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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  November 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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6 weeks old. she does it because she wants to do it. >> reporter: have you won anything before with these two? >> she is top winning javanese is right now. >> reporter: she should have asked the names. >> this is taffy and a new youngster 7 month old named peter. >> reporter: good luck to you and your mimi with the fiesta dog shows, i want to get the basics, when is it happening and how much? >> it is at rawhide, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. friday, saturday and sunday this weekend. >> reporter: how much? >> free admission, $5 parking. >> reporter: it is all here at rawhide that is where you come to get your fix. look at this cute little thing.
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coming up, a man tries to rob a chipotle restaurant but he doesn't get away with too much. >> he did get one thing. one baby could not wait to get to the hospital. where she was born. >> reporter: black friday, a big day for retailers, right? not far every retailer. i'm steve krafft, i will have
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a lot of stores are a lot of stores are open on this black friday, some for extended hours but not all stores are bending over backwards to attract black friday shoppers. in fact, one big retailer wasn't open at all today. steve krafft has the story. >> reporter: at this r.e.i.
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covered with a sign saying we're closed today. join us outside, bring friends, hash tag opt outside. r.e.i.'s way of saying no black friday here. some customers did not get the word. >> our wives are getting spa treatments so we decided to go and do shopping and this is the one stop that we had time to make and they decided to close today. >> reporter: for r.e.i., it is a way to take against the of the shopping stamped on and around thanksgiving. there is an obvious marketing strategy to make r.e.i.'s family and friends to get outside. >> it is a great idea. people who shop at r.e.i. will spend money for the rest of the year. it is again you in my opinion. >> reporter: he did not get an argument from his son. >> hiking is good today.
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>> reporter: meanwhile, back here at r.e.i., customers driving up took the closed doors in stride. >> i like the reasoning. it's not going to ruin my day. >> reporter: steve krafft, fox 10 news. shots are fired at a mall in memphis, tennessee, as shoppers were trying to get an early start on their black friday it was just outside of the food court area. one person was hurt and three people were taken into custody and two have been released. christmas now a little more than four weeks away and that means many people getting their christmas trees right now. last year, consumers spend more than $1 billion on christmas trees and it take an average of five years for a tree to go six or seven feet tall. every year, it seems like
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holiday season and this year it seems to be the hatch a mole. danielle miller has the story. >> reporter: these brothers bought about 100 of these hatch a mole. they have 50 to sell so everything from here on out is pure profit. >> we took a chance. we took a huge risk. it could have blown up in our luckily, it didn't. >> reporter: brothers cashing in this holiday season. it started when mike's daughter asked for this, a hatch a mole for christmas. >> not knowing what it was, we googled it and red articles about this is going to be the next big tickle me elmo. reporter: the brothers spent two days buying as many as they could find.
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>> right away, we started selling them for $90, which is good. from there, every weekend it increased. $90, $120, $150. today, we're selling them for $200. >> reporter: some people have taken to social media calling them names like the grinch and saying they have stolen the christmas spirit. they s i >> what the consumer is doing ised bidding. it is taking it over $200 today. we're not dictating what the price is. we're not setting a price. the consumer is doing it. >> reporter: with all of this good luck, the brothers say they are going to give away three of these to families in need. what you want to do is go to their facebook page and there
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toy. they will be picking a winner. a crook hits a chipotle restaurant but only gets away with a burrito. when the man approached the cash register, he announced he had a gun. he opened a bag and demanded money. the cashier was so scared she ran into the back room without giving the suspect anything. the man looked over, grabbed his burrito a that is what he got, burrito. cost of the stolen burrito, $7. scientists are keeping an eye on a voluntarily volcano int is erupting. you are seeing the video right here. nobody has been evacuated just yet but the volcano is the second highest mountain in the country at 17,000 feet tall. scientists have been watching it
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and ever since it was a mystery on where it was. the discovery of the black duck was announced. back in 1872, the 51-foot sailing vessel sank during a storm. the ship's captain were the only ones on board and survived the wreck. until a few weeks ago, the remains of that ship had been a mystery, now they know. for a couple in new york. they were on their way to the hospital but didn't get there in time. their baby daughter didn't want to wait and they had to pull off on the side of the parkway. >> the baby's head was out. he was saying, listen, the baby is going to be slippery, don't let it fall, you have to catch the baby. >> there she is. >> no worse for wear.
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dad caught the baby, of course, baby is doing fine and little girl and mom are resting in the hospital. >> this is why you drive with catcher's gear just in case. this is why you avoid these savage killers at all cost. it was not a happy thanksgiving for a giant panda. why he had to have emergency surgery. a happy reunion for this
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after searching for 20 incredible story after searching for 20 years, a cuban refugee who is now a u.s. citizen reunites with the soldier who helped her family after their escape. the soldier lives in anthem and the former refugee florida to see him for the first time since she left guantanamo bay, cuba. andrew hasbun was there. >> reporter: her mom snuck her out of cuba in a duffel bag. they spent 10 months at guantanamo bay and they befriended first clast chester gardner. >> i don't have words to describe what i'm feeling right now.
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>> reporter: he lives in anthem. this is the first time they have seen each other since she left guantanamo bay, cuba, for a new life in the united states. >> i'm so thankful. >> reporter: back in the 1990's, many cuban refugees waited at guantanamo bay before we relocated to the u.s. he was an 18-year-old soldier when they met at the >> she had an infectious laughter. >> reporter: after she left the base, they tried to write letters. >> some daily see you, ok, one i don't know. you be a good little girl and stay out of trouble. love always your friend and godfather p.f.c. chester gardner. >> reporter: she was able to track him down after he bought a home in anthem.
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it was a blessing an honor to meet her. >> reporter: time only brought more gratitude. >> you showed me the true meaning of friendship and you showed me we can love others even if they are not like us or they don't come from the same place or same background and that is what you did for me. it has been a humbling experience to be in guantanamo a?nd have soldierslikeyou help us. you d loved us. for that, i'm grateful. >> reporter: a friendship built under difficult circumstances and a reunion two decades in the making. andrew hasbun, fox 10 news. >> her mom had to sneak her out of cuba in a duffel bag because at the time, it was almost impossible for children to leave
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cobras. the driver was hired to drive the snakes from a northern province to ho chi minh city. that is a strange uber. it is against the law so the driver is in trouble. the panda at the international zoo has to undergo surgery. the panda had a lemon-sized mas in his small intestine. others are trying to spin it and say it was a bamboo stick stuck in his small intestine. he got a life-saving operation. he was sleeping more than normal and not eating properly. following an ultrasound, the zoo carried out the operation and will be getting water only and transitioning to soft food.
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>> we'll keep you updated o beibei's progress. >> reporter: john has it in for bei bei. today is the day, football fans. the day the u. of a. host the sun devils with the territorial cup on the line. i know the record is not that great but this game always turns out to be a barn burner.
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the holiday christmas the christmas tree has arrived at the white house. michelle obama was joined by her nephews. boy, they have been busy from the pardoning of the turkeys. >> they are standing in for the daughters. >> the girls are done. they are passing the torch off. beau was there and sunny, the first the 19-foot tall fir will go on display this coming tuesday. the dodo bird believed to have gone extinct but the skeleton brings in big bucks at auction. it is 95% complete. cost, well, in the sale $431,000
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>> reporter: $431,000, is that a black friday deal? let's face it, both the sun devils and the wild cats have not had the season they hoped for. when it comes to a rivalry game, records do not matter because bragging rights are on the lane. the wild cats have not won a pac 12 game all devils, have lost five in a row. we're talking the other team has 50 yards or more. turnovers have been an issue. that's when turnovers happen. a.s.u. has to win this game if they want to be more eligible. sounds like todd graham is tired of the losing. losing other than humility and i
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on the same hand, there are lots of things to be proud of. there are lots of things to build upon. this has great character, no quit in them and that bodes well for what we're trying to accomplish and where we're going. this is a game you don't want to get too high, you don't want to get too low. you want to execute. >> reporter: we had pac 12 action today. the huskies are the fif team in the country for a reason. they are up 14-3. jake browning all day lets it fly. dante pettis, great catch. huskies, hungry for more and they are back for more. browning, perfect pass to the end zone. john ross makes the catch. so nice look at it twice. you only need one foot in bounds for college ball.
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quarter. coleman, all kinds of room to throw or run, rather. the route was on. final score 45-17. got more football for you here on fox 10 as the big boys take center stage. yes, we're talking about falcons and the cardinals. more in a matter of minutes at 6:00. >> should be a good one tonight, go devils. when will you be able to start buying tickets for the upcoming "star wars" movie?
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expected to be one of the it is expected to be one of the biggest movies of the year and it always is if it is anything star wars. you can buy advanced tickets to the next "star wars" film on rogue one opens in mid-december. fox 10 news at 6:00 is headed your way next. a young mother killed in a wrong-way crash. she slammed into a bus injuring 13 other people. how her family is remembering her tonight. e home dvr, plus you can watch on your devices. and the best part is, you don't have to deal with cable. we love not having cable.
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oh, uh, i don't know. recently, i guess? uh... okay. yeah. [ chuckles ] so, like, recently, recently. feel like a hollywood insider
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this was a horrific crash on the interstate 10 at loop 303. a glendale woman was killed when police say she crashed head on into a greyhound bus. 13 people on that bus were hurt. now, that freeway was closed down for more than seven hours after the deadly wreck. investigators believe the woman got on the freeway going the on the 10 traveling westbound in the eastbound heats -- lanes crashing into the greyhound bus near the loop 303. nicole garcia talked to the heartbroken family. >> reporter: the wrong-way driver was a single mother of two. sarah castillo-cornejo's family describes her as happy and ambitious. they gathered yesterday evening to celebrate thanksgiving. the family received a call that
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crash. >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: 23-year-old sarah castillo-cornejo captured this video of her family as they celebrated thanksgiving. it turns out, this would be the last time they would see her. hours later, she died when she crashed head on into a bus on the freeway. the impact shredded her car leaving a mangled mess of metal. >> she was always laughing. you hardly saw her sad and full of >> reporter: she would have turned 24 next month. sarah was a mother of a 3-year-old girl and 1-year-old boy. family members say they haven't told her kids what happened yet. after celebrating thanksgiving, relatives say she decided to go out for the night. she was headed toward home when she got on the freeway driving west on the eastbound lanes of i-10. >> i can't believe something like this would happen. there are so many indications


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