that will be on the 7 day forecast. 40s and 50s, well into the 60s for the western side of the state 61 in lovelock and hawthorne, 63 in falon for your high. tahoe look for highs in the 50s, wednesday light, mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies and lows in the 20s and 30s tomorrow morning, in the 60s for the high if western nevada, 10 or so degrees above average
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60s for or northern zones, the upper 50s here, 65 in reno sparks for your high today. 7 day forecast, not only are we well above average today we'll continue to warm up through about friday and then shower chances start to pick up, they are very small chances 10 to 20% for most of us across the area not much going on over the weekend when the shower chances are on the 7 day, it is still mostly dry, just might be a little bit unsettled, over to you. a chicago music teacher is suspended after making a series of offensive youtube videos. we'll discuss that coming up
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trending. . welcome back your time is 7:24. right now it is 34 degrees in reno. turning to what's trending on our facebook page a chicago
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after making offensive youtube videos. daniel posted where he rants about jews, muslims and transgender. our reporter talked about the students about their situation. >> if you go around saying stuff like that, that's not cool. >> reporter: high school seniors outside kenwood academy had already seen the videos posted by the music teacher and defensive to people transgender, muslim and jews. instead of going with the guy who rose from the dead, you are going with orthodox rabbis who curled their hair to make them look like serpents. he goes onto make comments what he calls a jewish conspiracy to transgender individuals. >> youngish heathens are dressed up in prom dresses.
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officials said in a statement they are committed to ensuring all employees make the high standards for personal and professional conduct. some say he has to go. i mean, shouldn't be saying stuff like this if you were a teacher. did he ever say anything inappropriate in the class? >> in the classroom he was really professional. he was actually a very nice teacher i looked up to him. >> you don't think he should have been suspended no. >> no because you have the right to voice your opinion that's his opinion. now we're asking all of you on facebook, should he have been fired? do you think this is the right move in this case what about if he posts outside of the office is his opinion? are we talking about a freedom of speech issue here? it depends what he is talking about we would love to hear what you have to say, post your comments on our facebook page. coming up, the rates of hpv
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in recent years but by how much?
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your health news. . donald trump dominates the nevada caucus, but how will he do on super tuesday? we'll have a recap what's next in the world of politics coming up. plus there is a new virtual way to check out north lake tahoe, we're in crystal bay heading over from incline village, we'll tell you about the casinos and what you can do for the summer and winter, whatever. if you watch our show, you've probably seen cnn jeanne moos, and a look at some of her best work.
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on fox with bill frankmore, samantha boden and meteorologist with tim studebaker. this is mornings on fox. good wednesday morning, 7:30, hopefully your morning is off to a good start middle of your workweek, man if you just want to go outside today and get some fresh air today is going to be the day to do so, highs so above average, it is going to be crazy. sunny. >> we saw that picture of ryan kern in north shore, all wanted to trade spots with him. so nice out there. it is going to be even better as the day goes on temperature wise if you will. our meteorologist tim studebaker joins us at what we can expect. we have a warming trend over the next few days temperatures chiming well into the 60s for the lower elevations over the next few days today 65 in reno sparks the average is 54 and that's where we were yesterday so you can tell there is definitely going to be a big change as far as those temperatures are concerned mostly sunny to
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too, highs in the 60s for the lower elevations if you are heading out of town down to vegas a heads up you arelooking to the 70s to near 80 degrees, and if we're in the 70s to 80s, you know things will be pretty warm around here as well. into the 60s and 50s depending upon your elevation through the weekend. mostly sunny, satellite and radar not much going on temperatures are still cool this morning it is one of those days where you grab a jacket for the morning hours but probably lose that jacket, but get rid of it later on because you'll not need it with temperatures well into the 60s we're in the 20s and 30s going into the 50s and 60s, seven day forecast come up in a bit. over to you. thank you tim. another presidential caucus is in the books in front runner donald trump came out on top yet again. fox 11 alex joins us live with a look at at the events.
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trump won the gop caucus last night across the state there were 1,784 precincts we'll break down the numbers right here in washoe county. that comes more than 2300 votes. marco rubio came in at second at 27% with nearly 1300 votes and ted cruz with 18% of people showing him support. all in all more than 75,000 people caucused right here in the silver state yesterday. according to data from cmag. trump spent the most money campaigning here in nevada. his total comes out at $490,000. when i check my social media there were a lot of mixed statuses some people happy with yesterday's outcome, some not so much. even trump mentioned yesterday that not many people were expecting him to do so well this late in the race. >> of course if you listen, we weren't expected to win too much now we're winning,
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and soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning. now all eyes are on next tuesday called super tuesday where 12 states will hold their primary elections but another important political event is coming up tomorrow's gop debate going to be held in texas we'll have coverage of both of these events right here on fox 11 and our sister station, news 4. thank you. turning to the democrat party now, their next primary is this saturday in south carolina. stay tuned to our sister station news 4, they'll of course be tracking it for you. with several months away from seeing the ski season, transitioned into beach season. they are gearing up to welcome in the next batch of tourists and officials are highlighting the area in a totally new way. ryan joins us with a brand new program. ryan. >> yeah good morning melissa we're standing right here at the california nevada border as you can see the very famous
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is just to my right, your left, this is our next stop in north shore lake tahoe what we're talking about what's featured here checking out right behind us the casino community, all on the interactive map we'll show you right now. we'll show you exactly what's featured here in crystal bay. if you want to know about this area and don't know enough about it, or if you know kind of like it is for me, i know the casinos exist, i've been in the nugget, calniva, the specifics is what you'll find out on this map. along with the specifics of every town from home wood to tahoe city and incline village. the built mother is directly to our left to talk about that very quickly, obviously just about a 30 second walk from the california border which is very cool, ski packages to various places including diamond peek just to our right the crystal
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and fun things about this place. not only is there the steak and lobster house, a historical landmark, the border house just to the right as you are seeing right here on our screen. this is a historical landmark, therapy, marble bathrooms it is a great stop something you wouldn't necessarily know about unless you checked out this new map website. we'll continue explore the north shore coming up in a half hour we'll head over to kings beach and tell you exactly what makes that place well known here around lake tahoe and the west. looking beautiful up there. thank you, ryan. jeanne moos is celebrating a career, 35 years on cnn. >> her stories have really run the gam. to tell you that we have seen the demonstration
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>> this is many awards for reporting in 35 years. one gentlemen called cnn's new york bureau after we first aired the story. our viewers grew to love her for finding the most unusual twist for everything. >> behold the bunless wonder, ready? >> it does weigh a ton. >> making your remote controlled pizza isn't exactly rocket science. have you ever committed adultery? some of the animals didn't return the love. kidding. >> while some reporters pull out all the stops, jeanne pulls out sharp objects. >> over the years jeanne has done thousands of so-called man on the street interviews. famous streetwalker. wild. look?
7:38 am
finds that surprisingly funny take even in politics. like the donald trump coloring book. >> donald arm wrestling hillary, donald trump as a beetle? >> that's a great hat. >> is it? >> i think the hat is, you know what i'm saying? to even his hair. the treatment donald trump is getting is beyond caddy, actually, it's called trump your cat giving your feline the donald hairline. jeanne, we want more, happy 35th anniversary. >> happy birthday silly putty. happy birthday to you! it is one of our favorite parts of the show. i'm so much taller than you. >> that's okay you're in his seat. it is one of our favorite
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packages, she can get away with anything. my favorite was with the scandal. >> from an adorable baby gorilla to a gorilla in space you'll definitely go bananas
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break. . that's real folks 34
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a gorilla baby to a gorilla suit to a unique of a work out. jeremy roth has it all in our take a look at this. take a look at this adorable baby gorilla. delivered via c-section at england's gardens less than two weeks ago, the procedure is rarely used but the zoo made the decision when the mother started showing symptoms of a life threatening condition. both mama and baby are fine, and are being closely monitored by the zoo's team. want more gorilla-related zoo? that would be on the international space station, he bursts out of a bag and appears to terrorize another crew member, earthbound mark kelly tweeted the video monday. i think they may be getting board out there. >> a work out almost anyone can get on board with, the wind work out. april's story posted this quick exercise video to her facebook
7:44 am
the california mom received a not so sobering response to the work out, the clip has been viewed more than 18 million times. take a look at this, i'm jeremy roth. hey, whatever works, right? >> that's too easy to say, saying some of that video is from you, that's part of your work out! watch it on facebook, see it on facebook, working out and wine, totally go hand in hand. >> totally safe by the way, having to deal with heavy weights while you are a little tipsy? why not. wine is goodbye the way in small doses. and getting it pumping your vains. the president and first lady will honor ray charles tonight in washington. hosting a tribute to the iconic singer, song writer and musician as part of the performance at the white house series. the whole thing is going to be streamlined online at white slash live starting
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eastern 4:00 our time tonight's show will be rebroadcast this friday on pbs. taking a look at our forecast, tim. good morning to you, pretty quiet stuff on the forecast maps for the next several days, yesterday was very close to the average high. 53 the average, 54 was our high in reno sparks today we'll go well above the averages for the 60s in the lower elevations today. light winds, and warm temperatures once again, not too much to track in weather for the next few days, here, 34, three miles per hour winds, mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies and 70% humidity at the moment, we're in the teens, 20s and 30s across the maps that's pretty close to average for this time of year, we'll be above average as far as the highs are concerned later on today. mix of sun and clouds out there mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies dry conditions across the area, we'll watch pretty much nothing over the next few days
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above average for this time of year. future cast, tomorrow, the next chance that we have for any sort comes around on friday, get off the coast friday morning, it will continue to get a little closer. a small chance for isolated showers on your friday, saturday, sunday, and to monday, 10 to 20%, that's not impressive. 51, and 53 53. and 61 in lovelock, 57 in mammoth lakes. highs in the mid-50s, lower 50s for some, 57 in truckee and for your highs again light winds mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies highs in the 60s for some of the lower elevations of western nevada. northern zones mostly in the 60s, the exceptions, both at
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towards the truckee meadows a quiet day 65, even warmer over the next couple days, the warmest should be on friday, also starting to pick up rain chances friday, saturday, and sunday, monday, as i mentioned future cast these are low chances 10 to 20% for most of us, ap isolated shower possible a little on the unsettled side friday, saturday and sunday into monday, really most of us are going to stay dry the warmest of the seven day. thank you so much. trending on our facebook page a chicago music teacher is suspended after making a series of offensive youtube videos daniel posted the videos where he ranted about what he calls a jewish conspiracy muslims and another video he uses language derogatory to transgender individuals, he is suspending
7:48 am
cps is committed to ensuring all employees make the district's high standards for personal and professional conduct. >> ask your google plussers, should he have been fired or is this an extension of his free speech? should he be able to do it if it is off his work time? what do you think should he be suspended for his comments? yeah. i think he should at least be suspended and pending the investigation he might be fired. the thing is it is not a free speech, not against the government, it is against potential students or workers that he work with or teach. this is a different ball game, there is no free speech like attacking people. do you agree, this is not covered under free speech, some people a lot of people would say this is hate speech, in fact, and goes under totally different category, what do you think. >> it does go under a different category, yes. you have the right to speak your mind and say what you want to say. and you have to keep that in
7:49 am
does your employer want a certain level, a certain standard out of you? if they do, and you still want to express your opinions you might want to take a different job where your employer doesn't care what you think. is that the answer? if those are your opinions you need to find a job that coincides, doesn't mind if you have them, when we're talking about kids and dealing with them that's different. what do you think. i'm going to agree with it on this day because you know, whether it is the job or not, i don't think there was ever an excuse to be hateful and hurtful without provocation. he is entitled to his opinion but they don't belong out there just because he is miserable. especially in a position of authority of teaching or kids or any kind of influence over others that is looking up to him for direction, totally wrong and he should be fired, yeah, absolutely. let's mark this day down this is a day where everyone on the panel agrees that doesn't happen very often.
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coming up next, the flint water crisis may have you wondering is my drinking water safe? we have tips how to safeguard
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drink that's coming up. . welcome back, time is now 7:53 on your wednesday morning currently sitting at 34 degrees here in reno. in your health news this morning, the situation with the water supply in flint may have you wonder just how safe the water is from your own faucet at home? >> the water crisis in flint michigan may have you wondering are there dangerous levels of led in my home? there are things you can do by empowering yourself. call your water supplier and ask for the consumer confidence report. if you get water from a private well, get information on the epa's websites if you see levels above 15 parts per billion, call your supplier and demand action. if you want the test your water they may come out and do it for free if that's not an option
7:55 am
a home improvement store, use the very first water to come out of your pops after sitting over night. and find a list on the epa's website. while you wait the cdc has instructions on how to protect yourself from potentially dangerous levels of led. for health minute. in other health news the centers for disease control and prevention issued a report february 18th that raises estimate of the cancer risk fromformaldehyde in some flooring could result in 6 and 30 cancer cases per 100,000 people exposed to the flooring it had previousliest previous estimated 2 and 9 cases. and the researchers published a new study on humanpapilloma virus, researchers saw the rate of infection among girls drop from 11.5% to 4.3%.
7:56 am
20 and 24, the rate of infection fell from 18.5% to 12.1%. there has always been a sigma associated with the vaccine because it is most commonly spread contact. the cdc says they are investigating 14 cases in all in that several of them involve pregnant women. the cdc adds the new reports relations, however the way to be infected could be through a mosquito bite. the world health organization says 4 million people will be infected in the next year. still to come, the former super k-mart is not the great western marketplace if you
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offer don't . another gop caucus is in the books and what's next in the hopefuls coming up. adults should not be the only one benefiting from legal medical marijuana use in nevada. what they are saying about it coming up when it comes to being used with kids. we are cruising around north lake shore tahoe, that's how we're starting off day and talking about the hidden gems located in each city, we'll tell you exactly what the north shore has to offer for everyone.
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joining us here on mornings on fox 11 hope you're having a great start to your wednesday, it is 8:00, if you've checked out your facebook as of yet have you seen the new options for you? not just like, it is like, love, ha ha, wow, angry, and upset, i believe were the six new ones. i've seen the little emojis i can't figure out how to use the different emojis. aren't we just going a little bit too far when we're living on life through stupid facebook? you have a problem just okay. >> i tried to do it and i'm just saying sometimes, we're just living on that thing. >> yeah some people do say that, yeah but other people like it use it as a form of education. >> other people like myself do not like it very much. i have a class reunion, not going up because i can stalk everyone on facebook. everyone is interconnected for
8:02 am
you've talked to them in your little messaging you don't need to talk to them face to face see how wrinkled they've got. >> old boyfriends i'll bet they are pat and bald right now. let's talk to tim studebaker. i have an answer for you, your hover your mouse over the like button and your options will come up. that will allow you to use the options 65 in reno sparks, a lot of people will like that forecast well into the 60s the average high is in the mid-50s so we are now going well above average after being in the 50s yesterday right near the averages light winds and mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies for the day today temperature trend over the next several days well above average that's all you need to know, average high is 54 we're going well into the 60s the next few days and even on saturday when we cool down just a little bit. we're still well above that average of 54 sitting at 61. above average all the way across much of the 7 day too. we'll see that one in a few minutes for now satellite and radar pretty quiet not too much
8:03 am
clouds for the day today. dry across the area we'll stay that way for several days now. 20s and 30s for the temperatures across much of the area at the moment including the sierra and lower elevations we're going for the 50s and 60s depending upon your elevation later on today and the seven day forecast is very warm, but also a few small presip chances to talk about that will be on the seven day in a few minutes. it was a big night for the silver state as republican voter caucused for the presidential candidate and trump, trumped everyone else. alex joins us with the recap of last night's events, alex. the big news of course right here in nevada is that donald trump won the gop caucus last night across the state there were 1,784 precincts let's break down the numbers for you right here in washoe county. with 46% supporting him comes up with 2300 votes marco rubio
8:04 am
cruz came in with third at 18% of the people showing him support. all in all, more than 75,000 people caucused right here in nevada yesterday. to talk about campaigning a little bit data from cantar media showed ump spent $490,000 in nevada while rubio's team spent $920,000 cruz at $790,000. all that campaigning had worked for trump this is his third straight win. week's update. we'll do very well in ohio, we are beating the governor, that's good, always nice to be beating the governor. and michigan, the whole thing. it is going to be an amazing two months. we might not even need the two months, folks to be honest. now the next step for the republican candidates is that debate in texas, it's happening tomorrow over at the university
8:05 am
of course find coverage here or on sister station news 4. new this morning sparks police, sparks fire were on the scene of a crash last night that sent one person to the hospital happened about 10:00 at the intersection near i-80 eastbound off ramp. an investigation shows a minivan was going southbound on sparks boulevard when a car on the off ramp ran a red light and hit the minivan. sparks fire had cutoff the driver from the small car she was then taken for treatment. we do not know her condition or the names of the people involved. it is also not known if alcohol was a factor in the crash. on your crime watch we know the identity of one of the men involved in a high speed car chase that happened monday night. began around 5:00 after a report of an apparent larceny involving 23-year-old dominic
8:06 am
all came to an end at the grand sierra resort where he was taken into custody by troopers authorities are still trying to find the suspect second who they say ran from the car. officials say he got away in a maroon passenger car which picked him up at the gsr, last seen wearing a black shirt or zipper pull over, and blue jeans. more crime news carson city sheriff deputies are asking for the public's hel in identifying burglary suspects, the burglary happened at the treasure thrift store, cash was taken all though they won't disclose how much, here is a picture of the suspect's vehicle, it is an oldsmobile alero with a spoiler, car between 1999 and 2004. if you have any information on this case, contact carson city sheriff deputies the number is right there on the bottom of your screen. in other news a massive
8:07 am
a pick up truck blocking traffic on u.s. 50 for two days, finally been moved according to the nevada department of transportation, cruz took to this rock with a hydrollic hammer to break it apart. and remove it from the roadway piece by piece, 9 feet wide, 6 feet call when it first rolled on to the roadway because it caused in an accident and no injuries were reported. it is now 8:07 on your wednesday morning, with the legal use of medical marijuana, we are learning children are needing it as well. children who suffer from severe epilepsy use medical marijuana, some of these cases are so severe they will experience 3,000 seizures a day. tony's 15-year-old son has autism and has had a very positive result from using medical marijuana. in his 13years of life he slept a total of 50 nights almost has 0 issues with sleeping.
8:08 am
tested right now, doctors do want that ability so they can treat their patients more accurately. >> i am not a drug dealer, i am just a mom trying to keep my child alive. it is not a gateway drug. we are just trying to keep our children alive. the mom there says that since her son started using medical marijuana, his learning has improved. his vocalization has increased has an over all better quality of life. as the seasons transition, lake tahoe goes from a beach community in north shore officials want to make sure everybody is able to get in on the action. ryan joins us live he is at helping everybody explore tahoe. >> good morning, bill. we've traveled from incline village to crystal bay, now we're in kings beach we're exploring all the hidden gems and this is a website we'll show you in a second.
8:09 am
kings beach is dining, jason beach side grill one of the highlights we're about to show you of course they are famous for wine, meets, stakes appetizers, that's certainly not it. we want to show you the website we're talking about it is called, it is a map that shows all the different fabulous hidden gems whether that be from home wood, all the way heading up north towards crystal bay and incline village, that's where we are right now, jason is obviously very, very popular spot there is a lot of other places the log cabin cafe what's known here according to the website that we're showing you on the interactive map is thi food. that's something very unique, what it all comes down what we want to show you as far as kings beach is the beaches. we want to show you this live look just behind jason, this is one of the many beaches for kings beach in all according to this website 979 feet of
8:10 am
what kings beach is really known for, going here throughout the summer throughout the winter obviously not exactly how you would want to be if you come here for the day right now during the winter, as we transition it is getting closer and closer to that. this happens to be our last live hit, no more deadlines, enjoy your studio this is where we'll hang out the rest of the day. >> jealous. >> more than 160,000 square feet it is hard to miss but chances are a lot of you may not know what's inside. >> we are talking ability the great western marketplace in northwest reno, open for about a year and a half now, what's inside still remains a mystery to a lot of us, i went inside took a tour and here is what i found. this is what many of us picture when someone mentioned the great western marketplace, that massive building off of interstate 80 year the off ramp. if you've driven by wondering what exactly is it, you're not alone.
8:11 am
coming back from cabellas and managed, and see who is here. >> onced in, you may still be a little confused by this unique concept, hasn't quite caught the community by storm. >> we battle that every day, we are an indoor marketplace, kind of coin the term business incubator, businesses looking for a second location can come in as low as $200 a month open friday, saturday and sunday to maximize shopping days it is their business, they run it as their own business. in 166,000 square feet, we still have a lot of explaining to do. there are 65 leasing space here selling everything from tiny trinkets to atv's. you can buy real estate, wine, memorabilia rand antiques if you are thinking indoor flee
8:12 am
the director of marketing. it's definitely not a flee market, everything has to be vetted we don't allow any used items unless they are antiques or collectibles. >> they say the business plan at the marketplace takes a lot of the stress off them trying to start their own business. the over head is low, start up costs minimal, and the leases are short. >> you are not trapped into a long term lease three, four year lease, in a brick and mortar store where you have all the other expenses to go with it. you understand how the business environment works. >> to say there is a lot of room for growth here might be an under statement there is still room for more than 100 tenants and management is working on anchor stores to take up a lot of this empty space. are you happy with where you guys are right now? i think we're happy, we'd be happier, and working hard every day to da that. >> next time you are driving by
8:13 am
pull off and come inside, have some ice cream shop around, or maybe even start your own business. bill? the great western marketplace is open three days a week friday, sundays from 11 to 4 if you'd like to check it out for yourself what a unique model they have to start your own business, not as much risk a lot of people taking advantage of that. >> so cool, but also those who get to sell some of the things they've been making put their heart into. the commitment to start their own business, thee days a weeks not a lot of over head, give it a shot. go check it out. still to come, david bowie, we'll show you how social media is taking it to the next level
8:14 am
8:15 am
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8:17 am
nexthollywood minute. . welcome back everybody, 8:17 on this wednesday morning 35 degrees so far, nevada has long been considered the wild west of politics, but the smart money was on donald trump ahead of the state's gop presidential caucuses last night. the smart money paid off. donald trump road to
8:18 am
tuesday with cnn projecting the first place win. trump taking a swipe at ted cruz ahead of the win. >> this guy cruz lies more than any other human being i have ever dealt with. this guy is sick there is something wrong with this guy. tuesday's caucuses got off to a rocky start that led to problems like volunteers including a member of the rubio campaign checking in caucus goers without checking ids and a lawyer saying to keep a close eye on the cruz campaign after staffers instructed supporters to film the caucuses would be a rule violation. the high turn out also led to reports of a shortage of one location with trump widely favored even before resulted started coming in the real and ted cruz. i don't care what position decides to support today or tomorrow or the next day, they change every day. >> rubio and cruz fighting for
8:19 am
>> we can't win if we'redivided. in a presidential field. >> we now can report that marco rubio finished second ahead of ted cruz. the numbers here we have it real quickly for you, trump 46% of the votes, rubio, 21%, and ted cruz, 18%. it is a solid win for donald trump once again. all right. let's send things over to tim studebaker. pretty quiet stuff weather wise for the next several days 54 was the high at the airport, 53 the average for yesterday's date we're going well above the averages going into the seven day forecast today and beyond a mix of sun and clouds light winds across the area generally warm temperatures for many of us well above average as just mentioned mid-60s later today in reno sparks we're in the
8:20 am
cloudy skies winds are call and 67%, teens, 20s, 30s, seasonably cool to start the day but unseasonably warm as we head into the afternoon hours, a mix of sun and clouds right now mostly sunny a few extra spots if you head out to the eastern side of the state otherwise dry across the area nothing going to happen on future cast for the next couple of days, we'll try to get over to friday show you moisture on the way, this is not impressive but we have a little bit of moisture possible friday, saturday sunday into monday just very isolated in nature 10 to 20% showers so really not all that big of deal. it is mostly dry seven day forecast, 40s and 50s for the north eastern part. 10 degrees warmer than yesterday for most spots into the 60s for those of us in western nevada around the leak look for 50s, 57 in truckee and south lake, we know nevada into the 60s for the day today. 7 day forecast, above average
8:21 am
today and tomorrow in carson city, upper 60s for your friday, friday through monday we have that 10 to 20% shower chance that's a low chance for most of us things are going to be still pretty dry out there but just an isolated shower is possible a little bit on the unsettled side otherwise things are quiet and dry upper 60s thursday and friday in reno sparks definitely above average. some of the people skipping next year's oscar will be 2,000- miles away at another event. the director will not be in hollywood sunday to see if sylvester stalone wins an oscar, he'll be in michigan, his group black out for human rights is holding funding and entertainment for that community. other stars including ava, and
8:22 am
set to take part in justice for flint. >> the greatest gladiator in the history of the world. >> time to suit up. warner brothers says advanced ticket sales for bat man superman dawn of justice will begin next monday, january 29th the dark knight and man of steal collide on march 25th. david buoy is gone but his final album black star lives on as an instar-mini series, first of 16 episodes debuts thursday on instagram. featuring images inspired by black star. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. all right thank you. well candlestick park is no more but its legacy will be living on in a brand new reno sports lounge we're excited
8:23 am
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8:26 am
coming up. . what's trending on our facebook page, a georgia business owner is requiring all of its employees get a concealed carry handgun permit and be armed the company provides risk management services to aircraft ensurers, says recent reports about crime have him concerned so he decided to require all of his employees to carry a weapon needless to say, the company is getting plenty of attention for this decision. so we're asking everyone on facebook should a business owner be allowed to tell its gun? and what if the employee decides not? you can go into another business, or is it fair?
8:27 am
facebook page, well a jury has
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8:29 am
8:30 am
. consumer reports recently tested 260 cars now out in 2016 we'll show you which ones they consider the very best. the homestretch of the season, hear what the guys are saying as conference tournament gets a little closer and talk baseball, got some video. you are watching mornings on fox with bill frankmore. samantha boatman, melissa carlson and weather with tim studebaker, this is mornings on fox. hey good wednesday morning everyone, 8:30 now, did i say thursday?
8:31 am
i don't know i'm a little crazy right now because i'm thinking about how amazing chips and salsa are, because it is national tortilla chip day! >> any reason to really bring a certain type of food, especially a salty crunchy one up like this into the forefront, ei say make a national day for it. good job. if it is not enough, good job, tomorrow nacho cheese day, might keep these around. >> is it really nacho cheese day? >> no, be a lot cooler if it was. >> in your world, it could be nacho cheese day. >> let's toss it over to tim with a look at your forecast. warm for the day as we head into the afternoon yesterday we were right around the averages for this time of year today we're going way beyond those averages into the mid-60s for reno sparks and carson city, 57 your high at south lake, 47.
8:32 am
skies pretty much as quiet as it can be over the next sever days and your temperature trend, 54 degrees, going way above that average today, tomorrow into your friday even saturday when temperatures kind of moderate a little bit we'll be well above that average, a warm trend. pretty dry, nothing going on for radar, mostly quiet partly cloudy skies depending upon where you are, we'll continue do see quiet weather for the next several days here, rain chances don't pick up until friday, even then they are low at 10 to 20%, basically it is the temperatures, that's the story for the next few days here upper 60s later today right now, we're in the 20s, mid-60s later today right now in the 20s and 30s. 7 day forecast coming up in a bit. over to you. all right tim thank you. consumer reports is out and they've got their 2016 top picks when it comes to cars. interesting picks here, too, they represent the best of the best of 260 cars consumer
8:33 am
categories this year they find that a korean made car is at the top of the list. the kia top pick midsized suv. for years toyota has won this category, but the sornto has over taken it. powerful engine, very strong reliability, great thing is you get inside of it, and it feels like you've spent more money. >> toyota spent two spots the camry, and the toyota sienna. a beautiful needs to drive beautifully, a strong record of reliability and make it owners happy and needs to be safe. subaru impreza and the forester. we like subarus because they are practical, really fuel efficient, and for such small cars on the outside, they feel really large on the inside.
8:34 am
the list this year, the chevy impalla and the ford f-15. ford took a gamble from switching from steal, paid off with better fuel economy, and crash test, is really well. finally, the mazda mx5 earn the top 5 for sports cars. it totally impractical, and only seats two people. and more fun than cars twice its price. two more tops picks round, the honda fit for best subcompact and lexus rs for suv, but it costs more than $50,000 compared to the kia around $38,000. it's crazy when you think about how much buying a new car costs these days. i'm surprised you are not
8:35 am
would say, the mercedes,bmws these are mid--range cars doing obviously very well. >> yeah. car makers getting better. in other consumer news, a missouri jury ordered johnson and johnson to pay damages in a lawsuit over talcum powder. brought on by the family of jackie fox alleges that fox died of ovarian cancer caused by companies products. say johnson and johnson neglected the dangers. they are appealing the ruling which represents the first award of damages by a u.s. jury over similar claims. johnson and johnson released a statement saying that it stands thank you. the university of nevada raised $31,000 for saint jude
8:36 am
this year, they are hoping to be back at it. here is victoria, and up until dawn thank you so much for coming on. >> we'll start with you, what exactly is up until dawn? >> it is is the single largest across the nation up until dawn was brought to the university of nevada last year, and an event where students come together in a team of six to raise money for saint jude, they raise money up until now, the event takes place this year on march fifth students will be participating in a bunch of activities throughout the night and you stay out from 11:30 p.m., march fifth until 6 p.m. the following sunday morning. >> easy to do for college students right? >> very typical weekend. but instead you are coming together having some fun and raising money for a great cause. you guys did this last year raising $31,000. how is this year different what's going to be going on on campus?
8:37 am
year we were lucky enough to raise 31,000, this year our goal is to raise 50,000, we're getting everyone involved because it is such a great cause and want many people to know about this and get involved. the research hospital, i lived near memphis for awhile in going there and seeing the families impacted and helped by the children's hospital is absolutely amazing you were saying the event only for students, but other people watching this who maybe aren't students can get involved how can they do that. the fund raising is kind of a grass roots movement with each student you are given a link to share with your family, friends whoever on facebook, e- mail out to people and so if you'd like to donate, you could just simply google unr, or go to the fund raising.saint saintjude. >> it is important to do the backslash university of nevada.
8:38 am
the simplest thing probably google unr up until dawn, anything helps, any contribution you can make $5 helps us to reach our goal, $50,000 this year. what an impact $50,000 can make, thank you so much for coming on we'll have all this information posted on our website at bill, over to you. i appreciate it thank you guys. today we have to take a look at sports and talk a little baseball reno hosting a job fair this weekend not to play second base or maybe hot corner, they are going to be looking for several part time positions for the 2016 season talking about ushers ticket takers, game day event security valet parking and ticket agents opportunities are also available with the promotions in street team. application packets available on our sister station, and picked up at the ace's security office from 10:00 in the morning until 4:00
8:39 am
kicking off saturday morning be there at 10 a.m. until 2:00. well, so much for nevada baseball taking a step back in 2016 after the departure of their head coach and lots of key pieces after an o and 2 start the team has fired off three straight wins after stamping previously undefeated temple state in tempe. nevada with an 11 to 5 victory over the sundevils, bryce led the attack with a 2 for 5 effort including a home run and whopping 5rbi's, up next wolf pack heads to southern california for a three game series with uc irvine, we'll be traveling with the team to fill you in on radio and we'll have reports all weekend long on our sister station my news 4. for the basketball team they look to rebound after a tough lost in vegas, they can
8:40 am
two straight only once this year and it hasn't happened yet. guys talked about how they've been able to do that. >> probably pause it is an an uncomfortable few days and we turn the heat up a little built in practice and intensity. >> we don't want to deal with coach, but i always say, we don't like losing and feel like we should win every game, it is just one of those things about it this year that we hate losing and we don't want to do it multiple times so we just focus on that. we want revenge on the next team from our previous loss and a win. nevada looking for a return to the win column tonight, against utah state, and it is fan appreciation day tickets purchased online with the promo code pack fan. the coach also announced
8:41 am
carlson joined the program as a walk-on, the players have beenimpressed so far, will be a big impact during practice, good for him. we'll watch him play. still ahead a georgia business owner is now requiring that all of his employees get a concealed carry handgun permit
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
about it in . welcome back, joining us as he does every wednesday, thanks for being with us, talk about some events pepper mill one of my favorite spots to go outside. >> the free concert series continues with the insider, northern soul mod influence back, big horns, frontline of female vocalists just great band to dance to. get on out there and it is free. that's the best part. >> on the terrace. love that. also the stick sports lounge is doing something what are they doing?
8:45 am
focusing on great food, great environment. food, family and sports fans can come, and get sports on 24 screens, that's at the old chocolate bar, remember that? south? >> downtown reno right across very good. another good option for families there. also an award winning blues legend is coming here to town. >> i love the studio on fourth they do such great programming, ray bonaville, has a rough voice, reminds me of robert robertson, not to miss that also appearing is tyler stafford one of our favorites. another happy birthday the big party that happened. over 500 people at the siena we had a great time next year we'll try to make it
8:46 am
>> shows you the amount of people getting more local, especially for your reno magazine. ewith think having so many people coming to the party. i think we have a larger network with radio and tv, people are interested in having a great time and giving us a little bit of trust with that. i think we delivered a great fun time. >> they can be skeptical, once they back you, they back you 1,000%. thanks for being with us, you can check out these events around town as well. tim. all right good morning to you, we were pretty much average for the temperatures, 54 versus the average of 53. later on today we're going well into the 60s. the averages are no more. we'll be well above those averages for much of the seven day forecast, a mix of sun and clouds today, along with light winds really nothing to worry about there, and pretty much warm temperatures again well into the 60s later today for
8:47 am
elsewhere depending upon your elevation and location. 35 in town, right now at the airport calm winds and we are looking at 67% humidity, 20s and 30s for most of us once again this morning, so fairly typical for this time of year and you know we'll be well above average later today with dry conditions and quiet conditions not a lot to talk about on the seven day forecast. kind of unfortunate as far as winter weather is concerned we're not looking for much to happen, but we're getting another break, travel will be quite a bit easier and gives us a chance to get out doors and enjoy the outdoors future cast quiet, still nothing happening by the time we get to friday, this area of moisture will get closer to us, it is not going to do much for us but it may touch off a couple of isolated showers. other than that, well, pretty much quiet on the seven day the weekend features 10 to 20% shower chances not all that impressive things are pretty quiet going through much of that seven day, so running out
8:48 am
into the 60s for lower elevations later today, up around the lake we're into the 50s for the day today, 52 in tahoe, 57 in south lake, 54 in incline. light winds and mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies into the 60s for the lower elevations of western nevada. 60s for our northern zones a coupleceptions, nixon is in the 60s, and truckee meadows 65 for reno sparks. quiet for much of the seven day forecast, the only shower chances we have on there are friday through monday, and for most of us, there are only 10 to 20% chances so just a little on the unsettled side. outside of that the bigger story is the temperatures again the average high is 54 that's where we were yesterday we're well into the 60s instead for much of that seven day forecast for reno sparks over to you. turning to what's trending on our facebook page a georgia business owner is requiring all
8:49 am
concealed carry happened gun permit and also be armed. the company provided risk management services and aircraft ensurers, recent reports about crime scare him so he decided to require all of its employees to carry a wean. ask your google plus should a business owner have the right to have the employees article themselves? what do you think about it? starting off first with glen, your thoughts. well it is his company, he gets to make the rules you don't like it don't work for him. certainly is a hell of a lot safer than putting up a gun free zone sign. here is the thing people misunderstand, look at the statistics concealed carry permit holders rarery if ever caught committing a crime of violence with those guns it is the people who steal them or buy them illegally if they do. if they all have to get permits
8:50 am
rigorous test. do you think ifs a good idea if he says, listen, crime is an issue out there you want to make sure you are protected, so if you are going to work here you must carry a gun. >> i disagree fundamentally, first of all, the decision applies to all the current employees, not like starting a brand new company and this only apply to employees, second i question like this is a an insurance company they don't carry much cash i think probably checks, not bring you a bundle of cash. what's the worry of having guns? this is a bad direction seen from the perspective. is this a good idea? do you think this is a good idea do you like it? >> honestly, this is just a situation where i'm going to
8:51 am
aviation insurance wasn't really a high risk position, and you know, unless of course you're talking about aviation insurance being sold to drug cartels. if that's the case, then he needs more guns that's not going to cut it. it is completely redundant to get the company name out there for free. there it is, it has worked now we're chit catting about it. we'd love to hear what you have to say go ahead and post your comments on our facebook page. sam. well the top dogs of america have been announced we'll tell you who made the
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
rounded out . welcome back everyone, if you love dogs, labs in particular you'll love this the american kennel club declared the lab is declared the dog. determining which breeds are most loved by dog owners saying labs are intelligent, family friendly. rounding out the top five, most popular dogs in the u.s., german shepherd.
8:56 am
>> snopie was a beagle. >> interesting. deep thoughts with bill frankmore. what does our weather look like? very quiet, that is well above average for this time of year upper 60s by the time we get to your friday. also check out that rain chance 10%, 20% for friday, saturday sunday, monday, that is not a very good chance for showers but it is out there nonetheless perhaps a little on the unsettled side otherwise things are dry for much of the seven day forecast, we were near average yesterday well above average going into the day today mid-60s and upper 70s on that seven day. >> have a lot still going, what's going on over here? >> nothing, nothing, nothing. not on camera . we hope you guys have a great day today and
8:57 am
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tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. zlarchlgts chopper is on a rescue mission when everything goes sideways. the incredible story. a cab driver called the cops on her -- why miss congeniality doesn't want to stay. >> a viral video for anyone. one dude's creative way to a"hire me."


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