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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  November 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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late in the afternoon when school lets out, 50-75 kids are waiting right here. how close is it to the intersection? when you take a short it is 75 feet. there is not a lot of time to react. they are fortunately this accident wasn't much more serious this afternoon. reporting live from glendale. a man accused of kidnapping and raping a woman pleads not guilty. this is a shocking picture. rodolfo ramirez carried the woman to a parking garage where police say he sexually assaulted her and took her to his home where he assaulted her more. he dropped her off at a tempe intersection.
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arts fighter. he is being held without bond. steve krafft is live with what we're learning about the suspect accused of stealing from customers' accounts. >> reporter: it happened at the bank of america facility in chandler. normally when we talk about someone robbing a bank, they come in and robbed the bank. this is someone who work at the ba customers. let me show you his picture. he is 28-year-old michael callins. he was able to get into accounts of bank of america customer and transferred $10,000 from their accounts to his. bank of america identified it closely and no customers have
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bank of america got in touch with chandler police and police made the arrest. chandler police describe how it went down. when you busted the guys, was he freaking out? >> he was upset. >> reporter: upset how? >> he was crying is what i was told. reporter: he is looking at one count of theft, one count of frdu counts of i.d. theft. he was booked and released. nobody answered when we came calling this afternoon. reporting live, steve krafft, fox 5 news. a 10-year veteran of the force was the first show low police officer ever killed in the line of duty.
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central credit union. the name of the account is the officer darrin reed account. backers of a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana use admitted defeat. they conceded today say thraeug disappointed that prop 205 did not pass but they are encouraged by the amount of support it did receive. 48% of voters cast ballo favor of prop 205. maricopa county has a new county recorder. helen purcell called it a difficult race and hopes for a seemless transition come january. andrew hasbun talked to the incoming recorder and he joins us live with more. >> reporter: kari, first, we should mention that helen
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election yet. only 13,000 votes accept paraded helen purcell from adrian fontes. today, purcell conceded. he announced his candidacy after the presidential preference election back in march. we all remember the lines for that election. those problems got national attention and that is likely what l fontes. >> i think it is important. we have seen all levels of government that people want a change and want a difference. this race means we're moving towards a place where we pay attention to the voters. we pay attention to the citizens and pay attention to what they want. >> reporter: helen purcell
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express her appreciation for everyone who voted, regardless how they voted. there is no greater joy in seeing the high participation. i want to thank the hard working men and women in my office for their tireless service. purcell added that serving has been a privilege live and honor of a lifetime. coming up at 6:00, more on fontes' plans for this office. >> ballots are still being counted in maricopa county. there are 10,000 early ballots and 45,000 provisional ballots left to count. more than a million people sent in early ballots before the election. 200,000 ballots were dropped off on election day and that complicated things greatly. president elect donald trump and governor mike pence meeting in new york today to discuss who
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trump's administration, include -pg secretary of state and attorney general. former new york city mayor rudy ghoul annie says he would consider being the top diplomat. >> john would be a good choice. >> reporter: john bolten is said to be in the running for secretary of state. >> i'm old school on this business. it has been an honor to se president-elect's decision. >> reporter: in a tweet, president elect trump called the electoral college genius after criticizing it as he tried to trail hillary clinton in the popular vote. it appears the speaker of the house paul ryan will be keeping his job. republicans have renominated ryan to be house speaker when the g.o.p.-led congress begins
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agenda. some say that ryan has not been aggressive enough. backers of trump's presidency they were unhappy that the speaker refused to campaign for donald trump. protesting the pipeline. demonstrations around the country and right here in the valley. a shooting at oklahoma city's airport turns deadly. the airport on lockdown while police look for a plus, it is another sign of the season. we're minutes away fromfullying the switch to begin 99.9 kez's holiday music. it happens coming up live. >> reporter: another beautiful day today. temperatures are coming down. we'll have the forecast coming
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developing at this hour--- police in oklahoma developing at this developing at this searching for the suspect in a deadly shooting that happened at the airport. >> marc martinez joins us live with how it went down and what we know about the victim. >> reporter: the shooting took place around 1:00 in oklahoma city. let's show you where the airport is. it is not a large airport. there is only 8,000 flights a day compared to 120,000 out of sky harbor airport so that gives you perspective on this. again, it was around 1:00 in the
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happened at the southwest terminal in a parking garage closing the airplane for hours while authorities search for the shooter. one man was killed and he has been identified as 51-year-old michael winchester a southwest employee. he is the father of kansas city chiefs nfl player. there are no signs of who the shooter might be and all of the travelers need to avoid the airport. police believe the shooting was an isolated incident but the motivation is not clear. it is unclear if winchester knew the suspect. southwest is trying to accommodate passengers who are affected by the cancellation of flights today. six teenagers hurt in a stabbing at a utah high school. one of the teens in custody for carrying out the attack.
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room south of salt lake city. police say the 16-year-old boy stabbed himself after he hurt five other classmates. an officer working a it the school was able to taze him and take the boy into custody. no word on a motive. santa, santa. santa. santa, come
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? ? what? is he gone?? tv character: why are you texting my man at 2 a.m.? no... if you want someone to leave you alone, you pretend like you're sleeping. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. tv character: taking selfies in the kitchen
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? >> we have come to this time. this >> this is what helps us get into the holiday spirit. it is the moment you've been waiting for. my daughter has been waiting for it. the sounds of the season are about to begin on 99.9 kez. >> the holiday tradition begins. cory mccloskey and beth mcdonald is live to kick things off.
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but he is not doing anything right now. have you heard of kari lake? >> are they there? >> reporter: not all there but they are there. crackers has trouble back there. can you work on him? it's beth. >> speaking of not all there. >> reporter: you should be on a christmas card. >> thank you. it is wonderful to see you. >> reporter: i can't remember why we are here. off the continuous christmas music. when you hear the first song, call us and the 99th caller wins prizes and cash. >> reporter: i love prizes. you know what the prizes make you do? smile, smiling is my the favorite. >> how did you get here today?
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cane forest and i walked up the 51. >> works for me. >> reporter: that is shivers. >> hi, shivers. looks like shivers is ready for a christmas tune. >> reporter: totally ready. you know, beth, the best way to spread christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear. >> are you ready? >> reporter: stand there. i need something. >> hang on. we're getting ready to countdown to the first christmas song on 99.9 kez. >> reporter: i almost forgot my pills. >> these aren't like the pills i take. >> reporter: i'm too nervous. you do it. >> are you ready? >> reporter: count it down. >> five, four, three, two, one. it's on. merry christmas. >> reporter: i hear it.
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>> yay. ? [laughter] >> merry christmas. ? >> reporter: well, it doesn't feel a lot like christmas season. it is 84 degrees right now. the wind is north at 5 miles an hour. 12% on the humidity. we have 26 degrees on the dew point and a falling barometer at this hour. other numbers just as impressive, glendale, 84. 84 in apache junction. 83 in scottsdale. 83 in ahwatukee. you can see here there is a little bit of moisture, a little
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here. we see a little bit of cloud cover but that is it. we do have a wind advisory through thursday at 4:00 a.m. that is up in the northwestern corner of the state. you can see the cloud cover coming through working its way through as the system comes through that is going to cool us down a little bit over the next couple of days. here we go on the high today, 86 degrees. we have an 82 at buckeye. 84 in glendale. 85 in scottsdale. 80-degree temperatures hanging in there with the exception of sedona where we're 79 degrees. 72 up in flagstaff. 79 in prescott and 70 in show low and 89 in tucson. yuma came in at 90 degees. through the night, we will see the numbers drop off nicely in the low 60's or right at 60 degrees, the overnight forecast. 56 in ahwatukee.
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cave creek, 59. 55 is the forecast for queen creek. taking a look at what we have is 59 here. 76 and 83 would be the normal high and low. record high at 90. record low at 33. as we get you a look at what we're forecasting, yes, temperatures coming down as we forecast that 81, even 70's in a few areas. 58 at flagstaff. 75 at up at the grand canyon, 63. 71 up in page. you can see the 80's across the desert floor. this is the way things look as far as the country is concerned. up to 3 inches of rain in newark, new jersey. they have a problem up there. you can see a little bit of snow starting to show up. it hasn't come across the border yet but it will. changes at 81 degrees for
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72 on thursday. friday, 77 degrees. as you can see, 60's in that 10-day forecast. watch your kids around water. >> thank you, dave. there are signs of fall in the forecast. >> in the morning you get the chill in the air. >> the tourist attraction at grand canyon passing the one million mark this year that is up 13% from 2014. among the attractions is the sky walk and the final attendance will likely reach 1.1 million visitors. that is the part where you walk out and it is glass. i don't think i can do that. still ahead, rescuers make an effort to save three cows stuck on a hill after an earthquake. the video competition that has the cardinals going
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i don't love that. but now you're gonna love that you can get more all day. like mcgriddles. i love mcgriddles... so you'll have to find something else to not love. hey buddy! like exploding fist bumps. pggggggghew! or forgetting what you're about to do. wait...what was i about to do? or when people who say you look like... james lipton. oh's uncanny. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. martinez... we're working on some brand new stories for you -- tonight at 6... >> reporter: hello, i'm marc martinez. we're working on brand-new stories for you at 6:00. thanksgiving is a week away and many families are in need. how a local food shelter could use your help to provide meals. we hear from an architect of the controversial arizona immigration law. what he says about the future of sanctuary cities that harbor undocumented immigrants.
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nonprofit that hosts video game competitions between military members and professional athletes. >> arizona cardinals played in person against arizona airmen. courtney griffin has the story tonight. >> reporter: it is not your average competition, 23 airmen playing video games against the arizona cardinals. >> they are back to their kids stage and they are having a good time. all of the stress is >> reporter: the founder says it is a fun way to give american heros a chance to meet their favorite players. >> they play video game whence they are deployed. >> it is something i have never experienced before. i'm a big-time arizona cardinals fan. >> it is a great way to interact with the people who defend our country.
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>> i got dominated by three different guys. >> reporter: his strategy this year, to play anything but football. >> i'm not good at mad dan. the last time i played video games was this time last year. >> reporter: he says it doesn't matter who wince, all players walk away with more than a title. >> these guys get to go home saying i just beat one of my favorite professional athletes. >> this was the sixth annual santa has arrived at the bass pro shops and it took employees two weeks to get santa's wonderland ready. new this year, a big dig excavation area along with remote control trucks and a foam arcade. the big draw is the jolly man himself. you can get a free picture with santa seven days a week. bass pro shops located in mesa
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where were these when our kids were learning to tie their shoes? you want a pair of back to the future shoes self-lacing sneakers? you can own a pair of the self-lacing, they come with a big price tag though. this is where it gets rough. the nike hyperadapt 1.0 goes on sale december 1, $720 a pair. >> what? you have to be crazy. out. the guys who can afford it like the athletes will love it. it takes three hours to fully recharge. battery life lots up to two weeks. >> make you faster? stronger? >> faster getting them on. coming up, where a family woke up to find a massive sinkhole. you don't want to step off the porch into that.
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new zealand. later, people magazine revealing its choice of people's sexiest man alive. that looks like you, john. >> no, no, no. funny, you get into that because it is comedy night on fox 10. we'll start with kari's comedy and go to "brooklyn nine-nine." >> that was a compliment. >> very nice. i know when you're being honest. followed by "new girl" and 8:00, "scream queens." they recruit patients to do their dirty work. stick with us for fox 10 news at
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it's a story that's gained lots of international it's a story that's
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gained a lot of attention internationally and nationally. crews are trying to put the finishing touches on the dakota access pipeline that would carry oil from north dakota to illinois. native americans believe it will threaten drinking water and cultural sites. the core of engineers called for more input before theyll body of water. the company building the pipeline asked the government to allow the project to continue. protesters were held all across the country. a protest was held in phoenix. linda williams is live with the story. >>reporter: a day of action called for across the country


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