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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  November 26, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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hello and thanks for thank you for joining user first on fox. the day after thanksgiving tragedy strikes the phoenix fire department. >> a captain within the department was killed this morning in an atv crash into northern arizona. he was off duty at the time. he had been with the department for more than 20 the united phoenix firefighters association has set up this gofundme page. our stefania okolie joins us live with what we are learning. this loss was unexpected and it has take an toll on the community. captain was a husband and a father to four young girls. today the department telling us this was a firefighter who never thought twice about putting his life on the line. he made it his duty to save lives and without him the
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>> it just couldn't be worse. >> captain p.j. dean is struggling to wrap his head around the news he got today. the entire phoenix fire department is. >> we've lost an exceptional family member. >> a 20 year veteran of the department, a mentor, and a hero gone. 45-year-old captain chris fit maurice was killed in an atv crash. he was on a trip in northern arizona. >> we deal with tragedy all long. but when it hits home like this it's really difficult for us to process because we have to look at it in a different way than we normally do. >> the capton wasn't just a firefighter in the department. but a friend to many. he put himself in people's lives and touched them in many ways. the loss is simply hard. >> can't imagine losing him and can't imagine being without him. we don't have the ability to calculate what his loss is going to mean to our department.
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need help we have a link to the gofundm page on if you are interested in helping you can head there. live in the studio, stefania okolie, "fox 10 news." we are learning more tonight about maricopa county sheriff's deputy and his wife badly hurt after they were hit by a car in cave creek wednesday night. deputy sergeant and his wife were crosses a street when they were struck. nick was taken to the hospital in serious condition. elizabeth transported in critical condition. investigators involved stayed at the scene and they do not believe alcohol or drugs were a factor in the crash. this is becoming an epidemic . >> third time in a week another wrong way driver in a deadly crash. this one killed a 24-year-old mother of two. it happened overnight on interstate 10 near the loop 303 interchange. the wrong way driver crashed head on into a gray hound bus.
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that bus treated for minor injuries. the freeway was closed for more than seven hours after that deadly crash. dps says the driver sarah castillo cornejo was driving on the wrong side of the road for six miles. they believe she was impaired. today we talked with her family and they devastated by the loss. >> 23-year-old sarah cornejo took this video hours later she was dead after crashing head on into a bus on i-10. the impact destroyed her car. >> she was always laughing and hardly ever saw her sad. >> she would have turned 24. she was the mother of a three-year-old girl and a one-year-old son. after celebrating thanksgiving with family, they say she decided to go out for the night. while headed home, she started
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lanes of i-10. >> i just couldn't believe how something like this could happen. i mean, there are so many indications that you are going on the freeway the wrong way. >> investigators believe she may have been driving drunk. >> for everyone that if you get drunk or whatever and you know that you can't drive, you should at least try to call someone to pick you up because stuff like this happens and now my sister is gone. >> family has set up a fundraising page for sarah's funeral we have more information on a weather alert now for northern arizona. snow is in the forecast and dave munsey is tracking this storm that's expected to move in over the weekend. >> the snow and maybe a little rain down here. better chance for snow for us it's more of a cold storm and we will see or feel some windy conditions with that as well. you saw the storm coming in. you see things as they are right
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through the day on saturday we start loading it up and we bring moisture in and you can see this stuff is a little more prevalent as far as the north and the eastern mountains are concerned and is that snow some freezing rain that we are seeing up in that area. it even comes down lower into the sedona area but once again what we are seeing is just colder air coming in as far as phoenix is concerned. there is a slight chance of rain but a better chance of getting anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of snow up in the high country. the sunrise opening, they really, really excited about getting the snow up there. so the higher elevations may even see a little bit more than that. look how rapidly this is monday that storm clears out of here just a little cloud cover left over and what about the valley? well, tomorrow 73, a few clouds and look at the change on sunday. we go to 58 degrees. we stay there monday. and those temperatures are going
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the ten day coming up. wait for the overnight lows. that's a little chilly. >> it will be a little chilly and we will have those for you as well. many of you are all shopped out by now. black friday, 2016 officially in the books and for the most part it went off without a hitch there were a few incidents. people lined up at stores across arizona today to get hands on door buster deals. the chaos kept to a minimum and in fact we are learning nationwide it appears that on-line salesid in-store sales. >> i did not get within a mile of a store today. i stay far away. >> no way. it's a contact sport now. >> i leave it to the pros and i will do it from home and wait until the last minute. >> people did hit the stores and others some businesses chose not to buy into the black friday frenzy. >> those opting out of black friday decided to hit the great outdoors and do some hiking instead. we found at least one store that decided not to open its doors today and a lot of people think it's a great idea.
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well, it's black friday and a lot of stores are opened today for holiday shoppers but not every store. at this rei store in tempe, shoppers drove up to find the front door cover wad sign saying we are closed today. join us outside. bring friends. #optoutside. rei's way of say nothing black friday here. >> we out with the kids and our wifes are getting spa treatments so we decide to shopping and this is our one stop that we had time to make and they decided they are going to close today. >> for rei, a way to take a stand against the christmas shopping stampede on and around thanksgiving. there is an obvious marking strategy here, too. it's a chance to make rei the branded values friends and family time in getting outside. >> i think it's a great idea. people that shop at rei will respect it and spend their money
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the year. it's a good move. it's actually genius in my opinion. >> he didn't get an argument from his son. >> hiking is good today. the weather is good outside today. so we are happy to be out here and hike. >> meanwhile back at rei, customers driving up took the closed doors in stride. >> i really don't mind. i think it's all right. i like the reasoning. so it's not going to ruin my day. >> rei will be open tomorrow. steve still ahead tonight on "fox 10 news" at 9:00, a reunion 20 years in the making and it couldn't have come at a better time a cuban refugee tracks down the man who helped her escape from the communist country years ago and he lives right here in arizona. and they are called hatchables. if you haven't heard of them yet, you will. they are one of the hottest toys. how two valley brothers are cashing in on this trend. and speaking of trends, how
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with fall. tonight we are finding out that while pumpkin spice may be popular, most people have no idea why it's their favorite
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only on fox tonight --- pumpkin spice only on fox tonight, pumpkin spice, when you think of that you think of fall. everywhere you look. pumpkin spice this pumpkin spiced latte. pumpkin spice scented stuff. >> i saw a pumpkin spiced nacho chips at trader joe's. >> that's a bridge too far. >> it started 15 years ago when the pumpkin spice latte debuted at star bngz and -- starbucks. >> and as our marcy jones found out, most people have no idea
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first, a little history. >> this trice or false, chris columbus was looking for pumpkin spice but came across america instead. >> he came to this country with spice so spice was used as a trading item so -- do i say yes or no. >> false. >> you are smart. >> in indiana, it's illegal to eat pumpkin flavored anything before november. >> what do you probably. >> in indiana it's illegal to eat anything pumpkin flavored before november. >> in indiana that might be true. >> why is indiana weird? >> they aren't as cool as us. they follow daylight savings, right? >> it you know the ingredients of pumpkin spice. do you want to guess? >> how about pumpkin -- >> no. >> oh, my gosh.
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spice? >> i think maybe just pumpkin seeds. >> actually, that's the one thing that's not in it. >> okay there are five ingredients and they are all spices. go. >> if you had all of the spices you would have -- >> a meinage of spices. >> how about all sps? >> is that one -- allspice. >> okay, we have four more ingredients. >> nutmeg. >> you are doing so well. >> i'm so smart. >> cinnamon. >> yes.. cloves. >> yes. >> wait, wait. >> no pumpkin? >> no pumpkin. >> how awful. >> what's the spice you shave on a little micro plane board? >> oh, that little -- what do you call it? >> nutmeg! >> nutmeg! crazy! >> and then the last one is
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this with sushi? she is also a spice girl. >> fred and blank were a famous dancing couple. >> ginger. thank you, i'm old. i remember. i would know that and that's the spice -- >> yes, yes. >> and then we ran into tom. what do you think of people eating pumpkin? s if it should only be in pies. it should not be in drinks, soap, deodorant, whatever else people do. pumpkin should only be in pumpkin pies. that's it. >> okay. you a >> i am a purest when it comes to use of pumpkin. not even candles, nothing. only in pumpkin pie. >> when it seemed like tom would never get on board with pumpkin palooza. >> i when to in uzealand and they had pumpkin soup and it was wonderful. that i would go for. >> you would get on board. >> with pumpkin soup with a little sherry, white cherry. >> it was because you were boozed up? >> no, there was no boozed up.
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>> no. you couldn't taste the sherry. >> where did the obsession start. we ventured to mcdonald's ranch and searched for answers but we stumbled upon this couple. >> we are taking our save the day engagement photo. >> why incorporate pumpkin? >> because i really like pumpkins. >> is it border line obsession? >> in the right person's eyes it might be. >> finally we found the experts. >> nice. where do pumpkins come from? >> vines? >> um -- >> that's a tricky question? >> yeah. >> we seemed to clear a few things up. would you ever eat a pumpkin? >> no, i didn't. you don't eat pumpkins. >> you don't eat pumpkins ever? >> yes. >> what about pumpkin pie?
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>> she goes out there and marcy makes it happen. unlike real pumpkin which is good for you, doctors say the trouble with most pumpkin goodies is they are full of stuff. artificial flavoring and tons and tons of sugar. >> you know, i tried a pumpkin pie yogurt that was supposed to taste like that and healthy, you know and no calories, it was awful. i won't say the brand gch for the real thing. not everybody is on board with pumpkin spice craziness. just last year a little less than 40% of a pumpkin flavored item. i love pumpkin pie. but pecan pie is my pie favorite. >> i'm with you on that. >> i love my pecan pie. >> how about basketball? thanks to the college kids and the pros. gcu in action and so are the suns. the phoenix suns taking on the t-wolves and the t-wolves brought their slam dunk champ with them. look at him can you say big time slam?
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well, everybody laying back the day after the holiday had the leftovers today and probably happened tomorrow, sunday and monday and tuesday as well. we will have your weekend
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at least nine people are dead and dozens are hurt after hurricane otto slams nine people have died andr dozen more injured after hurricane otto slammed into south america. >> and just days left in the official hurricane season this storm developed very late and made landfall yesterday in nicaragua as a category 2 hurricane. it was then downgraded. it brought with it torrential rains and powerful winds. home for flooded -- homes were
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power was cut. otto is in the pacific ocean well, here we go into the weekend folks. it's 66 degrees right now. winds out of the east at seven miles per hour. changes are going to be happening. 61 degrees right now in surprise. we have 59 degrees at buckeye. 59 degrees at apache junction. an right now. as we look across the west and the southwest, you can see the southwest here cloud-free and not much going on but there is something happening out here &-?. it is going to have a change on our weather. things will be a little different as you can see here. temperatures are going to drop off very, very rapidly as the weekend progresses. there is our high today. we go to 81 degrees.
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we had 79 at deer valley and 79 at gateway. let's take a look here and see what's going on with the high temperatures across the mountains. 52 in flagstaff. 64 in sedona. 50 at show low. 53 at winslow and 63 in prescott. 78 down on the desert floor at yuma. look at that in gila bend we get to 80 degrees on the day today. these are the forecast lows for this evening. the norm is right around 50 degrees so we are a little warmer than we this time of year. but it's still going to be a little chilly out there with temperatures in the mid-50s and the upper 50s as well. 48 this morning. 81 this afternoon. 71 and 49 would be your normal high and low. there is your record high at 88. your record low at 32. let's take a look at those forecast highs. they are down a little bit lower than the high today. we see that temperature at 73 degrees. we get up into the mid-70s in
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forecast for chandler and queen creek and 71 in cave creek. 74 in fountain hills. and 72 is the forecast for surprise. 59 in prescott. 52 at flagstaff. 55 at show low. and 79 is the forecast for tucson. looking across the country you can see that system kind of pushing into the west here. that will come in a little farther and come a little farther south as well. we will suffer some windy conditions and and although there is a chance of rain, the chances are pretty slight at this point in time. you can see this active weather across the great lakes. taste mixed bag of rain and snow. and it brought the temperatures down 42 in chicago. 36 in minneapolis. 44 in detroit. 58 in washington. and 48 in boston. you see these other temperatures down a little bit as far as the west coast is concerned with that 52 in seattle.
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here comes your weekend. 73 degrees for your saturday. great saturday. sunday a little different. late saturday maybe a chance of rain in here and cold front coming through and we go to 60 and then hit those 50s and right at 60. watch your kids around water. thank you. have a great weekend. just a reminder, you check your forecast and get weather alerts 24/7 using our fox 10 weather app. it's free. it's fantastic and it's available in both apple google play stores. still ahead tonight, donald trump may be our next president-elect, he is our president-elect. but 2016 presidential candidate jill stein is demanding a recount of the votes in three states. what could that mean to the outcome? we will explain. >> plus we will tell you how a phoenix business is showing its support for the protesters of
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the land where hundreds the protests have gone on for months and the land where hundreds are protesterring the dakota access pipeline will be closed to the public by the u.s. army corps of engineers because of safety concerns. this is gotten increasingly contentious. and the standing rock sioux tribe says they received the news in a letter. and a free speech zone will be set up in a separate area. those protesting the oil pipeline are concerned it will harm the environment and their
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and their efforts have drawn support from people all over the country. >> and tonight the phoenix restaurant donating 100% of its food sales to the cause and tomorrow march will take place right through phoenix. danielle miller joins us live now with details. >> that's right, now the restaurant owner for the coronado decided to donate 100% of food sales to those protesting the dakota access pipeline inned in north dakota. the restaurant is typically supporting the protesters was the right thing to do. >> owner of the coronado located near 7 pght street and mcdowell, deciding to donate 100% of food sales to those protesting the dakota access pipeline in north dakota. on a typical friday night, food sales pull in around 1500. he thinks tonight they may double that. >> i kind of thought like, such short notice and holidays it will be not a big deal. and then the fact that there is
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coming through the doors is like overwhelming. >> demonstrators are protesting the dakota access crude oil pipeline and it's set to cross the missouri river just upstream from the standing rock sioux reservation. tribal members fear because of it, drinking water may be contaminated and harm sacred lands. those taking in the vegetarian cuisine here at the coronado tonight are happy knowing they are giving back. >> more than anything make sure that our dollars are going to something really worwh where consumerism is really dominant. and a lot of dollars are not going to people at standing rock who are in dire need. >> the giving doesn't stop at food sales. they also have boxes at the front of the restaurant where people any time can drop off supplies to be delivered to the protesters. >> specifically things that they are asking for. so blankets and socks and first-aid kits.
12:31 am
until 11:00 tonight. still plenty of time to get down there to support this fundraiser. and also there is a walk tomorrow starting at indian -- excuse me, steel indian school park. the walk will begin at 8:00 in the morning and end here to conclude that walk. reporting live, danielle miller, "fox 10 news." >> you all know today is one of the biggest shopping days and president-elect doing shopping in the form of figuring out who he wants on board in administration. we have more answers tonight. but the big question, that's still remains a few key spots that are still hanging out there. the president-elect announcing two more staff picks naming don mcbegan as gsh mcgann and kt mcfarlands. mcgann is a campaign finance lawyer and former chairman of the federal election commission. and macfarlane served as former aide to three republican
12:32 am
dangerous international chess game that awaits the next president. >> whether it's china or russia or iran or north korea, radical islam, all new president gets tested but all these countries are i lining up to test this new presiden. >> donald trump has been busy. keeping a rigorous schedule right now. eight more potential administration members will visit the president-elect at trump tower on monday. the transition team says they are considering many ofhe candidates for multiple positions. and while trump is in the process now of assembling his administration, jill stein the green party candidate in the 2016 election wants a recount of the votes in at least three states. stein is getting the process going in wisconsin and she also wants a recount in michigan and pennsylvania. stein came in last in all three of those states losing by millions of votes but she claims she wants a recount to further democracy and the integrity of
12:33 am
hillary clinton. some computer science experts prompted this recall effort when they claimed a hack core have influenced the outcome of the presidential election. >> we do not have a smoking gun that shows that there was beyond a doubt a vote fraud going on here but let me say that we do not need to prove that there was fraud in order to justify a voting system that is secure and that we have >> today was the filing deadline for a recount in wisconsin which stein met the deadline in pennsylvania and michigan are next week. so far stein's campaign says it's raised about $5 million for the effort and that is twice the original target. they are now trying to raise $7 million citing expense of attorney's fees. this week marks the 53rd avenues of the president kennedy's assassination in dallas. as we look back, we climb into
12:34 am
harvey oswell. the author of the gunman and his mother. he looks at the dysfunctional relationship between oswald and his mother. that led oswald to murder. >> she was convinced that he was somehow very special even though he lacked a lot of the basic skills to function in life and she had very grandiose ideas about how special her boy was and he absorbed a lot ofha somebody importunate world. and oftentimes when you look at these cases of assassins which come back to is there a something about them where they want to be able to have some impact as a kind of response for all of the things that have been missing in their lives. >> and what role did lee harvey oswald's up bringing and his mother have in the assassination of president kennedy? we take a look at it on
12:35 am
on fox 10. still ahead tonight, she spent two decades looking for him and her handy work finally paid off. a cuban refugee's reunion with a soldier who helped her at a critical time in her life. plus this year's hottest toy is selling like you wouldn't believe. how two valley brothers saw an opportunity to profit off these hatchables. and you think you saw the last of dave earlier? no. he is back with a look at your
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this thanksgiving weekend... a cuban refugee is this thanksgiving this thanksgiving weekend a cuban refugee is thankful for a soldier who helped her when her family escaped from cuba years ago that woman is now a u.s. citizen living in florida and after searching for that soldier
12:39 am
valley. >> the mom snuck her out of cuba in a duffel bag. they spent ten months at guantanamo bay where they befended a private. he was stationed at the base she was eight at the time and 20 years later she tracked down that soldier in anthem. >> i don't have words to describe how i'm feeling. i think i'm having -- i feel blessed. >> the two tried to write each other they seen each other. >> i'm so grateful right now. i'm so thankful. >> back in the 1990s, cuban refugees waited at guantanamo bay. gardner was only 18 when he was sent to the base. >> she had an infectious smile and laughter and just everything. and then it helped us all get through. >> she was eventually able to
12:40 am
>> and the years that have passed only made her more thankful. >> you showed me the true meaning of friendship and you showed me that you know that we can love others. even if they are not like us or they don't come from the same place or same background and that's what you did for me and it's been a humbling experience to be in guantanamo and to have the soldiers like you help us and you did more than serve. you loved us and for that i'm grateful. that is just an incredible story and her mom had to sneak her out of cuba in that duffel bag because it was difficult for children to leave fidel castro's cuba. >> it's called one of the hottest toys of the holiday season and two valley brothers are cashing in on the trend. asked for a hatchable for christmas. when mike and his brother stan saw how popular the toy was, they bought about 100 of them and started to resell them.
12:41 am
already made their money back. people want this. and demand is high. the brothers say they received a bit of backlash. price gouging questions. really, they say it's just business. >> there is 30, 35, 40 bids and taking it well over $200 today. so we are not dick what the price is -- dictating what the price is. the consumer is doing craze. the brothers say they plan to give away three hatchables to kids in need. let the shopping begin. bargain hunters flocking to the malls and clicking on-line as the holiday shopping season officially kicks off and early signs are pointing to a very merry christmas for gift receivers and retailers. one report saying on-line sales on thanksgiving day alone topping $1 billion.
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year. and it's not even cyber monday yet. all of that shopping on the web is a big reason why we are seeing more delivery trucks on the road. new report saying freight shipments last month seeing their first year over a year gain in nearly two years. whether you are driving a delivery truck or car, it's costing you less. the national average for regular unleaded gas dropping by a dime over the past month and it's now $2.13 a gallon. an markets. stocks up right across the board with all of the major indices reaching new all-time highs. that's business. well, let's take a look at the current temperatures. since the weekend has already started for a lot of you, and this is the way things start. it's a little chilly in a few places as you can see flagstaff at 26. the same at the grand canyon. 37 at st. johns. 30 at show low right now.
12:43 am
tucson. and as we get you to look at the forecast, lows for tonight we will go to 22 in flagstaff. 21 at the grand canyon. 26 at st. johns. show low is already at their low. winslow got a ways to go to get to 26. 53 at gila bend and then take a look at those highs for tomorrow it will be a nice looking saturday for everybody with mid-70s across the deserts. 60s and a few 50s showing up in our mountain locations. if you are headed out this weekend, s d place to be. 63 with rain on saturday. sunday still a chance of rain. and 64. las vegas sunny and 64. look at las vegas on sunday. 55 degrees with a few clouds. and then we will be looking at 52 saturday in flagstaff. look at sunday. 32, three to six inches of snow is possible in the area. and then tucson 79 on saturday. and 62 on sunday. so few clouds in there as well.
12:44 am
sunday we go to 60. and monday we go to 58. there is a little chance of rain late saturday here in the valley. but it is going to be windy. we will have more weather after 10:00. now that thanksgiving 2016 is officially in the books the countdown to christmas and needer is on. we have -- and new year's is on. you better get shopping and 37 days until new year's new year's if you haven't started yet. hard to believe 2016 in the home stretch now. almost over. >> i started getting those facebook invites to the new year's eve parties already. that's early -- no, it's not. i got to start getting ready for this. it's talk back time after the break and tonight we are talking about a bizarre item that a crowd of shoppers went crazy for. >> and with thanksgiving over now, it's time to start decorating for the holidays if you haven't already and this year one company came up with a
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with prism tv from centurylink, you can get over 320 channels, whole home dvr, plus you can watch on your devices. and the best part is, you don't have to deal with cable. we love not having cable. but, paul, babe, when -- when was this headshot taken? oh, uh, i don't know. recently, i guess? uh... okay. yeah.
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it's time for tonight's talkers. first up... the black friday frenzy seems to talkers. first up... the black friday frenzy lost its steam. >> i'm not sure by the looks of those pictures. >> not from this video a lot of stores have implemented ways to make shoppers to behave but the stampedes and brawls are few and far between. look what's going on at that
12:48 am
frenzy there so what are these people going absolute bananas over? a pile of towels. towels. one woman even fell into that pile of towels. luckily nobody was hurt. i mean, i'm for a great deal but over towels. just seems like something crazy. >> that one lady had a whole -- she should have had a burlap sack full of them. i don't know if they will show it again. >> the finest egyptian cotton we ever felt, i don't know what you would get so worked up >> well, a modern day twist. if you didn't like that you aren't going to like this. a modern day twist to the traditional nativity scene. now behold the hipster nativity scene. this is for the millennials a company selling this for $130. it features a man bun wearing joseph, a latte holding mary taking a receive and a solar powered manger and you have wise men, three wise men but instead
12:49 am
segways and carrying amazon box for baby jesus. >> and they have the earbud. >> and the selfie and earbuds. 130 buck for that. they have a ugly christmas sweater. they went all out with this thing and traditionalists are not going to be happy with they are make. >> but a conversation piece. >> that's true. it is funny. >> right by the tree. right by the tannenbaum. fabulous. we are finished your turn to talkback. head to our facebook page and share your thoughts. john hook fox 10. >> and marc martinez fox 10. i haven't heard the word tannenbaum in so long. wow, that's a throwback. i gotta use that one. we love to hear from you. >> have a good weekend. i saw those ladies tearing through the towel, i thought there was a diamond in there. they are just going for towels? asu throwing in the towel in this game? what's going on here? it's finally here. asu/u of a and the cats are
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12:52 am
tonight wast the night tonight was the night, people of the night the sun devils take on the wild cats in tucson this one always a big game. who am i kidding?
12:53 am
serious bragging rights on the line and the territorial cup. asu can become bowl eligible. arizona looking to play the role of spoiler. manny wilkens the man behind the center. first minute of the game. the quarterback for arizona calls his own number and look out. he turns on the after burners and you can kiss him good-bye. 71 yards for the touchdown. touchdown cats just like that. the devils looking to answer and it was the defense that comes through. sacked, fumble. the scoop and looking to score. 42 yards later he does score. we've got a ball game, boys and girls. second quarter, dawkins again. great running. slicing and dicing like a hot knife through butter and then stretches right there for the touchdown. so nice we look at it twice. wow, what a play. he touches the pylon and that's a touchdown 14-7 arizona. what's going on? the cats kept coming.
12:54 am
so wide open he was lonely. takes it to the house. easy touchdown. arizona up 21-7 now. can you believe this? things falling apart for asu. manny wilkens dropped the ball. all by himself and drops it. that's a fumble and arizona recovers. watch the replay. nobody touches him. arizona ball and the wild cats are back in business. then it's zach green. he gets the call. right down main street. too easy. arizona trying to make back right now in the third and it's 35-21. we stay in the pac-12. the washington state cougars looking to upset the huskies. washington is ranked fifth in the country. the huskies came out like gang busters and are up by a score of 14-3. jake browning going deep daunte pettus makes the catch. 61-yard for the touchdown and huskies they are hungry for more. browning wanting more.
12:55 am
perfect pass in the corner of the end zone. only need one foot inbound in college and that's a score and boys will be boys. the play is over. 28-10. washington in the second. lavan coleman gets some and says move and takes it in for the touchdown. the rout was on 45-17. the final. washington beat washington state for the apple cup. we return done with the football stuff just yet. we've got you all set for tomorrow. can't fly game? no problem. we've got you covered. just kick back and watch the game with us on fox 10. it's cardinals taking on the falcons. we switch gears and talk hoops. suns in action taking on the t-wolves here. and how about zach lavin. big time slam on alex lynn. so nicelook at it twice. how about thrice? alex lynn going for the block. but lavin was a slam dunk champ for a reason. this is going to be a poster.
12:56 am
zach lavin and then eric bledsoe with a sweet play. that's a globe trotter play. he throws it off the defender and not even looking and goes back to himself and then goes back door for the bucket. suns out scored 31-10. there is it 98-85 is your final. can't forget about the college kids. grand canyon university taking -- dan majerle doing a great job there at grand canyon. lopes on the run. oscar fryer from the corner gcu playing defense and it turns into offense. dwayne russell is a one man fast break. takes it all the way, nice finger roll and led the team with 18 points. more antelope offensive board they are crashing the boards. nice put-back right there. ready for the final score? 70-37. grand canyon wins their third in a row. more local stuff thanks to the arizona coyotes. 'yotes facing off. no score in this one.
12:57 am
breakaway. he shoots and scores. not much you can do about that. this kid is special. 2-1 edmonton. shane don't with the redirect right -- shane doan with the redirect right there that's the five hole. and we are tied at two and we are in overtime in that one. great game so far. we do it again at 10:00, much more on the sun devils and the wild cats. as always this game goes back
12:58 am
12:59 am
t-wolves. right now it's back to the news crew. thank you for being with us first tonight at 10:00. the phoenix fire department mourning one of their own. one of the city's fire captains killed this morning in an atv accident in northern arizona.
1:00 am
for more than two decades. the united phoenix firefighters association setting up the gofundme page to help his family. he leaves behind a wife and four daughters and at last check people have donated $30,000. stefania okolie has more tonight. this loss was unexpected and it has really take an toll on the comiewptd. captain chris fitzmaurice was a husband and father to four young girls. today the phoenix fire department telling me that ts was a firefighter who never thought twice about putting his life on the line. he wanted to save lives and he was dedicated to his job. the phoenix fire department without him has a big missing piece. >> you know it just couldn't be worse. >> captain p.j. dean is struggling to wrap his head around the news he got today. in fact, the entire phoenix fire department is. >> we've lost just an exceptional family member. we've lost a person who meant the world to us. >> a 20 year veteran of the department.


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