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tv   FOX 10 News Noon  FOX  November 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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afloat. obviously when you tread water for any amount of time, and the fact that he is in a wheelchair, this could have been a much different situation, had he not landed the way he did. >> so apparently when he came out of the water he was obviously pretty cold but okay, and he actually told phoenix fire he didn't want to go to the hospital. he denied any medical treatment. and firefighters just gave him a ride home. he's okay. reporting live in south phoenix, i'm andrew hasbun, fox 10 news. >> thank you, andrew. well, in chandler, two people are acc while cleaning their guns. police called to a home near alma school. they were cleaning a gun when it accidentally went off. the bullet went through one person's hand and hit the other in the leg. no charges will be filed. a knock on the door proved deadly for a man at an apartment near 12th street and indian school road.
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there was one woman in the apartment but she was not hurt. one neighbor said the family seemed nice and normal, but now he's wondering how safe it is at that apartment complex. >> it makes me want it move. i don't want to -- you know, this is a nice complex. it makes me like, wow, someone knocks on your door and you get shot? that ain't cool with me, you know. i mean, as far as i know this area on this side of the street is really nice my complex is really nice. otherwise, i would have moved. but it's >> the shooter got away. police don't have a motive right now or even a description of that suspect. >> well, police this afternoon are trying to find the gunman who chased a woman along a valley freeway and then shot and killed her. >> it's been two months now, and police have really run out of leads in the murder of dinya farmer, and so they are raising the reward in this case. steve krafft just got back from a news conference, and steve, this has to be so hard for the woman's family to figure out what's going on here.
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the family. they desperately need answers. 49-year-old dinya farmer was the single mother of three daughters and a survivor of breast cancer that had returned in the last year. now, back in september, dinya farmer was driving north on state route 51 when she called 911 saying she was being chased. she told the 911 operator that nen in a white work truck started following her at broadway and 7th avenue and continued as she got on the freeway. noises were heard on the phone, and then dinya farmer stops talking. a bullet hit her in the head, and she was killed. police in the last hour made an appeal to find the killer. >> everyone knows thanksgiving is just around the corner, and our help in asking for your help today is that somebody in the community who has information that we don't yet have will come forward, as a result the upcoming holiday and the fact that we need them to do the
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reward in this case, and that's the focus here, it has been increased. the new total is $21,000. police are hopeful, as you heard, the holiday season will bring out some good will and some useful information that can lead to an arrest. so once again, if you have any information that can help police, get get in touch with silent witness. reporting live, steve krafft, fox 10 news. >> thank you, steve. well, a fox follow-up here on a man's body found in a river bottom in laveen last we county sheriff's office still doesn't know who he is, and now investigators are asking for the public's help to identify him. so they have released this detailed description. he had short black hair and a short beard. he's about six feet tall, around 220 pounds. he was wearing an axe armani exchange black ball cap and a
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american in white letters across the front. he had played knee length shorts and nike running shoes. traffic alert for you this afternoon. you probably want to avoid the area around st. mary's food bank for about the next hour or so, 35th avenue and thomas, just west of i-17. these are the pictures from earlier today, so there are people standing here, but here is where the traffic jam starts. cars line all along the right lanes. this is thomas road, all the way down from like 31st aven 40th avenue this morning. they are giving away thousands of turkey dinners today in people in need. so again, this goes on until 1:00 p.m. and also tomorrow, so keep that in mind if you're good news for drivers in the northwest valley. they are going to have a faster drive. the new bell road bridge opened this morning over grand avenue in surprise. he's a look from one of our skyfox shots here. the intersection of bell and grand is one of the busiest
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valley, added to that train tracks in the area, traffic having to stop every time a train went by. this overpass ends all of that, and drivers, as you can imagine, pretty pleased. >> finally, thankfully. we are done with all of the detours. i have to come to home depot quite a lot, so it will be handier coming home from work to be able to shoot over bell instead of taking a detour around. >> reopened. a court of appeals denies a request to stop the construction on the loop 202, the fourth time courts have rejected construction of the freeway that will link east and west valleys in downtown. opponents have cited environmental impacts and sacred indian burial ground, but it's been thrown out. donald trump going back on
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clinton in jail over her e-mail scandal, a top advisor suggesting he is going to help hillary clinton, quote, "heal." they are refraining from calling for more investigations. in the meantime, he is he says seriously considering ben carson for the head of the department of housing and urban development. this comes after ben carson said he is not interested in being considered for any position in the trump administration. a meeting with times journalists, trump has been criticizing the times for its coverage of his campaign and throughout the election. he backed out when conditions of the meeting were changed at the last moment, but apparently that has all been resolved.
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arizona cardinals head coach bruce arians, really good news, back in the hospital after being hospitalized for chest pains, and he is out of the hospital. tests so far continue to indicate this is nothing serious. the team tweete a photo of arians back in his office this morning and says he will return to practice tomorrow and he will coach sunday's game. so here's one of the plays that i am sure did not help his health situation at all, the huge return. >> was that the >> i'm trying to catch the end of it, was that the kickoff return? no, that was the interception return, that was not fun. >> here is the kickoff return. >> here's the one that pushed him over the edge maybe, unfortunately, not to joke about his health, but it wasn't fun out there against minnesota. talk about a must-win game, they have got to win in atlanta if they want a chance of going into the play-offs, and that's right here on fox 10 at 11:00 on
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>> they have got to win, every game. >> right. two schools on lockdown, the search for the gunmen. the stock market goes into unchartered territory, today's big milestone for the day. >> and the sunshine is abundant. there's a beautiful, beautiful tuesday. we'll find out about your wednesday and thanksgiving as well in a few minutes and coming up a little later, you're going to see waves from a small tsunami after an earthquake hits japan. and the man accused of killing that officer this week says why he did it. ?
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you're watching fox 10 news at noon with troy hayden and syleste rodriguez. well, new at noon, two universities in south florida are put on lockdown after a shooting on a college campus. a man was shot near the front gate of florida memorial university in miami gardens. the man was taken to a miami hospital for treatment, and his condition isn't yet available. florida memorial and a nearby st. thomas university immediately went on lockdown. at last report, police were still trying to find the gunman. >> well, this is a shocking crime. the man accused of ambushing the san antonio police officer, shooting him execution style when he was in his patrol car writing a ticket, this is a long time police officer respected in that community, the man is behind bars, and he says he shot the officer because he was upset about a custody battle. police took him into custody
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was being booked into a jail he opened up to reporters there about why he committed the crime. he told reporters he was upset because he wasn't allowed to see his son. >> i have been through several custody battles, and i was frustrated with the situation that was in, and i shot somebody who didn't deserve it. >> reporter: do you have anything to say to his family? >> i'm sorry. >> right. what goes through mind never justifies anything like this, gunned down a detective named benjamin marconi on sunday. the driver said the shooter didn't even know the officer. a bus carrying 35 students crashed into a tree yesterday in chattanooga, tennessee. the bus was nearly torn in two when it flipped on its side and wrapped around a tree. the images of this bus are
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police arrested the 24-year-old driver. his name is johnthony walker. they believe he was driving too fast. he's charged with vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment, and reckless driving. well, today might be a decent day to check your 401(k) if you have got one of those. the dow jones industrial average reached a record high, crossed 19,000 in the early trading in the day, the first time it's done that in i hope you held on to everything, because here we are in record territory again. >> that's more than doubled since the recession. >> you bet. in the opening minutes of trading, the dow hit a new record, 19013, so trading still going on. this is the time of year for turkeys to be nervous, they can
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pretty secure in his existence. his feathers are not ruffled. >> they are pretty, too, that shade of gray. and an earthquake strikes japan. we'll show you the ripple effect coming up. >> wait for it -- >> stand by. >> it's gorgeous out there, plenty of sunshine, and temperatures are pretty pleasant too. find out about that you are thanksgiving thursday. i'll have it coming your way in
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14 people hurt by a strong earthquake that hit japan off the northeast coast of that island nation today. at least three people were seriously injured with some broken bones, a 7.4 earthquake, and it triggered -- boy, you say
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after what they went through, people get pretty panicked, but just a small tsunami, about five feet high, nothing in you have to cause any major damage. in 2011, the tsunamis triggered by an earthquake took out the fukushima power plant, and they are still recovering from that. hey, >> hey. >> pretty day outside today. >> isn't it nice? >> cool wind and everything. >> did you get outside at all? >> i did. >> how about you? >> i'm a shut in. >> we have got to drag him out some mornings. >> i'm very busy. >> i don't want him to miss his meals on wheels program. >> that's true. >> you have got to leave a post-it, and it's going to be a hassle. temps are going to be very nice over the next couple of days. i
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way we work our way into thanksgiving. it's just going to be fantastic. 56 at sky harbor right now, and that is a pretty nice number for this time of year. we are going to easy our way up. i don't think we'll even make the normal, which is 72. the record 89, coming on this day in 1950. so as you look across the west, it is pretty easy sailing for us. we have got mostly fair skies weather pushed off east to colorado and wyoming and points east there. our big weather changer will be this low in the gulf of alaska, which will be carving its way eastward and will get to us after thanksgiving, bringing us some very cool temperatures for the weekend. but so far your thanksgiving looks fantastic. it's really going to be a beauty. so let's move on to how the day will kind of shape up. again, temperatures slowly
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night with these numbers finally moving down to about where they ought to be for this time of year, which is the low 50s. and then on we go into your wednesday. big travel day if you're getting out of town tomorrow. anybody coming to see you for thanksgiving will do just fine. we have got some really good looking conditions of course around here, but if you're going to be traveling to other parts of the country, we'll give you an idea of what you can expect there. but here are the numbers at the moment, 60s all across the as you look at the rest of the nation, boy, it's beautiful again across the south. it's 68 in memphis, wichita 68 degrees, kind of unusual, but we do have weather on the march out there, and this is a major storm. it's kind of double barrelled here. the low itself is here across kansas, but it's pushing this cold front out ahead of it, and as the cold air is kind of wrapped around behind, dragging it out of canada, you have got snow both across minnesota and then back here into wyoming and
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have continued its eastward grind. you may find some of those great lakes airports to be kind of troublesome, your chicago -- i think chicago will be fine, but perhaps detroit, cleveland, et cetera, buffalo and so forth, so there may be some delays there. but here's the way with we look now across colorado and wyoming, and boy, it has been a mess all across minnesota. we have got everything from snow to freezing rain to thunderstorms. so, anyway, how about your world? l we'll get you right to that forecast. and again, it looks super for both today and tomorrow. look at that thursday. >> that turkey is totally in denial, right? >> yeah. he seems maybe that's the only way to approach a day like that. >> just denial. >> puff up your chest, get your waddle flopped over your nose or your beak. is it called a waddle?
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>> turkey nose thing. >> turkey nose, yeah. >> we know what you're talking about, that's the important thing. thanks core. coming up after the break, what's going on with kanye west? i know you have been wondering what's been going on all day long. >> that's a big. >> why he cancelled his tour. >> and there is something new for instagram to keep instagram
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well, how about this? you can now live instagram, and unlike facebook live, instagram is going to delete your video from your story as soon as your broadcast is over. the feature will be added as part of an update to instagram stories. they are also adding a explore tab so users can search for other live video of people you may not be following. kanye west's recent melt down lands him into a hospital
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medical center because of stress from exhaustion. he was at a friend's house when he started acting erratically. officers along with west's management convinces him to get help, this coming after kanye abruptly cancelled the rest of his tour after going on a political tirade on stage in sacramento. a lot of thanksgiving turkeys, let's face it, they are no longer with us. i mean, they are here -- >> yes, in spirit. >> in a different form, in nourishment. but one about making it to thanksgiving. >> up next, one turkey that doesn't have to worry about ending up on the thanksgiving dinner table, as you just mentioned. he's a good looker.
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on the next fox 10 arizona morning. hey, everybody, i'm ron hoon. jazz up that thanksgiving salad with chorizo or apples and walnuts. we have got great recipes, and from disney's
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preview of the big movies opening up. one california turkey who won't be on the dinner table. >> his name is leon. let's meet him. what are you laughing at, corey? >> i like the let's meet him part. >> leon, corey. he lives in an animal sanctuary in stockton. and it's a snood, that thing on top. >> a snood. >> and with his attitude, he has the potential to be a therapy turkey. >> i can't wait to see him on a flight, some day, "don't pet me. i'm working." >> he'll be walking up and down the aisle. >> thanks for watching.
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er ? dish nation ? >> hey, what's up, y'all? welcome to "dish nation." fans are loving some real housewives of atlanta. guess what? frack is back! >> frack. >> in the building. you got to break down what happened on last night's "real housewives of atlanta." >> you got us? >> all right then. ama's also aired last night. we got some of the highlights of that show later on, but, first, kanye west, he out there in the streets, ladies and gentlemen. that last week we told you about him going on his big donald trump rant in san jose. now he is taking the party to sacramento. he went all in on beyonce and jayzee. we're going to need jesus, mary, and joseph, and moses if he is available for this one.


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