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tv   FOX 10 News 6pm  FOX  November 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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andrew andrew hasbun has the latest. >> reporter: the man who is legally blind was on his way to a doctor's appointment when he got too close to the canal and fell in. firefighters snapped photos. firefighters say he was showing signs of hype per thermia when they arrived and they used ladders to pull the man out. the in a way that positioned his head above water. the water was still so he did not drift very far. >> he was able to remain in his chair and keep afloat. this could have been a different situation had he not hrablded the way he did. the canals are not places to swim, fish, or get close to. you don't know the conditions in the water. you are not sure how deep the water is. steer clear of the canals.
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be ok. he denied treatment from firefighters and they gave him a ride home. i'm andrew hasbun, fox 10 news. police are trying to identify the body of a man who was found in a river bed. the man had short black hair, short beard, 220 pounds. he was wear he wore black, blue, and red shorts and black nike shorts and red underwear with a leopard print in black on the side of the underwear. no word on how the man died. anyone with information is asked to call the mash mar county sheriff's office. a big boost in the reward of a murder case that has gone unsolved for two and a half
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driving north on state 51. steve krafft has the story. >> reporter: on september 7, a woman called 911. she said three men in a light-colored work truck started following her, followed her state route 51 northbound. she tells the operator she is nervous. yeah, they are right next to me. there is an unknown noise. police determined it was gunfire. killing her. today, police announced a $21,000 reward in the case. >> everyone knows that thanksgiving is around the corner and the hope in asking for your help is someone who has information that we don't yet have as a result of the upcoming holiday. >> reporter: if you have any informaton, call silent witness. steve krafft, fox 10 news.
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chandler. it happened this morning near germann and alma school. a butt let went through one person's hand and went through another person's in the leg. no charges will be filed in this case. people in tennessee will lining up to give blood. people are leaving flowers and stuffed animals at a memorial as community members are honoring those killed in a schoo crash. children in kindergarten, first and fifth grades were among those killed on the bus when a driver sped around a windy road, lost control of the bus and ended up wrapped around a tree. the dozen children or a dozen children are in the hospital and six are in i.c.u. a company called durham had 350 crashes over the past two years resulting in deaths and nearly 150 injuries.
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the world is parents to mourn the loss of a child. today, the city is praying for these families. >> reporter: officers have arrested the bus driver, 24-year-old johnthony walker is facing five counts of vehicular homicide and the nstb is investigating. a freight train heading from nebraska derails in new mexico. 15 off of the tracks in new mexico. it was hauling grain to tucson. nobody was hurt and crews are working to try to reattach the cars and inspect the damage. the south mountain project will move forward after an appeals court blocks the request to block the extension of the freeway. environmental groups wanted to
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appeals will allow the work to move forward as it considers an appeal. it will run from i-tonight to loop 202 in the east valley and connect at i-10 and 59th avenue. the project is expected to be done in 2019. arizona senator jeff flake the south of the border. he the meeting with officials in mexico city to discuss trade, immigration and national security. he tweeted this picture. media about his trip when he returns to the valley. another record high on wall street as the dow closes above 19,000 for the first time. it is the sixth time since the election that the market closed at record highs. discount store chains reporting strong earnings. the dow up 70 points. s&p up seven points and the
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president-elect donald trump says he offered a job to ben carson in his administration. trump would like carson to serve as the department of housing and development. carson said he was not interested in being part of trump's cabinet. trump said he believes there is some connection between humans and climate change and said it is time to passed investigations of the benghazi attack christian's private e-mail server. >> reporter: president-elect trump laying out his agenda in the first 100 days in a youtube video, withdrawing from a trade partnership and imposing a five-year ban on government officials becoming lobbyist. >> that is a direct message to his voters in the midwest. it is a direct message to say,
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i care about your fate and we're going to bring those mastering jobs back or we're going to try. >> reporter: the president-elect still forming his administration tweeting this out about one of his potential nominees. i'm seriously considering dr. ben carson as the head of hud. he is a greatly talented person who loves people. rudy giuliani still in consideration for secretary of state commenting on a former one, hillary clinton. wo not pursue investigations into her private e-mail accounts. >> there is tradition in american politics that after you win an election, you put things behind you. >> reporter: trump's team saying the president-elect wants to hit the reset button with the press meeting with editors and reporters with the times after speaking with broadcasting executives yesterday. >> the press should be a check on all elected officials. >> reporter: president-elect
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of hiring steve bannon saying he never would have hired him if he thought he was a racist or part of the alt-right movement. >> that rhetoric is divisive. that rhetoric has been contrary to our values as americans and deeply concerning, not just to people in the administration but to democrats and republicans all around the country. >> and president-elect trump condemning a white nationalist group that met last week. the group praised mr. trump that made nazi salutes as he blasted the media and spoke about his vision for white america. that was captured on video. >> hail tump, hail our people,
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group. >> donald trump told the new york times condemns the group and their comments. an italian restaurant where the meeting was held said they had no idea the group was going to be there. the restaurant apologized for what it called hateful sentiment. they said we are donating the profits from the restaurant sales league that has been working to bring people together in peace and understanding. former mtv star tila tequila was there posting a picture of herself doing a nazi salute. her twitter account has been
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american music awards co-host gigi took heat for her impression of first lady melania trump. she is apologizing to anyone she offended. >> i love my husband president barak obama. and our children sasha and maleah. >> she tweeted this handwritten note saying her impression was "i believe melania understands show business and the way the shows are written and run. i apologize to anyone who i offended and has the best wishes for anyone in our country." there is another place in the valley for homeless and abused teenagers to turn for help.
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open. >> reporter: what about the thanksgiving weather? we'll take a look at the weather coming up. if you would like to contact me on social media. you can find me on facebook and
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sure, you could buy this. but why miss out on this? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. you can never tell from the outside just how many warm, flaky layers are on the inside. but let's just say it's more than ever.
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mary's food bank handing out thanksgiving food boxes for the second day in a row. st. mary's food bank handing out thanksgiving food boxes for a second day in a row. sky fox was over 32nd avenue and thomas. you can see the line more t half a mile long. more than 2,000 boxes were handed out today. more than 4,000 boxes were handed out yesterday. a facility that helps runaway or abused teens is expanding to all 900 metro buses. teens can ask bus drivers for information on the tumbleweed safe environment.
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number of teens who are living on our streets. we have wonderful organizations that want to help them. this was the next logical step of the great program. >> safe place locations can be found at fire stations, libraries, and quick trip convenient stores. arizona has another team to be proud of. the cob -- bobcats is a team with special needs players. >> to have them play the sport they have been watching for many years is great for them. >> it is great. i always wanted to play on the team. >> reporter: they pack -- practice twice a month. if you would like to hit the
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ice rink is opening tonight. admission includes a two-hour session and that rink is open until midnight. still ahead, dave munsey has a look at the thanksgiving weekend forecast when we come back. follow us on instagram and share your images using the hash
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a couple of days away from thanksgiving and i'm starting to feel the vibe. people are getting in the holiday mood. >> reporter: it is shaping up really nice for thanksgiving. we're not looking for the leaves to fall. we're looking for the sunshine and we are going to find it. 68 degrees right now. no wind bothering us at all. out here. cave creek, 62 degrees. 60 degrees in apache junction. 63 degrees down south in ahwatukee. as we look up to the north in glendale, 66 degrees as well. very nice temperatures for this time of day. high pressure firmly in place. we do have a little bit of change that would love to get
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that high pressure will work that front over the top of it here. as that front causes the problems for other people across the west. mid 70's, a few clouds and breezy conditions with that front. all in all, it is going to be a beautiful day. 71 degrees. 70 degrees in glendale. buckeye, 68 degrees. chandler, nice, nice day. 51 in flagstaff. 69 degrees in tucson. through the night, temperature drops into the 50's. that is probably where it is going to stay in the low 50-degree range. 53, maybe 52 somewhere in there. 49 at cave creek. 51 at deer valley. 45 in ahwatukee. 44 at gateway. buckeye, 45 degrees.
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51 for the low. 72, 50, normal high and low. 30 is the record low. so we're right where we should be. 69 at cave creek as the forecast high. 72 in ahwatukee. gateway at 72. 71 at sky harbor. everything right there in the low 70's, upper 60's. we have 60 for the forecast in sedona. 50 for the forecast and 72 at nice weather across the state. you can see the storms in the mid section, it will be pushing into the east as the week wears on. up into minnesota they saw a few inches and its is a mixed bag in that area. they are looking a it freezing rain and snow and rain coming down. 51 overnight here. 72 degrees for tomorrow. beautiful day and mid 70's on
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temperatures hang in there. we do have 60's and 50's in the forecast as well. watch your kids around water. >> reporter: well, he is as driven and tough as the players he coaches.
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since the 1970's, bruce arians has been a football coach. it is, as they say, in their d.n.a. tough to step back, even for a few days. anyone who knows, b.a. was not surprised less than 24 hours he is back at work. this is today back at his desk. he is back in the office and back at the sidelines at atlanta come sunday. guy when it comes to football. let's look at next up atlanta. frostee rucker a leader in the locker room when he is on the field. chandler jones has delivered the goods and forced turnovers in this past game against minnesota. they held the jets to three point, seahawks to six points. take away the two big plays,
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16 points. number 44, so when you get down to it, this cardinal team has to rely on their defense. they are taking on atlanta and they lead the nfc south. here is max starks. >> i can't give enough to the creedance for what the defense did. any other books, that is a victory. it came down to the turnover, the john rhodes touchdown. the special teams played out the gates of the second half and allowing for 104 kick return for a touchdown. >> reporter: max starks, of course, our analyst will continue to look at the big plays over the next few days. fox nfl kickoff 9:00 a.m. at 11:00, right here on fox 10 is the cardinals at atlanta.
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day, pregame show at 2:00 and washington taking on the cowboys. it is a thanksgiving tradition. you get that turkey, sit down and watch football. that is a great matchup, two teams vying for playoff position as we head down the home stretch. >> the cowboys are hot. >> you can watch on your patio with the weather we're having. "tmz" is next.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: kanye west, he has been taken to the hospital. on a psych hold. there was a report that he was going to get violent with cops and he had an interesting alias. >> kanye west doctor, he said his patient's name was jim jones. >> because we're all drinking his kool-aid. harvey: he's age. >> he's a rapper. >> he's a rapper. harvey: he's a rapper? >> jamie foxx. he's catching footballs from what they call the jugs machine but at 100 miles an hour. harvey: what's the idea? the hand motion, the thing you're trying to do. >> you're trying to catch it. >> you also don't catch like this. [laughter] >> the dad award goes to d.m.x. >> how many kids? >> he went to his daughter's quinceanera. he's pretty much dancing in the


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