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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  November 25, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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him weren't the best part of his day. >> reporter: what were you looking forward the most today? >> the cheesecake. >> reporter: so not the shopping? it's still food first for you? >> yeah. >> reporter: kids and parents lining up outside the toys "r" us in paradise valley for the 5:00 open. >> we ate quick. >> reporter: so you ate quick just to get out here? >> yeah, just to have fun. >> reporter: what are you looking forward getting today? >> yes. >> reporter: braden was proactive. he went in with a plan, and enough he got his legos. >> all right. your total will be 16.28. >> reporter: what are you shopping for? >> toys. >> reporter: for toys? did you get some good deals? >> she'll take you over at one. >> reporter: and guys, i have got to tell you these deals here at toys r us are going essentially all weekend. they will be open until saturday night. that's right. you can come here at any time, whether it's 2:00 in the morning or 3:00 in the morning. we hope you are sleeping with
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and get some shopping done. in paradise valley, stefania okolie, fox 10 news. we are following up now on an accidental text about a thanksgiving dinner that went viral after it led to an unexpected invitation, an east mesa woman who accidentally texted a 17-year-old about coming to thanksgiving dinner, thinking it was her grandson. when she realized she texted the wrong anyway. >> i was not expecting all of this. >> reporter: it all started with a simple text message. >> i'm so excited. it's great. >> reporter: she invited her family but also accidentally sent the text to a stranger, 17-year-old jamal hinton. they sent each other selfies and decided it was a mistake, but she opened him anyway.
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her house, a total stranger. there's a lot of good people out there in the world. >> reporter: and tonight they made good on the offer, joining them for an unforgettable dinner. >> good food and good company. it's been awesome. >> reporter: i think they will be friends for life, that's for sure, after that happened. before eating a thanksgiving meal, a lot of people got in a good workout in downtown phoenix in the turkey trot, running the 10k, kids getting in on the 5k and the toddler trot this morning. all funds raised at the event will go to the phoenix children's hospital and st. vincent de paul. some families gathered today at the phoenix convention center this morning, got a hot thanksgiving heel with all of the fixings. volunteers also packed and delivered more than 2,500 meals for families all across the valley. >> phoenix is an awesome city in
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importantly, it's a caring compassionate community. i am blown away by the love being shown by these salvation army volunteers. >> the event also had entertainment, childrens games, and offered free haircuts. one meal served at valley unitarian universalist church today in chandler had a special meaning for the man who served it. >> reporter: about 25 people in need enjoying a hot, traditional thanksgiving dinner tonight. the person serving this meal tonight was also once in need. >> sometimes i see them on the road and i feel so bad, and i can't do much about it, but tonight i'm feeding them. >> reporter: the owner of carlo and emilie's deli in chandler, carlo ventura, serving up the hot meal for men and women in
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we are going to get out of this situation. >> reporter: from ages two to 14, he lived in an orphanage in italy, many nights going to bed after eating only stale bread, because he knew what it was like to be hungry and in need of help. >> reporter: europe and italy was in bad shape in the '50s. some nights i just drank water and ate that was my food. >> reporter: it also provides services for job placement and stable housing. >> we use different churches as our shelters, and different community groups come in and provide food and laundry and other services. >> reporter: they moved from new mexico to arizona about two months ago. he says having this hot meal is a luxury. it's one that he is thankful
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know, like we are being helped and we just feel good about ourselves. you know, we are getting into the shower, and we are getting clean a little bit and getting fed really well. >> reporter: not only are these people getting a warm thanksgiving meal tonight, they are also getting a warm place to sleep here at the church. danielle miller, fox 10 news. a sad update to a hit-and-run crash we brought you last night. the 60 -- the victim, a he was walking near ocatillo avenue when he was struck. the driver showed no signs of impairment and was not arrested, the accident still under investigation. a mesa man has been arrested accused of trying to set a d.p.s. cruiser on fire. a trooper saw him stuffing a rolled up newspaper into the gas tank and trying to set it on fire but it didn't fully ignite.
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booked for felony arson. you might have seen the flags on top of thunderbird park, but according to the man who puts those flags there, a lot of them are being taken. he does this to honor veterans and the country, but lately he says those flags have been disappearing. >> 13 flags. >> taken in one month? >> one month, 13 of them, flags missing, pole and all. th our freedoms are not to be taken for granted, and that's -- the flag represents everything. >> the man says he has no idea who is taking those flags or why they are doing it, but he says he has no plans to stop replacing them in. a fox follow-up now, thanksgiving brings a whole new meaning at the buffalo chip saloon in cave creek.
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open for business. investigators say it was arson when it went up in flames last thanksgiving, but the community has rallied. the restaurant has been around for more than 60 years. the saloon was rebuilt and everything is brand-new. >> every chair melted. every bottle melted. everything was gone, except for a big fiberglass buffalo on roof. the head melted off of that. don't give up. time heals all. >> reporter: investigator identified a suspect as a woman who lives out of state. she was a customer at the saloon the night it caught fire. right now it's up to the county attorney to decide whether or not to move forward with charges against that woman. coming up after the break, president elect donald trump celebrating thanksgiving in florida, why there could be a big price tag to keep him safe
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plus, where you can take in some of the newest cars on the market and take them on a test drive. if you would like to contact me on social media, you can find me on facebook at facebo and on twitter i'm @marcfox10.
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you're watching fox 10 news at 10:00 with marc martinez. president obama sending holiday wishes to the american people for the last time as president. he urged americans to stay united in the wake of the presidential election. >> thanksgiving reminds us that no matter our differences, we are still one people, part of something bigger than ourselves. we are communities t that move forward together. we are neighbors who look out for one another, especially those among us with the least. we are always simply americans. >> earlier today, president elect donald trump delivered a thanksgiving message from florida, where he is celebrating the holiday with his family.
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he is working hard this thanksgiving at his mar-a-lago estate in palm beach florida, and while there was a big fuss over keeping trump tower in new york city safe, it could also be a big price tag for his seaside retreat. unlike trump tower, mar-a-lago may be preferred by his secret service detail according to a former agent with "the washington post." it's rumored to have as many as three bomb shelters. it could be good news for the detail charged with keeping the president elect safe. >> it is unprecedented, but everything about his assent to the presidency has been unprecedented. obviously you want proper security. i don't think anybody can argue with that. >> reporter: some reports
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fox 10 news is back. hurricane otto making landfill this morning in nicaragua, otto was a category 2 hurricane as it picked up steam after nearing the border of nicaragua and costa rica. more than 10,000 people in the storm's path were evacuated, bringing heavy rain and causing major concern over flooding and landslides. well, it was a great thanksgiving day out there, turning out to be a pretty nice night as well, 57 right now at sky harbor airport, some light winds, five miles an hour out of
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ie now. our fox satellite and radar shows us the picture developing for us, we'll see in the pacific northwest and in northern california the storm system here that is going to be making its way through our area and dropping temperatures here, bringing a good chance of storms for the high country and possibly down here in the valley as well. here's what's going on. you see this cold front here, a pacific system that's moving pretty quickly, so it's going to draw this moisture in and draw some colder air as well in from the south, and be impacting our state, possibly at the earliest sunday and then really on through most of next week. temperatures right now for the state, 57 in for us in phoenix, 26 over in window rock, 45 for you in payson or sedona, that is, and 48 in globe. down here at gila bend, you are at 53 degrees right now. for the valley, nice temperatures for us still, really, in the 50s and 60s.
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to be seeing those cooler temperatures in the morning as well but the day should be looking nice. we'll warm up to a nice temperature tomorrow of 77 degrees. 77 today as well, and 72 is the normal. so we are five degrees above the record set back in 1950 at 88 degrees. turkey day was great today, people asking how was phoenix today, a beaut a lot of people were having dinner out doors because it was perfect to be out on the patio for that. not too much going on in the rest of the country. we told you about the system bringing rain to parts of the pacific northwest. we do have a system moving its way through the upper midwest and chicago area and also the northeast, but that should be moving its way out by friday and saturday. tonight for forecast lows you
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chilly for you up there in the high country, 16 degrees in flagstaff. if you are traveling for the holiday weekend, make sure you check ahead and check the road conditions because of the storm system that we are talking about. it could bring a mix of rain and snow and sleet. conditions could be dangerous up there. make sure you check ahead. conditions around the state right about where we should be, 55 degrees f low, clear skies. tomorrow morning you'll wake up at 60 degrees if you're going to be out there for black friday doing shopping, pretty nice day all in all, warming up to 77 degrees for our high. the ten-day forecast, the changes that we are talking about, the next few days look fantastic but when we get into sunday and for the rest of the ten-day forecast, we are really cooling off here. we are going to be below normal. keep a sweater or a jacket handy because we are going to be in
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changes are in store. we'll eventually get back to where we need to be, as we always do, but for weather 24/7, you can get our weather app on it's free, and you can check it anytime you'd like.
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live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. astronauts on the international space station celebrating thanksgiving from 200 miles above the planet. in a video message put out last week, the expedition commander showed how their food would be served today. so he held up packets of their food, which include things like dehydrated turkey, candied yams, cherry and blueberry cobbler. sounds great.
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six-person crew, which includes two u.s. astronauts. >> of course, thanksgiving in my world is not complete without some football, so we are going to have mission control send up some live football games for us to watch to complete the experience of thanksgiving. >> and this is not the american astronauts' first out of this world thanksgiving. this is the second time that shane kimbrough is celebrating thanksgiving in space. must really want to get away from his the third time for astronaut peggy whitson. it's known as the s.w.o.t. the first ever global survey of surface water on earth. the satellite will collect data on lakes, oceans, rivers, and other bodies of water and will track how they change overtime.
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drawing. jackpot hit a record $1.6 billion in january. so what are your chances of winning? not great, one in 292.2 million. >> spending my day at the annual arizona auto show, i guess you could do it all there if you want, more than 500 cars on display at the phoen some of them are still not available for purchase. this is your chance to get a look at them. that thing right there was a hit, the nissan titan warrior. they also have the bolt, not the volt but the bolt, an all electric car, not yet available in arizona but you can buy it in california and oregon later on this year. >> they are making progress in regard to the whole range anxiety. that was a big issue
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plus miles per charge? >> right, so that i think will alleviate a whole lot of people who were at the beginning with the volt and other vehicles who had range anxiety. >> richard, i know you like the old cars, right, the classics? >> i like the old cars, but those cars are pretty cool. if the cowboys work hard, those cars are pretty cool. if the cowboys work hard, looking to cruise to 10 in a what we're craving right now? crispy chicken and fried egg with bacon-like brunch. brunch? but it's 8pm-and it's tuesday- huh, i wonder if my mother would like to stay with us... here's what i'm thinking-brunch. all day, every day. should we get started? who wants coffee? introducing my new brunchfast menu. with 10 delicious items like my bacon and egg chicken sandwich, southwest scrambler plate, a sparkling blood orange cooler, and homestyle potatoes.
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l olympics has changed my life so dramatically i truly realize that what i'm doing is for a great cause and it's not about disabilities it's about celebrating their abilities i've made a difference now it's your turn to make a difference you're watching fox 10 sports with richard sa saenz. julio jones, he's number 11 for the falcons, but come sunday he'll be public enemy number one, the big fast strong wide receiver, so good, one of the best in the league. some say he's actually the best. his numbers, impressive, over 60 catches, more than a thousand yards of receiving, and five touchdowns. he torched the panthers earlier
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receiving in just one game. how good is julio? even the late great larry fitzgerald has nothing but nice thing to say about the falcons main man. >> if you look at his targets, he doesn't get an exorbitant amount of targets. he does a great job, spreading the ball around to other receivers. they have a lot of other great guys, complementary pieces to work well and give him opportunities as watch the game. we have got you covered. you can watch the game right here on fox 10, fitz going head to head with julio jones. it should be a great time. some teams couldn't wait until sunday to hit the field, like the red skins taking on the cowboys. the rookies for cowboys on fire this year, the rookie quarterback, prescott, rolls right.
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it 24-7. jackson behind the defense, touchdown red skins, a little show boating right there, makes it 24-19, and yeah, we have got a ball game boys and girls. but dallas would put an end to that real quickly, elliott, the other rookie, goes in for the touchdown. and then after the game, oh, boy, boys will be boys, norman and bryant battling all then they get into pushing and shoving after the game. lions going head to head with the vikings who beat the cardinals last week. boldin, touchdown vikings. asiata, right up the gut, ties it at 13 a piece. bradford with the bad pass,
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lions back in business and back in field goal range. for the win, it's matt prater from 48 yards out. as time expires, he is clutch, and the lions win it. terry, holding the flag, with his brother who is in the army right next to him. very cool moment during the national anthem. big ben to antonio steelers. hey, if it's not broke, don't fix it. throw the ball to antonio brown. roethlisberger airs it out, they make it the final score of 28-7. look at that catch. can't forget about the college kids, huskies taking on the cougars, washington versus washington state. where did you go to school marc? >> washington state. >> i knew it.
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>> thanks for watching. we'll be back tomorrow night. >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the worx air, brought to you by worx. prepare to be blown away. [ whirring ] you're not looking at an ordinary blower. there's no cord. there's no gas. it goes where no other tool could ever go, does things no other tool could ever do. it finds every kind of dirt in every kind of space... and makes your whole home cleaner in just minutes so you get to spend more time enjoying it. the incredible worx air -- so versatile, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. meet the powerful, lightweight, cordless worx air. it makes all kinds of cleanup faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before. with 20 volts of lithium power, you can go wherever the mess is.


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