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tv   FOX 10 News 6pm  FOX  November 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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it is an apartment complex called the resort. but it's hardly a five-star experience, according to tenants who live there. they say they've been dealing with sewage problems, cockroaches, and foul odors. fox 10's steve kraft has the story tonight. >> we got calls from people who live at the resort apartments in west phoenix. they tell us these apartments are anything but a resort. the resort apartments on 35th avenue just north of indian school. the place looks nice from outside, nice big fountain, but not so nice to live here. in this apartment, the sink has been clogged for four months. take a look. that's what it looks like when a sink has been clogged for four months. blackwater. >> so he come and look over here. oh, i'll fix that monday. >> reporter: frank pays $525 a month for this studio apartment,
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here's christina ruiz's place. she's raising two kids here. there's a hole in the bathroom ceiling. >> my bathroom was actually leaking, and it caved in. i told them. they said, oh, they'll have somebody come check. >> reporter: when did that happen? >> on sunday. still nobody's came, but my leak's been like that for three weeks, and somebody was supposed to come check on it, and they haven't come to check. >> reporter: stephanie jones says she has water leaks too. >> when you plush the toilet, it either overflows or stays out all over into the bedroom. that's why the carpet and all right here is soaked. >> reporter: and the odor? maybe it's a good thing this is television and not smell-a-vision. we reached out to the manager of the resort apartments, didn't hear back. we called the city of phoenix to let them know about the situation. the city office is closed today. we hope to find out more next week. in phoenix, steve krafft, fox 10
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arizona voters rejected prop 205. that was the ballot initiative that would have legalized personal amounts of recreational marijuana for adults 21 and older in our state. now there's word that doctor's offices have been flooded with people seeking medical marijuana cards. the phoenix new times is reporting an increase in the number of people booking appointments at certification centers and with doctors across the state over the past few days. the receptionist at sun valley certification clinic told the new times they have been a lot of places are said to have been getting phone calls. arizona voters approved back in 2010. patients have to pay $150 to the state and at least $150 to visit a doctor, as required by law. president-elect donald trump says in an interview with "the wall street journal" that he is now open to preserving key parts of obama care, like allowing young adults to stay on their parents' plans and also prohibiting insurance from denying coverage because of preexisting conditions.
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his loyal supporters to help transition to the white house. they include kansas secretary of state, chris kobach. that was arizona's controversial immigration law. he says he'll be helping trump work on policy issues. during the presidential race, kobach advised trump on immigration policy. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump unveils the team that will help him transition from candidate to commander chief. mr. trump replacing governor chris christie with vice president-elect mike pence as the chairman of the his transition team. three of the trump children will also play important roles alongside former new york mayor rudy giuliani. >> all of my work on behalf of him has been out of great loyalty and friendship to him. >> reporter: and outgoing president obama with a very special veterans day message as he does his part to heal a
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campaign season. >> but the american instinct has never been to find isolation in opposite corners, it is to find strength in our common creed. to forge unity. >> reporter: while those in washington talk about unity, americans across the country continue to peacefully protest the election results. although some turning violent. >> protesters, this is an unlawful assembly. >> reporter: but a top republican says of the process. >> people are free to express themselves, and i don't think we ought to be unduly alarmed by it. >> reporter: as democrats look for answers on what went wrong this election, they need to choose a new chair of the dnc. names floated are former governors and former presidential candidates, martin o'malley and howard dean. back here in arizona, governor doug ducey taking part in a phoenix tradition this
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guard for the veterans day parade. he posted these pictures on facebook saying, i had a wonderful time along with everyone on the parade route and a message to the veterans this morpg morning, thank you for serving our country. thousands lined the streets to watch the parade. that parade down central avenue and camelback as everyone cheered them on. community leaders and high school bands taking part in today's event as they welcomed and honored the veterans. >> being in the military, w missed a lot of holidays together, birthdays, and it's nice to be here and enjoy the time with everybody out here. >> there were about 2,500 people taking part in the actual parade itself, which lasted about two hours. and another big veterans day parade happening out in mesa today. the east valley veterans day parade started at university in downtown mesa. the theme of this year's parade, generations of valor.
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phoenix children's hospital share an unbreakable bond. both served at hospitals in the middle east. fox 10's liz kotalik explains. >> i get to this time of year, and i think about him all the time. >> reporter: doctors don mcclellan and robert patel work together at phoenix children's hospital, not just co-workers but friends. a relationship they'll cherish forever. >> whether we like it or not, we have a bond. >> reporter: a bond that began in 2004, with a seven month deployment to the middle east. th t together in hospitals in iraq during the violent time of the u.s. invasion and right after the fall of saddam hussein. but plans changed. dr. mcclellan sent to mosul, mr. puntel just outside of baghdad. >> we were getting mortars daily up to the elections, but you guys got mortars -- we were in a war zone. >> reporter: thankfully, an end in sight, june of 2005, the
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daughter getting married. when he heard his partner doctor got injured and couldn't leave his post, he heard something else surprising. >> dr. puntel has already volunteered to cover for you. you should tell the story. >> i had four kids that were in high school. there weren't any big family events happening around that time for me. i said, well, i know you'd do this for me. i'll just stay longer so you can do those big events. >> reporter: so dr. stayed in iraq for two more months while dr. mcclellan attended his daughter's son's graduation. as he walked his daughter down the aisle, he always remembered why he was there. >> yeah, i did. in fact, i stepped outside and had a little bit of a cry. >> reporter: from that moment forward, the men have moved many by the story of their friendship, a bond between two
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broken. >> it was the right thing to do. he would have done it for me. i know that's true. >> thank you, liz, for that. a 90-year-old woman taking the plunge this veterans day. take a look at this. the high flying act today. this woman jumped out of a plane this morning as a way to pay tribute. fox 10's danielle miller explains. >> i changed my mind. i'm a little nervous, but i've taken risks before. >> it's not a typical friday morning for 90-year-old lori philips. this morning, she's suited up. >> none of these will break, will they? >> reporter: before jumping out of a plane. >> i want you to sit right on that "x." >> he said he enjoyed it even when they were shooting at him. >> reporter: lori chose to sky drive with phoenix area sky diving on veterans day to honor her husband bill phillips who passed away last year at the age of 92. he was a world war ii veteran and a member of the army 82nd airborne.
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of those who have served. >> i have a son that died and killed in vietnam. i have three sons, greg, bob, and rick are in the service, and i also had a grandson that's in the service. >> reporter: after the jump, lori's family anxiously awaited for her two feet. >> whoo, she made it. >> reporter: to touch the ground. lorry jumped from 10,000 feet with a 45 second freefall. then the parachute it's a five minute coast to the ground, where we're happy to report lorry landed safely. >> it was beautiful. it was really nice. i was really scared. when he opened that door and threw me out. i was glad he was hanging on to me. >> reporter: phillips says she has no future plans to jump again, but may consider it for her 95th birthday. she has a message for those who have served and are still serving. >> stay healthy and wise and love your country. >> reporter: danielle miller, fox 10 news.
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i hope to have lorry's energy and spirit of excitement when i'm 90 years old. that's amazing. this may have happened to you or somebody you know. facebook pages suddenly indicating that someone has died even though they're alive. we'll tell you what this glitch was all about coming up. a great veterans day, not only here, but around the rest of the country as well. now comes veterans weekend. what's that going to be like?
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some facebook users got a notification that may have scared them some facebook notification that may have scared them to death this morning. this maybe even happened to you. it was a glitch that made it look like a user had died. it linked to a feature that memorialized the page of someone who died. the message said that facebook hoped the user's loved ones would take comfort in seeing the posts the user shared about them. hopefully, that glitch has been fixed tonight. two weeks until everybody's favorite friday of the year, or at least a lot of people's.
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reporting, the retailers are optimistic. macy's and kohl's are upbeat, hoping consumers will turn their attention from voting to shopping for retail therapy. they believe sales will increase 3.6% to about $650 billion this year. there's one valley man already in line for black friday. he's taking things to a whole new level. he might remember him, jarvis johnson. his black friday setup went viral last year. this year he's turned that internet success int paycheck. marcy jones caught up with johnson outside the best buy in avondale. >> reporter: when you think of black friday, you think of this guy, jarvis johnson, mr. $149 for a 49-inch. he won't forget his name because he won't let you. jarvis, we're out two weeks early. >> great deals this year. 49 inch for $200. can't beat that. ultrahdtv. got to get me one. >> reporter: it seems like you know a lot about this. is best buy paying you?
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>> reporter: they really do like you because you've become mr. best buy. >> yeah, i did a commercial. they did compensate me for the commercial. i had a good time for that. >> reporter: let's go inside your new setup. we upgraded. beyonce, we upgraded. >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: we've got two couches. carpeting. >> yes. >> reporter: what else do we got going on? >> i'm getting ready to get my bed set up. we have a barbecue grill over there. no propane, so no fire hazard. he's talking about. we've got fox 10 on. >> fox 10 is the best. >> reporter: let's talk a little bit about what are you standing in line for this year? >> i want another tv. >> reporter: you want another tv? give the man what he wants. you have a lot of people sponsoring you? >> yes, i do. yes, i do. i have a lot. >> reporter: do you know what that smells like? smells like money. this man is rolling in money. i can't believe it. now, of course you won everybody
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? i like fox 10 and everyone that's in ? ? she got two phones she go by marcy jones ? ? everybody knows she's back i think she's black ? ? extra money in my pocket feel great ? ? got to save my money for my wife and kids ? >> reporter: wife and kids, they are the center of your universe even though people think you wait all year long friday. >> i do. >> reporter: thank you so much, jarvis. i hope you get everyone you want. >> she's got two phones, and her name is marcy jones. another classic line from jarvis johnson out there tonight. coming up after the break, dave mun sene will have a look at the
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dave, we made it to friday. i think a lot of people are excited about that. the weekend is finally here. seemed like a long week. >> it was a long week. it's going to be a beautiful weekend for people to kind of recuperate and get themselves back on track and relax a little bit. it's 79 degrees right now. there's a little breeze out of the east at 3 miles an hour. 26% on the humidity. we have a 41 degrees on the dewpoint right now. 74 degrees in ahwatukee. 72 in apache junction. in fountain hills, it's 73 degrees right now. mid-70s up in surprise. we see a little bit of cloud cover here and there. but that is about it. in fact, watch some come through over the weekend. just a little bit of cloud cover working its way through the state as we head into the nice
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mild temperatures. we go to 83 degrees. that's a little bit above the seasonal norm for this time of year. 82 in glendale. 81 down in chandler. 58 in flagstaff. 73 in sedona. 83 in gila bend. 80 in tucson. get that temperature dropping through the night. that supermoon, by the way, is going to be out there on monday. that's when it will be at its full status. we'll get down into the low 60s overnight. 58 degrees in ahwatukee. 56 degrees up in surprise. by tomorrow morning. it was 66 this morning. 83 this afternoon. 78 and 54, normal high and low. record high 91. record low at 35. take a look at what we're forecasting here. for your highs for your saturday. nice looking temperatures, once again. a few degrees above the seasonal norm for this time of year. not much going on across the country. you see a little moisture in the
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northern and northwestern portion. weekend, 61 overnight by tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon, 81 degrees. we'll stay with those 80s. in fact, they're going to increase as we head into next week. watch your kids around water. this was it. the final home game of the season for the sun devils. the seniors looking to go out in style by beating the utah utes.
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oh boy.. tough times for the sun devils. the asu oh, boy. tough times for the sun devils. the asu football team in the middle of a four-game losing streak. todd graham and his guys need one more win. one more to be bowl eligible. there's only two games left at washington and at arizona. last night the boys hosted utah. it was senior night. the final home game for the seniors, and it was the fresh freshman. he looked fantastic for todd graham. take a look at this play. he's just trying to make something happen, weaving through traffic. somehow breaks free right there and takes it in for a touchdown. he's going to be so much fun to watch over the next couple of years. this was not fun to watch. oh, boy, the asu defense giving up big play after big play. joe williams off to the races. 82 yards. the asu gave up scoring plays of 82 yards, 64, and 40 yards last
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once, but twice. this interception right here. take it to the house for a touchdown. you get the picture. it was a blowout. utah utes win it easy. final score 49-26. todd graham bummed out after this one. >> we've just got to get better. that's it. i don't know the answer for that, but i just -- we thought we needed to pressure less. our production in sacks has gone way down, and we're still having the same issues with big plays. >> can't forget about the big boys of the nfl. we've got you covered, not one, but two games right here on fox 10. we start with the packers and the titans. and the arizona cardinals taking on the 49ers. we speed things up now. nascar, the reason why. nascar made its way to the
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k&n 500. >> man, i'm not quite here. hendrick horsepower. great guys at hendricks motor sports. a lot of thanks to this guy standing next to me, dale jr. really grateful to be here and get a pole so close to home in phoenix. >> he doesn't look like he should have a driver's license.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: shia labeouf spits some mad bars, yo. ? >> he absolutely went bananas. he dissed drake in the freestyle. and you have to speak fluent hip-hop to catch this. harvey: excuse me, sir, i speak fluent hip-hop. >> ok. >> dream renee kardashian. she's already all over social media. harvey: who's the dominant gene in this? >> it's always the kardashian gene. >> all of those women are beautiful. >> he didn't come from one of those women. he came from the man. >> but the father passed down the genes. >> what genes did rob have? harvey: robert kardashian was a very good looking guy. >> he was so handsome, they had david schwimmer play him in a movie. [laughter] >> french montana and iggy


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