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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  November 18, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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they were just shocked by the video. however, they made it very clear that this investigation must be completed thoroughly for both the rights of the woman involved and the rights of the officer. what we see in the video has many quite disturbed, and now that we are also seeing body camera video, the flagstaff police department says they have more questions than answers. >> hey! >> reporter: the cell phone video taken by a witness shows flagstaff officer jeff bonar swinging on 31-year-ol m morris. the officer's body camera video shows the aftermath. >> she's under arrest either way. >> no, i'm not! i'm not either under arrest either way. i didn't do nothing wrong. >> reporter: that's because it wasn't on when things got physical, and according to sergeant cory runge they learned of the arrest after it was posted online. officers were serving an eviction notice. officer bonar had his body camera on when he first arrives but the department says he then turned it off when he was no
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leave. that's when he spotted marissa. before he confronts her about what he says is a warrant for her arrest, he doesn't turn the camera back on. >> this cop said you are under arrest for a warrant, and i said you cannot arrest me without me actually having a warrant >> reporter: so the cell phone video shows what the body cam doesn't, the struggle between marissa and the two officers. >> he punched me in my face twice, choked me and proceeded to arrest me and twist my arm and just brutally attacked me. >> we ha force that we are able to use depending on the actions of the person we are talking to. >> officer bonar claims he was kicked and need in the groin by marissa. >> i did no such thing. i did not put my hands on him in any way. >> i went through the department's policies as it pertains to subjects resisting arrests. it outlines different ways to
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reasonable to overcome the resistance. >> there were more questions to be answered than my immediate initial response. >> yeah, so now the department is obviously trying to figure out whether or not the use of force was necessary. meanwhile, officer bonar is on paid administrative lead at home, and it turns out there was no warrant out for marissa's arrest. it had already been taken care of but officer bonar know. she now faces two charges, resisting arrest and aggravated assault on an officer. we will of course keep you updated on the investigation. the attorney who represented convicted murderer jodie arias could be in legal trouble of his own. the defense attorney agreed to a four-year suspension of his license to practice law. that is after the state bar of arizona filed a complaint over his book about the case. the bar claims that he violated attorney ethics by detailing
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book. they also say that he revealed evidence that was deemed inadmissible by the judge. the suspension is not a done deal yet. it has to be approved by a judge and by arias herself. she can still object to the terms. if you have been hearing those noises tonight, it's not because you're in any danger. u.s. special operations forces are conducting military training right in downtown phoenix. blackhawk helicopters if you were in the area. the training will continue through the next two weeks around the valley. officials are not releasing locations and times of the training exercise for safety reasons, but if you see or hear that in the area, just know that it is part of training exercises. more than half a million dollars seized in the border area near nogales. 35 smugglers were spotted
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and when border patrol agents responded they dropped more than 1,100 pounds of marijuana and ran back over the border into mexico. no arrests were made in that. every 19 minutes in the u.s., someone dies of an opioid or heroin overdose, part of a surgeon general's report outlining the nation's dependency on drugs and alcohol. according to the report, nearly 21 million abuse disorders and only 20% get treatment. he hopes the report will trigger the same type of public action that a report issued on smoking did more than 50 years ago. a valley woman's trail mix had an extra and unwanted unexpected crunch to it. that woman claimed she bit down on something so hard that it broke her teeth, and the woman believes the item is a human bone, possibly a piece of a knuckle. danielle miller joins us with
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>> yeah, marc, this woman claims she was eating this trail mix this sunday when this happened. she says she bought it at a local walmart store. she's now wanting the company to pull it from the shelves because she says that she is sure it is a human knuckle bone. >> it said there may be partial shells here in peanuts, but it gives you no warning of body parts. you know, like i said, i'm at a loss for words at this point. >> connie mcafee this great value mountain trail mix she says she bought at the walmart at stapley and baseline on november 8th. she says she and her husband opened the bag this sunday and were snacking on it out on the porch. >> i came out to the back patio opened it for the first time. it had not been opened. we are two, three handfuls into the bag, eating handfuls straight into our mouth, and i
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i'm thinking it's my second tooth, because two popped out. it's not the second tooth. it's a bone and a tooth. >> after looking at some photos online, mcafee came to the conclusion it was a human knuckle bone that was inside of her trail mix. mcafee says she filed a complaint with walmart and has been in contact with the company. she's hoping the company will foot the $1,800 bill to fix her teeth. >> i'm sick and my stomach is sick. myto i haven't eaten in four days but soup. >> we reached out to walmart who gave a statement saying we are committed to providing our customers with safe, quality products. we are taking this allegation seriously and are looking into it with our supplier. mcafee says he will taking the personal hand bone to her doctor tomorrow to be analyzed. we showed a photo of this object to a hand doctor who says it
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but nothing can be done until further testing is completed. coming up after the break, are you dreading the political talk at the thanksgiving dinner table this thanksgiving? how you can potentially sidestep the banter, coming up after the break. plus a valley company is helping nasa track the weather from space. if you would like to contact me on social media, take a second. i would love to hear from you. you can find and also
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you're watching fox 10 news at 10:00 with marc martinez president elect donald trump chooses a new national security advisor for his administration, and while the president elect continues to meet with high-profile political players, vice president elect mike pence spent his day in washington meeting with leaders in congress. the president elect continue to stay in trump tower with his transition team. today former secretary of state henry kissinger and former general jack keen visited with
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nikki haley and rick scott who could up for cabinet positions. trump's aids are denying transition turmoil >> the president elect has slid into this role amazingly well because he is a transactional guy, used to getting different information and many inputs. >> meanwhile, meeting with mitch mcconnell and paul ryan in washington, democratic senators schumer and pelosi. >> i expect many different conversations as we move forward inauguration and thereafter. >> trump set to meet with one of his biggest critics this weekend, former massachusetts governor mitt romney, set to be in the running for secretary of state. with the election causing a pretty big divide among many people, many want to avoid talking about it with relatives
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table to keep the peace this thanksgiving. marcy? >> that's right, marc, and i think it's a coincidence that i am in the only place in the studio with all of the wine. i just think that's a coincidence. but you definitely don't want any part of your thanksgiving getting burned, especially your guests over political conversation over that turkey. so we hit the streets to ask the ultimate thanksgiving day question, can't we all just get along? >> we are doing a story on kind of keeping the peace at the thanksgiving this hilarious election. >> you're funny. >> if somebody does bring it up, let's say, and you want to divert the conversation, how are you going to do that? >> that's a very, very good question. so -- >> maybe we should practice. like offer them more mashed potatoes? >> right, have another spoonful of mashed potatoes. have some pumpkin pie. >> the psychologist says before using a side dash as a political pacifier, follow these simple
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>> we are getting a lot of people together who are already sleep deprived, hungry, taking time off work, already a very stressful situation. >> be aware of your triggers. >> so if you know that aunt tommy or uncle tommy, rather, always wants to talk about political issues, be aware of thatment be aware of how might i actually deal with that in the moment in a healthy way. >> step three, set boundaries before dinner. >> so you can tell uncle tommy that, in advance, i really don't want to talk about politics or money or whatever the issue may be right now. i really just want to enjoy the holidays. >> and if all else fails, change the subject. >> let's play a game. we are at thanksgiving right now. this is our turkey. so how about that election? >> you know what, i really don't want to talk about that. but how are you doing? how's work? >> perfect! nailed it. you're going to have a great thanksgiving, ma'am. >> reporter: farrah also said don't forget about taking time for yourself.
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with your routine. take care of yourself first. and if you are striking out all over the place, christmas is right around the corner. just ask santa for a new family. >> maybe watch the amount of wine that people drink, just in case. if you are able to keep thanksgiving peaceful, you do have black friday to look forward to, and a.s.u. has done research, it's what they do, to find out what makes people so angry in the identifying two factors, hypnotizing ads and mob mentality to make people go nuts. they say if you mix those in quantities, you can bring out the competitive side in shoppers. >> we see ads that have a great, great deal with only a limited number in quantity available, and psychologically we perceive the other consumers participating as a competitive threat. it can cultivate seeds of
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once you get into the retail setting. >> that's why you have people fighting over tickle me elmo and tvs. it took researchers about three years to complete that study. well, it's not feeling like christmas but a little more like christmas, or should we say thanksgiving, since it's just a week away. temperatures are coming down a little bit.
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your exclusive accuweather forecast with dave munsey on fox 10 news. well, dave, it's hard to think about it, but we are already approaching thanksgiving and the weather has been so nice, it's finally starting to feel like that time of year though. >> everybody is saying, thanksgiving got away. it came so fast. maybe it was just the weather. it couldn't be thanksgiving. it's too warm. well, look at it now, huh, it's 63 degrees at the present time,
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seven miles an hour. city looking pretty good this evening. nice and chilly out there. it's 57 in scottsdale, 58 in deer valley. in surprise, 55 degrees. in chandler, it is 55 degrees. take a look at the low-pressure system, the cold front as they roll through, dragging the breezy and the cold weather. that breezy weather will be out of here. the cold weather will turn to -- well, cool weather will turn a little bit warmer. there areas north and south and southeast of the valley. as you can see here, with temperatures dropping off, we'll look at them in a minute. 72 degrees at sky harbor on the high today, 71 in deer valley. 72 at goodyear, 70 at buckeye, and some 70s over on the east side as well. take a look at the high temperature in flagstaff, 45 degrees, 43 at the grand canyon, 54 degrees at show low, 71 at tuscon, and 73 at yuma
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we are forecasting, 55 is the norm. we are going to 49 in the city, 41 up in fountain hills, 46 in glendale, 41 in buckeye, and 43 in chandler on the night tonight. by tomorrow morning, temperatures will be dropping off as they did this morning to 56 degrees. 72 this afternoon, 75 and 52 normal high and low, record high 87, record low at 32. take a look at what we are forecasting. bit. we go to 77, 78, 79 in a few places, some nice mid-70s in there as well, 64 at sedona, 52 at prescott, 53 at winslow, 52 at show low, 77 in gila bend and at casa grande 76 degrees. take a look at this little system right here as it rolls across the country, it is kicking off a few storms, a little bit of action up in the northwest, and you can see this line here, cooler temperatures
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over here. you can see some 30s and 40s back here. that's really going to be a big change for the country as it rolls through. you can see the front right tere as it rolls in. also, we wanted to give you a look at the area down here with the system rolling in on sunday. that means that monday and tuesday we could see a little bit of weather action as far as moisture, maybe even some snow. 49 overnight. we'll be looking at 77 degrees for tomorrow. we'll run the 80s through the weekend, with 81 on saturday, sunday at 81, and then we are back into the 60s again. hey, it's going to be 74 by the time around to thanksgiving, nice looking day with a few clouds. watch your kids around water. >> dave, thank you.
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live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back.
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nasa track the weather from space to help scientists forecast major weather events. that company is called qualtech and they helped create the gosar satellite that help detect heavy rainfall, flash flooding and watch for ships at sea. it will also help track solar flares. >> better tracking of large tropical storms, forecast where they will make landfall better because we will have more information. >> that satellite will be in orbit for at least ten years and monitor the western hemisphere, set to launch this saturday in cape canaveral florida. a woman who spent a decade of her life giving back to the nation's troops and families gets a gift of her own.
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houses for families of the fallen. a man donated his own vehicle to to the organization after reading the letter. >> he stood in the direct line of fire three different times that day, willingly gave his life for his teammates and for the freedoms that we enjoy each and every day. >> yeah, and great and that donated vehicle will be helped to use care for veterans and their families. arizona in need is hoping to collect 5,000 turkeys by monday. the organization hopes to help more than 12,000 people in need. >> yeah, i think this is a year unlike any other, with the election so much focus on that warm weather. we haven't really felt seasonal yet, so i think thanksgiving is really kind of snuck up on a lot of people, so we are definitely
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the years that i have been here and people who have been here longer than me, telling me this is a tough situation right now. >> and people can donate turkeys at 26 different albertson and safeway locations all across the valley. we check in on larry fitzgerald, fitz feeling better after a big hit last weekend. but will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order
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you're watching fox 10 sports with richard sa saenz. it's another big game for the cardinals, but let's face it, at this stage in the season, every game is going to be a big one for the cards. from here on out, not much room for errors as the cardinals head to minnesota. >> no, i'm good. i'm good. fully participated in practice today, we'll do it again tomorrow and be ready to go on sunday. that was the plan fm beginning, you know. it's everybody has got something right now. >> nice to hear larry itzgerald is a okay and will play this sunday. and what do you know, we have got the game for you right here on fox 10. it's the cardinals in minnesota, and yes, we will have a crew in minneapolis, and we'll have extended highlights and post-game coverage after the game. more nfl stuff, nfl action thursday night football to be
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panthers, saints lined up for a field goal, on the return, he is done, down the sideline, it looks like an easy touchdown for the panthers, but watch this block right here. that is a no-no. you can't block in the back, and why are you blocking the kicker anyway? that's a penalty. still no touchdown, so on the very next play, cam newton says let's make it a touchdown, deep to ted ginn. the referee says no, but on review, he is actually in bounds, the difference, winning by three points, 23-20. bobby hurley and his boys taking on northern iowa, actually a pretty good basketball team. graham right here gets the hoop and the harm.
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attacking and gets the bucket to go. but a.s.u. was trailing most of the game, down by seven, make that ten, 3-pointer is good, and there you see it, 82-63. richardson lights the lamp, 1-0 arizona. richardson comes through and everybody is happy. but things would take a turn for the worse. richardson goes down, a guy following him. he is in some serious pain. it looked like it was his right knee. you see him wincing in pain. they put them on a stretcher, leave the game with a lower body injury and does not return. he's in the hospital. right now, it's 2-2 in the third, the 'yotes trying to snap a three-game losing streak. coming up next, modern family. fox 10 news is back tomorrow at
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