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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  November 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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fox 10 news alert involving chase field and a possible deal to sell the stadium to a private buyer. the deal has fallen through. the maricopa county got a letter notified the county that they are terminating the letter of intent signed back until august. the group stadium real estate partners ii no longer plan to buy chase field and is blaming a lack of communication with the arizona diamondbacks. we reached out to the team. we will bring you more as we learn it at 9:00 and 10:00.
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indian casinos and gambling here in arizona. governor ducey with a decision to open up gambling. the governor allowing full fledged gambling for the diamond casino but the plan prevents new casinos casinos from opening in the valley. matt rodewall joining us live with the story. >> reporter: yeah, kari, this is a deal that everyone will get what they the diamond desert casino will be what they envisioned with table and slot machines. they will also make sure there are no other casinos built in the valley. as for the governor, he gets head off years of threats, legislation and it litigation tt could have stopped building in glendale.
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the governor singing everyone's praises. >> it is good communication with tribal leaders and there is more to do but this is a great start. >> reporter: what was possible was a compromise after the tkpwofrp -- governor and several tribal leaders. tribal leaders forced their hand after they opened a casino last year. >> we are trying to promise at number century and this -- seven this is number eight. >> they have been a part of the discussion and negotiation ongoing and they are welcome to be here. >> reporter: a revision helps expanding gaming for larger tribes but the smaller tribes say they see the big picture. >> we want to support the tribes in favor of it in the event we
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help. >> reporter: matt rodewall, fox 10 news. john mccain and jeff flake are praising the new gaming agreement saying in part, we applaud governor ducey for his leadership in developing a state tribal resolution to the glendale casino issue. the controversy involving the tohono o'odham nation gaming facility has divided the indian tribes for years and we hope this will heal the divisions and elimine legislation. a settlement in a lawsuit against maricopa county. a former inmate claims she was restrained before and after having a c-section. she was an inmate in one of sheriff joe arpaio's jails in 2009. she was taken to a recovery room and had to wear a leg restraint after giving birth to her son. the county agreed to pay $200,000 in this suit.
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policy in his jails were fair. >> a valley woman pleads guilty to second-degree murder of her husband earlier this year. they argued after food and money, miller told officers she smelled smoke from a fire that he it will. she saw him standing in the hallway and shot him several times. three days until turkey and many are choosing to get the freshest bird they can find. they are seeing a big demand for their free-range turkeys. >> reporter: with thanksgiving four days away, some folks are deciding to forgo the store-bought turkeys and do something fresher. >> i think people love the idea of a fresh turkey, meanin never frozen.
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selling fresh turkeys on their farm. every year they grow in popularity. in fact, this year they have had a 25% increase in presales for the birds. >> this is very fresh. these were processed the day before or two days ago. they don't get fresh are than that, i tell you, and that is something that families like. >> reporter: people are becoming more conscious about where their food is coming from. >> it is the centerpiece. it thanksgiving dinners. it is fun to extend the meal to go to the farm and meet us at the farm and see who is producing the food for them. reporter: is this the first time you have done this in. >> yes, we usually buy it at albertson's or one of the stores. >> i've always had fresh turkeys and i think there is a difference. >> reporter: they have raised the turkeys turkeys for five mo.
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some say it is a small price to pay to tpaoupd out where they come from. >> it is all produced here on our farm for our livestock. >> reporter: in dewey, ty pwraepben in, name. >> they still have turkeys available at their store in dewey. millions of people will be traveling over the next week and many areas of the country this is what they are looking at, digging out from snow and snowstorms. new york. travel advisory in effect for much of the area today. slick roads for drivers in the hartford area. some areas got more than a foot of snow and more snow and ice could hit the new england area for the next couple of days. workers at chicago o'rare --
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baggage hand hers and cabin cleaners and janitors are seeking $15 an hour and union rights. a suspect arrested in the deadly shooting in a san antonio police detective. 31-year-old otis mccain was taken into custody this afternoon. investigators believe he is the man seen in this surveillance video hours before the shooting. 50-year-old detective benjamin marconi was shot twice while he was writing a ticket in his patrol car near his headquarters. it is not clear why this man opened fire on marconi. the san antonio police chief stated earlier that he believes the detective was targeted simply because he is an officer. >> i think the uniform was the target. anyone who happened along was
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arrested after a car he was a passenger in was stopped on the freeway. he will be charged with first-degree murder. donald trump's favorable rating has been jumping since he won the election. his popularity is up 9% although 34% hold an unfavorable view of him. trump is back at trump tower in manhattan where he met with several people, massachusetts senator and news people. donald trump may be heading to new england next month. queen elizabeth is expected to invite him. she has met with every american president since assuming the throne except for lyndon johnson. miraculous story coming out of washington state, a couple survives after a tree smashes
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the couple driving when the branch and this is a big branch smashed out on top of the vehicle. both people were able to crawl out through the backdoor. they suffered minor injuries. >> i went over and talked to them both. the wife was in shock, which i don't blame her. the timing is unbelievable that it hit the car when it did. >> investigators are now trying to figure out why the tree toppled over in the first place. why someone is suing the restaurant chain. plus, the valley teen making
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such an amazing story. a mesa teenager making a big difference in the lives of many who need it most. she is on a mission to collect and distribute food and clothing for the homeless. >> reporter: haley lyon isn't your average junior in high school. for the last three year, she handed out food, clothes, and
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>> i still need blankets, jackets, hat, sock. i do shoes and toothbrushes and toothpaste. >> reorter: she creates these bags with her brother. >> it was hard because like they all came at me at once and i was overwhelmed. >> reporter: from then on, she decided to collect donations yearou her own money. >> i hate not being able to give everybody something. >> reporter: by her side is her older brother who is her driver. >> being 16 years old, more 16 year olds focus on driving and hanging out with friends, her focus is what can she do for the community? >> reporter: she is always there to help someone.
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butter and jelly sandwiches and whatever else i get donated, i throw it in bags until i can't do nor -- no more. >> if you would like to donate, we have more information on how you can and a link to their go fund me page on not good news for chipotle. the company is being sued for the chorizo burrito. a sign burrito as 300 calories. the customer says he felt excessively full and the burrito is more than 1,000 calories. how do you do a calorie count? chipotle responded to the controversy that the
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alone. >> sometimes i don't want to know. >> you don't want to add in what the sour cream might do and what the cheese might do. >> because you turn around and walk out the door. >> you're right. coming out, where you can shell out $50,000 for a turkey dinner. >> what? plus, facebook announcing plans to expand. where the tkpaepb is adding hundreds of jobs. >> reporter: this was shocking news today. news coming that, yeah, it goes with the position, cardinals' head coach hospitalized. what happens now the rest of this week in terms of the team'd trip to atlanta.
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give the gift of amazing sleep. only at a sleep number store, right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. hurry, ends soon! learn more at know better sleep with sleep number. >> is everybody ready to do the turkey hokey pokey? >> the farm burrow saying a turkey dinner for 10 people is $50. that is not the price if you buy the dinner from a new york steakhouse. their package includes a 20-pound turkey basted in extra olive oil from itly. $465-dollar piece of piece, probably kobe beef imported from
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the package includes four tickets to a new york giants football game and a night at the wees or the ya. the cost is $50,000. >> i'm out. i thought you were inviting us. in tonight's business watch, facebook is going to create 500 new jobs. most of the positions will be in london where the company is opening up a new headquarts. expand to london, possibly bringing 3,000 jobs to the area. london season booming. apple says they will provide a free battery replacement for customers whose i-phone 6 models experience an unexpected shut
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they received reports of the iphone shutting down. dow, nasdaq, and s&p finished the day with record highs. the dow was up 88 points. nasdaq jumping 87. that is tonight's business watch. look at the baseball card of mickey mantle brought in s figures. only three gem mint copies of the card were believed to >> reporter: ken kendrick has one of the fabulous collections of all time when it comes to baseball cards.
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health issues, you can add bruce arians to the list. it is a high-stressed business, the hour, pressure, demands. bruce arians was hospitalized late last night with his wife. we understand he is resting comfortably. many tests came back favorable for bruce arians. we do not know when he will return. the assistant coach addressed the james bettcher will run the defense. there is a chance he will be back this week. larry fitzgerald speaking to the media around 12:30 today, addressed the situation with his coach back in the hospital for the second time this season. >> makes you appreciate, you know, real life. obviously, what happened in minnesota sucks. we would love to win the game but thanksgiving is coming on thursday and, you know, we're human beings. at the end of the day, we love
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we want to see him live a long life and that is what it is about. >> reporter: it never helps when you lose a football game and it never helps when you lose with special teams. 104 kickoff return to start the second half. again, we've seen the special teams meltdown. we saw it in the loss to new england. we saw it in the overtime loss to seattle sea loss yesterday to minnesota vikings. just disappointed in this team's performance, which turned out to be a very, very disappointing season to date. >> missed opportunities is certainly the thing that i would say is what i think about when i think about this season so far. that's the fine line and the difference between winning and losing in the nfl. we got to continue to keep
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>> reporter: this is the beginning of rivalry week. we do have territorial kaup to talk about friday night in tucson between the cats and sun devils. back with more sports. we'll see you at 6:00. >> are you going to show the chuck cecil video again? >> reporter: we have to. >> i don't think this is the best picture of jon hamm. there are so many good once of him out there and we pick this one? >> yeah, i know you are particular about stuff. >> there are certain pictures that will better than others. the prestigious honor picked up
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there we go. that is a better picture. jon hamm receiving a nice honor. he is named international man of the he starred for years on the hit show "mad men." >> reporter: i'm marc martinez. coming up at 6:00, an update on multiple crashes that shouted -- shut down a huge stretch of the highway for hours. steve krafft has the story
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first tonight at six at first tonight at 6:00, a traffic alert for drivers in the east valley. a stretch of southbound loop 101 in scottsdale is back open after being shut down for several hours following a deadly accident there. there were three separate collisions involving at least 20 vehicles. it was a mess out there. d.p.s. oncoming lanes of traffic and eight vehicles were involved in that crash and one person died. another crash happened because of the traffic backup. now, that involved nearly a dozen vehicles. a third crash at the edge of frank lloyd wright that involved more vehicles.
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warning is issued after an earthquake. it is the area where another strong quake triggered a tsunami at a power plant and killed 18,000 people. at this point, no reports of damage, injuries, or death. back here in arizona, a weather alert for us. storms moving across the state brought rain and cooler temps to the valley and snow to the hue country. sky fox over slick roads today in phoenix as drivers navigate the roads today. there has been hail in some areas reported. you can hear it there, hail


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