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tv   FOX 10 News Noon  FOX  November 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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drove head on - into a drove head say a woman - investigators west valley...the i-10 in the crash... on wrong way a "world's best captioning team" a service of educaption, inc. investigators say a woman drove head-on into a greyhound bus and freeway shut down for hours. back open th >> 24-year-old named sarah castille. they do believe that impairment played a role. >> woman slammed into a greyhound bus and immediately she is killed. some of those passengers only suffering minor injuries. miracle when you see what is left of the car.
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we were on scene as firefighters took 13 of bus passengers to the hospital with minor injuries. many of those who were not hurt were in shock. d.p.s. crediting the driver of that bus for that no one is hurt here. 1500 square feet of skid marks. ha doubt that more people would have been seriously hurt or killed. all of this started around 2.30 this morning. woman driving the wrong way. deputies were not able to stop her in time. she hit the bus east of 303. this is third incident involving a wrong way driver.
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they see as pervasive issue. >> this is becoming an epidemic and issue we are trying to resolve daily. department of transportation is taking a lot of effort to get out in front of this issue and curb the wrongway drivers. department of public safety rapidly responds to wrongway drivers. today is catastrophic result of wrong way >> investigators found the camera a few feet away from where that bus eventually stopped. in good year, liz codalec, fox news. >> new trial date set for arizona couple charged with murdering a 10 on-year-old girl.
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she suffocated. samantha has a may 8th trial. 44-year-old alton taylor forced a girl into his car. this happened near 35th and thomas. taylor is still on the loose. last seen driving monte carlo. anyone with information should call silent witness. you can remain anonymous. >> black friday today. people kick off their holiday shopping officially. menty of shoppers up early this morning. marcy was in the middle of that holiday rush.
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center where shoppers are taking a break. oh, come on. how are you doing today? >> yeah. >> great. >> what have you been shopping for? >> i'm sitting on old man -- >> you have bags all around you. hi, queen. what are you getting today? >> victoria's secret. >> little something for you? >> yeah. >> guys. what are you shopping for today. >> at the moment with be nothing. we are waiting for someone to >> you are not spending money someone else is. save money. >> is this his black friday experience, first one? >> how is the going? >> did we say legos? >> yes. >> how old are you? >> one. >> good job. >> so cute.
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don't. >> hi, there. hi, girls. how you doing? how was your thanksgiving? >> good. >> getting better because mom and dad are buying you lots of presents are. they are. you don't know it. >> lots of people all around. jammed packed. deals going on all today here and all around the valley. you got to come out and see it. >> thank you, marcy. >> grandmother keeps promise to invite a 17-year-old phoenix theme. we were there when grandma invited jamal into her home. wanda sent out a thanksgiving invite. mass terrifics to whole family. she got one mother wrong and sent message to jamal here.
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you are not my grandmother. come on over anyway. >> means so much that she was open and welcoming me into her house. total stranger. there's really good people out there in the world. >> good food, good company. it's been awesome. >> there you go. >> after dinner, jamal and grandma wanda took one last selfie and posted it on twitter. >> white tree. 19th inch douglas firm was -- fur was welcomed by michelle obama. tree comes from a farm in pennsylvania. >> she was a mother figure. sad news about florence henderson. >> missing california mom.
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after she disappeared. >> beautiful friday out there. we need another good day. we got it for you. big changes are coming. details coming up in a few minutes. >> despite losing presidential election, hit is posting message of thanks to social media. >> one lawmaker makes fists fly while taping tv show. where this happened and what set
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florence henderson -- the actress best known for her role as carol brady -- on the "brady bunch" has passed away at 82 years old. here's why it's so shocking. she was here's why it's so florence henderson passes away at 82 years old. she was seemingly just fine this week. live in the studio with dancing with the stars. just on wednesday, hospitalized with h last night in los angeles. surrounded by family and friends. >> mysterious kid kidnapping. development here that is a mading. 34-year-old woman was found alongside of the highway after flagging down a driver.
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multiple captors. at least two of whom are women. released on rural road 150 on miles away from there. investigators are working to identify captors. charges filed in -- shot collin rose in the head. davis was charged with first degree murder. murder of police officer and other crimes. davis expected to court later on this afternoon. >> a judge ruled today that dylann roof is competent to stand for trial. saying that information could keep him from having affair trial. jury selection in death penalty case begins monday. president-elect donald trump spent thanksgiving with family
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holiday. making progress trying to get carrier air-conditioning company from moving jobs to mexico. carrier confirmed that they had discussions. nothing to announce right now. company announced plans to move 1400 jobs from indiana to mexico. donald trump made that big issue in presidential campaig emotions will not heal overnight. >> president obama and family spent time with family on thanksgiving. country has just emerged from annoysy, passionate and decisive campaign season. we are part of something bigger no matter what our differences are. nine phone calls to service
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hillary clinton thanking people who left signs. thank you, hillary. one of them calling her an hero. she has been spotted grocery shopping and out hiking as well by her home. lindsay lohan upsetting fans in europe. event that she failed to show up for. >> lindsay, when can that girl get it together. temperatures are great. have you been outside yet? you are going to love it. big changes coming up.
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nice day today, but -- >> there's a but, shoe to drop. >> scwhrie the moment -- enjoy the moment. >> food call. >> you checked him up. dang. >> don't move. slow your roll. >> no one cooled someone's jets lately. temps have great. let's see what things are going to of days. beautiful stretch of weather ahead for rest of the afternoon. by the time we get to sunday, a whole lot cooler situation. be prepare for big drop in temperature. 71 would be normal high. we will get past that before the end of the day. here is your story.
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you think nothing is on its way. this storm system is going to continue to work its way on closer and closer to coast. couple of things are going to happen. first of all, we will get future cast in a moment. possibility of snow twoing in the white -- developing in white mountains and up towards flagstaff. saturday night could be a swy situation. on and off into the rest of the weekend. valley is concerned. we are going to see weather that is on the cool side until sunday night when we get a chance at those showers. 73 for today. for tomorrow i should say with cloudy skies. on into sunday we go with mix of clouds and sunshine earlier. come sunday night. they will not last.
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backer sunshine. this is next 48 hours. check out time here at the top of the screen. we will be fine by this evening. wake up tomorrow, we will start is to see clouds pushing their way in by the time we hit arch. gray day for your saturday. on we go into early sunday. after midnight on sunday. talking about possibility of that real weather starting up to north of the valley and up towards flagstaff. we will hold off rain perhaps until we get to evening time into sunday and on into late hours too. we will take anything. we love to see winter get et itf going. 70s in the deserts. 50s in the most part in the mountains. low 70s. we have 79 out there in mesa.
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55 in central park. this storm system works way into the coast. we will deal with it by the time we get to high country. hopefully we will squeeze out showers by the end of the weekend. fair skies for now. highs for rest of the day. stretch for. good way cool start starting on sunday from there until into december we are going to see temps well below the average. >> wild we are talking about december. >> it falls. >> late next week. >> falls in november this year. >> seeps like something that would stick with you. >> thank goodness for those
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caught on camera in caught on camera. fight breaks out during a talk >> check this out here. >> you here some of the commotion here. former lawmaker purged a journalist in the face. other guests jumped many to break up the fight.
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youtube. >> average life expectation is 78 years old. one couple has been married for 78 years. these are 98 and 95. married back in 1938. think about what they have seen. so many things. great, great grandchild. five generations down. took one look at knew he was the love of her life. >> take vows very seriously. i never had any reason to go anywhere else. >> my dad gave us 20 chickens. that's what they did those days. >> you see her hubby sitting there quietly. that's the secret to the marriage. sit there quietly.
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long-lasting marriage. not arguing goes a long way. they are longest marriage in minnesota. >> lindseylindsay lohan failed p switch on christmas light. she couldn't attend because of her busy schedule. >> new york couple of had an exciting thanksgiving. >> welcomed a new baby to their family. there's a
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a ?big? thanksgiving day surprise for a couple in new york! >> big thanksgiving day surprise for couple of in new york. they had to pull over on the parkway when baby decided time to get out. austin may have made the catch of the day. >> i saw the baby head.
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saying to me that baby is going to slip. you got to catch the baby. >> awe. what a sweet pappa. look at this father. thomas family named their new daughter talia. beautiful name. everyone is doing just well. congratulations. >> happy, happy. that's a good catch. >> well done. >> good job, papa. hope you have a great rest of your long weekend. see you right here on monday. for continuing live coverage on news now...
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? "dish natiodish nation ? ? hey, welcome to "dish nation." and more importantly, happy thanksgiving, everyone. >> gobble, gobble. >> we got a great show for you today. you know why? because we are so thankful for you, we know one of the biggest thanksgiving traditions out there is going to the theater with your family. right? so we're going to kick things off by letting you know what your options are this weekend. >> all right. >> okay. >> let's kick it off with "bad santa." i know it may be thanksgiving but it is time to get ready for "bad santa 2" because christmas is right around the corner. >> i loved the first one. >> you're going to love the second one, jenna. >> you are standing on my spot. >> that's funny, i don't see


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