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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  November 23, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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you can try a baker's specialty and it is on sale at starbucks. we'll can tell you where. a mom goes out of her way to help her young son. are you planning to see loved once tomorrow? by the look at this traffic, you are not alone. welcome to fox 10 news at 10:00 on this thanksgiving eve. i hope you're having a great thanksgiving eve. traffic backed up as eye can see tonight. got cars filling passengers heading to sky harbor airport on the busiest travel day of the year. steph -- stefania joins us live with how it is going out there. >> reporter: it is 10:00 and things are still packed out here at phoenix sky harbor. passengers are coming in by the huns. by the way it is looking at the terminals, there are plenty of
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luggage and this is what we have been keeping our eyes on throughout the day. the traffic has had its moments congested like you see it now and we've seen it go smoothly as well. rush hour in the air and on the ground as families get ready to join together for the thanksgiving holiday. cars wrapped around sky harbor this evening. long lines forming outside of arrival >> terrible. >> reporter: traffic exceeding some folks' expected holiday rush. >> i expected a 10 minute delay but with the construction, you have to loop around the airport to get back to the materialal -- terminal was fun. >> reporter: security inside sky harbor was not too bad. lighter than the traffic we saw outside of the airport.
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in. >> we are expecting to be back and forth. as fast as the planes are coming in, we're moving out. >> reporter: for uber drivers, people coming in is good news and good business. >> this time last year, we were not able to be here. >> reporter: the airport came to an agreement allowing them to be at the airport. >> not only are we helping them get the people to destinations but we're also able to work. >> reporter: frustrated or not, for all joys like this make it all weather -- worth it. marc, more money and more love. we're at terminals for the departures. certainly more busy than the arrivals terminals here at the airport. we are told many people who are
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now, as long as how long the rush will last, we're not sure but there are passengers coming. you will want to pack your payings and know your family the here. marc? >> great to see those reunions at the airport. any specific route for people who are having to go later tonight or tomorrow traveling to get to the airport? >> reporter: right now, airport officials are people to make use of the sky train. they are suggesting people use the 44th and washington sky train stop, especially if your dropping off. they have a kiosk there. they have a sky train so they don't have to deal with all of this terminal curb congestion. you will want to make use of the sky train. >> thank you for the report from the airport. police are investigating a hit-and-run accident right now
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a driver hit a man who is trying to cross the street. the man was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. we don't have a description of the car that was involved. drivers should avoid this area, again, 59th and glendale. a tragic day for a family heading up north in a deadly wreck. a man and his 18-year-old daughter were in a truck hauling an r.v. and more family was driving behind t blue causing the crash killing the man. he was not wearing a seat belt. the daughter was not injured. first responders want to remind everyone to check their tires before head on an trip. a tragic start to the thanksgiving holiday, a 60-year-old man slipped and fell to his death this afternoon while he was hiking on lookout mountain. danielle miller joins us now
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this. >> reporter: phoenix police calling this an open death investigation. what we know is this man was 60 years old. he was hiking alone and lives in the neighborhood not far from the trail and most likely he went of trail before this fall. around 3:30 this afternoon, phoenix fire was called to lookout mountain. people in the area reported seeing a man in the midst of a devastating fall. >> our folks arrived on scene. they made their way up the t expeditiously to get there as quickly as they could. when they got there, the man had passed. >> reporter: witnesses who knew him say he hiked the mountain often. >> it is heartbreaking and scary, especially when you hear it is somebody from the neighborhood. my husband hikes it every weekend. >> reporter: fire officials say it looks like he ventured off of the trail before the fall. >> at the scene where the body
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slippery and steep slope. >> reporter: those living in the area are sad to see what happened. they say the mountain the always filled with people hiking and at some points are challenging. >> there are trails but right now, we just had rain so you are getting rocks that came off of the mountain. it was slippery today and it will be for a while until the trail clears itself again. >> there are parts right before you get to the top, you're going camelback. >> reporter: marc, death investigators were on scene for several hours. they are telling us that is protocol for any death like this. it is too early to tell if this was a terrible tragic accident. at this time, we do not know the identity of this man. reporting live, danielle miller,
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jeffreys. he is accused of hosting a party for workers who gave up their employment protection. he fired hundreds of workers. the governor's team will look for a new director to bring stability to the agency. score one for sheriff joe arpaio. a judge upheld two i.d. theft laws used by the sheriff deputies to arrest hundreds of workers. deputies arrested them crime sweeps. critic says he used racial profiling during the sweeps. us airways is entitled to $8 586 after construction workers cut a cable causing a power outage. it shut down the reservation station and affected 1,300 flights. us airways say it lost $2 million during in outage. a single mom worried about
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reaches out for help and gets more than expected. mom knew she might not be able to get her son on the right track and so she called glendale police to talk to her son. the minute she met the police officer, she knew he would have an impact on her son. >> the way he made me feel this is a child and some support. you're doing your part, what the it that i can do to help you? i've never experienced that, not from a police officer, not even from some family and friends. >> it has been six weeks now and he is back on track at home and school. the officer stops by to check on him on a weekly basis. coming up, a gold star father caused a stir at the
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now that the election is over, we haven't heard the last of the khan family. pardoning a turkey is a presidential tradition. something the missing. where are sasha and maleah? the dos and don't of thanksgiving dinner. don't go near a turkey until you see this report. if you would like to contact me on social media, it would be great to hear from you. stick around. [blues / country music] don't miss cabela's black friday doorbuster sale. for 5 hours only, shop for amazing doorbusters plus, the first 600 in line will receive a free giveaway from over $8,000 in prizes. doors open at 5am. can't wait? shop thanksgiving day for incredible deals at
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a huge break for one local bakery business.. this was a hue break for one local bakery business. pastries from sassy cakes near bethany home and 16th street will be featured at starbucks. it happened after a starbucks rep tasted the cocoa bars are a vanilla cake dipped in chocolate rolled in coconut. matt rodewall joins us now. a lot of people are getting ready for their big thanksgiving meal for tomorrow and a lot of people have questions. >> reporter: i think the one thing to remember is the approach. how do you approach this? mentally, how do you approach this? you may have the relative, aunt,
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cooking. she has the right idea. relax, enjoy it a little bit. here's why. >> if you have a snafu by one year, usually you are laughing. >> reporter: it is thanksgiving time, when you cook the big meal, something goes wrong. if you haven't thawed your turkey, don't freak out. >> just drink more. it always works for me. >> reporter: yes, a little liquid courage will help pass the time because it is going to take a while. that will give you time to whip upside dishes. there is a secret to make great mashed potatoes. >> one part olive oil, one part heavy cream, one part butter and heat it up. >> reporter: most importantly, don't panic like one mom who did after her kids unknowingly snuck legos into the stuffing before she cooked it.
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itself. if you want to get rid of that but if it was inside the stuffing in the turkey, your turkey is probably fine to eat. >> if you have legos in the stuffing, don't eat the stuffing. one thing, beth said and she was great, she is a four-year veteran on the butterball line. every 30 minutes per pound. if you're setting the alarm to do it tomorrow, if you have a hours is all it needs. if your at 8:00 a.m., and you're eating later, that is all ?you need. thanksgiving is a national holiday. i established another tradition, embarrassing my daughters with a corny corp. ya of dad jokes about turkeys.
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conflict. actually, they couldn't take my jokes anymore. they were fed up. >> president obama pardoning his last turkeys named tater and tot. he has his nephews standing in for his daughters. they are too cynical for the pardon ceremony. he hazen't -- hasn't told them that he is going to hold a ceremony every year just f them. president-elect trump filling more cabts today.
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elect donald trump is in florida at his resort mar-a- elect donald trump is in president-elect donald trump is florida for the thanksgiving day holiday. he announced today he selected candidates for two more cabinet posts. trump nominated charter school
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betsy devos for head of education. she previously supported common core, something trump railed against. >> i'm fine with people coming in that disagrees with trump. competition is a big one. >> reporter: trump chose south carolina governor nicki haley for the u.s. ambassador. tr statement, governor haley has a proven track record of bringing people together to move policies forward for the betterment of the state and country. >> trump is considering wilmer ross as commerce of secretary. he is chief strategist of a firm that is known for buying failing firms and combining them.
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convention about his son's death in iraq and criticized trump's anti-muslim rhetoric. the memoir is to be published in the fall of 2017. >> reporter: well, we are just hours away from thanksgiving, hours away from a great meal and family get together, football, name it i will have your forecast coming
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dave, people are getting up we were to start cooking and the nice thing if you want to have the dinner on the back patio or lunch, it will be a nice day to do it. >> reporter: i imagine a lot of people have the pre-stuff
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i'm having pie when i get home. i have to test it, marc. it is a job i accepted years ago and i still do it. 59 degrees right now with winds out of the south, southwest at 6. they are going to pick upstarting tomorrow. we got a little front passing through. 58 degrees in scottsdale. 57 degrees in chandler. we have 59 at sky harbor. 59 at fountain hills. 58 in surprise gh here is the front that is going to sweep through the state. as it does, windy conditions. we'll see a few clouds here and there. as far as the holiday itself that we're all waiting for to get started in a few hour, beautiful weather. 75 degrees. we'll have a few clouds. there are the breezy conditions i was talking about. there are the highs on the day today. 74 at sky harbor. 73 at buckeye. 73 at deer valley.
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other numbers that we have, 61 in sedona. 78 in yuma.taff.- take a look at these overnight lows. they get warmer than they should be for this time of year by a degree or two. 52, this morning. 74 this afternoon. 72, 50 normal high and low. record high at 87. record low at 27. mid 70's throughout the valley. we have a few not bad. we're forecasting the lows, 40's, 50's and a few 60's as well. lots of 70's as far as the desert is concerned. a mixup in the lower great lakes and we're going to be looking at 54 degrees, mid 70's for your thanksgiving day. big change on sunday. leading up to it and boom, back into the 50's.
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watch your kids around water. >> dave, thank you. a lot of people looking for good deals on black friday but a couple of wisconsin breweries having some better for that day. they are preparing for a black friday brew. it is the fifth year in a row they sold that beer. the milwaukee brew has a special called elfs lament. cookies. it came from one of my favorite bands, bare naked ladies. it is one of their songs. >> reporter: after you try to handle the rush, you have a couple and head back home that's for sure. bruce arians back at practice and carson palmer. all of the finger pointing. you have to hear what he has to
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?put a little love in your heart.? ? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. >> reporter: well, the biggest news at cards practice today, bruce arians is back. as he stated to the media, i'm ready to go, let's talk football. cards' fans are restless pointing fingers at the quarterback. it has been a disappointing season when you see
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in defense of carson, the guy has been hit a ton of times. hit 23 times in the vikings game alone but it goes with the territory. you get the big money and when it is going great, you get the glory. carson's best comment came when he said this today. >> you're the bum or the hero depending on the win or the loss. that is what i learned in fif grade when i started playing quarterback. that is the first thing the coach taught taught us. there is always finger pointing. i have broad shoulders. i'm used to it. i need to play better there is no doubt about that. i look forward to playing better. >> reporter: here is your lineup, nfl at at kickoff at
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11:00 a.m. nice bounce pass. dragon hit the three ball. the young guys, the big fellows, the forwards doing a decent job. tyler ulis produced a couple of buckets. alex len, nice dish again. p.j. tucker getting it down around the bucket. eric bledsoe lays it left hand. suns shot 75% from the field. they win, 92-872 final. they go 2-4 on the current road trip coming up friday. the d-backs trade jean segura for marte who is a talented player who can hit both sides of the plate. they get walker. he has front end stuff.
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guy who has an abundance of talent. two talented young guys who can grow and be major players for the d-backs. let's look at what happened with the coyotes. this is my favorite hockey player. 1-0, vancouver. mic smith, long night tonight. tony deanglo called up. ties the game at one a piece. watch it nice redirect here and as we speak, mike smith was knocked out in the second period. 4-1. eat as much turkey as you want. >> thank you for joining us. "modern family" is up next. have a great night.
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it's not a chain gang. it's community service. and leave her alone. she feels bad enough as it is. okay, i'm torn. on one hand, i'm like, "ugh, i have to pick up garbage all day." and on the other hand, i'm like, - "look at me in orange." - (camera shutter clicks) aw, that's cute. send that to me. haley had a little run-in with the law in college. she was arrested for assaulting a police officer. accidentally. i fell on him. while evading arrest for underage drinking. that was on purpose. she only has to do community service. because i do not have any priors. taking a little too much pride in that, sweetheart. things can get pretty rough out there. i couldn't get my hands on any cigarettes. but i did make you a shiv out of an old knife. you don't make a shiv out of a knife. yeah, you make a shiv out of a rusty spoon or a shard of glass. - or a human femur. - exactly. be creative. it's really sweet of you, luke, but there's just gonna be a bunch of drunk drivers and vandalizers who were stupid enough to get caught.


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