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tv   FOX 10 News Noon  FOX  November 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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it's about us. >> reporter: clinton herself not appearing until late this morning when she addressed he has failed bid to be the fix female president. >> this is not the outcome we wanted or we worked so hard for. i'm sorry that we did not win this election for the values we share and the vision we hold for our country. >> reporter: world leaders including russian president vladimir putin saying he working relationship between the two countries can be restored. u.s. stocks plunged in early trading presumed to be a sign that investors are unsettled by the outcome. trump who has become known for his twitter use through his campaign tweets for the first time saying in part, the forgotten man and woman will never be forgotten again. we will all come together as
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president obama called donald trump to congratulate him on his victory and invited him to the white house to discuss the transition. >> more reaction to the election results. this is a live look at oakland, california, where students have walked out of class. they are protesting donald trump's victory at this hour. arizona been a vocal opponent of donald trump. congratulates to president-elect donald trump on a gracious and healing speech. i look forward to working with him. now, back to eating crow. >> i like that last line because he was going after trump. don't worry, he is not a good candidate. now, mr. president.
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this hour. our state has not been called yet but he has about an 80,000 lead but they have a lot of votes to count. long time maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio loses after 24 years to paul penzone and it is a convincing victory for paul penzone who wins by 10% of the vote. arpaio released a statement saying tonight the people h spoken. ava and i respect their decision. we look forward to working with paul penzone on a seemless transition. legalizing recreational marijuana fails but the same type of law passed in california, massachusetts, and nevada. florida passed medical marijuana yesterday.
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wage by 2020 passes. >> senator mccain has no trouble keeping his seat over ann kirkpatrick. he goes for another six years in the senate. >> bill montgomery holding on. montgomery up by 53%. >> helen purcell who took a whole lot of heat for what happened during the presidential preference election is lin 9,000 votes. the percentages are 50-50 so the race is too close to call. >> some of the reasons we can't call because a lot of the ballots have to be counted. >> reporter: there are a lot of them, there are more than 375,00 early ballots that need to be tabulated. more than 200,000 of them were
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at polling police police placesd maricopa county. there were 130,000 ballots waiting to be tabulated that's a lot but it is an option that a lot of people found appealing. a lot of voters taking advantage of the early voting option. if you couldn't mail your ballot in, you dropped it off. after every election night, the county recorder says it work feverishly to count the ballots. back in 2012, there were 170,000 early ballots that workers had to tabulate following the election so it is not that unusual to have these ballots not counted. they say a lot goes into processing these early vote. >> because we receive those ballots on the day of the election, they need to be
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that is what we'll be doing all day today to get them ready to tabulate tomorrow morning. >> reporter: they will start tomorrow morning but this could take a week. one of the tight races is helen purcell's races. she is down by 9,000 votes. she says getting everything counted is a priority right now because it could races, including hers. we should get another update this afternoon and towards the end of the week, beginning of next week, hopefully, they can complete the process and we can officially put election 2016 in the record books. >> for all election results local and national, head to and click on politics. sometimes our arizona
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like arizona politics. south of the valley, a lot of blowing dust. i don't see a big wall of dust that we get with the big monsoon storms but there is dust in the air right now near casa grande. you never know what is going to happen. it is warm out there, too. other news, power is back on after a massive fire in central phoenix last night. we're not only seeing the damage but we are neighbors, too. kristy siefkin is live at 26th and thomas with more on this fire. >> reporter: the images from last night of this fire were incredible. it looked like a fireball exploding in the air. you see all sorts of old trees here, 80 years or older and many neighbors think the fire was so large because of the shrubbery in this area and in particular,
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if you look closely through the fence, you can see the damage as a result of the fire. we have incredible video from last night to show you of the flames. neighbors say the fire started around 5:30 last night. s.r.p. had been turning the power on and off throughout the course of the day. we're told a small fire started in an alleyway behind the building. when the power pole was powered back up is when flames spewing in the area and that caused the shed to catch on fire. take a listen to what neighbors had to say. >> the garage, we could tell it was burning from the back and bunking to the -- bunking to the front. >> it did seem like the fourth
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>> reporter: when phoenix fire spoke to us last night, they told us they did not believe there were any injuries so that is the good news. many neighbors spraying down the plants but the destruction is incredible. phoenix fire still investigating the cause of this, what the neighbors observed in terms of the power that might have been the cause but there might have been other factors at play and we'll bring you the details as we get them. i' if you believe those national polls, last night was a big shock. >> absolutely. >> the analysis of why donald trump won the election when nobody expected him to. local news, the search for a jail escapeee in phoenix. the search is on for a man who killed the police officer in show low. it is over.
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a show low police officer is shot and killed... a show low police a show low police officer shot and killed and this afternoon the man who shot him as well as officer darren reed who was killed after responding to a disturbance yesterday, the man who shot him is dead. when he approached daniel erickson, erickson opened fire
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with a 15-year-old hostage. he shot at officers and that is when officers returned fire killing him. his hostage was rescued. officer reed is survived by his wife and two children. two teenage boys are arrested for a deadly shooting we first shared with you yesterday. a man near maricopa was found shot to death in a pickup truck after he went to investigate shots being fired. 17-year-old railroad -- are under arrest. the search is on for a jail escapee. michael hoffman kicked out a window i the transport van. he ran off and hasn't been find. he is not considered armed and dangerous but if you see him, please call police. deadly crash northwest of
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crash this morning outside of wickenburg on u.s.-93 that is the route you take if you're driving to las vegas or lake mead. the road shut down but it is now back open this afternoon. an investigation is under way after someone spots a body in the west valley. sky fox over 107th avenue and southern in tollesson. the deputy's office hasn't said if the victim is a man or a woman. we will have donald trump's big win from some of his supporters. a rare diamond ring goes on the auction block. how much it is expected to sell for. >> reporter: we have sunshine around here. temperatures on the nice side but they are going to get
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nice day out there, cory. thank you for that. >> well done. >> reporter: the morning especially around 7:30, 8:00, it was so great. >> just a little chill. >> a little breeze. >> reporter: get ready for the weekend. we're halfway through the week. you will love the way we push through your friday and into saturday and sunday. 81 now. it woulde stop things there. it is going to be warmer than average afternoon for sure. 79 is the typical high. 88 degrees coming in 2005. the all-time low, you have to go way back, 31 degrees in 1987. sunset just before 5:30 and look how beautiful everything looks. we have a huge high sitting on top of us.
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weather feature as we move into the weekend. it is not going anywhere. it will hold all of this weather at bay to the west of us. it is going to be shunted up and butched -- bumped up to the north of us. it was an easy forecast for us over the next few days. we'll keep the temperatures on the slow cooldown. we won't be too chilly until we get into the latter part of n week. as we head through tonight, temps will be falling in the mid 60's or so then up we jump for tomorrow. thursday looks good. maybe thin clouds out there. all in all, a good ride to 81 or so as we wrap up tomorrow afternoon. here are the temps at the moment. 86 in yuma. 84 in lake havasu city. 58 in flagstaff. douglas comes in at 67.
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it is 83 degrees out wickenburg way. as you look around the rest of the country, well, it is pretty great. almost the whole nation is seeing a nice day. it is cooler in the northeast because we've seen showers on the march through that part of the country. we continue to see wet weather now all throughout pennsylvania and into new jersey and new york and the rest of new england as well. it is going to be that sort of a day where i and down the i-95 corridor. as you get back here, nothing but sunshine. 79 for kingman. 74 for nogales. winslow will see 66 this afternoon. temperatures get chilly up north tonight. 29 in flagstaff. window rock, you will be dropping to 25 degrees. on we go into the forecast for the next week and a half. look at next thursday, 71 is
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>> who. >> reporter: i know. it comes out with a whoa or hey now or stop it already. >> stop it already? bring it on is what i would say. >> reporter: depends on where you are from. >> is it go going to be chilly on wickenburg on friday? we'll be there. >> reporter: i will be there early. you don't get there until 7:00. >> how did he score that. diner scoring two omelets with his blackberry. no, he has an e-phone, i think. >> thanks, cory. after the break, donald trump pulling off a win in the presidential election. who voted for him and who did not. >> are we going to list every single person? we're outing a lot of people. the race to save a little boy who is stuck down in this
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this afternoon .. we're welcome back. this afternoon, we are hearing from donald trump supporters. they are thrilled with the outcome. they now say they have a positive outlook on the future with trump is always. >> i'm thrilled for this country. it is going to go in the right direction. >> thank you for your years in service but it is time to turn the >> trump and pence will take office in january. >> how did donald trump win the election when everyone said he was going to lose? a professor at an university said it comes down to his brashness, his stance on immigration, hillary's lack of charisma and desire for just some change. >> the big steel mills are gone.
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i think they feel someone is to blame for this. i will tell you who is to blame, it's the government and that is exactly what trump said. >> if you look at the exit polling, trump's victory was fueled by working-class men across the midwestern states. those voters in the past had tkpwaopb to trump supporters are older, more male, and overwhelmingly white. >> in world news, crews in china are working to rescue a 6-year-old boy who have been stuck in an abandoned well for three days. the well is more than 130 feet deep.
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machines and oxygen is being sent down there but the boy's condition is unknown. we're going to show you a ring that is getting a lot of talk today. >> a rare blue diamond ring, how much it is expected to fetch. the ones that say "raised without antibiotics." that's just a trick to get you to pay more money. fact is, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. it's a marketing mr. floppy arms here. though i must say, he is somewhat hypnotic. don't fall for the hype, dale. dale? fresh. delicious. chicken, from sanderson farms. champion salsa dancer and arizonan david olarte is making his way to his favorite game at casino arizona. he'll get there eventually. [salsa music] arizona winners choose casino arizona. where locals rule. guess what else rules?
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all right, i'm just chuckling because it is a great forecast. >> beautiful. >> reporter: i know. look at next week. i mean this week looks great. >> are you sniffing at 81? >> reporter: next week the 70's by wednesday. so good for us. >> extremely rare and beautiful
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price at auction in suites alexander land. >> christmas is coming up. don't mess with me. >> it is a vivid blue, over 8 car at -- carat diamond. >> reporter: that is something that don king would wear. >> he would rock that. do you have $20 million to spend on a rung. you're doing pretty well in life. >> reporter: that blue is pretty. >> $20 million pretty? >> reporter: thinking about it. >> have a great day.
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welcome to ""dish nation."" we have a great show for you all today. before we get started, let's say what's up. >> what's up. >> did you all get out and vote? >> did that last >> that's great. >> yes. >> all right. >> later on in the show today, jessica alba says she never w works out. what! >> and mel continues s s to le drake get the best of him. no surprise. first, this is very exciting royal family news. yeah, royal family. prince harry has officially confirmed his relationship with megan markle. >> american! >> yes.


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