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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  November 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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threw a huge brick to break the window and just two of them climbed in and started going around the house picking whatever they wanted. >> reporter: the men discovered the elderly woman inside but they didn't care. >> they didn't do anything. they just got a pillow case and started gathering whatever they wanted. >> reporter: while she was here? >> yeah, she she tried to leave by the front door. >> reporter: she tried to get away? >> they wouldn't let her leave. >> reporter: did they tie her up? >> no. >>reporter: did they hurt her? >> no, when they left, they sthaobg -- shook her hands. >>reporter: so they shook hands with her when they left? >> yeah, the nerve to do that. >> reporter: they weren't done. casa grande police believe the
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home about a block away. ok, police looking for two men maybe white men. one could be in his 40's, the other is a bit younger that is not a lot to go on. if you have information, call casa grande police. steve krafft, fox 10 news. a deadly fire under investigation in cochise county. a 74-year-old woman died in a house fire. jane thompson was outside of home and she was barely breathing. she was flown to a burn center where she died from her injuries. they say she may have been trying to light the pilot on her furnace. evidence that defense attorneys may clear the main suspect in this case. >> leslie merritt jr. was arrested more than a year ago but prosecutors dropped the charges. he was let go. danielle miller has been
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developments. >> reporter: the new evidence came to light from merritt's attorney. defense attorneys asked for a second ballistic test that came back inclusive so in other words, the expert was not able to link merritt's gun to those shootings. they are a small piece of evidence that cast a huge shadow on the shooter case. bullet fragments found at the first four shootings. gun. >> the test fired bullets were a match to four cases -- if you are -- four casings from shootings back in august. >> reporter: the markings on the bullets were inconclusive. the findings confirmed the
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questioned whether or not all four bullets were fired from the same gun. >> we paid for this report. it was requested as a review by the state's retained expert. we were aware of it and it is nothing monumental. >> reporter: at his bye weekly news conference, bill montgomery down played the findings and confirmed that merritt is still the main suspect saying the test did not rule out the possibility that the bullets wer merritt's gun. >> that doesn't mean the bullets were not associated with the weapon in question and that is where the investigation stands at this point. >> reporter: in april, a judge dismissed the charges against merritt but he is still waiting for d.p.s. to give him his gun back. merritt was arrested earlier this month for a violation of order of protection. danielle miller, fox 10 news. the bail bondsman accused of
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phoenix police chief pled guilty today. farley was acting on a false tip that sent him to the wrong home that night and it happened to be the home of a former police chief. farley will be sentenced next month. happening now after a warm start to november, it is about to cool off. >> finally, dave is here with a look at the numbers and what we can expect. >> reporter: we have something going on in the west. you can see the cloud cover in we have a little moisture up to the north of us. if you look closely, you can see most of it is snow so that is filtering in cooler weather into the state. let's look at it. boy, it clears off rapidly and the chilly weather coming in right behind it. as we get a look at the overnight low, boy, we haven't seen that in a while. 53 degrees is what we're forecasting. the norm is 55.
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-- cave cave creek. 50 degrees at good year. those temperatures coming down. we go to 71 tomorrow. the sun comes back. we get 77 on friday and back to it on saturday with 81. however, there is a little something on the other side of that 81 that is not so bad. we'll take a look at that coming up. >> thank you, dave. president-elect donald trump this administration so far. reince priebus as chief of staff and steve bannon as chief strategist with more picks to go, marc martinez is here to explain why his transition may not be going as smoothly as hoped. >> reporter: kari, speculation over trump's top cabinet picks continues to swirl. his once fiercest rival ted cruz
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general. trump has appointed the two, there is concern. democrats are asking him to rescind his offer to steve bannon. bannon used to be the head of breitbart news. the letter says bannon's appointment will undermine trump's ability to unite the country. mayor bill de blasio also met with trump today. he said the meeting was respectful and candid. he shared his concerns that he is hearing from new yorkers. they talked about bringing backstop and frisk, the tax plan, and immigration policies. >> talked to him about concerns about proposed deportations. i gave him the perspective of the nypd that any initiative that would create a rift between police and the communities that serve would make it impossible
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communicate that would sew distrust between law enforcement and neighborhoods would be counterproductive. >> reporter: mayor greg stanton weighing in on trump's proposed immigration policies. he said "the phoenix police department will never turn into a mass deportation force even if washington, d.c. threatens to revoke federal dollars. this is something worth fighting for and we wilno to take step backwards." a councilman tells fox 10 he wants illegal immigrants convicted of crimes deported immediately so taxpayers are not footing the bill. ordering your holiday gifts online this year. a lot of people are doing it. we'll tell you how to keep the packages safe so the thieves
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>> students forced out of their dorms because of flooding. cirque du soleil taking stage at the valley tonight. a behind the scenes look at the
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the new interchange at the new interchange at bell road and grand avenue in surprise is set to open next tuesday. construction started back in april. adot says the interchange will
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trains moving along grand avenue. it will cost taxpayers $42 million. cirque du soleil takes over talking stick arena tonight. "avatar" has been reinvented for the stage. >> color costumes and new music will make up the alien world of toruk. >> reporter: you got it perfectly. if you're a f should see this show. toruk, the first flight is what it is called and it is a prequel to james cameron's movie. it has traditional elements like acrobats and dancers but it has giant puppets operated by professional puppeteers. the navi tribe from avatar left hits home from pandora for
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cirque du soleil toruk the first flight is a prequel to avatar. the cast rehearsed for hours earlier. >> we want to make sure it feels right for them. they feel safe and comfortable and the technicians that work with them. >> reporter: toruk is a mix of performance medians. >> it is a unique apparatus created for this show. it is similar to chineseol which is a traditional circus act but here they swing and bend and they move. >> reporter: giant puppets portray mythical creatures in the show, including this 42-pound toruk. lydia is in numerous scenes, including this one. >> i'm one of the balls -- balances and i balance the structure so she can perform on it. >> reporter: after hours of
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contorting, a final ritual before the curtain rises. >> there is a group of six of us and there is a song and we sing along and we find a harmony and then we're ready. >> reporter: or the rick runs tonight through sunday at talking stick resort arena. tickets start at $35. i'm kristy siefkin, fox 10 news. >> reporter: you can probably feel it in the air a little bit. change is weather. we'll take a look at that coming up. later the toys you don't want to find under the christmas tree and what makes them so
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martinez... we're working on some brand new stories for martinez... we're working >> reporter: i'm marc martinez. we're working on brand-new stories for you tonight at 6:00. could pink underwear and tent city become a thing of the past? what paul penzone is saying tonight. the former owners of the new times charged with running a brothel. why a judge wants to drop the charges against those men at
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>> reporter: hi, everybody. yeah, look at this. together a little after 5:00 and it is in the 70's already. there is no wind to speak of. there is wind around the state though. we'll get to that. 75 in glendale. 74 in deer valley. 77 at the present time in chandler. you can see a mix of rain and some snow kind of throwing along with it in the west. that stuff is being absorbeds as far as temperaturesre concerned. we do have wind advisories, not only in the northwestern portion of the state and across into california and nevada involved in that as well. this is where the wind is a little bit north of us here. you will see the gusts get up to the 30 miles an hour range. it is gusting pretty good. 79 degrees for the high today. we come out of the 80's. we get into the 70's. 77 in deer valley. it was 81 in chandler.
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the 70's held strong on the west side. er numbers would be 70 degrees in sedona. 66 in prescott. flagstaff here at 58 degrees. we get down in the desert. remember the 90 at yuma? we got that down to 80. 83 at gila bend. a little bit of the supermoon still left out there. we got 60's out there into the 50's that is where we should be for the overnight low, right at 55 degrees. lower at 53. we see 53 in glendale. 54 in scottsdale. maricopa, 52. so the temperatures definitely dropping down to where they should be for this time of year. 59 early this morning. 79 for the afternoon high. 75 and 52, normal high and low. we're getting closer.
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this is what we are forecasting. low 70's and we do have lower 70's in here. 72, 71's and 60's starting to show up. we'll stay with the low 70's theme. 40's starting to show up in the mountain locations and down across the desert, lots of 70's hanging in there. across the country, pretty heavy rain once again in the northeastern portio of the country. we showed you some of that snow and the active weather in the west. overnight, 53 degrees. 71 degrees as it cools off a little bit for tomorrow. we go to 77 and you can see we're back in the 80's as we hit the weekend. look what happens monday. yes, that is a 62. watch your kids around water. >> can i have a moment to absorbed that? >> the bottom fell out. wow. dave, thank you. still ahead at 5:00, making sure your holiday packages don't
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>> the toys that are deemed too dangerous to play with that made the list. we'll break it down for you. fries, burgers, pizza, tacos that is your basic food groups. they are celebrating all kin fa.
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good coaching is everything. especially when you're quitting tobacco. ashline coaches will help you develop a plan which can double your chances for success. give us a call for free. 1-800-55-66-222 or visit us at step by step, you can do this thing. a-p-s gathered their employees today for fun a-p-s gathered their
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employees for a fun holiday cheer and treats. >> yeah, it wasn't just to celebrate the holidays. it was there to fulfill the needs of area nonprofits this time of year. courtney griffin has the story tonight. >> reporter: we're here in the atrium in the a.p.s. building in downtown phoenix for the second annual light up the holidays event. the volunteer opportunities are here in the building. it is a special day for them, plus, there is cookies. >> it is more day or two and help whatever cause we want. >> reporter: nearly 1,000 a.p.s. employees got a chance to write thank you notes that military members will get on the holidays or make toy and clothing donations. >> when my kids were little, my family was the family that
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>> it warms my heart. it brings me so much joy. >> reporter: tracy costello helps to organize the event. last year, they made a big difference in the event. >> we went overseas and collected tons of toys for toys for tots. they were blankets and coateds and toys sent to st. vincent depaul. >> reporter: spreading holiday imagine is what it >> remember there is people out there that don't have anything close to what we have and giving back is what it is all about. >> a.p.s. had lineman out gathering monetary donations to gather turkeys turkeys. a rare fur mix is 20 feet tall and will arrive in
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the tree will be on display in the blue room that is a tradition that started in the kennedy administration. this is the time of year where we take the fun out of christmas, john. basically, take up your christmas list and rip it up because we're going to tell you what is dangerous. we have the list just in time for the holidays. the child safety organization is out with the dangero they say many of the toys can lead to injury or death. among them is the slingshot. it shoots out balls of slime. i can see this being on my son's list. >> they are going to take everything leo loves off of the list. >> he is going to get a lump of coal this year. it comes with big slime balls that can be fired up to 30 feet.
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hammer that can cause head injuries. what about this? what can be dangerous about a stuffed elephant? the safety group says this plush pillow could easily suffocate a baby if it got plopped down on top of a baby. watch, the group we were talking about, says it has inadequate warnings and age recommendations. we put a link to the dangerous toys on our website. if you would like to see the link, head to our website, click seen on tv. today is national fast food day. american fast food restaurants are located in more than 100 countries. so we have exported this and people love it. here is a fact that may surprise you.
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year on takeout food, $900 a year per person. 50% of men eat fast food one to three times a week. near is another fun fact, mcdonald's served the first happy meal in june of 1979. people were using the hash tag national fast food day to share their posts and here are a few. in-n-out burger, apparently, it is national fast food day so i the best. texas brings the best, especially for national food day. whataburger, out of texas, you expect that. chick-fil-a is the best. everybody kind of weighing in. chris farley, yes, there is a national fast food day? the reason i have these rolls because i thought we celebrate this every day. there is this guy i spotted.
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day is not something to celebrate. bah humbug. if you want to join in, national food day is a hash tag. >> people living in the high-end, high-rise building in san francisco. the building that is slipping into the ground rather quickly. a soggy situation for students at a.s.u. the latest flooding in dorm rooms that caused big, big problems. the holiday will be in full gear and that means be on the look out for people stealing packages off of your porch. >> murder rocks the fashion world on "lethal weapon."
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a big, soggy mess on noer way to put it, a big soggy mess on a.s.u.'s tempe campus. a water pipe burst and it caused major flooding. tonight, over 100 freshman are in a hotel. >> reporter: students flooded out of their dorm rooms and it may take days before they can go back in. you can see windows have been cracked open to air it out after a broken water pipe caused a big mess leaving 160 students displaced. >> it was hot water and they were trying to run through it without getting burned. >> reporter: it started on the fifth floor. as water traveled through the building, students shared images like these on snapchat, flooded elevators. >> it was up to people's hips and knees and really high.


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