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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  October 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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an american indian icon who was murdered in his home last year. and the suspects have yet to be caught in this one. fox 10's courtney griffin has more on what the family is saying now. >> it's been over a year since someone broke into 78-year-old jess sixkiller's home and shot and killed him. >> who and why? who does this to elders? who breaks down a door at 3:00 a.m. in the >> reporter: janelle sixkiller says today, in native american tradition, family and friends gather to celebrate his life as police continue the search for the person responsible in their father's death. >> we do deserve justice and there will not be any peace until that happens. >> friends from across the country flew in to remember jess, including business partner jay booth from new york. >> he had great wisdom and
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>> mike gayle came in from california. he knew jess for more than 40 years. >> and i came back to honor jess's memory and to comfort the family in some ways with some stories. some of them with pretty funny. some of them are just jess. >> reporter: jess fought for american indian rights in grass root movements. he was the first native american on the chicago police force and janelle says was a protective father. >> my first car date, he had the guy bring in and sho of insurance before i was allowed in the car. >> janelle says they will not stop fighting for justice and thanks the community for their love and support thus far. >> they have a saying, that when women's hearts are on the ground, all is lost. well, our hearts were slammed to the ground. and it was the power of their love and support, the people that you see here today, many others across the nation that stopped their world for us for a little while. >> reporter: silent witness is
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information leading to an arrest. courtney griffin, fox 10 news. and again, the number to silent witness is 480-witness, and you can, as always, remain anonymous. police are also asking for the community's help in tracking down a suspect who stabbed and killed a man in a bar. now, this happened about a year and a half ago at the road runner bar. they say that's near black canyon highway and new river road. according to police, fernandez was stabbed and killed at the bar after a large bar fight. they say he was among those injured during the fight and was able to make it to the parking lot before dying. the family says they know somebody out there knows who killed fernandez, and they want them to tell police. >> i wish that someon would come forward and tell us what they know, because there were a lot of people there that night, and something tells me that somebody does know something.
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>> if you have any information on this case, you are asked to please call police. police in prescott continue their search for a missing 66-year-old man. officers in prescott valley say david palliva disappeared this morning. police say they are worried for his well-being because he has dementia, heart problems and suffered a head injury in the past. he's 5'6", 150 pounds, last see wearing blue jeans and white shoes. if you see him, you are asked to call police. back here in the valley, the guardian angels taking to the street to raise awareness for missing persons and domestic violence today. the group of volunteers held signs near 35th avenue and baseline this afternoon. these signs called for people to honk to show their support for ending domestic violence. the group also wanted to bring awareness to missing persons and their families.
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there's still a lot of work to be done addressing the issue of domestic violence. >> it's just domestic violence is an ongoing problem in the united states, and something needs to be addressed. something needs to be prevented, and also the victims of domestic violence need to be supported. >> october marks domestic violence awareness month. gas prices continue to remain well above $2 across the nation. according to, the average price of gas is ringing in at $2.25 today. here in arizona, we are paying less than that, at an average of $2.15 a gallon. hawaii has the highest gas prices in the nation with an average of $2.88 a gallon, and texas has the lowest at $2.02 a gallon. the ban on the samsung note 7 went into effect this afternoon at airports across
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a dozen people across the united states. samsung decided to stop selling the phone for consumer safety. passengers with the phone will not be allowed to board the plane with it. they won't be able to put it in their carry-ons or even in their cecked baggage. >> they were just saying that you can't have them anymore, and if you do have them, make sure that they are completely turned off and put away so that nobody can see them. >> officials say they the convenience that this may cause some passengers but that safety is their priority. it has been almost a year since a devastating fire. a popular valley location is now
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you're watching the best. fox 10 news. crews breaking ground today on the light rail extension that will take the transit system all
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people were invited to attend this ground breaking ceremony and fall festival. it was held to celebrate the extension. there will be music, kid activities, and food from local vendors. so far this year, the total ridership for the light rail is at six -- 67 million passengers. seven more extensions are expected to be finished by 2034. almost a year after it went up in flames, the buffalo chip saloon in carefre its doors. take a look at the repaired restaurant after the original was destroyed last year. tonight, they are opening their doors once again between 6:00 and 10:00. the new structure is connected to parts of the building that were not destroyed in the fire. people from the community donated historic items for a wall of relics that was lost in the fire. on thanksgiving day last year, the restaurant caught fire and nearly burned to the ground.
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with that loss, but the employees are back and will be ready for the reopening. also going on today is the cannabis conference and expo. it's happening at the phoenix convention center. the two-day conference is set to provide the public with a chance to meet cannabis experts and industry leaders. with the issue on the november ballot, everyone is encouraged to learn about how the legalization of marijuana would affect their communities. >> what is cannabis? how do you all of their questions can be answered in one place. and if you walk into any of the rooms, you will see these are young professionals, interested people, business people, moms that just have questions and want them answered. >> reporter: meanwhile, turf paradise opens for the season today. horses and trainers are at the track. the stables opened at 5:00 this morning. the turf opened in 1956 and has been at the same location at
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since. it is actually arizona's first professional sports franchise. speaking of sports, we check in on the college football season, and that include the cats, the arizona wildcats taking on the trojans of usc, a packed shootout and plenty, and i do mean plenty of college
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you're watching fox 10 sports with richard saenz. >> manny wilkins will play. that's what coach todd graham said earlier in the week, and what do you know, not only is manny playing, but he got the start at quarterback for the sun devils, the boys looking to beat the buffalos in colorado, and yes, we'll have highlights later on tonight. for pac 12 stuff for you and more arizona football. we can't forget about the cats of u of a taking on the trojans right here on fox 10. game tied at 7, not for long, sam darnold buys some time and
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trojans. usc threatening again, the pass into the end zone. did he make the catch? you make the call. it looks like he holds on to it right there. that makes it 21-7 usc. watch number 9, juju smith schuster, too easy for the touchdown. trojans, get down with your bad self. and then the route was on, more from smith schuster, poor tackling here by the arizona wildcats. look at that, one missed tackle. here's a couple of more. some he takes it into the end zone 34-7 at half, 38-14 was your final. usc, way too much for arizona. a marquee matchup here, oh, yes, the tide looking to roll, but tennessee had other ideas. how about this, we have got some defense from 'bama, harrison with the interception, and he wants six. that is a pick six. kiss that baby good-bye.
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hersch with the keeper, calls his own number, and oh, yeah, that would be a touchdown for 'bama. this would be a touchdown if they were playing two hand touch. just like that, 31-10, 'bama won't let up, jackson looking like action jackson. this guy is cat quick, and he has two words for tennessee, i'm gone, 79 yards, the pay dirt, touchdown, and it was roll tide, all right, yes, the ground game just way too much, 348 yards rushing for alabama. it was all alabama in this one, there you see it, final score 49-10. wow. do you want more college football? we thought so. nc state trying to tame the tigers of clemson.
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for the win with no time left, the field goal is, oh, it's wide rght, and we are going to overtime. clemson can't believe it, in o.t. it's deshaun watson, the strike right there for the touchdown, clemson on the board first, nc state though has a chance, the wolf pack looking to answer, but marcus edmonds says, uh-uh, not going to happen, not on my watch. great pick right there. that's your ball game. clemson 24-17. wow a game. yes, today was all about the college kids, but tomorrow it's the big boys of the national football league that take center stage but not the cardinals. sorry, bird gang, got to wait one more day. the main man for the jets, brandon marshall, without question, one of the best in the game. he has been doing it for years. check this stat out. brandon marshall has caught at
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games. only one guy has a longer active streak than brandon marshall, and that's larry fitzgerald of course. who will be asked to stop brandon marshall? that sounds like a job for patrick peterson of course. >> brandon has been doing it for a very, very long time. very big, very physical, fast. you know, he's a guy that gives you everything, you know, very, very physical. especially at the line of scrimmage,it receiver, he loves to use his strength, his arms to get by, over me. his favorite tactic right now the pull threw. so he's very, very talented and still got a lot left in the tank. >> don't have tickets to the game? no problem. we have got your back. you can watch the game with us on our sister station, my45. the new start for the game time has been pushed up to 5:15, so make your plans accordingly.
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tomorrow. is cowboys quarterback dak prescott for real? we'll find out as the boys taking on the packers in green bay. you can watch it right here. i know enough football for now. we switch gears and hit the ice thanks to, you guessed it, the arizona coyotes, the 'yotes with their home opener details coming up right after
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fox 10 news is back. it's that time of year, time for the coyotes to drop the puck. tonight is the night as the boys host the flyers, the 39 losses from last year, that's in the past. now it's all about the future. and it looks bright for the coyotes with a lot of young talent on this year's roster. >> it's going to be something that as a player you never get to play your first one again, so
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me ready to go, but at the same time you're in the nhl, and it's great. so enjoy it. >> the biggest thing about it is those players have earned their right in the lineup. they have had good camp and can show that they can play at this level. they are all anxious to play their first nhl game, and that's a good thing. just the way the team is structured right now, there is going to be young energy in there. but they wouldn't be here if they weren't good players. >> we had good players last year, the domis, the duclairs. i think those guys are going to take another step in continuing to involve this team. but i think the defense is an area we need to address. i thought our transition defense and offense needed to be better. cleaner exits to get the young skilled forwards the puck in transition is important for us. i thought that was an area of
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pretty proud of. but i think a healthy mike smith goes a long way, and louis in the second year of full-time kind of able to help support mike, i think our goaltending will be better as well, and we have got the best group of young forwards up front, so a lot to be excited about. the indians won game one last night looking to take a 2-0 lead in the series today, and cleveland comes out red hot, here, liner to left, gone, one nothing c town just like that. the indians up early, but very next inning, man on more josh donaldson, donaldson with a rip to right, that's going to lee a mark, rbi score double for donaldson. we have got a ball game. man on for francisco lindor,
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one, 2-1 cleveland, tulowitzki deep but not deep enough. that's your ball game. cleveland rocks. they win it final score 2-1. they have a 2-0 lead in the series. what if it's just cleveland's year? got to remember, the cavaliers won the title, and they hadn't had a title in forever. cleveland in the play-offs. >> a bunch of cubs fans that i know just threw stuff at the tv. thanks, >> you never know. i have cousins in chicago too, they are not going to like that. >> so cardinals getting the big monday night slot. >> another prime time game, yes. >> channel 45 who are they taking on? >> the jets, todd bowles coming back, bruce arians helping him get the job so he's coming full
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>> 5:15, i'll be there. i feel like this is a crucial turning game. am i making this up or is it true? >> no, no. they have to score in the first quarter. >> you're in trouble if that's the things you're saying about your team. >> i love them. you have got to stick around for cory. >> will it finally cool down? that's the big question.
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there's a surge of excitement at gcu as the lopes gear up for greatness. we do not accept defeat. we will not disappoint. we will not quit. we are the intensity brewing in the heart of phoenix. we are the lopes rising. come watch us defend our house against louisville, san diego state and rival new mexico state. games will sell out. [crowd cheering] get your basketball season tickets today
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fox 10 news is back. finally here at 5:00, an amazing discovery in a cave in northern spain. a series of cave paintings from the prehistoric period were found in may. they include etchings of horses, bison, goats, and two lions. it's hard to make out. cory is looking closely. he's squinting, and he's now buying it. >> i thought it was a picture of arizona from space. >> it could be. 14,000 years old. >> wow. >> these type of paintings are not new to this part of spain. the cave is not far from a location where some of the most famous cave paintings exist. >> boy, i love that stuff. i love standing like in front of petro glyphs in arizona, standing there, thinking the guy
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big old happy h, it stands for heck, because it is sunny, and it's warm. that heavier weather that you see to the north of us unfortunately is going to be kind of shunted up to the north by that area of high pressure, so we will not benefit from all of that good stuff. pwe'll just keep the heat going the warmth anyway, so 90s through this coming week. maybe a dip into the 80s by next week. >> well, my major goal, as always, is to just make it cool by halloween. so that all of those little don't have to put, you know, they're not sweating through their costumes, they are not concerned about that. >> i grew up in a different place where everybody wanted to be a hobo or a zombie because you were freezing every halloween. >> my sister would just tell me, this is what we are going to be this year. i never had a choice. he was in drama and picked the
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notre dame, darth vader, it was the best. >> here's to sisters everywhere, taking control of halloween. we'll see you tonight at 9:00. take care. allegations against pinal county sheriff paul babeu. paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. accusations of widespread abuse at a massachusetts private school. she is sick of hearing sheriff paul babeu lie. allegations of abuse of power. another headache, the fbi has subpoenaed records. lawsuits regarding abuse and neglect. questions of babeu's integrity. new page of controversy. a question of judgment. ultimately voters are going to have to decide if he's the type of candidate they want in congress.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: who better to hear from, who do you want to hear more from than monica lune -- lewinsky. >> the camera guy was say do you think it's fair game to bring up bill's history. that's a good cuban cigars legal. >> solange and beyonce have number one albums. >> are the knowles the new jacksons? >> a compliment, we would be in great company. >> solange beat the crap out of jay-z. >> that was her biggest hit up until -- >> there is video of kim kardashian right after she was robbed. it would seem that one of the kardashian people shot the video. >> this investigation was


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