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tv   FOX 10 News 6pm  FOX  November 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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warning is issued after an earthquake. it is the area where another strong quake triggered a tsunami at a power plant and killed 18,000 people. at this point, no reports of damage, injuries, or death. back here in arizona, a weather alert for us. storms moving across the state brought rain and cooler temps to the valley and snow to the hue country. sky fox over slick roads today in phoenix as drivers navigate the roads today. there has been hail in some areas reported. you can hear it there, hail
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a good amount of hail coming down as well. >> blue sky and it is pouring. >> heavy rain coming down in el mirage neighborhood also, this is 20 miles northwest of downtown phoenix. this video sent to us by cheyenne stewart. north of the valley, adot tweeting this image of a rock slide as you go through oak creek also, the weather challenging families who lined up to receive food boxes. they were out standing in this pouring rain. 2,000 cars were lined up at st. mary's food bank. hundreds of volunteers packed pd the bags and helped the families with the load. >> it was help to keep the rain out. i got soaking wet. >> reporter: was it worth it?
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>> st. mary's food bank could use your help. they need 1,000 more turkeys to distribute by thursday. at snowbowl, snow fell at 9,000 feet tonight. >> reporter: sure, it is a monday but a lot of people called in sick to work or skip school all together so they could come hit the slopes. here at arizona snowbowl. in fact, some people waited in line as long as five hours. >> we made the two-h up to flag only to realize that the lifts aren't running right now. we are just waiting it out ready to ride. >> reporter: how long have you been waiting? >> two hours. >> this is life. snowbowl, snowboarding, this is life. i am a local. i've been coming up here for five years. >> reporter: and you wait this long. >> here we go. >> we did have a tree that fell on the line. our mountain crews removed the
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we're running and skiing and everybody is happy. >> reporter: you're hoping for a good season here, what do you think? >> yeah, yeah, i hope there is but there probably won't be that much snow because of el nino but we'll see. >> reporter: is that why you jump on every snow chance you get? >> yes. >> reporter: it is going to snow much of the afternoon. they are predicting 3-6 inches here tonight and, of course, a lot more skiers all season long. fox 10 news. >> looks nice up there. dave munsey is tracking the weather for us tonight. joining us live with the forecast, dave. >> reporter: marc, pretty good rain today. still a little bit of rain around the state as we get you a look at the map. you can see it is exiting the state very, very rapidly coming in from the southwest and moving through to the east. as we run down and take a look at it, not much going on.
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but the city pretty dry at this point in time. take a look at these number, up by surprise, 1.7, almost 2 inches there. almost an inch by fountain hills and south of goodyear, .5 of an inch. we look at wickenburg, 1.3. prescott, 1.3. north of cave creek, .08 of an inch. we have 1.5 up near black canyon city. 1.2, 1.8, so lots of moisture coming in. lots of big numbers. look at the snow over at the white mountains. we see the snow up in the flagstaff area that we got a look at earlier. in flagstaff, .78 of tphoeufp. sedona, .63. look at show low, .85 inches up there. what happens down here the rest of the week, tuesday, wednesday, thursday?
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absolutely beautiful. we'll take another look at weather coming up. northern california also expecting several inches of snow in the sierra nevadas. drivers on roads being told to take it easy. be cautious out there because of the slick conditions. the highway patrol reporting multiple spinouts and multiple crashes. in southern california, heavy rains began f areas. several people believed to be homeless had to be rescued by boats. swimmers are being told to avoid l.a. county beaches because of runoff. northeast getting a blast of winter weather. up to a foot an and a half of snow was in massachusetts. schools were close us batch of of -- because of that snow. you can get weather updates and
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a suspect has been arrested in the shooting death of an officer. the officer was a 20 year veteran of the force. he was among four police officers shot yesterday across the country. casey stegall has more from dallas. >> reporter: four police officers around the nation shot in several incidents, three are alive, a fourth, a detective here i it happened while he was writing a ticket in his squad car. benjamin marconi was attacked by a driver who pulled up from behind. >> i think the uniform was the target and anyone who happened along, the first person who happened along was the person he targeted. >> police releasing this surveillance footage of a
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the male person of interest went to the department about four hours before opening fire. >> he talked to the clerk at the desk. he asked a question and the clerk said he would help him with that and he said never mind and talked out. a sergeant in st. louis was targeted and hit twice while sitting in his vehicle. officers injured in two other shootings on sunday, one in missouri in gladstone, the other in santa bell, florida. the motive is unclear. it has been a deadly year for law enforcement after attacks in ohio and the high-profile killings in dallas and baton rouge over the summer. in dallas, casey stegall, fox news. maricopa county has reached a settlement in a suit brought
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she was restrained before and after having a c-section. she was an inmate in one of sheriff's jails in 2009. the county agreed to pay $200,000 in that suit. arpaio previously claimed the restraint policy in his jail was fair. people protesting the dakota pipeline was sprayed with water in below hit by tear gas and rubber bullets. during clashes with week, an officer was hit in the head with a rock and more than a dozen protesters went to the hospital, some of them suffering from hyperthermia. they are proefting the pipeline over concerns the drinking water and land could be harmed. president-elect donald trump
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cabinet job, including rick perry, former massachusetts senator scott brown and oklahoma governor. a liberal progressive politician spoke to trump about the situation in syria. >> you have people flying in from all over the country meeting with him to give his advice, share their vision for the country, some of which will result in appointments in his some are just excited over the new direction of the country and want to be a part of it. >> mr. trump will be headed to florida for the thanksgiving holiday. kurt warner and his wife come through in a big way for a local family right before thanksgiving. he works with the associated food banks. now, he is a rhodes scholar.
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the most prestigious academic honors in the world. the
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prestigious academic honors in the world, rhodes scholars. one of the recipients lives here in the valley. reporter: the rhodes scholarship is the world's oldest and most famous international fellowship program. two years in oxford, england free. 882 outstanding students applied this year, only 32 were chosen an of them. st. mary's food banks and others around the state are important, not just at holiday time. one of the people that keep them going, 23-year-old oscar de los santos of laveen. a rhodes scholar, how does that feel?
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and exciting. >> reporter: oscar came to& phoenix to teach and to help disadvantaged people. he was born in los angeles to parents who arrived as undocumented immigrants from mexico in the 1970's and became citizens after ronald reagan's amnesty. he graduated as one of the top students. oscar is happy to receive this honor but he is also a little bit sad that chosen as rhodes scholar, he is the only latino. >> i'm disappointed that powerful institutions undervalue and under estimate the people of color in this country. >> reporter: he plans to put his experience to good use. >> i want to work in public policy to create a moore just world, especially for vulnerable people, immigrants, the poor,
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god-given potential. >> reporter: oscar has a botch legislature's degree in political science. he plans to get a master in public policy and another in theology in ethics. he says he cannot do a convincing english accent but he is looking forward to eating fish and chips. steve krafft, fox 10 news. >> in tonight's business watch agrees to be bought by a security company for $2.3 billion. that deal is expected to close in the first quarter of 2017. it requires approval from lifelock shareholders. the company makes antivirus software will help bolter their cyber defense technology. former arizona cardinals quarterback kurt warner and his
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home. it is part of the first things first foundation. >> i felt like i don't have to worry about that anymore. i was worrying about that. >> single parents have so much on their plate. i was a single mom when i met kurt. i walked in their shoes and you want someone to hear you, to see you, to help you. >> the foundation helped to furnish 40 homes for valley still ahead, dave munsey is back with an update on the
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dave, it is one of the mornings that was hard to get out of bed. it was rainy and chilly and you want to stay inside. >> rep every morning and it was 6:15 when i rolled out this morning. you could hear it pattering on the roof. it was a nice morning out there. a nice morning to stay in bed and kind of lay there and listen to it pitter-patter out on the roof. 65 degrees right now. winds out of the south, southwest at 6 miles an hour. 62 degrees at deer valley. 64 degrees in glendale.
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ahwatukee, the same at 64. you can see the low pressure moving out of here. high pressure trying to re-establish itself, which it will do in a day or so. you can see a little bit of snow mountains and up by flagstaff. the city getting hit earlier but things backing off up to an inch in some of these areas, 1.5 up as we get you a look out here, that stuff wrapping it up quickly. over in the white mountains, they pick up a few inches. flagstaff, 6 inches, maybe another 6 inches is what they are going to get north of there, not necessarily in the city. they had it in the city but then it turned to rain right away so it did not last very long. the winds are blowing pretty good.
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wind gust at this time. here is the futurecast. we put it into position for you. by tomorrow, everything clears out of here. later in the week, everybody gets together with the family and goes to celebrate their thanksgiving. looks like 72 degrees right now with light winds, a few clouds hanging around out there. there are your highs on the day today. a few upper look at the 40's in the mountains. a few 50's mixed in. it will be 70's across your desert. 70 on the high. 60 on the low. 88 record high for the day. 30, record low for the day. across the country, pretty good snow up in the northeast where they pick up 15-17 inches in a few places. 50 degrees overnight. 66 degrees for tomorrow. take a look at it here.
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watch your kids around water. >> reporter: this has been a challenging 24 hours for the cardinals and bruce arians. we'll give you the latest on his
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>> reporter: this certainly has been a challenging 24 hours for the cardinals and head coach bruce arians. arians returning home from the game in minneapolis last night and was taken to the hospital by wife chris undergoing chest pains. no serious heart ailment can be detected. the assistant coach addressed the team around noon today. certainly, you understand having been around the head coaches for many year, the stress that goes into this position is part of the job. the film study, demands, travel, winning and losing and everything goes with it. when you see the big plays that just continue to haunt with the cardinals, look at the xavier rhodes return for touchdown. you look at what happened with the special teams aspect of the matchup yesterday with the vikings and you understand the high expectations, you realize the amount of stress that goes with this job. it is dramatic. it is significant and you can
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you prepared and big plays like this haunt the arizona cardinals. we understand he is doing fine. we don't know when coach will be back but larry fitzgerald addressed the media earlier today and kind of gave his perspective. he did talk to coach later in the morning hours. here is larry fitzgerald. >> i think there is a trend here. i think he is stressed when we're pl 13-3 last year, he was feeling good. as a player, you feel partly responsible for what is happening with the stress and him not feeling well. i think a lot of that falls on our shoulders and we're not -- we don't feel good about it. we are a family but when things like this happen, it pun chu
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season and things are not going the way you want them to go, you lose sight of that. >> reporter: when things are going great and you have a 13-3 season, you're comfortable and enjoying yourself. the stress of losing and expectations. we'll keep tabs and find out when he may be able to return to the team. >> thanks a lot.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: something's going on with kanye west. we broke the story. he canceled his show. kim's getting on private jets. something's up. >> goes on stage, rants about the trump thing and then walked off stage after 30 minutes. harvey: is he having a pbreakdown? >> something is wrong with kanye. >> maybe here's narcissistic. has anybody thought of that? >> the hamilton actor who called out mike pence, doesn't feel like he owes anybody an apology. >> we wanted to stand up and spread a message of love. >> if i were on stage, would i ask to see him backstage and have a talk with him. there are more than nine gay people here. >> there are way more than nine people at hamilton! way more than nine people. >> rae sremmurd at l.a.x., black beatles. started the whole mannequin challenge. i say can we please do one here, one right now at delta check-in?


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