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tv   FOX 10 News 630pm  FOX  November 13, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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"no hate in our state, no hate in our state, no hate in our state" no hate in our city! no hate in our state! >> this scene unfolding in tempe today after another day of protesters voicing their displeasure with the presidential election results. there is some fear over the trump administration taking over because of the rhetoric he used during his campaign, say the
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the rallies about how they are helping their students cope if they are upset by the results. >> and tell them that their families will not be torn apart, that we will not let that happen and they will not be sent back to their country and they will be loved and they will be told that they matter. >> this is the fifth straight day there have been protests out here in the valley. the group wanted to stress this is not an anti-trump protest, rather it was a protest to promote love and >> and with all the uncertainty across the country, many people are asking if anything is going to change the next election cycle, like will everyone -- i don't think so. even as i say it, i'm like maybe. >> it makes you think, does it not? >> either way, the democratic party is trying to rebuild, and they're going to have to after losing the presidency and the house and the senate as well. >> reporter: there is a leadership void as the
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new chair of the democratic national committee, a key position that will determine the direction of the party. so far minnesota representative keith ellison is a favorite to become the chair. he's a five-term congressman who also happens to be african-american and muslim. experts believe he represents a young, diverse, and more progressive direction and stands in contrast to some of president-elect trump's most controversial campaign promises. the sanders, elizabeth warren, harry reid, chuck schumer are all backing ellison. they like ellison because they believe he'll move the party to a more progressive and populist direction. >> we should put the people first. not the donors first. we love the donors, and we thank them, but it has to be the guys in the barber shop, the lady at the diner, the folks worried about whether the plant is going to close, they've got to be our
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clinton and party moderates for losing touch with working people, but moderates are worried about moving the party too far left. other popular candidates are said to be former maryland governor martin o'malley and former vermont governor howard dean, who was a past dnc chair. in new york, fox news. an update this evening on the ballots still being counted in maricopa county. in the county, still about 112,000 early ballots still to be processed and tabulated. and also an estimated 55,000 provisional ballots left to be researched. there's still some races that are close, for instance, maricopa county recorder incumbent helen purcell is now trailing her challenger adrian
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and prop 205 is failing by about 31,000 votes in the county. they will resume counting at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. detectives trying to figure out what led to a man being found dead in his west valley apartment. >> it's an apartment complex at 53rd avenue and northern. police have yet to release any possible information on the victim. investigators are working to piece happened. we spoke with a neighbor who didn't want to appear on camera but says he heard the gunshot. >> i was just laying there watching tv, and i just heard one gunshot. then i'd say after that, maybe ten seconds later, you hear the car pull off, and it was one of those kind of cars that had a high performance engine. >> now, if you have any information on the case, you are asked to call police. a sad update on a shooting that happened yesterday. the man found shot near 15th
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from his injuries. police say that a witness heard shots and called 911 early yesterday morning. officers found the victim lying in the street with gunshot wounds. police say they do not have any information on a possible suspect or what exactly led to that shooting. all we know is that police say that a man was seen running from that scene. if you have any information on the case, you're asked to call phoenix police. the phoenix rescue mission needs your help to put turkey on the plates for the homeless this thanksgiving. they drive yesterday with a goal of collecting 1,000 turkeys. they ended the drive with about 800 turkeys. leaves them about 200 short of their goal. phoenix rescue mission says it's not just turkeys they need. they're also looking for hygiene products. >> so we need help, obviously, with food, with supplies, with anything for somebody to take a shower. we need that all year long. it doesn't end with thanksgiving. i just think thanksgiving gives
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really bless people and show gratitude. >> you can make your donations at any phoenix rescue mission
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veterans day may have been a few days ago but this weekend marked the third annual veterans flag run and charity event. it featured veterans day just a couple of days ago, but this d the veterans run event. it featured hundreds of trucks riding by with american flags in the trucks. there was a $5 per vehicle fee to join. proceeds went to veterans for veterans to help formerly homeless vets re-enter society. >> it's a real cool scene to be driving on the highway and seeing that. another way people honored veterans this weekend was during the annual honor walk. >> people turning out in full force in downtown phoenix to pay tribute to our servicemen and
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>> you know what's wonderful, i think, to see so many different people and so many different walks of life. >> on your mark, get set, go! >> reporter: hundreds of people came out to show their respects to veterans and their families. at the sixth annual honor walk in downtown phoenix. >> my husband was in the navy, and we just think it's really important to be supportive we know the wonderful work they do mentoring some of the guys that come back and need a little assistance. >> reporter: the event started with a flyover of steermen by-planes. >> i'm a veteran, my dad's a veteran. we obviously support the veterans day walks. >> teach kids the family history of veterans and the air force and stuff. it's nice to come out here and be a part of it. >> reporter: christina stein house is a marine corps veteran.
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>> it's inspiring seeing everyone from the different branches and different eras. >> reporter: she says being in the military changed her life in a good way, and she's thankful to see events like this honoring our service members and all they do for our country. >> it's hard on the body, but the friendships and the camaraderie, i definitely made lifelong friends through the military. i know that i can always reach out to other veterans, and they will understand what i'm going through at all times. >> reporter: everyone here walking for different people, but all for the same reason. >> i just want to thank all of our veterans -- past, present, and future. >> reporter: courtney griffin, fox 10 news. >> they raise more than $25,000. the event organizer says all of that money will be donated to the association of the united states army. well, niners-cards goes down to the final second of the game. we're going to take you live to university of phoenix stadium.
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richard saenz standing by. he'll take you in the locker room. more to come on today's win over
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(jude)coming off the bye weekend and facing a team just trying to win a football game the arizona cardinals never expected a game to go down to the final play of the game but in a season of surprises you coming off a bye weekend, the cardinals never expected the game to come down to this. as bruce arians said, win any way you can get it. david johnson set up as wide receiver. easy matchup here to win. 7-0 arizona. johnson again. this time hits the edge. watch him turn on the speed. two hands to the pylon and a touchdown and a 14-0 lead. the replay reviewed whether or not that left foot was out of bounds, but the play stood on the field. cardinals jumped out and looked good 14-0.
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best game in a long, long time. he evaded defenders, made a nice throw to jeremy curly. watch it again. you can see both defenders for the cardinals come up and defend the run against kaepernick, and curly is wide open. it's 14-7 arizona. kaepernick, late fourth quarter, decides to run it in himself. we've got a tie game. 20-20, under two minutes to go. carson palmer needed to make plays and did he ever when the game was on the line. evades the then hits michael floyd who comes down with a fabulous catch, maybe the catch of the game. kept the drive alive. arizona on the move. palmer, again, trying to make a play on a third and eight. needs to move it downfield. hits david johnson, first down. sets up chandler from 34 yards out. special teams an issue this season but not this afternoon. it's good. and the cardinals win 23-20. a big win.
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with the seahawks. let's send it out to university of phoenix stadium. richard saenz standing by with more. richard? >> welcome back from the bye week arizona cardinals. the cardinals came out looking fresh and ready to go. actually got off to a good start. the 49ers hung around and tied the game with less than two minutes left to play. what do you know? the cardinals come through in the clutch as the cat man kicks the game-winning field goal on the final play of the game. an palmer. what matters is the "w." >> it's just one of those games where it's a division opponent. they come in here. they've got nothing to lose. they're going to play hard. you expect them to play hard. you know they're going to play hard. sometimes those division games are ugly, and we'll take the win and get out. we were getting a lot of plays off with a lot of time left on the clock. the quick game was really good
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quite get them. the quick game was good. they're a 3-4 defense. they're all big, heavy guys, hard to move. it's just one of those games. like i said, it's a division game. it's going to be ugly. you're not going to rip off six yards a carry against that group when they come in with that mindset. we just kept grinding, kept working, and got the win. we'll continue to grind. we'll continue to work hard. we'll continue to study. continue to prepare. we'll and see the plays we did and execute on them and look at the plays we did execute on and see what more we can get out of those plays. >> you've got to hand it to david johnson, the second year running back scoring, not one, but two touchdowns today. becoming only the fourth guy in franchise history to do that. the other three stunt mitchell,
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that's some impressive company. in glendale, i'm richard saenz for fox 10 sports. >> more to come from richard tonight on sports night at 1030. saints battling the broncos. a fun game to watch. look at this pass. drew brees to brandon cooks ties the game as 23. key play, justin simmons is going to leap over the long snapper right here, block the field goal. it deflects right into the hands of will parks, and parks is going to take it are you kidding? denver doing it with defense and special teams. did he step out? no, the officials reviews the play and said no. how about that? denver wins 25-23. matt ryan steps up in the pocket. great throw to taylor gabriel. falcons at 6-3. take a lead at philadelphia. the eagles doing it with carson
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hands it off to ryan mathews, touchdown run here. wentz 25 of 36, 231. eagles win 24-15. tennessee battling the packers. what's wrong with the pack? how about demarco murray is what's wrong. tennessee rumbles right through the packer defense. mariota fantastic day today. 19 of 26. four touchdown passes. titans with a stunner 47-25 over the packers. titans win 47-25. tennessee goes to 5-5. still ahead, a dramatic finish. who makes the championship four? we'll take you out to phoenix international raceway. you've got to see this finish.
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so many interesting stories to watch for p.i.r. could jimmie johnson stay in the hunt and win his seventh championship? what about carl edwards? could he win his first title? kyle busch defending his championship. this was a rocking place. there's kyle busch coming off last year's breakthrough title win. always mile track. kyle larson, the 42 car, has trouble here. you look at roger penske, is it joey logano's turn. in the new format, it's the championship four. jimmie johnson, based on points and wins, already in that final four, but when you look at this particular race and you say michael mcdowell?
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rack it up here, the 95 car. that set off the caution flag to set up an overtime finish. he goes into the wall. keep an eye on the 20 car. matt kenseth looked like he was in control of this restart, but he goes down on the track. alex bowman bumps him right into the wall, and that ended his day. kenseth done. sitting pretty, and then that move puts that to shame. i mean, you look at the 20 car and say no way. joey needed here to just get out there on the overtime and hold off kyle busch. so here it is, joey logano, jimmie johnson, carl edwards, kyle busch your championship four. logano wins today in the penske 22 ford. we're going down to homestead, florida, with the championship four. >> man, it feels so good. i had a good restart there at the end, holding off kyle to try
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so i'm racing for a championship now. we did exactly what we had to do. we got to go to homestead and do the same thing. >> the fact we lived through it once already really helps us. to be able to handle the pressure and race for a championship like that means a lot. >> i was hoping i could get a good restart, force the 88 down and block the 22, and i could have a position between me and the 22, and both the 20 and myself could transfer on into the final round. that's how i was projecting that restart didn't end that way. i just feel really bad for the 20 car. >> asking me why so subdued? i'll tell you why. >> why? >> when you win ugly and you still win a football game, that's all that matters. >> just get out of there. >> you buy time, and i think max starks will allude to that tonight in the studio. but i would say this, they absolutely have to play a lot better if they want to get back into that conversation that they were in when this season
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that's why you're subdued. thank you. stick around. after the break, we're going to talk forecast and also going to talk super moon. it's my favorite.
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i see trouble on the way ? we had to use that. >> there are a gazillion others. it's the super moon. scientists turn their attention to the sky as they await this record breaking super moon. tomorrow morning, the moon will not only be the biggest and brightest of the year, but it will be the largest super moon since 1948. >> nasa says the moon appeared to be 14% bigger than usual. best time to see it, 4:22 in the get up and stay up and watch fox 10 arizona morning. >> perfect. >> you guys are stealing all my stuff here, by the way. all my graphic. however, i'm going to beg to differ a little bit on the time. you can see it even starting right now if you step outside. >> we like your time better. >> sleep in a little bit, head out at 6:52. that's when it's going to be full. brighter, larger. won't be until 2034 we see it again. enjoy now while you still can. >> head to our website.
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