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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  November 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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>> what's next for the 84-year-old? could he be part of a donald trump administration? >> i don't go around soliciting jobs. i don't go around -- i'm not going around looking for a job after this. no. i'm up there as a senior citizen. but, but if a president calls you -- >> as he wraps up his sixth few if any regrets. >> it was a great run. and i'm proud of a couple of things that can go on my tombstones in what's that? >> probably the longest serving sheriff in the history of maricopa county. under that would be, i did it my way.
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the end of the year and paul penzone is expected to be sworn in in early january. i'm andrew hasbun, "fox 10 news." thank you, andrew. maricopa county sheriff-elect paul penzone appeared on fox 10 arizona morning to talk today about the future of the sheriff's department and said he is focused on saving taxpayer's money and he may make some changes. >> can you talked about the tent city could be on the chopping block. you don't know. >> i want to be responsible which means you have to know the information of facts and then make sound decisions based off that information. pink handcuffs? those are the things -- >> if they are brangding trademark things and not -- if they don't change a behavior or save taxpayer dollars, i don't see the value. if someone wants to make an argument why they have value please share it with me. i think that they -- i truly believe those were nonsense in a lot of ways and i'm not about nonsense.
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him for his decades of service in law enforcement. now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division. have to get together. to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say is it time for us to come together as one united people. i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans and this is so important to me. >> after a fascinating campaign, a historic election and victory, donald trump is the next president of the united states. it was a stunning upset as unpredictable as the election season and during his victory speech, president-elect trump
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trump striking a kinder gentler tone on social media. shortly after his victory speech last night he tweeted, quote, such a beautiful and important evening. we will all come together as never before. donald trump and running mate mike pence will be inaugurated on january 20th. >> donald trump did not win the popular vote in the country and many people are not happy about the rules of last night's election. today high school students in arizona and california walked out of school protesting trump's victory. weigh we caught up with schools protesting here in the valley. some carrying signs saying, not my president. in california students in berkeley and oakland sat in front of their schools refusing to go back inside. a celebration today at the maricopa county sheriff's office the latino civil rights group liewcha jubilant that sheriff arpaio lost his bid for re-election and will be gone. but at this time of triumph for
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threat of deportation. a renewed fear. steve krafft joins us live with that story tonight. >> john, a renewed threat of deportation for undocumented immigrants because with one stroke of the pen, president-elect trump can undue an executive order from president obama that brought people out of shadows. that may now be changing. >> an inflatable sheriff joe in jail stripes and handcuffs. the back drop is anti-arpaio activists celebrated his defeat. they are happy he will be gone but know president-elect trump could step up deportations. >> some of the people at this rally chanted. no papers no fear. but that's not the way everybody felt. >> definitely people think that they can definitely be deported. donald trump has said that this was going to happen and a lot of our community members are scared. i'm scared. >> he is a u.s. citizen but his family members and friends who
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members are not sleeping. only slept two hours last night. and it's -- we are scared. my stomach is still in knots now thinking about what can happen. >> another is undocumented and has been in the u.s. since she was five years old. under president obama's deferred action, she has had a work perm and been exempt from deportation but she knows under president trump that could change. >> i grew up here. my family is and i don't know any other place to be my home. so just thinking about uprooting my entire life and it's definitely not a pleasing thought. >> during the campaign donald trump promised to create a special deportation task force and build a wall along the 1,989 mile mexican border and get the mexicans to pay for it. reporting live, steve krafft,
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hillary clinton speaking to her supporters today. she admitted that loss was painful and asked her supporters to give the president-elect a chance to lead. >> i feel pride and gratitude for this wonderful campaign that we built together. this vast, diverse creative unruly energized campaign. you represent the best of america and being your candidate has been one of the 2k3wr5e9est honors of -- greatest honors of my life. >> mrs. clinton choosing to speak this morning rather than last night. it was a very painful night. unexpected night and unexpected defeat. clinton also called mr. trump early in the morning once again to congratulate him on his victory. >> following hillary clinton's speech, president obama commented on the race from the white house rose garden. president obama said he had spoken with president-elect donald trump and plans to work with him to ensure a smooth transition between his
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administration. >> we are now all rooting for success. and uniting and leading the country. is it no secret that president-elect and i have some pretty significant differences. but remember, eight years ago president obama and i had some pretty significant differences. but president bush's team could not have been more professional and more gracious in make sugar with donald trump tomorrow at the white house to discuss the transition. that should be fascinating. we have all heard the speeches from donald trump and hillary clinton and president obama. we also posted them on our youtube page. you can watch them in their entirety and find a link at 10 phoenix. oh, my god. gunfire. gunfire. gunfire. >> i didn't -- i think i heard
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>> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> okay, we are back here. it's done. it's over. it's over. it's over, folks. they just unleashed about 30 rounds. >> this was such a horrible day in -- a hostage situation with the man accused of killing a police officer holding up a 15-year-old in a cabin and comes to an end in show low. this could not have been any more dramatic. the live on facebook. >> police shootings, well that gunfire it was the end of a seven hour standoff with a man accused of shooting and killing police officer darrin reid. >> police shootings are rare in the northeastern arizona town in the 1-800-mountains. and there is a -- white mountains and a big outpouring of support for officer reid and his family. liz kotalik, this is so dramatic the police shooting and the officer killed and then the
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the poor girl that was hold up. >> and it was such a dramatic night here in show low last night. people here still trying to come to terms with exactly what happened. in fact, a news conference just wrapped up here at the show low police department. no new information was released about this case but instead officers took the time to remember their friend and co-worker, officer reid. in fact, just a few hours ago his casket made his way through this town as hundreds of people lined the streets to say their final >> in a town only home to 11,000 people, when tragedy strikes one, it's fell by all. >> he was a good man. >> show low mourns as a hearst makes its way through the street in the town that the officer died protecting a job he held here for more than a decade. >> just so heart breaking. >> the somber procession as investigators continue to piece this tragedy together beginning yesterday around noon at the days inn notice center of show low. a 911 disturbance call leading
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police and 36-year-old daniel erickson. officers say the man pulled out a gun. shooting and killing officer reid. erickson ran to the lake of the wods resort about 15 minutes away barricaded himself in a cabin holding a 15-year-old girl hostage. special response units and s.w.a.t. teams spending 6 1/2 hours trying to talk him down. they say he was sporadically shooting at officers leaving them no choice but to fire back. erickson was killed. the teen rescued safe and unharmed. a dramatic night community in shock and disbelief. >> just a extremely sad, sad situation. >> we just pray for his family and they will be okay. >> now the memories of an officer. >> he pulled me over once. >> with the kind heart and compassion in the sole. >> he gave me a warning. man known by many but today mourned by all. >> we just pray for his family and wish them the best. >> officer reid leaves behind a wife, a son and a daughter and we were told here tonight that
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retiring in february. if you like to come pay your respects, a candlelight vigil will be held here at the show low marketplace and all of that information can be found on their website, in show low, liz kotalik, "fox 10 news." still ahead tonight at 5:00, a case of stranger danger at a mall. police in tempe trying to track down this man. >> and a massive fire lights up the night sky in one phoenix neighborhood. this was big. we will take a look at the damage it left behind. >> and the why arizona snowbowl has to delay the opening for the season. we will tell you. near record yesterday. it was warm today but not quite as warm. and that seemd to be what's going on here. temperatures dropping just a little bit each day. we will take a look at that.
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police in tempe looking into a case of stranger danger... police in tempe looking into a case of are looking for a man who may have followed several children into some stores at the mall last friday. danielle miller is live in tempe tonight with more about the suspect. what do we know? >> john and kari, tempe police are telling us this incident happened here at the arizona mills mall. they ar telling us it happened between 6:45 and 8:00 p.m. now what they are telling us is this man you are about to see here in these surveillance videos was seen suspiciously
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they are telling us that he followed these kids and even went into stores that they were going into. and police telling us this man even made contact with some of these children. and these children, some of them, may have been victimized. police are now asking anybody with any information on this case or who may have been a victim of this to give them a call. now we want to give you a brief description here of this suspect. he said to be a white male between 25 to 35 years old. he is about tall. he has dark longer hair and a goatee and last seen wearing that gray button up shirt you saw there in those surveillance pictures. he had a white shirt underneath and blue jeans and black shoes. if you have any information on this case, they are asking you to call police. reporting live, danielle miller, "fox 10 news". well, a little bit above the seasonal norm today but still a warm day. not as warm as yesterday.
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temp come down even more. nice night tonight. we will have the forecast coming
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well, say it isn't snow. yeah, warm weather has delayed opening day at arizona snowbowl. the resort had planned to open friday. that would have been the earliest opening day ever because they can make snow but temperatures at night have been above freezing so you can't make snow when it's that way. new target date now november 18. >> is this kind of the start off of blaming dave here? >> no, no. you want temperatures to cooperate and at least we are starting to head in direction. >> yeah, we were. and those lows are getting down but they have been a little bit above the freeze mark, 34, 35. things like that. but they are going to make a little turnaround here over the next week or so. 83 right now. winds east, southeast at 14 miles per hour. it's 82 in deer valley and glendale it's 84 degrees. right now in mesa it is 82 degrees.
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seen across the landscape as we get you to look. the winds are blowing again in a few different places and see in nogales, 22 miles per hour. and then as we come north they settle down just a little bit. we go to 85 degrees on the high today. and that's five degrees cooler than yesterday. and then in deer valley 84 out at gateway and 82. in goodyear 84 degrees and buckeye another 82-degree reading. 81 degrees up in kingman. 72 in prescott. in and 79 down in tucson. as we go through the night and by early morning temperatures dropping off nicely into the low 60s. we will be looking at 62, 63, somewhere in there. and there we go, about 61 degrees. look at these 50s that we are seeing around the valley. so things cooling off nicely at night and then warming up a little bit in the day time.
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68 the morning low. 55 would be the morning low. the norm. 88 the record high for the day. 31 your record low for the day. and right now as we look at the forecast highs you can see very much toward the norm for this time of year. 80 degrees. 79 is the norm. we see 77s up there as well. as a few little things going on that make it look nice. 70s. 50s showing up in the mountains. as we get you to look here across the country. once again a across texas and then northern florida picking up some moisture as well. as we look at overnight it will be 61 degrees. and 80 degrees almost seasonal. 79 would be the seasonal high. and not looking too bad. some 70s showing up in there as well. watch your kids around water. that is so nice. >> gorgeous. >> low 80s? that is great. thank you, dave. coming up next at 5:00, an extra special sweet treat for the
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>> they deserve it and a competition from man's best friend, the best of the best coming up in scottsdale this week. i really did save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. i should take a closer look at geico... geico has a long history of great savings and great service. over seventy-five years. wait. seventy-five years? that is great. speaking of great, check out these hot riffs. you like smash mouth? uh, yeah i have an early day tomorrow so...
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this is a great show if you never been out there. anita roman has the story. >> the dog agility world championship attracts nearly 1,000 dogs from a dozen different countries. 100 competitors from right here in arizona are also taking to the field. >> not only the six rings of agility you can come out and try agility. you can do herding and dock diving. >> these are the world's fastest and best canine athletes competing in a 170-yard o navigated by their human partner at west world in scottsdale. >> it it's just a lot of fun watching the dogs having so much fun. the equipment is fun to put together and it's just a good experience for both the dogs and the handlers. >> it depends on the dog. like anything else. some dogs take to the sport right away and other dogs need a little time. >> dogs can't compete until they are 18 months old. the big event, sunday the 29th
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agility. >> this is it. so if you on sunday when the world championships run, there is six different jump heights and you get to claim the world championship title for the year. >> daily activities continue through sunday. the event is dog friendly. of course, for friendly pups, on leash. at west world, anita roman, "fox 10 news." world championship chicago cubs. can you believe i said that? >> no, it's a little -- it takes some getting used to. >> the world series champion chicago cubs. are being honored with a real sweet treat. took 200 hours for bakers at chicago's french pastry school to create this masterpiece. the 5 foot cake made up of 45 pounds of sugar, ten pounds of rice crispies. when on display at the chicago city hall and fans were leaving messages to congratulate the team on the walls of wrigley field. look at that. right there on the walls with chalk. but today was the last day to do
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tribute and then the wall cleaning begins. >> leave it up for awhile. leave it up for awhile. >> the rain will bring it down in chicago. thousands of messages have been left over the past week following the cubs victory over the cleveland indians. the cleveland fans didn't enjoy that story as much as you did. and extremely rare and beautiful diamond expected to fetch a huge price at an auction in switzerland. the diamond is rated as a vivid blue and it has a presale estimate of 15 to $25 million. yeah, i was thinking that but i wasn't sure. the international superstar whose twitter count has gone dark to protest donald trump's presidential victory. >> what investigators are saying about this election day fire that raced through a valley neighborhood. >> and later the big change
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it could be several more it could be several more days before maricopa county gets all of the votes officially counted and tallied and this could affect some things. there that have not been counted. it's a huge number. and there are an estimated 55,000 provisional ballots left uncounted. they are at the county recorders office waiting to be tabulated. linda williams live with the story. people have been facebooking me all day saying could this affect some outcomes. >> actually could. this is the highest number of early ballots ever cast in maricopa county. besides presenting a mountain of work for the recorder's office,
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some close races including that of maricopa county recorder helen purcell. what seems to many like an easy task feeding thousands of early ballots into a machine to be tabulated is actually much more complicated says elizabeth bartholamew of the maricopa county recorders office. >> because we received those ballots on the day of the election, they need to be signature verified, they need to be processed and then ready for tabulation. so that's what we will be doing all d majoriy of them ready to go to tab late tomorrow morning. >> the number of early ballots waiting to be tabulated, 3,400,000. >> we can only tab late so much per -- tab late so much per day. >> bartholamew says tuesday election day more than 200,000 voters dropped off early ballot at their polling places around maricopa county. at the maricopa county recorder's office, there were nearly 200,000 more early


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