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tv   FOX 10 News Noon  FOX  November 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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primary, but there's a lot of people in this area and they are all assigned to one spot. >> now, this particular location, maryvale church of the nazarene is a location that, like we have said, has seen a little bit of break in the foot traffic. but when the line was three hours long earlier, the voters blamed the fact that there weren't enough volunteers inside. they also said that some people in line ended up getting to the front, and they found out they were at the wrong polling location, so that obviously points that you need to confirm your voting location before you head out today. getting into lunch hour, people obviously heading out on their break to vote. if you can come before the end of the workday, though, definitely that's advisable because a big surge every year around 5:00, 6:00 as people are getting off of work and heading to the polls. we'll be keeping you guys updated throughout the course of the afternoon and evening on fox news now now and of course on our newscast.
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i'm kristy siefkin, fox 10 news. people all over the valley today reporting issues, some problems at polling sites. we'll start with p.j., who says helen purcell at work again, screwing up the polls. there's only one signature pad available for a line a mile long. the jill said the only technical problem i saw was the polling people not knowing how to operate the touch screen, rebooting it. it took a voter to say you have to touch the screen lightly or it won't work. megan said i couldn't vote at my polling station unless i use a provisional ballot. a system error was insisting that i use a provisional ballot when there was no reason. i confirmed this through the support line. i wasn't the only person with this at my station.
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confirmed and will be counted if you do that. carla says, yes, at this station on 40th and bellevue they are working on one station, been in line for 80 minutes, 50 people ahead of me, slow going up here. the race for president one reason so many are turning out to vote, not just in arizona but all around the country, both hillary clinton and donald trump cast ballots in new york this morning. fox news correspondent lauren blanchard is in new york city with the latest. >> reporter: both presidential candidates made their final pitches to voters late last night before heading to the polls themselves this morning. >> i believe that she will win! >> reporter: accompanied by her husband, former president bill clinton, presidential hopeful hillary clinton headed to the polls this morning in their hometown of chappaqua, new york. >> so many people are counting on the outcome of this election, what it means for our country, and i'll do the very best i can if i'm fortunate enough to win today. >> reporter: calling his
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process, native new yorker donald trump also cast his ballot this morning. >> so who did you vote for? >> tough decision. >> reporter: long lines at polling places throughout the country as millions turn out to choose either the nation's first female commander in chief or the billionaire businessman. >> well, i voted for hillary clinton. i think she's a strong person. i think she's got the experience to lead our country. >> well, i voted for mr. trump for president becaus he's a free man. i don't believe anybody owns him. >> a close race, trump must win most of the battleground states in order to get the 270 needed electoral votes. in new york, lauren blanchard fox news. according to the fox news decision team, hillary clinton has enough solid or leading democrat states to clinch the
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with 274 delegates. experts say she needs to win florida if she wants to win the election, and here in arizona, the race is predicted to be very close. there's only one poll that matters, though, it's the one being taken right now. >> that's right. >> across the country. arizona voters also deciding on a couple of propositions. prop 205 would legalize recreational marijuana for anyone here 21 and older. you would be able to possess up to an ounce of pot. if it passes effect as soon as election results are official, about two weeks from today. minimum wage proposition would raise to $10 hour and then 12 hours by 2017. after casting a ballot, mccain greeted some of his supporters but wouldn't
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win for president. >> i'm not going to talk about donald trump, okay? i have not and will not. i will not. i will not. >> wow, and there you go. mccain is running against arizona democratic congresswoman ann kirkpatrick. >> then we have sheriff joe arpaio, up against democrat paul penzone. this isn't their first run opposite each other in the maricopa county sheriff race. penzone lost to arpaio in 2012. arpaio is running for a 7th term in off legal troubles. the sheriff is currently facing contempt of court charges. we'll have live coverage throughout the day today on fox 10, also on our facebook page, fox 10 news at 5:00, and i'll tell you what, i would put our experienced team of reporters and anchors at this station up against any other local news operation in the country. they know what they are doing. they know the issues and the candidates, so tune into fox 10 for your election coverage. we are not done with our election coverage here at noon.
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election day, and it's his election day tradition. and imagine one woman's surprise when she hears her uber driver speak. why his voice is so familiar to millions of people. >> and we have got a lot of sunshine going out there, a really pretty day, actually. it's a little warmer than the usual. details on the cooldown coming up. >> and there was that cheesy movie, remember snakes on a plane? well, this is not a >> skyfox over an accident at a valley off-ramp. what happened here next.
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you're watching fox 10 news at noon. with troy hayden and syleste rodriguez. well, new at noon, a man struck by a truck in chandler. this is on the off-ramp of the loop 202 at arizona avenue. d.p.s. says they found the man in the roadway, claiming he was struck by a black pickup truck pulling a trailer. the driver pulled into a nearby shopping center, and that's when they called police. no word on the victim's condition. deadly accidet shutting down broadway road in phoenix, a pedestrian hit by a car, 19th street and broadway. the victim, and boy, you can just see the impact here. the victim taken to the hospital did not survive. the driver did stay at the scene. police do not think impairment played a role here. broadway is closed between 16th street and 22nd street while sheriffs investigate. pinal county deputies are investigating a deadly shooting south of the valley.
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husband was shooting at her outside the home in maricopa. the husband went outside to check for suspects. when they arrived, they were found dead in the car. two people were taken into custody. a man suspected of valley freeway shootings last year back in a valley courtroom today, leslie merritt, jr. accused of violating an order of protection against him. he was accuseded last months of making threats against the victim and that violated the or the victim is not being identified. you might remember, merritt spent seven months behind bars accused of shootings, mostly along i-10. police arrest a woman in new york who they say pushed another woman on to the tracks of the time square train station. the woman was crushed to death by a train. a woman from queens is charged
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emotional disturbed. a '90s flashback when a woman who hailed an uber realized she recognizes his voice. >> this is my uber driver, and he told me something very special, that he is the voice behind -- >> welcome. you have got mail. >> no way! do it again. do it again. >> welcome, you have got mail. >> ah, you have heard that. >> how cool is that? >> it's elwood edwards. he was the voice that millions of people on to america online. you know my wife stephanie still uses her e-mail. she's old school. >> every once in a while, i still hear elwood. he recorded the phrases for the companies back in the '80s and was paid only $200 for that. he worked for several years at an ohio tv station as an editor before retiring. >> it seems like he should have
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like elwood edwards. >> and that voice. president obama mailed in his ballot, so what he did instead of voting. >> this was no movie for passengers on one flight. >> no. >> yeah. >> no. no thank you. >> it's the real deal. >> do not want. it's nice out there, by the way, temperatures just about perfect, if they could stay this way, b
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh... save big. hefty costs less than ziploc. fox 10 news is back. >> well, take a look at this here. a huge sinkhole opens up under a roadway in japan.
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this is incredible. it was probably caused by construction work underneath to extend a subway line. no one was hurt but it has prompted the shutdown of electric, gas, and water services. since all of those pipes were broken, folks who live nearby were evacuated. >> that is a big sinkhole. caught on camera, snake on a plane, and now, this isn't a bit. this is a real deal. a passenger on an aero-mexico flight posting this video of a sneak, wriggling over, and then it can you imagine? >> now, it may not inflate completely, but terror will still be coming from it. >> that's true. the plane was forced to make an emergency landing in mexico city. the snake was removed. the airline is trying to figure out how the snake got on the plane. >> that's wild. obviously someone brought it. >> you think? >> yeah, crawled out of an overhead compartment. >> maybe they brought some fruit on there or something.
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>> it's all in there -- >> we are not pointing any fingers. >> right. papaya. >> the planes come from canada, right? >> mexico. >> tropical -- thank you. we have got a beautiful day ahead, if you could stop the day right now. you can't though, unfortunately. we press on toward the end of the afternoon, and things are going to be a whole lot warmer by the time we wrap up the day, 88 de bit all of breeze out there going, east winds now at 18 miles an hour. here's a look at your record book. typically on a day like this, we are making it to about 79, oh, that would be great. but we are going to be getting closer to that record than the average, i'm afraid. no record ready to be set today but we'll be kind of in the neighborhood. now, we do have some thin clouds out there. they are really not weather makers but they are making for some hazy skies at times.
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high pressure really is in control of our entire situation here. you're going to continue to see these clear skies right through tomorrow and then thursday, friday even into the weekend. no big changes, kind of an easy forecast, really, with a gradual descent in temperatures. as you look the numbers, it looks like they will with again continuing to climb, perhaps even close to 90 by the time the day is out. as we roll our way on into tonight, we have got a beautiful there, temps falling into the mid-60s, but these mornings ought to be a whole lot cooler than that, considering the time of year. tomorrow, not quite as warm as today. we'll push into the low 80s tomorrow, and then we'll start to settle ourselves down as we finish up the workweek, 84 in lake havasu, 72 in sedona, flagstaff hanging tough at -- 57 over in show low.
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gateway airport, and as we look around the rest of the country, boy, it's been a mild day for most of the u.s., everybody out voting, and as far as big weather troubles go, it's been kind of busy here across the south and into the middle mississippi valley now pushing into the ohio and tennessee river valleys, but so far no severe weather out there, so it looks like it will be dinner time before everything starts to push into the east coast, and folks there will probably have already gotten their votes we have got over the next week and a half a gradual cooldown, and it will take a while. it's not going to get too terribly chilly, but at least numbers will be a little bit closer to the norm than usual. we'll try to get those 80s back to stay. >> very nice. >> uh-huh. . >> yeah, i like those. great work, core. >> thank you. >> lots of work? >> you don't know what it's like over there, celeste. >> i know. >> i'm rung out, i'm like a dish
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>> you deserve a little props. coming up after the break, prince harry very upset with what's being said about his girlfriend, a highly unusual statement today from the royal family. >> and madonna performs a surprise concert in the park but her appearance wasn't just about
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live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. prince harry's office confirms that american actress men issuing a strongly worded statement saying the media was harassing, blasting what it called racism and sexism on social media. she has a white father and a wlak -- black mother and in an unusual statement harry says he is worried about her safety.
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an impromptu concert last night in new york city park. take a look at this ? >> still looks beautiful, doesn't she? >> looks good. >> yeah. madonna performed the impromptu concert in washington square last night in support of hillary clinton. about 300 people turned out for the 30-minute performance. madonna had a few words about unifying the >> this is a concert about peace. okay? and we are trying to elect, we are going to elect a president that is going to keep america the great country that it is. >> well, she performed some of the biggest hits. her biggest hits, including express yourself, don't tell me, and like a prayer. broadway is leaving the
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the presidential election, 18 shows cancelled for tonight, encouraging cast and crew to get out and vote. regarding pitt and jolie's children, her rep says it calls for children to remain in her custody with pitt to receive what they are calling therapeutic visits with his son. she sought week asked a court to award joint custody. fans with can get up close with the franchise's favorite characters, preparations underway ahead of next week's opening of star wars identities. the exhibition features around 200 props, costumes, models and artwork from all of the star wars films. president obama continues an election day tradition today.
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on the next fox 10 arizona morning. hi, everybody, i'm ron hoon. once the voters decide on some of the hottest issues on the ballot, what happens next? we have got your full election coverage. and with flu season here, we have got a great life hack to help cure your soar throat. it's all tomorrow. fox 10 arizona morning starting at 4:30 a.m. hey, weather lovers, here you go. the week as we move into tomorrow and beyond, everything will cool down and it looks great. lots of sunshine as we head toward a beautiful fall weekend. >> all right, core. well, if you're the president of the united states, what do you do on election day? >> how about you hoop it up? >> golf it out? >> no, no. he likes to play a little basketball, the president does, and you know what as an older guy, mr. president, be careful, because the knees and the hips
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used to be. >> i don't think he's getting a lot of heavy action coming down the line. >> you think everybody probably clears out? >> yeah, he's going in for a lay-up and everybody lays off. >> fort mcnair, the army playing a basketball game with the president. so he's got some time for hoops. and there you go. >> that's got to burn off a little steam, every year on election day. >> yeah. i loveas anymore. >> stick with fox 10 news for your election news, we'll have live coverage on fox 10's facebook page throughout the day
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? ? welcome to "dish nation." what's up with our peeps in dallas. >> hey, y'all. >> well, you know, it's money because we have to deliver the heat, and we're going to get the week started off right. later in the show we're talking to the hilarious cast of "almost christmas" and we have a new season of "real housewives of dla atlanta." we have a party crasher amongst


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