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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  November 7, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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sports night tonight. zane gonzalez record setting placekicker bobby hurley looking ahead to the asu basketball season and more on the cardinals this off sunday as we look at the key issues facing the cards in the second half of the season. we will see you in 30 minutes. sports night tonight at 10:30. thank you for joining us for "fox 10 news" at 10:00. big day in the campaign as the fbi closes its second probe into the clinton e-mail scandal. kind of a surprise. >> a big surprise today and with that announcement fbi director james comey announced no charges would be recommended against hillary clinton. of course it's hard to believe we are two days away from the election. and the drama of this presidential race is far from over and now legal analysts are asking the question and everyone's mind. >> marcy jones has the latest and talked to an analyst and has
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everybody's mind. will this affect the decision of voters and if so by how much? on the heels of director of fbi jim comey announcing after re-opening the clinton e-mail investigation that it was closed again and the results were the same, local legal analysts james goodenou says if you thought this election couldn't get more contentious, you may have jumped the gun. >> i think the american people are scratching their heads right now so you have one camp that's already in another that's in favor of trump and those undecideds, i don't know if they know. >> the bombshell decision to re-open the investigation was due to the fact that he previously testified he would if both substantial and relevant evidence surfaced. and once hundreds of thousands of e-mails with a link to clinton were found on a laptop, anthony weiner shared with his now estranged wife huma abedin, he had to act quickly.
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public it was a huge firestorm. there was all kinds of political pressure on him and he realized, okay, i gotta do something about this really fast and he marshaled probably hundreds of agents to comb through these e-mails and did it on really a lightning time fuse and as soon as he had the information, nothing new, he wanted to get that out. back to congress and really to the public. now as the clock ticks on and the election is just 48 hours away, james says there is mind. >> i think the real question is will this permeate the consciousness of those undecided voters quickly enough. we are talking about one day for voters to process this information. >> and you will remember it's on july 5th that comey announced that while clinton and her staff were extremely careless in handling classified data via a private e-mail server that clinton used while secretary of state, the fbi was recommending
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reporting live, marcy jones, "fox 10 news." and here in arizona we have seen an influx of speeches and rallies this year as the usually red state is now up for grabs. >> yesterday ben carson stumped for donald trump here in the valley. today vermont senator bernie sanders was campaigning in phoenix for hillary clinton. fox 10's stefania okolie has the latest. >> yeah, we have seen it all week. people coming day after day rallying for both clinton and trump. it's the battle potentially be a swing state. bernie sanders touching on so many issues from minimum wage to health care. a crowd packed auditorium at central phoenix high school and certainly brought the much needed energy. >> senator bernie sanders! [cheers and applause] >> the crowd couldn't have been any louder. hundreds packing phoenix central high gymnasium and going wild as they get ready to hear from another bernie sanders.
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hillary will win if the voter turnout is high. she will lose if the voter turnout is low. let's make sure that arizona has the highest voter turnout in its history! >> the question is could arizona voters flip the state from red to blue? some say that it's not likely but bernie supporters say they got a chance. >> we need all of the votes we can get. i would like to see the state turn blue. >> bernie sanders touching on what he thinks is a society ran by >> and today we tell those billionaires we will fight to retain democracy. >> sanders taking a couple of jabs at donald trump. >> tenuously insults women and is proud of his assaults on women. >> supporters leaving today's event with what they called renewed energy. >> i believe it's coming together. we are a diverse country and we shouldn't be separated.
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feeling very inspired. democratic candidate from maricopa county reporter fontez made an appearance speaking to the crowd and reminding them again to make sure they are encouraging others to vote at the polls on tuesday. live in the studios, stefania okolie, "fox 10 news." thanks. we asked arizona secretary of state michele reagan to clear up some misconceptions a little bit of confusion about the voting polls. a lot of people wondering what can you do? what can't reagan telling us that you do have to vote in your polling location. you are allowed to bring your cell phone into the booth. you are even allowed to pull out your phone to research the candidates at the booth if you want. as for taking a selfie with your ballot, here is what she had to say about that. >> if you are at home and you still have a mail-in ballot and you want to the show world on facebook who you voted for, that's okay to do. and if you are at home.
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no camera phones. taking pictures inside of a polling place. >> she also want toddies fears of people being able to tamper with the outcome. noting that the polls don't go on-line until election day. she says that would make it very difficult for them to be hacked. >> and that big day is tuesday. you will want to keep it right here on fox 10. our live coverage of the 2016 election begins on-line at 2:00 p.m. on the fox 10 facebook page so make sure to look for that will begin at "fox 10 news" at 5:00. late last night when this happened. a four plex just exploded. loud explosion but rocked the small town of payson. >> that explosion starting the fireball that you can see and took out an apartment complex. eight people were injured by the flames. one of them suffering serious injuries. flown to a phoenix area hospital for treatment. red cross volunteers are now
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the flames and we spoke to a woman who heard that explosion and she says that the explosion nearly knocked her out of her chair. >> all of a sudden it was like a great big boom and i jumped up and said what the heck is that? and he goes, it just knocked me out of my chir. >> red cross volunteers will be on hand and help out the affected area tomorrow as well. we are learning more about the man who was pulled over right outside of our studios in downtown phoenix after police say he led them on a chase through the valley. according to police, tony gutierrez was driving the wrong way near arizona avenue and elliott in gilbert. officer says when they tried to pull him over, he took off and led authorities on a 30 minute chase and that ended in downtown phoenix. police say they sent a canine unit in because of the potential threat he was demonstrating. gutierrez was taken to the
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he was booked. and now a news alert, a live look at a chase that is happening out of west l.a. right now and you can see the police chasing this silver mercedes on a california freeway. they have been -- this chase has been going on for quite sometime. almost an hour now and they are -- there are reports that police saw the driver speeding and they tried to pull him over but then they took off and not much else is known right now but we will keep you updated as we continue to learn more. back here in the valley, people s worth a thousand words. you heard that before but the photos at this event maybe worth just a little bit more. and of course this photo exhibit was held at chandler's vision gallery show casing the stories of people who were homeless and the people received help through an organization called ihelp and that organization provides a safe place to sleep and a hot meal for homeless adults every night of the year. john power initially started taking pictures for this project. but he passed away before he
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other photographers helped finish the project and they say they were happy to tell his and their story. i was struck as i was photographing them just by the emotional fluttering i got, i immediately just kind of fell in love with these people and just wanted the best for them. >> the exhibit is open through saturday. well, if you like home brewed beer, then you are in the right place. talk the american home brewers association just named phoenix a top city for a home brewed beer. >> salud. >> yes. >> the arizona society home brewers is a club that meets twice a year to share their home brewed creations. the best of the brews take home medals to recognize their creativity and excellence. the home brewers say they do it all for the love of the beer.
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investigation of a south carolina man after finding a woman chained on his property and what else police have found in their big investigation coming up. the cardinals have the weekend off and just about everybody saying how do they have to get it together to make the playoffs and got a backup left tackle and tyrann mathieu out the next couple of games and calais campbell thinking about maybe next year does he come back to the arizona cardinals. a ton of issues a long list of issues. our cards insider sorts it out just for you position. and bobby hurl i, asu basketball coach and richard saenz one-on-one with asu record setting placekicker zane gonzalez. sports night plus your tweets 20
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learning more tonight one of the soldiers killed this week outside of a military base in jordan was from tucson. the defense department says 30-year-old staff sergean mcenroe was one of three americans that were killed after their convoy came under fire on friday. the soldiers were part of a special forces group based out of fort campbell in kentucky. more disturbing details emerging as yet another body is discovered on the south carolina property of todd kohlhepp a woman's body was found buried chained in a metal container. that container was discovered by an officer using a metal detector.
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different woman. 30-year-old kayla brown alive and chained inside a 30 by 15 foot container. her boyfriend's body was found in a shallow grave nearby. kohlhepp has confessed to gunning down four people at a motorcycle shop in chesney in 2003. investigators are now searching the property owned by kohlhepp for additional victims. those victims are not limited to there is actually a local connection to the state of arizona in all of this. kohlhepp was convicted of raping a 13-year-old arizona girl in tempe when he was just 15 years old. he spent several years in the arizona department of corrections system. tomorrow jury selection will begin in the trial of dylan roof. the man accused of murdering 9 people in a south carolina black church last year. investigators say roof opened
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roof is facing 33 federal charges and the department of justice is seeking the death penalty in the case. that trial is set to begin coming up in january. pretty nice weekend. temperatures are a little on the warm side. it will get just a little bit warmer. and then by midweek we will see a little cool down. we will have that forecast for
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we made it to the first week of november. we made it to the mid-80s for a high. i mean, other than tuesday we are looking pretty good. >> we will have the temperatures warm up. talking about the temperatures, right? >> yes. >> can we make it pass the
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>> just popped into my head maybe she means something else. >> temperatures. >> there is a nice temperature right there. 72 degrees right now. city looking good, just a light breeze out of the east at seven miles per hour. and as we get you to look at these numbers in surprise, 67, 72 degrees if goodyear. 67 in fountain hills. 64 right now in gateway. and the -- we get you a look at what's going on here. not a lot and we look at these 84 degrees in the city. 82 degrees out at buckeye. 81 degrees at deer valley. and another 81 out in gateway. chandler was 81 as well. then we see these other numbers. 89 degrees at yuma. 85 degrees in the gila bend area. and then tucson at 82 degrees. 72 in sedona. 57 up in show low. and then in flagstaff today 64 degrees. this is what we are looking at for forecast lows tonight.
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50s. mid-50s in buckeye. mid-50s in mesa. upper 50s in cave creek. 57 in chandler. and there is a 61 at sky harbor overnight. we are little out of that and that's what we had last night. 84 for the high this afternoon. 80 and 56 normal high and low. there is your record high at 95 and record low at 34. looking at forecasting now, mid-80s for tomorrow. there are some upper 80s in that mix. and some lower 80s in the mix mixed bag. some 60s and 70s showing up across the mountains as we come down the mountain and we will see mid-70s at globe. 87 at gila bend and 89 degrees at yuma in tucson it will be the mid-80s. looking across the country a little something approaching the west coast here. a little bit of rain. we are seeing some higher elevations, snow very light in the northwest. couple of real good storms in
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this texas one by houston kinda breaks apart. some of it goes up through dallas and a lot heads down into the houston area. temperature-wise you can see some of those temps are hanging on. those 80-degree temperatures. 61 degrees overnight. 85 degrees for your monday. and then take a look at it 88 degrees on tuesday. and then it will back away from there. the norm for this time of year is 80 degrees. watch your kids around thank you. we don't deal with it here, but could daylight savings time have a negative impact on your heal
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most of the u-s changed most of the country changed their cloks back an hour this
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time. arizona does not change their clocks but you know what? it could be good for our health. turns out that transitions into daylight savings time is linked to increased heart attack risk and fatal car accidents -- bodies adjust to the change. they say it's easier for our bodies to adjust to falling back than springing forward. >> makes sense. ladies and gentlemen, start this weekend marking the second annual grand prix of scottsdale. it's the gatsby weekend and came to an end tonight with the final event the big race. yup, the theme was the roaring 20s. i did not have my flapper dress on for this one and came complete with cocktails and open wheel vintage mini racers. the race took place earlier this morning at 11:00. free to the general public and were up to 40 vintage mini racers and these are cool to look at as they navigated the
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teams of 36 drivers. 20,000 people were expect. >> the dia de los muertos was held this afternoon. the festival is to celebrate the lives of loved ones who have passed away. this event was free to the public and it included booths with local artists and there was plenty of food as well. people brought photos of their loved ones to place on altars around the fountain in the church's i see people from all kinds of races, all kinds of ages enjoying it, eating it. spending time with their family here. >> i'm here to pass on traditions to my grandchildren. and hopefully to the next generation and we can keep it all in the family. >> take a look at one more look at the forecast when we come back. how about that? that's what we are going to dop. beautiful night out there and
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well, taking a look at what's going on over the next few days and it looks pretty darn good. little bit of a glitch on tuesday with that temperature getting up into the upper 80s. but the rest of it is right where it should be for this time of year. very enjoyable. very nice weather. >> absolutely is. sports night is next and stick around and watch. >> come on, suns. we have to win. >> we will talk >> and we will share suspense with the phoenix suns. i think everybody right now says is this team -- are they going to get it together? can they get back to that all or nothing mentality? bruce arians weekend off, but the second half of the season starts later this week against the niners. and we look at that road schedule and look at some of the injuries and some of the backups that will have to play. david johnson having a break through year for the cards running game.
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with placekicking legend, yeah, zane gonzalez done more of this than anybody in the history of college football. what do we do with the quarterback position? we will look at that as well. and bobby hurley asu basketball. they got kentucky, san diego state and a team that's still trying to get traction in the second year at asu. little college hoops coming your
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