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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  November 7, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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election day 2016 is just hours away and is the end to a journey that began more than 15 months ago. >> i am officially running for president of the united states. >> i am getting ready to do something too. i'm running for president. >> it has been the most divisive election of our time, but tomorrow night we answer as voters decide the direction of the country for the next four years. >> from pushing for legalized pot to choosing who will be sheriff of maricopa county, campaigns are staying busy on the eve of this election day. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. at this time tomorrow night, we may very well know who our next president will be. >> everything comes down to tomorrow, all of the rallies, the debates, everything that candidates said and did.
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everyone from the presidential candidates to the candidates in the local and state races and their supporters and opponents are making a final push. >> john and kari, there is no surprise that there is a little more than a hint of election fatigue wafting its way all across the country at this hour, but with so much at stake for arizona voters this election season, the state from all walks of life are finding ways to get involved with only nine hours to go. tanya came from mesa today to volunteer for the trump campaign. >> really fun, actually. i am happy to volunteer and be part of the republican process. >> it's the first time she has ever done anything like this. >> i have a family that's deep-rooted in the service of our country, and i have a lot of
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our country better. >> reporter: both the democrats and the republicans were burning up the phone lines today, making hundreds of thousands of calls statewide, trying to pull in any last minute undecided voters. >> get out and vote tomorrow and get there early. thank you. >> reporter: when you are talking to some of the them, what are they saying? >> a lot of them are saying that they have already voted. >> people are wanting to know how they can be are having them come in as well to bring in everybody they can to make those calls or even go out into neighborhoods to knock on doors. >> yes on 205! >> reporter: and from phone calls to fancy foot work, the group regulate arizona was fighting with just hours to go. >> we all received the phone call from doug ducey saying vote on 205, and we are here to say yes on 205.
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told me today that they were planning on making some 200,000 phone calls statewide, even going and knocking on 40,000 front doors today. that was an impressive ground swell, even though some of us are ready for the whole thing to be ready with. reporting live, fox 10 news. thank you, matt. donald trump making his final push tonight in grand rapids michigan. this is typically a blue state, but he's going to mak it. this is a live look at trump's last campaign there. obviously this is not donald trump. he has not taken the stage just yet, but there are a lot of people there speaking on his behalf and the candidate is coming up soon. earlier tonight, donald trump held an event in new hampshire. trump and running mate mike pence have been crisscrossing the country today, speaking to voters one last time. >> and hillary clinton will hold her campaign at midnight in
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raleigh, north carolina. earlier tonight she held a star-studded campaign in philadelphia. they rolled out the hardware. president obama, first lady michelle obama, former president bill clinton all spoke. john bon jovi and bruce springsteen performed. back home, sheriff joe arpaio running for an unprecedented seventh term, but his opponent, paul penzone, is giving him a serious challenge and a his money, literally. >> a massive amount of money has been poured into this race on both sides, and even in these final hours before election day, opponents of sheriff arpaio are making their final push. our andrew hasbun is live outside the sheriff's headquarters to explain. the last time around, paul penzone didn't have enough money to beat joe arpaio. >> well, he is getting significant help this time around, kari. when you add up all of the money raised by these two candidates
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opposes sheriff joe arpaio and opposes paul penzone, we are talking $15 million on a local sheriff's race. that is an absurd and a significant sum of money for what is essentially a very local, county wide race. tonight the focus is on the voters who have yet to go to the polls, have yet to submit early ballots, and they are expected at their polling place tomorrow. opponents of sheriff joe arpaio on the streets of el mirage tonight going to voters homes, urging them to head to the polls tomorrow. vote against arpaio. >> norma jimenez is working with the groups basta arpaio. she is one of dozens not affiliated with any campaign working to unseat the long time sheriff. they spent the afternoon working the phones and making the signs, and tonight they hit the streets. >> i'm not eligible to vote. but the reason i'm out here making sure people do vote is to ensure that through them i'm able to get my voice heard,
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continue to live in fear. >> reporter: a staggering amount of money is being spent on the race between paul penzone and joe arpaio. the latest campaign filing showed penzone's campaign raised $1 million and spent about $740,000 as of last week. he got millions in help from maricopa strong, which spent $3.2 million on the race, invent 250,000 and billionaire democrat george soros. >> i think the people of this county, after 24 years, they know who their sheriff is, and they are not going to let this office be bought by some left liberal guy. >> reporter: arpaio isn't hurting for money. his campaign raised more than
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back in 2012, paul penzone lost to the sheriff by six points, but as we all know a lot has happened at this county sheriff's office in the past four years. reporting live in downtown phoenix, i'm andrew hasbun, fox 10 news. >> thank you, andrew. a record number of americans have voted early in this election. according to the associated press, roughly 45 million people have already cast their ballots, and millions more ballots are still coming in. >> in have already made up their minds. in maricopa county, more than a million people voted early. here's the breakdown by party. 434,000 republicans, democrats trail at 338,000, and then there's a huge swath of independents, 278,000 and other voters who have voted early in this election. >> historically, weather has had an impact on voter turnout
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arizona. dave munsey with a look at the forecast. >> we don't see any problems here at all, john and kari. we are actually looking at some great weather, even the morning low at 66 degrees is going to look pretty good. but 88 degrees, that's about eight degrees outside the norm for this time of year. a nice sunny day for us, and as we think about that, let's also think about what's going on across the country. you can see these beautiful 60-degree temperatures. at this time of year, this is great stuff. we do see a few 50s, but those there are some 70s and 80s as we look around as well. what about stormy weather? well, take a look at it here. a little bit of active weather up in the northwest. we have a little bit of active weather down here in the southern plains. but really not much. you see this little line of storms which will have an effect on the ohio valley, ohio very important, of course, to the election. so as you can see here, there is just a little bit of active
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is really going to mess anybody up. everybody should have the opportunity to vote. we'll take a look at what's going on with our weather for the rest of the week, coming up. >> all right. so we are canceling the weather, dave, right? >> no. >> tomorrow is a historic day for our nation, and you can watch it all unfold right here on fox 10. live coverage begins online at 2:00 p.m. on the fox 10 facebook page, and on air coverage begins on a valley man accused of sexually exploiting children online has disappeared after bonding from jail, cutting off his ankle monitor. in october, he was released from jail after he posted a $200,000 bond. shortly after, leap cut his tracking device off of his ankle and he vanished. last known location was an area at about 51st avenue and mcdowell in phoenix.
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know where he is, call the tempe police department or silent witness, 480-witness. a registered sex offender back behind bars tonight accused of groping two women near a.s.u. campus in downtown phoenix. police say he groped a woman near 2nd avenue and van buren while walking to class. a few minutes later, he allegedly groped another woman and was talking to her using sexually explicit language. the woman but he walked up to her and grabbed her. she walked into a bank and called for help. he was on probation, wearing an anke monitor at time, which put him along with security footage at the place and time of the assaults. he is now charged with attempted sexual assault and sexual abuse. former big leaguer and diamondbacks legend curt schilling used to throwing the
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now he is catching some heat of his own tonight. >> it surrounds a tweet that he reposted that seems to condone the lynching of journalists. this tweet shows a picture of a man at a recent trump rally wearing a shirt that says rope, tree, journalist, some assembly required. schilling's response, okay, so much awesome here, at the event that he was at. but as soon as he sent out this tweet, users on twitter began criticizing him for supporting such a schilling maintained that he was just joking, but just a few hours ago, he taught about it once again and then decided to delete the tweet. and former major league ball player and catcher posted this tweet, ketchup, sock, some assembly required, referring to
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earing a bloody soc. some believed his bloody sack was a ruse to gin up the drama of the series. i'm going to have to ask jude about that. coming up on fox 10 news at 9:00, just when you thought the creepy clown craze was over, a clown attack on some kids north of the valley. but first a story you'll see only on fox. if the 2016 election hasn't made your skin crawl and been scary enough, these ants will do the job. they are called vel don't let the name fool you. they are not soft and smooth, they live here in arizona, and they definitely hurt when they
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i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said,
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only on fox tonight.. only on fox tonight, most of us have been stung by a bee once or twice in our lifetimes. it doesn't feel very good, but imagine getting stung by a thousand of these, you know, a thousand times on purpose. >> that's what one arizona man
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science. fox 10's marc martinez is live with the story. marc, i'm glad he is doing it. >> right, and not us. they call him the king of sting. if you think your job is pain, wait until you meet justin schmidt. he's become something of a human guinea pig, purposefully getting stung over a thousand times by insects, and he says by far the worst is found here in the deserts of arizona. stung by a bee or other insect a few times in our live. >> it's been somewhere between one and 2,000. >> a research biologist in southwest tuscon is appropriately known as the man who got stung for science. >> some bite, some sting, you learn as you go. >> all in order to come up with a pain scale for insect bites. >> in order to answer the question the public wanted to know, i had to grab one and
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come on, stick it, poke your stinger in my. >> reporter: to come up with the scale from zero to four, four being the worst, smith said he had no other choice than to become the victim of insect stings. >> i realized that they are unique, very different chemistry and unique pain too. that was kind of intriguing. >> reporter: schmidt has written a book about it called the sting of the world, traveling around the world to be stung for most painful stings come here in arizona. >> three is where you don't really want to go there. the classic example in arizona are the harvester ants. >> reporter: the harvester ant, which has the most venomous sting of all insects, smith describes the sting. >> you want to collapse and sting. >> reporter: but the worst he
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scale. >> reporter: a female wasp without wings. >> it really hurts but you have this urge, this itch that you have to rub the thing, and of course the more you rub it, the more it hurts. >> i am going to be stung by the cow killer. i have a feeling this one will hurt. >> reporter: we don't just have to take his word for it. the host of -- stung, after finding a velvet ant in the sonoran desert north of tuscon. also no stranger to stings from all kinds of insects and reptiles, coyote agreed this one is as bad as it gets. >> i can tell you guys right now this is the worst sting i have ever taken. no question about it. >> if you actually see what happens after the sting and the pain that i go through, i think
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one, rather than trying to get a shot with the cell phone and handling it, you would be like, i'll stand five feet away. >> when schmit looks back on his admittedly unique career, he simply says -- >> i don't know. it makes good stories to tell the children. >> yeah, he's got a lot of stories to tell the children. so note to self, avoid velvet ants at all by a bee two years ago for the first time in a long time. i forgot how bad that hurts. he says that's a pain level of two. >> i was waiting for you to get the sting too. >> an interactive get stung by the velvet ant report? i'll leave it to the professionals. >> that was something else. >> a lot of things to sting us here in the desert.
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describes kind of the election pain that everyone is going through right now. >> right. >> still ahead, it is the latest trend to take social media by storm. have you heard of the mannequin challenge? even nfl teams are doing it, so we took the challenge earlier today in the fox 10 studio. we'll show you how mannequin challenge turned out fox 10 style. >> all right. i just can't do that. now, look, you could call it boston red sox west, bringing faced with the challenge of resurviving a team with 93 losses. you will meet the new dbacks manager ahead in sports. another warm day, but boy, does it cool off nice at night. going to be warm again tomorrow for your election day.
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paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us.
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g. your exclusive accuweather forecast with dave munsey on fox 10 news. >> hi, folks. look at that, 75 degrees, there's no wind at this hour, our city looking pretty good, nice and crisp out there, and you can see here a little bit of active weather through the week is going to be helping out with clearing things out as that system pushes on t, phere in the southwest, not muc. a few clouds here and there, temperatures really, really a little bit on the warm side, but not bad at 86 degrees today. we had 84 up in deer valley, 86 in glendale. in chandler we had 84 degrees as well. mid-70s up in sedona, 61 degrees in flagstaff, 91 degrees in yuma, and 83 down in tuscon. 71 degrees, pretty close outside
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look at it drop off as the night wears on, and by tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., about 67 degrees, 66 degrees, somewhere in there, and then we are looking at 66 up in deer valley, 61 up in surprise, 60 in ahwatukee, and out in apache junction 63 degrees, so those temperatures coming down nice. and the norm would be around 56 degrees. 79 would be the normal high. there's your high on the day at 86, your low at 61. 92 record high for the day, 3 then as we get a look at what we are forecasting here, 88 degrees, so a temperature coming up just a couple of degrees over the next day here, and then we'll see it drop off. i'll get to that in just a bit, 87 at fountain hills, 87 in chandler, 88 will be the forecast up at deer valley, and then we get a look, some of these temperatures to the north of us, prescott at 72, payson 67, 63 at window rock.
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the desert floor, however. looking across the country we see that little system pushing into the northwest. we were watching this one exit earlier. you can see it's going to be a little bit of a problem tomorrow north to south with some rain, and there will be some rain in the ohio valley as well. 72 in st. louis today, 58 in new york, 57 in bismarck. we looked at 65 at salt lake city and some mid and low 60s up in the northwest as well. over we will be looking at temperatures at 66 degrees, 88 degrees for tomorrow afternoon. you get out your vote, and then take a look at it, it's going to back off right after that. nice looking weekend as we get to 79 on friday, and right at the seasonal norm through the entire weekend. watch your kids around water. >> dave, that is perfection. >> and when dave is not here -- >> when perfection is not here --.
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weather app to receive weather alerts on our 24/7 fox 10 weather app. >> coming up in the next half hour of fox 10 news at 9:00, if you haven't cast your ballot yet and you plan to vote tomorrow, we have got everything you need to know before you head to the polls. >> but first, a frightening attack in anthem, somebody wearing this mask, one of those creepy clowns, armed with a knife goes after a children, scares them practically to death, but one of their mothers comes to the rescue. plus, the latest on the south carolina man who served time in prison in arizona for a violent crime now suspected of being a serial killer, the chilling details right after
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new at you're watching fox 10 news at 9:00, with john hook and kari lake. frightening attack in anthem. >> somebody wearing a clown mask and carrying a knife threatens a group of children. now, thankfully they got away unscathed, but very scared. >> and phoenix police now are investigating this, and that's where we find kristy siefkin with the latest tonight. what's this all about? what happened? >> well, yet another one of these incidents. those kids were playing in a neighborhood park just west of the outlets at anthem. they were playing, minding their own business, when a teenager
9:31 pm
came running at them carrying a knife. now, as kari mentioned thankfully the kids did get away safely, but when a mom of one of those kids confronted the guy with the mask, he threatened her as well. a peaceful anthem neighborhood shaken up friday after a man in this clown mask threatened a group of kids. >> they said, the clown is coming, the clown is coming. he's got a knife. he's chasing us with a knif with friends when the masked man started chasing them. >> i asked my son several times, was this a real knife? no, mom, no, this was a real knife. this knife, he pulled it out, he showed it to us, and then he ran after us. >> reporter: desiree and her adult son went over to the parks the masked man still there silently holding a long pipe. >> it was scary because he just stood with something in his hand here, the other one here, and he
9:32 pm
do you do? >> reporter: the silent attacker removed his mask, revealing a redheaded teen. he fled on his bike, desiree grabbing the mask before he got away. >> he's cursing at me of course, and he's finally vocal, and he says you're making a big mistake. so i felt really threatened by it. >> reporter: desiree wrote about the incident on a community facebook page called anthem stuff. neighbors still working together to find the masked attacker. >> hopefully he gets what he deserves. we are not going to a around here. we just won't. >> reporter: desiree did report the incident to phoenix police. the incident is under investigation, and if you have any information, you're asked to contact the police department. reporting live, i'm kristy siefkin, fox 10 news. thanks, kristy. the reward has climbed now to $25,000 for information leading to the arrest of a shooter of
9:33 pm
river. one foal was killed, two other horses wounded. if you have got any information about this, call the maricopa county sheriff's office. >> absolutely chilling case unfolding in south carolina, and it has ties to arizona, a suspected serial killer who once served time here. >> now he is accused of killing at least seven people, the whole case coming unravelled after a woman was found chained up inside a storage container on his >> danielle miller joins us now with the latest and his history here in arizona, which is so disturbing. >> absolutely, john and kari. we are learning his violent past started here in the valley. court documents show he had a long history of mental health issues, and he even killed goldfish with clorox as a child. we are told he was a deeply
9:34 pm
when the court is going to -- and they are going to go off the deep end and start killing people. that's the situation with this man. >> reporter: that's the attorney of the former suspected serial killer, 45-year-old todd colhep. court documents show when colhep has 15, he held h neighbor at gunpoint, tied her up, and raped her. >> it appears that he had very little knowledge of what the value of life was, and the little girl in this questioned is lucky, because he very easily could have shot her. he had a weapon. >> he's now linked to at least seven homicides, and over the
9:35 pm
a shocking confession in a 13-year cold case. they say he admitted to killing four people at a motor sports shop in south carolina in 2003. family members of the shocked by this confession. >> it seems like it would go on forever, 13 years. if you have gotten away with it for 13 years, why confess now? >> to hear investigators that have been working on it tirelessly, guys on telling me things like -- one investigator saying i have been doing this for 27 years, and i have never seen anything like this unfold. >> he is now being held without bond and has said that he will represent himself and not hire an attorney. reporting live, danielle miller, fox 10 news. >> thank you, danielle. flags lowered to half staff here in arizona to honor a special forces soldier from tuscon who was killed in jordan
9:36 pm
kevin mcenroe was one of three americans killed while on a training mission there. military officials say their car was attacked on their way back to base. mcenroe had served for the army for eight years, and this was his third overseas tour. his friends that i say that he did not discuss his job as a green beret or the dangers involved. >> with him being in the service, you always have that in the back of your mind, that something like this may happen, and it was just a complete shock th >> it could be the worse day of your life, and then kevin would come in and you would just forget about everything, and he just brings out the best in everybody around him. >> mcenroe will be buried at arlington national cemetery. still ahead, if you are a betting person, the presidential election just may be the event to put your money on. in fact, it's set to become the most wagered political event ever, and you won't believe how much money is already on the line.
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out the best place to live for veterans is right here in the valley. we'll tell you what city and why after the break. plus, dave has your wake up
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i really did save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. i should take a closer look at geico... geico has a long history of great savings and great service. over seventy-five years. wait. seventy-five years? that is great. speaking of great, check out these hot riffs. you like smash mouth? uh, yeah i have an early day tomorrow so... wait. almost there. goodnight, bruce. gotta tune the "a." (humming) take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more. we're just hours away from the polls officially opening for election day. just hours away from the polls officially opening on election day. >> and if you haven't cast your ballot yet and you plan to go vote in person tomorrow, several things you need to know. >> our steve krafft gives us a rundown. >> tomorrow is election day. vote in person, and it shouldn't be too hard to do it. there are 724 polling locations in maricopa county. going to vote tomorrow? first you have got to know where
9:41 pm
list and didn't request a ballot, you have got a sample ballot in the mail that showed you your location where you were supposed to go. it shows you a map to that location and all of the criteria that you need in order to vote. >> reporter: okay. so you have got it, and you can't vote somewhere else. you have got to vote at your election. >> you have to vote in your precinct. >> reporter: if you don't have that sample ballot, check place. when you go to your polling place tomorrow, you are going to have to identify who you are. one way of doing that is by bringing a photo i.d., like a driver's license. another way of doing is by bringing two pieces of identification if you don't have a photo i.d., for example, a voter identification card and maybe a bill with your name on it. if dropping off an early voting
9:42 pm
>> no. you're passing a polling place, drop it off. you do not have to go to your own polling place to drop off an early ballot. >> if you have any other questions, there are lots of answers available. just check out get the help you need. in phoenix, steve krafft, fox 10 news. all right. do you need a ride to the polls tomorrow? no problem. uber, lyft, google, zip car are offering special discounts for ec request transportation to your polling place using an inapp feature on both uber and google. if you're taking an uber for the first time, you can enter a special code and get $20 off. that will probably get you there for trfree. lyft is offering a 45% discount for one ride in metro detroit. >> we have never made it easier to vote than right now.
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fault. >> it's on you. call it an election eve rally, all three indexes seeing the biggest gains in eight months on monday, the big moves coming one day before america votes, and after last week's huge selloff. a u.k. betting website saying the u.s. presidential race is to become the most wagered political event ever in history, betters already placing more than 130 million bucks on the candidate win, nearly three times the amount wagered on the 2012 race. and sweet deals offered to americans who do vote, including some 7-eleven stores offering customers a free cup of coffee, and krispy kreme serving up a free donut to folks who show their i voted sticker, and a new report naming scottsdale arizona
9:44 pm
that's business. i'm david as bun. >> that's pretty nice for scottsdale to get that honor. >> it's a very nice honor, and we thank our vets as always for their service. this shows you, folks, the seasons are changing, putting up the ice rink in downtown phoenix. >> it's going to be 88 degrees tomorrow. it's going to be chilly. >> right. >> you have got to get this out. >> the grand opening and tree lighting ceremony november 26th. it should cool down a little bit by then. it will stay open through the first weekend in january. if you're getting up early in some spots, it's going to be a little chilly around the state, especially if you're going out to vote and standing in a line a little bit. flagstaff one degree above the freeze mark, page 69 degrees, 64 at lake havasu, payson 39, 34 at
9:45 pm
59 at tuscon. closer in to the valley, in maricopa 57 degrees. we are looking at 63 at cave creek, 60 at goodyear, 60 in mesa, 65 in scottsdale, and at sky harbor, in the city, 66 degrees. those kids waking up, getting off to school. the school bus shows up at 8:00, 70 degrees and clear, lots of sunshine, just an absolutely beautiful day. as mentioned, it's going to get up to about 88 degrees for a high. we'll have more weather after 10:00. >> all right. >> pretty nice dave, thank you. >> talk back time right after the break, and tonight we are talking about thanksgiving shopping. so many people are moving away from that. stores are saying, no, let's give thanksgiving up and let people spend it with their family. one company is bucking that new trend and actually going against that, the grinch of thanksgiving, but there's a reason behind it. >> okay. i'm in. i want to hear it. plus, how a man's best friend is
9:46 pm
partisan politics and bring people together. it's a nice note on the night
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not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. queen cse mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep with sleep number. it was one of the more horrifying cases of child abuse the valley has ever seen. coming up at 10:00, the state supreme court weighs in on the case of a 10-year-old girl who died after she was locked in a
9:49 pm
popsicles, and one woman in serious trouble over her homemade cevice. we'll explain. how her cooking together with facebook could land her under arrest. >> it sounds so good, doesn't it? >> all right, marc, thank you. all right. we are going to do a talker right now, and the trend that is taking over social media, everyone is doing that mannequin challenge, even nfl teams getting basically, everyone picks a pose and freezes for as long as it takes to get the video of the group freezing. >> so we took the mannequin challenge today at fox 10. we weren't doing anything outrageous but we gathered in the studio and it has never been so quiet. >> it was eerie. >> kari didn't utter a word for at least 50 seconds. it was a break through moment. >> you look kind of happy about it. there was a little smile on your face. all right.
9:50 pm
>> first up, bucking the trend. this is amazing, more and more stores making the decision to remain closed on thanksgiving instead of opening up so that people can enjoy time with their families. everyone has been saying bravo, but toys r us are doubling down, staying open at 5:00 on thanksgiving day, staying open for 30 hours, until 11:00 p.m. on >> i'll bet their employees are thrilled, really excite. maybe it's over time. i don't know. >> then when you eat the turkey, then what? you sit around and talk to everybody? is that what you're supposed to do? >> i have done this topic on facebook before, and some people say, look, i want to go shopping. >> you have an excuse. >> yeah, you have an excuse to get out of the house. >> toys "r" us saying they will
9:51 pm
>> there will be a few open, but that will be one. the old saying if you want to get a friend, get a dog, in this election that saying probably never been more true. trump supporters showing up at a hillary clinton rally wouldn't be treated well, you would think, and the same true for hillary clinton supporters showing up at a trump rally. but look what happens if you have a dog common ground, and the partisan politics melt away. they sent people out in hillary shirts to a trump rally with a dog saying they were looking forward their dog, and all of a sudden, there's the trump look alike, suddenly everybody gets along. >> so true, isn't it? >> i thought it was great. >> we have dogs at home. they have never uttered a political, partisan word to me.
9:52 pm
there is kibble in the bowl and can i sleep in your bed. >> i wonder if they are partisan. >> they have no idea what's going on, they are a ball of id. >> i want to tell you, john and kari, my dog is a libertarian. i just want to put that out there. hey, we have a new manager in town, torey lovullo coming over from boston, you him, plus david johnson checks in with our richard saenz. he's got a message for cards fans. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
9:53 pm
and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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you're watching fox 10 sports with jude lacava. well, they always dreamed about becoming a major league manager. he was the pac 10 year years ago at ucla, kind of a fringe minor league player that played at 7 or 8 teams, and his dad was the producer of the tv show hee-haw. torey lovullo was introduced today as the team's new general manager. >> i'm privileged to announce the next manager of the diamondbacks as torey lovullo.
9:56 pm
a very good big picture but never looking beyond the moment. >> torey lovullo gave credit to mentors along the way, from sparky anderson to cleveland's terry francona. >> certainly i want to aim as high as possible, and i am very optimistic that we have the capabilities of doing something very special, and as i told one player on the phone, i want to be able to have a o great story at the end of the 2017 season. >> torrey is not intimidated by last year's disappointing 69 win season. >> i'm not going to really focus on that. i'm not going to get blinded by the fact that the team won 69 games. i am more excited about the type of players we have here, the culture that we are going to try
9:57 pm
level, a clubhouse level, and we are looking for smart, tough baseball players that are fearless. >> reporter: hey, let's swing it over to football. arizona cardinals get set for a showdown against the niners set for sunday coming up at university of phoenix stadium. david johnson has been having a fabulous year, and when you look at what he has been able to do for this offense, he will have a huge role in what happens the second half of of the fantasy picks of the year, no doubt about that, but he has got to lead the way, richard saenz catching up with the running back, looking at making a run in the second half of the season and a run in the postseason. >> how confident are you in the team's chances of picking things up and getting into the post-season? >> very confident, very confident in all of our leaders, all of our play makers, all of our veterans that we have, and especially the coaching staff,
9:58 pm
and play, you know, cardinals football and make it to the play-offs. >> back on the practice field tomorrow, more cards throughout the week. seattle, monday night football, centurylink field, 12th man, seahawks hosting rex ryan's buffalo bills, look at this catch by jimmy graham, one-handed grab, wow, look at this, nice throw too by wilson. graham put on a show, did it not once but twice. look at this throw. there was a bad of the first half that cost the bills a chance at a field goal, again nfl officiating affecting the outcome of this game. it was close. the bills pushed the seahawks right to the brink, but couldn't close on the deal. richard sherman with the interception right here, and the buffalo bills fall to seattle. i want you to watch the end of this one right here as sherman does a face-off with bills head coach rex ryan right here.
9:59 pm
devin booker on fire, this young guy is really lighting it up, causing a buzz around the nba, 38 points against new orleans on friday, and then the lakers last night 39 points, shooting over 44% from the field. it's the way he just steps up when it matters, devin booker. >> i missed a lot of clutch shots so far, but they say the misses make you better, so i just stay with it, stay confidence. my team had the confidence in me to take the shot, and it makes it a lot easier. >> back with more sports in 20 minutes. right now it's fox 10 news at 10:00 with marc martinez. >> it's hard to believe, but it's beginning to look a lot like christmas already here in the valley, with preparations under way for the holidays, we'll show you where. and it's one of the biggest races of the year, maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio trying to keep his job, and paul
10:00 pm
with massive amounts of money, we'll tell you how much is pouring in for both campaigns. and in knoxville, a tradition for people in the small township to cast the first ballots of the election. and by this time tomorrow we may know who will our next president be, volunteers from both parties not resting tonight. they are busy making a final push for votes. ma r there with volunteers, and he joins us live now from the maricopa county records office. >> marc, there are a lot of tired people in the valley tonight, working on adrenaline, making phone calls, pounding the pavement, and it all inspired one mesa woman to get up, get out, and do something about it. with one day left until the election, tanya blazered didd


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