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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  November 6, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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crew. a fiery news alert coming to us out of payson. a viewer sent uss this picture and it's a frightening one from the scene of this blaze. crews are working what appears to be a deadly gas explosion at an apartment complex in payson. firefighters say they are treating five to seven people tonight and that number could go up. what's still not clear is how many people were injured or perhaps perished as a result of this explosion. >> transition to video of a helicopter flying patients into maricopa medical center. this is now coming to you within the last hour or so. it is not clear how many have been transported down here into the valley from payson. southwest ambulance has contacted phoenix fire to notify they are sending a number of ambulances up to that area for,
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adottweeted out the fire department vehicles are now blocking parts of the roadway. this is on state route 87 up there near payson and the right lane closed as a result of that. no doubt there is also some gapers delays in the area with everything that's going on. we have a crew that's on the way to payson right now tonight and we will bring you the latest on "fox 10 news" tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. and other news, a sad story out of the east valley after a four-year-old boy drowns. >> and mesa police say child climbed through a window and fell into the family pool. marcy jones has those details. >> a scene of tragic loss earlier today mesa police responding to a drowning toddler call in the area of university and val vista drive. when they arrived it was too late. >> we noticed a toddler unconscious. >> police are investigating how this all unfolded but they tell us the boy somehow climbed out
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pool. that's why they are asking families to always keep pools safety top of mind even though we are heading into the fall season. >> regardless of whether people are around the people or not, make sure that the locks are in place that you know and you have alarms. whatever preventive measures you are there. even if you keep your pool up kept, drain your pool. do those things to take those steps to make sure. >> evidence is being collected at the scene and it's still however, police say at this point it just appears to be a horrible accident. adding when they respond to a tragic scene, they try and aid in anyway possible. >> it's so unfortunate and so we go from n there and we do what we can to try to help the family, help the situation itself. sometimes it's a little bit too late. >> marcy jones, "fox 10 news." and the developing story as a 13-year-old girl is rushed to
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herself in the foot. this happened at a family's home out at 55th avenue and clarendon. the girl is in serious and stable condition. no word yet on how she got her hands on the gun. >> a wild surf to the day here. police arresting a wrong way driver in front of our fox 10 studios here in downtown phoenix. this all happened earlier today and of course we take a look at the video from the scene this morning as well. gilbert police tells us at -- started shortly after the several 911 calls came in to report a wrong way driver in the area of arizona avenue and elliott. this is down in gilbert. and the driver would not pull over led police on a 30 minute chase all through the valley and it ended right here in phoenix and police say they sent a canine unit in because of the potential threat that suspect demonstrated. >> the chase ended by a pit maneuver. it was done by one of our
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as you can see it ended right here behind us. and then the suspect was taken into custody. >> the man suffered some minor injuries. mainly bites from the dog and he was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation and no one else was hurt. you decide 2016. candidates are getting a lot of help in making a final push here in arizona. seems arizona still up for grabs as the race has gotten closer here the last few >> dr. ben carson was in the valley stumping for his former opponent, donald trump. fox 10's stefania okolie was at the event. >> a gop office packed wall to wall with supporters of donald trump. at least 100 gathering to hear from former republican nominee dr. ben carson who is urging them to make sure others are voting. >> we have a choice to make here that involves the direction of the country.
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donald trump which a lot of people have tried to make it about their personalities. >> he excited the crowd sharing his vision of a perfect health care system. one which he promises he will work toward should trump win. >> put the health care back in the hands of patients and health care providers. >> arizona a reliably red state suddenly being described as a toss up but carson is confident people will lean toward trump. >> i think rapidly waking up. >> many leaving the event feeling inspired by dr. carson's words and some admitting they wish he was the one running. dr. carson's reaction. >> a couple of people in the crowd saying i wish he was still in the running to be president. >> yeah, i hear that everyplace i go. >> how do you respond? >> i say i think the right thing has occurred. you know, the depth of corruption in our society and
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substantial you almost need kind of a bull in a china shop to break through the mess. and i think the right thing has happened. and will all help -- >> the right person. >> i think he is the right person. >> stefania okolie reporting there. let's talk about bernie sanders. he is coming back to arizona this time to campaign for hillary clinton. tomorrow the vermont senator will speak at a public event in phoenix to discuss economic plan. he will be speaking at central high school in phoenix at about 11:45. doors open at 10:45 a.m. count them. just three days until the election. >> almost there. >> i can hear that sound you hear is people rejoicing across the country. polls showing that this race is tightening both clinton and trump are just zigzagging all over th country. >> trump speaking right now and
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in florida earlier today urging people to get out and vote and her speech cut short when a thunderstorm rolled in. >> i want to be the president for everybody. everybody who agrees with me. people who don't agree with me. people who volt for me. people who don't vote for me. so let's get out and let's vote for the future. let's vote for what we want for our country and our children and our grandchildren. god waiting for howard dean moment there. she went in later to speak at a rally where katy perry performed and chaos erupted at trump's event. this happened in nevada as he was speaking to voters there. something happened in the crowd. secret service agents had to rush him from the stage. >> on tuesday you will finally have a government on your side, fighting for your community and
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by the way, folks, while we are at it, great -- >> man was detained at a rally right there and now you see trump being rushed off the stage and once things calmed down trump took the stage and finished his speech and everything ended peacefully. another twist as the supreme court rules on the case that will have an impact on arizona's election. more specifically ballot collection. a lower court had way for groups to pick up and turn in ballots from people's homes that had been going through the courts since a bill passed that made it illegal. supporters of the practice say that it helped voters in rural arizona communities and reservations to get their ballots to the polls on time this morning the supreme court ruled that arizona can enforce the ban. the ballots already collected can still be turned in by the
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up next we are learning more about the man accused of keeping a woman chained up on his south carolina property. the disturbing confession that
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more viewer video coming more viewer video coming into the newsroom tonight after that huge gas explosion in payson. now we are hearing reports that
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we assume it was a large one. we are told of several injuries. crews working this -- we have also been told there are fatalities. >> we know that there are fatalities. we don't know how many. firefighters say they are treating five to seven patients. we expect that number to go up at this time though it's not clear how many people have died as a result of that explosion. again, there are a lot of crews, dozens of crews on the scene as we speak and we have a crew on the way to payson tonight as well. we expect to bring you the latest on "fox 10 news" tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. across america the man accused of keeping a woman chained up in a south carolina storage container has now admitted to at least seven murders. >> police have now charged todd kohlhepp after finding kayla brown chained in a storage container on his property. according to police a tip and cell phone records first led them to the property belonging to the suspect. one body has been found on the
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brown's boyfriend. he disappeared at the same time she did. >> the kohlhepp admitted to a 2003 shooting and a motorcycle shop that killed people and today he led investigators to two other grave sites on his property. neighbors are stunned. >> that's why my wife have talked about this. we didn't see any signs whatsoever that this was going on. we saw lot of door. we thought that they were real estate associates. come pick signs up and that sort of thing. >> now kohlhepp had been convicted of kidnapping and raping an arizona teenager 30 years ago. but had been living in south carolina and been working as a realtor. the crews are still scouring that property as we speak. good saturday evening everybody. hope you got out and enjoyed the
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for tomorrow but i will let you know when those temperatures will start rising once again of your forecast is coming up after the break.
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good saturday evening. taking a live look outside from our south mountain tower cam, things looking nice in downtown phoenix as the lights twinkle. current temperature 71 degrees as you can see those winds are calm out there. these are the temperatures around the valley as of this evening. people starting to cool off a little bit. 71 at sky harbor airport. 65 in ahwatukee. 70 in scottsdale and cave creek at 64. the northern part of our state
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starting to come down in places like flagstaff right at 34 degrees. 36 at the grand canyon. 56 in kingman and 51 in prescott. take a look at this we did see light showers north of the flagstaff area. those are starting to dissipate and starting to see some clearing behind that. this is what your day looked like. we got up to 82 degrees today. our normal for this time of the year is 80 degrees so right about where we should be this time of the year. no where near our record which was set back in 2007 when we hit 93 degre for tonight these are your overnight lows. flagstaff getting down to the freezing mark there at 73 degrees. grand canyon get below freezing at 30 degrees for tonight. 51 in sedona for your overnight low. 42 for prescott. 06 down -- 60 in phoenix. and 59 in gila bend. for tomorrow kind of a carbon copy of what we saw for today. 82 in phoenix. 82 in casa grande. things are warming up just slightly in the northern portion of our state.
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projengted high 62. payson your projected high 67 for tomorrow. and sedona there at 72. prescott at 71 degrees. take a look at your ten day forecast, this is what we were talking about a big warm up is in store. we are talking 82 for tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. look at those ten day forecast. see those sunshine through the entire ten day forecast there. on monday getting up up to 86 degrees. tuesday 7. as we get into the middle of the week the temperatures start to go back down to those seasonal averages. 82 by thursday. and then by friday, saturday and sunday those temperatures much cooler. right around where they should be this time of the year in the low 80s. >> all together now, hip, hip, hurrah! >> i can do 83 all winter. 83 degrees? that's exactly the number we should be at. >> you aren't used to this. >> no, i'm not. >> welcome and enjoy. >> thank you, sir. all right, the animal welfare league hosts its annual
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morning. see this dog, it's a lucky dog.
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a follow-up, an porp follow-up on the puppies that were recovered after they were stolen two weeks ago. it's good. >> it's a cute follow-up. >> it's a good one. >> those dogs were up for adop annual walk to save animals in tempe beach park. the animal welfare league had those dogs and others ready to adopt at this annual event this morning. the walk is the largest fundraiser of the year for the animal welfare league. >> the organization says of course they are happy to get the dogs back in time to set them up for adoption at the walk. >> she came from a really rural shelter that had very little resources. so they weren't able to medically treat them and we
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treated when they were stolen and that was a fear for us. that's why we were excited to have them here at the walk because they are all set and ready and healthy and are going to find their families. >> we mentioned this a little while ago and look at those paws. that's going to be one big dog there. >> that dog will eat a lot of cow chow for sure. >> here is the important thing of people at the event were able to microchip and get id tags a must in order to keep track of their dogs hey, it's saturday. you know what that means. we have college football for you. but wait, it gets even better. we have some pac-12 football for you. the studio likes it. from dogs to cats, the cats going head to head with the cougars.
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no asu football. or no asu football or cardinals football this weekend. i know.
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panic. we got you covered. plenty and i do mean plenty of college football to talk about like the arizona wildcats. the cats taking on the cougars of washington washington state and let's say they had their way to the arizona defense. luke faulk putting on a show. shuffle pass for the touchdown makes it 10-0 cougars and more where that came from. luke faulk again. nice touch. touchdown cougars. that made it and the rout was on. faulk again. the strike for the touchdown. 32 and 35. four touchdowns. final score 69 to 7. wow! what a blowout. how this is for a great matchup? the number one team in the country alabama looking to roll over the lsu tigers. this game was about defense. we pick it up in the 40s quarter. look at the score. it's 0-0. jalen looking to change that.
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touchdown. 7-0 alabama. lsu looking to come back. danny etly looking to air it out and that's not good. that's an easy interception for alabama. and, yeah, lsu was struggling on offense all night long. bama gets some insurance with this field goal and that's your difference. that's your ball game. final score 10-0. you want more football? yeah, we thought so, nebraska the buckeyes crank it up. the defense and the defense leads to offense. we've got a pick and they want six. damon webb with a beautiful -- looked like a running back there takes it in for the touchdown. just like that. 7-0 buckeyes. 14-3 ohio state and they want more. mike webber running a lap and gets the blockers and nice stiff arm. get off me! takes it in for the touch. 21-3 now and ohio state says know what?
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showing off the arm. beautiful pass. yeah, you get the picture. 62-3. the buckeyes beat up on nebraska. texas a&m taking on mississippi state. the aggies ranked fourth in the country. why are they down? what's going on here? christian kirk says enough already. kirk on the run. look out this kid can fly. turns on the after burners and you can kiss him good-bye. 92 yards for the touchdown. mississippi state up you can tell they are worried because texas a&m the aggies are looking to come back. christian kirk gets deep and why not? throw it to him. let him make a play. 54 yards for the touchdown. we got a ball game, boys and girls. nick fitzgerald looking to answer and there is it. beautiful run. tough run for the touchdown. up -- upset special. a&m gets beat. the big boys on the nfl on fox and the cowboys taking on the
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>> probably. not good. >> that's the night it was for those guy. >> have a good one.
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