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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  November 11, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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thanks for joining us tonight. first on fox, tonight, the dea is warning of a new deadly strong that is responsible for dozens of deaths across the country. >> its name doesn't sound dangerous. it's called pink, and experts believe it is way more dangerous than heroin. stefania okolie has been looking into the dangers of this synthetic drug. and she joins us live. stefania? >> yeah, john and kari, and perhaps the most dangerous part about this drug is how it's accessible. take a look right here. i only had to search a few things to pop up a website selling this drug known as pink, also known as pink heroin, for just $35 for people purchasing it who could have no idea what it could do for them, u4770, better known as pink on the streets, is a new drug eight times stronger than heroin.
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molecule, and all of a sudden you have got something new. >> and that something new is typically altered strands of already illegal drugs. >> you could have an illegal drug, a banned or controlled substance, change just a piece of it and all of a sudden it's a legal product. >> it's part of a bigger issue that's been sweeping the nation for a year, a surge in synthetic drugs on the market. >> sadly, there's always new designer drugs appearing every day. >> pink now responsible for dozens of nation, most recently in utah where 213-year-old boys died after taking the drug. they ordered it on the internet. stephanie says one of the scariest parts about it is the easy access to deadly opioid drugs. >> no one is immune to this. it could be rich or poor, young or old. everyone has access to designer drugs online nowadays. >> yeah, not to mention a lot of
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unregulated. if they keep getting created at these unprecedented rates, it could be hard for experts to keep up with the different strands that chemists are making at this point. the only thing really is education as prevention. parents, if you have young teens who you think may be into any sort of synthetic drugs, you'll want to keep an eye on what they are searching on the internet and of course what is coming in the mail. live, stefania okolie, fox 10 a road rage incident that stretched from scottsdale to phoenix, arizona last night, a suspect taken to jail after investigators say he tried to commit suicide behind bars. they say moses tried to repeatedly ram a woman's car last night. officers caught up to him, say he turned around and tried to flee, crashing into several police cars, including a
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thankfully nobody was hurt. police believe he was intoxicated at the time. three days since the election, and officials in maricopa county are still counting the ballots. can you believe it? the latest update from the recorder's office in maricopa county, there are about 238,000 early ballots that need to be tableted still, and about 55,000 provisional ballots that need to be reviewed. workers will continue counting into tomorrow. >> so with many so ballots that are still outstanding, that need to be been asking all of us, how could they possibly have results of the election called already when there are still early votes out there? >> half a million votes haven't been counted, marcy jones is getting to the bottom of it. >> absolutely, guys, it seem a little confusing that the election is called while some ballots are still in boxes across the state. however, there is a formula that
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ensure that every vote is counted eventually. >> we like a good story to cover, and this was a good story, for the team on the fox news decision desk, we were prepared for a lot of eventuallities, but it was definitely one for the record books. >> nobody knows better than chris, part of the fox news desk, he says november 8th, 2016, will never be forgotten and he also wants to remind the folks that the official call comes from the electoral college on december 19th. >> when news outlets call a race, that's not official. we are just projecting what we think is going to happen. we happen to have quite a good track record about what the outcomes are, but there's nothing legally binding. >> it's like that across the board, even for individual states. for example, the hundreds of thousands of early ballots that have yet to be counted in arizona follow the same formula,
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majority decision location the ballot came from. >> when you look at the exit polls from the beginning, they tell the stories of the race, and when the ballots come in, you test the exit polls. and then as the votes came in, we remade our models and saw, in fact, he had punched through what we call the blue wall, those states that have been 1992 or before, in this case in the upper midwest, and found a path that republicans hadn't seen in a long time. >> now, when it comes to decisions like prop 205, they use a formula based on the trend in the region and use a ratio compared to the number of ballots outstanding. now that voters have rejected arizona proposition 205 that would have legalized small
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marijuana, some doctors say they are seeing an increase in the number of people trying to obtain medical marijuana cards. many of those businesses saw a dip as people were waiting to see if marijuana would become fully legal, but as soon as they saw it was not going to pass, the phone calls, the internet traffic, the foot traffic began to pick up. >> i will say getting the people that were waiting and now they know they can't wait any longer, and if they want to be able to buy medicine from the dispensaries, they must go ahead and get their card renewed. >> well, reese says even had prop 205 passed, he doesn't believe it would have hurt the
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arizona. he says there are many patients who still don't realize it exists even though it has been around five years. happy veterans day. with we want to thank everyone who has served their country. several veterans day parades took place, including one in mesa. tens of thousands of people lined up to watch the floats go buy. >> being in the military, we missed a lot of holay nice to be here and enjoy the time with everybody out here. >> oh, just the togetherness, it takes two to get started, and then you just build from there. >> americans still treasure their country. and the veterans are the top of the list that treasure the country. >> and you think of all of the sacrifices they make when they
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just appreciate them so much. 2,500 people took part in the parade, which lasted about two hours, and the theme was welcome home vietnam veterans, eight veterans serving various areas of the military served as grand marshals. >> we thank you all of you for your service, and we thank dave munsey too. he's working today. no day off for dave, but we appreciate you da a big game coming up sunday at home. >> they are taking on the 49ers, and our own veteran, who served in vietnam, dave munsey, joining us with a look at the game day forecast. you want to be here, though? >> of course, i begged them. they wanted to give me the day off, i said absolutely not. i want to be there, just to do stuff like this. hey, the game is going to be like this, great weekend, temperatures above the seasonal
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absolutely beautiful, 82 degrees at kickoff, 2:00 on sunday is, of course the cardinals going against san francisco, not a football fan? maybe a football fan but a bigger nascar fan? that's at 2:00, and richard saenz told me leave early. there's a lot of traffic out there. so there's a lot going on this weekend. great weather for nascar as well. we'll have more weather coming up. >> all right. >> thanks, dave. >> i hope you enjoy tomorrow. >> yeah, and hopefully they open the roof for the cardinals game th they should just open it up, because it's going to be fabulous. another big sporting event this weekend, nascar returning to p.i.r. the track hosting the second-to-last race in the sprint cup series, p.i.r. donating 500 tickets in honor of veterans day. if you want to go to the races, tickets are available on our website, still ahead tonight, is 65
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the trend that plastic surgeons are seeing. and also coming your way, frightening attack, this one caught on camera, this one is horrifying. a little boy being mauled by a dog, his mother coming to the rescue, and she can barely keep those dogs at bay. and also a story you'll need to see tonight, these dummies are no dummy, in fact, they are quite advanced pieces of technology. how students studying medicine are here using them here in the vall so, can i see you again... ...i'm free on black forest ham day. there's a subway? $3.50 sub of the day
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traditional way of learning the practice of medicine is to work with live patients, but now there is a new tool available. >> patients who have had many of the same qualities as real life people but are actually not real, they are called medical mannequins, and steve krafft shows us how they are being used in phoenix. >> how many years have you had your hypertension and diabetes? >> about 15 years. >> reporter: meet patricia.
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like the kind you find in a department store. this is the place she calls home, the center for simulation and innovation at the university of arizona college of medicine in phoenix. >> we are also going to give you some medicine that's going to help with that chest pain, okay? >> reporter: the day we met patricia, she was having a heart attack. >> are you feeling sweaty now? >> yeah, i am. >> okay. do you feel nauseous at all? >> yeah. >> do you feel like you're going to throw up at all? >> reporter: students and faculty on the other side of provide her with a voice. >> no, this has never happened. >> reporter: and control her behaviors via computer, even how often she blinks her eyes. >> so chest pain, what's going to kill her right now that you need to do an immediate intervention? >> she's pulseless, not responsive, so let's get a backboard here. >> this mannequin was made in
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different skin tones to represent the full range of patients. they almost look bionic, and they are pricey, each costs between 120-$180,000. >> she can throw up on us. her tongue can get swollen. we can drop her lungs, so she has a collapsed lung that we would need to put a chest in. she can develop fluid around her heart, and she can develop all of these different signs and symptoms. >> she's tachycardic -- >> reporter: dr. wu says they are different than when she was in medical school. >> we had to practice our procedures on live patients. the first time i did a central
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large vein was on a real pressure. >> talk about real pressure. >> reporter: one is acknowledge base of medicine, and the other is sort of the muscle memory of skill to do the procedures they need to do in real life, and patricia helps with both of those. >> the first time i tried to intubate patricia, i couldn't get the tube in. it took me three or four tries, and we were able to teach each other and work together and with the help of our faculty, with the each time. >> patricia and these models cultivate really excellent muscle memory when it comes to skills, so with we can practice all of our skills in a no risk environment, and we can keep trying it until we get it, and we build really perfect skills for all that will be necessary in the real setting. >> sometimes patricia changes
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come in on a gurney from an ambulance, you know, from all sorts of different ways we have met patricia over the years, so we have a close bond. sometimes she makes it. sometimes she doesn't, but we learn from her every time. >> in phoenix, steve krafft, fox 10 news. >> it doesn't look like she's totally well yet. >> no, not quite. she needs more -- >> a little more color in her face. >> a little more bedside manner and the school has nine medical mannequins and seven cadavers. >> right now, there are more than 300 medical students at that school. still ahead at 9:00, it's called the resort, but the residents who live in the resort, they say this is no resort. the phoeni apartment complex is a mess. it's a cesspool, backed up
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we are looking into the deplorable living conditions and trying to find out who is responsible. >> plus, it's been a long, hard road for this little dog. he went missing, was abused, but after nearly a decade he finds his home. >> we check in on the sun devils, bobby hurley and the basketball team off and running tonight. last night, it was todd graham in action, senior night in tempe. could they go out in style by beating 15th ranked we'll let you know later in the show. >> beautiful night out there, and here comes the weekend.
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hi, everybody. look at that. 73 degrees right now, nice
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northeast, and the city looking absolutely perfect for you, 73 as we have mentioned, 39 degrees on the dew point temperature, 70 in scottsdale right now, 68 degrees at gateway. we have 70 in ahwatukee and in surprise it is 66 degrees. not much going on. we do have some cloud cover that's going to work its way through here on the weekend. you can just kind of see it fairly light as it comes through here. so we'll see some high thin clouds on the there you go. nice mild day, even though it is a little bit above the seasonal norms for this time of year, 83 degrees at sky harbor, in buckeye 81 degrees, 82 in glendale and in chandler we had 81 degrees for the high today. as we look for some other numbers here, 66 in payson, 68 up at winslow, up at page they had 66 degrees, 83 at gila bend, and 80 degrees in tuscon on the day today.
9:23 pm
going to be on monday that you're going to see that. that's as close as it's going to be to the earth as it has been in sometimement nice looking overnight lows. the sun rises tomorrow morning, 61 tomorrow morning at deer valley, 55 down in maricopa, a little chillier down there, it was 66 early this morning, 83 late this afternoon, 78 and 54 would be your normal high and low, record high 91, record low at 35. let's seeha as the forecast highs are concerned. we bring it down just a degree or so, some of those temperatures matching today's high at 83, some 82s mixed in there, even some 70s mixed into the forecast group, to the north, 69 the forecast for payson, 55 the forecast for flagstaff, 87 at tuscon and 87 at yuma. looking across the country, you
9:24 pm
its way into the moisture in the northwest, northern california getting in on that with some very high elevation snow. not much of it. it is fairly warm, these temperatures. it has cooled off a little bit in this section of the country. you also see some moisture down here in the gulf states, coming on in here houston, but most of it stays offshore and continues to just kind of sneak in every once in a while into some of these gulf 67 in new orleans today. you can see they had a little rain there. 67 in washington, 52 in chicago, mid-60s in wichita, denver at 61, 54 at bismarck. look at those 60s, 63 in portland, 61 up in seattle. overnight and into your weekend, we are going to be looking at a clear sky and 61 degrees. now, for tomorrow, lots of sunshine for you. 81 degrees as we enjoy the
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you can see monday, tuesday we start getting back into the mid-80s, a few clouds come along about midweek, and it backs off. in fact, yeah, we do see a 60 in there and a couple of 70s starting to make their way into the forecast at this time. we do remind you to enjoy your weekend and watch your kids around water. >> i do not need a reminder to enjoy my weekend, dave. i'm going to do it on my own, but i appreciate the sentiment. >> you know what, i do need the remier >> all right, as dave mentioned, we have something pretty special this weekend. a super moon, we promised this would be hard to miss, and this will be very hard to miss, because this moon will be closer to the earth than in almost 70 years, expected to appear up to 30% larger and 14% brighter than a usual moon.
9:26 pm
4:21 in the morning. >> it's called the beaver moon. >> why is that? do the beavers think it's daylight or what? >> well, i don't want to read the whole story. >> it's too long. >> yeah, it's too long. but it was back when the colonists would set traps for the beavers, in the full moon, apparently. >> this was back when the colonists were skiing. >> at night they would set the traps for full moon. ski season officially underway in california, mammoth mountain opened to snowboarders and skiers, more snow on the way, the tahoe resort expected to open next week. >> it's also called the travel moon and the dying moon, just in case you're wondering. coming up in the next half hour of fox 10 news at 9:00, the secret to negotiating, why it is
9:27 pm
money you're willing to hand over, and there's a reason. >> hand over or accept? >> hand over. >> okay, all right. but first a unique way to honor those who serve this country on this veterans day, a 90-year-old woman to honor her husband, go skydiving. and from candidate to president elect, the latest on donald trump's transition into his new role, our president elect with two big surprises
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president-elect donald
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surprises today as he begins the transition into his new role. president elect donald trump offering up two big surprises today as he begins a transition into his new role. >> one a big shake-up within his trnsition team, and two a revelation about changes to obamacare. >> we'll get more to changes in his transition team in a moment, but first we want to tell you about an interview with the saying he is open to preserving. today, president elect donald trump also unveiled the team that will help him transition from candidate to commander in chief. trump replacing chris christie with vice president elect mike pence as chairman of his transition team, three of the trump children will also play important roles, alongside former new york mayor, rudy giuliani. >> all of my work on behalf of
9:31 pm
loyalty and friendship to him. >> meantime, trump tower, once open to the public, is now turning into a fortress, this morning security barriers were extended with streets blocked off and airspace overhead closed to all traffic under 3,000 feet, and throughout the day, prospective cabinet staffers and officers popped in and out of trump tower. >> you're rumored to being considered for chief of staff. is that something that you're interested in? >> that's not something i'm that's something a lot of newspapers talk about. >> but early supporter dr. ben carson was less tight lipped. >> you can say it, it's okay, you can share it with me. >> yes, there have been discussions. >> donald trump is not only getting a new title as president, he's also getting a new set of wheels. take a look at this, this auto week article here has some renderings of his new presidential limo that will debut at his inauguration in
9:32 pm
car president obama had in 2009, made by cadillac. it will hold seven people. it's kind of a conference setup inside there for the president elect and the president, once he becomes president, and his close aids to ride around in when they are transitioning between aircraft usually in washington, d.c. reporting live, marc martinez, fox 10 news. thanks, marc. president obama spending his final veterans day in the white house laying a wreath at the tomb of the arlington national cemetery, honoring the men and women who fought in vietnam and world war ii. lorry phillips was a little nervous this morning as she suited up to jump out of an airplane for the first any time her life at the age of 90. her goal to honor her husband,
9:33 pm
who passed away last year at the age of 92. he was a world war ii veteran and a member of the army 82nd airborne, but serving this country is something that is deep rooted in lori's family. >> i had a son that died and was killed in vietnam. i had three sons, grant, bob, and rick, who are in the service, and i also had a grandson that's in the service. >> that's great. >> the whole family. >> and look at this, there's video of today lorry jumped from 10,000 feet. >> she's loving it. wow. look at that. good for her. >> this looks like a blast. the jump included a 45 second free fall, as you see here, and then a five-minute coast to the ground. this is great. i wish we had sound, don't you? where lorry landed very safely on two feet. >> it was beautiful.
9:34 pm
i was really scared when they opened that door. i was glad he was hanging on to me. >> at 90 years old, she says she is glad she made the jump but has no plans to do it again. a mother comes to the rescue of a two-year-old son, the entire ordeal caught on camera, it happened in front of a home in california, the mom tried to carry the son away but the continued to bite and attack. she eventually got to the front door, where the mom laid down on top of her son to shield him from the animals. a neighbor eventually came to the rescue. the boy's dad, who was at work at the time, said his wife and is son suffered cuts to his face and hands, but they should be okay. >> the exam went well. i felt like they were very nice to greyson and sam, and i felt better with him seeing the doctor here.
9:35 pm
today. >> that's scary. >> the little boy is just kind of rolling with it. look at him. he looked okay. both dogs belong to a neighbor. one of them was eventually put down. the other is in quarantine. a show low police officer killed in the line of duty on tuesday will be laid to rest on monday. officer darin reid fatally shot this week while responding to a call about a disturbance at a business. the shooter was later killed, hours later after a long standoff with police where he held a 15-year-old girl hostage. officer reed was just 50 years old and leaves behind a wife and son and daughter. he had been with the show low police department since 2006 and was set to retire in february. we have details on his funeral service on our website, it is open to the public. and tonight we are looking into some problems reported by tenants of a west phoenix apartment complex. >> they are dealing with sewage problems, cockroaches, horrible odors, and they say management
9:36 pm
>> i told the management three months ago. he said he would come over and look at it here. oh, i'll fix that monday, frank. >> his sink clogged for nearly four months, leaving black water and roaches at the resort apartments near 35th avenue and indian school. this is hardly a resort. he says management has done nothing to fix meantime, christina ruiz raising two kids here has a whole in her bathroom ceiling. >> when did that happen? >> sunday. it's been like that for three weeks. >> others are experiencing water leaks. >> when you flush the toilet, it either overflows or it stays running like this for about an
9:37 pm
over into the bedroom, that's why the carpet and all of this right here is soaked. >> we have been trying to help these folks, reached out to the manager of the complex, didn't get an answer back, and the city of phoenix which sometimes steps in in these cases to clean it up, the city of phoenix has the day off because of veterans day. nine years in the making, how this little dog was finally returned to his owners a long way away. times to fly. and dave is back with a look at your saturday wake up
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with prism tv from centurylink, you can get over 320 channels, whole home dvr, plus you can watch on your devices. and the best part is, you don't have to deal with cable. we love not having cable. but, paul, babe, when -- when was this headshot taken? oh, uh, i don't know. recently, i guess? uh... okay. yeah. [ chuckles ] so, like, recently, recently.
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? julia we have a heart for you. when you choose to be an organ and tissue donor, you're saving more lives than you know. sign up. save lives. well, this has been a long time coming, a dog finally reunited with his owners after going missing nine years ago.
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away from home, and now he's back. it's been a very tough nine years, however, for the little guy. rescuers believe that after going missing, brownie was abused and then abandoned. this is the person who found brownie. they connected with a valley rescue, and they scanned the dog's microchip, and they were able to figure out the name of the dogs and the original owners, but the contact information was so outdated, so they turned to social media next to track them and then found her on facebook and pm'd her and asked her if she had a dog named brownie that had gone missing. >> it turns out brownie had gone missing from his home in peoria nine years ago, so no one knows who has had him for the past nine years, but his original owners were so excited and surprised to get him back. >> it's amazing how much people really do care for dogs and they really do go out of their way to reunite owners with their pets.
9:42 pm
tough nine years, and brownie is now deaf and blind, but he was still able to recognize his original owner and the voice and just the presence brownie is now happy to be back in their care. well, if you were hoping to buy snapchat's new spectacles as a holiday gift, be prepared to shell out a lot of money. the spectacles, which allow you to record video through a pair of lenses from the first-person perspective, sold out within four hours of becoming available. now they are bei ebay for eight times that. >> wow. >> it's pretty cool. >> if you are planning on taking a trip for thanksgiving, here are few tricks to save you money and time. the lightest day of travel during that time at the airport is expected to be thanksgiving day, so if you can travel and it's not very long, you can go thanksgiving day, that's your best bet. >> maybe fly in the morning and still get dinner that night. >> perfect. >> so the busiest days will be thanksgiving, and then sunday
9:43 pm
turkey day and return on tuesday, you can save more than 200 bucks on your flight. >> a big week for donald trump and a really big week for the stock market. the dow gaining another 40 points on friday closing with its best weekly point gain ever. it was the biggest percentage gain in five years. we saw three days with gains of more than 200 points as voters elected donald trump the next president. in the meantime, weekend road tripper will have cash after filling up their cars, gas prices dropping this week, the national average for regular unleaded now at 2.19 a gallon, part of the reason why shoppers are in a good mood, at least for now, consumer confidence rising this month to the highest level that we have seen since june, people starting to feel a little bit better about the economy. that's business, i'm david asman. still ahead tonight, a bizarre glitch on facebook, the social media site accidentally
9:44 pm
the profiles were memorialized in a banner at the top of the page and encouraged facebook friends to share their memories and celebrate their life. >> this is interesting, it's profound, because you can find out how your friends feel about you after you die. >> he was a no good -- yeah. >> and then you go, wait a minute, i'm not dead. >> it's unclear how widespread the glitch was, zuckerberg wasn't spared. a newly created set of earrings featuring a pair of spectacular pear-shaped diamonds will be auctioned off next week in geneva where they are expected to fetch 30 million bucks. these flawless quality rocks weigh more than 50 karats, and everybody will be allowed to participate.
9:45 pm
you wanted to, john. >> i could participate. my opening bid, $5. okay. move on. hi, everybody, let's take a look at the morning temperatures as your saturday, your weekend gets going, a little chillier in some place, flagstaff at 26 degrees, above freezing last night, 25 at the grand canyon, 62 at yuma, and 42 at payson with 56 down in tuscon, show low will be 33 degrees, 56 in surprise, 59 in apache junction, fountain hills comes in at 56 down in maricopa, 55. 58 in ahwatukee, and in sky harbor 61 degrees. take a look at it. this is the weekend. we have saturday, sunday, and monday with temperatures in the low 80s, warming up a little bit on monday to 84 degrees. we do look at the normal for this time of year at 79. so it's gong to be a little warm. have a great weekend. >> you too, dave. >> thank you dave. it's talk back time after the break, and tonight we have a
9:46 pm
negotiate maybe a new car, a higher end piece of furniture. >> how about your salary? >> your salary, this is a great tip, and it works most of the time. >> really? >> you're excited aren't you? >> i'm going to take notes. and speaking of numbers, they say age is just a number, well, the new trend plastic surgeons
9:47 pm
so, can i see you again... ...i'm free on black forest ham day. there's a subway? $3.50 sub of the day to help you remember life's important days. ...we got married in june... ...on tuna day. every day a different $3.50 six-inch sub every day of the week. every sub contains no artificial flavors. at just $3.50, it's a great sub at a great price. her name is teri... ...she was born on sweet onion chicken teriyaki day. the $3.50 sub of the day
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coming up in just a few minutes on fox10 news at 10 oclock. this coming up in just a few
9:49 pm
attraction at the kennedy space center looks to honor those who went to space. we'll give you a look inside. plus, two doctors at phoenix children's hospital are more than just coworkers. they share a very special bond. we'll explain, those stories and a lot more coming up in just a few minutes on fox 10 news at 10:00. marc, thanks. time for tonight's talkers. >> and first up tonight, thinking about buying a car, a house, maybe making an offer on a major purchase? we have got some tips for you when it comes to instead of offering a rounded off number, make it very specific. for example, don't offer $11,000 for the car. offer $10,879.63. it kind of sounds strange, doesn't it? >> if the person did that, i would be like, hey, knock off the nonsense. >> there's actually psychology involved. hear me out john. it's called the too much precision effect. that's what they named it. and it makes the person you are
9:50 pm
you maybe have the upper hand. . >> okay. >> don't try it with john, but anybody else it will work with. >> it's the ultimate bluff. >> yeah, it's like you have really done your homework. they obviously know -- >> they have got a number that they have calculated that is fair and maybe we need to meet it. >> yeah, and you who is selling the item is crust going to ballpark it and you go, wow, they actually know what they are doing. >> or they go, hey, cut the nonsense with the crazy number, let's deal with round 65, the new 45 -- >> you hope. >> they say the number of people 65 and older having facelifts and cosmetic eye surgery over the last two decades has doubled, the reason pretty simple. people want to look as young as they feel. >> i think so, especially in this town, everybody healthy, out and about, and in the workforce longer. usually by 62, 63, 64, you are
9:51 pm
they are seeing 70-year-olds in the workforce, and they want to feel as young as their coworkers. >> that's really an issue in the tech industry out in california. >> to fake that you are young? >> because when you start looking older and you are older, it is tough out there, because they assume that you're not hip and up to date on tech. >> so you start dressing like a 20-year-old, and the 20-year-olds start laughing behind your back. >> yeah, it's a downside there. >> you can go find us on john hook fox 10 or kari lake fox 10. >> i'm a little tardy on my oppos posts, but thanks for doing it. >> bobby hurley and the sun devil basketball team tipping off its season tonight, we have
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oh, uh, i don't know. recently, i guess? uh... okay. yeah. [ chuckles ] so, like, recently, recently. feel like a hollywood insider with prism tv from centurylink. live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. it's official, the college basketball season tipping off tonight, and, yes, that includes the sun devils. head coach bobby hurley loves to run and gun, and now he's brought some of his kids over from buffalo, the last school he coached at, hurley with a strong group of guards.
9:55 pm
ball, but they love to run and gun. they love to hoop it up. graham from downtown, again, the stepback is good to go, some fantasy passing right here, watch the touch pass, right there, three-ball corner pocket is good. graham looking good. the defense leads to offense, graham, a one man fast break, throwing it down, wow, so nice you look at it twice. throws it down with authority. a.s.u. just getting started. trey holder also played holder again with a nice little stop and pop, hits the jumper from the free throw line, he which i happened in 23 points as well, a.s.u. starting to pull away. shannen evans, one of those buffalo transfers, he gets hot from downtown, this one from the coke machine in the lobby. he nails it 88-70 is your final. a.s.u. with a double digit victory. bobby hurley, yeah, you can smile man, you won.
9:56 pm
can't forget about u of a taking on michigan state, what a slam from the freshman, miles bridges, take a look at that one, not once but twice. the u of a says, you want to play that way? the steal, missing the shot, stays with it, gets the hoop and the harm, i think he's a little bit excited. bridges comes right back, a freshman but he can jump out of the michigan state by 3, gets the shooters bounce, we are tie at 63. but it's not over yet. but kadeem allen says, move, give me the ball, get out of the way, the kiss off the glass with one second left, smooth, take another look, that's your ball game, arizona wins in a wild
9:57 pm
hosting utah last night. the true freshman, n'keal harry, he gets better and better with each game, how about this one right here, weaving through traffic, takes it in for the touchdown, a.s.u. thinking, all right, upset here. but the defense giving up too many big plays, joe williams off to the races, and you can kiss him good-bye, 82 yards for the touchdown, the offensve line had a rough time for arizona state. manny wilkins under pre night long. he was sacked 11 times, picked off twice. this one right here is returned for a touchdown, and, oh, yeah, you get the picture, a.s.u. falls to utah, final score 49-26. wow. not a good night for them. >> we were in the game. they can't run the ball at all, and then we give up a 70-yard touchdown because we can't tackle, you know, missed three
9:58 pm
you know, that was frustrating. the last touchdown obviously you're desperate trying to make something happen in the backfield, and that one, you know, was tough. but i really -- i really thought we could have won that game. >> first of all, happy veterans day to all of you veterans out there. the nfl will be honoring current and former members of the military this sunday. it's the salute that service weekend in the nfl, hat on. buchanan should be pumped up come sunday. you see, both of his parents were in the military. his mother in the navy, his father a marine. >> the military has always been a part of my life, and i have the utmost respect for our troops. you know, they do the most, and my mom had actually went to war one year, and she went to iraq, and so that was one of the hardest times for me. you know, you just don't know
9:59 pm
god i'm blessed and she came back safe and just, you know, i'm fortunate. like i said, i have the utmost respect for military personnel. they put their life on the line every day. once again, cardinals 49ers right here on fox 10 on sunday. any time for the nascar, jimmy johnson and carl edwards already in the final four, and how about baldwin, driving the 88 car for da tearing it up, 145 miles an hour, has a poll position for this sunday's race. >> man, i'm not quite sure, i guess great guys at hendrick sports, got to thank all of the guys, and dale, jr. next to me, especially getting a pole so close to home, it means a lot to me. much more at 10:00, the sun devils and the cats, both teams hooping it up today, we have got the highlights to prove it, but
10:00 pm
crew. and we begin tonight in goodyear where an 8-year-old girl has been flown to the hospital following a bad crash out there, skyfox over the scene, police telling us that two vehicles crashed at the intersection of cereval and victory road. officers say at this point they don't think either driver was impaired. we'll keep you updated on we learn more on what exactly happened out also a warning out tonight by the dea of a new opponent and deadly drug becoming popular across the country. it's called pink and it's responsible for dozens of deaths across the nation. stefania okolie has been looking into the dangers of the synthetic drug. she joins us now. parents need to be aware of the dangers of the drug. >> perhaps the most alarming thing about it is how easily it can be accessed.


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