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tv   FOX News Special You Decide 2016 Election Special  FOX  November 8, 2016 7:00pm-9:00pm MST

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we rejoin fox's election coverage live from new york.adc coverage continues with shepard smith. it begins right now. begins rig >> this is a fox news election alert. i'm shepard smith in new york. polls have closed in 14 states across the nation. at 6:00 west coast time, 9:00 east coast time including the battleground states we're watching tonight including colorado. colorado with no precincts yet reporting. the fox news decision desk says it is way too early to call colorado. the polls have just closed as well in the state of arizona, a traditionally red state where they've been much closer this year than previous contests, largely because of a larger hispanic population moving into the state of arizona. it's too close to call with nothing reported out of arizona. hillary clinton trying to become
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arizona since bill clinton in 1996. then there's the state of michigan where they've had so many jobs issues. donald trump has been hammering those issues since the beginning. michigan has been blue since 1992. no republican has won since 1992. donald trump has been making a push there. so far it's paying off, hillary clinton with a slight lead, only 10% of precincts reporting. on to kansas, fox news projects even though hillary clinton is leading in the early 7% of all precincts reporting. in kansas fox news projects donald trump is the winner in kansas. down in louisiana, constantly and reliably a red state, so far too close to call as we have no reports out of the state of louisiana. polls have just closed, reliably red. in north dakota, the fox team projects with 1% reporting, donald trump will win in the state of south carolina.
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moving on, the rest of the boards we have tonight, now south dakota, the decision team has made a call in the last few seconds, south dakota will go for donald trump. republicans win south dakota yet again tonight. moving to nebraska, the corn husker state, donald trump in a reliably red state, donald trump holds nebraska and will win the electoral vote in the state of nebraska. in new mexico the race too close to call. a three-way race there. we have all three on the board. this is too close to call in the early going. the empire state of new york, new york has been decided. less than 1% of all precincts reporting. more than 146 people were voting while i was in precinct 1 today at 6:58 a.m. that's all that's insofar.
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clinton. moving to texas, a state closer this year than in previous contests, only 55% of all precincts reporting. only a 5% spread right now. texas will not be the blowout it normally has been. texas, fox news decision desk projects will go to donald trump tonight as expected. moving to wyoming, dick cheney's home state, also reliably red, fox news decision desk donald trump will win the state of here are some of the races we're waiting to call, big bellwether states that will be so very important. this, i have just gotten a word from a number of democratic operatives, one who calls this in florida shocking. democrats believed and have believed throughout the day that florida was in their hands, that broward county, the i-4 corridor with all of the new latino immigrants who are voting for the first time, as much as 20% of the electorate maybe latino
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would run away with it as a result of it. why aren't they? here is the reason. in the reliably red rural counties across the state from the panhandle down the west coast, down in ft. myers, naples and lee county, are all of those republican smaller areas, donald trump is crushing mitt romney's numbers from before. mitt romney may have won with 69%. donald trump is getting higher. rural is balanng vote in that state. african-american turnout in miami-dade county is low. some calls out of miami-dade county, about half of broward county is yet to report. it's believed broward county will go largely toward hillary clinton, but florida is very much in question now. if donald trump can get florida, this could be a very long night, and he is leading right now. 91% of precincts reporting in florida and not surprising it is as close as it can be.
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that donald trump has said he has to have, no republican has gotten to the white house without first winning ohio. donald trump is leading right now with 40% of all precincts in. about a 2.5 point spread. ohio is too close to call. north carolina, hillary clinton has called it the state that will put her over. if she wins north carolina, he cannot win it. hillary clinton is trailing right now by the slimmest of margins. would you look at these numbers, state of north carolina are reporting in. remember this is the charlotte, mecklenburg county area. those are heavily democratic. more rural areas more solidly republican, the balance is on. it is .1 of a point separating. if you're donald trump, you've got to have florida, north carolina and ohio. he could get all of them. then you have to go out west and
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blue states with small electoral counts. ladies and gentlemen, this is not over. two hours ago, the exit polls that all the experts were saying, this is a night for hillary clinton. it's just a matter of when. that is no longer the case. if he wins those three states, florida, north carolina and ohio and is able to pick off a couple of blue states, this could be donald trump's presidency at this moment. it is way too close to call. here is what the electoral count looks like right now including al o decision team has been able to call. donald trump has 139 electoral votes. hillary clinton has 97 electoral votes. you have to have 270 to win the presidency, and we're a long way from that. for the battle to the u.s. senate, we're watching two races at this hour, fox news predicts arizona senator jain will hang on to his seat as expected, conceding to ann kirkpatrick, it was close for a while.
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in wisconsin, democrat russ feingold trying to get his seat back from the guy who defeated him six years ago, republican senator ron johnson. this is one of those tea party sort of things, russ feingold trying to get that back. if he's able to get it, that would be a democratic pickup because ron johnson held that seat before. right now it's too close to call. big picture, the senate is in play tonight. democrats are hoping to pick it off. they've picked up one seat so far. here is a look at the balance of power, democrats needed to flip five seats to take control if donald trump is the new president or four seats if clinton wins because the vp is the tiebreaker there. the president pro tem of the senate gets the tie-breaker vote. here is the balance of power in the senate, based on the races we have called, republicans with 42 seats, democrats with 41 seats and a long way to go. we're next from an hour away from the next polls closing
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nevada. let's bring in john bussey, associate editor of the "wall street journal," a.b. stoddard of real clear politics and josh letterman from the associated press. we came in tonight thinking it could end at florida, if we call florida early the rest doesn't matter, if she wins florida, there's no path. there's a path for him now. >> the toughest states are still tossed up. we still don't have word on where these states are going to much in the race. as you point out, if he wins florida, then picking off those other states that he's got to sweep a number of them. picking off those other states which at this hour, so close looks even possible. the question is what happens in the midwest. when those states that have traditionally gone democrat that hillary clinton feels confident about where trump has been lobbying and rallying his troops
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minnesota isn't even possible he could have those inroads into the democratic camp. >> amy stoddard? >> minnesota right now. >> certainly is. >> he made a play for minnesota and the world laughs at him. the campaign said we're in minnesota for a reason, now we know. >> it's tight in virginia. north carolina, all the battlegrounds, it's very, very tight. but if he picks up a couple, he's going i think when we were talking about the latino thing, low propensity voters, the donald trump voters are there. they weren't likely voter screens, or there are people who came into the booth, the people who have been out of cycles, came into the booth and voted for trump. >> josh, where are we? >> tonight hasn't been an early blowout for hillary clinton.
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night and trump concedes and clinton wins, she may not have the broad-based mandate she'd like to see from an overwhelming victory. what democrats are concerned about shep, if donald trump is close enough that he could argue that there were some type of shenanigans, this is something that could drag out and make it more difficult for the next president to bridge a very divided country. >> i want to get the florida talk about the other issues of the night. it's this battle of, is there enough of a hispanic vote that will come in hot for the democrats while the african-american vote is clearly lower than they had hoped. the balance of that isn't a one-to-one balance because hispanics go about 70% for the democrats where african-americans go about 80,
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made so much of that was part of the early voting process, signaled to clinton she had a really good chance in florida. it's been counted, metabolized in these numbers. the question is what was the hispanic vote today on election day. >> or was it already factored in. >> was that sief ended off into the early voting, pulled ahead into the early voting. half of broward county is still out. >> 131,000 the florida board. sounds like a lot of voters until you calculate close to 9 million votes are in, separated by 131,000. that's too close to call with 93% of precincts reporting. maybe it's too early to say the following thing. the rule in the state of florida is if you have less than 5%, .5% difference, you have an automatic machine recount that would have to be triggered by the secretary of state.
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broward county not reporting. only 7% of florida is uncounted. it's way too close to call. >> i think it's going to take a long time. i think it looks like a recount is very likely. >> one of the factors, also, is we're not really sure, with the democratic registrations came in in the early voting, you pointed out early in the broadcast, a lot of this is about disaffected economic feeling in the voter. that goes across republican and democratic lines. that's why you've seen these forays and progress for trump in the midwest. our findings were, if you looked at the census between 2000 and 2015 and saw those counties where there was the greatest immigration of latinos into the counties, those counties during the primary went trump. it wasn't just republicans, sometimes it was a crossover democratic vote. how many of those democratic registered voters, early voting and on election day are voting for trump? >> one moment.
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democratic headquarters. debbie wasserman schultz, thank you so much for being here. one democrat said to me on text message tonight, this is shocking. >> it's not shocking. anyone who has followed florida politics, particularly at the presidential level for at least 20 years knows that florida comes down to the wire in every one of these. i'll tell you that cautiously optimistic given that 50% of my home county, broward county is still out. most democratic county in the state, about 200,000 votes left to be counted from today's voting in person. so i know we're going to have a good, strong infusion of votes for hillary clinton when broward is fully reported. it's going to a nail biter. >> it looks like about a 2% advantage in the state of
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2% doesn't appear possible for hillary clinton. have you been able to look at the map. is it miami-dade african-americans haven't come out, is it that the hispanic vote isn't factored in, is it that donald trump is surpassing any numbers that mitt romney had in the rural areas? how do you see it? >> well, we had record setting turnout in south florida in our three main counties. >> miami-dade, the palm beachs and brar those three counties usually have to put up huge pluralities for the democratic nominee to make sure we have a shot at carrying florida. we've achieved that. it's still close because it's going to be close regardless. it does appear that the margins, even though the vote total is small in the turnout, the margins in the panhandle, for us we always have to keep it close in the panhandle. we've got to win the i-4
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score in south florida. we're going to wait and see how it all shakes out. regardless, we're all close and this is not a surprise to me. >> left out of your equation there was southwest florida, lee and collier countys, naples, ft. myers, immokalee, up into charlotte county, port charlotte and the rest. it usually leads republicans. i wonder if you think that's part of the balancing. >> it more than leans republican, that's a red part of the state except for the sarasota area, yes, most definitely that would factor in. the question is in every presidential election, you have the panhandle, southwest florida come together to cancel out the votes in the big your gan counties that run up the score for democrats. we always have to have enough of a turnout in those counties to be able to be in a stronger position. i feel like we've done that. but we're going to have to wait a little while to see. >> still a narrow path, of
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florida in the end, win north carolina, win ohio, a tall task, we're not able to call any of those yet. we then shift to the midwest. i wonder what your assessment is for the midwest and how it looks for democrats and republicans today? >> keep in mind hillary clinton's pathway of 270 electoral votes is still a much wider variety than donald trump. donald trump has to win my home state tonight in order to get the 270, hillary clinton has a number of other pathways. saying, i think we will ultimately -- we're going to end up with enough states in our column to make hillary clinton president of the united states. you can see the turnout patterns that are going on. >> real talk, real count. recount in florida or are you going to avoid it? >> there's varying types of recounts. i'm not ready to go there yet. a machine recount, shep, is much different than a manual recount. we have the ability to go to a
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machine recounts are much less of a deal than the manual recounts. we'll never have another experience like we had in 2000. >> debby wasserman schultz,
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the three big states that donald trump must have. florida, ohio and north carolina, all up for grabs. and if we wins them, and he could, it's going to be a very long night. trump supporter matt sclapp is with us, chairman of the american conservative union, former political director for george w. bush and has been watching this thing closely. democrats thought they had florida. as it turns out, republicans vote on election day and they're making it up. >> that's exactly right. early vote and everything that happens with it. the fact is, until all the ingredients are in the bowl, you don't know how it will turn out. it's very positive for trump. i'm cautiously optimistic about trump. >> very positive for trump. the one downside would probably be broward county. though broward county has an older population that's lived there for a long time. there's also the population west
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the affluent counties vote and vote republican and they normally vote day of. your hispanics and older population will be a balance today. >> that's right. the other thing about florida, you always have to look at the recount question. right now it looks tight enough where we could be in that position which makes tonight very interesting. >> if the difference is less than .5%, .5% of the total vote, the first thing they do is an automatic machine just sort of happens. anything after that, if they find -- first of all, you've got to talk about where we are. he's crushing mitt romney's numbers in rural florida. how did they do that? >> as republicans, think about it. we haven't won a battleground state in 12 years. the fact that donald trump is actually competitive in all these states you've been talking about tells you that this race is a whole different race for republicans. we're used to winning the ruby red states and losing these
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if we can start picking these up tonight as we move west, this is incredibly good news. how did we do it in the rural communities? he connected with the ordinary guy and gal out there who feels like this country is just on the wrong track and they don't feel like they're getting ahead economically. >> she was relying, and her team, on political science. lay the table, get your ground game in there, get them to the polls. all of that happened. he was relying on his rallies, relying he believed there was really a movement. a lot of the smarty pants on all the big networks, all the pundits said a movement doesn't win an election, a ground game does. they may turn out to be right, but not yet. >> she has the mechanics, he has people's heart. the enthusiasm gap, people say what does it matter? if you're enthusiastic for your candidate you're at those polls.
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don't vote. it looks like they didn't hit their numbers on the hillary clinton side. >> north carolina it's a battle of the cities and the rural areas. charlotte-mecklenburg county, raleigh-durham area, there's a balance there. >> that's right. a still a lot of the rural areas to come in. my understanding is there's still durham county to come in. wade it's a little mixed, but i think on par there's more rural counties that could come in that would be good for donald trump and richard bird, important senate see. >> ohio, cuyahoga county, you've got to have it if you're republican trying to get to the presidency. a large push is made at the end. what are you doing in cleveland? now we know. african-american turnout is low. he's going to win ohio. >> this is a big news.
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my opinion from my contacts is trump looks very stout in ohio. >> to what do they attribute that? same thing? >> in ohio the same kind of nrnl. they've seen their energy jobs at stake, their manufacturing jobs flee and they don't know where to turn. trump is giving them a lifeline. >> the lifeline it is. very much up for grabs tonight. thanks so much for coming by. >> thanks for having me. we're about
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honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats. ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this?
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good evening - i'm kari good evening on this election nigh. i'm kari lake. >> i'm john hook. we have a big night developing right now. donald trump is making a bit of a run but let's start with john mccain. >> fox news called the senate race for john mccain. people of arizona in washington, d.c. mccain defeating ann kirkpatrick and winning a sixth term in congress. >> linda williams is covering john mccain's campaign at the heard museum. 33 years in washington and it continues. >> reporter: what a run. a sixth term and, i tell you the people here very excited. kind of a different crowd here.
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in central phoenix. we are not rallying with the republicans as we would usually do at the hyatt hotel. it is a young group of volunteers, interns, who have over the past several months spent time working phone banks, putting up yard signs, passing out different cards, information, all in support of senator mccain. the courtyard where there were more mccain sporters that he had indeed won the race. half ofthem know it but half of them don't know the race has been called for the senator. we have been told that senator is on the way. he was up at 8:00 voting in his precinct, which is in the
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he stopped and said hello and said thank you to all of his supporters and young volunteers. he was pwreufb -- brisk anded adamant and not happy when someone brought up donald trump. now that the race is over, will he give us an honest opinion of what has gon 2016 election. he is with senator lindsey graham today. senator graham has not held back on his opinion of donald trump. maybe the two of them together, we can get an opinion. maybe they won't want to say anything until the actual race across the country, presidential, senate, everything has been called. we will, of course, stay on it. i'm live at the heard museum in phoenix. >> you may not have a choice.
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something because donald trump is shocking the political world. he has a lead on hillary clinton and the electoral college vote. this could be very interesting because right now, trump is really showing well in florida, ohio. he is still in the game in north carolina, virginia, which they were not expecting for him. he has outperformed what many expected tonight. >> it is early tonight. we've got a lot of votes to be counted but this is showing for donald trump. maricopa county officials may not be able to calculate a large number of votes by the end of the night, which could leave the presidential race up in the air. >> not only the presidential race but pretty much every race on the ballot because we're talking about 300,000 ballots that came in late that they have not been able to process, verify, or count that may take upwards of 10 days.
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these races tonight. >> we'll be back in half an hour. we'll go back to fox's coverage of the with shepard smith right with shepard it's 6:30 on the west coast, 9:30 on the east coast, and another win for donald trump. fox news now projects trump will win the state of arkansas, reliably red no doubt. the early numbers weren't enough. with 42% of all precincts an approximately 22-point lead, donald trump declared the winner in the state of arkansas. now to some of the races we've been waiting to call, here is the state of florida. now 94% of all precincts reporting, donald trump with 140,028-vote lead. still waiting for about half of broward county which has a large hispanic population. much of that hispanic vote had already come in in early voting.
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county outstanding as well. but otherwise sprinkled around the state, florida, way too close to call, donald trump with the edge. if someone has a real edge in florida late in the game, that someone, if you had to pick one, would be donald trump. on to ohio. no republican has won it without winning ohio first. 53% of all precincts reporting, donald trump with an approximately seven-point lead in the state of ohio. again, just about half of the precincts reporting. donald trump with the edge in ohio, and he has to have it. on to north carolina, north carolina still too close to call. 76% of all precincts reporting. donald trump with a point and a half lead. wake county in north carolina, one of the more urban counties with a larger hispanic and african-american vote, wake county still outstanding. this one could be a little deceptive because of those that
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call, as of the precincts reporting now, donald trump has a slight edge. it might actual be a hillary clinton slight edge. we're just not sure. big picture if be ear donald trump, you have to have florida, you have to have ohio and north carolina. you have to win all three before you go out west and try to pick up some blue states. right now he has the possibility of getting all three of those states, just as an aside, the upshot from "the new york times" which had this as large 91-9% lead for hillary clinton at one point back before the fbi stuff. more recently today, i believe it opened at 85% for hillary clinton, 15% for donald trump. as i went to vote this morning at ten minutes before 7:00 a.m. on the east coast, that is where we were. right now the upshot for "the new york times" has it at 50/50. we're waiting and waiting for election returns to come in. the balance of power in the senate is still outstanding.
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for grabs. it's going to be a long night here on the fox broadcast network. less than an hour away from the next poll closings, 10:00 eastern, 7:00 pacific. among them, the battleground of nevada. nevada where the unions that run las vegas, the restaurant unions have come out in enormous numbers for hillary clinton. but where donald trump has beenable to make inroads in some of the more rural counties, the same story we've all along, the hispanic vote is very much up in nevada. nevada is still too close to call, closing in just 27 minutes. watching the balance of power in congress. the entire house of representatives and a third of the senate up for grabs. james ar kin from real clear politics joins us live. one of the things we were expecting, waiting to see how many pickups would the democrats be able to get.
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one, that's not enough. >> right now if you're a congressional republican, you feel very good about where things stand. obviously it's still very early. carlos core val la came out early against donald trump. this was a district of democrats early on that they were going to carry. carville la won it early in the night. that's sort of a sign of good things to come for republicans. they feel pretty good where things are. just one pickup so far for democrats. >> the house of representatives, we haven't called it. it almost goes without saying that the republicans will be able to keep it. do you see on the democratic side, in the race for the senate, do you see a spot where you can put the pickups together where the democrats could take over here? >> i think the democrats still have a couple of different paths to the senate majority. they've already put one seat
7:35 pm
mark kirk. republicans very happy about that, but when you look at pennsylvania still outstanding, new hampshire still outstanding, democrats have high hopes for their possibilities in missouri, a state ha is going to go to donald trump. they think jason candor can win there. there's still an opportunity for democrats, still a narrow path to the majority. >> it certainly is, given the way the presidential arkin, thanks a lot. our panel again, juliery ginn ski, tom bevin and morgan or take gas is a republican strategist. florida is my focus at the moment. i've just gotten a tweet. tony fabrizio who is rick scott and trump's pollster has tweeted he believes donald trump will win florida. fox has no call on florida right now. florida is too close to call
7:36 pm
reporting. donald trump with an edge there as you see on your screen, somewhere around 130,000, 140,000 votes. tom bevin, how surprised are you? >> we knew it was going to be tight. it ended up -- it probably could have gone either way. it looks like it's leaning slightly to tum. he's having to win these states and it looks like he's getting there. even if he wins florida, north carolina and ohio, it's not over. keep an eye in leading by two points with 88% of the vote in. if he loses north carolina he might be able to replace that with virginia which would be something nobody saw coming. >> north carolina looking very, very close. based on the counties and precincts that have not yet reported, though there's an edge on the screen right now for donald trump, there is reason to believe that based on the counties that are no longer reporting, north carolina is a lot closer than this would
7:37 pm
in north carolina, donald trump with about 1.2 point edge. your notes on north carolina, julie? >> depends on where the outstanding ballots are. virginia sbrestingly enough, i remember this four years ago, northern virginia came in really late. that makes a difference, the d.c. suburbs of virginia. what's interesting about tonight is, if donald trump manages to pull this off among an diverse electorate, among a surge in latino voters, a looting of polling, white college educated voters. everything we know about modern campaigns is out the window. i except saying for the last year math is math and math is with her. it turns out math may not be math. a lot of people in the business
7:38 pm
will have to take a look and see what exactly happens in a largely diverse country how you have enough wife exigent voters. >> it's enough to make this a barn burner. >> the mood was very different two hours ago based on the exit polls. in the past two hours, trump is making this is a real contest. the one thing i want to say, we keep talking about the white voters voting for trump. while that's largely what we're seeing in the polls, i don't think that are voting for him. clearly they're breaking for hillary, especially hispanics in florida and nevada. it's not like that's the only vote he's getting. people who are political scientists, we have to respect the voter and respect the people of america when they're speaking. i would say that message any time in enthusiasm, trump's all of the get-out-the-vote efforts and the brain any things you want to do and if trump pulls
7:39 pm
message and hillary never found one. >> virginia, 79% of precincts reporting donald trump leading by half a point. there you go, right at 1/2 a point lead. the pollsters missed something. >> it looks like trump is overperforming his polls, certainly in virginia. hillary clinton was ahead and it tightened at the end. she had that state by three or four points. it's interesting. this is thousands of votes. go back to north carolina, baem won wake county by 54,000 votes. that's about what the margin is between trump and clinton. we could be looking at recounts in multiple states. >> we may not know tonight, that's right. jill stein has 50,000 votes in florida. we say every vote counts. this is 2000 again.
7:40 pm
closing. right now new mexico, fox news now projects new mexico goes to hillary clinton with 39% of all of the pre sengts reporting, new mexico goes to hillary clinton. further, the state of louisiana, louisiana now 14% of the vote is in, reliably republican. donald trump wins the state of louisiana. they're all coming in. three big ones are still missing on the east coast and in the central time zone. florida, north carolina and io call. donald trump must win all three of them to move his way west unless all of a sudden and frankly out of nowhere virginia. if donald trump is able to pick off virginia, certainly the counties -- the cities outside washington, d.c., the bedroom communities outside washington, d.c., some of those polls are not yet in. but if donald trump picks off virginia, it's a whole new ball game. the presidency is very much up in the air.
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17 minutes before the hour. at 5:00 eastern time this afternoon we got exit polls in. we don't talk about them a lot on tv. it gives you an idea where the night is going. they tell us don't pay too much attention. it's a good thing we didn't. the trump campaign was paying
7:44 pm
frankly, down in the dumps. they are no more. this race is turning and barring some new turn, it's going in a direction no one anticipated. let's bring in fox news contributor ed roll lens, heads of a pro tum super pac, director for president reagan's re-election bid. >> i thought when i saw the exit polls, but the reality is this could be the biggest upset ever, ever. >> bigger than >> the irony is, this is unconventional. he tapped into something in this population that nobody else got. the rural numbers were dramatic. winning a state like florida, the ultimate swing state today. >> fox news has presidents said that -- >> they haven't said that, i don't mean to get ahead of the decision desk, but it's certainly trending that way. certainly north carolina and
7:45 pm
doing well in virginia and elsewhere. my sense is, this could be a long night because it could be a lot of very close elections. you could end up with a recount. at the end of the day, he has shoktd everybody. certainly, he's worked hard for it, i couldn't be more pleased. the comeback is what's amazing. >> florida, 95% of all pre sengts reporting, donald trump with 100,1, difference. right at 9 million votes are in. that's the separation. it is just about -- in fact, it is 1.2%. different kinds of counties, dinkt pre sengts from across the land still to report. look at the state of ohio. ohio, which we thought would be very close, hillary clinton is trailing in ohio by 10 points, 61% of all of the pre sengts are now reporting.
7:46 pm
of ohio. ohio is too close to call. the other one we've been watching, north carolina, charlotte, mecklenburg county, some of that is still out. wake county in north carolina, some of that is out as well. largely african-american and hispanic, that could tighten things up in north carolina, but north carolina still too close to call. the state of virginia, which a couple of weeks ago we really had off the board. it looks as if hillary clinton had it won. it's t 87% of precincts reporting out of the state of virginia and donald trump has a .3% lead in virginia. he's close in minnesota, close in the west. dana perino is joining us, one of the co-hosts of "the five," former press secretary for george bush 43rd, in the middle of all this for a while. we've been watching it closely. this is not what the smarties thought was going to happen.
7:47 pm
the smarty smarts thought. i was cautioned it's early. you could be here for a long time tonight, shep. do you have a call to make? >> we don't. i was looking down to see where these counties are coming. it's too close. >> i think one thing you know for sure is rural america and specifically in virginia, minnesota and also possibly pennsylvania and then that part of north carolina, they have come out in a big way for trump. one about eight months ago, organization was overrated when he was criticized for not putting together his own organization and relying on the
7:48 pm
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states we're watching, still too close to call. i can't see the monitor because of camera four. if we can look at florida, florida is 1.2% difference, donald trump leading in the state of florida, 95% of the votes in, and it's too close to call. next, north carolina -- i should say ohio which we've been watching all night. this is a stunning 65% of all pre sengts are reporting it looks as if from
7:51 pm
a 10.5 point lead. it depends where the outstanding counties are, but we'll know soon enough. ohio is still too close to call. north carolina, 79% of all precincts reporting, donald trump is holding on to his lead. wake county, north carolina, still outstanding. that will be, most likely, a large hillary clinton difference, but he's winning there, and in the state of virginia, by .3% with precincts reporting, donald trump with a lead in virginia. the close tounts outside washington, d.c. which normally skew blue are yet to be tallied. ed rollins is here, dana perino is with us. what's the biggest surprise for you. >> if the spread is ten points in ohio -- he was favored to win ohio. clinton's polls must have been wrong earlier on, because they
7:52 pm
try to get that enthusiasm vote up for her. one thing about virginia, in 2014 when ed gillespie was running for the senate in virginia, it got to be about this close and ed gillespie almost won it. guess what killed it at the end? the towns right outside d.c. i don't won't know those until later tonight. >> the establishment walked away from gillespie, otherwise he would have been a senator. he was a great cir one believed he could win there. a lot of people didn't believe trump could win. i think no matter what happened, he has basically proved his medal tonight. people like me who think they know how to run campaigns, totally irrelevant. he tapped into something in this country that none of us saw early on. >> down in florida, it is obviously still too close to
7:53 pm
down there. i guess it's african-americans aren't in, and the hispanic vote came in early, and the rural counties are crushing it for donald trump. >> i think that's the story everywhere. outside the big your gan areas, these people basically feel they've been neglected, pushed aside, they've been coming out in dramatically larger numbers than for romney four years ago. >> small town america, small rural america, the backbone o this nation. rural america is speaking in big voices tonight. still too close to call.
7:54 pm
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hi everyone... . the polls closed closed just under an hour ago... and there are still people in line to vote... the democrats tried to get the deadline extended by - but a judge denied that request. a democratic party spokeswoman says complications with voting early in the morning prompted the lawsuit. some voters running into computer problems at several polling places. matt rodewald is live outside a polling place in the west valley... how's it looking
7:57 pm
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controversial propositions on today's ballot. including prop 205- the battle to legalize recreational marijuana- marcy jones
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we're back in a half hour. we now rejoin fox's election coverage live from new york. good smith. >> 7:00 on the west coast, i'm shepard smith in new york and this is fox broadcast network's continuing coverage of the race for the white house 2016. we have a big one to call right now. hillary cl you know we have been watching this five minutes ago donald trump led by 1.2 points. . we knew that the areas around washington, d.c. where so many government workers are always has skewed liberal. still does. it's what took virginia from the solidly red state that it was prior to barack obama. ten cycles in a a row it's gone
8:01 pm
barack obama came in and won virginia in 2008. he won in 2012. the thinking was the democrats would be able to hold virginia and sure enough now that the votes are in this point in the race, she might have had to have it. the polls just closed in four more states as well including the battleground of nevada. the fox news decision team tells us in nevada, still too close to ka. no precincts have come in. harry reid's machine has gone to work in recent days. the the lines were long for democrats. the restaurant unions have been out in big numbers. the larger hispanic population in nevada. this could go democrat, but it's too close to call at 10:00 eastern. nevada is up in the air. in the state of iowa, which has just cloeds, our decision team
8:02 pm
lean republican. so we have iowa leaning republican, but now moments after the polls close in the state of iowa, it's too close to call for the 6 electoral votes in the state of iowa. in utah, which leans republican, has gary johnson in the mix, there was a time when the independent gary johnson, who is from the state of utah, is a mormon, was thought to be one who might be able to win the state of utah. might be. able to take its 6 electoral votes. in a race this close, if gary johnson were able to take those 6 votes t could mean under certain circumstances that neither hillary clinton nor donald trump would be table to get to 270 electoral votes. na happens, it goes to it the house of representatives. the house of representatives could then choose any of the candidates who got any electoral votes in any state. it's not believed the green
8:03 pm
libertarian candidate would be able to get anything except utah was a possibility. gary johnson, a little mistake there. on the board, still too close to call. fox news predicts donald trump will win in the state of montana. montana is always reliably red. now races we're waiting to call. most probable florida, florida now with 95% of all precincts reporting, more than 9 million look at the difference here. 134,000 votes separate the two. donald trump with a lead in florida. his pollster has tweeted that they believe donald trump will win florida. still outstanding. a number of votes out of broward county, forlt lauderdale area, that vote may have come in in the early voting. 200,000 votes out of broward county. would that be enough?
8:04 pm
so rural counties in florida have been barn burn. ers for donald trump tonight from the florida panhandle down to the coast. all of that going heavily republican and florida too close to call. in ohio, in a state a that leans republican, officially it's doing a lot more than leaning right now with 70% of the vote in. donald trump is leading in the state of ohio by m we believe this will tighten because of where these e votes are. ohio is still too close to call. in the battleground of north carolina, which is a battle between the cities and the rural areas, between the charlotte area and the raleigh/durham area, which is heavily democratic and the more rural areas, it's the rural areas winning today at the moment. 82% of all precincts reporting in north carolina.
8:05 pm
big picture, donald trump has to win florida, north carolina and ohio to have a chance to pick up blue states out in the west. so far, all of those are still on the table. all of those are still too close to call. here's a look at the state the candidates have won so far. this is according to fox news projections. you see the big board there. all of those red states through the center of the country, through the central time zone over into that it a clean sweep for the republicans, as expected. virginia and other state up the northeastern, new mexico has gone for the democrats. illinois has gone to the democrats. that's the big board as it stands. still too close to call. here's the electoral count. donald trump has 150 electoral votes. hillary clinton, 122. you must have 270 electoral
8:06 pm
votes to win the white house. we're a long way from that right now. we're also watching the senate race in the state of nevada to replce harry reid, who is retiring. the republican congressman joe heck facing a democrat katherine cortez, that race has just closed. still too close to call. here's the balance of power in the senate. this is where it currently stands. that's the republican lead in the senate. democrats must flip five seats is the new president. or if hillary clinton is the new president, must flip four seats to get control of the senate because the vp is the tie breaker there. here's the new balance of power based on seats we have now called in the decision team. republicans have 45 seats, democrats have 41 seats. obviously, there's a lot yet to go. 16 yet to call tonight. we're less than an hour away from the next poll closings
8:07 pm
california. california goes blue, california can't be called until california closes its polls and they don't close for another 54 minutes in the golden state tonight. let's bring in our panel. john busy, the associate editor of the "wall street journal." and john letterman, the white house reporter for the associated press. josh let that we'd have some resolution, most likely on florida by now. we don't. we thought we might know something about north carolina and ohio by now. we don't. what does it mean? >> this is definitely one for the history books. regardless of whether or not clinton somehow ekes out a win, there's going to be a fundamental change in the way we look at elections in this country. clearly, our way that we assess the mood of the electorate is broken. the way we poll, look at e
8:08 pm
way the winds are blowing, those are all broken. it's something e we first learned in the primary when trump was written off time after time after time given a a tiny chance of winning over 17 candidates. he won and now he's on track to if not win the general election, come very close. it's going to be something that's going to have ramifications for many cycles to come. >> i think obviously there were more trump voters always seem to be fir but more he probably has more and she definitely couldn't turn out the coalition. right now, he is too close to call in florida. and pennsylvania, he's looking good in. if he has florida, ohio, polls in north carolina picks up iowa, he's still at 259. with new hampshire, that only gets him to 263. he'd have to get a wisconsin, michigan or pennsylvania and
8:09 pm
>> virginia -- which is interesting. this was a state where it was so hillary clinton all the way through the run up to the election. they saw it tightening later on. fox called it because the northern counties right outside of washington when i was going up in far fax county, the rest didn't consider it part of virginia because those states were more of the but when i was growing up, you could throw a stone and be in the old confederacy. this is part of the south of a republican state. but what has happened in the last 20 years is a big influx of minorities, central americans through the 1980s, and then many others since then. all that said, this is supposed to be a much wider victory for clinton. and it wasn't.
8:10 pm
after state after state. >> we watched the markets for signs. always have and probably always will. going sbo the day the last two days on the markets have seen enormous gains. on monday the dow and s&p 500 and nasdaq all gained around 2%. they were surging. overnight trading in asian markets have now plunged. we just got word that dow futures for tomorrow have plunged more than 500 points based on tonight. the markets hate this idea. >> markets don't like it. it's a huge uncertainty. they don't know what this means for trade. >> just like donald trump said. >> 3% down also on the s&p futures. the peso is money is flowing into u.s. treasury funds. gold is up. this is all people feeling
8:11 pm
a result of a possible republican win tonight. >> virginia is called. let's look at the boards. in the state of florida, 95% of all precincts with the knowledge that parts of broward county are still out. moving on to the other ones we have been watching. the three that donald trump has to have to stay relevant, ohio, he has still more than a 10-point lead in the state of ohio with reporting. donald trump with a 10-.8% lead. in the state of north carolina we're still waiting for wake county, which will give hillary clinton some votes. we don't know how many. donald trump leading in the state of north carolina by more than 3 points. the thing is along this road of ohio, north carolina and florida, in theory prior to tonight, if it he misses any of those, technically this is over.
8:12 pm
>> like i said, if e he holds ohio and florida and i'm giving him ohio and florida right now, he is going to it e get iowa. that's another 6. and then he gets the 259. from there he has to pick up new hampshire or michigan or wisconsin. but that's doable at this point. >> what is so astounding about this is not the race is still too close to call. we didn't believe we were going to be able to call this race until california closed. but that's not where we are this this equation now. this is much bigger than just waiting for california. we have to wait for everything. >> we're going to have to wait for everything. really count the numbers. i think most people will be pretty surprised if at least a few of these states are recounts or attempts to e recount. the other thing not to lose
8:13 pm
democratic pickup opportunities have been botched from florida to indiana to ohio. a pickup for them in illinois. but democrats felt pretty confident going into tonight they were going to take back the senate. frankly, it's not that long ago they thought they had a chance at the hot. that's not happening. the senate could not go their way. it's a reflection of just how surprising all these results are. >> i'm not s yet because we're not. all we need is one big hillary clinton win and one of these big states and the entire equation changes. but as of 10:13 p.m. eastern standard time, we're looking at the possibility that he's favored by the upshot. this is the first time he's ever been favored in this poll in the upshot since way before the first debate. before the first debate he might have been up a little bit, but he's not been up at all.
8:14 pm
possibility of a republican house, republican senate and donald trump in a the white house. it's a possibility right this minute. >> that's obviously the best case scenario for him. interesting going back because we have been saying that the comey letter didn't have so much an effect on clinton's numbers but it took all the wind out of the sails. now we see it probably had an effe >> there's no question about it. donald trump has filed a suit out in clark county in nevada where harry reid's machine was able to bring hispanic voters to the polls. the polls closed at 7:30. if you're in line, you get to keep going. they went three hours past the time. donald trump entered an order of sorts like keep up with these votes so we can look at this later. the judge ruled we already keep
8:15 pm
nevada is going to be just that close. jonathan hubt is live in las vegas where the polls are closed. what's the mood there? >> certainly the energy in this room where republican party headquarters are. it has picked up in terms of energy since the polls closed a few minutes ago. it is still too close to call both on the presidential and in terms of the important senate race. against congressman dr. joe heck. it's been a very tight race throughout and we are still awaiting the results to come through here. certainly democrats very much want to hang on to the senate because it's going to be a crucial one. republicans would love nothing profile seat with minority leader harry reid retiring. so very, very tight. the energy certainly picking up
8:16 pm
republican people here have been seen coming through. but when it comes to nevada itself, we do not know yet. both the presidential and the senate race too close to call here at this point. >> jonathan hunt live with us in nevada, thank you. i want to look at the states up for grabs a the this moment. new numbers coming in. let's look at florida. that's florida now. the same numbers, 95% in. point lead. north carolina now 83% of all precincts reporting. wake county is still out. that will give hillary clinton a boost. will it be enough? we cannot know. too close to call. the state of ohio. donald trump maintaining just about a 10-point lead. now getting more like an 11-point lead now with 74% of all precincts reporting in ohio.
8:17 pm
this list of states we have been watching. virginia there you see, fox news has called for hillary clinton. it's certainly very close. 84% of all precincts reporting, but based on the statistic analysis done by our decision desk, it's a belief the fox news decision team that donald trump has lost in the state of virginia. that will go to the democrat hillary clinton. we're going to go down to the county level in the states too close to call. next county by what still outstanding? how do they vote? what's the makeup of the population in the counties within the states?
8:18 pm
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8:19 pm
it is too close to call because florida, north carolina and ohio what still mising. what is the electorate? let's take a look at the map. >> good evening, i'll start down here in florida. red is republican. blue is democrat. these colors have been with us thr decades. right now here in florida, you can see the difference in the margin. 99% of the vote in right now. we're bumping up at that moment. trump is holding on to this
8:20 pm
when obama won this state by a point, it's about 75,000 votes in total over mitt romney. he was winning tallahassee. hillsborough county, broward and miami-dade. it doesn't look like there's a big shift because there's not. in terms of real votes, it's enough right now to give trump the advantage in i pop up here to ohio and keep this red/blue thing in mind. you see how much r is here. that same part of the state four years ago, look at the difference you have now. try to pull this up here. . keep your eye on what's happening in northern ohio. this is trump making end roads in a part of the country he made central campaign. talk about manufacturing jobs,
8:21 pm
message. it seems to be working. this is trumable county here in the northeast. democrats are taking that county with 60% of the vote in every cycle i can remember. and right now, donald trump has the lead. maybe it's a point there, but i think it shows us something about his message and how it connected. so far tonight, we're e seeing that reflected. i want to show you michigan we're just starting to marinade a little bit on these numbers. 1.3 million et votes in so far in the state of michigan. before the night's over, you'll have 4.5, maybe 5 million total. you see all the blue four years ago and now all the red. that was him taking his message to michigan. so far people apparently are listening to that. we're seeing that reflection in the polling. you mentioned virginia. it was called. tough to overcome the vote
8:22 pm
that state has been called for clinton. north carolina, we can't make a call just yet. but you see the advantage that trump has right now. at least based on the tabulation that we can crank out for you. i was looking earlier in mecklenburg county, there was a significant amount of the vote in. but as it comes in, more and more trump seems to maintain the advantage we have seen here. . up here in pennsylvania, just give you a snapshot of what's happening there. hillary clinton has an lead roigt now. but it's early in the night and woor going to watch this move around the state here. over here in the western part of pennsylvania, allegheny county, that's pittsburgh. i was watching these beaver county and that is white. it is steel. it is coal. it is blue collar. and mitt romney four years ago in the state of pennsylvania got 56% of the white vote. you would think, shepard, that for trump to flip this state,
8:23 pm
hillary clinton has down here in philadelphia. he would need to bump that number to around 61 or 62%. haven't seen that clearly just yet, but we'll see as the night rolls on here in pennsylvania. also in michigan. we're starting to go up in the northern part of the upper midwest and see whether or not trump can make a case there or not. >> thank you so much. florida, too close to call. north carolina, too cloz to call. ohio, too close to if it he runs the table and picks up another, donald trump could be the president.
8:24 pm
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