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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  September 5, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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police say a man tries to run over a woman and a child with his car. another man with a gun then
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police around the state are working to keep our roads safe by stepping up d.u.i. patrols. wel tell you what happens if you drive drunk. it can take decades, even centuries, for someone to achieve sainthood. mother teresa has done it in just 19 years. we'll take you to the vatican for today's sainthood ceremony. thanks for joining us at 10:00. we begin with a fox 10 news alert. an unusual scene. that's unfolding in phoenix after a driver tries to run down the mother of his child while she is holding that 3-year-old daughter. >> then an estranged turn of events. a witness ends up shooting that driver sending him to the hospital. marcy jones has details. >> reporter: that's right, guys. it's not much of a scene right now, but as you can see in this neighborhood, it's kind of all cleared up. there was some caution tape up
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unites combing through all the evidence. here's what we know so far. according to police, the victim and suspect who have a 3-year-old daughter together were driving in the area when they began to argue. at about 5:30 the victim got out of the car with the daughter. the suspect then attempted to back over the woman while she was holding the young child. meanwhile, an unknown witness saw the altercation and fired a gun at the driver as he fled. the shooter then fled the scene as well. injury to the woman and the child as well. just about 15 minutes later, the suspect called police from 43rd avenue and buckeye road to report that he had been shot. he was then taken to a hospital for nonlife-threatening injuries. i do have to tell you one thing is that shooter, they still don't know who it is. they fled the scene. so we're not sure who that is. and they say that the suspect is actually going to be booked as soon as he's released from his
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fox 10 news. >> okay, marcy, thanks a lot. a car sinks into the salt river canal. the driver was rescued just a few moments before this all happened. before the car went completely under water. scottsdale police tell us that the driver was traveling on lincoln right at 76th street when he did not stop for a stop sign and then continued on to a pedestrian path right there, hit a fence, and then crashed right into the canal. scottsdale fire crews were able to pull that driver from the vehicle. he was taken to the with serious but nonlife-threatening injuries. authorities tell us impairmtd is likely -- impairment is likely a factor in this crash. phoenix fire crews worked to put out flames at a mobile but they had a tough time because the structure was boarded up. the fire started at this mobile home near 32nd street and freinway. -- greenway. a witness was passing by the home, called 911 after seeing flames. by the time fire fighters got
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a second mobile home. the woman who owns the home was not there when the fire started. so no one was hurt. the cause of this fire remains under investigation. and developing tonight, phoenix police are still investigating a fire where they found a man's body burned inside the apartment. it was located at 43 ird avenue and thunderbird. the fire started early saturday morning. when fire crews got there, they found the body of a white male in his 30s. investigators are trying to piece together what led up to his right now they're calling this suspicious. a local organization is helping veterans furnish their homes and they're doing it all for free. the goal is to give these vets a bed to sleep in, a dining room table to eat at, and a meal to give them a fresh start. the veterans must show proof of service and a lease. then they fill out forms, regarding the items they need. the furniture is donated by the public and it's kept in this warehouse. if you want to donate, you can
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for change. they will pick up any donations you may have on tuesdays, wednesdays, and thursdays. law enforcement agencies all around the state, they're gearing up for a busy next few days. >> yeah. several agencies are holding d.u.i. task forces around the valley looking for drivers who might be impaired. danielle miller joins us live. >> reporter: linda and marc, so far quiet at this command post in scottsdale. just about four processed here at this location. so definitely hopefully that's a good sign that people are choosing not to drink and drive. but for those people who might choose to drink and get behind the wheel, you could end up here. >> i have no problem with people going out and having a good time and consuming alcoholic benchts. my -- beverages. my goal is they don't get behind vehicles and cause accidents and hurt other people. >> reporter: scottsdale police along with several other agencies patrolling the valley this labor day weekend looking
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>> most weekends are fairly busy, but because labor day is an extended weekend with monday being a holiday as well, it allows people to drink longer and party harder, which makes for bad decisions throughout the rest of the weekend. >> reporter: if someone is caught driving impaired, they'll be brought to a command poit just like this. >> once the person is brought into our facility, they can have a blood test, a breath test done. we could fingerprints and pictur. and they're released to a sober driver. >> reporter: increased d.u.i. patrols started on friday and will run through monday. >> we've had 19 arrests in the last two days. so that's halfway through the weekend. the east valley as a whole has 73 d.u.i. arrests. of that i believe 23 or so are extreme and another 20-something are d.u.i. drug-related as well. >> reporter: and d.u.i. saturation patrols will continue
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at 5:00 tomorrow night. and they will go until 2:00 a.m. reporting live, danielle miller, fox 10 news. coming up, saint teresa is memorialized. a look back at her life of service. also, isis militants are pushed out by turkish forces. what this means for recruiting foreign fighters. every parent who cares about his children asks the same question. should i let my kid play football. tonight, there that's called safe football. scott peters shows you what's happening right here at phoenix union school district. plus, it's time to look at this is the start of game week. for that we bring in cards insider mike jurecki. we'll look at some of the recent details over the weekend. the acquisition of a new defensive back. and so much more. the 53-man roster. join mike of course in just a few minutes. plus our one-on-one conversation with cards running back david johnson. it's all coming your way on
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thousands of pilgrims packed into saint peter's square--- to witness mother teresa--- become a saint... 19 years after her death. 19 years after her death. pope francis gave mother teresa the highest honor in the catholic church, with a canonization. born in macedonia, she was one of the most beloved public figures in resend his tier. for her life -- recent history.
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the destitute and sick. she won the nobel peace prize back in 1979 and died on september 5th of 1997 at the age of 87. turkey says that its troops and allies syrian rebels have driven out isis from the syrian turnish border. troops -- turkish border. so this advance w key supply lines that the terrorists use to bring in foreign fighters, weapons, and ammo. turkey launched two missions to drive isis away from the border and prevent the advance of u.s.-backed kurdish forces who were also battling the islamic state. a scary situation unfolding in northern california after an ex-convict is accused of shooting and wounding two unarmed officers inside a jail. 37-year-old thong vang faces
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bringing drugs into a jail, and being a felon with a handgun. authorities say two guards approach him after he tried to cut the jail visitor's line. he opened fire hating the guards in the head and neck. then was high pressure -- hitting the guards in the head and neck. he was released after serving a 16 year sentence for raping three girls. he's been placed on a parole hold. caught on camera, more than two dozen p sinking fishing boat right off the coast of san diego. the coast guard got there in time and they were able to capture this scene on camera. 26 people had to be rescued after the boat hit some rocks and started taking on water. the passengers manged to get on life -- managed to get on life rafts. the coast guard hospital goat them to safety. nobody was hurt and they're
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place. coming up after the break, we'll have your full forecast for you and how much sun you can expect for tomorrow's labor day celebrations. and on the east coast, they are still see egg and feeling -- seeing and feeling the effects of hermine. who is bracing for this storm,
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alert from the east coast--- a weather alert for the east coast, where hermine is intensifying. gusty winds and high tides are causing some major problems for people in north carolina and virginia.
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it moves north, damaging homes and businesses. thousands of residents have lost power in both inland and coastal areas. severe weather warnings are now in effect in coastal areas from virginia all the way to connecticut. shaping up to be a very nice night here in the valley. cooling off quite a bit as we saw from the 9:00 hour. 88 degrees, calm win. a picture-perfect evening and the temperatures will be dropping. it's going to be a nice morning. and right now we'll take a look at our satellite and radar. we've got not much going on in terms of any moisture in our area. we won't for the next few days, because we have a high pressure system keeping a lot of that away. you can take a look and see for yourself. nothing going on as far as any moisture, nothing returning on the radars over arizona. so it's going to be a nice day for you tomorrow. if you have any outdoor plans.
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we're not seeing monsoon action and quite a change when we saw them 55 and above, which is what fired off all the storms last week. right now again, nice temperatures. we're down in the 80s.& i'm seeing 80s all across the board except for the 78 in cave creek. so we have cooled off quite a bit tonight as the evening wears on. tonight up in the high country, you're looking at 74 in kingman, 50 in flagstaff. sedona 70. 62 in winslow. anything up in the high country is really nice. chilly if y for three-day weekend, getting out of the valley compared to what we're used to. 86 for lake havasu and 83 in gila bend. let's take a look at our records. we were 101 degrees today and that's two degrees below our normal. the record high was 112. the rest of the country seeing quite a bit of action, especially in the gulf states here. we've been seeing this pattern really for the past week or so. causing a lot of problems for them. ut it looks like -- but it looks
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making their way up. so they may be getting a break. hopefully very soon. we're going to be get something moisture coming in from tropical storm newton. that has coming in solve of the -- coming in off the pacific coast of mexico. the track is supposed to bring it up through arizona by about thursday. wednesday or thursday we should start seeing some of the outflow from that and get something moisture in our area. so be prepared for that. we've got some wet weather in our forecast. tonight nice lows. look at these. into the 70s in phoenix. 64 in globe. 53 in prescott and 44 in flagstaff. it's not going to be too warm for us tomorrow. 99 in phoenix, 94 in globe. 82 in payson. take something family for a trip up to sedona, and flagstaff will be at 72 degrees. here's what we have for tonight. we're expecting a 72 degrees for our overnight low. warming up tomorrow morning, by about noon, 92 degrees. and then we're expecting 99 for
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here's a look at your 10-day forecast. it's going to be very nice. we're not seeing any triple-digits on this 10-day forecast. on wednesday, thursday, friday, our chances of rain moving in from that tropical storm. and then clears back out and it's going to be very nice for you. coming up, an extremely difficult time for one nebraska family as they deal with the death and a robbery. how the supporting them. them the asu football team honors a phoenix family who suffered an unthinkable loss earlier this year.
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while the university while the university of
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car crash over the sum, his brother ends up getting robbed. county officials in nebraska say someone burglarized his car and home possibly while he was at yesterdy's football game to honor his brother. sam who would have been a senior at nebraska this fall died in a car crash along with a former michigan state punter. foltz's parents presented with a scholarship in his name and two of his nephews helped lead the team out. a fallen phoenix police officer before they started their game against nau last night. they honored police officer and sun devil graduate david glasser. the glasser family took photos with some of the players. they even got to take a photo with sun devils head coach todd graham before the game. officer glasser was shot and killed back in may while responding to a burglary call in levine.
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team is on a mission to build as many bears as they can for sick children. the lady blackhawks team from williamsfield high school have been building bears for three years now. to date they handpicked and decorated 230 bears for the kids over at cardens choiptd. most of the donated bears have been paid for with the players' own money. their goal is to give 400 bears away within their four years. so they'v set up a gofundme page and you can trustee. coming up, one last look at your holiday forecast and you have got to stick around for "sports night" because jude lacava has really a new way -- this guy has a new way of
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? americans are buying more and more of everything online. to get it there. because when you ship with us, your business becomes our business. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service.
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all right. here's a look at your 10-day forecast. hopefully you've got tomorrow off. go enjoy it.
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the next 10 days.& and then some chances of storms by wednesday, thursday, and friday. >> this is a good thing. football is coming. people always talking concussions. people also always looking for a better way, a safer way to play football. jude lacava tonight has a guy who says he's found a safer way. >> yeah, and he's played at every level of the game from the nfl to pac-12. is there a better way? it's called safe football. and you learn how it works and it's going to right here at phoenix uni s find out more about scott peters' safe football. and we start the regular season. game week for the arizona cardinals. so much to look at. the 53-man roster, the acquisition of another defensive back. cards inside mike jurecki looks at what will be a very interesting, exciting week leading up to new england patriots game sunday night. sun devils, they got started
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so-so reviews. we're going to give you an idea of what happened last night that may be more dramatic than you think. that comes up in our final segment. stick around along with david johnson one-on-one. we'll see you on "sports night"
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