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tv   FOX 10 News 6pm  FOX  November 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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good evening, everybody. happy thanksgiving and now that the turkey has been consumed, let the shopping begin. >> that's right. nearly 75% of thanksgiving weekend shoppers will do their shopping on black friday so the stores are expected to be jus >> it's going to be something and stefania okolie is in phoenix tonight where the games have already begun. steph? >> yeah, that's right. they certainly have begun. i got to tell you, john, these things started before the turkey was consumed. i met people who were outside of best buy in paradise valley since 12:00 p.m. yesterday. they have not had any turkey. boy, i can tell you i feel sorry for that guy. he was the first one in line here at best buy.
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here for i can tell you are the tvs. are you here for tvs? >> really nice tv. >> really good deals. 50-inch tvs for just 200 bucks. and you can't beat that we talk about black friday being a thing of the past. take a look at the video that we have that shows everyone rushing in when the doors at best buy opened today at 5:00 p.m. i recalled seeing something a bit more aggressive. people running through. it's good to see something everyone just walking in because you know best buy here does tickets. like i said, i spoke to the first person in line and his name was vincent reed. he had been here since yesterday. >> what time did you get here? >> i got here -- wednesday around noon. >> wednesday around noon. did you even have thanksgiving dinner today? >> no, not yet. i'm looking forward to having my family at home. >> your dinner is later in the evening. you been here since yesterday.
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you? >> i mean, it was cold tonight, but got through it. >> now of course the goods here, mark and john, here at best buy, they are limited. you do have to have a ticket for the tvs. they have some deals on xboxs and cameras. but the big thing is the tvs on sale. this long line here is for everyone who had a ticket. are you here for tvs? >> yes. >> do you have a tv? >> the more the merrier. and you can't beat those prices. best buy here closes at 1:00 a.m. and then back open eight hours later at 8:00 in the morning. we have more come up at 9:00 on what's going on at toys 'r' us. we got some early risers as young as four years old and we are happy about these black friday deals. open those doors. guys. it's time.
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sir, you're first in. nice job. your mom is proud of you. yes, girl. yeah. yes. you know you wait in line all night long and the first person you see this morning is marcy that will make your day. there she is. she was on hand to open the doors at this k-mart. people started lining up to snag a bargain there the store opened at 6:00 this morning. k-mart o door buster deals and that store is staying open all night tonight. they aren't closing until 10:00 tomorrow night. and buyer beware as you heads into the mall right now. the survey that we are looking at shows a 22% of items that are offered really had no savings compared to their pre-black friday prices. wallet hub out with the list of the best and worst items you can find on this black friday and video games top the list.
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computers, phones, toys, those are all good things. you can get deals on that. but on the other side of the ledger books, movies, music, food, beverages, electronics, clothing, jewelry. those are things you should avoid. those are not good deals and the absolute worst thing to buy is jewelry. so so much for the -- you know, the gift that you will try get engaged this time of year. to find the best deals, retailers areff link to the list of click on, seen on tv. great weather today but a winter storm is brewing this holiday weekend. marc martinez on a holiday doing double duty. people are calling in sick. marc is here. marc, the rain and snow, where will it fall? >> we have some big changes. we will show you. take a look right now if you are sitting on your couch, maybe in a turkey coma. enjoy this nice view.
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nice for us out there tonight but we've got cold coming. let's take a look. right now here is our future cast. here is where we sit. this is what we got going on. nice high dry conditions and take our way through. here is friday and come into saturday and look at all of the clouds coming up. cloud cover and then you see all of this moisture that's being pulled in from a cold front coming in from northern california and the pacific northwest going to bring a mix of rain, snow, cold weather, wind to the high country but we are getting some of it down here in the valley and make our way through sunday. it's clearing out and then another round coming in for monday. big changes in store. keep that in mind if you are planning ongoing up north any time between now and sunday, check ahead. check those conditions. check the road conditions to make sure you will be able to get up there and the conditions aren't too bad to travel. that's something to keep in mind. we will have the full forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. well done. new at 6:00 tonight, the
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giving back this thanksgiving. he grew up in an orphanage in italy and serving up a hot meal for those in need. danielle miller live with his story tonight. hey, you know, there are so many thanksgiving dinners going on but we are here at unitarian universest church where there is a very special thanksgiving dinner going on. we have lindsay, a very special volunteer showing us exactly what's on the menu. mashed potatoes, you have looks to be gravy there. and cranberry, traditional thanksgiving dinner. as you mentioned, what makes it so special tonight is the owner of that deli that you mentioned, carlo and emily's gourmet deli in chandler. he is here tonight. he is actually put thong dinner. as you mentioned he lived in an orphanage from the age of two to 14 years old. so he says that he knows exactly what it's like to grow up in these type of circumstances. being homeless, things like that
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this dinner here for the homeless tonight. that's one of the reason, no food at all. it was in the 50s, early 50s. not much money in europe and italy was in bad shape. there -- just a lot of water and some food past. >> just a heart felt message from that deli owner who is here tonight serving the homeless. there is about 25 people here as we mentioned all the stuffing, all of the fixings for a traditional thanksgiving meal here and definitely a lot of love here and a lot of food. we will get this thanksgiving dinner started and we will bring you much more on "fox 10 news" at 9:00 and 10:00. now back to you. thank you very much. an off duty sheriff's deputy and his wife are hurt after a crash in cave creek overnight. a van struck the couple in front of harold's corral. a very popular restaurant and
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the woman was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries and the off duty deputy is in serious condition. the driver did stay at the scene and investigators do not think alcohol or drugs played a factor in that crash. this is wild. a mesa man arrested accused. trying to set a dps cruiser on fire. dps troopers saw the man stuff a rolled up newspaper in the cruiser's gas tank and set it on fire. fortunately it did not fully ignite. he was booked on felony arson. gilbert firefighters knocked down a fire at a home near cooper and guadalupe. the home suffered major damage. firefighters were forced to go defensive on it and fight it from the outside. one person treated for smoke inhalation. the cause tonight is not known. this thanksgiving holds a special meaning for a cave creek restaurant. the buffalo chip saloon, it burned to the ground on thanksgiving morning last year.
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last year firefighters and the owner of the buffalo chip saloon in cave creek watched as the iconic restaurant went down in flames. investigators say it was arson. >> my first inclination was just to kind of walk away because -- you know, if someone burns your place down you get the feeling that you are not wanted. >> but the community rallied together. showering the owner and the employees with support. the buffalo chip had been part of the town for more years and this wouldn't be the end. >> and cannot imagine cave creek without the duff low chip. >> and today as you can see this restaurant has literally rizfront ashes. exactly -- risen from the ashes and one year from that devastating fire. the buffalo chip has been completely rebuilt. bigger and better. >> building and everything inside is brand-new. >> every chair melted, every bottle melted. everything was gone except for a big fiberglas buffalo that was up on the roof.
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>> original buffalo is currently being rebuilt. the new structure was designed to look just like the original. >> it's really nice. i like the way it looks compared to what it was. it felt dark and gloomy this one is like -- this is it? >> the last was irreplaceable. one of those buildings you can't replace. it has more seating and indoor/outdoor feel to it. >> as customers line up for thanksgiving dinner, the owner says he is grateful to have come back from total destruction. >> don't give there is always a bright side and things will get better. time heals all. >> nicole garcia, "fox 10 news." president obama sending holiday wishes to the american people for the final time as president urging americans to stay united in the wake of a diadvicive presidential election -- divisive presidential election. >> no matter our differences we are still one people. part of something bigger than ourselves. we are communities that move forward together. we are neighbors.
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another. especially those among us with the least. we are always simply americans. >> earlier today president-elect donald trump delivered a thanksgiving message from florida where he is celebrating the holiday with family. u.s. troops served up a traditional thanksgiving meal in iraq. soldiers taking part in mass giving thanks even though they are thousands of miles away from their loved ones. some 100 soldiers are stationed at this air base as the government and other allies try to remove the islamic state from iraq. still ahead tonight on "fox 10 news," dinner served for hundreds of people in need. the valley's largest free dinner thanks to the salvation army. >> a look at the latest and greatest when it comes to new cars on display this
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the salvation army fed more than salvation army fed more than 1500 people today at the
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delivered more than 2,000 meals to those who couldn't make it out of their homes. in addition to a great meal, the event included entertainment, children's games and free hair cuts for people. and the annual alivation dinner is a decades long tradition. >> and takes a ton of work to get it ready and complete it. liz kotalik gives us a look behind the scenes. >> the planning took months, the prepping took hours. cooks with the phoenix convention center getting to the kitchen around midnight with a big task >> making a thanksgiving dinner is a tradition now. right now we have developed a good game plan and everybody knows their roles. when to do it and how to do its in convention center executive chef has planned a traditional thanksgiving meal to serve today. the food is either donated or paid for through monetary donations. and there is plenty to go around. in addition to roasting 40 whole turkeys for the gravy, we also are making additional 1400 pounds for dinner today.
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being 1200 pounds today. stuffing is about 900. corn is 600. and the pies we have 470 pies for today. so we shouldn't be running out at all. >> the food all for those who need it even for the ones who have a hard time leaving their homes. >> what kinds people are needing this? >> some elderly folks, people with special needs and people who don't have a place to go for thanksgiving. >> all while more salvation army helpers are people inside. one of them is shawn whose goal is to pass the spirit of thanksgiving on to others. >> we weren't in the best environment. so there were people that i remember to this day their names and all the things they had done for me. i want to reach back and help somebody else along the way. >> liz kotalik, "fox 10 news." by now you probably enjoyed your thanksgiving dinner and hopefully somebody is doing the dishes and you are watching this
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coming up after the break. check it out a brand-new all electric car. one of many amazing cars here at the arizona international auto show. i'm steve krafft.
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we hope you are having a great thanksgiving evening and thanks for allowing john and i into your house and we don't have to sit at the table or eat your food but we appreciate you having us. or mess up the house. we are great house guests. nice night out there and look at this clear skies over the valley and we are sitting at 73 degrees with some winds out of the northwest at five miles per hour so a great night out there and things are going to be changing and we will show that coming up in the ten day forecast and let's take a look and our satellite and radar and you will see this storm activity in the pacific northwest and some strong storm activity and bringing in cold wind and rain into that part of the country and into northern california as well and that's going to affect us here. you can see that here as this cold pressure system this cold front and low pressure system moves on in and it will be bringing most of the moisture
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in the gulf area and that will impact our state as we make our way on through and we will see rain mix of snow as well and in the upper elevations in the next couple of days so you want to keep an eye on that. right now things look great. 73 degrees here in phoenix. 45 right now in prescott. 35 for grand canyon. 64 in bullhead city. 69 in yuma. and 38 over in winslow. down here in the valley nice temperatures. look at this. in the 60s and 70s all across the board h picture perfect thanksgiving day for you. here is where we stand for the record. you see we were above normal by five degrees today it was a nice day for you especially if you were having a thanksgiving meal outside. perfect day. right where we should be for our overnight lows at 49 degrees. nice day. 77 degrees was our high. by now the turkey is off your table but beautiful day for it. hopefully your friends and family that were in from out of the state are enjoying this weather for us. let them know it is not always like this.
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activity. we showed you the northwest and over here in the northeast another mix of a lot of storm activity there. we are seeing a mix of rain and snow in that part of the country as well. most of the middle part of the country is crystal clear right now and making it easy for people who have travel plans for our forecast lows tonight 54 for us in phoenix. 48 lake havasu. pretty cold up at the grand canyon. at winslow 21 degrees. prescott at 25. and here is a look right now at what we will stand ton clear skies. tomorrow warming up to 77. it's going to start out pretty chilly but then warming up nicely throughout the day and take a look at your ten day forecast. this is the change. we will be cooling off pretty significantly for the first part of the week. chance of showers as well. so keep that in mind for sunday and monday and keep that sweater handy. you will need it look at the ten day forecast. we won't get above 60s. changes are in store for us. thank you.
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international auto show got underway at the phoenix convention center. some really cool cars out here a chance for car and truck enthusiasts to see some the latest and greatest models. some of great sets of wheels out on the road as well as some still in the concept stage concept cars. steve krafft checked it out and he has the story tonight. >> if you like cars and trucks, this is the place to be. more than 500 to check out. here is when they drew a lot of the nissan concept car designed to look and be tough and innovative blend of metal and carbon fiber. 4reder are lighting. can't touch it or buy one yet. another innovative car had a lot of people talking. >> this is the chevy bolt. not the volt. that was the hybrid. this is the bolt. it's an all electric car and it's not for sale yet in arizona. >> over 230 miles on a charge.
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you will be able to buy a chevy bolt in california and oregon later this year. it's designed for commuters who also want the freedom to drive the car longer distances. >> it shows that they are making progress in regards to that whole range anxiety that was a big issue. >> this gets about 230 plus miles per charge. >> right. so that will i think alleviate a lot of people who were at the beginning with the volt and previous vehicles had that anxiety. >> car companies are reaching out to customers in new ways. ford set up a mini nail salon. offering the various colors of the ford mustang. >> does this make you more likely to buy a ford? >> yes. thank you. >> so maybe car dealers will start having manicure setups inside the show rooms. >> that's a good idea. >> the arizona international auto show runs through this sunday at the phoenix convention center.
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"fox 10 news." the international auto show ticket prices 11 bucks for adults. 13 and older. $7 for kids 7 to 12. and kids 6 and younger get in free. still ahead tonight at 6:00, months after a plane crash near wickenburg airport one of the couples on board shares their emotional story tonight. and there is a flag thief in the valley old glory is being stolen from phoenix mountaintops but uthe organizers say ty will continue this tradition. also ahead, a holiday tradition continues. we have a look at the colorful balloons that were part of the macy's annual thanksgiving day
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it's been nearly three months since this plane crash. horrible plane crash that happened at the wickenburg airport. four people were on board that day. it was headed for a day trip to the north when the plane crashed. all four people on board miraculously survived. and one of the couples sat down with syleste rodriquez to talk about just how much they have to


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