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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  November 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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blew out and he lost control. >> basically the equivalent of a small hole. >> a group of phoenix firefighters happened to be on the freeway at the same time and immediately stopped to help. >> squad 29 on their way back from training they were two cars behind it when it happened if there was any chance we were going to make a save on this accident, it was going to be with four highly trained skilled firefighters behind them. but unfortunately the fatal wounds were too much for our >> the driver's 18-year-old daughter was in the pick up with him. she was not hurt. his two sons were driving behind the rv. the children in shock and disbelief. firefigters say they wanted to stay at the deadly crash site not wanting to leave their father. >> when i did talk to one of the sons, it sounds like this is something that's a family tradition. this thanksgiving camping trip is something that they have done before. a route they've taken before.
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as they travel with their families on the state's highways. >> check your tires. check your car. pay attention. no texting. this is a perfect example right now with your mind somewhere else that should be on driving on the car going the posted speed limit. >> nicole garcia, "fox 10 news." just such a sad story and here is a look at some the trouble spots if yo are out on the roads hopefully you are not hitting too many of the trouble spot but you see the typical spots in the downtown phoenix area. heading anywhere between i-10 and the 51 to i-17. that's a tough spot. and also the i-10 heading south down toward the tucson area to force in the west bound lanes as well. westbound i-10 heading out of town just the typical trouble spots and it's been a tough day to travel because a lot of people left work early today or are out doing their last minute shopping. be extra careful. >> if you think our freeway
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look at this. out of los angeles. traffic coming to a standstill on i-405 in l.a. cars lined up. bumper to bumper, the road heading from santamanca to l.a. international. taillights and headlights, just everybody stuck a stunning image of yellow and red from above. >> isn't that just amazing. is that completely southern california. and let's take a live look at sky harbor. bird's eye view here. airports still packed but not as busy in past years aaa predicting a 6% drop of air travel from arizon. and it's so beautiful here. the first drop in four years. still pretty busy. as loved ones arrive back in the valley for the holiday and kristy siefkin has some of the special reunions. >> hundreds of families anxiously waiting as their loved ones roll through the gates.
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good to see you. >> mom maria brought to tears on her son's first visit home from college. >> how do you feel having your son home? >> excited. and nervous, you know. >> why is your mom nervous? are you trouble? >> gained 15 pounds at brown. >> many locals dressing up to meet their families. >> welcome to sky harbor. now you are aware this isn't plymouth rock, right? >> right. >> what are you doing here in phoenix? >> well we are thanksgiving with our family. we are waiting to pick our grandson up who is flying in from san diego. >> some travelers bringing special gifts to say thousands to the host. >> my best friend makes these amazing cookie. >> show us. >> they are all for thanksgiving so she does it for holidays. >> this is the vegetarian way to have turkey on thanksgiving. >> did you bring a couple of pumpkin pies? >> i did not. >> what's in your box? >> an emmy i brought this year. >> my mom and dad went to see
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centerpiece. >> a span of generations. lugging baggage and babies thankful to be together on this holiday. >> happy thanksgiving. >> kristy siefkin, "fox 10 news." that was awesome. >> very cool. >> makes me want to go to the airport. >> and go there for din and hang out? eavesdrop on everybody. where is everybody going? these are some of the favorite spots. always good spots to go out west. apparently aaa number one on the list. san francisco, love that place. san diego, orlando and new york city. if you are heading east those are the big spots. orlando in fourth place and the big apple is a popular destination. fifth place. i will stay right here. >> there you go if you haven't hit the road yet when it comes to the weather tomorrow is not looking too bad. >> dave is joining us a little early with a look at the weekend outlook. >> you know, here in the southwest we have two of those
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well. let's take a look at san diego and see what's going on there. on thanksgiving day 76 degrees. sunny, absolutely beautiful. on friday to start your weekend 72 degrees and still sunny. you going to las vegas? 64 on thanksgiving day a lot of sunshine. friday 63. more sunshine for you. let's take a look and see what's going on in flagstaff. 49 on thanksgiving day a few clouds. look at the up to 55 degrees. and we still see a few clouds there. we head down to tucson and of course on thanksgiving 77. few clouds. 78, sunny and don't forget on friday. yeah, the territorial tucson and phoenix going at it, the wild cats and the sun devils. so a lot going on there. staying in town. that's thank is a good idea. take a look at it 74 degrees. we will see a few clouds.
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with a few clouds. it will be breezy through that period. we will have more weather coming up. >> what did you forget? you need onions? garlic? celery? chestnuts. >> wine. >> wine. the rush is on at valley grocery stores. people checking off their holiday shopping list. andrew hasbun live at the basha's in central phoenix. there is always something that you forget. it's almost like >> always. but john nobody forgets the wine. come on now. there is always something that people forget we are in the paper towel aisle and that's because that's on the list of items that people forget when they are doing their thanksgiving shopping this much aisle as you can see is empty behind me. but take a look at the checkout lines. not empty at all. every lane is open here at the basha's at 7th street and missouri and this place is packed. i can tell you from experience i shopped at this store many times. this is the busiest have ever
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list that people forget are ice, leftover containers, aluminum foil and believe it or not butter is on the list of items that people forget. however, if you forget those items, these stores are open tonight threch opened tomorrow as well. basha's this store closes at 3:00 and are open at 6:00 a.m. bright and early. if you forget anything you need for those big thanksgiving meals, all of the other major grocery stores are open tomorrow morning as well. although they close varying hours in the early afternoon to go home and get some dinner. as you can see if you are out shopping tonight, might want to get it over with soon. these stores are packed. reporting live in central phoenix, andrew hasbun, "fox 10 news." just thought about three things i forgot. >> sometimes in the middle of it and oh, know butter i will text andrew and have him pick it up for me. >> black friday days away. wallet hub out with tips. three best places to shop.
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the stores offer an average discount of nearly 63%. you don't have to wait to shop -- you shop on-line any time. 17% of the items will be more expensive on black friday on amazon than they are right now. and the best value is video games and jewelry actually will get worst as you head into the holiday -67z i think people buying the big item. >> and engagement rings. you are beyond that. you and jeff happily together. en to a developing story. just a day before governor doug ducey fires the director of des. director tim jeffreys was fired after a string of scandals. jeffreys has fired hundreds of workers and is accused of holding a party with alcohol for workers who gave up civil service promotions. and henry darwin the governor's chief operating officer will take over as interim director of the agency. lawyers asking a federal judge to set a deadline for sheriff joe arpaio's office to have an alert system in place to
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deputies. the system was part of the racial profiling verdict against the sheriff in 2013. there is already a system in place but attorneys argue it's not fully gathering the information needed. judge murray snow did not make a ruling on the request today but there will be another hearing at the end of january. new details on the body of a man found in a west valley riverbed. police released this sketch today hoping to figure out who this was. the body found near 67th avenue and southern, the m about six feet tall. 220 pounds. and officers say when he was found he was wearing an ax armani hat with a gray shirt with the word american on it in blue and red. and blue and red plat shorts. anybody who may know who this is call police. coming up, a valley woman speaking out after her husband is shot and killed at their front door. >> a glendale police officer helps a boy get back on track at school and at home.
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arians back on the job today. what he has to say after his health scare. >> when sheriff's deputies busted a massive puppy mill in arizona a year ago, they had more ferrel pugs than they could handle. >> the dougs were piled in there. >> how the pug's lives have been transformed from pug prisoners to pug royalty. >> she is just blossomed. >> the pug life tonight at
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a single mom in glendale calls police for help with her son a single mom in glendale calls single mom in glendale calls police for help with her son who had been acting disrespectful at home and school and she was worried he was heading down the wrong path. >> linda williams with how a glendale police officer formed a special bond and made a big
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>> he was not focused on other important things. he admits it. >> yeah, i just wasn't listening to my mom. i wasn't doing good in school. and i wasn't listening to the teachers. and i was just doing my own thing. >> his mom knows as a 28-year-old single mom of three she didn't have all of the support to give her son back on the right track. >> so i decided, hey, let me call someone who has more this thing and someone who can shake him up and scare him a little bit. reached out to the glendale police department. >> she knew the minute she met officer joe that he would have a positive impact on her son. and he has. >> because he told me if you don't start listening to your mom, see these handcuffs, you could be in these handcuffs and then we will take you to jail and see how tough you are there. >> the change was almost immediate. it's been six weeks and he is
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school. officer drops in weekly to check in on him. the officer surprised him last week with a reward. a basketball to replace his old one. the young boy also now has a role model and a new friend. >> it was no longer about i'm an officer and this is my job. it was -- the way he made me feel was this is a child and this child needs some support. and you are doing your part. what is it that i can you. and i never experienced that. not from a police officer, not even from some family and friends. he was genuine and he cares. >> there were many aspectize this relationship worked so well and is so still working. one is the accountability. the officer talked to klitay and he said i'm coming back next week to check on you, his mom says that made the difference.
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was on track and still doing well and flying straight. officer will be going to see some of klitay basketball games in january when it starts up at his school. love this story. linda williams, "fox 10 news". well, a lot of people in the kitchen tonight. a lot of people being told to stay the heck out of the kitchen tonight and a big day tomorrow. we will take a look at weather
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i'm... marc martinez... we're working on some brand new stories for you -- we're working on some brand i'm marc martinez working on brand new stories for you tonight. navajo nation leaders send a letter to president obama in response to the response to the use what they are asking for. plus two celebrities will be serving dinner tomorrow. and his red make america great again hats were a signature part of his campaign. details about the new product donald trump is selling to his supporters this christmas coming up at 6:00. well, very important couple of days coming up here. 72 degrees right now. winds out of the west, northwest
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little haze across the city. we get that when it warms up early in the day. it's a little temperature inversion. traps in the air a little bit. it will be breezy over the next few days. kind of move that stuff out of here. 71 right now at deer valley. 69 at apache junction. 73 in chandler. in glendale 73 degrees as well. high pressure firmly in place here. you see another low approaching the northwest, but we are into the high pressure we will see breezy conditions as this cold front moves through the date over the next couple of days. take a look. happy thanksgiving. it's getting closer and closer as we move through the day tomorrow. take a look at it. 74 degrees. it will be a little breezy. we will see a few clouds as well. and this picture has absolutely nothing to do with the weather. but these are the pies that i'm going to eat for thanksgiving. i took a picture of them in the oven just before i left the house. i test those tonight.
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>> two pumpkin pies and one is a little more than the other. >> those are pumpkin? >> i test those. those are pumpkin? >> can we test those too? >> you will have to come home with me this evening and i'm doing that. we will get the real whipped cream out and work those pies over. highs today 74 at sky harbor. 74 in scottsdale. 75 degrees in chandler. and in goodyear 73 degrees. just beautiful weather for the holiday. 50 up at flagstaff. 61 in 57 in payson with 72 down on the desert floor. look at yuma at 78 degrees on the day. overnight lows we will be in the mid-50s, the low 50s, a few 40s showing up across the valley as well. little chilly in the morning. not bad. it was 52 degrees this morning. 74 this afternoon. 72 and 50 would be your normal high and low. there is your record high at 87. your record low at 27. take a look at the forecast highs for tomorrow.
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throughout. and even in the mountains we do see some 50s, some 40s. a few 60s scattered here and there. down on the desert floor once again it is the mid and low 70s for everybody across the country we have a little bit of action in the northwest. in the midsection of the country a few storms and this system right here is pushing up into the northeast for tomorrow. you can see a little bit of snow kind of -- it was a mixed bag but there is more snow associated with i today than there was yesterday. this is the way we look overnight. 54 degrees. thanksgiving day 74 degrees and we will see a few clouds and as we get into the ensuing weekend absolutely beautiful weather. however, some changes coming along as we get into sunday and monday with temperatures finding their way into the low 60s and upper 50s. watch your kids around water. thank you. and i will take you up on
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convention center. crews setting up for the 2017 model arizona international auto show. more than 500 cars trucks crossovers, sport and utility vehicles will be on display. anyone who attends can test drive some of these. so this is hands on. the show opens tomorrow and runs through sunday. still ahead at 5:00, it's time to get rid of those political yard signs. are you sick of seeing them? >> i still love it. i'm >> brings back good memories. >> fist fights and people rolling around fighting in the newsroom. it's great. and president obama sparing two turkeys making sure that tater and tot won't end up on somebody's dinner table tomorrow. plus the sweet smefl success for a valley baker. wait until see some of her
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after a valley woman after a valley woman accepted a promotion at her steady job with an international airline, she ended up quitting just a few weeks later. >> it -- all to pursue her dream and love of baking. by the way, this is a cake that shoe. it's a risk that is paying off as starbucks even takes notice. liz kotalik explains. >> this is where the magic happens. >> and magical it is. cupcakes, sporty caiks, wedding
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ones. maybe sassy is how you should describe all of nina payne's creations hence the name, sassy cakes by nina. the bakery near bethany home and 16th street that nina quit her airline for last year. >> bag single mom it's been tough trying to run a business and be soccer mom and do all of that. we just make it happen. >> she put this whole place together herself with only one part-time employee. and it's kept her busy since she opened but little did she know graduating high school and i was closing early. this lovely woman came in the shop and she -- i would like basically scooted her out and i'm so sorry i'm closing early my son is graduating. i have to close. i have to get out of here. >> that woman happened to be a rep for starbucks looking for a local bakery to showcase in stores throughout the valley. she shafully called back and set up a taste test and nina and her son picked out the treat.
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bar. it came down to the -- my carrot cake and the cocoa bar and with corporate and went back and forth to corporate and they chose the cocoa bar. >> you can buy her vanilla cake dipped in chocolate and rolled at coconut with three more to be added next month. it's a dream come true for nina payne and proof that sometimes the biggest risks yield the sweetest rewards. liz kotalik, "fox 10 news." for a list of the three can find nina's cakes, head to our website, some big changes happening at liberty wildlife as they open a new rehab facility to help sick or injured animals. the new location near 24th street and broadway liberty wildlife says that the new facility will allow them to nurse more animals back to good health. so that they can then be released back into the wild where they belong. and cannot be released will be
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educational program. and the dean of a law school who decided to quit after comments he made about donald trump. were made public. >> the woman to lives in this apartment cannot understand why somebody would shoot a gun through her front door killing her husband.
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just days before days before thanksgiving a valley man shot and killed as he stood at his front door. tonight fox 10 is speaking to the victim's wife about what happened. the tragedy. steve krafft joins us live with the story tonight. >> phoenix police need some tips in this case. they are investigating. they don't know if someone was
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oo wrong apartment. the family needs help and set up a gofundme account. there is a link to it on our website, >> there are candles in front of the door. and bullet holes in the door. two of them. this is where someone shot through the door on monday night killing 36-year-old man. >> how much is she going to miss him? >> too much. no words. i'm going to miss him a lot. we all are. >> the wife says someone knocked once about 11:00 monday night and then one more time. her husband walks up to the door. >> i know, just someone knocked and he shot through the door. he didn't even open the door. i couldn't see where he had been shot there was no blood at first. i didn't know the only thing that i could see was a hole through his back. >> he slumped to the floor. died at the hospital.


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