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tv   FOX 10 News 6pm  FOX  November 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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thanksgiving camping trip now grieving the loss of their father. he was driving the pickup towing this large rv when a tire blew out. he lost control. >> basically the equivalent of a small home. >> the group of phoenix firefighters were on the freeway at the same time and immediately stopped to help. >> squad 29 on their way back from training were two cars behind it when it happened. if there was any chance we would make a save on this accident it was going to be with four highly trained behind them. unfortunately the fatal ones were just too much for our resuscitative effort. >> the driver's 18-year-old daughter was in the pickup with him. she was not hurt. his two sons were driving behind the rv. the children in shock and disbelief. firefighters say they wanted to stay at the deadly crash site not wanting to leave their father. >> when i did talk to one of the sons, it sounds like this is a family tradition.
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before. a route they taken before. >> first responders say this is a tragic reminder to drivers to take every precaution as they travel with their families on the state's highways. >> check your tires. check your car. pay attention. no texting. is that perfect example right now with your mind somewhere else that it should be on driving on the car going the posted speed limit. and people who litting the road early ran into traffic on the i-10 this morning after a eastbound lanes. this is about 60 miles west of downtown phoenix. and both eastbound lanes were shut down during that morning rush-hour. they are back open tonight. aaa estimating 49 million americans will travel 50 miles or more over this thanksgiving weekend that is the highest number in nine years. the majority of people heading out by car are taken advantage of the lower gas prices but airports are busy with passengers flying to their destinations and a live look
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people are also taking their four legged friends with them this year. more than ever. and marcy jones has tips for those taking flights with their pets. >> traveling with pet cabs challenge especially on -- pets can be a challenge. but megan and collin have it down. that's because they don't just have a dog. they have henry. >> i just like to bring him along because he likes to fly and he is a pretty good -- >> sky harbor was only packed with as well. french bulldog henry is one of hundreds that will pass through this holiday weekend. his owners say it's all about being prepared. >> well, i bring a couple of toys. i bring a bag of treats and i bring a blanket for him. >> taking a pet along for a ride can be added stress. but many owners agree, the reward of having your furry friend on the other side far out weighs the negatives. >> my dad is the biggest fan of henry. this holiday season he gets the
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>> travel for henry and his four legged peers has come a long way in recent years. airlines providing extra care and consideration for canines is becoming the norm. so now collin and megan say it's time to sit back, relax and enjoy the holidays with their family. marcy jones, "fox 10 news." here in arizona we got sunny skies in the valley over the days ahead and some parts of 9 country are dealing with snow and rain. dave munsey joins us now with a look at the forecast. and we have of the country that people like to travel to. we will start with the southwest where things are very, very nice. let's take a look at the map here. and do a little traveling around. here we go over to san diego. look at that. sunny on thanksgiving day 76 on friday. 72 and sunny beautiful weather in las vegas. thanksgiving 64. friday 63. a lot of sunshine. and as we head up to flagstaff, 49 on thanksgiving. friday look at that, 55 degrees
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day. a few clouds up there. and then in tucson 77 on thanksgiving. then on friday don't forget 78 degrees but the territorial bowl that evening as the wild cats and the devils go at it. now let's take a look across the country. we take you up to 7:50, almost 8:00 in the morning on thanksgiving. you can see the northwest is a little bit wet. there is some snow up there and it will be windy as well a little bit of scattered activity and down that eastern seaboard. we take the map to 12:55. so about dinner time for a lot of people. most of the country looking good. a little snow up in south dakota. along that eastern seaboard and in the northwest and then we take it through 10:00 on thursday and once again not a lot going on the country looking pretty good as far as the thanksgiving holiday is concerned. the best place to be of course
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up. thank you. a big shake up tonight at the department of economic security. as arizona governor doug ducey fires the agency's director and five other top staffers. steve krafft has the story. >> today's firings come after governor ducey launched an investigation. following reports by the "arizona republic" that des director tim jeffreys took a state plane to nogales back in april and hosted a party with alcohol for workers who gave civil service protections. that party happening during work hours. jeffreys previously lost his authority to terminate employees after firing some 500 workers including many apparently for no reason. governor ducey appointed jeffreys as director of des in february of last year. ducey's chief operating officer henry darwin is now the agency's interim director.
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the. sent a letter to president obama asking him to intervene in the tense situation in north dakota where native americans and activists are protesting the dakota access pipeline. meantime some lawmakers are calling on the white house to make sure that project is finished. in their letter, the president and vice-president of the navajo nation tell president obama he cannot sit back while there is violence perpetuated against peaceful protesters and the leaders are asking sheriff's deputies to consider the repercussion of excessive use of force. demonstrators were hit with water cannonize below freezing conditions near the main protest camp as well as tear gas and rubber bullets a young woman suffered a severe injury to her arm that protesters say was a grenade thrown by police and investigators say it was a small propane tank rigged by protesters. several demonstrators and an officer were injured. the governor of north dakota and members of congress are urging the president to move the project forward inaction has put
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hardships on workers, law enforce much. tribal members and residents and private land owners. construction is head up while the standing rock sioux tribe talk with the army corps of engineers. tomorrow jane fonda and shailene woodley will be among 71 volunteers in north dakota serving thanksgiving dinner to. woodley was arrested in october during the pop line protest. she faces trial in january on counters including trespassing and engaging in a riot. and on saturday's activists here have organized a walking in phoenix for standing rock event that will start at 7:00 in the morning. still indian school park. facebook park for -- people will walk down central avenue to the talking stick resort arena in downtown phoenix to show support and raise funds for the water protectors at standing rock. arizona lawmakers are asking the forest service to allow advocacy groups to give
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along the salt river. six u.s. representatives from arizona sent the letter to the forest service. advocacy groups say the controversial could be administered with darts and they say this will limit the herd's size so the horses won't have to be removed from the area. tonto national forest officials have not commented on that request. president-elect donald trump is spending his thanksgiving holiday in florida. and today he announced some other additions to his administration as president obama pardons the last turkeys of his administration. joel w before the first family sits down at a thanksgiving dinner. president obama taking care of last minute business. pardoning tot the turkey for the final time in office sending him off along with his pal tater for greener passengers in virginia. >> happy thanksgiving, everyone. >> president-elect trump spending the holiday in florida. naming prominent charter school
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betsy device as his secretary of -- devos as his secretary of education. the pick prompted concerned because devos previously supported common corps a controversial education standard that mr. trump railed against during the campaign. i'm fine with people coming in that disagree with donald trump on issues but school choices is a big one. voucher a big one exree why thing competition for the government monopoly on education. >> he also chose another woman nikki haley as his pick for u.s. ambassador to the united nations. while the south carolina governor supported senator marco rubio during the gop primary oftden and openly criticizing mr. trump. his team released this statement today saying in part governor of bringing people togethercord- regardless of background or party affiliation to move critical policies forward for the betterment of her state and our country. president-elect trump will remain in florida through sunday while vice-president-elect mike
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visiting his son who is a marine. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. new at 6:00, donald trump's red make america great again hats were a signature part of his campaign and now supporters can make it a part of their christmas decorations. trump's website selling the make america great again christmas ornament. it's a red cap that's a collectible going for $149. the site says the brass ornament is finished in 4kt gold and money raised will fundraising campaign with the rnc. coming up after the break, some brand-new and high end cars rolling into the valley. we will show you how to check them out and get a chance to get behind the wheel of the year's hottest models. plus details about a black friday shopping experience being
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the goverment pushing for more precautions to stop the goverment pushing for government is pushing for more precautions to stop drivers from using their phones while behind the wheel. the national highway traffic
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new guidelines today. they want smartphone makers to lock out apps while driving and people will be able to make& calls but texting, browsing and internet will be blocked. the agency says last year 10% of deadly crashes involved distracted drivers. new at 6:00, if you are looking for something different to do tomorrow, the 2017 model arizona international auto show is set to open tomorrow on thanksgiving. and today we got a look as crews were setting fox 10's kari lake has more. today hundreds of vehicles rolled into the downtown phoenix convention center for the 2017 model arizona international auto show. >> we are filling up the convention center. the phoenix convention center with 500 vehicles. everything from ford to ferrari to maserati, to mercedes, chevy you name it. >> the first glimpse of the hundreds of latest 2017 model cars, trucks,s couldover and
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>> people can check out the cars. learn about the new technologies. you climb in. check the trunk space. bring the kids down and try the cars on for size. >> this year organizers say along with the crossovers hybris are some of the more popular cars. >> but what's hot is fuel efficiency and hybrids and the new chevrolet volt is here and the new chevrolet volt which is the latest and greatest not out yet and it's actually has 238 mile r just look. >> 100 vehicles out front that you can take for a test drive. >> the show opens to the public tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. and will run all the way until sunday. kari lake, "fox 10 news." and if you are heading out for black friday bargains after thanksgiving, you may want to make one of your stops in downtown phoenix. city scape is offering what it calls an alternative black friday vintage market. they will have 20 local vendors selling their merchandise and there will be discounts at urban
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charlie. city scape says more than 4,000 shoppers took part last year. and then on saturday, city scape holding its annual city scape grand opening and tree lighting. that will run from 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. and have all kinds of activities out there and performances by groups including the phoenix symphony, arizona opera and valley youth theater. the 30 foot christmas tree that will be lit up and ice skating on the rink. still ahead, dave munsey has a look at your thanksgiving weekend will have that when you come
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i know a lot of people have family and friends in town for the holiday and this is the type of year when they decide they want to move here because our weather is so nice. >> it is fantastic. not bad around it's colder than it is here. we have great weather and it's going to get a little better the next couple of days here. 70 degrees right now. winds out of the west, southwest at six miles per hour. and everything looking good on this wednesday evening before thanksgiving. and in surprise 65 degrees. 68 degrees in mesa. 63 in apache junction right now. 64 in cave creek. and 68 in ahwatukee. high pressure back in place.
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a little front pushing across the state. we will see breezy conditions. and a few clouds through the holiday. but a happy thanksgiving is what we are wishing everyone. take a look at that. 74 degrees. we will see a few clouds and it will be breezy on thanksgiving day. in fact it will be breezy on into the weekend. 73 degrees today for the folks at buckeye. 73 at gateway. 75 in chandler. so some nice looking temperatures out there. 50 the mountains. we have those beautiful 70s with a 78 at yuma today. down across the desert. overnight and tomorrow morning take a look at that. that's about the seasonal norm. it's a little warmer than it should be. but still not bad all around the entire valley we will have 40s and some 50s. 52 for the morning low. 47 for the afternoon high. 72 and 50 is the normal high and low. the record high 87.
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for tomorrow. yes, the nice looking mid-70s throughout the entire valley. just a beautiful, beautiful day for everybody. we will have 40s up in flagstaff. some 50s in sedona. and some more 70s showing up across the desert floor. looking across the country up in the northwest, we see a little bit of active weather. this system pushing across into the northeast will have some active weather showing up across the great lakes as well. and you can see her is really, really moving into the chicago area with rain, snow, sleet and a lot of different things. 54 overnight here. 75 degrees for tomorrow. and that beautiful weather continues. mid-70s and then we get into the 50s by next week and in fact halfway through the weekend. watch your kids around water. how about this? he was hit 23 times against the vikings.
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so today i asked carson palmer how are you doing with these
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command the huddle, make sure you call the right play, command the huddle, make sure command in the huddle and make the right play call and double-check your skill position players in the proper position and make the hot read in case they blitz.
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remember if you play quarterback and let's say you have been slammed to the turf on the previous play. yeah, that's life in the nfl for carson palmer and he was hit 23 times against the vikings. now on the season he has been sacked 31 times. haven't heard him complain once. not once. and you get your head slammed into the turf. you make a lot of money but, man, you take some hits. after practice today, that was one of the interesting questions. how are you he has been hit more this season than in the last five years. he really took some shots against the vikings. and bruce arians back at practice earlier today. and that is fine and he is ready to roll. i asked carson palmer how do you handle all of those hits. >> this isn't flag football and this isn't two hand touch. there are games from a quarterback position more physical than others. it is a physical game and that
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are getting hit or whatever. you got to stay focused and be ready for the next play. >> next play comes on sunday when the cardinals travel to atlanta at 11:00 a.m. fox nfl kickoff starts your morning at 9:00 a.m. and then fox nfl sunday at 10:00. don't forget the turkey day special. it's looking good. with washington taking on the dallas cowboys. tomorrow afternoon right here on fox and we are going to run -- >> right in here. >> how is everybody doing? that first used to be. a lot of reps and a lot of practice here. we will come back with more and talk more about what's happening with the cardinals tonight at 9:00. >> you know tomorrow is going to be a day people will sit around and watch football. >> eat turkey. >> great american tradition. >> what you got to do. "tmz" is next. and we will be back here at 9:00 and 10:00. so we hope you can join us then. for now take a nice look at our skyline here and hope you are having a great night. if you are traveling anywhere,
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: the biebs packed a punch in barcelona for sure. >> this fan goes inside justin bieber and justin puts his hand out of the car and clocks him. you see the fan out there, his lip is like busted and he's bleeding. he's like freaking out in spanish. >> it's actually catalan they speak in barcelona. >> oh, p.c. -- harvey: it's not p.c. it's just inaccurate. >> there may be a little bit of a silver lining with kanye being hospitalized. the insurance policy he has on his tour may kick in. > if i was kim, by the way, i would be really pissed. i just went through this horrific experience and he decides now as the time to go to the hospital. >> story of my life. now you have a nervous


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