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tv   FOX 10 News Noon  FOX  September 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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we begin with a fox 10 news alert out of avondale... we begin with a fox 10 thank you for being here at noon. we start with 5-year-old has been shot. >> it sounds like it may have been self inflicted. steve krafft is live on the scene. this is disturbing, steve. >> reporter: it is as bad as it gets. you summed up the entire story in what you just said. it is a quiet scene. we've got a lot of avondale police. we have a lot of yellow tape.
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was here, and still is here. this came down earlier this morning. showing you pictures now. it played out on the street as people came up to the scene and it was a case with critical injuries and everyone hoped the child would survive but about 4 minutes ago they got word the child had died. we saw people pushing each other and screaming and just the depths of december pyre. right now, you can see an ambulance slowly pulling away here. because this child has died, there is no need for speed. the tragedy has occurred. it is over. the question becomes how did
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and we'll find out more about this little child who died. a terrible scene that played out in avondale. we're waiting for more information from avondale police. >> it is heartbreaking. another fox 10 news alert to bring you. this one out of south carolina where there has been reports of a school shooting at an elementary school. this is a live look at townville. two victims being reported. the shooter is in we're streaming this live at our youtube channel. you can find it at deputies busting a huge marijuana grow this morning. there are five different locations that authorities are investigating right now. two are businesses an three are homes. we're told the suspects not only grew the plants but dried them as well as made oils with them.
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involved. a woman in glendale hit and killed by a car during the busy morning commute. the woman apparently crossing the street, not in a crosswalk. a driver hit her in a truck. she died at the scene. drivers were rerouted out of the area for four hours. they say impairment not a factor, they don't believe, in this crash. phoenix police officer unfolds overnight. it started at a traffic stop and quickly escalated. a police officer stopped a car as part of a drug investigation. when the officer approached, they put the vehicle in reverse and slammed their vehicle into the police vehicle. police say two handguns and another person were found inside the car.
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driver or passenger will face. glendale police arrest a man accused of sexual assault. look at this sketch here. jeffrey charles wilson, sketch on the left, obviously, and a real picture of him on the right. it was broadcast to the public. tips came in and detectives were able to track him down. wilson suspected of sexually assaulting a woman under a park bridge. she told police she was walking near 91st avenue and bethany home whe her and parked his vehicle and started following her on foot. she told police he confronted her under a bridge and grabbed her by the hair and assaulted her. he is booked on three felony counts, including sexual assault. an armed robbery suspect hit up two fast food restaurants last night but there is something that could make it harder for authorities to identify the suspect.
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for was wearing a clown mask during the crimes. it happened at 8:00 last night at the taco ball at 99th avenue and mcdowell and a second robbery happened at 75th avenue and he lower buckeye. the suspect was wearing a similar mask also firing a shot. nobody was hurt in either incident. police arrested this man, eric hernandez. he is a backing it into the pawnshop in sun city, smashing the front window and stealing from inside. a lot of times the pawnshops have weapons and jewelry. he was taken down by this mcso k-9. there you go. good dog. >> good boy. >> good boy. coming up, a public servant who spent seven decades in
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missing at sea for a week, how this man felt after he was rescued off of a life raft at sea. >> reporter: showers are continuing to move their way across arizona. will you be next to get wet?
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a man from vermont was a man is rescued from the coast guard after being lost at sea for a week. the 22-year-old says he is
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nathan and his mother linda left a rhode island area on a fishing trip on september 18. he was found on a life raft off the coast of massachusetts, his mother is missing and presumed dead. coast guard officials interviewed nathan who says he heard a funny noise and water started pouring in. shimon peres died after stroke earlier this month. he won a nobel peace prize for brokering historic peace deals. peres will be laid to rest this friday. president obama and bill clinton is expected to attend his burial. he was 93 years old.
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they have thwarted terrorist plots since the attack killing 86 people. they detained two teenagers with suspicion of links on terrorism. isis claimed responsibility for that attack but since then attacks have been foiled, including attacks on schools. a chance to do what a lot of people in the face. he became under fire for raising the price of medication by 5,000%. he would offer the price to hit him on ebay. it has been removed. he says he is open to getting dinner with the winner instead. >> that's weird. i would pick the meal if i were him over the punch. can you imagine?
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i just won the bidding. come here, shkreli, you're mine. how many homes have been affected by the flames in california? a monster storm hitting the china coast. >> reporter: the wind the on the move and it could be headed towards your town.
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a weather alert out of china--- where "typhoon megi" a weather alert out of a weather alert out of china. big typhoon making landfall there. it is weakened into a tropical storm but not before leaving a trail of destruction. four people dying in taiwan.
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san jose, california, threatening hundreds of buildings. it has burned through three square miles of dried brush and timber. it is forcing hundreds of people to evacuate. another wildfire to the north has ruined four homes. really nice outside. >> reporter: is it friday? >> no. >> reporter: it feels like it. >> why? >> reporter: i don't know. i'm in a great mood. >> we can go with that. >> reporter: it is somebody's friday, i'm sure. it looks like it is going to get nicer and nicer. i would love to see the clouds. you may be saying goodbye to the clouds once we hit the weekend because we're in for a sunny stretch as we roll our way into october. it won't be long before everything settles down. for the moment, we're fighting some showers, which is fine. we love to see the rain when we
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96 is your normal high. all-time mark, 108. sunset at 6:16. here is the way the rain is moving. it is north of the valley but it is still busy over in the white mountains and pushing into southern parts of apache county as well. it is going to be one of those days where the area of low pressure continues to hang around. we probably got one more day of it. we will be able to it. that will usher in the beautiful sunshine. showers have been pretty busy north of phoenix earlier today but now things are really pushed out of the metro area. we caught a couple of sprinkles during the morning hours but now, it is up flagstaff way where we have most of it happening. up the 17, you may dance in and out of a few showers.
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bellemont, you better keep an eye out. showers east of flagstaff are on their way to tuba city and farther north across the grand canyon, always a beautiful day up there rain or shine. it is nice to be at the canyon. as we move farther to the east, we have springerville and towards st. johns and went doe rock, you will again, we were watching and syleste was talking about the fires south of san francisco around pet luma. winds are starting to pick up there. they will see gusts in the 20-plus range. not a lot of the rain across the nation except ohio. they are the busiest part of the country from cincinnati westward is seeing strong action. we have thunderstorms making their way through the center
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back here, steady as she goes. an easy afternoon for the valley. it should be one of the nice days. 90's for the deserts. temps at the moment look pretty good. i was looking at the current temps. we have temps in the 90's in the valley. as far as tomorrow goes, we will be cooler than the average and nobody is complaining about that. again on friday. we keep it going. in fact, by tomorrow, we'll peel things away by the afternoon hours and that looks like october to me. >> 80's as a high? >> 60's for lows? >> reporter: i know. >> time to get the winter grass in. >> reporter: are you a manure man? >> i go with topper so it is not quite manure and it is the miracle grow stuff.
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manure brings the flies. >> you have a big hat to protect yourself. >> i rock the hat. i have a bucket hat. i have to protect the money maker. after the break, their sued by her dog 50 cent sued.
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a lot of people not happy with the wells fargo c.e.o. after all of the issues they had, the stock went down a ton so the shareholders lost a lot of money. the c.e.o. is going to forfeit $41 million in stock awards as
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it is launching an independent investigation into the sales practices. they added millions of fake accounts using other people's information trying to meet the sales goals. wells fargo apologized and 5,300 people have been fired. some of the workers have filed lawsuits against the bank. two men are suing rapper 50 cent for copyright infringement. they from a script they wrote and pitched to 50 cent two years ago. the suit says the network and 50 cent faces up to a $150,000 in fines per episode. game of throne stars has harsh words for the u.s. school systems.
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fighting over where they want their son going to school. she says she does not want him going to school in the u.s. because "the school system sucks." a dog sitter sued hayden panettiere. the actress said the dog sitter gave the collecting the money. the two were able to settle the case quietly. hayden owed the sitter about $4,000. media milestone for salina gomez. she has 100 million followers on instagram. she had 49 followers on twitter. she is doing something right.
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justin bieber. amy schumer may be the queen of comedy but she is the most dangerous celebrity when it comes to internet searches. searching her name carries a 16% chance to to connect with a site that carrying malware. also on the list is justin bieber, will smith, and miley cyrus. a lot of people say they are going to move to another country depending on who wins presidential election. >> we have details about the potential colonizization of mars and how you can help pop you
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o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests,
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all right, let's break this down. it is like a game film. >> ok. >> x's and o's? blue 28. >> reporter: all we have to do is play our game, get back on defense and not be boxed in to somebody else's game plan. >> we dictate how the weather is going to go. >> reporter: by thursday afternoon, evening will turn our way and we just keep our the prize as we roll through the weekend and into next week. >> all right, coach. >> reporter: i will see you in april. >> you are so optimistic. i love it. >> ready, break. thank you, cory. how would you like to go to mars? >> reporter: now? >> round trip or one way? >> elon musk is planning it. >> it is only a one-way trip. the c.e.o. of spacex -- >> reporter: can you nominate
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>> plans to get earthlings to mars an create a civilized society there. the rockets would launch from cape canal rational and take 80 days to get there. he believes we will use one million people to help populate it and a one-way ticket will cost you $200,000. >> ror mes going. >> when you get there, it is not pretty. >> reporter: i've seen the movie. >> "the martian." >> thanks for watching. we'll see you back here
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a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records
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critics have said pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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captions paid for by the fox broadcasting company hey, guys, welcome to "dish nation." >> hey, what up? >> whoo-hoo. >> we've got a lot of big stories to get to today. mary j. blige's voice did wonders for chicken rap but now she's using her voice for something more important. and we'll sit backstreet boys a little later. but first headkrack let's talk about the biggest story of the day. the presidential debate. >> it went down. the first of three presidential debates between hillary clinton and donald trump took place last night and somebody call the coroner because hillary pretty much bodied donald trump. was it moderated by lester holt or was it? >> no, it wasn't. >> a lot of people feel that lester didn't step up and let


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