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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  November 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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for fox10 news at 5. we begin with a tragic story out of the east thank you for joining us for "fox 10 news." we begin with a tragic story out of the east valley a young boy has died after climbing out of a window and falling into the back yard pool. >> it's not clear how long the four-year-old was under water. marcy jones is live in mesa where we are still learning mor details. >> this is just such a tragic loss and we did speak to some neighbors and just became very apparent within the first few seconds of talking with them this was a tight-knit community. they all knew each other's kids. comfortable talking to us. they are trying to take in this loss and praying for that family. here is what we know so far. earlier today mesa police responded to a drowning call in the area of university and val vista.
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were told the father found his four-year-old son unconscious in the pool. police are still investigating how this all unfolded but they tell us the boy somehow climbed out of a window and ended up in the pool. police adding that pool was unkept and murky making it difficult at first for the father to find his boy. police say that even though pool safety is not top of mind for many people right now as we are heading into the fall season, it should always be something to consider especially with young children >> just know that at any point you have a pool, 365 days of the year, know that's always going to be a risk and to make sure that you are aware regardless of whether people are around the pool or not and make sure that the locks are in place and you know and you have alarms, just however any preventive measures you have are there. >> now of course this is still very fresh. police are just starting their investigation but they say at
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very horrible accident. reporting live, marcy jones, "fox 10 news." thank you. you decide 2016. the election is just three days away and the candidates are gettig a lot of help making a final push here in arizona. >> arizona is still up for grabs depending which map we are looking at. sometimes we are toss ups or sometimes lean red. the race has certainly tightened in a lot of these states over the past few weeks. today dr. be c valley stumping for his former opponent, donald trump. fox 10's stefania okolie was at the event and joins us live with the latest. >> that's right. the world went out and dr. ben carson is here at the gop headquarters here in phoenix. really trying to get those extra additional votes in for donald trump here at the last minute as we are down to the last three days before election. in fact it was a packed room
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take a look at the video. you can see how many people were filling the room it was certainly an enthusiastic crowd and diverse crowd as well. we saw all kinds of people. showing that it doesn't just take trump being present at these events being going. they show excitement for sheriff joe who was in appearance and made a speech as well. along with ben carson. many people telling me they were inspired by his speech. he laid out his vision of perfect health care system. something he calls a possibility and not a right. they promise to get that going with that administration on wednesday if donald trump wins. now the crowd did agree with him. some of them saying that they wish he could still be in the running for the republican party. i asked him about them -- i asked him about that and take a look at his humble response. >> i hear that everyplace i go. >> how do you respond to that? >> i just say i think the right
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you know, the depth of corruption in our society and particularly in government is so substantial. you almost need kind of a bull in a china shop to break through the mess. and i think the right thing has happened. and we will all help -- i do. >> the right person. >> i think he is the right person. >> yeah, ben carson very confident in that response. he is on to the gop headquarters over on shay boulevard and should start his speech in a couple of minutes and may have time to catch it if you didn't catch him here earlier this afternoon. we are live in phoenix, stefania okolie, "fox 10 news." meanwhile bernie sanders is coming back to arizona and this time to campaign for hillary clinton. tomorrow the vermont senator will be speaking at a public event here in phoenix to discuss clinton's economic plan. he will be speaking at central high school on 34th avenue and
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event at 10:45 in the morning. here we are, just three days until election day and polls are showing as i said this race is tightening up. hillary clinton and donald trump stumping in battle ground states and not so much stumping. they seem to be dashing from state to state to state. >> it's a final chaotic push towards the end and clinton held a rally today in florida earlier to urge people to get out and vote. that speech cut short when a thunderstorm rolled in. >> i want to be for everybody. everybody who agrees with me. people who don't agree with me. people who vote for me. people who don't vote for me. so let's get out. let's vote for the future. let's vote for what we want for our country and our children and our grandchildren. god bless you! you can see that rain pouring down. trump also in florida but was
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that he says should concern voters when they head to the polls. >> premiums are surging. because of obamacare. companies are leaving. insurers are fleeing, doctors are quitting. and deductibles are going through the roof. some as high as $15,000. some higher than that. >> a real clear politics polling average shows clinton with a lead in the sunshine state by the slimmest 48% support from likely voters compared to trump's 47%. well, a last minute supreme court decision changes a ruling that affects arizona's election this affects people who were collecting the early voting ballots from other voters and delivering them to the polls for them. a lower court had cleared the way for that practice to continue, but this morning the
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can enforce its law that bans the collection of early ballots. supporters of the practice which is known as ballot harvesting say it helped voters in rural arizona communities and on reservations get their ballots to the polls on time south florida are long lines at early voting places. arizonans want to vote and we should not be making voting more difficult. this law made it a felony to deliver someone's ballot for them. it doe >> the ballots that were collected need to be turned in by monday in order for them to be counted. and early voting is officially over with and the election chaos in the past few weeks a lot of people were rushing out to the polls to make sure they got their early ballot cast and people across the country turned out in unprecedented numbers. some people ended up waiting for hours in order to cast their ballot in the past few days and those long lines were not the only issues yesterday. some voters say they were told
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before the polls were set to close. others waiting well passed the time the polls closed. >> meanwhile the maricopa county recorder says more than 1 million early ballots have been collected so far in the county and that does not include those ballots that were cast yesterday. there are roughly 2.1 million registered voters here in maricopa county. so you do the math and that's more than half of the registered voters in the counties that have already voted. authorities are concerned about the attacks as we head closer and closer to election day. fox news correspondent bryan llenas has the latest from new york. >> officials are, quote, very concerned about cyber attacks that could, quote, cause confusion on election day. the real concern is not that hackers can somehow skew the actual presidential vote count. that is changing votes from one candidate to another. the real concern is that hackers
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bases, stealing personal information and attack state election websites that report official election results. hackers could manipulate these websites or launch denial of service attacks shutting sites down entirely causing people to question the integrity of results. especially if the election is close. given the huge mistrust between the two parties and accusations by republican candidate donald trump that the system is rigged. now the probability of hackers or a foreign government like russia altering the presidential vote count is slim because the u.s. voting system is fragmented and decentralized. voting is done state by state. district by district. and polling place by polling place. also electronic voting machines are not connected to the internet. further protecting the voting system from cyber attacks. cyber attacks are a concern following wikileaks breaches and known attempts by vladimir& piewten to disrupt our election process also this summer at
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in arizona and illinois were successfully infiltrated by hackers and in illinois hackers took voter data though the stolen information was deemed to not sensitive. dhs has since taken steps to protect us offering states risk assessment and scanning for malware specifically helping states protect their election result websites. cybersecurity experts will monitor election day from dhs' cybersecurity center and cyber fly teams will be deploy if there are any major attacks. in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. coming up after the break, a wrong way driver leads police on a chase through the valley and it comes to an end right outside of our fox 10 studios. >> gorgeous start to your weekend but changes in the forecast. we will let you know when that mercury will start to rise again. >> yeah, i know. no asu today or arizona cardinals tomorrow. we still have plenty of football to talk about.
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of a taking on the cougars of washington state. highlights of that game and much
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as police arrest a wrong way tense homes as police arrest a wrong way driver in front of our fox 10 studios here in downtown phoenix. >> that's some saturday morning. dozens of officers from gilbert, dps and phoenix surrounded the suspect's car as canines were sent in to take him down. gilbert police telling fox 10 that this all started before 3:00 a.m. when several 911 calls came in reporting a wrong way driver in the area of arizona avenue and elliott in gilbert. the driver would not pull over and led police on a 30 minute chase through the valley. you see where it ended. right here in downtown phoenix. police say they sent a canine in because of a potential threat. the suspect demonstrated. >> the chase ended by a pit maneuver.
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officers to end the chase. as you can see it ended right here behind us. and then the suspect was taken into custody. >> now the man suffered some minor injuries and mainly from the bites from the dog. he was taking to a local hospital for evaluation. no one else was hurt. and that wrong way chase came just hours after another driver was arrested for going the wrong way right here on the loop 10z. this is -- 101 and this is near camelback road. overnight. the drivers stopped on their own on the left shoulder of the road and dps troopers helped to stop traffic so that they could turn that driver in the right direction. the driver was then taken into custody. it's not clear if that person is facing any charges. pet owners are being warned about an outbreak of the parvo virus. officials say the virus is spreading among dogs in the the city and killing some.
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nearly 20 cases of the virus and they are urging people to avoid the dog park at coretero and silver bell and say one of the cases involved a dog that had gone to that park. symptoms of the virus including vomiting, tyra and lack of -- diarrhea and lack of appetite. >> follow up on the puppies that were recovered after they were stolen from the animal welfare league. we told you about this two weeks ago. >> when you say puppies, you to those dogs were up for adoption this morning at the annual walk to save animals in tempe beach park. the animal welfare league and those dogs and others already will adopt at this annual event this morning. now the walk is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the animal welfare league. the organization says they are happy to get those dogs back in time to set them up for adoption at this event.
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resources and they weren't able to medically treat them and we were. they were being medically treated when they were stolen and that was a fear for us so that's why we are excited to have them here at the walk because you know they are all set and ready and healthy and are going to find their families. >> they are just beautiful. >> yeah, they are. >> all of the chatter in the studio was all about -- >> what dog? >> we want that one. oh, my gosh. just beautiful. people at this event were also able to microchip and get i their dogs. today was the perfect day to get out there and go for a walk with your dog. adopted or otherwise. take a look. absolutely gorgeous out there it's a live look of comnl. we will see that mercury start to rise. i will let you know when we see
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody
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o f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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good saturday evening. hopefully you were able to get out and enjoy. take a look at this absolutely gorgeous over downtown phoenix. this is a live look from our south mountain tower cam. current temperature 80 degrees. just a light breeze out of the west, southwest at three miles per hour. take a look at this this is the temperature as you walk door. most everybody still hovering in that 80-degree range at the 5:00 hour. 81 in goodyear and glendale. 78 in deer valley. 79 in cave creek. mesa there at 80 and 75 in apache junction. things a little cooler in the northern part of our state because we are seeing a passing storm right now in flagstaff so current temperature up there 48. sedona 63 and payson, show low there at 48. globe 69 and lake havasu currently at 84 degrees. taking a look at the satellite and radar pictures, this is what
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just a little moisture in the extreme north and eastern portion of our state and then north of flagstaff. i want to show you exactly what we are talking about. right there along the 17, 89a, seeing a little rain this evening and look at this maybe a little rain snow mix possibly. north of flagstaff so mount humphreys maybe seeing a little snow up there for this afternoon. take a look at this. we got up to 82 degrees today. our normal is 80 so right about where we should be this time of the year. our records as you set back in 2007 when it got up to 93 degrees on this date. let's talk about for tonight what you expect. those temperatures coming down nicely very comfortable around the state. most everybody in the valley will see the 60s in the northern part of our state. getting cooler thafnl flagstaff coming in at the freezing mark for tonight. grand canyon below freezing there at 30 degrees. kingman 49. prescott 42. and then for tomorrow things are slightly warmer than they were
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phoenix. 86 in gila bend. 82 in casa grande. sedona 72. flagstaff 62 and the grand canyon 63. so very comfortable for tomorrow but again slightly above our seasonal average. take a look at this this is what i was talking about. the warm up begins as we go back to work. then on election day on tuesday things heating up. 87 degrees and then we will go back down to those seasonal averages as we get into the end of the week and into next weekend. i know a lot of people were complaining last week when we saw those temperatures -- >> not me, i'm good. >> you are from illinois. >> that's why. >> perspective. >> and then people on twitter and facebook got mad at me for complaining. >> can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. >> i'm just -- i bring the news. >> you are okay. >> it's okay. >> and we appreciate it, ty.
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a woman found chained inside a storage unit in south carolina. the arizona connection and what the suspect's neighbor has to
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convicted of kidnapping and raping an arizona teen thirty years ago -- in custody in raping an arizona teen thirty
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carolina. now this after a woman was found chained in a storage unit. today we are hearing from neighbors in this bizarre case. police charged todd kohlhepp after finding kayla brown chained in a storage container on his property. police say a tip and cell phone records first led them to this property that belongs to the suspect. police fear there could be as many as four more bodies on the property. neighbors as you can imagine are stunned. >> that's why my wife have talked about this. we didn't see any sign whatsoever that this was going on. we saw a lot of ladies come to his door. we thought they were real estate associates come pick signs up and that sort of thing. >> crews are still scouring the property. >> in world news there is turmoil in turkey at this hour as protesters clash with
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fox news correspondent benjamin hall has the latest details from london. >> a deadly car bomb explodes in turkey southeast region. claiming lives and leaving a trail of destruction in the streets. turkish officials are calling it an act of terror. >> it showed again its mean and disgusting face early in the morning at a point where the riot police were stationed in an area where the citizens were going to work and children going to school. a car loaded with a bomb detonated. >> the bombi after at least a dozen pro kurdish legislators were detained for questioning in terror related probes. they include members of the people's democratic party or hdp and other prominent figures. some members of the party are speaking out against the government's actions. >> they are trying to create a turkey without hdp an authoritarian turkey. trying to excludes hdp from the political sphere and aiming to announce early election.
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with demonstrators who took to the streets to protest the detention. riot police using tear gas and water canons to disperse the crowd in isstenble and other -- istanbul. the world is watching closely as the key u.s. ally in the region appears to struggle in its fight against terrorism. >> we condemn these alaska of terror. fighting the terror cannot be justification for silencing the political opposition even putting them in prison. >> united nations officials are also voicing turkey's detention of lawmakers. urging transparency and due process. in london, benjamin hall, fox news. an emotional event held in the valley. it's aim at bringing closure to some the clouds of missing persons cases in arizona. how police hope it will help. plus police are asking for
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robberies around the valley. the videos they hope will bring in some the suspects when we
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annual missing in arizona today the annual missing in arizona event being held at the asu west campus. now this event is to raise awareness about missing people in arizona. >> every single year at least 600,000 people are reported missing nationwide. but with bte updated information law enforcement hopes to continuously lower that number. courtney griffin has more. >> multiple agencies across the state joined forces to help try and bring missing people home and identify the hundreds of remains on file. >> we are going to answer them in a national database where they will be distributed to the local agencies that will work and get assigned detectives for the cases. >> right now nearly 2,000


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