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tv   FOX 10 News Noon  FOX  November 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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fox 10 news at noon starts now. >> happy, thanksgiving, everybody. glad you're here with us here for fox 10 news at noon. i'm troy hayden. >> and i'm syleste rodriguez. >> more than spending their day giving to others as part of the salvation army thanksgiving celebration today, 1,500 turkeys being handed out at the phoenix convention center, another 2000 being delivered. volunteers partnering to help give a special thanksgiving to those who may not have one otherwise. >> it's amazing to watch it all happen, to see the community
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>> the salvation army is giving away free manicures and also free haircuts. free breakfast from mcdonald's in its 23rd thanksgiving celebration. the event was fun for all who attended, with live music, raffle prizes and even a turkey giveaway. >> it's beautiful to see the young kids show this unity in our community, and that's the whle thing. it's the spirit of unity in south phoenix. >> yeah. >> well, the breakfast was served by volunteers from the community, and even some students from local high schools as well as a.s.u. while you may be overeating today, i know i plan on it, a lot of people also got in a good workout this morning at the
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kids of all ages to be healthy out there, including a one mile tt trot, the gobbler dash. i could handle that. funds raised today will go to phoenix children's hospital and st. vincent de paul. president obama is giving his final thanksgiving address to the country, and it sounds like he'll be taking it easy today. >> like so many of you, spend time with friends and family, we'll give thanks to each other, and we'll reflect on what truly binds us together as americans. >> obama says he believes our best days will always be ahead. pictures out of south korea as troops enjoy a full meal, making things a little bit easier, since they have to spend the day thousands of miles away from home.
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it's my first time ever spending thanksgiving away from my home, but honestly the spread out here is so nice, all of the food, and they do a really good job of making everybody feel kind of at home, you know, so yeah, it's really nice. >> more than 20,000 u.s. troops are deployed there in south korea as we project our power into asia. well, a similar scene in iraq as hundreds of troops enjoyed a traditional meal there, the soldiers saying they are grateful for simple blessings and their families a friends. >> it's my first time away from home for thanksgiving, so definitely a little hard, but i'll be able to call my family on facetime later, and i'll be able to share the holiday with them that way. so i have lots of friends here and lots of great coworkers, so that makes it easier. >> it drives home, doesn't it, how long so many of our service members are, so thank you for serving us so far away from home. one of the big events taking place in this country is of
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90th annual macy's thanksgiving parade, winding through manhattan before finishing up at their flagship store. celebrity singers like tony bennet and sara mclaughlin also making appearances. a bad crash, this is in cave creek, it all happened just after them while walking outside harolds. her husband, an off duty maricopa county sheriff's deputy was taken to the hospital in serious condition. investigators do not believe alcohol or drugs played a role in this crash. a man dies after going for a hike on lookout mountain. the 60-year-old man was hiking by himself. he lived right there in the
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investigators say he fell likely after leaving the trail. >> even with an experienced hiker, it's just, those trails are there for the reason, and unless you have the gear, which he didn't, you just can't do it. >> the man's body was found in some steep rugged terrain there on that mountain. meanwhile, fire crews called to a rescue on the camelback mountain this morning. they found a trail who was too weak to hike by himself. police cars in front of the house, not a ton of information on what happened here. we are hearing though the shooting may have been drug-related. a single mother worried about the way her son has been acting reaches out for help from an unexpected source here, and she gets way more than she expected. shantell curry says her
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problems at home and at school, and mom knew she might not be able to get her son back on track on his own. so she called the glendale police department to meet her son, and she said the minute she met the officer she knew it would have a positive impact on her son. >> it was no longer about this is an officer and this is my job. the way he made me feel is this is a child and this child needs some support, and you're doing your part and what is i can do to help you, and i have never experienced that, not from a police officer and not even from some family and friends. >> this is cell phone video taken of the officer's visit to the home. it's been six weeks, and the child is back on track at home and on school, and the officer checks in weekly. a nice honor that might not surprise you. hurricane season coming to an end.
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causing big trouble for some folks. >> and we have got a beautiful day under way for your thanksgiving thursday. find out about the rest of the weekend in a couple of minutes. the people who are now telling hillary clinton to think about a recount. switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-565-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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make this the best thanksgiving with the best pie in america from village inn. bring home favorites, like pecan and pumpkin supreme. to order your thanksgiving pies, go to call or visit a restaurant today. you are watching fox 10 news at noon with troy hayden and syleste rodriguez. >> 67 people are killed after a scaffolding collapses in china. iron pipes, steel bars, planks came crashing down on the victims. two other workers are hurt, one
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rescuers right now are digging through debris searching for that other victim. an unusually late season tropical storm has made landfall in central america. otto is a category 2 hurricane. it hit nicaragua two hours ago. heavy rains from the storm have been blamed for three deaths in panama, and officials in costa rica ordered an evacuation of 4,000 people from the coastal area of that country. donald trump won the election, with you hillary clinton being pushed to seek a recount in three different states. a group of electionaw data experts, they have asked the clinton campaign to call for a recount of the vote totals in three battleground states, wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania, just to ensure that some cyber attack wasn't committed to manipulate the totals, this despite no evidence being out there that anything was hacked or any voting machines were compromised. the clinton campaign has not commented on that request.
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a city dating back more than 7,000 years, containing huts, tools, graves, and huge homes as well. it would have flourished during early era ancient egyptian times. crews made a range of finds, including buildings, shards of pottery and tools made from iron and stone. ? ? they went to find a home ? >> there you go. >> did you listen to these? i know it was probably too early for you. >> too early. >> i know cory listened to education rock on saturdays. archeologists have pinpointed what they think is the exact spot the pilgrims landed after arriving to the new world. exactly where has been elusive, so archeologists with the university of massachusetts now
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original settlement based on calf bones, musket balls, ceramics and soil where they think a wooden post once stood. a website, purewow, is out with their choice, and it's sedona, beautiful red rocks, vortexes, world class spas and art galleries, plus it's the perfect starting point for a trip to the grand canyon. >> good restaurants. coming up, they won the world series, but now the chicago cubs will have to pay up because of this party. plus the city that just picked up its first november snowfall in five decades. >> and we have got a beautiful day going on for much of the nation. it's a nice thanksgiving thursday, but there's a weekend ahead, and we have got some big changes coming for next week,
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? always thrilling.
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always hitting. always on.
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fox 10 news is back. thanksgiving is looking more like christmas in wisconsin, the city seeing its first big snowfall yesterday, a few inches accumulated overnight, leaving some towns with a fresh blanket of snow to wake up to, and also a slippery commute to the grocery store for last minute items, like >> like for cranberries, yes. >> that somebody forgot to buy. no names, syleste. >> what's the loss? >> cranberries? are you kidding me? i would scoot back from the table with no cranberries. >> and he likes the canned version. . >> with the alpo log that makes
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out of the can. >> the first november snowfall in 15 years. >> see, you're right on cory. that's the best part. i have gotten so many comments from people, because i put something on facebook about that, because i like the full log with the lines still in it. >> sure. so then you know where to cut. >> that's exactly what people were saying. >> apparently, if you open the cranberries and puncture the can from the back, it slides right there. i'm trying because usually -- as i said. i have been writing that bit all week. >> it looks good. it looks more like a shake weight. >> yeah. >> troy gets it. let's see how things look out there. temperatures are fantastic. why do people live here? because of a day like this, that's why. we have got a gorgeous november under way, and things are going to be cooling down a bit, just so you know. once we make our way into the
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to ride our way toward december in a very cool style, so 72 is your normal high. we have seen it as warm as 88. we'll end up somewhere around normal today, your sunrise at 7:08 this morning but setting tonight at 5:21, and then on we go. as you look across the west, we have seen some thin clouds, mostly for the morning hours. they have started to peel away somewhat here in the valley, but we do have weather waiting in the wings, and it's going to be pret this hoe is a pretty tightly wound won. it's going to continue to work the way to the north of us. it will stay there and not bring us any harsh weather by the end of the weekend. however, it is going to drag in some much cooler temperatures as it makes its way on toward the middle of the country. so we'll sort of be dealt a glancing blow by this storm system. a chance for rain on sunday during the late afternoon, evening, maybe overnight hours, but i think by monday we'll be
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so today, fantastic. tomorrow, just as good. by the time we hit saturday, maybe a mix of clouds and sunshine, and then on we go toward that chance of rain on sunday. but, hey, guess what? are you sticking around with us today? you know you are, 2:30, red kins take on the cowboys here, and again your day is going to wrap up in fine style, low 70s out there and again sunshine all the way. so we'll move on to the numbers, and they are looking pretty good out there. we have got 43 in show lo in flagstaff, 70 already in gila bend, and yuma coming in at 71. across the valley, everybody is looking pretty happy too. we are all situated around that 70-degree mark, 72 out there with the good guys and gals at luke air force base, and a quick look at the rest of the nation. there you go, a pretty nice thanksgiving day for almost everybody. the middle of the country is really in the clear. things are a bit on the stormy side out east, and then we have got that heavy weather powering
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oregon. but we'll enjoy a nice day here. again, we are talking about the mid-70s today and tomorrow, and saturday too, although by saturday the clouds will be on the way, and then by sunday it looks like that chance for showers and much cooler temps. gosh. >> holy smokes. >> and look at monday, the high perhaps 56, a sunny 56. >> that's going to be brisk. >> it's like billings in the spring almost. >> time to bust out the sweaters. >> the scarves. >> a stocking cap if i'm golfing this weekend. >> some mittens. >> that's a good look. >> if i'm out at 8:00 on sunday, i'll be bundled up. chicago cubs won their first world series in 108 years, and is apparently some fans, well, they were celebrating a little too heartily. the cubs held a victory parade
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city's parks. this is a bit confusing to me, so now the team has to foot the bill to fix things, about $400,000. they are blaming the team for that? >> wow. well, somebody has got to pay for it i guess. that or just let it go? >> yeah, maybe. a fox follow-up with a veteran denied a restaurant, offered two free tickets for the rest of the mavericks games. plus, the best tv shows and movies to watch over the
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?. what a great song.
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bruno mars in concert. his upcoming 24-carat magic tour sells more than a million tickets in just 24 hours. mars will be at talking stick resort arena in phoenix here on november 5th of next year. ? >> well, she was just here in the valley on monday, and now adele has decided to extend her world tour by a couple of shows. she has added two her hometown of london, and by the end of the tour she will have put on more than a hundred shows around the world. ? >> wild she got her start on american idol, isn't it? carrie underwood is now 25 for 25, her current song moves into the top ten of the country music
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she has released have now hit the billboard country top ten. according to a new survey, best and worst songs for the holidays, according to a new survey charlie brown makes the list. a good one to put on it, but i would put it below both the halloween and the christmas specials. >> halloween? >> the cis >> i thought you were talking about the horror show. >> also making the list, planes, trains and automobiles. great movie with steve martin, and garfield's thanksgiving. well, later today, many of you will be sitting down for a piece of pie for thanksgiving day desert. >> yeah, but what is america's favorite pie? it. no heavy wagering, please, when
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finally today - thanksgiving dinner would well, finally today, thanksgiving dinner would not be
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>> okay. so are your bets in? what is america's favorite pie? drum roll, please. according to the website eat this, not that -- what is peanut butter pie? well, peanut butter pie is the top choice. there is something going on. it got flagged in las vegas. >> is this big peanut butter trying to get the word out? >> second on the pie. do you like pecan? >> i do. >> meh, kind of heavy. pumpkin and apple pie next. it's rigged, i want a recount. >> demand it.
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call today.
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welcome to dish nation, one day before thanksgiving. we have a lot of big stories to get to today. like justin bieber punching someone in the face. we're going to talk about that. kelly, i'm sure you're excited about this o gucci mane got engaged. >> the rapper, yeah. >> and our atlanta team is going to join us in a little bit. first, yesterday president obama gave the presidential medal of freedom to 21 artists, sports figures, scientists and philanthropists. some recipients included tom hanks, bruce springsteen, bill


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